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Imágenes del &quot;pasado&quot;

Argentina, 29.08.2007 03:38

Secuestran a la hija menor del Perro Santillán

Imágenes del &quot;pasado&quot;

Argentina, 29.08.2007 03:38

Secuestran a la hija menor del Perro Santillán

Imágenes del &quot;pasado&quot;

Argentina, 29.08.2007 03:38

Secuestran a la hija menor del Perro Santillán


Uruguay, 29.08.2007 03:38

El pasado 24 de Agosto se realizó la marcha a 13 años de la masacre de Jacinto Vera

Llamado a movilización este 29

santiago, 29.08.2007 02:38

Llaman a protestar los mismos que dan palos en la protesta

Blumenauer's Party--Lone Vet Report

Portland, 29.08.2007 01:38

When Representative Blumenauer arrived about 4:15 pm, he had to go past us and wait for the elevator. We sang our songs, (very much off key) and the protest was a success. The idea was to let him know that his campaigning in the coming months was going to be shadowed by protestors who want him to act boldly and not as a pawn of Polosi. I think he got the idea loud and clear.

Friends of Earl put on the event, fundraising seemed to be the goal, but they had much to think about after passing us with their heads down. The invited guests did not seem to care that other democrats were protesting their get-together. One of my favorite people wondered aloud why they did not smile or say something to encourage us as they went in to eat cake. I don't have an answer to that question but maybe because they do not know what it is to be a democrat?

Riding the Eclipse

San Diego, 29.08.2007 00:07

Last night I went on a bike ride during the eclipse. It was so awesome watching a spectacular natural event unfold over the paved, built, engineered, unnatural urban landscape.

Scientific study, precise calculations, news reports, photos, videos, animations, simulations and more have reduced mind-blowing phenomena such as eclipses to routine, scripted series of steps far less engaging than the latest video game. But last night, for me, the eclipse was much more than that.

Bush booed and cursed in Bellevue!

Seattle, 29.08.2007 00:07

Some brief observations on today's event. Others who were there will no doubt add more. Oh, and I saw a grand total of TEN people who turned out to cheer the liar and thief!

Protest Video of the Motorcade in Bellevue

Seattle, 29.08.2007 00:07

Footage from the protest in Bellevue as the Bush motorcade arrives.

1,000 people get in Bush’s Face Calling for Impeachment

Seattle, 29.08.2007 00:07

A handful of Republicans many have greeted Bush inside the hotel yesterday but the people in the streets did not. More than 1,000 people carrying a range of signs gathered in Bellevue to tell Bush what they thought of him and his policies. They were also critical of the U.S. Representative who was the beneficiary of this $1,000 a plate, $10,000 per photo op with Bush fundraiser.

US-American peace delegate to Iran responds to Daily Telegraph propaganda

Torun, 28.08.2007 23:37

Vigil for HIV+ transwoman died in ICE custody

LA, 28.08.2007 20:08

Vigil for HIV+ transwoman died in ICE custody


New Mexico, 28.08.2007 20:08


Union Organizing Drive in Fresno

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.08.2007 19:08

The largest private sector union organizing drive in the history of Fresno is now underway at Community Regional Medical Center. A press conference announcing the effort was held on Monday, August 27th. Community Hospital workers and their allies hope to improve working conditions and salaries.

Hutto Settlement

Houston, 28.08.2007 16:09

8/27 ACLU Reaches Settlement with Government over Conditions at T Don Hutto facility in Taylor

Hampton Leads CPD HQ Protest With Family Of Aaron Harrison

Chicago, 28.08.2007 16:08

From the newswire: "On Thursday, August 16, 2007, a group of nearly 100 people shut down the Police Board meeting at the Chicago police headquarters at 35th and Michigan…

"Activists went inside the police headquarters to make their voice heard at the Police Board meeting. Witnesses say that a gun was planted on Aaron Harrison, in order for the police to justify their shooting him in the back. One speaker, Queen Sister, addressed the board and then activists took over the meeting…

"Police came out from every direction and surrounded the protesters. One photographer was asked for his press badge and got into an argument with police. The police commission was escorted out of the room and the meeting was temporarily shut down." Read more

Tühoe: Te Ahikaa roa a Mihi ki te Kapua 2007/2008

Aotearoa, 28.08.2007 02:09

E nga mana, e nga reo, nei ra te karanga o Te mana Motuhake o Tühoe ki te whakanui i te tekau tau o te nohonga o Waikaremoana. Kua tekau tau te roa kua rongo ai a Waiwherowhero i nga reo o ana mokopuna. Kua tekau tau te roa i mura ai nga ahi ki te taha o nga wai kaukau o nga tipuna. no reira, anei ra te karanga. Nau mai, Hoki mai!

