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Bicycology In The South West - 18 to 27 July

Bristol, 18.07.2007 00:37

Swindon, Malmesbury/Hullavington, Bristol, Yeovil, Exeter summary cyclone annie writes: The 2007 Bicycology tour will be in the south west from Swindon on 18 July ending in Exeter on 27 July. Full listings for the tour can be found at The tour has already been through Aylesbury and Oxford, and is now headed your way! Bicycology, as you may have guessed, are pro-bicycle! They are a grassroots collective who promote cycling as both a form of transport and a source of joy. Their tour is a series of fun and practical events, from fixing bikes to discussing the things we can all do to help fix the planet. Get along and meet Tallbike, Dr Bike, and Pedal ... The Bicycology Bikeride 2007. We are going from Aylesbury to Exeter via Bristol stopping along the way to hold events in which we'll celebrate the bike and we'll talk to people about climate change and other environmental issues. At our events there will be things for all ages to do, for the terrified-of-two-wheels or car-addicted, to the most committed cyclist. All our events are free, and at several stops Bicycology will be joined by local cycling and environmental groups promoting their causes. Full Article| Bicycology in the South West - 18 to 27 July | |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar


Athens, 18.07.2007 00:08

Αναλώσιμη γη, στο βωμό του κέρδους...

g8/heiligendamm-szukamy zdjęć z rostock/laage

Torun, 18.07.2007 00:07

Daniel's First Outbound Communication

NYC, 17.07.2007 22:08

UPDATE: Daniel will be leaving MDC Brooklyn soon. Please hold off on sending letters until we have a new address for him. Following sentencing, we put up some information regarding the background of the site on

Support Popular Power in Oaxaca

NYC, 17.07.2007 22:08

Once again the history of Oaxaca is stained with blood at the hands of Governor Ulises Ruiz and President Felipe Calderon due to the repression of the cultural, artistic and political expression of Oaxacans as they work to take back the traditional Oaxacan celebration Guelegetza. The Guelegetza, originally a celebration between communities of the central valleys of Oaxaca, has been co-opted by political and capitalist interests, converting the once indigineous celebration of exchange between communities into tourist-driven show-business where the tourist dollars go directly into the pockets of the wealthy and corrupt who support Governor Ulises Ruiz.

The Other Campaign in New York in the U.S Social Forum

NYC, 17.07.2007 22:08

We are happy that we put in the effort to travel from New York to Atlanta because it turned out that, in the U.S. Social Forum, ours was the only session directly addressing the Zapatista Movement, the 6th Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, and the Other Campaign. It was one of the few sessions at the Forum in which the workshop was completely bilingual, in Spanish and English. It was also a very special workshop, among the hundreds of workshops and round tables that were presented in those three days, because it was prepared and conducted by humble and simple people of the community and not by professional organizers and activists. Perhaps because of those unique characteristics was there such enthusiastic participation on the part of the public, complete with applause and cheers, and the spontaneous singing of the Zapatista hymn.

Court: Coho Protections Must Be Reinstated

Rogue Valley, 17.07.2007 21:39

A federal judge has recommended that the Bush administration’s decision to remove endangered species protections for Oregon Coast coho salmon be declared illegal.

“This is a victory for good science and for Oregon’s future,” said Earthjustice attorney Patti Goldman, who argued the case for the groups. “Restoring protections for these salmon today means a greener and economically vibrant Oregon tomorrow.”

Catadores cobram promessas da prefeitura de Goiânia

Brasil, 17.07.2007 21:08


Daniel's First Outbound Communication

Portland, 17.07.2007 21:08

July 9, 2007 Blog Friends, Well, I have been here one week now and although I don't have any stamps yet, and writing with a 4 inch pen that bends is miserable, I thought I would write if only to say I'm OK. A good place to start and a question you may have is "why did I have to report so early?" I'll start from my sentencing. On June 4th, Judge Aiken sentenced me to a term in federal prison of 84 months, just 8 months less than what the prosecution wanted, citing my activism from 2001 to my arrest. My legal team files a motion asking for me to stay out on bond pending designation.However, the prosecution objected citing three reasons:

1. They said my interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! in early June showed I had no remorse from my crimes.
2. My support website, was "operational."
3. That had a link to sell a children's book which encouraged children to employ arson and sabotage as a tactic.

