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Critical Mass Bike Ride with Emerge Miami - 08-11-07

Miami, 10.08.2007 17:37

Critical Mass Bike Ride with Emerge Miami - 08-11-07

Critical Mass Bike Ride with Emerge Miami - 08-11-07

Miami, 10.08.2007 17:37

Critical Mass Bike Ride with Emerge Miami - 08-11-07

Interview with Leonard Weinglass, Appeals Atty for Antonio Guerrero (Cuban 5)

Miami, 10.08.2007 17:37

Interview with Leonard Weinglass, Appeals Atty for Antonio Guerrero (Cuban 5)

A.N.S.W.E.R./Florida: MARCH ON WASHINGTON September 15

Miami, 10.08.2007 17:37

A.N.S.W.E.R./Florida: MARCH ON WASHINGTON September 15

Gentech-kritische Erntebilanz 2007

Germany, 10.08.2007 15:38

Seit zwei Jahren nimmt die Zahl direkter Aktionen gegen die Agro-Gentechnik deutlich zu. Ausgelöst offensichtlich durch erste öffentliche Aktionen im Jahr 2005 kam es zu einem Wiederaufleben der Idee von Feldbesetzungen und Feldbefreiungen, die Mitte der 90er Jahre schon wesentlich zur kritischen Öffentlichkeit gegenüber der Grünen Gentechnik beigetragen hatten. Zur Bilanz des Jahres 2007 gehören zudem erste Gerichtsprozesse und weitere öffentliche Aktionen. Noch sind vor allem die Mon810-Maisfelder noch in der Landschaft zu finden - für eine erste Jahresrückschau ist das Geschehene aber ausreichend. Mögen noch einige Ergänzungen hinzukommen ...

East Palo Alto Celebration of Industrial Polluter Shutdown

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.08.2007 15:08

On August 9th, East Palo Alto youth rallied against environmental racism and celebrated the partial shutdown of Romic Technologies. Romic is a hazardous waste recycling facility that has been operating in East Palo Alto since 1964 and has not had a proper operating permit for the past 14 years. Community residents have waged a campaign to shut down Romic in East Palo Alto since 1989.

Save the Rails! rally in OKC calls for different transportation choices

United States, 10.08.2007 13:37

Elected officials, candidates and citizen activists to speak to save the Union Station railyards for future mass transit

OKLAHOMA CITY - Citizens from around the state will be gathering this Saturday at Oklahoma City's Union Station for what they call a rally to "Save the Rails" network that crisscross Oklahoma and provide a ready-made solution to mass transit needs for the entire region. They are inviting all concerned citizens to join them to demand better transportation choices by our politicians and business leaders.

"The people's needs and expressed desire for viable mass transit are not being considered," said Fannie Bates, who is centering her campaign for the Oklahoma Country District 1 seat on the issue. Bates, a teacher with a masters in public health, will speak at the rally. Read More>> |

Past Coverage: July 27: volunteers visit Paul's Valley Depot

Cyclist killed by truck on San Pablo in Oakland

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.08.2007 09:08

In yet another bicycle tragedy, Elena Castaneda was run over and killed some time around 8am on August 9th by a large dump truck at the intersections of West, Isabella, and San Pablo in Oakland. Castaneda's death is eerily similar to the death of John Msylin in Santa Cruz who was also run over and killed by a large truck while cycling.

&quot;Дело OOXML&quot; в Беларуси будет отправлено на &quot;доследование&quot;

