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Immigrant Resistance Begins In Prince William County!

DC, 08.08.2007 15:09

Mexicanos Sin Fronteras is leading the way in a struggle against oppression in Prince William. Mexicanos Sin Fronteras and Woodbridge Workers Committee urgently need your support and solidarity. On July 10, 2007 the Prince William County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved anti-immigrant legislation directing county employees to require proof of citizenship before providing county services (except those protected by state and federal laws)… On Thursday, August 9, 7:00 PM there will be a support and solidarity organizing meeting at Bull Run Unitarian-Universalist Congregation located at Church and Main Sts. in Old Town Manassas, VA, Please try to send a representative to this important meeting.

Wszyscy podpadamy pod paragraf 129!

Poland, 08.08.2007 15:08

Pod pretekstem walki z terroryzmem zatrzymano w Niemczech kilku działaczy ruchów anty-G8. Zarzuca im się tworzenie organizacji terrorystycznej. To już czwarta z rzędu akcja policji przeciw ugrupowaniom alterglobalistycznym dokonana na tej podstawie od 9 maja 2007 r.

II Fórum Social Nordestino

Brasil, 08.08.2007 15:08


Boston Anarchists hold Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstration

Boston, 08.08.2007 15:07

A small but determined group of Boston anarchists demonstrated outside of the Mexican Consulate twice on Tuesday, August 7, in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca. Boston anarchists called attention to the ongoing resistance and repression in Oaxaca, Mexico. Demonstrations happened at 9 am and 4 pm due to the odd hours of the consul in Boston. For updated information on Oaxaca visit:

Niemcy: kolejna fala represji wobec aktywistów

Torun, 08.08.2007 14:37


Colombia, 08.08.2007 14:08

El martirizador de Uraba

We are all 129a!

United Kingdom, 08.08.2007 13:08

Four German activists have been arrested on suspicion of being members or supporters of an alleged 'terrorist organisation' [lawyers' press release | de]. The German federal police suspect that Militante Gruppe (MG or Militant Group) was behind several arson attacks against police and army vehicles since the group surfaced in 2001 [Federal Prosecution's press release]. The direct actions are said to have included an attack on German federal police vehicles to protest against their involvement in immigration deportations and another in response to the G8 raids earlier this year. If found guilty, the four could face up to 10 years in prison. Another three men have been accused but not arrested.

Since May 2007, there have been several raids as a result of four preliminary investigations in Berlin, Hamburg, Strausberg and Bad Oldesloe, using Section 129a of the German Criminal Code, which prohibits "the founding of, membership in or support of a terrorist organisation" [background in de | special issue of the German Law Journal (pdf in en)]. Section 129a investigations are typically used by the federal police to gather information about activists and protesters, as well as to intimidate them. Only 2% of all Section 129a investigations have ever resulted in convictions.

A number of solidarity actions have already taken place, including a demo in Berlin last Wednesday (August 1st) and another at the prison where the four are held on Sunday (August 5th). A Germany-wide protest against police repression is planned for September 15th [call], while many solidarity protests and actions are expected throughout the world.

For more information, check this new solidarity blog [en] and Indymedia Germany.

Planning For Disaster

United Kingdom, 08.08.2007 11:08

Campaigners representing “Planning Disaster” [1], a coalition of Britain's leading environment organisations, today drew up a spoof planning notice for a new nuclear power station to be developed on the current site of Nottingham Forest Football Club. The action was to highlight the Government’s proposed changes to the planning system.

The current planning system allows people to be part of the decision making process. They can have their say on proposals for major developments such as new roads or nuclear power stations. But reforms proposed in the Government's White Paper on planning will remove the public's democratic right to challenge projects at public inquiry. Planning decisions will also be taken out of the hands of accountable politicians and handed over to an unelected, unaccountable new body called the Infrastructure Planning Commission.

Links: Planning Disaster Coalition | Nottingham FOE | Planning for a Sustainable Future: White Paper: website or PDF | House of Commons debate on the issue on 21 May 2007

Climate Convergence SHUTTLES &amp; MORE

Portland, 08.08.2007 09:08

We finally have the shuttles and carpool info together and we're ready for some fun.

