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Tacoma Detention food poisoning

Portland, 17.08.2007 21:37

Just over the AP wire this morning, 300 detainees at the DHS Tacoma Detention Center were stricken with food poisoning on Saturday. The outbreak of diarrhea and vomiting was just reported today and a DHS spokes person says, "most have recovered".

Southern Poverty Law Center: Getting Immigration Facts Straight

Fur Farm Release in MA

Portland, 17.08.2007 21:37

300 breeding stock mink were released from a fur farm in Hinesdale, western MA on monday night. The farm, now called Berkshire Furs, used to be known as Chatham Ranch and was raided several times in the 1990's.

Oaxaca..In defense of the forest and community life

Portland, 17.08.2007 21:37

Reportback from the Encuentro in San Isidro Aloapam, Ixtil,Oaxaca

August 3rd, 2007: We left the city of Oaxaca, piled into large trucks. Five hours of winding rural roads, giggles and gasps later, we stumbled out to a greeting of handshakes, flowers, and.. a live band!

Welcome to the community of San Isidro Aloapam. San Isidro Aloapam is a pueblo in the Sierra Norte mountains. The people here speak their indigenous language, Zapoteco, and many speak Spanish. The grow many plants, primarily; corn, potatoes, and wheat. They hosted this three day event on defending the forest surrounding their pueblo and the life of their community. About sixty five people from many parts of Mexico and Spain,U.S.A.,Italy, Brazil,Germany, and England came to participate in this encuentro.

Climate Convergence Report Back

Portland, 17.08.2007 21:37

I went down to the NW Climate Convergence with some friends, to give a workshop. Following is a brief report about my own experience there.

First, Skamokawa is beautiful. Nestled along the banks of the Columbia river, on the Washington side, this verdant little village is a good place to reconnect with all the reasons why this planet is worth saving. It's also a good place to witness the encroaching horror of the storm that is approaching... It wasn't hard to spot the people who could tell me more about what is happening with the proposed LNG projects. They were all wearing No LNG buttons, and were clustered over near the stage, where they were about to give a workshop of their own, so I sat down and listened to what they had to say. There were farmers and teachers and fishers and people who had lived along this river all their lives. And all were equally articulate about what is happening to their community, and why none of us can afford to allow these plants to be built here. Cheryl Johnson, a teacher living near the proposed site at Bradwood, gave a brief history of the Northern Star invasion (Northern Star is the current name of the corporateer attempting to build the Bradwood plant). She told of secrecy and intrigue.

As soon as word seeped out about the proposals, the people of Warrenton, Astoria, Bradwood, Skamokawa, Puget Island, and other little communities in the path of the destruction began to band together. They started from the ground, holding meetings, passing out literature, doing the necessary research, and educating the rest of us about the danger. One activist who came to the workshop told of her own experiences, where she learned that her home sat on property that was in the path of one of the proposed pipelines. She said that she then met with Northern Star, and that the Northern Star reps told her during that very first meeting that, if she did not come to an agreement with them, they would simply condemn her property under imminent domain laws, and take it from her anyway. It seems that she is not the only one to be approached with such threats. This seems to be the way this corporation does business. They are thugs.

Chances are, you or someone you know will be very near to one of these lines if this nonsense is not stopped. But you will not be told about the possibility of the pipeline running through your door or putting you at risk until the last possible moment, because Northern Star is now hiding the final routes of the lines under the guise of Homeland Security. (Isn't it interesting how Homeland Security has failed to protect the citizens of this country, but it always seems to come through for corporate interests.)

If you would like to learn more, or to become involved in fighting the LNG plants, please contact the following organizations:
RiverVision ( 595 18th St., Astoria)
Wahkiakum Friends of the River
Columbia Riverkeeper (724 Oak Street Hood River, OR 97031, ).

Jose Padilla Found Guilty

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.08.2007 18:08

On Thursday August 16, a Miami jury found Jose Padilla and two co-defendants guilty of conspiracy to commit murder in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Chechnya, as well as providing material support toward that goal. Padilla was initially accused of plotting to set off a radioactive dirty bomb inside the US and was stripped of all rights, transferred to a Navy brig in South Carolina, and held in extreme isolation for 43 months. Faced with a Supreme Court challenge, President Bush announced criminal charges against Padilla unrelated to the dirty bomb plot. Defense attorneys and experts say his isolation and interrogation has led to severe psychological effects.