As luck would have it, I lost and was directed to report to prison on July 2. Regarding the prosecution's brief, my interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! was quite long and I expressed regret at many points. My assertion that I did not do anything morally wrong seems to be the quote that got a reaction. The website, , run by my wife Jenny since January 2006 is online and last I checked, will continue to be online for the indefinite future.

UPDATE: Daniel will be leaving MDC Brooklyn soon. Please hold off on sending letters until we have a new address for him. |>

Llaman a votar por el NO a la continuidad del contrato con Suez-Roggio

Argentina, 17.07.2007 18:08


Penjualan Tiket Piala Asia Tidak Jelas

Jakarta, 17.07.2007 18:07

Ketidakjelasan informasi serta sulitnya mendapatkan tiket Indonesia vs Korsel sangat mengecewakan para pendukung Timnas Indonesia yang berniat membeli tiket, pada hari kedua penjualan tiket (Selasa, 17/7). ...


Galiza, 17.07.2007 16:08

Achega-se o 25 de Julho. Para o movimento é un dia de encontro no que pensar a injustiça que se nos inflige por nascer e/ou querer viver na Galiza. Pode que se bote em falta o momento para o debate e desenho de estratégias de loita. Desde o colectivo editorial somos conscientes da importáncia que este momento concreto tem e gostariamos de abrir este espaço editorial a um debate inteligente sobre o que pode ser a reivindicaçom da Galiza hoje. Qualquera pode entender que, nestes tempos globais, conceitos como Estado, soberania, autodeterminaçom, etc tenhem mudado o seu significado. Mas, em quê medida? Para significar que outra cousa? Quales seriam, nesta redefiniçom do discurso de libertaçom nacional (o discurso que reivindica a dignidade de nascer na Galiza), as possíveis soluçons institucionais à qüestom nacional (independência, federalismo, etc.)? Quê significam em derradeira instáncia estes mesmos conceitos-soluçom e como se ligam aos conceitos que podem dar expressom hoje ao que segue a ser um feito (nascer na Galiza é nascer baixo umha forma de opressom que cómpre erradicar)? Quales podem ser os jeitos e ferramentas de loita mais atinados? Onde ubicar o recurso à violência? Quales podem ser as suas implicaçons tácticas no contexto actual? Paga a pena alimentar a estratégia da tensom coa que o Estado tem tentado historicamente inducir comportamentos das redes do movimento? Aqui vam algumhas das qüestons, que nom esgotam nem moito menos o tema. A cada quem, embora, de engadir o que se lhe ocorrer. Que comece o debate daquela!

Forte repressão policial durante a Guelaguetza popular em Oaxaca, México.

Brasil, 17.07.2007 13:38


Protest against Petraeus's troop surge.

NYC, 17.07.2007 12:08

A protest made up of about 200 people took place outside of the Times Square recruiting station on Monday, July 16th.

Ankara, HÖC: 154 gözaltı

Istanbul, 17.07.2007 10:40

Ankara: HÖC yürüyüşüne polis engeli, 154 gözaltı

Privatización de la guerra

Argentina, 17.07.2007 05:39

Empresas de seguridad: los nuevos mercenarios

Privatización de la guerra

Argentina, 17.07.2007 05:39

Empresas de seguridad: los nuevos mercenarios

Residents,Poets, and Musicians protest live music ban in Mt Pleasant

DC, 17.07.2007 03:39

For a generation,the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Alliance and ANC 1E have enforced "voluntary" agreements on every club in Mt Pleasant, banning any and all forms of live music. On July 12, a concert and poetry jam (called Hear Mount Pleasant) was staged in Lamont Park to protest this gangsterism that is garotting the life out of Mt Pleasant Audio: 5 min 43 seconds