It has been ten years since the Waikaremoana land occupation. It has been ten years since the fires burnt on the shores of Waikaremoana. Ten years since the grandchildren of Waikaremoana made a stand against the continual alienation of their lands, forests and of course the lake. Te Mana Motuhake o Tühoe invite the freedom fighters who were part of the occupation to return, and also any comrade or organisation who want to celebrate and plan for our future campaign. Come and share victories, kai and korero with Tuhoe this New Years eve. [ Info ]

Venue: Waikaremoana, Te Waiwherowhero pa. (next to the campgrounds)
Date: 31/12/07 - 03/01/08
Contact and info: manamotuhake(at)

Tühoe, who didn't sign Te Tiriti o Waitangi, was invaded by colonial forces and had land confiscated in the 1800s. They are currently going through Waitangi Tribunal process and a report is expected this year. Here is a 10 minute documentary with interviews. Tamati Krueger says: "Our area [Tühoe] is different. There is no government law here. […] This is not an honourable settlement. It is underhanded. A small amount will receive most of the benefits. A large number will bear the cost. […] At the end of the day whakapapa matters more than money. So Tühoe need to focus on its whakapapa and its links to neighbouring iwi."

Links: Te Mana Motuhake o Tuuhoe | Aocafe Aotearoa IMC Features: Confederation members set up road blockades and fight for their forest (Oct 2006) | Ko Te Manamotuhake Oo Tuuhoe - Maintaining the mana of Tuuhoe (Jun 2006) | The Ruatoki valley blazes as Tuhoe stands tall (Jan 2005)

Intentaron desalojar el Centro Social y Cultural

Argentina, 28.08.2007 00:38

Amenazas y aprietes en C.S.C. Kasa L@s Gat@s

ICE Attacks Immigrants At Soccer Game While Protest Underway At Their HQ

DC, 28.08.2007 00:09

Last Thursday, Aug 23, Immigration agents sunk to a new low in fascism and brutality. While ICE was being protested at their headquarters, they sent agents to a SOCCER GAME at 11th and Irving sts for yet another roundup! ALL persons looking Latino were detained and ordered to show ID, whites allowed to leave…

Protesters Oppose Statue of White Supremacist and Queerophobe in Downtown San Diego

San Diego, 27.08.2007 23:38

On Saturday afternoon, about three hundred protesters gathered in front of Horton Plaza to oppose the unveiling of a statue of Pete Wilson, white supremicist and queerophobic former mayor of San Diego, and California Senator and Governor. Wilson is notorious for championing Proposition 187 and for vetoing legislation to protect queers from job discrimination.

from Janice Jordan: On Saturday, activist communities from San Diego challenged the presence of Pete Wilson, a man of hate and a symbol of racism in downtown San Diego. Border Angels and Raza Rights, two of the organizing bodies for the demonstration of the installation of facism kept the crowd of 200-300 noisy and energized. --Read More--

comment from s t a r r: At the unveiling of his statue yesterday, former SD mayor/CA governor Pete Wilson called those opposed to the statue "thugs," "childish," and "horse's asses." He went on to state that whoever opposed the statue was in support of illegal immigration... [We] reject the statue of Pete Wilson because of the profits he and his wife have made off of exploiting prison labor and prison privatization. During his tenure as Governor, Pete Wilson's wife, Gayle, owned over half of the prisons in California. At the same time, Wilson got re-elected using a tough-on-crime Republican platform which resulted in the denial of parole for numerous women serving excessive sentences for defending themselves against domestic violence. It also landed tens of thousands of minor drug offenders behind bars, as he aided & abetted Ronald Reagan's so-called war on drugs. This was clearly a conflict of interest. One could picture Pete and Gayle in bed, chatting. Okay, honey, you buy the prisons, and I'll fill them up. --Read More-- (scroll down for comments)