Massacre de Corumbiara: 12 anos de impunidade

Brasil, 17.08.2007 11:08


Take The Hill!

Bristol, 17.08.2007 10:07

Celebrate the Brandon Hill Take-over! Fight the Dispersal Order! Celebrate the Brandon Hill Take-over! Fight the Dispersal Order! brh writes: Celebrate the Brandon Hill Take-over! Fight the Dispersal Order! Bristol Radical History Group celebrates the history of defending public space in the city. This Sunday on Brandon Hill, the oldest public space in Bristol, we celebrate the struggles by Bristolians to control the hill and public spaces in the city. Steve Poole, will give a short walk and talk outlining the history of Brandon Hill as a radical public space. Find out about the struggles to control the hill, Chartists and the extraordinary events of August 1832 when 14,000 Bristolians gatecrashed the Great Reform Dinner. Local skateboarders will talk about the current dispersal order in College Green a disgrace to everyone’s right to public space...Access from Great George Street, off Park Street, Jacob Wells Road and Berkeley Square. Most of the city's buses stop at the top of Park Street a few minutes walk to Brandon Hill. Limited parking in the roads off Park Street. Full article. | Take the Hill! | Bristol Radical History Group Website | Past History Stories: Knights Templar of Jerusalem in Bristol, After 700 Year Absence | Mumia Abu-Jamal on black history and slave rebellions |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Day 3: Private Airports Blockaded

United Kingdom, 17.08.2007 08:38

At 7am two independent groups of campaigners from the Camp for Climate Action stopped carbon-intensive private jets fom operating at two airports in the south east. Executive flights at Biggin Hill and Farnborough airports have been brought to a standstill by climate activists concerned at the huge growth in the use of private jets by business people. At Biggin Hill Airport the activists D-locked themselves to the gates of the airports. 10 people were then arrested. The blockade lasted for just under 4 hours.

24 people took part in the blockade at Farnborough Airport with 9 people locked onto lock-on devices across the access road. After an hour the aiport staff opened up an emergancy crash exit to allow the gathered business people in. Meanwhile protesters handed out leaflets to staff, passengers and locals. Jets were delayed and after 2 hours a second emergency exit was opened. By this point the police warned people they would be arrested and it was decided to return to the camp. Although no one was arrested, the police did seize lock-on devices.

On the newswire: Business flights blockaded by climate activists | Video Interview with Farnborough Airport Blockaders | Bristol Airport Stunt | | Audio Interviews from Camp | Renewable energy at Camp - photos report and videos | Camp under Surveillance | Happy Days Thursday Pics and Report

For up-to-the-minute reports and breaking news, check the Indymedia UK Ticker. You can also get it as SMS alerts or listen to it by phoning the 'Blasted Campers' info line on 0207 043 3783.

Daily round-ups are on the UK Indymedia Climate Camp page.

Links: Camp For Climate Action website | workshops | bust card | directions 1, 2

Abuso policial: Si tocan a uno, tocan a todos

Puerto Rico, 17.08.2007 06:41

Si tocan a uno, tocan a todos

Julius Margolin, A Union Man's 91st Birthday

Rogue Valley, 17.08.2007 06:40

“I wish we had peace.” ~ Julius Margolin's birthday wish-

The August 16, 2007 editon of the Brain Labor Report is very special.

We are live on the telephone to New York City with Julius Margolin wishing him a Happy 91st Birthday and listening to some kernels of wisdom from a man who has worked for peace and justice his entire life.

Please listen to this interview and join us in our enthusiasm. There is just nothing like hearing the hopes and aspirations from an elder who continues to blaze the trail towards making a better world.

Hundreds Die In Sectarian Bombings

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.08.2007 06:40

On Wednesday August 15th, 4 car bombs killed up to 500 people and wounded many more in two Northern Iraqi Yazidi villages. As sectarian violence increases across the country, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has announced a new ruling coalition that contains no Sunni representation.