Shuttles are leaving Portland on the following days & times:

Wed 8th between 10-10:30 am
Fri. 10th, between 10-10:30 am
Sat. 11th, between 10-10:30

We are also asking folks to go to a CARPOOLING MEET UP POINT. If you have a vehicle with some extra space and plan on leaving in the afternoon or folks interested in finding a ride go to WILD OATS on 28th & E Burnside between 5-5:30. EVERYDAY

Also check the ride board. Folks with cars always post last minute.

Another NEW Natural Gas Pipeline Proposed

Portland, 08.08.2007 09:08

As Houston-based energy developers try to convince rural Oregon and Washington to accept LNG development, we are now learning that NW Natural and Transcanada are the real players in this ill-advised scheme. The companies announced their intention to build the Palomar Gas Transmission Project, which will extend from Madras through Molalla to Bradwood in the Lower Columbia River.

The project, being sold as a way to increase supply diversity for the Pacific NW, conspicuously provides access for proposed Columbia River LNG terminals to the California natural gas market. The project is too large for Oregon, and undoubtedly will facilitate Oregon becoming the "backdoor" for importing new, expensive, foreign fossil fuel supplies into California. The Palomar Project is a classic "bait and switch", where Oregonians are duped into permitting a project that ultimately results in a second pipeline crossing dozens of salmon-bearing streams, thousands of acres of private property through the threat of eminent domain, and small communities with little emergency response capacity. The pipeline conspicuously ends in Bradwood, the site of the fastest-moving LNG proposal in Oregon (competing with a proposal in Warrenton and Coos Bay).

Call Governor Ted Kulongoski today, and tell him that you OPPOSE LNG on the Columbia River, and that the State cannot meet its renewable energy goals while allowing its utilities to lock ratepayers into more expensive, excessive fossil fuel infrastructure. The Palomar Project and Columbia River LNG are both terrible projects for Oregon, and threaten to undermine the Governor's work towards reducing our reliance on foreign fossil fuels. Governor's Office: - Energy Advisor, Peter Cogswell

The upcoming Convergence For Climate Action appears to take on some of these issues. It's right across the river from where this pipeline would launch at Bradwood. It looks like people are getting together to oppose these projects. Check out and

August 27th: Protest Bush's Visit to Bellevue

Seattle, 08.08.2007 05:07

George Bush will be visiting the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue on Monday, August 27th to raise funds for embattled Congressman Dave Reichert.

--> Cost to attend the General Reception: $1,000 per person
----> Cost to attend the VIP Reception: $10,000 per person
------> Cost to protest Bush and all his failed policies: priceless

We are encouraging folks to start getting set up and in place around NOON to avoid police road closures, sidewalk closures and traffic. Be prepared to stay until 4pm...

Democrats Kill Democracy: Ironic, Isn’t It?

Seattle, 08.08.2007 05:07

A few weeks ago, I met with Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) to ask why he does not support impeachment. His view was that many Presidents violated the Constitution, so what was the big deal? Besides, he said, Bush and Cheney will be repudiated in the 2008 election.

VIDEO: Raging Grannies Descend on U.S. Congressman's Office

Seattle, 08.08.2007 05:07

The Raging Grannies of Port Townsend went to Norm Dicks' Office to demand that the Congressman get a spine and end the war. Of course, being the Raging Grannies, they sang their political message to the tunes of a few well-known songs.

Rev Billy's Trial For First Amendment Recitation Began Today

NYC, 08.08.2007 04:37

NEW YORK, August 6--Free Speech lawyer Norman Siegel appeared in court today with co-counsel Earl Ward arguing for the dismissal of 2nd Degree Harassment charges against Reverend Billy (aka Bill Talen). The activist preacher was arrested on June 29 for reciting the First Amendment in Union Square, but Siegel insisted “Reverend Billy has the First Amendment right to recite the First Amendment.”

SDS: To Live Outside the Law, You Must be Honest

NYC, 08.08.2007 04:37

Following a year that witnessed a new generation of young activists adopt the name and legacy of Students for a Democratic Society, the new organization converged upon Detroit for its second national Convention. There are already attempts by both outsiders and a number of members of the organization to augur what meaning to assign to the convention.

