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Paseo Caribe: otra agresión a nuestras costas

Puerto Rico, 06.08.2007 00:08

Paseo Caribe: otra agresión a nuestras costas

(en) (pl) Międzynarodowy Obóz Antygraniczny 11 - 20 sierpnia na Ukrainii (koło Uzhgoroda)

Torun, 06.08.2007 00:07

Misbruik vreemdelingendetentie om grondrecht op anonimiteit te ondergraven

Netherlands, 05.08.2007 23:38

Op 3 augustus werden 2 activisten in vreemdelingendetentie geplaatst nadat zij weigerden hun recht op anonimiteit op te geven. Zij werden eerder die dag samen met een aantal anderen aangehouden na een actie van de werkgroep Stop Deportaties bij Kamp Zeist. Daar werd geprotesteerd tegen het feit dat mensen, buiten het strafrecht om, gedetineerd worden.

Alsof het nog niet erg genoeg was dat er twee soorten mensen in Nederland rondlopen, mensen met verblijfsstatus, voor wie de beginselen van de rechtstaat wel gelden en zogenaamde "illegalen" waarvoor dit niet langer het geval is, wordt de wet nu ook aangewend om de rechtzekerheid voor elke burger die in Nederland rondloopt af te schaffen. Door een gat in de wet kunnen Nederlanders en niet-Nederlanders met legale verblijfsstatus voor een simpele overtreding waar een boete van 50 euro op staat, tot maandenlang worden vastgezet.

Dit werd op 1 augustus, net 2 dagen eerder, nog aangeklaagd door rechtsgeleerden die de praktijken van, vooral politie Amsterdam en Utrecht, die zich daarin gesteund weten door het ministerie van justitie, bestempelen als "machtsmisbruik". Precies op de dag dat hierover kamervragen gesteld werden aan minister van Justitie Hirsch Ballin, werden weer twee activisten die zich op hun recht op anonimiteit beroepen, buiten het strafrecht om opgesloten.

Helemaal nieuw is dit fenomeen niet, het meest onrustbarende is het feit dat machsmisbruik in omvang en frequentie sterk lijkt toe te nemen sedert eind 2006.

[ Achtergrondinfo over vreemdelingendetentie | Arrestantengroep | id-nee | Werkgroep Stop Deportaties|All Included | burgerinspectie 15 september ]

Trinity House FREE LUNCH

New Mexico, 05.08.2007 18:37


Hal Carlstad Memorial Die-In

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.08.2007 17:38

On August 2nd, there was a memorial die-in in front of the Federal Building in San Francisco to honor Hal Carlstad. Hal died on June 12th. He was a consummate anti-death penalty, anti-war, environmental, and civil rights activist. He was a frequent protester on behalf of People's Park, nuclear disarmament, Cuba, Haiti, Palestine ,and El Salvador.

Telecom workers march for good jobs and reliable services at Verizon

Boston, 05.08.2007 15:07

More than a thousand telephone workers from throughout Massachusetts marched on Verizon's New England headquarters to rally for good jobs and reliable services. "Next year's collective bargaining offers telephone workers our best chance to refocus management on making Verizon work for everyone: customers, employees and investors alike," said Myles Calvey, a 39-year splice service technician and Business Manager of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2222.

Holy Land Foundation: American Casualties of the “War of Terror”

DC, 05.08.2007 14:09

The Holy Land Foundation provided humanitarian services to families in Palestine and surrounding areas through Zakat (charity) committees when their assets were frozen in December 2001 by an executive order. Zakat, or charity, is one of the five pillars of faith in Islam.

Immigrant Workers In Shaw Make A Stand Against Gentrification

DC, 05.08.2007 14:09

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Latino Cooperative was founded by tenants living at 1236 11th Street NW, a historically designated building called the Plymouth. The group met on July 21, 2007 to commemorate the cooperative’s first birthday as well as to celebrate the approval of a sizable loan for much needed building renovations.

Irish Activists in Lebanon on 1st Anniversary of Israel's War

Ireland, 05.08.2007 10:38

Damien Moran reports from Lebanon   ...

