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Philadelphia, 15.07.2007 01:38

Oaxaca: A Year of Struggle, A Life of Resistance - Tuesday, July 17th, 7pm,

NYC, 15.07.2007 00:38

Come hear an update on the situation in Oaxaca from Gustavo Vilchis, a photographer born in Guerrero, Mexico. He is traveling in the U.S. to share experience and lessons learned from the year of social struggle in Oaxaca and to demonstrate the crimes committed against the people of Oaxaca by the state and federal government. He is here representing the collective Bocacalle and is also supported by the Liga Mexicana por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (LIMEDDH).

Detenciones en Corral de Bustos

Argentina, 14.07.2007 21:08

El gobierno de De La Sota penaliza la protesta social

Wanna SHUT DOWN the largest fossil fuel development project in our region??

Portland, 14.07.2007 20:38

This August 8-14 hundreds of social justice and environmental activists from around the west coast of North America will be convening near the mouth of the Columbia River for 6 days of low impact living and high impact action against the fossil fuel industry - the West Coast Convergence for Climate Action.

Come enjoy food and films, and find out how your participation can make this event one that will create lasting change locally to continue doing our part in the ongoing global struggle to promote sustainable lifestyles for a healthier planet

Southeast Convergence for Climate Action in Asheville, N.C. Aug. 8-13

Frontline footage from the Riot of Rostock

Portland, 14.07.2007 20:38

Hello friends, I learned a lot about what can happen on the streets while I was in Germany. This video shows the power we had over the police that day, if only for a few beautiful hours. I believe all of us up here, in cities across the North West, can find something meaningful in these images.

A lot of us have fallen into our lives, living them exactly as we want to live them. Unable to effectively resist the system and actualize our collective dreams, we instead actualize our own dreams. And, much of the time, we are not on the streets. We have seen too much infigthing, pettiness, authority, back-stabbing and outright hijaking to want to ever return to those peace-policed streets. As we were being gassed, beaten, maced, sexually assaulted, paralyzed, brain damaged and traumatised, people called us "childish" and labelled us "agents provoctours." Since well before 1999 our people have been following the same pattern of burnout, one year at a time. Either we burn out, we dissapear into our own close-nit projects or we concentrate on building up what is around us. In any case, we are not on the streets. Why?

If we are there to answer those questions ourselves (rather than recently pied dingbats) people might just find something in one anarchist idea or other. That something, soon, just as it happened to us, will make them begin to question everything. Oh, incedently, a revolution is well underway in Europe.

Court Reports - Grannies Charged - Peacemaker Report

Portland, 14.07.2007 19:39

I went to the courthouse on Tuesday to sit in on the first stage of their trial for the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies, Blood n Roses Protest. That was the one where they spilled fake blood on the sidewalk in front of the Recruiting Office on NE Broadway on April 5 2007. Three Of Six Grannies were in the Courthouse last Tuesday
Starting the court process for their Black Friday Vigil
Known as "Blood and Roses"

There were three Grannies there and three others who were out of town and had their lawyers there for them. They petitioned the court to have a consolidated trial at a latter date. In fact that date will be 9-28-07 or if that becomes impossible then it will be 10-8-07.

The Charges are "Criminal Mischief III" and "unlawfully applying graffiti."

Here is my YouTube video of that event in the first stage of the protest:  link to

I hope the courtroom is full on September 9th... .

Palestine from a Socialist perspective

Portland, 14.07.2007 19:39

As we had already predicted, Hamas defeated Fatah in the recent civil war in Gaza. Fatah supporters could but beg Israel for assistance as they were driven out of city after city, village after village in the Gaza Strip, until their eventual defeat. The traditionally dominant and organised presence of Fatah in the Gaza strip has been wiped out. Fatah's leading clique in Gaza around Mohamed Dahlan had lost most of its popular support over the last few years but it was clinging on through control of the Security forces.

