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seksemoj (eo)

Barcelona, 24.07.2007 19:08

28an junio: fiero estas protesto

Tago protesta kontraŭ la kontraŭgejeco kaj la kontraŭtranssekseco sin montrantaj per perfortoj, ĉikanoj kaj diskriminacioj suferitaj far transseksuloj, ambaŭseksemuloj kaj samseksemuloj; per agresoj faŝismaj, policaj kaj instituciaj sinsekvaj; per la patologiigo de la transsekseco; per la malagnosko de la samseksemulaj viktimoj dum la diktaturo; per la tuteŭropa konservativa kaj homofobia ondo; per la hontigaj deklaroj de eklezioj kaj registaroj. Kaj ankaŭ... tago protesta kontraŭ la provoj burĝigi, patriarkigi kaj kapitaligi la depostulajn tagojn

[30an junio] je la 18.30 en Pça. Universitat. Manifestacio 'Ni laboru kontraŭ homofobio'

Aranĝoj 28an junio: Aranĝoj en Barcelono, Girona kaj Lleida + Aranĝoj 28an de junio en Vilafranca + Aranĝoj en El Clot + Aranĝoj en Girona + [29an junio] Aranĝoj kontraŭ la psikiatriigo de la transseksuloj

rilataj novaĵoj institucia kaj registara homofobio en Polio ::: Episkopoj homofobie deklarantaj ::: Geja vero en TVE2 ::: homofobia sieĝo en Almería ::: ortodoksa hebrea kortumo homofobias ::: Arestoj en Moskvo

+ infoj seksemoj + + guerrilla travolaka

Planning the Future

Bristol, 24.07.2007 17:37

Have Your Say? "...who knows, it may actually make a difference..." Have your say? "...but who knows, it may actually make a difference..." Treebeard writes: Are you passionate about Bristol’s parks and green spaces? Then now is your chance to let the city council know what you think about its draft strategy for the future of Bristol’s parks and green spaces. A ten-week consultation period is set to begin on Monday, July 23. And residents will have the chance to read all about Bristol’s ambitious draft plans - and comment on what they think is the best way forward. The draft strategy consultation document is available online at Paper copies are available for viewing at local libraries, Brunel House, The Council House and at 33 Colston Street. There will also be a series of drop-in sessions for members of the public to ask questions and special meetings with key stakeholders, such as park user groups and community forums. Full Story.On the same theme, Charlie r writes: The City Council is consulting on the development plan for the next 20 years, (known as the Local Development Frame Work). Whilst many people would question whether Bristol has to “grow”, (28,000 new houses over the period) this is stipulated by central government, but what we can have a say on is the direction and type of development for the city (whether anyone listens is a different question). This is where we can request tough environmental standards for new developments (CO2 footprint, urban drainage systems, new parks and green spaces for new estates etc), or just get more developer led crap. The consultation runs until August 17th. Full Article.| Planning the future of Bristol’s parks and green spaces | | Bristol Development Framework - Core Strategy ( | Bristol Local Development Framework consultation | SUN, SAND AND SALSA. FORGET BARBADOS, WELCOME TO BRISTOL BEACH! |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

New Indypendent #106: Bitter Harvest

NYC, 24.07.2007 15:38

Big Business and immigrant rights advocates are both touting an expanded guest worker program as the centerpiece of efforts to reform the U.S.'s immigration system. But, who will really benefit? In the new issue of The Indypendent, Sarah Stuteville and Alex Stonehill travel to one of the most fertile agricultural regions in the country to explore the contradictions of a plan that would give legal status to hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers while denying them almost all of their rights. The new issue also looks at the struggle of Puerto Ricans with AIDS who have journeyed to New York seeking help, reflects on the first-ever U.S. Social Forum and visits a small town in Louisiana where a horrible miscarriage of justice unfolds. We also have first-person reports on life in occupied Palestine, an interview with LES comic artist Fly, book and movie reviews and much, much more. || Full PDF