Re: Xirinacs

Barcelona, 17.08.2007 06:40

Re: Xirinacs

Barcelona, 17.08.2007 06:40

End the Sleeping Ban - open letter to council

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.08.2007 06:39

The Jones v. City of Los Angeles decision in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that criminalization of homelessness amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. In the words of the judge writing the majority decision: "The Eighth Amendment prohibits the City from punishing involuntary sitting, lying, or sleeping on public sidewalks that is an unavoidable consequence of being human and homeless without shelter in the City of Los Angeles."

Black August 2000: A story of African freedom fighters

DC, 16.08.2007 22:39

This was an article written by Kiilu Nyasha in 2000 about the origins of Black August. The Black August Planning Organization (BAPO) of DC invites you all out to our programs this month, see the calender or call us at 202-271-7763.

Documentalistas se movilizan ante el INCAA

Argentina, 16.08.2007 22:38

“Camarazo” a la política audiovisual del Estado

Documentalistas se movilizan ante el INCAA

Argentina, 16.08.2007 22:08

“Camarazo” a la política audiovisual del Estado

(en) (fr) (pl) ,,Faszyzm nie przejdzie!&quot; - 18. VIII (sobota) Godz. 20.00

Torun, 16.08.2007 22:07

Immobiliencrash in Europa angekommen

Germany, 16.08.2007 21:08

Der Immobilienmarkt bricht zusammen. Die Warnungen vor dem anstehenden Crash des Immobilienmarkts gab es auch in Europa in den vergangenen Jahren viele. Inzwischen ist auch europäischen Finanzinstituten klar geworden, dass sich die platzende Immobilienblase in den USA deutlich in Europa auswirken wird. Nachdem in den USA mit dem bankrotten US-Hypotheken-Finanzierer "American Home Mortgage Investment" erneut ein Opfer zu verzeichnen ist, zog die französische Großbank "BNP Paribas" die Notbremse. Die Europäische Zentralbank (EZB) zog mit einer ungeahnten Spritze von fast 95 Milliarden Euro frischem Geld nach, um die Finanzmärkte zu beruhigen und eine Panik zu vermeiden.

AUDIO FILE: Reportback on Human &quot;Dam&quot; Blockade at PacifiCorp

Portland, 16.08.2007 18:38

I arrived late and missed the theater with hazmats suits and fake blood, intending to draw attention to the poisonous conditions on the Klamath River. But, I did arrive in time to interview three of those who were there, including two of the blockaders.


Barcelona, 16.08.2007 12:41

Meksiko, Gvahako, Ĉiapas...

[27an-29an julio] 2a Zapatista Kunveno

Unu jaron post la eko de la popola ribelo en Gvahako evidentiĝas ke ĝi plu daŭras per sinsekvaj perfortaj incidentoj kaj subpremo. Samtempe, okazas la 2a zapatista kunveno kun la tutmondaj popoloj en Ĉiapas, kie ankaŭ daŭras la lukto kaj la subpremo, kiel ĉie tra Meksiko, ekzemple la virinmortigoj en Ciudad Juárez. Tiun landon lastatempe vizitis Rodríguez Zapatero kaj tie li kondamnis la muron disigantan la meksikanojn el Usono sed "forgesis" sian propran muron en Sebto kaj Melilo.

Rilataj novaĵoj: Ekvadoraj komunumoj leviĝas kontraŭ transnaciaj minkompanioj ::: Oni prifajfis la prezidanton de Repsol ::: La Caixa akuzita pri kunrespondeco kun Repsol

+ infoj: Indymedia México + Indymedia Chiapas + Chiapas.Pangea + Fako Latinameriko

kriminaligo kaj subpremo

Barcelona, 16.08.2007 10:08

Núria revenas hejmen

...kaj denove ni foriras en la strato petante libersprimon!