This victory of Hamas would not have been possible without a massive turn of the Palestinian masses both in Gaza and in the West Bank against Fatah and the leaders of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA) after more than a decade of extreme corruption and collaboration with imperialism and the Israeli government against their own people.

Anniversary of Second Israeli Invasion of Lebanon

2 Eugene Film Premiers of &quot;Boom, Bust &amp; The BLM&quot;

Portland, 14.07.2007 19:39

The new film, "Boom, Bust and the BLM" premieres this month with local screenings in Ashland, Roseburg, Portland and other venues across the Pacific Northwest. Two Eugene screenings are being held Monday, July 16 @ 6pm at the Eugene Public Library and Thursday, July 19 @ 7pm at Cozmic Pizza (8th/Charnelton). Film is free and open to the public.

Boom, Bust and the BLM is a locally produced film that sheds light on the BLM's Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR) and the dubious political wrangling behind it. The result of a sweetheart settlement with industry, the WOPR seeks to remove already weak Northwest Forest Plan protections for old-growth forests and the rivers and streams that flow through them on over 2.5 million acres of public land. The BLM's move has stirred immense controversy among rural landowners, scientists and conservation groups.

The timber industry filed a weak lawsuit against the Clinton administration, which the BLM staunchly defended until the Bush administration reversed the position and caved to industry demands. The administration agreed to consider removing the limited protections afforded by the NW Forest Plan by the end of Bush's term.

Independence Burns Today

Portland, 14.07.2007 19:39

Independence, California is on fire. It is an ancestral legacy to me. I am pissed. I am sad for the large number of fire fighters who have been hurt! SAVE OUR OLD GROWTH FOREST! A large old growth tree can be hit many times by lightening and never catch flame! We will burn if we cut it down! Save independence!

Disabled Man Faces 6 Years for Defending Himself in Washington County...

Portland, 14.07.2007 19:39

Washington County is prosecuting a disabled, functionally blind (albino), mentally ill, low income man for Assault II, just for defending himself against an attacker in the Winco parking lot on Cedar Hills in Beaverton. Brandon Whitten, who is an albino, is functionally blind and sensitive to any amount of sunlight, on disability and dealing with mental illnesses such as severe anxiety and bi-polar disorder. He has no past history of violence, nor any prior criminal record.

Reportback and Interview with Agustin Aguayo at Anti-war Rally and March

Portland, 14.07.2007 19:39

July 9, 2007, a coalition of peace groups, PDX Peace, organized a Rally at Holladay Park in Portland Oregon and marched to the military recruiters office on NE Broadway. The event featured Conscientious Objector Agustin Aguayo, recently released from an 8 month prison term for desertion. After serving a one year deployment to Iraq, Aguayo applied for Conscientious Objector status, which was denied and his unit was subsequently redeployed back to Iraq. Agustin refused to leave with his unit and went absent without leave (AWOL). Since serving his prison term, Aguayo has been actively working with at-risk youth, dedicating his life to informing high risk youth of the other side recruits don't see in military recruitment ads.

Various groups, including Portland Recruiter Watch, were involved in the event: Courage to Resist, Veterans for Peace, chapter 72, Portland American Friends Service Committee

I was fortunate to get a quick interview with Aguayo after the event, and this is a 5 minute audio file of that interview.

5 minute audio interview with Agustin Aguayo, RealPlayer Another reportback and video


Colombia, 14.07.2007 19:11


Protest przeciwko hipokryzji katolickiego społeczeństwa!

Torun, 14.07.2007 16:37

/etc 2007 - Hackerinnen in Linz

Germany, 14.07.2007 14:40

In Linz hat am Mittwoch der siebte Eclectic Tech Carnival - /etc 2007 begonnen. Mehr als 50 Frauen aus mehreren europäischen Ländern, Äthiopien und den USA kommen zusammen, um sich mit Computern und anderer Technik zu beschäftigen. Es gibt Workshops, Lectures, PlayLabs, Performances, Öffentliche Interventionen und mehr und der Bezug zu Technik ist vielfältig.

