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levantaron los cortes

Argentina, 03.08.2007 02:38

Los trabajadores y trabajadoras alcanzaron un acuerdo con la empresa

Coordenador da fábrica ocupada Flaskô sofre ameaças

Brasil, 03.08.2007 02:38


Patients and Supporters Rally for Sanctuary City in Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.08.2007 23:38

On July 31st, medical marijuana patients and supporters rallied at a Berkeley City Council meeting to urge the City Council to adopt a Sanctuary Resolution to help protect medical cannabis dispensaries within the city. Supporters were mobilized because the LAPD had just seized the bank account of the Berkeley Patients' Group, which is a local dispensary. Local activists spoke about the need to protect patients and providers from federal interference both in Berkeley and across the state. City Council members assured the patients and their supporters that this issue will be taken up when the City Council reconvenes in September.

26543 Bombas

Argentina, 02.08.2007 23:08

Colonialism as Lens and Hip-Hop as Mirror

DC, 02.08.2007 22:38

“Ellos acordaron. Jubilados a la lona”

Argentina, 02.08.2007 22:38

Hay 82% pero sin retroactivo


Colombia, 02.08.2007 21:08


Climate Camp Preparations In Full Swing

United Kingdom, 02.08.2007 18:38

Not distracted by the injuction BAA have threatened with, the preperations for the Camp For Climate Action are in full swing. Activists recently met with locals from around Heathrow to find a warm welcome in a community fed up with BAA's lies over an ever expansing airport. The High Court in London was the scenery of some funny encounters today as BAA put forward their case for an injunction they served individuals from certain anti-airport groups earlier last week. The whole thing seemed poorly prepared. Read reports: (1) (2)

And as things currently look, it won't have any effect on the actual camp at all. A spokesperson for the Camp For Climate Action said: 'This injunction is totally irrelevant to us. We won't be intimidated or bullied. The camp is going ahead!'. Meanwhile, in this article, UK Indymedia looks back on an inspiring year packed with climate action goodness...

Links: Camp For Climate Action | Location Of The Camp | British Airport Authority | Plane Stupid | Airportwatch | Climate Camp 2007 topic page

Resist to Live: Interview with Don Benjamin

San Diego, 02.08.2007 18:08

In some respects, Don Benjamín is one of the lucky ones, a survivor.

As a 35-year-old indigenous peasant from Guatemala’s western highlands, he has pushed the limits of survival, beyond what many could ever imagine – outlasting a genocide aimed at him and other Maya civilians in the 1980s and 90s: a strategic, government-sponsored crusade that left him orphaned as a young teenager, fleeing into the mountainous backcountry, eluding army search squads and aerial bombardments.

In the early 1980s, those who resolved to attempt prolonging their survival by living in hiding among the wilderness formed the Communities of Population in Resistance (CPR). As a member of the CPR for nearly a decade and a half, Don Benjamín not only confronted repeated military attacks, he often lacked shelter and clothing amid dangerously chilly weather, and constantly battled hunger.

He did not re-emerge from the CPR until after the signing of the Peace Accords in December 1996, which officially ended the military’s so-called “counterinsurgency” operations against Guatemala’s Maya population, implemented under the guise of hunting guerrilla fighters.

A few years later, a truth commission sponsored by the United Nations (UN) found that more than 200,000 people had been killed in the conflict -- the overwhelming majority Maya -- establishing the bloodshed in Guatemala as one of the deadliest genocides in our hemisphere’s modern history...
Don Benjamín, member of the Association for Justice and Reconciliation, talks about surviving Guatemala’s genocide against the Maya and the current indigenous-led struggle to demand justice.--Read More--

Related: Guatemala Femicide: Happy Mother's Day???? | Gender Savagery in Guatemala | Video: Violent Evictions at El Estor, Guatemala || More Info: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10


Arizona, 02.08.2007 17:07

The People of Oaxaca Rise Again


Portland, 02.08.2007 16:37

In the last few weeks I have been asked, in one form or another---why protest, why waste your time?

I want people to think about the occupation, even if only for a few minutes.
I want people to know how many have died or been seriously wounded this week
I want people to know how much this lunatic in the WH has cost us this week

Protests force people out of their cocoon to face ugly facts.
Protesting allows me to sleep at night---knowing I tried to stop this madness.
Protesting allows me to answer the question, "Did you speak up?"