Dimanĉo la 17an de junio je la 17a en placo Universitato

Post 118 tagoj en la malliberejo de Soto del Real kaj post postuli, reklami, krii la liberigon de la knabinon el Sarrià de Ter, la 7an de junio juĝisto Del Olmo liberigis ŝin kontraŭ 15 000-eŭra kaŭcio...

rilataj informoj: Dum Nuria deklaris antaŭ la juĝisto, ili estis batanta nin. ::: 6/6/07 Juĝo kontraŭ Sergio L.D kondemnita pro la perturboj dum la kontraŭ-tutmondiga manifestacio marte 2002. ::: El Placo del Sol al malliberejo ::: Prizonuloj "4a de februaro" >> Kolekto da novaĵoj por scii iomete kiel kuŝas la situacio ::: 2 urbaj policistoj imputitaj pro torturoj + 'mossos' (katalunaj policistoj) esploritaj pro torturoj

+info: >>>kriminaligo kaj subpremo

Hintergründe des Nazianschlags in Bern

Germany, 16.08.2007 09:38

 Am 4. August 2007 wurde das Antifa Festival in der Grossen Halle der Reitschule, Berns Autonomen Zentrum, mit einer Brandbombe angegriffen. Wäre die Bombe nicht kurz zuvor in der Menge entdeckt und ins Freie geschafft worden, wo sie kurze Zeit später zündete, hätte es wohl Schwerverletzte und Tote gegeben. Die Autonome Szene reagierte eine Woche später mit einer antifaschistischen Demonstration auf den Mordanschlag. Die schweizer Medien hingegen verharmlosen die Naziaktivitäten in Bern und Umgebung seit Jahren.

Einleitung | Das Rütli im Visier von Nazis | Mario Friso | Mord am Thunersee | Nazischütze in Thun | Gummibootdemo nach Bern | Antifa Kampagne | Naziangriffe im Hauptbahnhof | Schüsse aufs Solterpolter | Besetztes denk:mal | Gassenküche gegen Repression | Brandbombenanschlag auf Antifa Festival | Antifaschistische Demonstration (Video) | Interview in der Reitschule (Video) | Bisher | Ergänzungen

Antifa Festival | Antifa Kampagne | Bündnis Alle gegen Rechts | Antifa Bern | Autonome Gruppen Oberland | Kulturzentrum Reitschule

COURTROOM AUDIO: Mumia's May 17 Oral Arguments

Philadelphia, 16.08.2007 05:07

Come Out to the No Borders Benefit Now!

San Diego, 16.08.2007 04:07

Come out to the No Borders Camp benefit at the City Heights Free Skool Tonight! Here's a video clip explaining the camp and talking about the benefit: No Borders Camp VIdeo Clip

San Francisco Protest to Denounce the APA's Complicity in Torture

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.08.2007 03:08

On Friday, August 17th people who oppose the American Psychological Association (APA)'s role in the development and use of torture by the US will mark the beginning of the APA's convention in San Francisco by gathering at the Stone Stage in Yerba Buena Gardens from 4-5:30pm. Access to the gardens is on 3rd Street between Mission and Howard, a couple of minutes walk from the Moscone Convention Center.

Climate Camp Day 2: Low-Impact Living

United Kingdom, 16.08.2007 00:38

Wednesday August 15th After an early alert - around 9am a large Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) skirted the East perimeter, with an even larger group of Climate Campers responding by blocking the FIT cameras view - the campgot off to a productive start:

After the site coordination meeting at 9:30am, the workshops kicked off, covering a wide range of topics including low-tech sanitation, nuclear power, climate change and global justice, decentralised energy, aviation and climate change, introduction to permaculture, and movement building. Read a report about the 'Wales LNG pipeline' workshop.

Indymedia facilities are on-site, the entire campsite has wi-fi, powered by wind generators and solar arrays. Indymedia workshops have been going on since early morning, including open publishing, writing, reporting, and digital photography.

The site is now wheelchair-accessible. Campers fitted up kitchens and installed a 'grey water' system, 4 wind generators provide power. New neighbourhoods, like the West Midlands neighbourhood are being built. [pics]

Climate activists from the US and Australia, including the Convergence for Climate Action, the US social forum, the East Coast USA climate camp, The Yes Men, The Earth First! Journal, Rising Tide, have sent empowering messages in solidarity [video 1 2].