COVER STORY--Bitter Harvest: Guest Worker Program Isn't the Labor and Immigration Panacea It's Cracked Up to Be || Puerto Rico HIV/AIDS Funding Crisis Forces Islanders to Make NYC Journey || Brutality in the 77th Precinct || Congestion Pricing: Time for Car Owners to Pay || Congestion Pricing: Don't Trust Mayor Mike || The Social Forum Comes to the U.S. || Supremes Require Big Bucks for Free Speech || Louisiana Justice: A 'White Tree', White Judge, White Jury, White Prosecutor and White Witnesses Lead to Conviction of Black Youth || Palestine Diaries || Bono's White Fantasy || Continental Divide: Loving an Africa That Doesn't Exist || Movie Review: Burn the War! || Fly in Your Eye: An Interview with Fly, LES Comic Artist || Book Review: Adjudicating Abortion || Book Review: Radical Balls

Mercy Nurses get first contract!

Rogue Valley, 24.07.2007 13:09

Our fellow nurses at Mercy Hospital in Roseburge finally got a first contract! As of early Friday morning (4 am) July 20th ONA has reached a tentative agreement with Mercy Medical Center. Hallelujah!! Congratulations to the Mercy nurses and all of us for our unified efforts in securing this historic first contract! We were certified as the bargaining representative in January 2006 and met for 43 full-day negotiation sessions and innumerable hours to achieve this agreement. (information from this post came from an ONA email)

Oregon Nurses Association

Неофашисты совершили зверское нападение на лагерь под Ангарском

Belarus, 24.07.2007 13:07

July 22nd: Gospel, gumbo, pudding!! Seattle Common Ground Concert this Sunday

Seattle, 24.07.2007 05:07

The members of Seattle Common Ground Relief Collective have been working for over a year now to organize and inspire the survivors of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita who were displaced to the Puget Sound region around the call to Return, Rebuild, and Renew! Along the way, the Rev. Pat Wright has provided spiritual food in the form of a series of gospel benefit concerts.

A Benefit Concert & Dinner
Featuring Total Experience Gospel Choir
Sunday, July 22, 2007
4-7 p.m.
Grace Episcopal Church
8595 Day Road
Bainbridge Island, WA

All donations benefit SCG’s “Lagniappe Caravan” project, which at the end of August will transport a group of survivors from Seattle to New Orleans to reconnect with their home.

July 27th: Tacoma Infoshop Grand Opening Party!

Seattle, 24.07.2007 05:07

you're invited to...


Pitch Pipe Infoshop grand opening party
Friday July 27 2007, 7:30pm-10pm (after Critical Mass)
617 South 17th St (corner of S 17th & S G St)
Tacoma, WA

Franklin Shelter air conditioning VICTORY!

DC, 24.07.2007 04:38

Don't say protest doesn't work-just the threat of another resident-organized Franklin Shelter protest was enough to get the DC government to begin installing air conditioning in the building over the weekend of July 21-22. Audio: 3 min 53 seconds, 18 sec, 1 min 25 sec

Ativista é assassinado por nazistas durante ataque à acampamento anti-nuclear na Rússia

Brasil, 24.07.2007 04:08


Comunidades quilombolas reocupam território em posse da Aracruz Celulose

Brasil, 24.07.2007 02:38


(en) (fr) (pl) Galeria dla... ,,Jesteśmy zmęczeni codziennymi wizytami Policji i Straży Miejskiej,...&quot;

Torun, 23.07.2007 23:07

Photos &amp; Reportback from the Summer Really Really Free Market!

NYC, 23.07.2007 21:38

Over the course of the day we had around 5-600 people stop by St. Mark's Church to enjoy a small taste of what a non-capitalist world may look like, and how we can take care of each other and our needs without resorting to centralized state bureaucracy or cutthroat capitalism.