The Constitution says:

Article 2, Section 4 "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

Shall means, you must do it----there is no mention of how many votes, media circus or not having the time to do what is mandated, it says in no uncertain terms----do your duty Mr. Congressman. Congressman Blumenauer is violating his oath of office every day that he will not call for the impeachment of Bush/Cheney and other civil officers of the United States.

See you on Thursday, August 2, at high noon.
Congressman Blumenauer's office
@ 729 Oregon St.

82nd Ave Big Box Store Permit Off Hold; Rally Scheduled Aug 7th

Portland, 02.08.2007 16:37

Leaders of the Save Madison South and Save Roseway coalitions in NE Portland are now calling upon their 900+ member-strong support base to turn out for one of Portland's biggest National Night Out celebrations ever.

The National Night Out event, sponsored by both the Madison South and Roseway Neighborhood Associations, is taking place Tuesday, August 7, 2007 from 6:30-8:30pm at Glenhaven Park (NE 82nd and Siskiyou) as a celebration of neighborhood livability.

However, with the permit application coming off hold for a proposed "big box store" development in the neighborhood, many residents are planning on attending the neighborhood event as a rally of support. The rally will be the official kick-off the fight against what could likely be Portland's newest Wal-Mart Supercenter.

The application for this proposed project came off hold this week on July 31st, and the land-use hearing date has been scheduled for 9am on October 1 and 3, 2007 at the City of Portland's Bureau of Development Services Room 2500-A [second floor], located at 1900 SW Fourth Avenue. Hundreds of residents are expected to pack the room to testify at the hearing.

The site in question is located on the now-vacant land (former golf driving range) across from Madison High School on NE 82nd. The developer so far has refused to publicly identify their tenant; however Canadian-based SmartCentre's website ( proudly touts their strong relationship with Wal-Mart, with approximately 120 out of their 180 projects ending up being a Wal-Mart.

Hand Over Your Electronics! Computer Recycling on the LES

NYC, 02.08.2007 16:08

Volunteers at the Lower East Side Ecology Center are working diligently to reduce and reuse the toxic waste found in most electronic devices.

Bristolians Prepare for Climate Camp

Bristol, 02.08.2007 15:38

In the face of 'Stupid' Heathrow Injunction, Bristolians Plan Climate Protest In the face of 'Stupid' Heathrow Injunction, Bristolians Plan Climate Protest In London, amidst scenes of farce, the Spanish-owned airport operator, BAA is seeking a blanket ban to bar protest at Heathrow. Locally, riser writes; CAMP FOR CLIMATE ACTION 14th to 21st August. Any questions about the climate camp: PUBLIC MEETING, MONDAY 6TH AUGUST 7:30PM Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol BS2 0NW. TRANSPORT: Transport from outside Kebele, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol. BS5 6JY. On...Monday 13th August 10.30am (those who wish to help with the set up should try to get this one)....Tuesday 14th August 10.30am...Friday 17th August 18.30 PLEASE BOOK A PLACE IF YOU CAN SO WE CAN HAVE SOME IDEA OF NUMBERS! phone number:07917 383517 or e-mail bristol at if you can't make any of the below, don't worry the camp will be accessable via public transport and a shuttle bus operating from Staines Train Station, Middlesex. Full article. | Transport from Bristol to Climate Camp/Public Meeting | | Related Links: | | High Court confusion over exactly who BAA wants to ban from protesting at Heathrow ( | Stop Bristol Airport Expansion and The Independent |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Quilombolas e Indígenas mantêm a retomada das terras e a luta contra a Aracruz e o Movimento Paz no Campo

Brasil, 02.08.2007 13:38


Immigrant Workers In Shaw Make A Stand Against Gentrification

DC, 02.08.2007 12:09

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Latino Cooperative was founded by tenants living at 1236 11th Street NW, a historically designated building called the Plymouth. The group met on July 21, 2007 to commemorate the cooperative’s first birthday as well as to celebrate the approval of a sizable loan for much needed building renovations.


Argentina, 02.08.2007 03:38

Basta de arbitrariedad policial

&quot;(...)el cayuco está parado, la patrullera viene muy rápido, da un rodeo e impacta y lo rompe en dos, provocando el hundimiento.&quot;

Canarias, 02.08.2007 00:08

Los testimonios de 15 supervivientes del naufragio del cayuco el pasado 19 de Julio en aguas canarias han llevado a su abogado de oficio ha presentar una querella criminal por la muerte de 88 personas. Las autoridades francesas reconocen que el Tonnere, participó en la operación de rescate.

