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West Philadelphia Activist and Western-PA Political Prisoner Collaborate on Innovative Zine Project

Philadelphia, 29.07.2007 14:37


Colombia, 28.07.2007 22:38

Movilización Nacional por la Dignidad

The Nuclear Weapons Lab Bombing Range

Arkansas, 28.07.2007 17:09

(San Francisco) - Like the bully who says "I'm going to do it anyway and there is nothing you can do about it," the huge federal government protected Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab refiled their "application" to increase radioactive bombing at Site 300 eight times.

Documented proof of cover up in Franconia shooting tragedy

New Hampshire, 28.07.2007 16:39

A key witness who has his digitally-recorded testimony not appear when the State issues the audio CD's it chooses to release? NH State Police Captain falsely stating that Gregory Floyd warned Liko Kenney to put his gun down,when now I have the actual interview and at page 20 it clearly states otherwise? Please.

Citibank and BofA Urged to Divest From Dirty Coal

NYC, 28.07.2007 15:08

On Friday, July 27, a crowd of protesters filled the Midtown Manhattan lobbies of two large Citigroup offices and a Citybank branch, as well as three branches of Bank of America. The protesters demanded that Citibank and Bank of America withdraw their investments from Massey Energy Co., the notorious coal company known for its abuse of the people and environment of southern West Virginia, as well as other areas in the southern Appalachian coalfields, through the use of mountain top removal coal mining.

FIT for what purpose?

United Kingdom, 28.07.2007 09:38

"Teams of 12 specially trained officers will form a Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) who, operating in uniform, will seek to build a "rapport" with "street activists" so that people "likely to provoke disorder can be identified early in an event"

The FIT first surfaced in the early 1990s, as part of the Public Order Intelligence Unit (CO11), a section of the Public Order Branch of the Metropolitan Police. They were initially targeted at football fans but were soon extended to cover a wide variety of political events, and their tactics have more recently been used in town centres as part of the "community policing" strategy. Sometimes they are deployed outside of the Metropolitan area, as at the G8 in Scotland for example, and most UK police forces now have officers trained in their methods.

Human Rights Activists Protest Police Violence in Oaxaca

San Diego, 28.07.2007 08:37

On Monday, human rights activists responded to brutality in Oaxaca against a people's celebration of Guelaguetza, a traditional festival, by educating and protesting at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego.

On July 16, state and federal forces in Oaxaca City attacked members of APPO (Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca), people participating in the popular celebration and journalists, leaving at least one dead, numerous injuries and over 60 detained or disappeared (en1, en2; es1, es2). The popular Guelaguetza was an alternative to the government-supported celebration, co-opted from the traditional holiday by commercial tourist interests.

Activists from vAPPOroaxaca and The Indigenous Binational Front (FIOB) began early in the morning by informing the folks standing in line to get into the consulate about the situation in Oaxaca and by playing videos (vid1, vid2) from the July 16 attack on a laptop. After the Consul arrived mid-morning in his fancy car and expressed his displeasure by staring and making faces at the protesters, they began chanting and loudly demanding freedom for political prisoners and the removal of the corrupt governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz.

APPO formed last summer shortly after school teachers repelled an attack by state forces on their occupation of the zócalo (central plaza) of Oaxaca City and effectively governed the city for several months until an invasion by Federal Preventative Police, prompted by the murders of Oaxaqueños Esteban Zurrita and Emilio Alonso Fabian and Indymedia journalist Brad Will by government-sponsored paramilitaries, on October 27. San Diego activists set up a camp and continuously occupied the sidewalk outside of the Mexican Consulate from October 29 to November 21, using it as a base for protests, marches and rallies in solidarity with the People of Oaxaca.

Monday Protest Video | Solidarity Camp Coverage

Há uma semana, Quilombolas de Linharinho ocupam àrea pertencente à Comunidade no Sapê do Norte/ES

Brasil, 28.07.2007 05:08


Hip Hop Event Canceled By NYPD, Event Organizers Set to Protest on Scheduled Day

NYC, 28.07.2007 03:07

BRONX- What should have been a family-oriented Hip Hop festival at a community garden in the South Bronx will now be the site of a neighborhood protest, as residents voice concerns over an NYPD decision to deny event organizers the required permits.