NAFTA Superhighway Would Trump Human Rights for Business Interests

New Hampshire, 08.08.2007 03:38

Much is being made, especially on the Republican Presidential Campaign trail, about the "NAFTA Superhighway." This is a column I published in the Concord Monitor last week to shed light on the controversy. You can also read more in a new report, Behind Closed Doors, from the Council of Canadians.

The much-discussed "NAFTA Superhighway" may be an urban myth. But like many myths, this one is solidly rooted in reality, in this case the details of the little known Security and Prosperity Partnership between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It's the reality, not the myth, which is sparking resistance in all three countries.

The reality is that business and security interests would trump environmental and human rights concerns if SPP proceeds.

Espacio publico, área histórica y represión

Argentina, 08.08.2007 03:08

Vida y ¿muerte? de la resolución 38

Stay Home Wins in Oaxaca Election, PRI Retains Power

San Diego, 08.08.2007 00:07

In Sunday elections in Oaxaca, close to 80% of the electorate elected not to vote, meaning that the candidates of PRI (the party of murderous dictator Ulises Ruiz, which has long held power) won all open offices. The overwhelming lack of participation was somewhat unexpected, given APPO's (Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca) call for a punishment vote against the ruling party.

por Centro de Medios Libres: Al menos ocho de cada diez ciudadanos oaxaqueños convocados a las urnas (2 millones 383 mil 667), despreciaron la vía electoral como el medio para “dirimir sus diferencias”. Con más del 60 por ciento de las casillas computadas, el nivel de abstencionismo ronda el 80 por ciento, superando todos los pronósticos, que señalaban que el mismo sería del 40 por ciento.--Leer Mas--

por El ChicoZapote: Ya que terminó el “ejercicio democrático” de ayer, estamos de vuelta en la normalidad autoritaria. Obviamente nunca salimos de ella, y la elección, tan costosa, fue parte de esta realidad autoritaria. Y por eso la gran mayoría de la ciudadanía, el 70%, no votó, no entró a este juego. Aunque los tachan de desobligados, de ignorantes, de antidemocráticos, la verdad es que el abstencionismo se debe al hecho que la mayoría no encuentra un lugar dentro de las instituciones políticas: la percepción de las instituciones, y de la “democracia” electoral es de profunda desconfianza, de rechazo, de asco. El acto de votar es visto como ejercicio de legitimación de un sistema deplorable, o simplemente como perdida de tiempo, que al final es lo mismo.--Leer Mas--

from South Notes: Although the preliminary results are still being tallied, it’s already apparent that the big winner in today’s legislative elections is “none of the above”. At just after midnight local time, the State Electoral Institute showed that 75% of the electorate chose not to vote today. [Note: That number may change as more ballots are tallied.] --Read More--

from Barucha Calamity Peller: Last night, while the votes were being counted that confirmed a PRI sweep of the state legistlative elections, three people were taken off the streets of the Zocalo in Oaxaca City by police at approximately 10 pm. Among them were two Catalans and one Mexican woman...[the detainees apparently have been accounted for] The elections, in which almost 80% of the Oaxacan population abstained from voting, came as a dissapointment for the APPO’s “punishment vote” campaign against the PRI.--Read More--

from Barucha Calamity Peller: Has the world forgotten about Oaxaca? Political activity, from repression to organizing, is still just as present as when the Oaxaca uprising was visible in the streets, but with the appearance of normalcy in Oaxaca City it seems that many of us have begun the process of forgetting or assuming that the Oaxaca struggle is over. --Read More--

from South Notes: Mexico’s Ejercito Revolucionario Popular (EPR) guerrilla group has claimed responsibility for the two explosive devices found in Oaxaca City yesterday. One of the devices damaged the shuttered front entrance of the Sears department store in the Plaza del Valle shopping center district, while the other (placed in a Banamex branch in a different neighborhood) did not detonate. --Read More--

Cyclist killed by truck at Mission and Bay in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.08.2007 00:07

Today, August 7th, a cyclist was run over and killed by a semi-truck at the intersection of Bay Street and Mission Street (Highway 1) in Santa Cruz. In response to this tragedy, Bicicleta Bandito published a call for an emergency rally, vigil and bike mass tonight at 6pm on the corner of Bay and Mission.

Bahnstreik - warum?