La versión oficial asegura que fué el levantarse todxs al mismo tiempo lo que hizo volcar el cayuco, y el estado del mar lo que imposibilitó su rescate, de la misma manera, no se sabe si por estar cerrado el juzgado de refuerzo creado especialmente para atender las llegadas de cayucos, (curiosamente, no funciona los fines de semana), o por el retraso al ser el juzgado de guardia quién se hizo cargo, no hubo investigación judicial por parte de las autoridades del estado español de la desaparición de un número incierto de personas en una operación con tantos interrogantes.



Oaxaca's Popular Movement Continues Despite Intimidation

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.08.2007 23:38

Today, August 1st, thousands of women marched in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico, on the one year anniversary of the historic takeover of the Oaxacan television station, Canal 9, by APPO (Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca).
On, July 30 , tens of thousands of people from the APPO and the section 22 of the teacher's union along with sympathizers participated in a protest against and demand a popular boycott of the official Guelaguetza festival. This festival has been the subject of conflict since the uprising in Oaxaca began last year.

Report from the &quot;Fund the Wounded! Not the War!&quot; Demonstration

Seattle, 01.08.2007 21:07

About 200 Seattle citizens took to the streets on Saturday, July 28th, to demand better health care for Iraq war veterans and an end to the war. The signs included, "Fund the Wounded, Not the War", "Had Enough? Impeach!", and "Peace Is Patriotic".

Police Step Up the Harassment of Olympia Activists

Seattle, 01.08.2007 21:07

Activists in Olympia are reporting police harassment, both at and away from the vicinity of protests. In the latest incident, Jeff Berryhill and his friend Mitch were arrested on Thursday, July 26th.

August 4th: Pirates of the Health Care-ibbean

Seattle, 01.08.2007 21:07

A March & Rally for Health Care Justice

Insurance pirates are hoarding a treasure chest of profit, while making the poor, sick & vulnerable walk the plank. It's time to end insurance piracy. Health care for all now!

&quot;Project Censored&quot; Head Speaks in San Diego

San Diego, 01.08.2007 20:07

Peter Phillips, head of "Project Censored" at Sonoma State University and principal author of its annual compilations of the 25 "most censored stories" in the U.S. corporate media, spoke in San Diego at the First Unitarian-Universalist Church July 25. He talked about the structural issues that make the U.S. media a tool of the capitalist ruling class, the sheer scope of the ambitions of the neoconservatives that now dominate America's ruling class, and the need to start the fight-back by impeaching George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and removing them from office.--Read More--

Al Giordano's (Narco News) Criticism of Project Censored and Exchange With Peter Phillips: 1 | 2

Jena 6 protest coverage

Houston, 01.08.2007 18:08

7/31 Today's Protest of the treatment of the Jena 6

Latino Delivery Workers Sue Flor de Mayo Resstaurant for Labor Rights Violations

NYC, 01.08.2007 17:08

Four Latino delivery workers are pressing charges against Flor de Mayo, a Peruvian-Chinese restaurant in Manhattan, for minimum wage and overtime law violations. Workers were doing the jobs of delivery men and porter, working as many as six days a week, and as many as 72 hours each week while being paid $1.25 an hours. Surrounded by coworkers from Flor de Mayo and surrounding restaurants as well as labor organizers from NMASS and their Justice Will be Served campaign, they made their demands public on Tuesday July 24th at a press conference that took place outside the Flor de Mayo on 484 Amsterdam Avenue.

Cobertura del Escrache

Argentina, 01.08.2007 16:38

2007 Ashland Hiroshima Nagasaki Vigil

Rogue Valley, 01.08.2007 15:09

The Hiroshima Nagasaki vigil is on the plaza in Ashland, with an opening ceremony at the Lithia Park Bandshell at 8 am on August 6th featuring the lighting of the Hiroshima flame and local performers Beth Baker and Ashland Taiko. Two days of vigil on the plaza are August 6th from 9 am to 9 pm and August 9th from 8 am to 9pm. The closing ceremony will be on the plaza at 6 pm on August 9th and include Whistling Elk Drum.

"...and help us to be a part of a worldwide push for global nuclear abolition and justice and equality and peace for all. Thank you so much for helping me work for peace."