Protesty pielęniarek - podsumowanie

Poland, 17.07.2007 01:09

Przez prawie miesiąc (27 dni) trwały w Warszawie protesty pielęgniarek i położnych, wspierane przez związki zawodowe lekarzy, górników, nauczycieli, tramwajarzy i różne środowiska społeczne (mieszkańców Warszawy, ludzi nauki i kultury, parlamentarzystów róznych frakcji, feministki, anarchistów, i in.). Pracownicy służby zdrowia domagali się podwyżek płac i przeznaczenia większych środków na opiekę zdrowotną. Cieszący się dużym poparciem społecznym protest spotkał się z lekceważeniem ze strony władz, brutalnością policji i próbami kryminalizacji środowiska lekarskiego. Nie osiągnąwszy zadowalającej reakcji ze strony władz pielęgniarki zwinęły wczoraj namiotowe białe miasteczko. Jego zawieszenie nie oznacza końca protestu, nie oznacza też, ze pielęgniarki zrezygnowały ze swoich postulatów. Kontynuacja akcji protestacyjnej zapowiadana jest na wrzesień, w czasie kiedy strona rządowa zapowiedzała wznowienie rozmów.
,Podpisz apel poparcia dla pielęgniarek:"

Domestic Workers Take US Social Forum By Storm; Form National Alliance

NYC, 16.07.2007 22:38

During the US Social Forum, New York-based Domestic Workers United (DWU) and over ten other domestic worker organizations from California to Maryland founded a historic national network of domestic workers to link their struggles and more effectively agitate for change. As Celeste Escobar of DWU commented, "We need it more now than ever…"

Stemming from the history of slavery, domestic workers are excluded from most basic labor protections US workers enjoy. And that legacy continues as nearly the whole workforce is foreign-born women of color, who are forced to migrate to the United States in search of viable employment opportunities.

especulacio (ca)

Barcelona, 16.07.2007 21:13

Els barris en lluita contra la seva destrucció

30 persones aturen les obres de l'Ave a Sants

"Hem decidit aturar les obres per dir prou, per dir que n’estem fartes de que les diferents administracions facin i desfacin a gust mentre que els que paguem sempre som les mateixes, la gent dels barris. Perquè aquesta obra no només no resol una de les reivindicacions històriques del barri com és el soterrament de les vies per no tenir un barri dividit en quadrants, sinò que l’accentua construint-hi un calaix de 16 metres d’alçada."

Notícies relacionades: Dues persones es pengen a l'H a les obres de l'AVE:::Dues persones encadenades a un bidó a les obres del AVE a Sants

20 Juliol: judici a Can Vies

especulacion (es)

Barcelona, 16.07.2007 21:13

Los barrios en lucha contra su destrucción

30 personas paralizan las obras del Ave en Sants

"Hemos decidido detener las obras para decir basta, para decir que estamos hartas de que las diferentes administraciones hagan y deshagan a gusto mientras que los que pagamos siempre somos las mismas, la gente de los barrios. Porque esta obra no sólo no resuelve una de les reivindicaciones históricas del barrio como es el cubrimiento de las vías para no tener un barrio dividido en cuadrantes, sino que lo acentúa construyendo un cajón de 16 metros de altura."

Noticias relacionadas: Dos personas se cuelgan en l'H en las obras del AVE:::Dos personas encadenadas a un bidón en las obras del AVE en Sants

20 Julio: juicio a Can Vies

Agos yargılanıyor

Istanbul, 16.07.2007 19:09

Agos yargılanıyor, orada olacağız!

Another World or Another Mistake?

Austin, 16.07.2007 19:08

From the POOR News Network: Poverty, Race, Disability, Youth and Indigenous Scholars from POOR Magazine travel to the US Social Forum to realize a new world of media production..By Any Means Necessary "[N]otwithstanding the radical goals and objectives of the Forums... the media production is led by the same folks who always make media, who always have the channels of access and privilege.

New Texas Prison Blog :: Protest CCA 7/20

Austin, 16.07.2007 19:08

This March, a new, vital voice in illuminating the true-costs of Texas prisons was launched. Texas Prison Bid'ness is a collection of bloggers covering the latest in the prison-for-profit industry.

After, you've gotten the skinny on the prison-for-prison industry, join the protests of the Corrections Corporation of American and the Hutto Detention Facility this Friday July 20. For info click here.

