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Naziów zaatakowali obozu anty-jądrowym anarchistycznego w Angarsk, Syberii

Torun, 20.07.2007 22:37


Valparaiso, 20.07.2007 21:07

Viernes 20 de Julio 2007 | Después de Toma de Rectoría

Estudiantes CineUV logran renuncia del Director

Japan's Nuclear Accident...remember Chernobyl?!

Portland, 20.07.2007 19:38

Is the recent fire and radiation leak at Kashiwazaki worse than reported? Monday's earthquake in Japan that damaged the world's largest nuclear power plant caused a previously underreported amount of radioactive pollution to enter the ocean and the atmosphere (via a fire that broke out at one of the reactors). This incident is getting only a small amount of coverage. Spokespeople from the plant have offered very little information regarding what is happening, saying only blanket statements like, "The radiation poses no health risks", "The amount of radiation is well below safe limits", and "The radiation poses no risk to the environment".

This brings to mind the horrors at Chernobyl, where a fire burned uncontrollably for days, causing massive environmental damage and health effects. Repeatedly over that week, the world was told, "This poses no risk." While (hopefully) the accident in Japan is nowhere near the scale of Chernobyl's, it still raises questions about how "safe" these radiation leaks really are, and why officials still refuse to own up to the real damage that is occurring.

From my perspective, there is NO safe amount of radioactive waste!!

Federal Judge: Oregon Coho Protections Must be Reinstated

Portland, 20.07.2007 19:38

A federal judge has recommended that the Bush administration's decision to remove endangered species protections for Oregon Coast coho salmon be declared illegal. The court recommended that coho's legal "threatened" status be reviewed and a new listing decision be finalized within 60 days. Restoration of ESA listing would prohibit actions that harm the species and require the government to prepare recovery plans. The decision comes in response to a lawsuit filed by fishermen and conservation groups last year.

The decision to withdraw endangered species protections from the coho was predicated on a novel scientific theory adopted by federal agencies. The theory held that coho are inherently resilient at low populations, and that they will always bounce back. The court cited extensive scientific critiques of that theory from government scientists, who said that it was unreliable and failed to pass the "red-face test." The court ruled that the new theory did not represent the "best available science" as required by law.

The slight rebound between 2001 and 2003 prompted the state of Oregon to prematurely declare Coast coho sufficiently recovered to be stripped of federal protection. The federal agency charged with administering the fishery, National Marine Fisheries Service overruled its own scientists—who raised grave doubts about Oregon's novel population analysis as well as the status of the species—to remove federal endangered species protections in 2006.

3 Direct Action trainings this weekend in PDX!

Portland, 20.07.2007 19:38

You've got a couple of choices this weekend:

1) Go to an awesome action training campout on Mt. Hood.
2) Go to a short but sweet direct action and climbing training at Laurelhurst Park this Sunday.
3) Sit around feeling bummed out that there isn't more action happening in Cascadia these days.

But Wait! Ther's More
Jobs with Justice Strategizing for Victory
Action Camp and Skill Share
Saturday, July 21, 10 am to 2 pm
SEIU 49 Hall, 3536 SE 26th

Join activists, organizers and JwJ pledgers in developing skills to

  • Get the message across at an action.
  • Know your rights; Stay safe but hold your ground.
  • Explore and develop effective strategies for action that move a campaign.

Please RSVP to Eliana at

‘In Oaxaca, Because There’s Culture, There’s Resistance’: New Escalation of Police Repression Against the Popular Movement!

Portland, 20.07.2007 19:38

From El Enemigo Común

On the morning of July 16, 2007, the people of Oaxaca poured into the Zocalo, intent on reclaiming their annual cultural celebration known as the Guelaguetza. By late morning, the "People's Guelaguetza" had become a "megamarcha" with thousands taking to the streets. By early afternoon, it had become a battle for the city, after police attacked the peaceful approximately 11:30 a.m., elements of the Municipal Police, Preventive Police, and Industrial and Banking Police, attacked with tear gas and rocks, marchers of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) and teachers of the National Teachers Workers Union, Section 22, who were trying to join the local festivities Fiesta Popular Oaxaqueña, in Guelaguetza Auditorium, Cerro del Fortín de la Ciudad de Oaxaca.