Rusya: Sibirya

Istanbul, 23.07.2007 21:08

Rusya: Sibirya’da Nükleer Karşıtı Kamp’a saldıran Naziler bir eylemciyi öldürdü

Mithilfe bei globalen Beiträgen

Switzerland, 23.07.2007 20:37 ist die globale Seite des weltweiten Indymedianetzwerkes und beinhaltet Artikel über Themen in aller Welt. Die Artikel in der Mitte, Features genannt, werden durch ein globales Editorialkollektiv zusammengestellt und zum Teil auch übersetzt. Die Leute organisieren sich dabei über eine Mailingliste auf deren die Entscheidungen über neue Artikel diskutiert und beschlossen werden.

Die aktuell aktiven Mitglieder der Liste haben einen Aufruf gestartet, sich vermehrt zu beteiligen und sind froh um jegliche Mithilfe. Wer Lust und Interesse an einer globalen Beteiligung am Indymedia Netzwerk hat, beachtet ihren Aufruf und schreibt sich am besten auf der Liste ein.

KPFT top 10

Houston, 23.07.2007 19:38

Ten reasons why KPFT 90.1 is backsliding

Das Rhino wird geräumt!

Switzerland, 23.07.2007 15:37

In Genf hat die Polizei kurz nach 14 Uhr mit der Räumung des besetzten Hauses Rhino begonnen. Die Polizei ist vor dem Rhino angekommen; der Widerstand formiert sich und die Stimmung ist schon sichtlich aufgeheizt.

Bis jetzt wurden erst eine Frau und ein Kind aus dem Haus geschafft. Dutzende SympathisantInnen haben sich vor dem Squat versammelt.

Links: Räumung des besetzen Hauses "La Tour" in Genf

Celebrate Indypendent Journalism at The Brecht Forum

NYC, 23.07.2007 14:37

Night includes: 10 ways to fight back against bad landlords with Tenants' Voice columnist Bennett Baumer. Did you know you can get thousands of dollars in rent money BACK if they don't make necessary repairs? Plus, a presentation of some of the best Indy Illustrations with art director Frank Reynoso. See what a difference illustration can make! And more!

Anarchie statt Alltag

Switzerland, 23.07.2007 10:07

Während 10 Tagen trafen sich AnarchistInnen aus der deutsch-schweiz, der Romandie und auch Leute aus der ganzen Welt in Tahlheim bei Winterthur für das diesjährige A-Camp. Es wurde eifrigst debatiert, diskutiert, gebadet, geplant und trainiert.

Nach dem Aufbau der Camp Infrastruktur begannen am Montag die ersten Workshops und Diskussionen zu unterschiedlichsten Themen. Diese standen dann auch neben dem herrschaftsfreiem Leben im Mittelpunkt des 'Campalltags' und dienten natürlich auch der Vernetzung der anarchistischen Bewegung.

In letzter Zeit haben sich in mehreren Schweizer Städten anarchistische und libertäre Strukturen gebildet. Neben Gruppen die schon seit längerer Zeit agieren, wie die Organisation Socialiste Libertaire oder die FAUCH, gibt es nun auch eine Libertäre Aktion Winterthur, die Libertäre Aktion Ostschweiz, Action Autonome in der Romandie und das Forum deutschsprachiger AnarchistInnen.

Ein Toter bei Nazi-Angriff gegen Anti-Atom-Camp in Sibirien

Germany, 23.07.2007 09:38

Update Sonntag 21.7. 22 Uhr:

Um fünf Uhr morgens örtlicher Zeit am 21. Juli (20 Uhr des 20.7. UTC) griffen Nazi-Skinheads ein Anti-Atom-Protestcamp in Angarsk, Sibirien (Karte), Russland an. Die ca. 20 CamperInnen wussten von dem geplanten Angriff und hatten Nachtwachen organisiert, die aber zahlenmässig den etwa 15 Nazis weit unterlegen waren. Die Nazis griffen die schlafenden AktivistInnen mit Eisenstangen, Messern und Druckluftgewehren an. Der 21-jährige Umweltaktivist Ilya Bodorajenko aus Nachodka, der an der Nachtwache beteiligt war und als einer der ersten mit dem Angriff konfrontiert war, ist am frühen Morgen im Krankenhaus an einer Kopfverletzung gestorben. Mind. ein weiterer Camper erlitt schwere Verletzungen an den Füßen. Mehreren Personen wurden die Hände gebrochen, eine hat eine Gehirnerschütterung. Alle Zelte wurden in Brand gesetzt und brannten völlig nieder, einige Dinge wurden gestohlen. Nach Berichten der russischen Agentur RIA Novosti wurden inzwischen zwei der Angreifer festgenommen. Die russischen Behörden versuchen inzwischen, den Angriff als unpolitischen Raubüberfall darzustellen.

Autonome Aktion (Englisch) | Indymedia Sibirien | Russischsprachiges IMC | IMC St. Petersburg | Video

Nordhausen: Fahrradfabrik besetzt

Germany, 23.07.2007 09:38

Die 135 Noch-Beschäftigten der Fahrradfabrik Bike Systems in Nordhausen (Thüringen) haben angesichts der Schließung ihres Werkes zu einer in Deutschland ungewöhnlichen Maßnahme gegriffen: Seit dem 10. Juli halten sie den Betrieb besetzt.

First draft of Programme for the 07 Anticivilization gathering

Belarus, 23.07.2007 06:07

SATURDAY MORNING SMACKDOWN! MinuteKlan Outnumbered 2 to 1 at Gaithersburg Day Labor Center Confrontation

DC, 23.07.2007 05:39

The showdown between racist bigots and the immigrant community boiled over on Saturday, July 21 at 8 AM outside the day labor center near Gaithersburg. The MinuteKlan and National Alliance(Nazis) only had maybe 15 people at their peak-and at one point only 10 while counterprotesters had over 25, outnumbering them 2 1/2 to one at one point… Audio: 3 min 39 seconds

Soccer stadium deal collapses in fight over $200M in subsidies

DC, 23.07.2007 05:39

It looks like Fenty has finally done one of the things he campaigned on-killing a high priced stadium deal. Although he refused to cancel that baseball deal, someone in the DC government has refused DC United's request for about $200M in subsidies.

Human Rights Demo Mexican Consulate 9AM Monday

San Diego, 23.07.2007 03:37

Violence of the State and Federal Police Must END
Mexican Consulate
1549 India St, Little Italy

The Indigenous Binational Front (FIOB acronyms in Spanish) calls for a boycott for the for the official Guelaguetza Organized by Ulises Ruiz Ortiz government through a vigil at the Consulate of Mexico to demand the respect of human rights.

The FIOB condemns the recent use violence by the state and federal government of Mexico towards the Oaxacan Indigenous people and calls for tourists to boycott the official Guelaguetza

El Frente Indígena de Organizaciones Binacionales (FIOB), Pronunciamos nuestro apoyo total al Pueblo Oaxaqueño con la idea firme del BOICOT TOTAL A LA GUELAGUETZA OFICIAL a través de una vigilia frente al consulado de México ante los recientes acontecimientos en el Estado de Oaxaca,

Reprobamos los actos de violencia, abuso de autoridad y represión por parte del Gobierno Estatal y Federal y pronunciamos nuestro apoyo total al Pueblo Oaxaqueño, Manteniendo su firme apoyo: * BOICOT TOTAL A LA GUELAGUETZA OFICIAL

¡La resistencia del pueblo Oaxaqueña continua!

Un adjetivo aplicable a la mayoría de las personas

Argentina, 23.07.2007 03:08

El origen de la palabra idiota

Un adjetivo aplicable a la mayoría de las personas

Argentina, 23.07.2007 02:38

El origen de la palabra idiota

The West Coast Convergence for Climate Action is just three weeks away! -we NEED YOUR HELP

Portland, 23.07.2007 01:38

The site is beautiful, the workshop presenters are awesome, the food will be tasty and healthy, and now we need your help pulling together this monumental event for climate and energy justice.
Here are four things you can do in preparation for the event.