Germany, 07.08.2007 21:38

In der Urabstimmung zur Einleitung von tariflichen Streikmaßnahmen stimmten über 95 Prozent der Mitglieder der Lokführergewerkschaft GDL für den Arbeitskampf. Die Gewerkschaft Deutscher Lokomotivführer (GDL) mit 34.000 Mitgliedern sieht sich als älteste deutsche Gewerkschaft, die 1867 gegründet wurde, dennoch zählt die Deutsche Bahn AG sie nicht zu den tariffähigen Gewerkschaften, mit denen sie Lohntarifverträge abschließt.
In der GDL sind nicht nur Lokführer organisiert, sondern auch anderes Zugpersonal wie Schaffner und Mitarbeiter der Bord-Bistros. Sie fordern eine Lohnerhöhung von 31 Prozent.
Für bundesdeutsche Verhältnisse sind das hohe Lohnforderungen. Zuletzt wurden in den 70er Jahren zweistellige Lohnerhöhungen in Deutschland gefordert und durchgesetzt.

Hintergründe zu den 129a-Verfahren

Germany, 07.08.2007 21:38

Repression gegen die linksradikale G8-Mobilisierung

Seit Mai 2007 gab es mehrere Razzien wegen insgesamt 4 Ermittlungsverfahren nach §129a in Hamburg, Berlin, Strausberg und Bad Oldesloe:

* Am 9. Mai wegen „Bildung einer terroristischen Vereinigung zur Verhinderung des G8-Gipfels“ (unter wechselnden Gruppennamen, 18 Personen) sowie „Mitgliedschaft in einer terroristischen Vereinigung (militante gruppe, 3 Personen, Anschläge seit 2001).
* Am 13. Juni/ 19. Juni wegen „Bildung einer terroristischen Vereinigung (unter wechselnden Gruppennamen, z.B. AK Origami). Es geht um vier Brandanschläge auf Fahrzeuge der Bundeswehr und eine Firma, die an Rüstungsprojekten beteiligt ist in Glinde (2002), Bad Oldesloe und Berlin (2004 und 2006).
* Am 31. Juli wegen „Bildung einer terroristischen Vereinigung (militante gruppe, 4 Personen).

Salta: medida de no innovar

Argentina, 07.08.2007 21:38

Guaraníes frenan desmontes de Seabord Corporation

Interfaith Peace Walk Towards a Nuclear Free Future

Portland, 07.08.2007 21:37

Peace Walkers Arrested at Nuclear Bomb Factory: Four participants in an 86-day walk from Dublin to London for a nuclear-free future have been arrested today at AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment) Aldermaston in Berkshire. They were protesting against the ongoing expansion at the facility. The walkers were arrested just after lunchtime at the Aldermaston base, after a 10-mile walk beginning in Theale, on the outskirts of Reading. Upon reaching Tadley Gate, the walkers assembled for a vigil when some members of the party decided to sit down and link in front of the gate in order to block incoming and out-going construction traffic. It was a symbolic gesture of defiance against the might of the state and military-industrial complex. Officers from Thames Valley police and the MoD, acting as accomplices to the base's illegal preparations for nuclear war, swiftly prised the peacekeepers apart before handcuffing them and dragging them off to a waiting van.

One of the arrested, Daniel Viesnik, 32, from London, who has walked the full 825 miles from Dublin, says: "The UK government's decision to spend tens of billions of pounds of taxpayers' money upgrading the Trident system is illegal, immoral and will further destabilize global security." Today's action was carried out in solidarity with Block the Builders, who have been carrying out regular blockades at Aldermaston since last year, in opposition to the ongoing construction of the new multi-million pound Orion laser system at the site.

Related: For Hiroshima/Nagasaki, & Beyond: Call congress [800-270-0309] to reduce, not expand, USA's nuclear arsenal. Between today, the 6th, & thursday, the 9th, please call congress to insist that usa's nuclear arsenal be reduced, & not increased.


Portland Pedal Power bicycle delivery service

Portland, 07.08.2007 21:37

Every Wednesday from 2pm till 7 pm, we are offering a free bicycle delivery service from People's Food Co-op and Community Farmer's Market. We also have free bike and walking maps available.