We consider that this incident is one of many provocations implemented by the state government against the APPO and is an irrefutable sign, moreover, of a government that is unable to dialogue, opting instead for the irrational use of police force against civilians. These actions are clear evidence of a recurring violation of human rights in the Oaxaca region, illegal under international treaties signed by Mexico.

Therefore, we make the following immediate demands:

  • For an end to police repression, harassment, and intimidation of the social and popular movements in Oaxaca
  • We condemn governmental actions and indiscriminate use of force by the State and Federal police
  • We demand the release of all political prisoners, making Federal and State officials responsible in the case of arbitrary detentions and disappearances of civilians.

    Send your petitions to with copies to human rights entities:


Argentina, 20.07.2007 19:37

Cinco barrios marcharon por la tierra

New York Premier of Oaxaca Human Rights Documentary

NYC, 20.07.2007 19:08

New York Premier of Oaxaca Human Rights Documentary
"Compromiso Cumplido" (True to My Pledge) Duration: 70 minutes
Monday, July 23rd @ 7PM - $5 to $10 Suggested
Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington :: 212.777.6028


Argentina, 20.07.2007 19:07

La huerta Orgázmica de caballito Resiste


Argentina, 20.07.2007 19:07

Cinco barrios marcharon por la tierra

Troops Out Now Coalition Rallies Anti-War Forces in Times Square

NYC, 20.07.2007 18:08

The sounds of protest at Times Square rose above the din of taxi horns and emergency sirens that usually fill the air during the afternoon rush hour. || Photos 1


Argentina, 20.07.2007 18:08

La Huerta Orgázmika de Caballito Resiste


Argentina, 20.07.2007 18:08

La Huerta Orgázmika de Caballito Resiste

'In Oaxaca, Because There’s Culture, There’s Resistance': The Battle for Oaxaca

NYC, 20.07.2007 15:38

On the morning of July 16, 2007, the people of Oaxaca poured into the Zocalo, intent on reclaiming their annual cultural celebration known as the Guelagetza. By late morning, the “People’s Guelagetza” had become a “megamarcha” with thousands taking to the streets. By early afternoon, it had become a battle for the city, after police attacked the peaceful march. Pictures 1 || 2 || 3

Riots and Repression in Oaxaca

United Kingdom, 20.07.2007 15:38

Since Monday night, riots and violent police repression have been taking place in Oaxaca, Mexico. At least 65 people have been arrested, while one is dead and four heavily injured in hospital. A teacher, who had been arrested unharmed, was beaten into a coma by police [pic proof]. More info on
[ pics 1 , 2 | alternative Guelaguetza pics 1 , 2 | Indy Scotland report | Narco News | Indymedia Oaxaca | Indymedia Chiapas | APPO ]

Dawn Raid and Arrests in Sighthill

Scotland, 20.07.2007 14:08

The Home Office attempted a dawn raid on a flat in the Sighthill district of Glasgow on Wednesday morning. Their target wasn't home but 4 people were detained.
An anti-deportation campaign has also been initiated for Funke and Joseph from Nigeria, who have been detained last Monday during a visit at the Home Office Reporting Centre in Glasgow.

[ report | Unity Centre | Noborder ]

Icelandic Embassy Targeted by Activists

Scotland, 20.07.2007 13:08

On the morning of 20th July, the Icelandic embassy on Queen St, Edinburgh was targeted by members of Saving Iceland(1). Paint was thrown on the building, the lock was glued and a message was affixed to the exterior reading “The Whole World is Watching”. “Iceland Bleeds” was also painted on the steps. The action served as response to recent acts of police brutality against Saving Iceland activists in Reykjavik who continue to oppose the assault on the Icelandic wilderness by heavy industry.

Строительство белорусской АЭС планируется завершить аж к 2018 году

Belarus, 20.07.2007 11:07

Anarchist Conference in Auckland in September

Aotearoa, 20.07.2007 09:08

In sum, we are an army of dreamers, and therefore invincible. How can we fail to win, with this imagination overturning everything. Or rather, we do not deserve to lose.
- Subcomandante Marcos

Between the 9th and 11th of September, 2007, Auckland will host the second annual "United States New Zealand Partnership Forum". We intend to protest and if possible shut down this forum and disrupt the related activities and events. The forum may even play host to George W. Bush or Condoleeza Rice and provide these warmongers, terrorists and imperialists with another photo-op for them to beat chests, wave flags and talk up their global wars of terror.

