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Uruguay, 26.08.2007 19:08

Por una educación digna y popular

Media For Social Change

Portland, 26.08.2007 18:38

LINK TO VIDEO : This past summer, 13 college students have been sponsored by the newly launched Northwest Institute and have been addressing the issues of the environment, Iraq Veterans, and Homelessness just to name a few ? plus they have been learning about the new opportunities presented for the media by technologies like YouTube, The Internet, and blogs.

The event on Wednesday evening highlights and credits those students who are learning and applying "Media Activism" Their website is

I was interested in all these same topics and took it upon myself to come down and film their presentation. And I am glad I did.

There were books randomly placed on the tables and I filmed as many of the titles as possible - they all were on "The Media" and looked pretty interesting.


Portland, 26.08.2007 18:38

It is a great disappointment to have to write about the great short fallings of my congressmen of Washington state 3rd district. Unfortunately of late he requires a series of article that likely could comprise a book. This first essay is on the cowardice nature of congressmen Baird of the 3rd US congressional district of the state of Washington.

Yes cowardice. I am not sure I would be a man of greater measure, but I am not the congressmen. And of course if I were one I would hope not to be such a god damn lily livered son of a _itch that is a supporter if not a co- perpetrator the mass murder of Americans and Iraqis alike. His cowardice nature first appeared on TV.
Yes on TV. He was claiming the need to have a back-up US government in case the congress was attacked by terrorist. This occurred after one of those congressional evacuations during a fake terror attack. If anyone has a copy of that network news clip you can see the fear in his eyes. I think he really thinks there are terrorist. But it's unclear which he is more afraid of the ones in US uniforms or the peasants in Iraq.

She leads me

Portland, 26.08.2007 18:38

She leads me

The madness surrounds me.
Wild, crazed, violent
madmen, berserkers
of greed, power
and blood lust continue
their antediluvian creed
of slash, loot, rape and burn.

Taking my hand, She
leads carefully through
forgotten forests into the
highlands of an unfamiliar youth.
Here, underneath the gentle
music of dragonfly wings
lives the cool still waters of remembrance.

NOTE: Be sure to read the rest of this poem in the "Read More" link.

Esta tierra es de nosotrxs

Argentina, 26.08.2007 17:38

Jornada de Lucha Campesina en Deán Funes

Temporary Victory for DR Congo Refugees

United Kingdom, 26.08.2007 17:08

A High Court judge has ordered the halt of all deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo pending a 'country guidance' hearing for the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in September. The news was a reason for much rejoicing among DRC communities across the country, both inside and outside detention. Campaigners said the Home Office has, once again, missed a chance to get rid of as many Congolese asylum seekers as possible before the guidance appeal is determined in their favour. However, sources said the Home Office are still going ahead with the charter flight, filling it with DRC nationals who have not claimed asylum.

A number of Congolese detainees had received 'removal directions' for the 30th August. Last February, 21 children and 17 adults were forcibly deported to DR Congo on a charter flight operated by XL.

Eight coordinated protests have been called by Congolese communities and the Congo Support Project for August 28th in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Middlesborough, Newcastle and Nottingham. Meanwhile, charter airline XL has threatened the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC) with legal action after the latter published a message saying XL might be operating the 30th August deportation flight.

Related: Dozens deported to DR Congo | UK-wide Day of Action Against Deportations to DR Congo

Esta tierra es de nosotrxs

Argentina, 26.08.2007 17:08

Jornada de Lucha Campesina en Deán Funes


Colombia, 26.08.2007 16:38

La toma armada del Estado Colombiano

The country is on fire

Athens, 26.08.2007 15:38

Statists, murderers!


Athens, 26.08.2007 14:09

Θυσία στο βωμό της ανοικοδόμησης και της ανάπτυξης (για άλλη μια φορά)


Athens, 26.08.2007 04:38

Δάση και αξιοπρέπεια θυσιάζονται στον βωμό της ανοικοδόμησης και της ανάπτυξης (για άλλη μία φορά)

Villaraigosa fails Los Angeles' animals

LA, 26.08.2007 03:38

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa fails Los Angeles' animals, then lies about it

Free the Airwaves: Fight for the Local Community Radio Act of 2007

Philadelphia, 26.08.2007 02:08


Uruguay, 26.08.2007 01:08

Por una educación digna y popular

Sacco and Vanzetti--The Case that Will Not Die (Nor Should It)