At 4pm, about 80 people left camp to participate in a local march against the airport expansion, but were held up by police, penned in and lead toward the perimeter of the airport – almost into the area covered by the BAA injunction. The group headed back to the camp in heavy rain 2 hours later. One person was arrested for 'obstructing a police officer' (an FIT photographer). [report 1, 2, 3 | pics 1, 2]. More info on the ticker.

Heathrow cargo handler strike

Check the up-to-the-minute Indymedia UK Ticker. You can also get it as SMS alerts or listen to it by phoning the 'Blasted Campers' info line on 0207 043 3783.

Camp website | workshops | bust card | directions | corporate media archives 1, 2

Randall's Island Waterpark and Private Beach Club Rejected by NYSDEC

NYC, 15.08.2007 23:37

Community advocates are celebrating that they have discovered the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation has rejected the permit application submitted to develop a controversial "waterpark" and private beach club on Randall's Island.

In response to a Freedom of Information Law request, the litigation team of NYC Environmental Law Project ( unearthed a document labeled "Confidential-Not for Release" that rejected the application completed by Tim Miller Associates ( and submitted on behalf of the Aquatic Development Group.

Iraqi Teacher Visits Bay Ridge, speaks of Baghdad horrors

NYC, 15.08.2007 23:37

Nesreen is a high school teacher from Baghdad who spoke of the violence and chaos that has been left in the wake of the American occupation. She pleaded for the troops to leave, as they have left a civil war in a once secure country.

Unprecedented Sell-Out by Ugles &amp; Co. in ILWU Local 19, Seattle

Portland, 15.08.2007 21:38

Five months before organized West Coast longshore workers are set to begin bargaining for a new contract with the employers association, union officers in one ILWU local are already starting to give away some key historic gains of waterfront workers
Seattle, Aug. 15 ?In a stunning betrayal of the militant rank-and-file ideals upon which the ILWU was founded, Local 19's officers duped a tiny minority of the local's membership present at last Thursday's stop-work meeting into a sell-out of unparalleled proportions.
On August 9th, on behalf of the Port Labor Relations Committee, President Herald Ugles tabled a "Continuous Operation Document" between the local union and Stevedoring Services of America Terminals, which will eliminate unit breaks at Terminal 18 in the Port of Seattle. The motion to adopt the new work rules, in exchange for at most five more jobs on container operations?although the memorandum's language itself is so vague that even this slight gain in manning is not even for sure?was passed by a slim majority at the tiny and unrepresentative meeting.
The underhanded tactics used by the Ugles/Manwell/Ventoza regime to ensure the membership meeting would be tiny and then to blackmail those members who did show up into passing the give-back measure have been the subject of lively debate around the Seattle waterfront in the days since the August 9th meeting.

Oaxaca Film Screening and Update in Watsonville and Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.08.2007 21:37

On Thursday, August 16th, there will be a screening of True to My Pledge, a new film by Mal de Ojo TV, at the meeting of the Brown Berets in Watsonville. On Friday, August 17th, Latinoamerican musicians TONALI will perform at the Resource Center for Nonviolence in Santa Cruz. The music will be followed by an update on the peoples struggles in Oaxaca from Miguel Zafra, a screening of True to My Pledge and a discussion about the formation of a new group, Santa Cruz - Oaxaca Solidarity.

Climate Camp now open

United Kingdom, 15.08.2007 17:38

Tuesday, August 14. After two days of setting up, the 2007 Camp For Climate Action is now open. After a press conference and an opening meeting, the first round of workshops took place in a field between Sipson and Harlington near Heathrow airport. [Workshop audio (Mark Lynas, Airportwatch/Hacan)]

The evening saw a brief police incursion. Around 7.30pm, approximately thirty police, backed by officers in riot gear, entered the camp without warning in an attempt to raid it. With their hands in the air, protesters formed a human barrier and blocked the police, before peacefully escorting them off the site [video | report 1, 2]. A woman superglued herself to the gate to prevent police enforcement [pics, video]. At 8.30pm, all was quiet.

Read a personal report of the day or check the up-to-the-minute Indymedia UK Ticker. You can also get it as SMS alerts or listen to it by phoning the 'Blasted Campers' info line on 0207 043 3783. Daily round-ups are on the indymedia climate camp page.