Colombia, 28.07.2007 02:37

O se hace presidencia o paramilitarismo

No-Kill Shelter in Desperate Need, Please Help

Portland, 28.07.2007 01:37

The only no-kill shelter for homeless animals west of Portland is in desperate crisis. It is in danger of closing down for good within the next 2 months, without your help. It will take $20,000 to keep the Columbia County animal shelter operating till the end of the year.
Without this shelter, the only resource for animals who are abandoned in Columbia County is the county pound. This is no solution. Animals are only held for a short time at the pound, and then they are put to death if homes cannot be found. For the sake othese animals, we must keep the no-kill shelter open.

If you can donate, and/or if you have fund raising ideas that might help, please contact the Columbia County Animal Shelter:

Impeachment Demonstration at Blumenauers office

Portland, 28.07.2007 01:37

Were Blumenauer Operatives Behind Attempt to Silence Impeachment Protesters? Police were called out by security personnel in an attempt to intimidate and harass pro-impeachment demonstrators who were peacefully protesting Earl Blumenauer's refusal to honor his constituents' demand for the impeachment of the war criminals Dick Cheney and George Bush.... this time they were met by a "counter-demonstration" of sorts. The self-identified owner of the building and three security personnel, after first vainly attempting to locate "the leader" of the group, claimed that the demonstrators were illegally blocking the sidewalk outside Blumenauer's office.

comment: The South Side DFA group will be hosting an impeachment discussion with Willie Smith from Earl Blumenauer's office on Wednesday, Aug. 1st at the True Brew Coffee Shop, 3370 SE Milwaukie Ave. at 7pm.

Demonstration against McCORMICK AND SCHMICK'S SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS for destroying rainforest

Portland, 28.07.2007 01:37

Rainforest Relief is holding a demonstration against McCORMICK AND SCHMICK'S SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS on Saturday, July 28, 2007, due to their continuing, extensive use of mahogany wood from Latin American rainforests in building the interiors of their restaurants. In Portland, we will protest at the McCormick and Schmick's restaurant at 235 SW First Avenue, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Please let us know if you will attend.

(en) (fr) (pl) Zaproszenie do obozu w Dolinie Rospudy

Torun, 27.07.2007 23:07

ratujmy Rospudę

Torun, 27.07.2007 23:07

Критическая Масса в Минске - разгон ОМОНом

Belarus, 27.07.2007 19:37

Trabajadores portuarios contra la precarización laboral

Argentina, 27.07.2007 16:38

Hace diez días que está paralizado el puerto de Mar del Plata

Trabajadores portuarios contra la precarización laboral

Argentina, 27.07.2007 16:38

Hace diez días que está paralizado el puerto de Mar del Plata

China out of Darfur

Houston, 27.07.2007 15:08

7/27 Chinese Consulate refuses to accept petition to end genocide in Darfur

Carl Hampton memorial

Houston, 27.07.2007 14:38

7/27 Memorial service for Carl Hampton

Brigadas 2007

Euskal Herria, 27.07.2007 13:39

Un a�o m�s las organizaciones internacionalistas Askapena, Euskadi-Cuba y Komite Internazionalistak (KI) organizan brigadas internacionalistas que en estos meses de verano visitaran muchos pa�ses como Brasil, Breta�a, Palestina, Cuba, M�jico, Colombia, Chile o Venezuela.

As� nos van llegando ya algunas cr�nicas de estos viajes:

M�s informaci�n: |Euskal Herria Internazionalista, arlo guztietan frente guztietan|.

