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Anti-War Activists Protest At Feinstein Mansion

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.08.2007 22:08

On August 19th, activists from as far away as Palo Alto, Mexico City, and Milan joined members of Code Pink in front of Diane Feinstein's mansion, where they rang the doorbell and sang out for peace. Code Pink members are half way through a fast for peace, in an effort to convince Feinstein and Pelosi to take a stronger stand against the war in Iraq.

44 detenidos en Plaza de mayo

Argentina, 23.08.2007 20:38

Represión y detenciones en movilización en memoria de la Masacre de Trelew


Uruguay, 23.08.2007 19:38

80 años del asesinato en EEUU de los anarquistas italianos Nicola Sacco y Bartolomeo Vanzetti

Dying For Healthcare: Doctors, Healthcare Workers, and Activists Speak Out for Universal Health Care!!

Portland, 23.08.2007 18:38

Join us for a discussion on healthcare by people who have worked in the industry. Topics will include their personal experiences providing healthcare and education, as well as struggles and challenges to changing local and national healthcare policy.

Where: Portland State University, Smith Memorial Student Center, Rm 236.
When: Aug - 7:15-9:15pm

Following the panel will be an open discussion of the roadblocks to universal coverage and how we can overcome them.

A 80 años del asesinato de Sacco y Vanzetti

Argentina, 23.08.2007 17:38

Por ser inmigrantes pobres y anarquistas

A 80 años del asesinato de Sacco y Vanzetti

Argentina, 23.08.2007 17:38

Por ser inmigrantes pobres y anarquistas

Oregon Prescription Drug Program (OPDP)

Portland, 23.08.2007 17:08

Oregon now has a drug buying program, open to all state residents, that allows you to buy prescription drugs at the lowest possible price. The expanded Oregon Prescription Drug Program (OPDP), passed by the 2007 Legislature, is in place and open to every person in the state of Oregon, free of charge. It is free to join this plan but YOU MUST REGISTER. It takes about a week to get the card. More information is below.

You may remain an OPDP member and use your card for discounts at OPDP pharmacies [without enrolling in Medicare Part D]. However, you need to know that individuals who are eligible for Medicare Part D who choose not to enroll by May 15, 2006 will have a 1% per month penalty applied to their premium when they do enroll. In other words, if you choose to enroll a year later, your premium will be 12% higher.

Mort de Khalid - Manifestation à Liège le 1e septembre

Liege, 23.08.2007 17:07

Le vendredi 6 juillet 2007, Khalid Cherai, un jeune à peine sorti de l'adolescence, est mort noyé dans le canal de dérivation de la Meuse.

Re: Temps d'alfàbrega

Barcelona, 23.08.2007 14:08

400th execution

Houston, 23.08.2007 13:08

8/23 400th execution in Texas protested at old hanging tree

ANSWER Coalition Defends Free Speech in Federal Lawsuit

DC, 23.08.2007 04:09

Video, 32 Min. and 28 Seconds

Call for Prince WIlliam County boycott at Falls Church immigrant solidarity event

DC, 23.08.2007 04:09

Ricardo of Mexicanos Sins Fronteras spoke at the Falls Church event welcoming the Immigrant Solidarity Caravan. In a portion of his speech he called for the planned August 27-Sep 3 boycott of non-immigrant owned businesses in Prince William County. No Potomac Mills, No 7-11, no Wal-Mart-NADA! Audio: 3 min 58 seconds Audio: Balance of Speech: 13 min

From the Newswire

Perth, 23.08.2007 03:39

National Alliance Forms to stop NT Nuke Dump

Semana decisiva contra o aumento das tarifas de ônibus em Joinville

Brasil, 23.08.2007 03:38


Más de 30 detenidos

Argentina, 23.08.2007 02:08

Represión y detenciones en movilización por Trelew

Portland Grassroots Media Camp this weekend!

Portland, 23.08.2007 00:08

The Portland Grassroots Media Camp (PGMC) [August 24 through 26th, 2007] is a weekend long event of skills trainings and workshops designed to make media creation and,production more accessible to organizers, activists, and all community members. Workshops will take place across Portland at such sites as PCC Cascade Campus, the Musicians Union, St. Francis Church, KBOO, Laughing Horse Books, Liberty Hall, and the Center for Intercultural Organizing

The weekend will be an opportunity for community members, organizers, and activists, especially from immigrant communities in and around Portland, to learn new skills, get connected with local alternative media resources, and network with other immigrant, community, and media organizations. Workshops will two hours long focusing on one specific skill through the use of hands on activities. All skill levels are welcome. All workshops are FREE and open to the general public

The Media Camp Team poster video

BABEFEST: Only a few days away!