Indonesian Police use guns to Threaten West Papuan activist, who toured Aotearoa last year

Aotearoa, 05.08.2007 10:10

Human rights advocates in Australia have received reports that last Sunday (29th July), the president of the Baptist churches in West Papua, the Rev Socretez Sofian Yoman, was threatened by Indonesian Police, Brimob (paramiliary police) and Indonesian Military intelligence, outside the Baptist church in Papua's capital, Jayapura. Police approached him outside the church and threatened with a gun at point blank range. Reverend Yoman has been an outspoken critic of the Indonesian military's human rights abuses in West Papua and the training of pro-Indonesian Military militias. He claims that "Military intelligence has infiltrated the Baptist church and are trying to subvert the work of the church in relation to protecting the Human Rights of the West Papuan people." Institute for Papuan Advocacy press release In August last year Reverend Yoman visited New Zealand to be the keynote speaker at the Indonesian Human Rights Committee's conference "West Papua: the Hidden Pacific Conflict". Report from Te Waha Nui Online Following the conference he travelled around New Zealand on a speaking tour. Transcript of Reverend Yoman's Wellington talk 28th August 2006

Oaxaca Braces for Elections

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.08.2007 05:38

On August 5, Oaxacans will participate in the state legislative elections. The elections are occuring amidst a series of bombings throughout Mexico by the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR), who is demanding the release of two of their dissapeared members. Many fear widespread fraud similar to what brought the current governer Ulises Ruiz to power and some question the legitmacy of the EPR and fear that it will be used as a justification for repression. Also on Sunday there will be a benefit in San Francisco to support human rights work undertaken in Oaxaca.

Report Back on the Impeachment Debate in Grays Harbor

Seattle, 05.08.2007 03:38

Over 45 people showed up at the Democrats' meeting in Aberdeen August 2nd. During the meeting there were arguments for and against impeachment. While not all were convinced, there was a thoughtful discussion afterward. Here is the basic script.

Hotel workers locked out - Fight for Your Class!

Aotearoa, 05.08.2007 03:09

Police were called to Gateway Hotel in Mangere after officials from Unite union entered the premises on Saturday night. Unite discovered the hotel was illegally using replacement labour after union members had been locked out on August 3.

The employer has been paying below the minimum wage and thinks he can continue to coerce the staff and bring in scabs.

The Labour Department is closely monitoring the Gateway and has confirmed serious breaches at the hotel.

This hotel made headlines last year when a pregnant employee was refused ongoing employment. Her case is currently before the courts.

Unite is calling on people to join daily pickets outside the hotel from 4pm to 7pm all next week @ 206 Kirkbride Road, Mangere.

Links: Unite Media: Hotel Workers Locked Out | Unite Union | 12/6 - Hotel Workers Strike Against Poverty Wages


Arizona, 05.08.2007 02:07

Join Arizona Independent Media


Houston, 05.08.2007 00:08

8/4 Sin Fronteras keeps pressure on Houston Processing Center

Radical Right Mounts Two Rival Anti-Marriage Drives

San Diego, 05.08.2007 00:08

Two rival radical-Right initiatives being proposed to ban legal recognition of same-sex marriages in California reveal a split in strategy and tactics within the anti-Queer, anti-marriage movement. The California Family Council, affiliated with Jim Dobson’s powerful Focus on the Family organization, is promoting a so-called “Protect Marriage” initiative that would simply write into the state constitution Proposition 22, passed by California voters 61 to 39 percent in 2000, which defined marriage in California exclusively as the union of one man and one woman.

Another group, called the Voters’ Right to Protect Marriage Initiative and headed by former California Assemblymember Larry Bowler, is going farther and pushing a ballot measure that would not only define marriage as one man and one woman but would also repeal California’s landmark domestic partnership legislation. Both groups are fighting for large-scale financial backing to pay signature gatherers to get their initiatives on the ballot.

The two rival initiatives are coming up in the middle of a process by which supporters of marriage equality for same-sex couples are pushing their demand in the legislature and the courts. In 2005, both houses of the California state legislature passed a marriage equality bill, but Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed it and said in his veto message that the final determination of whether California should legally recognize same-sex marriages should be made by the courts or by voters.--Read More--

Equality California Website

954 FOOD NOT BOMBS defy threats of arrest for feeding homeless- PD backs off

Miami, 04.08.2007 20:37

954 FOOD NOT BOMBS defy threats of arrest for feeding homeless- PD backs off

Bush Executive Order: Criminalizing the Antiwar Movement

Philadelphia, 04.08.2007 18:37

Convergences for Climate Action Seek to Co-Create an Alternative to an Energy-Dependent World

United States, 04.08.2007 14:37

In just one week -- August 8-14th -- regional North American Convergences for Climate Action will bring hundreds of social justice and environmental activists together to fight the fossil fuel empire and create truly sustainable, bio-regionally appropriate and community-based responses to climate change. The events on the West Coast and in the Southeast are modeled after the inspiring 2006 Climate Camp in the UK, which will reemerge this year at Heathrow Airport from August 14th-21st.

Part networking and activist skills training, part community sustainability demonstration site, the Convergences aim to invigorate the Climate Movement by pulling together communities of resistance. We aim to inject an anti-oppression, justice-focused agenda, and to demonstrate examples of truly sustainable, less energy-intensive lives that don?t depend on the oppression, thievery, and destruction attached to fossil fuel extraction.