Jena 6

Houston, 27.07.2007 10:08

Caravan to Louisiana to protest the treatment of the Jena 6

koruptado (eo)

Barcelona, 27.07.2007 07:08

Politikistoj kaj policanoj ignoras la ekziston de justico

Jarojn post la morto de la diktatoro ankoraŭ ne ekzistas vera demokratio. La diseco inter juĝa, leĝodona kaj plenuma potencoj preskaŭ nevideblas, precipe, rilate al la sociaj movadoj.
En Katalunio, post preskaŭ du parlamentaj periodoj, evidentas ke la juĝa potenco ne povis teni la necesan sendependon rilate al la plenuma kaj oni vidas ke, kiam tio interesas al la registaro aŭ al la policestroj, la justicon oni povas administri subpremante kaj enprizonigante senkulpulojn. Sufiĉas rigardi ekzemple la aferojn pri la arestitoj de la 4a de februaro, pri la "taĉmento Dixan'" kaj, ĵuse, pri la aresto de Núria en Girona.
Krome, nun, juĝisto, kaj precipe ina, povas esti malpli influa ol policano. Oni tion klare vidis dum la lastaj vakigoj de la Makabra, aŭ de la sola ejo okupita far inoj, la Mambo, vakigoj faritaj sen juĝordono kaj eĉ surpirize por la prirespondeca juĝisto mem.
Kaj nepras ne forgesi ke la programoj kaj statutoj de la tri registaraj partioj, kaj iliaj ideologiaj deklaracioj, emfazas ilian kompromison kun la socia justeco. Tiu koncepto pri justeco eble restas nur sur papero, ĉar kion ni vidas en Barcelono, kie ili regas post pli ol dudek jaroj, estas ke riĉuloj pli riĉas, mezklasanoj pli ŝuldas kaj malfirmas kaj malriĉuloj plimultnombriĝas. En tiu betonfarita kaj dizajna scenejo kiu estas Barcelono, registrita marko, kaj sub la scivolema rigardo de milionoj da turistoj ĝuantaj urbon precipe dediĉita al servosektoro, la urbo mem fariĝis forpelema por la plejparto de ties loĝantoj favore al riĉuloj kaj turistoj.
Sed ne temas pri forgeso aŭ nescio ĉar la politikistoj bone scias la signifon de 'justeco' sed plejparto el ili senhonestiĝas post la atingo de potenco. Bedaŭrinde ni vidas kaj trasuferas ke Justicon (ne justecon) ili uzas por silentigi la ĝenantojn kiuj publike videbligas la realon de tiu lando.

[7an feb - 1an mar] UB Diagonal Unua serio de prelegoj pri socialismo

rilataj novaĵoj: la nemoveblaĵaj mitoj niatempe ::: artikolo pri vakigo de planetan aŭ mambon ::: Hereu malpermesas tendumi al 'Hijos de Don Quijote' :::

+ infoj:: >>>koruptado kaj potenco

MPL-Rio Branco retoma as atividades nesta semana

Brasil, 27.07.2007 06:38


No Affordable Housing Crisis at the Plymouth

DC, 27.07.2007 05:09

Young Cooperative Makes Plans for Future Development in Shaw Neighborhood

Families Worried That Cemetery Was Bulldozed by Mountaintop Removal Coal Miners

United States, 27.07.2007 05:07

Graves over 200 years old desecrated?

Kayford Mountain, W. Va. — Citizens are outraged that a coal company may have bulldozed graves in a family cemetery dating from the 1700s. Catenary Coal, a subsidiary of St. Louis-based Arch Coal, bulldozed a road at the Stover Cemetery, and has a blasting drill set up next to it. Stover Cemetery, located approximately 30 miles Southeast of Charleston, is surrounded by Catenary’s mountaintop removal site on Kayford Mountain.

Domestic Workers Take On Employer at Home

United States, 27.07.2007 05:07

July 21, 2007 – A 66 year-old Columbian immigrant has taken her former employer — Carmela Meluzio —to federal court for two years and a half worth of back wages. Marina Lopez says that she was employed to clean the Long Island suburban home, do household chores, and provide 24-care to their invalid son, including bathing, feeding, clothing the child. Yet, Meluzio only paid Lopez $2 a hour for her critical care. Meluzio also forced Lopez to sleep in a sewage-filled basement. Lopez had to collect cardboard and wood planks in order to walk across the basement floor.

Lopez's case has stagnated in federal court for four years. But, as a member of Domestic Workers United, she has called upon their help to accelerate her claims.