Belarus, 10.08.2007 08:37

Общественное обсуждение в Администрации Московского района

Belarus, 10.08.2007 08:37

КАМПАНИЯ ПРОТЕСТА: Нет рекламе убийства животных в национальных парках Беларуси

Belarus, 10.08.2007 08:37

Arte contra el remate

Argentina, 10.08.2007 07:38

La lucha por la expropiación del Olga Vázquez

Se institucionaliza la violencia

Argentina, 10.08.2007 07:38

Hospital Francés militarizado por Gendarmería Nacional

Institucionalización de la violencia

Argentina, 10.08.2007 07:38

Hospital Francés militarizado por Gendarmería Nacional

Un Sol que resiste al compás de un Machete

Puerto Rico, 10.08.2007 06:38

Un Sol que resiste al compás de un Machete

From the Newswire

Perth, 10.08.2007 05:08

National Day of Action against Same-sex Marriage Ban


Arizona, 10.08.2007 05:07

Phoenix Demonstrators Demand Justice for the Murdered and Disappeared


Argentina, 10.08.2007 04:08

Lavadero Virasoro: la patronal se sentó a negociar


Argentina, 10.08.2007 03:38

Lavadero Virasoro: la patronal se sentó a negociar

Report Back From Olympia Anti-Police Rally And March

Seattle, 10.08.2007 01:07

I wrote an article earlier regarding the arrest of two individuals in Olympia. After writing that article, another anarchist was arrested. This arrest bore many resemblances to the previous ones. Some, not all, have been given the impression that the police are targeting certain people, people whose names have been made public numerous times.

Latinos - Fighting and Resisting the War

Seattle, 10.08.2007 01:07

Latino GI's are being sent on a very bad assignment, indeed. It is called the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

No Borders Camp Benefit: Wed Aug 15 7PM

San Diego, 10.08.2007 00:07

A number of community organizers and collectives from San Diego, CA are collaborating with organizations across the continent on an action camp effort to directly confront the injustices, violence and environmental degradation that the U.S./Mexico border embodies. Direct action, Independent Media broadcasting, workshops, art, music and speakers are being planned during the week of November 5-11, 2007.

The No Borders Camp will be in the Calexico/Mexicali borderland region. The Imperial/Mexicali valley is a leading producer of agricultural products for the U.S.A, houses dozens of multinational corporate Maquiladoras, has three toxic bodies of water that flow throughout the region and an Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) detention center where migrant people are held for months to years. This No Borders Camp will be directly contributing to building community and awareness around the issues facing this region. Organizers are working to incorporate and exemplify the strong connections between the struggles people face in the borderlands and the realities communities face across the continent.

Most of the media's attention on immigrant issues today is concentrated on marches and legislation. However, the history and future of violence against immigrant people from Latin America is rooted in the displacement of farmers, natural resource extraction in remote communities, unlivable wages and state sanctioned violence to push the political agendas of governmental and capitalist entities. The strategic displacement of communities, to gain access to their resources, and subsequently to their cheap labor, is the driving force behind paramilitary violence in Mexico today. In fact, the violent displacement of communities of color around our world is directly connected to the political and economic forces at play in the Calexico/Mexicali region. This is an imposition that reduces human life to a mere variable in an economic equation, and a disposable variable at that.

For these reasons we are collaborating, and reaching out to you for support. We would like to invite you to collaborate with us in our efforts to realize the No Borders Camp, and together raise funds for a Media and Convergence Center to support the communities in getting their voices heard. Come to the benefit this Wednesday and enjoy music, food, art and friends.

No Borders Camp Benefit
A Night of Radical Music to raise funds for a Media and Convergence Center Wednesday August 15 7-10PM
City Heights Free Skool 4246 Wightman

Music By: The Eclectic Bastards (Portland), Doctor Bird, Corporate World Domination, The Americans and Hot Pink Magon!!!
awesome d.i.y. crafts, zines, snacks and beverages by donation
all ages // no alcohol
$5 donation

No Borders Links: Calexico/Mexicali No Borders Camp | Ukraine No Border Camp: Call, Website | UK No Border Camp (Gatwick Airport) | No Border Network

3 arrested at White House as Catholic Workers memorialize US's nuclear bombing, protest war

DC, 09.08.2007 21:09

Over two dozen demonstrators with the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker organization in DC gathered on Pennsylvania Avenue and in LaFayette Park at noon, in front of the White House to memorialize the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan 62 years ago. Their memorial was a protest against all war. Three, including a 16 year old girl, were arrested.

Agosto 9

Colombia, 09.08.2007 20:38

Los Pueblos Indígenas en Colombia: entre la impunidad, el estatuto rural y la desprotección

Chicken John and the Josh Wolf Running For Mayor of San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.08.2007 18:08

Chicken John and Josh Wolf are stepping in to the ring and trying to raise enough money before Friday (Aug.10), to run for mayor. Many progressives had been pushing for Matt Gonzalez, Ross Mirkiarmi, or Chris Daly to run against Gavin Newsom. Newsom has been able to raise $1.6 million for his mayoral campaign and few candidates are willing to take him on.