Doestic Workers Take US Social Forum By Storm; Form National Alliance

Austin, 16.07.2007 19:08

During the US Social Forum, New York-based Domestic Workers United (DWU) and over ten other domestic worker organizations from California to Maryland founded a historic national network of domestic workers to link their struggles and more effectively agitate for change. As Celeste Escobar of DWU commented, "We need it more now than ever…"

Stemming from the history of slavery, domestic workers are excluded from most basic labor protections US workers enjoy. And that legacy continues as nearly the whole workforce is foreign-born women of color, who are forced to migrate to the United States in search of viable employment opportunities.

From the Newswire

Perth, 16.07.2007 16:08

WA Police "brutal" attack on peaceful protesters over nuclear waste dump

Jaiak bai, borroka ere bai!!

Euskal Herria, 16.07.2007 15:08

Llegan estas calurosas fechas y en nuestro territorio las fiestas de muchas ciudades (|San Fermines|, |Gasteiz|, |Donosti|, |Bilbo|, (Bilboko konparsak|)) y pueblos.

Pero tambi�n son momentos de lucha, de reflexi�n, de encuentro de movimientos y colectivos. Tanto en Euskal Herria (|XII Acampada contra el TAV, Aramaio|), a nivel estatal (| Escuela de Verano de Ecologistas Curso Ecolog�a Social |, |Campamento Estatal de la Juventud Antifascista, Antiimperialista y Republicana|, |Ruesta 2007: Jornadas para revolucionar la sociedad|, |Encuentro en Barcelona de grupos de solidaridad con Chiapas y Oaxaca|, |Jornadas de Formaci�n de Corriente Roja |), como a nivel mundial (|Campamentos internacionales de j�venes revolucionari@s|) e incluso a nivel intergalactico (|Chiapas: II Encuentro Intergal�ctico de los pueblos zapatistas con los pueblos del mundo|).

Pues eso, que en verano, jaiak bai, borroka ere bai!!

Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (A.C.E.) under threat

Scotland, 16.07.2007 13:09

A.C.E. is under threat of closure, due to the landlord seeking planning permission to convert the premises into a flat.
This comes to a shock as the only remaining radical social centre in Scotland has just undergone expensive renovations by the residents.
Friends and users of the facility have initiated a letter-writing campaign of objections to the planning department at Edinburgh Council.

[ Details about letter writing campaign | Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh ]


Athens, 16.07.2007 11:38

Εργατικά "ατυχήματα"

「敗戦60周年に寄せて 憲法9条に向けたアピール」

Japan, 16.07.2007 06:07

ブライアン・コバート(フリージャーナリスト)が第2次世界大戦終結60周年の2005年8月15日、日本国憲法第9条の戦争放棄条項に沿った平和のための国際行動を求めたアピール。インターネット上の米国の「インディペンデント メディア センター」に掲載した。 次のサイトでも見られます。 (2007年7月更新)

violento desalojo de artesanos y artesanas

Argentina, 16.07.2007 05:08

Capital Federal: Represión en Plaza Cortazar

violento desalojo de artesanos y artesanas

Argentina, 16.07.2007 05:08

Capital Federal: Represión en Plaza Cortazar

PREAPPRENTICED discrimination and deunionization in NYC construction

NYC, 16.07.2007 03:38

After 40 years, the City of New York has returned to racist tokenism in it's so called "minority worker training programs" in the construction industry. Why do the City and it's contractors they think they can get away with this? And what can construction workers of color - and our allies in other industries - do about this?

Notes on the Young Left, from Two of Its Own

NYC, 16.07.2007 03:38

As two young radicals and as participants in recent student struggles, we hope to help reopen a conversation among the young left about the movement we have and the movement we want. Ours are but two voices, grounded in our own thinking and experience, so we wish to invite more voices to join in this conversation in the days to come. Against the system's conspiracy of silence, a young left must find itself and speak to itself through its own collective voice.

Convergence for Climate Action - August 8-14

San Diego, 16.07.2007 02:38


Just under a month from now -- August 8-14th -- regional North American Convergences for Climate Action will bring hundreds of social justice and environmental activists together to fight the fossil fuel empire and create truly sustainable, bio-regionally appropriate and community-based responses to climate change. The events on the West Coast and in the Southeast are modeled after the inspiring 2006 Climate Camp in the UK, which will reemerge this year at Heathrow Airport from August 14th-21st.