Camp website | workshops | bust card | directions | corporate media archives 1, 2

Report Back From Smash ICE Action

Portland, 15.08.2007 17:38

Yesterday, around 30 people showed up in front of the Federal Building in Tacoma. While we were there, about a dozen people were down at the detention facility being watched by private riot cops.

The response from the public was about 50/50. Some people had no idea there even was a detention facility in Tacoma. Others expressed sincere concern at what was happening and eagerly listened to what we had to say. We later moved to within the festival that was taking place and set up there. We stayed until all of our literature was gone and then left. The whole event lasted about 4 hours.

The ICE agent, writing from (which you should write to whenever you have time) sent this email to our list. He is unfortunately right. ICE is not a part of the NSA but the DHS. Sorry about the confusion. Most of do in fact know this (as our pamphlets from yesterday prove). One of us did not. Here is his email:

DeFazio To Host Impeachment Forums Wednesday In Eugene

Portland, 15.08.2007 17:38

Looks like Rep. DeFazio will be in Eugene/Springfield Wed. Aug 15 and hopefully will hear from at least some of his constituents that his recent vote to increase government surveillance powers was not what he was elected to do in Washington, D.C.

At three home district public forums, Congressman DeFazio will discuss his views on impeachment, the War, War Games and Emergency Martial Law plans, and other issues. Two venues are in Eugene, with a third in Springfield. Eugene citizens are also likely to suggest the congressman more forward on impeachment, cut off funding for the war, and put daylight on Bush "emergency" home front plans.

All constituent forums are free and open to all.

Eugene * Wed., Aug. 15 * 2:00 - 3:00 pm * Campbell Senior Center * 155 High Street
Eugene * Wed., Aug. 15 * 7:00-8:00 pm * EWEB Training Ctr/Community Rm * 500 E. 4th Avenue
Springfield * Wed., Aug. 15 * 5:30-6:30 pm * Springfield City Council Chambers * 225 5th Street

Ciclovida e a hora de plantar

Brasil, 15.08.2007 15:07



Athens, 15.08.2007 12:38

Η Καταστολή πάει Παραλία!


Athens, 15.08.2007 12:38

State Repression in the beaches!

14 arrested in Christchurch attempting to save youth space

Aotearoa, 15.08.2007 07:09

14 people were arrested in Christchurch on Monday attempting to stop the destruction of the Stewart Fountain in the central city. The destruction is part of the Christchurch City Councils plan to put a road through parts of City Mall and High St, which is one of the few places left for youth to socialise in the central city.

More: Watch a video of arrests on YouTube | Save City Mall Blog | Media Release

$10,000 Penalty For Posters Promoting Demonstrations?

DC, 15.08.2007 05:39

ANSWER Coalition, promoter of some of the largest. most successful Wash DC demonstrations, is threatened with $10,000 fines for posters promoting upcoming demos. This threatens ALL interests that may hope to gather peacefully to express grievances to officals and mainstream public.

Ativistas protestam contra ocupação do Tibete na Grande Muralha da China

Brasil, 15.08.2007 03:08


Dying Ali Panah kept in handcuffs - Day 34...

Aotearoa, 15.08.2007 01:10

Wednesday, 15 August 2007, 8:30 am
Press Release: Global Peace And Justice Auckland

Visitors to Ali Panah in Auckland hospital yesterday found him handcuffed to a guard despite being too weak to raise himself from bed. When this was challenged it turned out there was a “misunderstanding” between the guards and their supervisor.

This is another bizarre aspect of the inhumanity the New Zealand government has shown to this man who has been detained without charge or trial for the past 18 months and the relentless pressure he has faced from government officials.

Visitors yesterday found Ali weak and exhausted with dark rings around his eyes. Today is the 34th day of Ali’s hunger strike in protest at the government’s determination to deport him to Iran where his life is at risk.