KPFT Summer Sizzle '07

Houston, 09.08.2007 17:08

8/9 Houston Indymedia, the public's airwaves, and you...

Freedmen's Town Scores a Victory!

Houston, 09.08.2007 15:08

8/9 Freedmen's Town Scores a Victory!

Groundwork Books Benefit Report

San Diego, 09.08.2007 12:07

Groundwork Books put on a lively hardcore benefit show at the Che Cafe on Wednesday, featuring locals The Americans and Cathect, and Resist the Right from Vancouver, Canada.

Groundwork is a political collective at UCSD seeking to develop the skills for a "nonhierarchical and nonauthoritarian system of social organization." They run an awesome bookstore on campus, send books to prisoners and sponsor informational programs for the community. As one of four autonomous co-ops at the heavily corporatized UCSD, Groundwork struggles for survival against university administration as well as corporate giants like amazon.

Luke from Resist the Right spoke to sdimc about the connection between music and politics; gentrification and oppression of indigenous people in advance of the rich person's party known as the 2010 olympics in Vancouver, and the effort to shut them down; and the urgency of reversing the corporate-induced ecological crisis.

Videos: Groundwork | Resist the Right

Tonight was San Diego Indymedia's first attempt to provide live coverage through a mobile media unit we are developing. It didn't work, but we were able to send off, semi-live, a short clip (the first video) by tapping into a weak wifi signal at the Che Cafe. We hope to get things sorted for the No Borders Camp Benefit next week. See you there!

From the Newswire

Perth, 09.08.2007 07:08

Paddling into the Excised Zone

Feds seize control of the Miami-Dade Housing Authority, Dade Officials vow court fight

Miami, 09.08.2007 06:08

Feds seize control of the Miami-Dade Housing Authority, Dade Officials vow court fight

Know Your Rights, Homies for the Homeless and Santa Cruz GDI

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.08.2007 04:08

On Sunday, August 12th Free Skool Santa Cruz be offering a Know Your Rights workshop on the sidewalk in front of Bookshop Santa Cruz at 5pm. The forum will be followed by a teach-in to end the sleeping ban in Santa Cruz at 7pm at City Hall. The teach-in will include songs, stories, food and a Guerilla Drive-In screening of Sir! No Sir!.

Agosto 9

Colombia, 09.08.2007 03:38

Día de los Pueblos Indígenas en Colombia:
entre la impunidad, el Estatuto Rural y la desprotección

Ativistas são presos na Alemanha

Brasil, 09.08.2007 03:08



London, Ontario, 09.08.2007 03:07

Still there has been no settlement for the OPSEU local 144 workers and the federal government concerning the distribution of funding promised earlier. Community Living London (CLL) workers claim that they are unable to work under such low paying jobs and that the sector is deteriorating do to the lack of ability to sustain jobs due to small wages. According to Nancy Schembry "for the last fifteen years the provincial government has seriously underfunded the mental health sector" " the agency is unable to attain qualified staff members, retain and... recruit them" " the agencies cant survive anymore" " colleges are not continuing programs (Fanshawe as one example) because people are not joining the sector because compensation is not adequate enough"

Anti-war Protesters Occupy Rep. Sanchez's Office

LA, 09.08.2007 02:38

Anti-war Protesters Occupy Rep. Sanchez's Office

Anti-ANZAC riots rock East Timor

Aotearoa, 09.08.2007 00:09

Riots have broken out in East Timor's two largest cities, as opponents of new Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao confront Anzac police and soldiers. Gusmao's National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction party won only 22% of the vote in last month's parliamentary elections, trailing behind its rival Fretilin. Gusmao has been able to take power this week because of the intervention of his close ally, President Jose Ramos-Horta, who invoked a clause in East Timor's constitution that gave him the power to decree a government.