comment from Rocky: ...Let them put up the bronze statue of Pete Wilson, if you must. The seagulls will know what to do with it.--Read More--

comment from Cecil: Statues suck anyway. Why waste time? let them put it up and then vandalize it. Put pink spray paint on his crotch or something. Really, have you ever seen a good statue? Even an Emma Goldman statue would be worthless. Let them waste their money on a statue of stupid Pete-- they want to honor him for building Horton Plaza for fuck's sake. --Read More--

October 2nd: Public Forum on Women and the War in Iraq

Seattle, 27.08.2007 23:38

This Public Forum will include the debut of a short documentary film “Female Faces of War” which features personal stories told by an Iraqi woman, an American mother whose son was killed in action in the war, an advocate for victims of Military Sexual Trauma, and a female U.S. soldier who served in Iraq.

Venue: The Seattle Art Museum
1300 First Avenue, Seattle WA 98101
Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2007
Time: 6 p.m.- 9:00 p.m (free admission)

Zapatisterna ber världen att delta i protester idag torsdag!

Sverige, 27.08.2007 23:08

Vi i Skärholmens LS av SAC, fick idag det här brevet och flera liknande från andra instanser med kontakt med zapatisterna och frihetliga kretsar i Mexiko: EZLN skrev: Kamrater: Vi har idag gått i i "Röd Alert" högsta beredskap eftersom våra kamrater i Texcoco vid San Salvador Atenco, där subcomandante Marcos befann sig i dagarna, blev attackerade av armén. Vi kallar nu till allmän mobilisering nationellt och internationellt idag 4 maj kl 8 på morgonen till alla mexikanska ambassader mot Fox regeringen

Vi sätter agendan! Söndag 21 maj, kl 13.00 på Odenplan.

Sverige, 27.08.2007 23:08

Den 6/6 kommer Sveriges samlade högerextrema rörelse försöka marschera genom centrala Stockholm för andra året i rad. Ännu har de inte offentliggjort vilken väg de kommer att gå eller var de tänker samlas, av rädsla för att tvingas bli konfronterade av oss som vägrar acceptera nazistiska marscher på våra gator. Vi tänker inte vänta tills de vågar, utan redan på söndag samlas vi för att visa att det är vi som sätter agendan, att vi har initiativet.


Sverige, 27.08.2007 23:08

Den 6 juni är Sveriges nationaldag. Denna dag samlas nazister från hela Sverige i Stockholm, för att få en chans att visa upp sig, och nu i valtider försöka framställa sig själva som respektabla.

Solidaritet med de strejkande i hemtjänsten i Hässelby!

Sverige, 27.08.2007 23:08

Sedan måndagen den 29 maj strejkar 15 fastanställda hemtjänstarbetare i Hässelby och Vällingbys Öppna Hemtjänst. Många fler är involverade i konflikten genom de mertids- och nyanställningsblockader som tidigare trätt i kraft.

Massaker i Oaxaca när polisen försöker avhysa lärarna från stadens centrala torg.

Sverige, 27.08.2007 23:08

Visa uppgifter talar om 20 döda och hundatals försvunna och sårade. Det finns beskrivningar om hur poliser tillhörande 6 olika poliskårer bombarderade folkmassan med tårgas från helikoptrar och hur lärarna attackerades på marken. Hundratals fångar, många av dessa med livshotande skador, transporterades sedan till väntande herkules flygplan för att flygas bort från delstaten till okända mål.

Ringling Bros Protest / Help Needed

Portland, 27.08.2007 22:07

"Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus - The circus is here Thursday, August 30th - Sunday, September 2nd at the Rose Quarter. We will be leafletting 1 hour before every show. The leafletting times will be:

Thursday, August 30th - 6:30 pm
Friday, August 31st - 6:30 pm
Saturday, September 1st - 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm
Sunday, September 2nd - Noon

This year, PETA has a van following Ringling at every stop. A young man named Jason Bayless has been hot on their tail all the way. Check out for more info. He will be here in Portland with video cameras, posters, signs, leaflets, costumes, etc.... We will be ready for Ringling when they arrive and we will be following them on their elephant walk from the train to the Rose Garden, no matter what time of day or night they arrive. We need some volunteers to help with this.....