Protest: Saturday 18 August, 12 Noon @ Auckland Hospital

ESCRACHE a Padován

Argentina, 14.08.2007 22:39

Protesters Lockdown at PacifiCorp, Demanding Energy Justice

Portland, 14.08.2007 20:38

Protesters have locked down in front of the Pacific Power building at NE 9th and Multnomah to demand that the company shut down the four dams it operates on the Klamath river. At noon today three protesters blockaded the main entrance to PacifiCorp's headquarters (NE 7th and Multnomah). The protesters were joined by a rally of several dozen supporters, many of whom wore hazmat suits painted with fake blood to draw attention to the poisonous conditions on the Klamath River. The action was claimed by the Convergence for Climate Action, Stumptown Earth First! and Rising Tide.

The protest follows the "Convergence for Climate Action" which took place in Skamokawa, WA over the past week. Yesterday, protesters from the camp occupied the proposed Liquefied Natural Gas terminal at Bradwood, Oregon for several hours. A simultaneous occupation took place in Asheville, North Carolina on Monday where a Bank of America branch was shut down by protesters for its lead role in financing the coal industry. Police at the Asheville protest used a TASER to electrocute immobilized protesters using non-violent civil disobedience tactics, an unprecedented application of this device.

Today in London an affiliated "Camp for Climate Action" begins just outside of Heathrow airport, where more two thousand participants plan to target airline industry giants profiteering amidst the climate crisis. The London gathering has garnered front page media attention across the UK, where more than 1800 police have been mobilized and anti-terrorism laws have been activated for the camp's surveillance

Vicious Police Attack on IWW Solidarity March in Providence, Rhode Island

NYC, 14.08.2007 20:08

Providence IWW organized a march on Jackie's Galaxy, which is a restaurant chain that is being
supplied by HWH in New York City, a supplier who is notorious for its slave labor conditions of up to 110 hours per week without basic labor rights (minimum wage and overtime). They were met with brutality by local police.


Uruguay, 14.08.2007 18:39

Las radios libres rechazan el proyecto de ley del gobierno

Impeachment--Bush's Bellevue Visit

Seattle, 14.08.2007 17:08


Climate Camp prepares for opening

United Kingdom, 14.08.2007 14:38

Monday, August 13. More than 300 people continued to set up this years Camp For Climate Action in a field between Sipson and Harlington near Heathrow airport to prepare for a week of „low impact living and high impact direct action“. After BAAs failed injunction, the authorities tried to make this as difficult as possible using anti-terrorist legislation. Climate campers and local residents responded with resourcefulness and determination.

Some police entered the site at 7.30 am. Soon, each of them was accompanied by people from the legal support team acting as minders. The police blocked the only road to the camp at both ends and searched and filmed arriving campers. Resulting traffic jams affected both campers and residents. Until late afternoon, vehicles were not allowed on site. The police installed a large tele microphone at the gate and erected floodlights, so that the camp is lit at night.

„Food and sanitation supplies were halted - everything had to be unloaded at the roadblock and carried or dragged to the site - half a mile away. Families - kids crying at the roadside - were forced to abandon their vehicles and carry their possessions, often in several trips, to the camp“.

Nevertheless, the camp is taking shape. People pulled together to get equipment off cars, into wheelbarrows and wheelie bins and into the camp. Large numbers of corporate journalists parked outside the camp were watching. Local residents, many of whom are opposed to the Heathrow airport extension, offered food and drinks to stranded campers, or help in transporting goods to the camp.

The Bath Bomb Lands

Bristol, 14.08.2007 14:07

Local News Sheet for "All the news the Chron didn't choose!" Local News Sheet for "All the news the Chron didn't choose!" With the recent purchase of the Wall Street Journal by Rupert Murdoch's News International, media continues to be concentrated in fewer and fewer corporate hands. In Bath, grassroots activists have launched their own news sheet to reclaim the media - BB Jenkins writes; The first edition of what should turn out to be our monthly alternative news sheet, right now as plain text - a work in progress! *The Bath Bomb * Issue 1 July/August '07 * @nti-copyright: copy and distribute! "All the news the Chron didn't choose!" Full article. | The bath Bomb is Here! | Bath newswire | Media news stories | | |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

From the Newswire

Perth, 14.08.2007 12:39


(en) (fr) (pl) Minister Edukacji Narodowej, tolerancja, homophobia

Torun, 14.08.2007 11:37

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