Portland, 23.08.2007 00:08

Breaking Assumptions & Barriers for Equality, a three day fest of music and workshops is coming up August 24th, 25th, and 26th

Friday At the Ranch 8*24*07
Sleepwalkers R.I.P. Tandemnation Cull

Liberty Hall (311 NE Ivy ) 8*25*07
12-1 D-MASC (Dudes Making Sandwiches)
1:15-2:15 Consent 101
2:20-3:20 Gender Caucus'
3:45-5pm **making punk communities safe from violence & aggression***
Scary Bear Massive Meat Split Anon Remora
Order of the GASH The Vonneguts

1-2:15 Women, Alcohol & Punk (all genders)
2:30-4 Rebel Boy: Treason to Patriarchy is Loyalty to Humanity!!
12-1 Riot Grrrl and Beyond
1:15-2:15 F.A.T.A.S.S. PDX sizism workshop
2:30-4 Women of Color in Punk/DIY Panel
4-6 pm Consensus Meeting Facilitation
7pm Dancing as expression workshop -Sprockettes and HCABBC
9pm BIKE IN MOVIES!! Feminist Film Nite!

Edinburgh council workers to strike

Scotland, 22.08.2007 22:09

Council services across Edinburgh are set to grind to a halt after workers voted overwhelmingly in favour of a one-day strike.

State Appellate Court to Hear Demand for Return of Patients' Medicine

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.08.2007 21:39

On Thursday, August 23rd, California's Fourth Appellate District in Santa Ana will hear oral arguments in a contentious case related to the return of medical cannabis patients' medicine following interactions with the police. Garden Grove patient Felix Kha may finally see the return of his wrongfully confiscated 8 grams of medical marijuana; an Orange County Superior Court judge in 2005 ordered the return of Kha's medicine after the case against him was dismissed. Kha's case will be heard alongside the case of Jim Spray, a Huntington Beach patient.

Depleted Uranium Inside the Human Body

Arkansas, 22.08.2007 19:40

After becoming familiar with the devastating effects of weaponized "Depleted" Uranium, a ceramic Uranium oxide gas that has been affecting millions of innocents in Europe, the Middle East and other parts of Asia, the United States, Somalia, and other nations of the world? Let's all do as Sister Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D. does and let our conscience dictate our next actions.

Houston 4 Elvira

Houston, 22.08.2007 17:39

8/22 Houston Rallies for Elvira - Hosts Family and Supporters on Thursday

En defensa de la autogestión

Argentina, 22.08.2007 16:08

Gran concurrencia al recital contra el desalojo del hotel Bauen

En defensa de la autogestión

Argentina, 22.08.2007 16:08

Gran concurrencia al recital contra el desalojo del hotel Bauen

Housing: A Front Page Special

Bristol, 22.08.2007 14:08

Where is Housing in the Region Going? Where is Housing in the Region Going? Barb Drummond writes; Housing Associations are paid vast sums of public money to house some of the most vulnerable in society, yet they often waste money on unnecessary works and litigation against tenants instead of maintaining buildings and ensuring tenants are allowed to be left in peace and safety. Local councilors and MPs have no control over their behavior or spending. By avoiding their responsibilities, the council, police and others are forced to deal with antisocial behavior and poor maintenance. I have had the misfortune to have lived in a housing association flat for almost 4 years. Though promised it was quiet, the insulation is poor and I have been subject to noise nuisance including karaoke, tv and domestic fights at all hours, so there have been loads of call outs to police and the council noise team. It has been so bad I have often had to sleep elsewhere....I am utterly fed up with my housing problems taking over my life, and of hearing similar stories from others. We are supposed to be a civilized society, setting standards for the rest of the world....Full article.While Rich Fish writes: I think as Bristolians we should have more say in the actual architectural designs of the ever increasing new developments. We must not allow the investors to ride roughshod over our planning department and erect hideous new buildings which are out of character with the area...Full article. Image: A recent planning/housing development; The proposed Dove Lane Development| Housing Associations | The Unbearable Luxury Flats of Bristol | Other Housing Related News: The yuppification of inner city Bristol? | Shortlist announced for England's 1st 'eco-village' - in Bristol | Self-build for sale – a mere £380,000? | Dove Lane Development: A 40 Story Fiasco in the Making? |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Editorial Cartoon: &quot;Left-Wing Posters: What CAN Be Done?&quot;

DC, 22.08.2007 08:09

So, while I'm just finishing choking down the news about the DC Gummint — at the urging of Fox 5 News — trying to sock the ANSWER Coalition with a fine for exercising basic Constitutional rights, I get a mailing from Rob Naiman's "Just Foreign Policy" list mentioning that their Iraqi Deaths Estimator has just rolled over a million. That's right, a million Iraqi dead since the "Shock'n'Awe" of March 2003 — or 1,012,979, to be exact, as I write this… Fox 5 News Takes Credit For ANSWER Poster Teardown Just Foreign Policy's Iraqi Death Estimator

Urgent - Eric McDavid's Trial Quickly Approaching!