1.Take a job from our Help Wanted list
2.Get ready for direct action by attending one of the action training events (info below)
3.REGISTER! - We need an estimate of how many people we will be feeding. To register please visit:
4.Come to a set-up work party day
[Saturday] August 4 - meet in Portland at 11 AM (call 541-521-1832)

Please contact

Racist Biggot Proposes &quot;No Immigrants Allowed&quot; Signs in Columbia County

Portland, 23.07.2007 01:38

A prominent pain in the ass in Columbia County, one Wayne Mayo (Constitution Party), appeared before county commissioners this week to propose that this community declare itself an "Illegal Worker Free County." To that end, he has demanded stringent, new requirements for employers and landlords to prevent them from hiring or renting to so-called "illegals." He demands enhanced support from the Sheriff's office, and the enactment of a "citizen's complaint line" where we can snitch out our neighbors. Finally, he wants signs placed throughout the county, declaring us to be an "illegal worker-free county."

Comment:KATU online has this issue in it's "official" poll. When I checked it out, 80% of those responding supported Mayo's idiotic proposition. If I ever see such a sigh in any community I will deface it and then take my money and my business elsewhere. As this poster stated so well, We ARE better than this!!!

Callout: 5 Days of Direct Action and Economic Sabotage!!!

Portland, 23.07.2007 01:38

Callout for 5 days of decentralized direct action and economic sabotage
Across Turtle Island (North America)
August 17-21, to culminate August 20 & 21,
The days of the SPP meetings in Montebello, Québec.

This is a call to action against the companies and governments who govern our lives through law and capital. Since the beginning of the invasion process, capitalism and state governance have perpetuated colonization on the lands of Turtle Island. This process has not stopped. Instead, it takes new forms through the neo-liberal agenda and continues under the authority of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

In March 2005, the SPP was initiated by Paul Martin, George W. Bush and Vincente Fox under the pretense of fortifying North American borders, thereby increasing trade opportunity. In other words, the goal is to manipulate and exploit human lives and their social contexts in the service of capital for the benefit of the ruling class.

Mexican State surrounds Oaxaca to favor URO and transnational tourism

Portland, 23.07.2007 01:38

?Visita Oaxaca!

Mexican State surrounds Oaxaca to favor URO and transnational tourism
Boycott the Commercial Guelaguetza

July 20th, 2007 - Translation from Indymedia Oaxaca:

48 hours before the commercial festival of Ulises Ruiz Ruiz (URO), Oaxaca is surrounded by police and the military;
Elbeto asks, "Are they prisoners of war?" Are we in a war in Oaxaca Mr. Governor, Mr. Hotel Owner(s) and Mr. Restaurant Owner(s) in la verde Antequera?" The Space of Civil Organizations warns of an official provocation in the next days: "the governor "little ulises" is declaring a tradition to be authentic which does not belong to him (...) and turning a cultural celebration into a propagandistic space of its government."

source of original article in spanish:

source of photo:

Forest Service Logs, Then Burns Ancient Forest

Portland, 23.07.2007 01:38

In 2005 protestors at the Sten timber sale near Eugene had both live ammunition and hunting arrows shot at them. This year the Forest Service set a "prescribed burn" at the site of the protest and killed most of the remaining trees.

One activist lived on a small platform in the upper canopy for over two months, while loggers endangered his life by falling trees around him. Hired climbers and Forest Service personnel threatened to physically remove him. During his extended stay in an old growth tree, "Katrina", the Forest Service stole his bicycle, trailer, identity papers, and all his possessions.

"Katrina" is now dead. Eighty-five percent of the trees in the project are either standing dead or blackened stumps. According to a Forest Service spokesperson, a "prescribed burn", started with drip torches by Forest Service personnel, got out of hand "when the wind shifted". The Forest Service inadvertently "missed its target" of 10 to 20 percent mortality. Seventy percent of the trees that remained after logging were killed by the fire. The destruction of a once healthy forest ecosystem is now complete.