We are conducting a pilot project in cooperation with People's Food Co-op to offer bicycle delivery services to all who arrive to shop by foot, bus or bike. Come do your shopping and we will pedal your groceries home for you! It is free within the following boundaries: SE Holgate to SE Hawthorne and SE 39th to the Willamette River.

Why are we doing this? We are committed to our community and the Earth we share! We see the Portland community as leaders in the use of bicycles as a great way to move people and our stuff. We want to play an important role in the growth of sustainable transportation.

Please call our voice mail service at or find us at People's Farmers Market every Wednesday from 2 - 7pm starting Wednesday August 1st. People's is located at 3029 SE 21st Avenue, Portland, OR 97202.

Animal Liberation Front claims responsibility for vandalism

Portland, 07.08.2007 21:37

In an anonymous communique, a cell of the Animal Liberation Front, takes credit for the vandalism at the home of OHSU vivisector Eliot Spindel.

Repost from Warning Issued to Oregon Health Sciences Vivisector Stop Killing Infant Primates and Wasting Millions on Uselss Smoking Research

Lake Oswego, OR- In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, activists claim to have visited the home of Oregon Health Sciences primate vivisector Eliot Spindel, issuing a warning to stop killing infant monkeys after addicting their mothers to Nicotine, purportedly to demonstrate the ill effects of cigarette smoking in pregnancy. "ALF Eyes on You" was apparently spray-painted on Spindel's garage, and one vehicle was covered with a caustic chemical.

Muere otro Trabajador mas

santiago, 07.08.2007 21:08

Subcontratista murio al interior de una fabrica

Two Days of Action Against the Arms Trade

United Kingdom, 07.08.2007 17:38

Following a call-out from Disarm DSEi, a wave of autonomous actions against the arms trade took place around the UK over the weekend of 28-30 July, 2007. Actions included a protest at Heckler & Koch's small arms factory in Nottingham; visits to arms manufacturer Raytheon and mercenary company Erinys in London and to arms factory EDO MBM in Brighton; an Anti-DSEi stall in Brick Lane, East London, to raise funds for the Space Hijackers to 'buy a tank'; and protests at the MOD Defence Export Services Organisation and the adjacent armed forces recruitment centre.

But this is just the beginning; activists are flexing their muscles ready to take on the world's largest arms fair when it returns to the Excel Centre in East London on 11th-14th September. For further information, see

Links: Disarm DSEi | Space Hijackers | Smash EDO | CAAT | London CAAT

Agosto 7

Colombia, 07.08.2007 17:08

Caminata Indígena

Hiroshima Rememberance-survivers speak out

DC, 07.08.2007 15:09

Every year on the evening of August 5th(August 6 Japan time), the Hiroshima-Nagasaki peace committee holds a remembrance on the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. Nuclear survivers, known as Hibakusha in Japan, tell their stories here.

Córdoba: Campaña por el otro No

Argentina, 07.08.2007 03:37

"El agua es un derecho fundamental"

Córdoba: Campaña por el otro No

Argentina, 07.08.2007 03:08

"El agua es un derecho fundamental"

Fallo contra la Seabord Corporation

Argentina, 07.08.2007 03:08

PRI wins in Oaxacan elections as almost 80% abstain from voting

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.08.2007 23:38

During the night of August 5th at approximately 10 pm, while the votes were being counted that confirmed an Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) sweep of the state legislative elections, three people were taken off the streets of the Zocalo in Oaxaca City by police. Almost 80% of the Oaxacan population abstained from voting, which came as a disappointment for the APPO's "punishment vote" campaign against the PRI. Police presence continues to be extremely heavy in the streets of Oaxaca City.

Judge Orders Release of Files on NYPD Surveillance of RNC

NYC, 06.08.2007 22:38

The city must release hundreds of pages of documents related to police surveillance of protesters prior to the 2004 Republican National Convention, though authorities will be allowed to black out some of the information, a judge ruled Monday.

City Withdraws Proposed Camera Regs! But Stay Tuned ...

NYC, 06.08.2007 22:08

Great news!
The Mayor’s Office of Film announced Friday afternoon that they are headed back to the drawing board with their regulations.