The A Space Inside anarchist collective will be providing the space and helping to facilitate and coordinate a broad anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist resistance to the conference and also to host a conference for anarchists and anti-state communists to network, coordinate and organise. Read More for details…

Links: A Space Inside | Anarko-galactico conference report | Global Peace and Justice Auckland | Peace Action Wellington | Peace Movement Aotearoa | | IMC Feature June | IMC Feature February

Day 6: &quot;Give Spotless the Boot!&quot;

Aotearoa, 20.07.2007 05:08

Hospital workers around the country are standing strong as Australian cleaning contractor Spotless Services continues to lock them out of their workplaces.

Yesterday in Tauranga Ex-All Black Robin Brooke, who owns the local New World, sent food and guarantees of 100% support to locked out workers. In Rotorua a Spotless Clown paraded up the main street while throughout the country the union movement offered financial and picketline support. In Wellington a noisy solidarity action was held in support of the locked out workers. [
Read More | Wellington Photos |SFWU Videos ]

Around 300 of the workers, many of whom earn less than 50c more than minimum wage, congregated today outside the Spotless HQ with dozens of old shoes to symbolise the need for District Health Boards across the country not to renew Spotless's contract.

Take Action: Email the DHBs | Bloggers for Hospital Workers
Please call 0900 LOCKOUT to make a $10 donation
Links: Service and Food Workers Union | LabourStart

Up with the Posties!

United Kingdom, 20.07.2007 04:08

Following failed talks with Royal Mail management, postal workers on Merseyside and across the country are taking industrial action against Royal Mail's cost-cutting plans, which are based on the European Union Postal Services Directive. A campaign of walkouts has been planned by the Communication Workers Union leadership, spread over various sites at different times. Liverpool will be hosting a regional march and rally in support of the posties this Saturday, 21st July.

[Belgique] Petits pas (et grands moyens) vers un Etat policier

Liege, 20.07.2007 04:07

Petit tour d'horizon de quelques mesures amusantes que notre patrie chérie met en oeuvre:

White House Manual for Silencing Critics

DC, 20.07.2007 03:38

Reclaiming the “Orange Revolution”

Editorial Cartoon: &quot;Deportation: the Day After&quot;

DC, 20.07.2007 03:38

So…seems a bunch of yahoos in various state and county legislatures in this area seem bound and determined to rid the place of "illegal" immigrants — "illegal", that is, in the sense of legality randomly pulled out of some racist politician's ass about a century or so ago. So, fine. Just fine. Go ahead, make life so miserable for them that they leave. Hell, why not just deport 'em while you're at it, if it'll make you feel better…? 11x17, high-res .jpg, grayscale, 744k

I’ve Got Georgia on My Mind

DC, 20.07.2007 03:38

A public hearing scheduled for this Thursday July 19th-2007 has old and new reporters and residents wondering... JR of the Peoples MEDIA Center has more... photos by Miche Pandza,Peoples MEDIA Center.


Argentina, 20.07.2007 02:08

La Huerta Orgázmika de Caballito Resiste

Averting our eyes from Crime at Tara

Ireland, 19.07.2007 22:08

Gardai direct traffic and arrest protestors As a r ...

Bushwick Youth Organize Rally to Protest Racial Profiling

NYC, 19.07.2007 16:07

Young members of the Bushwick community demonstrated at a legal rally in front of the 83rd Police Precinct in Brooklyn on Monday July 9th at 4 p.m. to show their discontent with the treatment of a group of school-aged youth detained on May 21st on charges of disruptive behavior. The community sees these arrests as just another case of racial profiling, which they will no longer tolerate. The rally was organized by the newly-formed Student Coalition Against Racial Profiling (S.C.A.R.P.)

The Class Nature of the Iranian Regime

Ireland, 19.07.2007 14:38

Torab Saleth is a member of Workers Left Unity Ira ...

Por el NO a la continuidad del contrato con Suez-Roggio

Argentina, 19.07.2007 14:38


知らぬ間のネット規制に反対:総務省にパブコメ/ Net regulation behind our backs? Send comments to MIC

Japan, 19.07.2007 08:07


&quot;Stop the Genocide!&quot; - Protests Across Aotearoa

Aotearoa, 19.07.2007 04:09

There have been demonstrations across Aotearoa over the last week in solidarity with Aboriginal Australias resistance to John Howard's invasion of their communities and thinly veiled land grab.