Read More>> | Audio Report | Audio Reportaje

Por trabajo y vivienda digna

Argentina, 27.07.2007 04:38

Sigue la lucha por la crisis habitacional

Por trabajo y vivienda digna

Argentina, 27.07.2007 04:38

Sigue la lucha por la crisis habitacional

Articulação nacional de quilombolas protesta contra a Globo

Brasil, 27.07.2007 03:38


Trabajadores radicalizan la Huelga

santiago, 27.07.2007 03:08

Los Subcontratados de Codelco intensifican las movilizaciones

Explosions at a facility that sells liquefied natural gas near downtown Dallas

Portland, 27.07.2007 02:38

Cable news stations are reporting an explosion at a facility that sells liquid natural gas. At least two people were injured. Authorities evacuated a half-mile area surrounding the Southwest Industrial Gases Inc. facility and shut down parts of two of the area's busiest highways, Interstates 30 and 35.

comment: Look at this photo. This happened right next to a freeway. Some of the other wire photos popping up today are a great illustration of why you don't want this LNG stuff happening anywhere near a city. I don't know why rural people would want to face it either. This resulted from a relatively simple accident by a worker.

comment: This story has developed in a very interesting way, with local Dallas TV stations continuing to report the LNG was involved in the explosions. The facility holds an array of gases, and NY Times, CNN and others are now saying that the cannisters were holding acetylene. In either case, the event makes it very clear that emergency responders will not attempt to put out a major fire caused by a large LNG release. These fires burn hot and uncontrollably, and basically the firefighters in this case pulled back by a half mile or mile, and waited for the explosions to cease.

The Daily Astorian ran a story on the event, as well. The people working to stop LNG on the Lower Columbia, at least two of them, are quoted. The upcoming Climate Convergence will be happening near Puget Island. Puget Island is within 1/2 mile of the proposed Bradwood LNG terminal. A major failure in an LNG vessel or storage tank would cause a half-mile fire with the potential to give second degree burns within 30 seconds of exposure to people up to a mile away. The Dallas explosion is particularly relevant to the Coos Bay LNG proposal, however, where propane will be stripped out of gas coming into the facility. The purified natural gas will be sent out via pipeline, while the propane will be stored and trucked out of Coos Bay. This is a very under-reported safety risk with the Coos Bay proposal. Up to 50 trucks of propane might be leaving that site each day, according to LNG company representatives. | |

Two weeks until the Convergences for Climate Action

Portland, 27.07.2007 02:38


In just two weeks -- August 8-14th -- regional North American Convergences for Climate Action will bring hundreds of social justice and environmental activists together to fight the fossil fuel empire and create truly sustainable, bio-regionally appropriate and community-based responses to climate change. The events on the West Coast and in the Southeast are modeled after the inspiring 2006 Climate Camp in the UK, which will reemerge this year at Heathrow Airport from August 14th-21st.

Part networking and activist skills training, part community sustainability demonstration site, the Convergences aim to invigorate the Climate Movement by pulling together communities of resistance. We aim to inject an anti-oppression, justice-focused agenda, and to demonstrate examples of truly sustainable, less energy-intensive lives that don?t depend on the oppression, thievery, and destruction attached to fossil fuel extraction.

Workshops at the convergences range in topics from using art in organizing, to understanding environmental racism, to building water catchment systems. The list of the west coast Convergence?s presenters include REDOIL (Resisting Environmental Destruction On Indigenous Lands), the Riot Folk Collective, Starhawk, and La Red Fronteriza de Salud y Ambiente (Border Health and Environment Network).

Juan Rubio's First Suit Settled

Portland, 26.07.2007 23:38

Juan Rubio, who has been repeatedly harassed, and even arrested by the Sandy Police for exercising his human and civil right to protest their treatment of (and probable murder of) his son, has achieved a moral, if not economic victory over the Sandy Cop Shop.

Juan, who's son Carlos "mysteriously" disappeared after a round of verbal judo with a bunch of Sandy Cops, only to be later found murdered (a murder that was never investigated), is at least partially vindicated in the settlement of his case against Sandy Cop Kalen (K.T.)Taylor. The original suit for 100 thousand dollars was downsized some, to five hundred dollars and an apology, to make room for a multi million wrongful arrest and harassment case against the chief, Skelton,

Readers here will recall that Juan was manhandled and arrested during the Sandy Mountain Days Festival, for protesting the lack of investigation into the murder of his son. A Clackamas County Judge ultimately threw that case out, declaring that Skelton had a lot of nerve to have arrested Juan, violating his first amendment rights. Juan's biggest crime, it would seem, was being tan in Sandy, and refusing to remain invisible.