Part networking and activist skills training, part community sustainability demonstration site, the Convergences aim to invigorate the Climate Movement by pulling together communities of resistance. We aim to inject an anti-oppression, justice-focused agenda, and to demonstrate examples of truly sustainable, less energy-intensive lives that don't depend on the oppression, thievery, and destruction attached to fossil fuel extraction.

Dr. Wasfi: &quot;For Iraqis, it's 9/11 every day.&quot;

DC, 16.07.2007 02:08

Dr. Wasfi concluded her prepared remarks with this question: " Since 1958, Iraqis have hoped that each regime change might bring a better life. Have they hit rock bottom now?"

Making Gaza Scream

Arkansas, 16.07.2007 00:09

Making Gaza "scream" is same kind of scheme the Nixon administration planned for Chile after social democrat Salvador Allende won a plurality of the votes in September, 1970.

Buenos Aires: La Corte citó al gobierno para que de explicaciones

Argentina, 15.07.2007 20:08

Audiencia pública por el saneamiento del Riachuelo

VX Petition

Houston, 15.07.2007 19:37

Petition launches to protect Port Arthur from Chemical Weapons

Sneinton Festival Rolls On

United Kingdom, 15.07.2007 19:07

The Sneinton Festival took part for the 13th year running last week. The theme of this year's festival was Earth, Wind and Fire, with a focus on green energy. Schools and youth groups from around Sneinton have been working hard to make fantastic costumes for this year’s parade. Many feel this year's festival was one of the best one yet, creating a sense of pride within the community and involving local children increasing their self esteem, skills and confidence in art. The Caves had been opened up on Wednesday, while on Thursday the International Food Tasting Evening gathered hundreds in the Hermitage Community Centre. On Saturday a big parade took off from Sneinton Windmill, along the Dale and down the Boulevard onto the Hermitage Square. On the square performances took place all afternoon, with workshops and stalls. One stall showed people how to build their own wind turbines while elsewhere folk were informed about why they should make their way over to this year's climate camp.

On the newswire: Sneinton Festival: Some More Photos | Sneinton Community Festival: 2 Hermitage Square Festival | Sneinton Community Festival: 1 Parade | International Food Evening: Sneinton Community Festival | Sneinton Festival - Opening Of The Sneinton Caves | The Sneinton Festival Rolls On

Links: TRACS Neighbourhood Centre | Wikipedia on Sneinton | Sneinton related articles on Indymedia |

Queer Hero Dead: The Passing of Ferd Eggen

LA, 15.07.2007 18:38

Queer Hero Dead: The Passing of Ferd Eggen

Recruiters in Disguise: Hollywood Promotes War

LA, 15.07.2007 18:08

Recruiters in Disguise: Hollywood Promotes War

The Beating of Black Lawyers

NYC, 15.07.2007 18:08

Well-known human rights attorney Michael Tarif Warren, and his wife, Evelyn (also a lawyer), were driving down Brooklyn's Vanderbilt Avenue, when they spotted a Black youth being chased by cops across a McDonald's parking lot.