A Report from the New SDS Confab in Detroit

NYC, 06.08.2007 22:08

The national meeting of Students for a Democratic Society in Detroit, July 27 to August 1, marked the second annual National Convention since the New SDS was born at the start of 2006.

Real Reason for Haiti raid

DC, 06.08.2007 21:09

Guy Philippe, the target of the raid, avoided capture and is now in hiding. He has since been heard on Haitian radio claiming his attempted arrest was for political reasons.

Obama calls for US attack on Pakistan in warmongering address

DC, 06.08.2007 21:09

In a transparent effort to bolster his reputation for toughness on national security issues and outflank his main rivals on the right for the 2008 Democratic Party presidential nomination, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois delivered a bellicose speech August 1 at a Washington think tank. Speaking to the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Obama called for more troops to be sent to Afghanistan, threatened unilateral attacks against Pakistan and pledged to strengthen the US military and intelligence apparatus.

Oaxaca Is Not Over: The New APPO, Elections, Questionable Guerrillas, The Threat Of Forgetfulness

DC, 06.08.2007 21:09

Has the world forgotten about Oaxaca? Political activity, from repression to organizing, is still just as present as when the Oaxaca uprising was visible in the streets, but with the appearance of normalcy in Oaxaca City it seems that many of us have begun the process of forgetting or assuming that the Oaxaca struggle is over. Walking on the streets of Oaxaca it is indeed hard for the untrained eye to see the continuing struggle for autonomy…

Hiroshima Day 2007

Boston, 06.08.2007 20:08

Today is the 62nd anniversary of the destruction of Hiroshima and its people in split seconds, 8/6/45 -- the worst massacre and bloodiest day in American and Japanese history. In human history. 140,000 perished immediately and within hours and days. Another 70,000 were vaporized in Nagasaki on 8/9/45. Survivors (hibakusha) are still dying from the long-term after effects, their average age now 73, the cenotaph in Hiroshima now bears more than 253,000 names. These survivors were little kids caught up in the blast.

Congress Gives Government Broad New Powers To Conduct Warrantless Surveillance

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.08.2007 17:39

After weeks of pressure from President Bush, both the House and Senate approved the Protect America Act of 2007, which rewrites the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The new law sharply alters legal limits on the government's ability to monitor millions of phone calls and e-mail messages going in and out of the United States, and moves the power to approve the international surveillance from a special intelligence court to the attorney general.

Facing the Possibility of Imminent Martial Law in The United States

Arkansas, 06.08.2007 17:08

One morning, only weeks ago, I awoke early, and as I am accustomed to doing, put on NPR in order to listen to the latest news as I made my coffee. The topic of conversation concerned al Qaida’s presence in Iraq. The news anchor was engaged with someone who was apparently, an expert on current affairs in that country. When the anchor asked the interviewee just how active al Qaida was in Iraq at that particular time, I listened very carefully.

It is no crime to escape an illegal prison!

United Kingdom, 06.08.2007 12:08

Around 10:30pm on Saturday, July 4th, a riot broke out in Campsfield House, Oxfordshire, leading to 26 migrant escaping the immigration prison. 12 have since been recaptured, while the rest are still on the run. It followed a yard protest on Tuesday night against the appalling conditions inside the detention centre, which is run by American company GEO, and the discriminatory decisions of Newport immigration court, which is used for bail hearings and appeals involving Campsfield detainees. A hunger strike was started on Wednesday but was put on hold pending a meeting with Home Office representatives on Friday. A further yard protest on Friday night was held as the meeting failed to meet the prisoners' demands. Three solidarity demos have been called for Monday midday at Campsfield House, Lindholme (Doncaster) and Communication House (London).

Last week, a revolt in a detention centre in Bari, Italy, led to at least 35 migrants escaping. Three weeks ago, 69 Tamil detainees in 5 detention centres, including Campsfield, went on hunger strike against a Home Office decision to deport them back to Sri Lanka [appeal]. Many are still on hunger strike while two Sri Lankan detainees in Harmondswoth, near Heathrow, have been on hunger strike for almost a month (see also Immigration detention: Unworkable).