Melbourne: Several hundred people marched in Melbourne where Robbie Thorpe told the rally, "It's the only bit of land the commonwealth government hasn't got access to and there are minerals like uranium there". [ Report+Photos | Video ]

Auckland: Around a hundred or more people marched from Britomart to the Australian Consulate where a rally was held and speeches were made against capitalism and colonialism in the Pacific. [ Video | Photos ]

Wellington: Two demonstrations, one on Friday and one on Saturday, rocked the capital, sending the message far and wide that Howard isn't wanted here. [ Photos: 1, 2 | Video ]

Dunedin: A "Tent Embassy of Solidarity" was erected in the Octagon where visitors could write and email messages of protest to the Australian High Commisioner and New Zealand Prime Minister. [ Report ]

Day 5: 800 Pickets Resisting - Your Support Needed!

Aotearoa, 19.07.2007 04:09

Today marks the fifth day of the lock out of 800 hospital cleaners, orderlies and kitchen staff by Spotless Services. Across the country picketlines are turning away scabs and raising funds to support the workers who have been locked out by a multinational cleaning contractor that refuses to sign up to a proposed new pay scale for some of this countries most hard-working and low paid workers.

Yesterday workers held a sit-in in a cafetaria at North Shore hospital, marched in the main street of Tauranga, and the 'The Lockout Cafe' has been serving coffee outside Invercargill hospital to raise funs for the workers. [ Read More ]

Take Action: Come to a picket line - there are pickets every day at each hospital with locked out workers - our office has a list of contact people for each hospital.

Aucklanders: If you're near the North Shore, locked out workers from Waitakere and North Shore Hospitals will have a combined picket tomorrow from 11am - 1.30pm at North Shore Hospital. If you're near Middlemore, the locked out workers would love your support on the picket line.

On Friday there will be another mass picket of the Spotless HQ in Penrose: details: This Friday 20th July, 11:30am - 1pm, 600 Great South Road.

Please call 0900 LOCKOUT to make a $10 donation.

Links: Service and Food Workers Union | LabourStart

Aracruz Celulose Criminaliza Ativistas da Rede Alerta Contra o Deserto Verde

Brasil, 19.07.2007 01:08


Portland Assembly on Free Trade and Job Loss--Thursday

Portland, 18.07.2007 23:38

A Portland assembly on free trade and job loss is being held on Thursday evening at PCC. Thursday, July 19 * 6:30 pm
Portland Community College - Cascade Campus
705 N. Killingsworth, Student Center Cafeteria

Join displaced workers from Freightliner, Georgia-Pacific, Intel and elsewhere to discuss the negative impacts free trade agreements like NAFTA are having on Portland-area communities -- and what we can do to finally put an end to Fast Track and destructive trade policies once-and-for-all. Free trade agreements like NAFTA have cost thousands of people in the Portland metro area their jobs. Many more are at risk of having their jobs shipped abroad if trade policies continue on their current course.

There is a growing recognition in Congress that free trade agreements have hurt our communities, and many elected officials are now taking a stand against the free trade agenda. Still, many Members of Congress from the Pacific Northwest remain undecided on this issue. Show your support for laid-off workers and learn how you can help put the brakes on Fast Track for good by attending this important event.

Palestinian Flag Hoisted at Agrexco Carmel

United Kingdom, 18.07.2007 22:38

A Palestinian flag fluttered over the Agrexco Carmel depot in Hayes, Middlesex, for a few hours on the afternoon of Sunday 15th July. Activists entered the Israeli, 50% state-owned fresh produce importer's premises shortly after 1pm. The action formed part of an ongoing campaign against the company which is the major distributor for settlement produce. After replacing the Israeli and British flags, the activists entered the warehouse and conducted a brief inspection before some of the group D-locked themselves to a storage trailer.After disrupting business for about 3.5 hours, the group left voluntarily without any arrests.


Previous actions against Agrexco:1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

544 Riverside

London, Ontario, 18.07.2007 18:07

City Hall denied Sifton's application to re-zone 544 Riverside parkland. The application for a construction of a five story office building was heavily refuted by many citizens of the Riverside area and elsewhere. Major problems that were brought to light was the influx of traffic during peak hours, environmental degradation (including interference with natural run-off), flooding of the river and questionable out-of-date evidence for the area being flood safe, the other office space vacancies of the downtown, tree and ecosystem loss, and the enjoyment that would be lost by the community.