Workshops at the convergences range in topics from using art in organizing, to understanding environmental racism, to building water catchment systems. The list of the west coast Convergence's presenters include REDOIL (Resisting Environmental Destruction On Indigenous Lands), the Riot Folk Collective, Starhawk, and La Red Fronteriza de Salud y Ambiente (Border Health and Environment Network). Read More from Portland IMC | Indybay Coverage | Global IMC Coverage |

Related: Explosions at a facility that sells liquefied natural gas near downtown Dallas

“Ellos acordaron. Jubilados a la lona”

Argentina, 04.08.2007 14:08

Hay 82% pero sin retroactivo

Metroviários de São Paulo decidem encerrar greve

Brasil, 04.08.2007 06:08



Argentina, 04.08.2007 04:08

Recuperar lo que nos pertenece


Argentina, 04.08.2007 03:38

Recuperar lo que nos pertenece

Water for the Wells: Raising Aid Through Performance

Baltimore, 04.08.2007 03:07

Water for the Wells brings together Baltimore poets and musicians who are organizing benefit performances to raise $1,200 to build a single village well in Mali, East Africa. This may only be the beginning, says organizer Marcus Colasurdo

Pedro G killed by Pasadena PD

Houston, 04.08.2007 02:38

8/3 Pedro Gonzalez's Family Demands Answers from Pasadena PD

S27 Victory: District ordered to pay more arrestees from Sep. 27, 2002

DC, 03.08.2007 22:08

Conn & L, Vt and K streets arrests of participants, bystanders, observers and journalists around the "Peoples' Strike" against IMF/World Bank and the Iraq war to be nullified. DC and Federal records ordered expunged. Burgin vs. District of Columbia Class Action, including DC Indymedia contributors, won a judgement against DC in Federal Court, signed by Judge Sullivan today. The case contributed to pressure to change police tactics, revealed failures in due process and lies by some police. Court Approves $1 Million Judgement Against District of Columbia in Demonstration Lawsuit

Residents Take on Cluster Bomb Manufacturer on War Anniversary

Boston, 03.08.2007 22:07

The Middle East Crisis Coalition held a demonstration on Thursday, August 2nd in downtown Waltham to protest Raytheon's manufacturing of weapons designed to indiscriminately kill all living things in a wide area. Raytheon, headquartered in Waltham, is the biggest missile manufacturer in the world, one of the world's leading manufacturers of cluster bombs, and ranks fourth in terms of military sales.

Prince William Community Responds To Anti-Immigrant Resolution

DC, 03.08.2007 21:09

Three significant actions are planned in Prince William County to resist the draconian anti-immigrant law. Mexicanos Sin Fronteras is taking the lead in organizing the boycott, rally and strike.

Assentadxs do complexo do Prado - PE exigem segurança

Brasil, 03.08.2007 21:08


&quot;Days of Decision&quot; - September 14-21 nonviolent civilian actions

Arkansas, 03.08.2007 20:09

Declaration of Peace grassroots campaign calls for nonviolent civilian resistance at congressional offices during September 14-21

Espacio publico, área histórica y represión

Argentina, 03.08.2007 20:08

Vida y ¿muerte? de la resolución 38

Justiça obriga poder público a dar continuidade a políticas de

Brasil, 03.08.2007 17:38


Metroviários em Greve

Brasil, 03.08.2007 17:08


Nor-Cal Forest Defenders Tour Pacific Northwest

Portland, 03.08.2007 16:38

Activist organizers from Humboldt County, California will be touring the Pacific Northwest on their way to the Bear Mountain Tree-sit near Victoria, BC. Humboldt Forest Defenders wish to share information about current Humboldt actions, as well as network with fellow environmental activists working in the Pacific Northwest to share information. Please contact or visit for more information.

Respond to the Portland Terror Drill - With Your Own! At REWILD CAMP

Portland, 03.08.2007 16:38

Rewild Camp - emergency preparedness, and primitivism! Come to REWILD CAMP, a free weeklong come-as-you-please event of meetings, skillshares, and celebrations with a primitivist slant. At this event we plan to have a "prepare for the terror drill by planning your own 'escape from an irradiated portland strategy!'.

And get in on the discussion: WWW.REWILD.INFO

Remotely Related: Portland Terror Drills Are Not About Earthquakes | Peter DeFazio Speaks About Noble Resolve / Portland nuke scenario

Upcoming Portland Events

Portland, 03.08.2007 16:38


All Weekend:
All Week & Next Weekend:

Support the Red and Black Cafe

Portland, 03.08.2007 16:38

Now is the time to support The Red and Black Cafe. Dear Friends of the Red and Black, Due to the economic and political realities of capitalism, and real estate development it looks like we may be pushed out of our building sooner than expected- as early as the end of September. We are asking for support from our community in providing for the cafe's continuation.