What is next for unit 43 of the Sten timber sale? Salvage logging?

Activist vermoord door nazi's in anti-nucleair kamp in Siberie

Netherlands, 22.07.2007 20:08

In de vroege ochtend van 21 juli hebben neo-nazi's met veel geweld een anti-nucleair actiekamp in Angarsk (Siberie, Rusland) aangevallen. Ze gingen de activisten - die nog in hun slaapzakken en tenten lagen - te lijf met ijzeren staven, messen en luchtdrukgeweren. De 21-jarige Ilya Bordaenko van Autonome Actie uit Nakhodka is in het ziekenhuis overleden aan een schedelverwonding. Tenminste negen anderen zijn serieus gewond. Een vrouw heeft twee gebroken benen. Tenten zijn in de fik gestoken en verschillende spullen zijn gestolen.

Posties Take Action

Bristol, 22.07.2007 18:37

Kevin Beezer of Bristol CWU sets the record straight on strikes On Tuesday 17th July, the North Delivery office in Bristol saw 50 CWU postal workers and their supporters take part in a strike - here is more info! On Tuesday 17th July, the North Delivery office in Bristol saw 50 CWU postal workers and their supporters take part in particularly strong local strike on the back of the national strike. Kevin Beazer of the Bristol Communication Workers' Union writes; the mainstream media have failed to warn the public that the entire service is under threat..After 350 years of universal service the British public is facing an end to daily deliveries and high rates for posting letters outside cities. The press, however, is portraying the present dispute as purely about pay. Kevin Beezer sets the record straight explaining fully the background to the current series of strikes. In this twenty minute interview...explains what the dispute will mean for the public - less deliveries and higher prices - if the CWU lose. As wel as identifying the tiny bunch of 'fat cats' who will make a fortune and run! (image: Montpelier Royal Mail Office's staff on strike!) Full article.| audio - Bristol CWU explain current round of postal strikes | Montpelier Royal Mail Office on Strike | audio upload ( | Mark Steel: Squeeze this new super-rich class of postmen ( |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Britain is GMO free again

United Kingdom, 22.07.2007 18:08

On the night of Friday the 6th of July, a group of activists converged on Britain's only GM trial site just outside Cambridge. They scaled the security fences and destroyed the crop of genetically modified potatoes.

This was the only crop of GM potatoes being grown in the UK, after the chemicals giant BASF abandoned plans for a GM potato trial in Yorkshire this year. There have been multiple protests at the Cambridge site and at the Yorkshire site (where organic potatoes were planted).

However BASF have permission lasting until 2011, so this may not be the end of the story ...

Background : GM back on agenda | sabotage promised | detailed talk report | audio interview re victory and protest 1st july

Campaign links : Mutatoes | Hedon Against GM | Cambridge GM Concern

Exigimos la libertad de Silvia Gabriela Hernandez Salinas

Argentina, 22.07.2007 18:08


Colombia, 22.07.2007 17:08

Otra vez mienten Santos y Uribe para amparar Asesinatos de Sindicalistas

speculation &amp; squatting (en)

Barcelona, 22.07.2007 16:08

Districts fighting against its destruction

30 people stop AVE works in Sants

We've decided to stop the works to say enough, to say we're fed up with the many administrations doing and undoing at their wish while we -the district neighbours- are always the ones who pay for it. Because this work is not a solution to one of the district historic demans like it is to bury underground the railways to not have the district divided into quadrants, it's even making it worse building a 16m tall crate.

Trial to Can vies delayed: New trial date in October + The Òpera CSO can be evicted at any time

>>> [20jul, 21h] Annoyed by the AVE call for a saucepan banging

+ info: speculation & squatting + Miquel Àngel street's website + CanVies + CsoL'Òpera

Neonaziści napadli na obóz ekologów - potrzebne wsparcie finansowe dla ofiar

Poland, 22.07.2007 15:08

Neonaziści napadli na obóz ekologów w Angarsku na Syberii. W wyniku ataku 5 osób przewieziono do szpitala, gdzie jedna z nich zmarła. 10 neonazistów aresztowano. Trwa zbieranie pieniędzy na pomoc ofiarom ataku.