DC, 22.08.2007 08:09

Anti-ICE/Solidarity with Elvira Arellano Demo

San Diego, 22.08.2007 07:08

Approximately 50 community members gathered in front of the Federal Building in downtown San Diego Tuesday evening to express their opposition to the deportation of Elvira Arellano, who was apprehended by ICE officers in Los Angeles Sunday afternoon, and to the continuing ICE raids, which are devasting families.

Video includes interviews, demo speakers and chanting (en español e english). Video in quicktime format (for assistance in viewing it, click here and scroll down).

Play the video

Tonight was san diego indymedia's second successful practice with our mobile media catalyst unit (the first being last week's no borders camp benefit). The unit allows us to go anywhere and immediate upload stories, pictures, video to san diego indymedia on-site, as well as provide media and internet access to those who don't have it. if you would like us to bring the unit to your event, meeting or community, please write us at
imc-sd AT lists DOT indymedia DOT org
(replacing " AT " with "@" and " DOT " with "."

Pescadores en Guerra Total

santiago, 22.08.2007 05:08

Se han levantado los Pescadores para luchar sin descanso

Forced resignation of principal incites protest

NYC, 22.08.2007 01:38

Over 200 supporters of the Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA) gathered yesterday evening outside the Department of Education to protest the forced resignation of Debbie Almontaser, the former principal of the school.

US Army Vessel Passes Through the Port of Olympia August 18th

Seattle, 22.08.2007 01:08

LSV-3, also known as the US Army's GEN Brehon B. Sommervell is back in the Port of Olympia at the North end of the Quay as of Saturday evening, the 18th of August.

Common Ground Seattle to Attend International Tribunal in New Orleans

Seattle, 22.08.2007 01:08

Several dozen hurricane survivors and allies will embark on Tuesday, August 21, for New Orleans, where they plan to participate in an International Tribunal that is bringing charges against the government for actions and inactions in the aftermath of the 2005 storms. The survivor-led group has been working for over a year to gather the thousands who were displaced to the greater Puget Sound area. Just last week they discovered a woman and her six children, all Katrina survivors, who were living in a car. The family was transported to Seattle by bus and, like so many others, was left without follow up support. More info: Please Help Homeless Katrina Survivor

The Tribunal's charges will highlight violations of UN guidelines -- including such neglect of internally displaced persons -- violations that the US itself has frequently invoked as a justification for invading and/or imposing its agenda on other countries. More on the Tribunal

Common Ground Seattle, a branch of Common Ground New Orleans, still needs food and financial assistance for their journey. More info on how to help

Metro Lighting Lock-Out In Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.08.2007 18:40

Metro lighting in Berkeley claims to be a "socially and environmentally correct 'green business'," but on Thursday, August 9, 2007, workers feared caustic alkaline may have been released into the air as a result of unsafe disposal. IWW members and pro-union workers were locked out that morning after complaining about this potentially serious chemical exposure in their workplace. Daily pickets are being held from 12-5:00pm in front of Metro Lighting at 2121 San Pablo in Berkeley.

Protests Against Mexican Governors in Chicago, New York and Dallas

United States, 21.08.2007 18:07

On August 16th, email alerts were circulating that Oaxaca governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (URO) and other governors from Mexico were visiting Mexican Consulates in Chicago on August 17th, New York City on the 18th and Dallas on the 19th to discuss migratory reform. Activists quickly organized demonstrations in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca, and all of Mexico, as well as the millions of Mexican migrants living on the northern side of the US/Mexico border.

A flyer passed out in New York City labeled Ruiz Ortiz, “a co-conspirator with the US government and multinational corporations in the imposition of a political economy, which forces entire communities from his state to migrate north in search of better lives.” The flyer, composed by the Ulises Ruiz Welcoming Committee, also explains that, “Ruiz has attempted to quell social unrest through the criminalization of dissent, the militarization of communities, and the direct support of paramilitary groups in his state.”