United States, 25.08.2007 18:37

This year, 2007, is the 80th anniversary of Sacco and Vanzetti's execution. Those familiar with the radical movement know that at least once in every generation a political criminal case comes up that defines that era. One thinks of the Haymarket Martyrs in the 19th century, the Rosenburgs in the post-World War II Cold War period and today Mumia Abu-Jamal. In America after World War I when the Attorney General Palmer-driven ‘red scare’ brought the federal government’s vendetta against foreigners, immigrants and militant labor fighters to a white heat that generations case was probably the most famous of them all, Sacco and Vanzetti. Read More>>

United Kingdom, 25.08.2007 18:08

From 27th - 30th August Smash EDO ( are holding an action camp in the Wild Park, close to Mouslecoomb Station in Brighton. The camp will be a time to hold creative direct actions against the arms trade and a forum to discuss the anti-arms trade movement.

Details of Camp

Directions to the Camp

Smash EDO Press Release

No Border Camp approaches Gatwick Airport

Germany, 25.08.2007 14:38

As the government started to build a new immigration prison (Brook House at Gatwick Airport, near Crawley, south of London), the No Border Camp is getting closer: Sept 19-24. Among the various actions announced, Saturday, the 22nd, will see a demonstration from Crawley to Tinsley House, the already existing immigration prison at Gatwick, next to the planned site of the new centre. There will be workshops both at the camp and at Goldsmith University the week before, to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Lewisham.

Links: Gatwick No Border Camp | London No Borders | Nottingham No Borders | | map of European migrant camps | No Border Camp At IMC UK

Opfer sind die Täter, meint die spanische Kirche

Germany, 25.08.2007 14:38

Das katholische Erzbistum von Valencia provoziert die Empörung der Opfer der Diktatur, denn man sie eine Basilica für die bauen, die an der Seite Francos standen und dabei das Leben verlorenn. Die 30.000 Opfer des Faschismus, die allein um Valencia noch immer in Massengräbern liegen, werden natürlich in dem geschichtsrevisionistischen Anliegen vergessen ( Die postfaschistische Volkspartei (PP), die sich von Diktatur und Putsch nie distanziert haben (, deren Verantwortliche Gründer der Partei und Ehrenmitglieder ( sind, will das Anliegen der Fundamentalisten mit 4000 Quadratmeter teuerstem Bauland unterstützen, das der Kirche umsonst für den Bau zur Verfügung gestellt werden soll. Ein Beispiel, dass die Aufarbeitung der Geschichte nicht voran kommt.

No Border Camp im Anflug auf Gatwick Airport

Germany, 25.08.2007 14:38

Während das britische Innenministerium damit begonnen hat, einen neuen Abschiebeknast - Brook House - am Flughafen Gatwick zu bauen, rückt das No Border Camp (19-24 September 2007) langsam näher. Unter den vielen angekändigten Aktionen gehört die Demonstration von Crawley nach Tinsley House Prison/Gatwick, gleich neben der Baustelle des neün "Ausreisezentrums". Auf dem Camp selber, und an der Goldsmith University in der Woche vor dem Camp wird es zahlreiche Workshops geben, auch verbunden mit dem 30sten Jahrestages des Battle of Lewisham, als hunderte AntifaschistInnen sich einem National Front Aufmarsch in den Weg stellten. *1)

Climate Camp 07: un'altra fine del mondo è possibile

Switzerland, 25.08.2007 06:07

Tra il 14 e il 21 agosto attivisti ecologisti da tutto il mondo si sono incontrati al Climate Camp sorto vicino all'aeroporto internazionale londinese di Heathrow, sul luogo in cui verrà costruita una terza pista di atterraggio.
Oltre 4mila case rischiano di essere abbattute e le 10'000 persone che le abitano dovranno presto trovare una nuova sistemazione, l'inquinamento fonico ed ambientale nella zona aumenterà esponenzialmente.

Oltre alle proteste e alle numerose conferenze organizzate, il campo sul clima mira a essere un esempio di vita a basso impatto con docce calde alimentate da pannelli solari, un sistema di riciclaggio delle acque chiare, gabinetti a compost ed un indy-mediacenter funzionante ad energia eolica e solare.

La polizia e le autorità hanno cercato in tutti i modi di boicottare l'evento dispiegando migliaia di agenti di polizia e applicando in maniera brutale le recenti norme antiterrorismo (sono almeno 70 gli arrestati).
Ciò nonostante le proteste sono state massicce con blocchi, cortei, occupazioni, picchetti, azioni di solidarietà in tutta Europa. Le proteste sono culminate con 24 ore di azione diretta.