Right now we still need to raise the money to move into a new location, or ideally buy a building. Fund raising has become more urgent and we are still setting up as many benefits as possible, but we need your help. We are currently selling gift certificates for our new location at a 10% discounted rate - invest in our future by buying one and save yourself money at the same time! And of course we gladly accept any donations! In fact you can donate right over the computer by going to: and clicking on "donate now."

Thanks for the past 7 years of support and here's to hopes of many more years of radical worker owned coffee shops!

Hobo Film Festival Friday Aug 3 | Saturday 6-10pm Block Party & Sunday Yard Sale & Movie Showing

Global Warming Destroys Maple Sugar Industry

Arkansas, 03.08.2007 16:08

Global warming is the most serious threat facing planet. We have an opportunity, and an obligation, to lead in solving this global crisis by investing in clean and safe electricity, efficient buildings and a less polluting transportation system.

Comunidade do Canal Anil resiste pelo segundo dia ao despejo ilegal

Brasil, 03.08.2007 15:38


Sixteen Meter Banner Dropped from Edinburgh Crags to Promote Heathrow Climate Camp

Scotland, 03.08.2007 15:08

During rush-hour this morning, activists dropped a 16 meter long banner from the Edinburgh Crags to promote Climate Camp. The banner read 'This planet has no emergency exits', and then gave the website for the climate camp:

August 6th Hiroshima Memorial in Livermore

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.08.2007 14:38

On Monday August 6th, there will be a memorial ceremony and nonviolent direct action at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, marking the 62nd anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The commemoration will culminate with an air raid siren and a moment of silence and reflection at 8:15 AM, the exact time of day the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The Livermore Lab action is among dozens of Hiroshima-Nagasaki commemorations being held around the country at nuclear facilities and corporate war profiteers under the umbrella, "No Nukes! No Wars! No Profiteers!" and coordinated by United for Peace and Justice.

Journalist Chauncey Bailey Gunned Down In Oakland

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.08.2007 14:38

Chauncey Bailey was shot to death in downtown Oakland on August 2nd. Bailey was killed around 7:30AM on 14th Street near Alice Street, in what police described as "an assassination". Chauncey Bailey was an editor for the Oakland Post and had previously worked as a reporter for The Oakland Tribune. New America Media Executive Director Sandy Close said of Bailey, "Chauncey was a co-founder of New America Media and one of the best investigative journalists working bar none. He was brave in the face of whatever challenges he had to confront, especially any institution, public or private, that was not living up to the communities expectations and standards."

Chaco: Ola de frío agrava la situación

Argentina, 03.08.2007 08:09

Ascienden a 10 los aborígenes muertos por desnutrición

Ft. Lauderdale Food Not Bombs under attack!! Solidarity needed!

Miami, 03.08.2007 06:37

Ft. Lauderdale Food Not Bombs under attack!! Solidarity needed!

Umoja Village Burned Again - City Officials vote against rebuilding

Miami, 03.08.2007 06:37

Umoja Village Burned Again - City Officials vote against rebuilding

Let America be America again, let it be the dream it used to be

Miami, 03.08.2007 06:37

Let America be America again, let it be the dream it used to be

Support Umoja Village Rebuilding- Miami Commissioners vote Aug 1st

Miami, 03.08.2007 06:37

Support Umoja Village Rebuilding- Miami Commissioners vote Aug 1st

Global Warming Solution. Will it make it through the bureaucracy to the upper atmosphere?

Miami, 03.08.2007 06:37

Global Warming Solution. Will it make it through the bureaucracy to the upper atmosphere?

Fiji: Public sector strikes grow amid death threats and intimidation

Aotearoa, 03.08.2007 03:08

A week long strike by 1400 nurses in Fiji expanded on Thursday as 1000 teachers and 300 public works, water and sewerage workers also began strike action, demanding the reversal of a 5% pay cut and the changing of the retirement age from 60 to 55, and an additional 10% pay rise. The pay cut and change in retirement age were announced shortly after the military government took power in a coup last December. Earlier this week the military and police detained union leader Taniela Tabu, during which time they made deaths threats against him and demanded he pass on death threats to two other union leaders upon his release on Wednesday night. The teacher's strike began with a 1000 person sit-in at the teachers union headquarters, with songs, speeches and kava. Meanwhile, Fijian police went to schools and hospitals in an attempt to intimidate strikers. The Fijian government is still considering declaring the nurses strike illegal, in which case it would be able to fire all 1400 nurses for not attending work for 7 days. The strikes are continuing indefinitely.


Manila, 03.08.2007 02:38

Manila Indymedia Assembly Sets Temporary Autonomous Zone

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