Read More: On March the 17th, let's remember the Iraq in our backyard | Refugees and street youth attack cops, foreign troops, aid orgs | East Timor: Australia's Shame | On the Eve of a Free Trade Area of the Pacific: Occupation, neo-colonialism and enclosure

Repression gegen die Linke geht weiter

Germany, 08.08.2007 22:38

Nach den Hausdurchsuchungen am 9. Mai, am 13. Juni und am 19. Juni geht die Repression gegen linke Strukturen weiter. Am 31. Juli wurden in Berlin sieben Wohnungen durchsucht. Dabei nahm das BKA vier Leute fest und führte sie in Karlsuhe der Bundesanwaltschaft vor. Sie sitzen seitdem in Untersuchungshaft. Gegen alle Betroffenen wird wegen §129a ermittelt. Sie sollen Mitglieder einer "terroristischen Vereinigung", namentlich der "militanten gruppe" (mg) sein.

Sehr schnell stellte sich heraus, dass die Behörden weiterhin versuchen, die Linke mit einem Konstrukt zu kriminalisieren und sie so zu durchleuchten. Drei der jüngst Verhafteten wurden Polizeiangaben zu Folge beim Versuch festgenommen, Fahrzeuge der Bundeswehr anzuzünden. Anstatt wegen versuchter Brandstiftung zu ermitteln werden die Sachbeschädigungen an Militärfahrzeugen aber zu "Terrorismus" gemacht. Beim vierten Beschuldigten mussten die Ermittler noch kreativer werden: Der festgenommene Berliner Stadtsoziologe wird verdächtigt, weil er intellektuell in der Lage sei, die anspruchsvollen Texte der mg zu verfassen, unauffälligen Zugang zu Bibliotheken habe und zu Themen forsche, die auch in mg-Papieren vorkämen. Die Anwälte der Betroffenen kritisierten diese haltlosen Vorwürfe als unverhältnismäßige Ausnahmegesetzgebung. Zahlreiche Organisationen haben inzwischen das Vorgehen der Behörden kritisiert und sich mit den Gefangenen Solidarisiert.

Gipfelsoli | Soli-Blog | Labournet | Hintergrund

spotkanie Toruńskiego Banku Czasu: czwartek 9 sierpnia godz. 17.00

Torun, 08.08.2007 21:37


Rogue Valley, 08.08.2007 21:09


August 11th at the Takilma Community Building
6:00 pm Dinner & Social
7:00 Slideshow presentation by NEST
8:30 Music by the One Love Family Band


Colombia, 08.08.2007 17:38

Cultivos de Palma Africana
a Sangre y Muerte de las Comunidades


Colombia, 08.08.2007 17:38

Martirizador de Uraba

tragedia Chocó

Colombia, 08.08.2007 17:08

La tragedia del Chocó


Colombia, 08.08.2007 17:08

Este gobierno impulsa sembrar palma aceitera sobre los cuerpos de las comunidades


Colombia, 08.08.2007 16:38

O se hace presidencia o paramilitarismo

Indy Choco

Colombia, 08.08.2007 16:38

CHOCO... la tragedia continúa…


Colombia, 08.08.2007 16:38

La prueba reina

Colombia, 08.08.2007 16:38

La prueba reina


Colombia, 08.08.2007 16:38

Cae por paramilitar ex jefe de inteligencia y amigo de Uribe


Colombia, 08.08.2007 16:38

¿Se emborrachó la Policía?

Jesse Jackson to Visit Bristol

Bristol, 08.08.2007 16:37

"How we respect life is the over-riding moral issue." Jesse Jackson, January 1977 "How we respect life is the over-riding moral issue." Jesse Jackson, January 1977 jesse's mate writes: A unique event with Reverend Jesse Jackson Snr, renowned civil rights leader and first Black Presidential candidate. Entitled, "The Economics of Colour", this historic event will commemorate the abolition of the slave trade, highlight the economic contribution of Britain's BME communities and launch the Equanomics UK project, a groundbreaking initiative focusing on achieving racial justice through economic equality...The Economics of Colour will take place on Tuesday 21st August 2007 from 5.30pm - 8.30pm in Bristol. (Image - Jessie Jackson in 1983) Full article. | JJ comes to bris | | |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

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