Report from the &quot;Fund the Wounded! Not the War!&quot; Demonstration

United States, 01.08.2007 15:07

About 200 Seattle citizens took to the streets on Saturday, July 28th, to demand better health care for Iraq war veterans and an end to the war. The signs included, "Fund the Wounded, Not the War", "Had Enough? Impeach!", and "Peace Is Patriotic".

Bush’s promise of adequate healthcare for soldiers and returning veterans has been shown to be as vacuous as Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction. The mistreatment of soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital was initially exposed in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11.Veterans and their families have struggled to get this story in the mainstream press.... Read More>> | video

Additional Resources: Troops Home Now Coalition | The VA

From the Newswire

Perth, 01.08.2007 14:38

Youth, Students, Workers to Strike against Bush

Elected officials from 300 localites march on White House against war

DC, 01.08.2007 14:09

The chants may sound like any old garden-variety antiwar march-but how often do you hear them coming from the mayors, aldermen, and councilmembers of about 300 cities, towns, and even states!

Oaxacans Boycott and Protest Official Guelaguetza Despite Repression

NYC, 01.08.2007 14:08

Ruiz's government is forced to pay state workers to attend official festival, tens of thousands march. Repression continues and tensions build over state elections

Protesters demand Clinton change her position on the war

NYC, 01.08.2007 14:08

Protesters demanded Clinton change her policy on Iraq and end the war on Monday, July 30.

Feria Del Sol

NYC, 01.08.2007 14:08

Feria Del Sol, a festival put on by the Tpeyac Association, took place on Sunday, July 29.

Guerilla Drive-In's Subversive Shorts Festival on Pacific Ave

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.08.2007 10:07

On Friday, August 3rd, the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In will be screening the Guerilla Drive-In Subversive Shorts Festival on Pacific Ave and Cooper Street in downtown Santa Cruz. To skirt the laws regarding amplification, the sound will be broadcast straight to portable radios.

Protest Australian Foriegn Minister Alexander Downer this weekend!

Aotearoa, 01.08.2007 08:09

Protest Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, at NZ National Party Conference. ImagineNative Action, in collaboration with Radical Youth, is organising an action this weekend to protest the presence of Alexander Downer at the National Party Conference being held at the Langham Hotel in central Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland). We want to send a clear message to Alexander Downer and the National Party that we do not support the Australian Colonial Government's recent military/police invasion of Aboriginal Lands. More importantly we wish to stand in solidarity with the Indigenous Peoples of Occupied Australia as this plays a vital role in lifting the spirits of the Aboriginal People, strengthening their will to resist the colonial invasion and economic exploitation of their lands. Saturday August 4th, 2.30pm Mass demo against Downer and the National Party. Meet corner of Symonds Street and K'rd to march on the Langham Hotel, Symonds Street. 7.00pm: Disrupt Downer's Dinner. Meet corner of Karangahape Road and Symonds Street, Auckland. Bring musical instruments (especially taonga puoro - traditional Maori instruments) and noise makers. Some kai will be provided but donations are always welcome! Since Don Brash resigned as National Party leader the National Party has put in a lot effort to convince us that they care about Tangata Whenua, the environment, and the poor of Aotearoa. Alexander Downer is a leading representative of a colonial government that has invaded Indigenous lands, supported similar actions in Indonesia and supplied troops to the invasion/occupation of Iraq. His government has publicly advocated using Aboriginal lands for large scale mining and nuclear waste dumping operations. Downer's presence at the National conference clearly shows that National hasn't changed at all. It is still a party that endorses racism against indigenous people and represents the interests of the rich and powerful, at the expense of ordinary people and our whenua. As it is likely that National will form the next colonial government of Aotearoa it is essential they know we will not tolerate racist and exploitative policies such as those enacted by Alexander Downer and his government. For more information or to endorse this action email indigenous.solidarity (at) or call/text 021 1551154 Endorsed by: ImagineNative Action Radical Youth Indonesia Human Rights Committee A Space Inside: Tamaki Makaurau Anarchist Collective Global Peace and Justice Auckland (GPJA)

Тёмная история о приватизации ООО &quot;Мотовело&quot;

Belarus, 01.08.2007 07:07

Vender armas para hacer negocios y algo más

Argentina, 01.08.2007 06:09

Estados Unidos busca crear un frente árabe contra Irán

Vender armas para hacer negocios y algo más

Argentina, 01.08.2007 06:09

Estados Unidos busca crear un frente árabe contra Irán

Policía disfrazada, secuestra y detiene

Argentina, 01.08.2007 02:38

Villalba, referente popular, detenido

Policia disfrazada, secuestra y detiene

Argentina, 01.08.2007 02:08

Villalba, referente popular, detenido

Support Day Laborers! Counter Protest Anti Immigrant Bigots!!!