Olin-Sin Fronteras movie night fundraiser-This Friday!

Portland, 26.07.2007 23:38

This Friday July 27th!
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Red & Black Cafe, 2138 SE Division & 21st Ave.

Olin-Sin Fronteras movie night fundraiser.
Feature film:

Rebel Music Americas, on radical musicians around Latin America. And a short: Muertos Nos Quieren (They Want Us Dead), on the 2004 arrest of CIPO-RFM members in Oaxaca, Mexico.

$3-5 donation, no one turned away.


NYC, 26.07.2007 23:07

Citizens are outraged that a coal company may have bulldozed graves in a family cemetery dating from the 1700s. Catenary Coal, a subsidiary of St. Louis-based Arch Coal, bulldozed a road at the Stover Cemetery, and has a blasting drill set up next to it. Stover Cemetery, located approximately 30 miles Southeast of Charleston, is surrounded by Catenary's mountaintop removal site on Kayford Mountain.

Latin America (en)

Barcelona, 26.07.2007 22:08

Mexico, Oaxaca, Chiapas...

[July 27-29] II Zapatista Meeting

A year after the popular revolt in Oaxaca it's patent how live it is still with continuous episodes of violence and repression. At the same time, these days takes place the II Zapatista Meeting with the People of the World in Chiapas, where struggle goes on too and the repression as in the whole Mexico, with the feminicides in Ciudad Juátrez. This Mexico which has been visited by Zapatero recently and where he condemned the wall that separates Mexico and the USA "forgetting" his own wall, which separates Ceuta and Melilla.

Other related news: Uprising of equatorian communities against mining transnationals ::: Repsol's president shouted ::: La Caixa accused of co-responsibility with Repsol

To know much more: Mexico Indymedia + Chiapas Indymedia + Chiapas.Pangea + Section >>>Latin America

Dennis Banks @ PSU 7/27

Portland, 26.07.2007 21:37

Dennis Banks will be speaking at the Native American Student and Community Center. Light refreshments will be available. This event is free and open to the public.

Dennis Banks will be speaking about the 30th anniversary of the "Longest Walk". The event will begin at 7pm July 27th
NASCC is located at 710 SW Jackson st

NOBLE RESOLVE is too dangerous to allow in Oregon- Open letter to Rep. DeFazio

Portland, 26.07.2007 21:37

NOBLE RESOLVE is too dangerous to allow in Oregon. This exercise, drilling War of Terror scenarios in Oregon, comes just as the media is filling up with warnings of a new 9/11 and the recent Presidential Executive Orders: NSPD 51, 5/10/07, "... allows the sitting president to declare a "national emergency" without Congressional approval..."

It's looking more and more like a perfect storm of terror, treason and totalitarianism. Drills like these have a history of going live (e.g. 09/11/01 & 07/07/05) and now we have NSPD 51 — the equivalent of Hitler's Article 48.

Thank you and we look forward to talking with you or a representative.

Best regards,
Informed Dissent

More Lies from Eastbanc

DC, 26.07.2007 20:09

Developer Anthony Lanier is trying to pull one over on the West End community.

Peace Activists at Mikulski's Office.jpg

DC, 26.07.2007 20:09

Peace Advocates Confront Sen. Mikulski's Staff Member (Linked to a Video)

Cindy Sheehan To Run Against Pelosi

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.07.2007 20:08

Following Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's refusal to consider the impeachment of George Bush, Cindy Sheehan has announced she plans to challenge Pelosi for her seat in Congress. Sheehan writes, "At the end of this day, Speaker Pelosi has not supported impeachment and has not upheld her oath of office to 'protect and defend' the Constitution... The Middle East is rapidly falling apart under this regime and our country is sliding rapidly into a state of one-branch tyranny while our 'heroes,' the Democrats, fiddle."

Protestar contra repressão aos pobres é crime

Brasil, 26.07.2007 18:38


Llatinoamèrica (ca)

Barcelona, 26.07.2007 17:08

Mèxic, Oaxaca, Xiapes...