Frantic Attempts to Salvage Ashton Court

Bristol, 15.07.2007 16:38

Following the canceled is happening... Following the canceled is happening... The Bristol Blogger writes; Rain forces festival cancellation. The second day of the Ashton Court Festival has been cancelled because of bad weather. Rain began to fall in Bristol on Saturday night and continued into Sunday morning. Thousands of revellers had been expected on the second day of the event when former Blur frontman Damon Albarn was due to play with his new band. (Image 'TOO MUDDY? You decide' by Rabid Pounder) While other contributors write that the organisers have sought to re-locate the events in other places, currently the list is as follows below. Full Article & Comments The Croft: BLACKOUT (tbc): 11:15 - 12:00 CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: 10:30 - 11:00 SAFETY WORD: 9:40 - 10:10 COUNTRYSIDE: 8:55 - 9:25 THE REMNANTS: 8:10 - 8:40 BEATNIK FILMSTARS: 7:25 - 7:55 LIGHT OF WORDS: 6:40 - 7:10 The Louisiana the francos 10- brandon steep 9.15-9.45 nova saints 8.30-9 saturation point 7.45-8.15 countryside 7-7.30 betamaxx 6.15-6.45 kotki dwa 5.30-6 loveteam 4.45-5.15 light of words 4-4.30 CUBE: From 8pm - donations on the door (presumably going to Ashton Court?) - Djs Kushal and Pippin Lansdown (Clifton): 8:10pm - Jimmy Goodrich 7:30pm - Roger Tarry 6:30pm - Slow (Information from Hijack Bristol & Choke Forum, so check for updates/changes...)| Ashton Court Cancelled! | Recent Articles: Ashton Court Festival | More on the Ashton Court Alcohol "Ban" | Ashton Court and the alcohol ban | Ashton Court Fence Party | Ashton Court Festival alcohol ban | Ashton Court Latest - Ticket price hike | Ashton Court To Go-Ahead - Well Sort Of | Related Front Page: South West Free Summer Festivals |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

National Express to WOMAD- Cripps Keep Out!

Bristol, 15.07.2007 14:07

Womad is in Wiltshire. If you are travelling from Bristol, and can offer a lift, please contact Laura Laura writes: National express coaches refuse to make the coach to WOMAD a wheelchair accessible one, or disassemble a portable mobility scooter that could be put in the boot of an ordinary coach. People who need powered mobility vehicles must travel with a 'minder' to do that bit for them, or national express won't take them. An electric wheelchair user's only hope of getting to the festival now lies in being offered a lift in a large van with lots of space before the tickets sell out (approx 1 week) ... For those of you that don't know, national express are putting on 1 coach there on the thurs, 1 there on fri and 2 coaches back on the monday. That's it. So, you may expect, as I did, that they could stretch to making sure the coach was wheelchair accessible. No chance! They say they would have to take a coach off a currently accessible route to do this. Funny, you'd think they would have a spare or two for the coach hire side of their business ... If you want to force public transport to 'up its game' on accessibility - as an environmental, or equalities, issue - boycott the bastards and let them know what you are doing, and why. These nigh-on monopoly transport companies have had 12 years to get their act together yet national express only have a handful of accessible routes in the whole country - and none of them go from/to Bristol as far as I have been able to find out. Full Article| National Express to WOMAD- cripps keep out! | Related Festival News: Ashton Court Cancelled! | Ashton Court - The Retreat From Moscow | Ashton Court, Venue and the 11ft Fence Festival | South West Free Summer Festivals |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Up with the Posties!

United Kingdom, 15.07.2007 07:08

Following failed talks with the Royal Mail management, postal workers across the country went on a second 24-hour strike in two weeks, starting at 7pm on Thursday, June 12th. Pickets were again held at sorting offices in the evening and many more at delivery offices and depots the following morning. In Birmingham, three picket lines were formed at each gate of the main mail centre in Newtown. Solidarity from fellow workers, as well as from members of the West Midlands branch of the Industrial Workers of the World union (IWW), was impressive.

Report and pics | Cov Wobblies support local posties | First round of postal workers strike

A Story From An ICE Detention Facility

San Diego, 15.07.2007 06:37

Sr. X is an undocumented worker who resides in the West Coast. In 2007 he was taken in hand cuffs from his town by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and transported to a West Coast detention facility. There he was forced to put on one of three colors of jumpsuits. His jumpsuit was blue, the other colors being orange and red. Red signified the highest level of “illegality,” orange the medium level and blue the lowest threat level. Sr. X was put into a large room that, while he was there, held 200 human beings. There were five toilets for everyone stuck there. Brazilians, Argentineans, Guatemalans, Mexicans, “Africans” and “Asians” (Sr. X’s terms) made up the population of that cramped room.

&quot;Eô Eô, o Cauê é um Caô!&quot;

Brasil, 15.07.2007 04:08


Developer laughed out of West End library sale/closing hearing

DC, 15.07.2007 03:09

Eastbanc, the developer who got the DC Council to pass emergency legislation selling West End library to them got protested and laughed out of a public hearing at West End Library. Audio:3 min 13 seconds

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