Portland, 01.08.2007 01:08

Anti immigrant folks in PDX this Wednesday! Counter Protest!!!

The city of Portland is finally getting on with plans to build a Day Labor Hiring site! Unfortunately reactionary right wing bigot groups are car pooling again up to Portland to condemn progressive actions and to spout their flimsy racist anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Come out to support the Day Labor Center and to denounce the anti-immigrant racist scapegoating! Mayor Tom Potter and community members plan to create a hire site for day laborers. Read about their plans in the Portland Tribune of July 24

The hearing on the proposal will be in front of the Portland City Council, Wednesday, August 1, at 5:00 p.m. Call the city hall at (503) 823-4000 to be able to testify. Portland City Hall is located at 1221 SW 4th Ave (Jefferson and 4th)

There are no illegal men, women or children. Poverty, lack of health care, lack of job security, lack of prioritizing funding for children, privatization, neo-liberal economic polices, white supremacy and patriarchy...all of these things perpetuated by U.S. capitalist and imperialist policies are the real crimes.~ SIN FRONTERAS PORTLAND

Llega Moncayo

Colombia, 31.07.2007 22:38

Por el Acuerdo Humanitario ¡Ya!, a la Plaza de Bolivar

Este domingo habrá una jornada cultural de resistencia

Argentina, 31.07.2007 19:08

No al remate del Centro Social y Cultural Olga Vázquez

A3: Deadline to Stop City from Smashing our Rights to TAKE PICTURES IN STREETS!

NYC, 31.07.2007 15:07

We've got until Thursday, really, and i just found out about this on Friday. Sneaky bastards. Little by little, that's how they take 'em away. Little by little, very quietly and strategically. The most serious threat against OUR SAFETY is if we can't monitor police anymore. Now the terrorists have won. This is ridiculous; possibly a test to see how quickly we can mobilize? I guess we gotta play this stupid game now too, and MOBILIZE, again.

Press Release from Wed, not even a week ago, from, which lists 5 ways to ACT NOW, before Aug. 3rd.

More Demonstrations at Massey Investors' Office On Wall Street

NYC, 31.07.2007 15:07

After a brief weekend respite, a group of activists once again took to the streets of New York City to protest against investors in Massey Energy Company and its practice of mountaintop removal coal mining in southern Appalachia. Visits were made to Citibank, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs office branches, where protestors filled the lobbies with chants such as "King coal? Off with his head!", displayed a banner demanding an end to mountaintop removal mining, and distributed literature on the practice and the companies' involvement with Massey to bank customers, employees, and passersby.

7th Annual Youth &amp; Power Conference

Santa Cruz, CA, 31.07.2007 12:37

The Watsonville Brown Berets present the 7th annual Youth & Power Conference consiting of music, activism and organizing tables, art, dance, culture, speakers, free food and more. This year's conference, taking place at the Vet's Hall in Watsonville on August 14th, will begin at 12pm with the Hip-Hop Chess Federation and a lowrider bike show. Guest speakers and musicians will get started at 5pm.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 31.07.2007 12:37

fascisten vallen eco kamp aan en vermoorden activist

Minutemen Unwelcome in Marin

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.07.2007 11:38

On July 28, the Minutemen border vigilantes held a meeting in Larkspur, California, to organize a new chapter in Marin County. Local immigrant rights activists greeted them with the message that, "racists are unwelcome in our county."

Raging Grannies &amp; Friends Challenge Minutemen

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.07.2007 11:38

Young and old gathered in solidarity to support immigrant rights in Campbell, California, a city bordering San Jose, on July 14. The Raging Grannies have put out a call for people to join them at the corner of Bascom and Hamilton in Campbell on the second Saturday of each month from noon to 2pm for a rally to challenge the presence of Minutemen.

From the Newswire

Perth, 31.07.2007 10:08

Nineteen Peace Protesters Face Court

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