Der diesjährige /etc wurde von einer internationalen Vorbereitungsgruppe und mehreren Initiativen in Linz vorbereitet: der Stadtwerkstatt, einem Kunst- und kulturpolitischen Projekt, das u.a. das Freie Radio FRO beherbergt (das auch Teile des Programms überträgt), der Migrantinnen-Initiative MAIZ und dem Projekt Seit 2002 findet /etc jährlich statt, bisher immer in Südosteuropa oder Österreich und wird von jeweils unterschiedlichen lokalen Initiativen eingeladen und organisiert. Der Ursprung liegt in der niederländischen Gruppe Genderchangers, einer Frauengruppe, die seit 1999 mit der Amsterdamer Gruppe ASCII die Begeisterung für Open-Source-Software, besetzte Häuser, freies Internet und recyclete Hardware teilte, und anfangs auch die Räume. Die Genderchangers veranstalten legendäre Hardware-Kurse, bei denen Computer komplett zerlegt werden, aber auch viele Workshops zum Lernen und Beibringen von Software. Alle Veranstaltungen sowohl der Genderchangers als auch des /etc sind nur für Frauen. Allerdings können die meisten /etc-Events live über Internet als Stream verfolgt werden.

Programm | Streamadressen | Radio FRO /etc Spezial

7 Peace Activists Acquitted In Senate Office Building Protest

DC, 14.07.2007 12:10

On Thursday, July 12, a jury found seven nonviolent peace activists not guilty in a case stemming from a protest inside a senate office building. The group of activists from three different states and the District of Columbia were arrested on March 29, the same hour the U.S. Senate voted to spend $95 billion more on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. They were charged with unlawful conduct.

Eyes Wide Open, Its Not A Game Of Chess

Rogue Valley, 14.07.2007 06:08

THE WAR IN IRAQ IS LIKELY LOOKED AT AS A GAME OF CHESS BY THE POWERFUL WAR-MONGERS WHO LIED AND LED SO MANY TO SENSELESS DEATH. The horrors of this illegal war, now occupation, are not for these powerful decision makers or their families. They just give the orders. The horrors for the most part are for the middle income and poor folks, the working class who fight and get killed.

EYES WIDE OPEN is an exhibit that offers a place of reverance for ALL who have fallen in the Iraq War...

This particular photo was captured by Arcata, CA resident Ruth Boyle who stopped by this year's Eyes Wide Open exhibit in Medford, Oregon. Ruth was early and volunteers were scampering about setting things up for the display. For this photograph the early light was just right...

Ruth Boyle's photograph is more than the result of someone just pushing the shutter button on a camera. This is art. Looking at the photo can lead to some heavy contemplation about war, death and some people's games.


Gender Savagery in Guatemala

San Diego, 14.07.2007 06:07

On the outskirts of Guatemala City the body of an 18-year-old woman of indigenous ethnicity was recently discovered by her frantic parents who had been searching long and hard. Forensic evidence showed that she had been repeatedly raped and tortured and that her head had been severed from her body with a blunt knife while she was still alive.

This killing was more than just a passing aberration. Nightmarish crimes against women have been occurring with horrifying frequency in Guatemala. In the last seven years, over 3,200 Guatemalan women have been abducted and murdered, with many of them raped, tortured, and mutilated in the doing. The number of victims has shown a striking increase in the last few years with some six hundred murdered in 2006 alone.

Related: Guatemala Femicide: Happy Mother's Day???? | Video: Violent Evictions at El Estor, Guatemala || More Info: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