Activist Killed As Nazi's Attack Anti-Nuclear Camp In Siberia

United Kingdom, 21.07.2007 23:38

In the early morning of 21st July, neo-nazi skinheads launched an attack on an anti-nuclear protest camp in Angarsk, Siberia, Russia. The nazi's violently attacked activists in their sleeping bags and tents with iron rods, knives and air pressure guns. A 21 year old protester from Vladivostok has died in hospital from his injuries and at least nine others have been reported to be seriously injured. One person has suffered a head-fracture, another has had both their legs broken. All tents were set on fire and several belongings were stolen.

The camp started last week and is aimed at protesting against a planned centre of uranium enrichment in Angarsk. Ever since the arrival of the activists, the police have tried to intimidate them and have entered the camp in an attempt to gather information about planned actions. The organisation who planned the camp, the 'Ecological Wave of Baikal', had planned various rallies in the surronding area to inform locals about the plans and drum up support for the campaign.

Photos: The Camp before the attack | And after...

Links: Indymedia Siberia | Ecological Wave of Baikal | Announcement of the Camp

Articles in English: [1] | [2] | [3]

Articles in Russian: [1] | [2] | [3] | Translation-tool

Mexican State surrounds Oaxaca to favor URO aal tourind transnationsm

NYC, 21.07.2007 20:07

Boycott the Commercial Guelaguetza

Al ministerio de trabajo

Argentina, 21.07.2007 17:08

Protesta de trabajadores del puerto

Por la rebaja del boleto estudiantil

Argentina, 21.07.2007 17:08

Paro estudiantil y marcha al municipio

Morreu ACM

Brasil, 21.07.2007 17:08


Rescates de terreno: Comunidad Villas del Sol

Puerto Rico, 21.07.2007 14:08

Villas del Sol ¿Otra Villa Sin Miedo?

Rescates de terreno: Comunidad Villas del Sol

Puerto Rico, 21.07.2007 14:08

Villas del Sol ¿Otra Villa Sin Miedo?

subRADIO: Reclutamiento y Objeción

Puerto Rico, 21.07.2007 14:08

Reclutamiento y Objeción

Sois pas vache !

Marseille, 21.07.2007 10:37

Sois pas vache !

Liege, 21.07.2007 08:37

Up with the Posties!

United Kingdom, 21.07.2007 01:08

Postal workers have walked out twice within two weeks this month, with picket lines mounted at all major sorting and delivery offices across the country. The continuing industrial actions aim to stop the Royal Mail's 'modernisation plans', which the Communication Workers Union (CWU) says would only mean cuts in members' pay and pensions, job cuts and more post office closures. Crown Post Office workers have also gone on strike twice this week over Post Office Ltd plans to close further Crown Post Office branches and transfer services into WH Smith stores.

Reports and pics: Birmingham: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | video | Coventry: 1 | 2 | Solihull | London | Sheffield

7/20-7/22: Beyond the Binary: a weekend of fabulous workshops and films tackling gender assumptions

United States, 20.07.2007 23:07

On July 20th, 21st, and 22nd the Ad Hoc Coalition of Radical Gender Activists is facilitating a weekend long collection of workshops, films and performances that question and provoke the manifestation of gender.

Our culture’s prevalence of hate crime and gender biased violence sends the message that freedom of expression can be deadly and misinformation surrounding sexual orientation and gender expression can be fatal. It is our responsibility to combat this message with one of hope, inclusion, knowledge and understanding.

“Beyond the Binary” is focused on exploring that message, and empowering ourselves to challenge our notions of gender and socialization, and be fancy and fabulous in the process.

For more information check out our MySpace or email All locations are wheelchair accessible. Click here for schedule of events.

IMC-US gender & sexuality archive page

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