Materiali e links:
Un report in italiano all'apertura del campeggio - foto
Video dal campo
- Pagina speciale a cura di globalprojet
- Cronologia della protesta e della repressione (en)
- Aggiornamenti in italiano sulle azioni del 16.8
- Aggiornamenti in italiano dall'ultimo giorno del campo

The Lights of Xanica

NYC, 25.08.2007 04:09

People in the Zapotec community of Santiago Xanica in the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca continue to struggle for their right to choose their municipal president in an assembly by means of traditional practices and customs and to gain the freedom of the first political prisoners of the Ulises Ruiz regime in the face of threats, harassment, and arrest warrants on the eve of the municipal elections of August 26.

Bushwick Anti-Gentrification Protest

NYC, 25.08.2007 04:08

Last week, over 60 Bushwick residents and Make the Road by Walking members descended upon a recent condominium implant in a predominantly low-income and people of color neighborhood on 358 Grove Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Watch the video of the protest.

Protesters at ICE demand end to raids

DC, 25.08.2007 01:09

During afternoon rush hour on August 23, immigrants and supporters proteested at the very gates of ICE,responding to raids at the Smithfield plant, in DC-and to the arrest of Sanctuary movement activist Elvira Arellana in LA. Audio:5 min

HR 1227 Demonstrators at Desire Reopening

New Orleans, 24.08.2007 20:09

HR 1227 Demonstrators at Desire Reopening

New Orleans Students and Community Remember Homer Plessy

New Orleans, 24.08.2007 20:09

New Orleans Students and Community Remember Homer Plessy

New Orleans Drums into US Social Forum

New Orleans, 24.08.2007 20:09

New Orleans Drums into US Social Forum

Quigley: Injustice in Jena: The 'White Tree'

New Orleans, 24.08.2007 20:09

Quigley: Injustice in Jena: The 'White Tree'

Red Cross Funds Due Katrina Survivors Withheld in &quot;Insulting&quot; Process

New Orleans, 24.08.2007 20:09

Red Cross Funds Due Katrina Survivors Withheld in "Insulting" Process

March and Protest for Peace - 8/25/07 - kennebunkport, me

Maine, 24.08.2007 19:38

Information about the national march for peace happening tomorrow.

Movimiento en Itoitz. Movimiento por Itoitz.

Euskal Herria, 24.08.2007 19:09

Con Julio Villanueva ya son tres l@s solidari@s con Itoitzque pasan por la c�rcel por una acci�n directa y no violenta que llevaron a cabo en 1996 con el objetivo de evitar la construcci�n del pantano de Itoitz. Por cortar cables que transportaban hormig�n para construcci�n, fueron juzgados y sentenciados a 4 a�os y diez meses de prisi�n. Once a�os y un pantano despu�s, Julio fue detenido en Iru�a el 17 de agosto mientras renovaba el carn� de conducir.

De la misma manera, por una acci�n que consisti� en resistirse al desalojo para el derrumbe de las casas de los pueblos que fueron despu�s anegados por el pantano, otr@s solidari@s con Itoitz fueron juzgados el pasado 24 de julio. Se negaban a permitir el llenado del pantano mientras las autoridades navarras hac�an o�dos sordos a los informes que lo desaconsejaban.

En 2004 comenz� el llenado y la pr�ctica vuelve a echar por tierra el proyecto. Los movimientos s�smicos en Itoitz se suceden d�a s� y d�a tambi�n. Desde entonces se han producido m�s de 1.200 terremotos. Una media de 3 al d�a.

M�ltiples son tambi�n las irregularidades en torno a la construcci�n y uso del embalse. La �ltima conocida, el nuevo destino de las aguas del Irat�, que parece ser� la ciudad de Zaragoza.

Acciones pasadas y futuras: Libertad para el solidario Julio | Marcha bicicletera Itoiz/Yesa (31 Ag. ? 02 Sep.)

Celebrate the 87th Anniversary of U.S. Women's Right to Vote

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.08.2007 16:09

August 26th is Women's Equality Day. The date was selected to commemorate the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which granted women the right to vote. The 2nd Annual California Women's Equality Day Parade and Rally will take place on Saturday, August 25th, beginning at 9:30am at Sacramento's Southside Park, and ending in a rally on the West Steps of the Capitol at 11am. On Thursday, August 30th, Radical Women will celebrate Women's Equality Day at 7pm at New Valencia Hall, which is located at 625 Larkin Street in San Francisco.