As Clark visits Jakarta, out of sight West Papuans are abused

Aotearoa, 14.07.2007 05:09

This week NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark will be visiting Malaysia and Indonesia. In a press release Clark described Indonesia, as a 'major' emerging 'democracy' in the South East Asia. The release also enthusiatically announces that 'Indonesia was New Zealand's 10th most important market last year, taking more than NZ$613 million in exports.' An Indonesian Military officer is currently receiving training in New Zealand. Her visit ironically co-incides with the release of a report by Human Rights Watch entitled 'Out of sight: Endemic Abuse and Impunity in Papua's Highlands which documents recent serious human rights abuses, such as murders, rapes and beatings committed by the Indonesian Military (TNI) against innocent West Papuan civilians. Over the past four years the TNI has been committing mass terror hunting suspected members of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) in Papua's remote Highlands area. Article 'Trouble in West Papua's Highlands' One Papuan man interviewed in the report described when the Mobile Brigade (BRIMOB), Indonesia's infamous military riot police, arrested him and several friends for taking part in a peaceful raising of the West Papuan independence flag: My teeth fell out. Blood flowed out. I was hit. I was kicked twice and then in the stomach twice again. I was kicked in the nose, the mouth and the teeth. More kicks were ordered and this was repeated. I could not count the number of times. I saw all my friends given the same treatment. Blood was flowing from them and they were forbidden from going to the toilet. They ordered us to swallow our blood. My nose was bleeding. They ordered us to swallow the blood again. I do not know the name of the officer in command. They all punched us, taking turns. Western capitalist states, such as the US, Britain, Australia and NZ have used the War on Terror as an excuse to renew links with repressive reactionary forces in Indonesia, much in the same way as the 'threat of communism' was used as an excuse in the 1960s for the CIA to install the mass murdering General Suharto* as dictator of the nation. *dictator of Indonesia 1965-1998.

Propozycja tworzenia Indymedia Toruń

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Toruński Bank Czasu: środa 16 maja o g.17.00 w biurze ,,Tłoka&quot;

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40


Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Toruń 13.05.2007: Wegetarianizm: życie bez okrucieństwa

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40


Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Etofenprox+Temephos Nad Wisłą = Komaropren EC 200: co to?

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

G8 - Poradnik Prawny (Rote Hilfe)

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Bombodrom różowy 01.06.2007r. http:// 2007/06/ 179751.shtml

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Z Rostoku na żywo

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40


Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

06.06.2007 17.30: Hinter Bollhagen

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Ostatnie wiadomości: cia.bzzz: Aktualizacja 6 czerwca:

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

G8 7.06.2007 - wschodna brama - www.indymedia. en/ 2007/ 06/ 372855.html

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Maki polne Heiligendamma (Monet)

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Przestrzeń Alternatywna &quot;LaLucza&quot; w Toruniu

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

rowerowa masa krytyczna 16 czerwca: fotoreportaż

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Pokaz filmów G8: 22.06.07 g.20:00, LaLucza, ul.Podmurna 30/4

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Anarchia Kwitnąca Na Zielono/ 4.07.07

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Toruń - Tęczowe Kino Zaprasza

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Sobota 07.07.07 Prawdziwe oblicze Corridy - Tradycja? Kultura? Tortura?

Torun, 14.07.2007 04:40

Art Action to hold day of free expression in Victory Park, Manchester

New Hampshire, 14.07.2007 01:38

Temporary and Topical is a one day public art event taking place in Manchester, NH's Victory Park on Saturday, July 14th. The hours of the park event are between 11am and 6pm. The event is not your typical "art in the park" spectator event. Temporary and Topical is an experiment in free artistic expression, direct involvement and participation. All artists (painters, sculptors, writers, poets, activists, scholars, dancers, performers etc.) are free to express their vision on any topical issues they wish. Artists are provided with a theme: Art as Agent of Social Change, a place (the park) a time, and with a little luck an eager and receptive audience. The success of this event depends largely on the independent involvement of artists. A CALL TO ALL, A CALL TO ALL, THIS IS AN OPEN CALL TO ALL ARTISTS TO FREELY PARTICIPATE IN A PUBLIC ARTS EVENT FOCUSED ON YOU MAXIMIZING YOUR FREE CREATIVE EXPRESSION. (from

Interview with Barbara Hilton of CODEPINK NH

New Hampshire, 14.07.2007 01:38

On Wednesday, July 18 the Seacoast New Hampshire chapter of CODEPINK is organizing a peace rally featuring Doris "Granny D" Haddock in Market Square, Portsmouth.

CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end the war in Iraq, stop new wars, and redirect our resources into healthcare, education and other life-affirming activities. With an emphasis on joy and humor, CODEPINK women and men seek to activate, amplify and inspire a community of peacemakers through creative campaigns and non-violence.

I asked CODEPINK NH Coordinator Barbara Hilton some questions and she was kind to respond.

CODEPINK to host Granny D at Rally for Peace, Market Square, Portsmouth

New Hampshire, 14.07.2007 01:38

Rally for Peace JULY 18, WEDNESDAY, 5:30-6:30PM IN MARKET SQUARE, PORTSMOUTH NH Rain Location: Choozy Shoes/Le Club Boutique, 41 Vaughn Mall CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end the war in Iraq, stop new wars, and redirect our resources into healthcare, education and other life-affirming activities. With an emphasis on joy and humor, CODEPINK women and men seek to activate, amplify and inspire a community of peacemakers through creative campaigns and non-violence. *Featuring Doris "Granny D" Haddock*

CORBIN HARNEY MARCH 24, 1920 - JULY 10, 2007

Arizona, 14.07.2007 01:37

Spiritual Leader and Anti-Nuclear Activist Passes On

US Social Forum: Another World Or Another Mistake?

DC, 13.07.2007 23:08

via NYC IMC: [N]otwithstanding the radical goals and objectives of the Forums… the media production is led by the same folks who always make media, who always have the channels of access and privelege.

July 13th: 24 Hour Vigil for Human Rights at the Northwest Detention Center

Seattle, 13.07.2007 23:07

In the wake of the failure of Congress to pass humane, effective immigration legislation, the raids, arrests and deportations conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) continue. The result is the separation of families, communities living in fear, and reports of human rights abuses.

Community Members, Faith Leaders Begin 24 Hour Vigil for Human Rights at the Northwest Detention Center on Friday, July 13th at 6:15 P.M. at the Northwest Detention Center, 1623 East J. Street Tacoma WA 98421.

July 28th: Anti-war Protest

Seattle, 13.07.2007 23:07

Protest Saturday July 28th, 12pm

March: 12:00 Noon, gather at Beacon and Columbian, march past VA Hospital at 1660 Columbian Way

Forum: 2:00 PM, Jefferson Community Center 3801 Beacon Ave South

A Story From An ICE Detention Facilty

Seattle, 13.07.2007 23:07

This is the abbreviated story of a supposedly “illegal” human being. It has been abbreviated for security reasons. All sensitive information has been removed.


Argentina, 13.07.2007 21:08

“A 200 años de la Revolución de Mayo las comunidades indígenas no están mejor”

Aktiezomer in IJsland

Netherlands, 13.07.2007 18:38

In IJsland is een aktiezomer begonnen tegen zware industrie en grote dammen. In een berucht 'masterplan' is voorgenomen om alle glaciale rivieren en geothermische bronnen van het land te gebruiken voor electriciteit voor aluminiumproductie. Activisten van overal ter wereld hebben zich verzameld om Europa's grootste wildernis te beschermen tegen RioTinto/ALCAN, ALCOA, Century/RUSAL en andere transnationale bedrijven. Een tiental Nederlandse activisten is ook naar IJsland afgereisd.

Zie ook Indymedia Global.

Kenneth Foster JR march

Houston, 13.07.2007 18:38

Statewide march for Kenneth Foster Jr. - ATX July 21st

Artist Stages Reenactments of Vietnam-Era Protest Speeches

Boston, 13.07.2007 18:08

Exploring the parallels between the war in Iraq and the Vietnam War, artist Mark Tribe will stage re-enactments of Vietnam-era protest speeches in Boston and Washington, D.C. in July. The events are part of Tribe’s Port Huron Project, a series of re-enactments of protest speeches from the New Left movements of the 1960s and ’70s.

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