The London Project for a Participatory Society presents - Tear Gas Holiday

London, Ontario, 18.07.2007 18:07

Join the LPPS for our first video screening of Tear Gas Holiday. A compilation of Toronto Video Action Collective video footage from Quebec City April 2001.

Rape advocated as punishment for corporate crime, on

London, Ontario, 18.07.2007 18:07

In a disturbing reminder of last year's so-called "spoof" issue of the Gazette student newspaper at the University of Western Ontario, in which was rape was advocated as a way of "teaching a lesson" to feminists, a poster on the web site, has posted a message advocating the use of rape as a punishment for some criminals.

Food Not Bombs in Galway under pressure - call for support

Ireland, 18.07.2007 17:38

A community warden in Galway is trying to prevent ...

Raad van State: Kap Schinveldse bossen verboden

Netherlands, 18.07.2007 14:08

Op 18 july 2007, om 10:15h deed de Raad van State een uitspraak die ze zelf vooraf als "spraakmakend" bestempelde. Tegen deze uitspraak is geen hoger beroep mogelijk.

"Het hoogste Nederlandse rechtsorgaan heeft gesproken. En daar heeft men zich bij neer te leggen. [....] De wet is de wet en die dient door iedereen op opgevolgd te worden." Aldus Jos Zuidgeest, de toenmalige waarnemend burgemeester van Schinveld, bij zijn toespraak vlak voor de bomenkap in januari 2006.

GroenFront! dat zich reeds opmaakte voor een nieuwe bosbezetting kraait terecht victorie, maar stelt zich toch een aantal vragen. Vooral omdat het niet voor het eerst is dat de actievoerders achteraf gelijk krijgen en er ten onrechte natuur vernietigd wordt.

Wat vooraf ging

Reeds bijna 30 jaar, vanaf het moment dat er sprake was van het reactiveren van de NAVO basis in Geilenkirchen (1978) zijn lokale actievoerders actief in een vereniging die sedert de, nu illegale, boskap van 6 ha, herdoopt werd tot Vereniging STOP Awacs.

Mercy Nurses Show Strong Picket in Roseburg, OR

Rogue Valley, 18.07.2007 09:39

7/16/07 Roseburg, Oregon



Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice supports Mercy Nurses in Roseburg Oregon with a car pool from Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, and Hugo (Hugo?, look it up!). We joined an informational picket outside of Mercy Medical Center from 4 PM to 6 PM on July 16, 2007 right there on Stewart Parkway at a very busy traffic area.

WHAT WE SAW WAS NOTHING SHORT OF AWESOME! Nurses on the picket line, before and after shift, were joined by union and community supporters in one very strong verdict for justice. It was really fun to be there and see this take place. Here are some photos which better show you the action and the solidarity that stood there yesterday in support of Mercy Nurses in Roseburg.


Police violence in Oaxaca, Mexico

Scotland, 18.07.2007 09:09

On Monday 16 July at 11am, the Municipal Police attacked a protest organised by the APPO (Popular Assembly of Oaxaca) and section 22 of the Teachers' Union. The protesters had attempted to enter the Guelaguetza auditorium in the Cerro del Fortín, where they were hoping to celebrate an 'alternative' Guelaguetza festival.

Desaparecido en el &quot;gobierno de los DDHH&quot;

Argentina, 18.07.2007 06:08

A 10 meses del secuestro y desaparición de Julio López

Desaparecido en el &quot;gobierno de los DDHH&quot;

Argentina, 18.07.2007 06:08

A 10 meses del secuestro y desaparición de Julio López

Come Dish Out A Piece Of Your Mind To DC's Most Pro-Development Councilmember!

DC, 18.07.2007 04:08

Come speak your mind to the most pro-development Councilmember and one of the biggest developers in DC, appearing live and taking public comments.

Otro Nuevo Montaje???

santiago, 18.07.2007 03:38

Bomba en Embajada del Reino Unido

Romina Tejerina: Movilización jueves 19, 12 hs.

Argentina, 18.07.2007 03:08


Colombia, 18.07.2007 03:07

Movilización Nacional por la Dignidad

Ralph Nader Speaks About His Family Roots in Activism

Baltimore, 18.07.2007 01:08

Ralph Nader came to Baltimore on July 14, 2007 to speak on the "Seventeen Traditions" he learned from his parents. His speech was taped by independent reporter William Hughes and is available online at Google Video.

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