Rally and Block Party In Brooklyn Against Evictions

NYC, 24.08.2007 16:08

Fifth Avenue Committee invites you to a block party against evictions, where we ask landlords Deanne Cheuk and Andrew Wiesmayr to be good neighbors and not throw low-income families out onto the street


Oost-Vlaanderen, 24.08.2007 16:07

Stakingen in Peru

Bridgepoint Capital (owners of Leeds airport) Offices in London Disrupted

United Kingdom, 24.08.2007 15:38

A group of 18 climate change campaigners from the Camp for Climate Action briefly occupied the offices of Bridgepoint Capital in Warwick Street in London on Monday morning. Bridgepoint Capital, a private equity firm, bought Leeds Bradford Airport in April and is pressing for further expansion.

A banner reading "Yorkshire's Flooding You Daft Pudding!" was unfurled and Yorkshire puddings handed out to management. A statement was also read out to management and the offices covered in stickers. The brief occupation lasted for 30 minutes before the campaigners left. There were no arrests and indeed there were no police in attendance at the action.

See also photos and the text of the declaration.

Resistir para Vivir: Interview with Don Benjamin of the AJR

Austin, 24.08.2007 15:08

Don Benjamín, member of the Association for Justice and Reconciliation, talks about surviving Guatemala’s genocide against the Maya and the current indigenous-led struggle to demand justice

In some respects, Don Benjamín is one of the lucky ones, a survivor.

As a 35-year-old indigenous peasant from Guatemala’s western highlands, he has pushed the limits of survival, beyond what many could ever imagine – outlasting a genocide aimed at him and other Maya civilians in the 1980s and 90s: a strategic, government-sponsored crusade that left him orphaned as a young teenager, fleeing into the mountainous backcountry, eluding army search squads and aerial bombardments.

Kenneth Foster's Lawyer: It's a Political Case Now

Austin, 24.08.2007 15:08

[from email circulated by Bob Van Steenburg, Austin Texas Coaltion to Abolish the Death Penalty] Following is a message from Keith Hampton, lawyer for Kenneth Foster. Please read Keith’s assessment of the situation and his recommendations for action. Also, I have attached “talking points” from Keith at the end of this message. ***** This is now a political and less a legal case for Kenneth. Go to the following link and begin emailing:

Fire at Treasure City!!

Austin, 24.08.2007 15:08

Early on the morning of Thursday, August 16, 2007, Treasure City Thrift caught fire. The fire started in the Free Box in front of the store, where donated items that we could not sell were available for free to anyone.

Update: … there will be a huge FIRE SALE this Saturday, August 25 starting at 9am . . . read more about the Treasure City comeback!

Four Days of Awesome Farmworker Solidarity Events!

Austin, 24.08.2007 15:08

The Student Farmworker Alliance is a youth-comprised, national network organizing to support the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. We've organized a series of fundraisers to send two high school activists to the SFA Encuentro in Immokalee, Florida at the end of August. Our goal is $500. (No one will be turned away from events for lack of money.) Click more for event details.

Stop the Killing of Kenneth Foster

Austin, 24.08.2007 15:08

In a dramatic turn, six activists sat down to block the gates of the Governor’s mansion in a physical demonstration of solidarity with Foster’s non-cooperation with the criminal justice system. In June 2000, a dozen activists were arrested during a similar protest of the execution of Gary Graham (a.k.a. Shaka Sankofa) … see full report with photos "Starting on the 23rd we will begin refusing all food. We will not eat any more meals served to us. Our only nourishment will be liquids" … read the full statement by Kenneth Foster and Joe John Amador Hunstville Protest Aug. 30 - - Javlin

O Globo volta a criminalizar a pobreza

Brasil, 24.08.2007 15:07


Save Pegah Emambakhsh from British Prison and Iranian Lashes

United Kingdom, 24.08.2007 13:38

An international campaign to prevent the UK government deporting Pegah Emambakhsh to Iran, where she fears persecution, for being a lesbian, has succeeded in getting a delay until Tuesday 28 August 2007.

Pegah sought asylum in the UK in 2005, her claim failed despite appeals, and she was arrested in Sheffield on Monday 13th August and is being detained in Yarlswood detention centre.