To those familiar with the cowardliness of Ruiz Ortiz, it was not a big surprise that he failed to show up with the delegation. Even though he was the focus of the demonstrations, his absence did not prevent activists from protesting the rest of the Mexican Governors and representatives of URO who were with the CONAGO (National Conference of Mexican Governors) delegation. Read More

Calls to Action | Chicago Protest Against Repression in Mexico | Ulises Ruiz Ortiz Unwelcome in Nueva York | Protest of Mexican Governors’ Meeting in Dallas

los trabajadores continuan en lucha

Argentina, 21.08.2007 16:38

Despidos y amenazas en el Puerto

Midwest ALF/ELF Grand Jury- September 6th

United States, 21.08.2007 16:37

It has just been made public that two people have been ordered to appear (subpoenaed) before a MN Grand Jury on Sept 6, in regards to Midwest ALF/ELF activity. They are, Anthony Wong and Brandon. (FFI: It appears that neither is cooperating. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of snitch Ian Wallace, who is known to be cooperating with federal authorities. Read More>>

Related: Seattle, WA- Minnesota Grand Jury Subpoena Delivered

Dos actividades

Argentina, 21.08.2007 15:38

Foro agua / Sacco y Vanzetti

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 21.08.2007 12:09

Miles-de-Viviendas vakigita...kaj...reokupita!

Venu al Miles por partopreni kaj rezisti

dum la vakigo: je la 18a amasiĝo en Pl. Mercat de Barceloneta + Grava vundito far la polico dum la amasiĝo + La polico malpendigas homojn sensekurece + Polico alvenis je la 6a matene ++ privakiga filmeto ++ dumvakigaj sondosieroj
Por pli bone kompreni kio okazadas en Miles...

suka barceloneta: najbaroj el Barceloneta manifestadas petante alternativon al la lifto-plano ::: 21an de aprilo manifestacio en la Barceloneta ::: alia plano eblas kaj la barceloneta surstratiĝas por tion pruvi ::: protesta baloto en la Barceloneta atingas preskaŭ 10% kaj sindeteno preskaŭ 58% el najbaroj

+ infoj: spekulado + ttt-ejo de miles + barcelonaj okupantoj

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 21.08.2007 12:09

Oni vakigis la straton Miquel Àngel de Sants

En tiu Barcelono kie la grandaj infrastrukturoj kaj negocoj pli gravas ol homoj, la kruelega subpremanta ŝildo kiu daŭrigas kaj legitimas la perforton de la polico kaj de la nemoveblaĵaj entreprenoj... vakigis la 27an de junio 2007, matene, ĉiujn okupitajn domojn en la strato Miquel Àngel en la kvartalo Sants.

La nekaŝita kompliceco inter policanoj kaj juĝa potenco evidentigas la subprememon de tiu kontraŭregula milito kontraŭ la sociaj movadoj aŭ kia ajn kontraŭstaro, kritiko, vivomaniero alternativa... al tiu urbomodelo, al la politiko aŭ al la valoroj kiujn la politikistaro volas enkonduki ajnakoste favore al la interesoj de la grandaj transnaciaj kompanioj kaj de sociekonomia klaso malproksima al la realo de la civitanoj, ĉiam pli konsciaj de tiuj altrudoj per iure imperii.

Oni vakigas la estontan novan bicikloatelieron de L'Hospitalet

[29an junio] Gazetara konferenco je la 12a en la Socia Centro de Sants (strato Olzinelles, 30)
Ĉeestos: La kvartala asembleo de Sants, juristoj kaj najbaroj de la strato Miquel Àngel

[29an junio] Manifestacio je la 20a en Pl. de Sants

Rilataj novaĵoj: La bicikloateliero de L'Òpera translokiĝas:::El Palomar okupas la straton:::La Fusteria riskas vakigon:::Ni haltigu la vakigon de la Okupita Socia Centro La Soga:::Plendo pro polica kidnapo :::Procesoj kontraŭ la popola movado de Esplugues:::Oni vendas Palmon al nemoveblaĵaj interesoj:::Ni haltigu la plendon kontraŭ Can Vies

+ infoj: spekulado kaj okupado + ttt-ejo de la strato Miquel Àngel + Kvartalo Sants + Barcelonaj Okupantoj

Pete Seda court date - call for support

Rogue Valley, 21.08.2007 09:39

There will be a court hearing in Eugene on Wednesday for Pete Seda. Friends of Pete Seda please come to Eugene on Wednesday 8/22.