Wavy Gravy at the Oregon Country Fair

Portland, 27.08.2007 22:07

Wavy Gravy made his first appearance at the Oregon Country Fair in 38 years this summer. Self described "flower geezer," Wavy Gravy the Clown has been delighting and enlightening generations of us since his days as icon of the 1960s counterculture (and later honorary ice cream flavor!) This was recorded at Wavy's appearance at The Front Porch stage of the Oregon Country Fair on July 15.

Wavy reminisces and reads passages from his book, "Something Good for a Change." | Link to Part 1 | Link to Part 2

Bush in Bellevue 8/27; Baird town hallmeetings

Portland, 27.08.2007 22:07

It is time to let the folks in DC know our views on war and impeachment.Bush will be in Bellevue on Monday, August 27th. Come make some noise. see info below. George Bush will be in town as the main attraction for Doublespead-Dave Riechert's fundraiser. The intersection of NE 8th and Bellevue Way is likely to be blocked. We can line the streets all along downtown Bellevue. Let's make it the mother of all Protest Bush events. Bring your outrage, signs, puppets, theatrics, noisemakers and friends. Declare yourself, wear Guantanamo Orange. Protesters will stage a die- in," document speeches on video, bang pots and pans, and let the world know we will not tolerate the war criminal in chief here in Washington State. Meet at the Bradford Center, 12:30 p.m.

CIW Protest at Hollywood Burger King

United States, 27.08.2007 21:37

August 25, 2007, MIAMI --- Well over 100 people showed up for this spirited noontime protest at a Dania Beach Burger King restaurant, the launch of a long series of protests in the Miami area as the Campaign for Fair Food ramps up for the big November action at BK's annual shareholder meeting. The action began with a lively march that reached the restaurant and shifted into a picket line that would hold its ground for the better part of the next two hours. Read More>>

Movimentos sociais denunciam danos socioambientais da empresa Ypióca em ato público

Brasil, 27.08.2007 21:08



Uruguay, 27.08.2007 17:38

Por una educación digna y popular


Uruguay, 27.08.2007 17:38

A 80 años del asesinato en EEUU de los anarquistas italianos Nicola Sacco y Bartolomeo Vanzetti

VIDEO: Taxi Workers Unite: 48-Hour Strike Set for September 5th

Philadelphia, 27.08.2007 17:08

イルコモンズ・リブート・キャンプ + 市民メディアサミット札幌 9/3~ 9/9

Japan, 27.08.2007 17:07

北海道にある自由学校からのおしらせです: 9月3日(月)から9日(日)の間、イベントスペースを運営しているATTICさんに会場協力をしていただいて、講師に小田マサノリ(イルコモンズ)さんをお招きし、 ●インディペンデント・メディアや反グローバリズム運動等に関する展示 ●インフォ・ショップの運営 ●市民による情報発信に関するワークショップ・講義 を、毎日おこないます。

Camp for Climate Action - East Anglia Round up

United Kingdom, 27.08.2007 15:39

While the Camp for Climate Action (full Indymedia coverage) was going on next to Heathrow, campaigners have not been slacking in East Anglia. There have been protests at Norwich Airport and Stansted Airport, while it is has been reported that Cambridge Airport is seeing rapid growth in use by executive jets - over 3000 per year. And away from the airports, Friday started with a blockade of the Sizewell nuclear power station in Suffolk where a group of five people locked on in the entrance of Sizewell nuclear power station and unfurled a banner reading 'nuclear power is not the answer to climate chaos'

Many activists from Cambridge were at the camp, including some supergluing themselves to the Department for Transport, while others found themselves held as terrorists when they clearly weren't or photographed by police while using the toilet.

A Desalambrar

Argentina, 27.08.2007 15:38

Anti WAR

Perth, 27.08.2007 13:39

PUBLIC MEETING: Stop Bush - Sack Howard - Stop APEC


Perth, 27.08.2007 12:38

Green Energy Now

Thank you, Moe Fishman!