Her case has been taken up by the Iranian Queer Organization, who have said: "If she is going to be returned to Iran, there is much of possibility that she, due to her sexual orientation and her past life in Iran, will be sentenced to death, or, in a most optimistic view, be prosecuted and tortured in some of the ways that are all common among Iran's religious officials when having made the decision to chastise the so called 'corrupted' citizens.".

The global anti-deportation campaign, which has included approaches to the British ambassador in Rome and the Deputy Consul General in San Francisco has resulted in her case getting coverage in the local media, the Iranian media and the gay press around the world. She now has excellent legal representation and support from Outrage!.

Articles: Pegah Emambakhsh Must Stay | British Ambassador promises: "We will not deport Pegah Emambakhsh" | Who wants Pegah’s Blood? | Urgent! - Save Pegah From Death. Don't Alow That Pegah Goes Up On The Airplane | Lesbian facing Deportation to Iran needs your Support | URGENT: Don't Deport Pegah Emambakhsh

From the Newswire

Perth, 24.08.2007 08:39

NUS WA students make their voice heard!

Debate: cuando el poder define las palabras

Argentina, 24.08.2007 08:08

Los límites de la interculturalidad

Exigieron edificio único y mejoras urgentes

Argentina, 24.08.2007 07:08

Protesta artística de los secundarios del Bellas Artes

Exigieron edificio único y mejoras urgentes

Argentina, 24.08.2007 06:37

Protesta artística de los secundarios del Bellas Artes

Balloons and Shields: The Story of the Aug. 18th Seattle Anti-Fascist Action

Seattle, 24.08.2007 05:08

A Story from Seattle -- Disclaimer: None of this is true.

I: Action

We unloaded in the park by Westlake Center. Wait, let me go back. We drove from Portland, Tacoma, Olympia up to Seattle. Wait, let me go back. We all sat around, letting our plans orbit around us, gathering more and more layers of complexity. No, no, no. I know where to start.

La Lucha en Agrosuper

santiago, 24.08.2007 04:38

Trabajadores(as) de Agrosuper se lanzan a recuperar lo suyo

Westcoast Climate Convergence Builds Opposition to Dirty Energy

Portland, 24.08.2007 02:38

The Convergence was met with strong local support and important exchanges between those fighting fossil fuel development on local, regional and global scales. The Monday and Tuesday events helped draw more attention to continuing infrastructural commitments to destructive energy sources.

The Skamokawa event culminated with over 150 people participating in a direct action on Monday, occupying the proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) import facility at Bradwood, Oregon. The Columbia River divides Oregon and Washington, and participants in the Convergence learned about attempts to sustain the local economy of the Lower Columbia River while resisting massive fossil fuel developments in the area.

Using fishing boats, sailboats, kayaks, and an umiak, participants in the action crossed the Columbia River and occupied the beach at Bradwood where NorthernStar Natural Gas intends to construct a large LNG terminal. The terminal's peak daily capacity is twice the average daily use of Oregon natural gas consumers. The action had a twofold purpose, both highlighting local and global impacts of LNG development.

Protesters Lockdown at PacifiCorp, demanding Energy Justice | Another New Natural Gas Pipeline Proposed

Groups opposing LNG: Wahkiakum Friends of The River | Columbia River Vision | Columbia River Keeper


LNG Community Action Meeting Saturday Aug 25 in Coos Bay

Community action meeting 8/25 to prepare for a public hearing in Coos Bay, OR on 8/28. Speak out to prevent an ecological disaster from entering coastal Oregon's Coos Bay in the form of a supercooled liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal and pipeline with hundreds of miles of linear clearcuts across Oregon's mountains..

Since late 2004, multiple energy companies have proposed large, controversial liquefied natural gas (LNG) developments along the Lower Columbia River and in Coos Bay. Currently, five proposals exist in Oregon, each of them generating concern among people who live, work, and recreate in their vicinity. Here is a brief update on each of the five proposals:

Here's what it looks like when a pipeline explodes in your neighborhood | Dallas Explosion at Facility that sells Liquified Natural Gas


(en) (fr) (pl) Związek zawodowy pielęgniarek i połoźnych popiera strajk lekarzy

Torun, 24.08.2007 02:37

Estudantes Ocupam Reitoria da UFSC

Brasil, 24.08.2007 01:38

Precarização das Universidades Públicas

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