Choice Ireland picket rogue crisis pregnancy agency, WRC.

Ireland, 21.08.2007 09:38

Choice Ireland staged a protest outside the Women’ ...

Grand Jury Resister Danae Kelley Arrested at Animal Right Demo- $50,000 Bail!

San Diego, 21.08.2007 08:38

from Njeri / San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia: California activist [and Grand Jury Resister] Danae Kelley was arrested after a legal demonstration in San Diego over the weekend. (13 others were detained but then released without charges just as Danae should have been.) Phone calls need to be made on her behalf. Please call [Los Colinas Detention Facility] and ask when she will be released.

Danae Kelley - Booking #7762437 - is at the Las Colinas Detention Facility-- Please call 619-258-3176 & ask when she'll be released and if she's getting vegan food. --Read More--; see also article on; updates at alongingforcollapsepress on myspace

Related: Rod Coronado's Hearing/Trial | Midwest ALF/ELF Grand Jury | Eric McDavid's Trial | | |

Green Scare: Minnesota Grand Jury Subpoenas Served in Seattle and Chicago

Portland, 21.08.2007 08:07

This morning [Mon. Aug. 20th], grand jury subpoenas were delivered to an individual in Seattle, WA and an individual in Chicago, IL. Both have been subpoenaed to appear at a grand jury in Minneapolis, MN on September the sixth.

When Anthony Wong was subpoenaed in Seattle, the object of the investigation was not made clear by Erik Swanson of the Minnesota police and Joint Terrorism Task Force. Wong's account may be found here.

In the case of the person subpoenaed in Chicago, Brandon, it was made clear that the grand jury is investigating "acts of arson and vandalism that happened a several years ago in Minnesota state." Brandon's account may be found here.

Neither of the two people receiving subpoenas today have been charged with any crime.


Argentina, 21.08.2007 04:38

Despidos y amenazas en el puerto

Trial Date for Eco-Prisoner Eric McDavid to Be Set on August 23rd

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.08.2007 03:39

After more than 19 months in jail without having been convicted of any crime, Eric McDavid's trial is now less than a month away. Eric has a Trial Confirmation Hearing on Thursday, August 23rd at 9 am. This hearing will serve to confirm that the trial will begin in Sacramento on September 10th, and that everything is on track for the process leading up to trial. Supporters are still trying to raise enough funds to pay Eric's legal expenses.

Protests Against Mexican Governors in Chicago, New York and Dallas

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.08.2007 03:39

On August 16th, email alerts were circulating that Oaxaca governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz and other governors from Mexico were visiting Mexican Consulates in Chicago on August 17th, New York City on the 18th and Dallas on the 19th to discuss migratory reform. Activists quickly organized demonstrations in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca, and all of Mexico, as well as the millions of Mexican migrants living on the northern side of the US/Mexico border. Although Ruiz Ortiz failed to show up with the delegation, the protests went on and the Mexican governors were held responsible for being co-conspirators with the US government and multinational corporations in the imposition of a political economy, which forces entire communities to migrate north in search of better lives.

Nigerian immigrant dead, after being chased by policemen

Athens, 20.08.2007 23:09

Violent protests by fellow countrymen and antiracists in solidarity.


Colombia, 20.08.2007 17:08

La Capitalización de la Miseria


Colombia, 20.08.2007 17:08

Codicia y demencia en Wall Street

Ruiz in Dallas

Houston, 20.08.2007 16:09

8/20 Texans Converge in Dallas to protest repression in Oaxaca

Report-back: &quot;Bookin' For Daniel&quot; Marathon Fundraiser Breaks Finish Line

Portland, 20.08.2007 14:38

Of the thousands of runners who participated in the 2007 San Francisco Marathon on Sunday, July 29, many were running to raise funds for good causes. One runner in particular had a compelling cause propelling her towards the finish line: all of the pledges that had been made for eco-defense prisoner Daniel McGowan's education fund.

Esther, co-founder of Eberhardt Press, started taking donations and pledges for her 26.2-mile run on behalf of Daniel a month before the marathon, documenting her training and preparations on the "Bookin' for Daniel" blog ( Readers could use the website to make a donation or pledge their support on a per-mile basis. The funds will be used to help support Daniel's efforts to obtain a Master's Degree while serving a seven-year sentence for crimes committed in defense of the earth.

The long run was challenging, Esther wrote in a recent blog posting, "but knowing that I was raising awareness of the case and raising funds for Daniel's education helped get me through those last grueling miles."

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