[27-29 Juliol] II Trobada Zapatista

Un any després de l'inici de la rebel.lió popular a Oaxaca es fa palès com aquesta continua viva amb continus episodis de violència i repressió. Alhora, se celebra aquests dies la II trobada zapatista amb els pobles del món a Chiapas, on continua també la lluita i la repressió, com a tot Mèxic, com en el cas dels feminicidis a Ciutat Juárez. Un Mèxic visitat per Zapatero fa poc i on va condemnar el mur que els separa dels EEUU "oblidant" el seu propi mur a Ceuta i Melilla.

Altres notícies relacionades: Aixecament de comunitats equatorianes contra transnacionals mineres ::: Escridassat el president de Repsol ::: Acusen La Caixa de corresponsabilitat amb Repsol

Per saber molt més: Indymedia México + Indymedia Chiapas + Chiapas.Pangea + Secció Llatinoamèrica

Latinoamérica (es)

Barcelona, 26.07.2007 17:08

México, Oaxaca, Chiapas...

[27-29 Juliol] II Encuentro Zapatista

Pasado un año del comienzo de la revuelta popular en Oaxaca se hace patente que ésta continúa viva con continuos episodios de violencia y represión. Al mismo tiempo, se celebra estos días el II encuentro zapatista con los pueblos del mundo en Chiapas, en donde continúa la lucha y la represión, como en todo México, como en el caso de los feminicidios en Ciudad Juárez. Un México visitado por Zapatero hace poco y en donde condenó el muro que los separa de los EEUU "olvidando" su propio muro en Ceuta y Melilla.

Otras noticias relacionadas: Levantamiento de comunidades ecuatorianas contra mineras transnacionales ::: Increpado el presidente de Repsol ::: Acusan La Caixa de corresponsabilidad con Repsol

Para saber mucho más: Indymedia México + Indymedia Chiapas + Chiapas.Pangea + Sección Latinoamérica

Cuadros más, cuadros menos, todo sigue igual

Argentina, 26.07.2007 16:08

Los Derechos Humanos hoy

Southeast San Diego Fighting Immigration Raids

San Diego, 26.07.2007 14:37

Southeast San Diego community members are organizing opposition to immigration raids, seeking a resolution supporting immigrants from City Council and policy changes from the San Diego Police Department. In a community forum held Wednesday, several panelists shared compelling testimony as to why these raids must be stopped.

Rossport Update

United Kingdom, 26.07.2007 11:38

This summer has seen the Shell to Sea campaign gain increasing momentum as construction of the proposed onshore gas refinery in County Mayo, Ireland, begins. The planned refinery and the high pressure pipeline, which would supply it with unprocessed gas from the offshore Corrib gas field, have been bitterly opposed by local residents and their many national and international supporters, since it was first proposed in 2000. Shell and their partners Statoil and Marathon had hoped to have the facility in operation by 2003, but massive local resistance has meant that four years on, the development is still in its infancy.

Resistance was stepped up following the jailing of three local fishermen accused of assaulting Gardai (Police) during a Shell to Sea picket last year. On Wednesday 11th July, two years on from the jailing of the Rossport 5, these men became County Mayo’s latest political prisoners. The judge’s verdict was met with disbelief by all involved in the campaign and has resulted in an upsurge of community resistance.

Related links : campaign website | recent update | eviction threat | more...

Work with Guatemalan Anti-Genocide Activists

San Diego, 26.07.2007 06:38

Call for direct solidarity with the indigenous movement in Guatemala...
Become a Human Rights Observer!

The Guatemala Accompaniment Project (G.A.P.) of the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) is always looking for qualified candidates to be human rights accompaniers.

Next training: October 14-21, 2007
Application deadline: August 17, 2007
Training will take place in San Francisco, CA

July 28th: Fund the Wounded! Not the War

Seattle, 26.07.2007 05:37


March: Saturday July 28th, 12:00 Noon, gather at Beacon and Columbian, march past VA Hospital at 1660 Columbian Way

Forum: 2:00 PM, Jefferson Community Center 3801 Beacon Ave South

VA accessable from bus routes 36, 39, & 60

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