DC, 27.08.2007 06:10

As Bush shares with the nation his latest constructs concerning Freedom, World War Two, Democracy and the "Shintew Religion," it might be worthwhile to check in with a veteran who actually volunteered to lay his life on the line in defense of freedom, the late Lincoln Brigades veteran Moe Fishman. Fishman provides a necessary refresher on the actual legacy of World War II, and Bush's blatant violation of it.

&quot;Aerial Applications of CheckMate®OLR-F Are Necessary in Your Area&quot;

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.08.2007 05:37

The California Department of Food and Agriculture and the United States Department of Food and Agriculture released an official notice to Seaside which states, "Due to an infestation of Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM), aerial applications of CheckMate®OLR-F (a pheromone mating disruptor) are necessary. Your area is scheduled for treatment starting at 8:00 p.m. on September 5, 6 and 7 2007, continuing into the early hours of the following morning."

Hace 5 meses que reclaman su liberación

Argentina, 27.08.2007 03:39

Esteche y Lescano en huelga de hambre

Hace 5 meses que reclaman su liberación

Argentina, 27.08.2007 03:08

Esteche y Lescano en huelga de hambre

Community Vigil in Beach Flats to Support Elvira Arellano

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.08.2007 02:08

On August 24th, dozens of community members gathered in Beach Flats Park for a vigil in solidarity with Elvira Arellano and all of the other families in risk of separation because of the US government's inhumane immigration laws and selective enforcement practices. The emergency rally and vigil was coordinated by M.E.Ch.A. de La Tierra with the support of a handful of local organizations. People spoke about the case of Elvira Arellano, who, with her son Saul, has become a national symbol of the destruction of families by federal policy.

Activists Ask ACLU to Help End Sleeping Ban

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.08.2007 02:08

On August 26th, a number of Santa Cruz homeless activists made an appeal to the ACLU of Santa Cruz County during a fundraising event held at the small public aquarium next to the UC Long Marine center. They would like for them to contribute to the legal fight to end the ban on outdoor sleeping and camping, using the same process behind the Jones decision precedent in the Los Angeles courts, which held that a local city cannot ban sleeping on public property if adequate shelters for indigent people are not available. Santa Cruz currently has fewer than 100 shelter beds for a countywide homeless population which could number in the thousands. Read More and View Photos

see also: Striking Back Against Sentinel/SCPD Smears and "Progressive" Silence on the Sleeping Ban | Vice-Mayor Bans Activists from Bookshop Santa Cruz | Previous SC-IMC Coverage


Canarias, 27.08.2007 00:09

Muchxs historiadorxs aún hoy estudian la relación entre la desaparición del árbol Garoé, y la de la civilización bimbache. Es frecuente en la mitología clásica la sacralización de los árboles, así como en la amazigh, primerxs pobladores de las "Islas Afortunadas" según los estudios de lxs principales investigadorxs.
Nada que ver con la actual presión de lxs piratas del cemento sobre los espacios protegidos y de los buitres que se benefician de los desastres que causan sus excesos.
Se repite la catástrofe social, ecológica y organizativa, el abandono de las víctimas, la desinformación de la población y las chapuzas en todas las instancias de todas las instituciones.

nos enviarán al fuego sin medios,
dependeremos del clima para salvar nuestra tierra,
nos obligarán a no luchar mientras perdemos todo lo que tenemos,
a lxs canarixs, nos arda todo, menos la sangre.

Newark Anti-War Rally

NYC, 27.08.2007 00:08

Between 500 and 1000 people organized by a coalition of between 25 and 50 progressive, anti-war, Marxist and community organizations braved the sweltering heat in Newark New Jersey to protest the war in Iraq and to call for univeral health care.

Protesters March Downtown to Protest Arellano Deportation

LA, 26.08.2007 23:08

Protesters March Downtown to Protest Arellano Deportation

Choque invade Faculdade de Direito da USP

Brasil, 26.08.2007 20:08



Uruguay, 26.08.2007 20:08

A 80 años del asesinato en EEUU de los anarquistas italianos Nicola Sacco y Bartolomeo Vanzetti

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