Links: Campaign to Close Campsfield | No Borders UK

From the Newswire

Perth, 06.08.2007 10:39

Sack Kevin Andrews � Return Dr Haneef�s Visa

Portland Grassroots Media Camp

Portland, 06.08.2007 10:38

The Portland Grassroots Media Camp (PGMC) is a weekend long event of
skills trainings and workshops designed to make media creation and
production more accessible to organizers, activists, and all community
members. Workshops will take place across Portland at such sites as
PCC Cascade Campus, the Musicians Union, St. Francis Church, KBOO,
Laughing Horse Books, Liberty Hall, and the Center for Intercultural

The weekend will be an opportunity for community organizers,
activists, and members, especially from immigrant communities in and
around Portland, to learn new skills, get connected with local
alternative media resources, and network with other immigrant,
community, and media organizations. Workshops will two hours long
focusing on one specific skill through the use of hands on activities.
All skill levels are welcome. All workshops are FREE and open to the
general public

The NeoLiberal Adgenda....Wake Up Cascadians

Portland, 06.08.2007 10:38

I was reading parts of Mike Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon" and wanted to post this nice little paragraph about Mr Al Gore's involvement in the rape and pillage of the former Soviet empire. Before reading remember that Clinton and Al Gore and most Democrats adn Republicans are not "liberal" or "conservative", but are NeoLiberal (wiki definition below of NeoLiberal). Some have speculated that the real goal of the elite and their paid puppet politicians are to create debt, both national and private, so as to push an economic collapse greater than the Great Depression while before their companies reinvest in China, UAE (Halliburton just moved there) and other potential safe economic holdouts. Then after the economic crash these Corporatists will buy out your property, because most people would rather eat than own property if there is mass starvation. Their goal is to create NeoFeudalism and we are to be the serfs while the corporate elite (fascists) are the new nobility. Here is an example of the all humanitarian Democrat when they are in positions of power:

"Though the seeds had been planted by the outgoing first Bush administration, the US assistance program to facilitate Russia's transition to capitalism took off under the new Clinton administration in 1993. A task force headed by Vice President Al Gore, Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbot and involving exclusive US Treasury contracts with Goldman Sachs, the Harvard Institute for International Development, the IMF, and the World Bank worked in partnership with the government of Boris Yeltsin to remake the Russian economy. What happened was that Russia, in the words of Yeltsin himself, became a "mafiocracy" and was looted of more than $500 billion in assets; its economy was ruined, its currency destroyed, its population rendered desperate, and its ability to support a world-class military establishment smashed."

Democrats Kill Democracy: Ironic, Isn’t It?

Portland, 06.08.2007 10:38

A few weeks ago, I met with Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) to ask why he does not support impeachment. His view was that many Presidents violated the Constitution, so what was the big deal? Besides, he said, Bush and Cheney will be repudiated in the 2008 election.
At the time, I thought this was bizarre—no actually, I thought it was stupid. The 2008 election will not be about Bush and Cheney, I told him. He just rolled his eyes at my apparent naiveté.

I felt a deep sadness as I drove home but was unable to articulate it. It was something more than Smith's refusal to support impeachment. I had not gone into that meeting with an expectation that he would agree to live up to his oath of office. Maybe what made my heart hurt was the realization that I had become cynical?

Later that week brought another round of political realities. Give us money, begged former President and now multi-millionaire, Bill Clinton in a letter with the requisite fear-inducing photos of the evil-doers—Bush-Cheney-Rove. With the money, he assured me, the Democrats would really hold their "feet to the fire." The Democrat's plan? Ads. Yes, that's it. Every time Bush-Cheney-Rove abuse their power, the Democrats will buy an ad. That should fix those Republicans pandering to the right wing extremists!!

Oaxaca is Not Over

NYC, 06.08.2007 05:37

"Don't let another six months go by before the world turns around and sees Oaxaca again."

-APPO representative Eric.

“Days of Decision” – September 14 – 21 – A call for Nonviolent Direct Actions

NYC, 06.08.2007 05:37

Declaration of Peace grassroots campaign calls for nonviolent direct actions at congressional offices, September 14-21, "Days of Decision" to defund the occupation and establish an Iraqi-led Peace Initiative

Paseo Caribe: otra agresión a nuestras costas

Puerto Rico, 06.08.2007 00:08

Paseo Caribe: otra agresión a nuestras costas

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