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US-NZ Partnership Forum: Neo-liberalism - Pacific Style

Aotearoa, 31.08.2007 00:09

Since the Labour government took power in 1999, neo-liberal reforms have been forced upon the Pacific Island Countries who make up the Pacific Islands Forum. Implementing this neo-colonial agenda is central to New Zealand, Australian and United States interest in the region. In this article Ryan Bodman analyses the implications of the neo-liberal agenda,

"the Pacific, like many areas in the global south, is facing an onslaught of cut-throat neo-liberal agreements. The Australasian powers and the EU are in on the action and the US-NZ Partnership Forum, taking place in September 2007, expedites the arrival of the US to take its piece of the pie. If this agenda is allowed to reign supreme, it is more then likely that the Pacific, as we know it, will cease to exist."

Learn More: Paul Buchanan and Omar Hamed will be discussing the US-NZ relationship on Monday at the GPJA Forum. [ Details ]

Índios Tupinikim e Guarani de Aracruz retomam definitivamente suas terras

Brasil, 31.08.2007 00:08


Gathering of Eagles to disrupt ANSWER march on sept 15

DC, 30.08.2007 23:10

the Gathering of Eagles plan on disrupting the ANSWER march on september 15.. here is some information from off of their website


DC, 30.08.2007 23:10

In keeping with the progression from Ashcroft to Gonzales (who could've imagined it could actually get WORSE??), I hear they are nominating a shark with Hitler's brain implanted into it, as the new A.G.


DC, 30.08.2007 23:10

I received this as an email. May have redundant info but it's great news that it's circulating! MASSIVE COMMUNITY MARCH and RALLY SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd 3:00 PM

Police brutality in Montebello

London, Ontario, 30.08.2007 23:07

Londoners brutalized and arrested by riot police for dissenting.

Montebello: What Really Happened

London, Ontario, 30.08.2007 23:07

Counters the corporate media spin and disinformation released on the anti-SPP protests in Montebello, Quebec.

Berkeley Tree-sitters Coming Under Attack

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.08.2007 22:08

On August 29, the University of California Police Department staged an early morning operation at the Memorial Oak Grove located on the South East of the UC Berkeley campus. UCPD officers erected a ten foot high chain-link fence along the perimeter of the tree-sits to prevent supporters from bringing food and water to the tree-sitters. Support marches are leaving from the Oak Grove at noon on both Friday, August 31st and Saturday, September 1st. An emergency hearing was scheduled for Thursday at 1:30pm in Alameda County Superior Court, to consider whether the fencing of the oak grove is a violation of the current court ordered injunction.

BREAKING: Movement to Save Kenneth Foster Wins Historic Victory

NYC, 30.08.2007 22:08

Family members and supporters of Kenneth Foster, Jr. are jubilant in the reaction to Texas Governor Rick Perry's today's announcement today that he would commute the death sentence of Kenneth Foster, who was convicted under the controversial "Law of Parties" for a 1996 murder in which he had no actual involvement. The Board of Pardons and Paroles had recommened clemency by a vote of 6-1. Foster's execution had been scheduled for tonight.

BREAKING NEWS! Kenneth Foster Jr's Death Sentence Commuted!

Philadelphia, 30.08.2007 19:08


Japan, 30.08.2007 19:07

既に報道されているとおり、いわゆる「ネットカフェ難民」について、厚生労働省による調査結果が公表された。 これに関して、大阪で調査に協力した釜ヶ崎支援機構は、東京とは様相の異なる大阪での実態を伝えようと、2007年8月31日に報道発表する準備をしていたが、これがなんらかの事情により中止されたという。 準備されていた報道発表資料を入手したので、ここに掲載する。

Squatting the Edinburgh Festival

Scotland, 30.08.2007 17:08

Artists and activists squatted the old art college on the Grassmarket at the weekend. They were attempting to open it up as a free arts space for the festival and a community resource centre, and to contest the squatting laws in Scotland.

19 millones de mujeres pobres interrumpen su embarazo

Argentina, 30.08.2007 16:38

“Muerte y Negación: Aborto Inseguro y Pobreza”

19 millones de mujeres pobres interrumpen su embarazo

Argentina, 30.08.2007 16:38

“Muerte y Negación: Aborto Inseguro y Pobreza”

From the Newswire

Perth, 30.08.2007 16:08

State Security visit Perth activist

9th Annual Music and Arts Fest on September 8th in Golden Gate Park

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.08.2007 16:08

On Saturday September 8th, Michael Franti and his group Spearhead - along with Guerrilla Management -present the 9th Annual 911 Power to the Peaceful Festival at Speedway Meadow in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. This free music and arts festival is "dedicated to social justice, non violence, coexistence, and environmental sustainability-- and is aimed to educate, enrage, enlighten and inspire."

Bush Comes To Town and Avoids Arrest

Seattle, 30.08.2007 16:08

1,200 fist raising people from as far away as British Columbia and Oregon came to express their outage on the streets of a posh Seattle suburb. Activists demanded that the police arrest Bush for war crimes as well as crimes against Americans.

Madcap neo-liberalism: Councils Urged to Implement User-Pays for Water

Aotearoa, 30.08.2007 10:09

Wellington citizens are mobilising to prevent the privatisation of water in their cities. The Media Release below highlights the threat water privatisation is to a healthy society. A newly-formed group, aiming to stop the commercialisation of domestic water supply, says that a proposal for user-pays charges for water is a warning that the corpse of madcap neo-liberalism is yet to stop twitching.

Responding to the “Funding Local Government” report released this week, Maria McMillan, spokesperson for lobby group Right to Water, says the proposal to introduce charges for water takes us back to the bad old days of Rogernomics, with its insistence on slapping ‘user-pays’ charges on everything, regardless of the social and economic consequences.

Also: Anti-Water Meter Campaign Upper Hutt City has issued a Media Release stating, "Water is not a commodity to be bought and sold by those who can afford it. Charging for water hits the poorest hardest and denies people one of the most basic things they need for a decent, healthy life. We don’t need companies making profits out of water. We all need water and should have free access to it as a human right."

Closet Cases Shutting Down Online Sex Networking

San Diego, 30.08.2007 09:38

The hypocrisy knows no bounds. While the powerful get their sex in public men's rooms, us "normal" people who negotiate for it online are about to be criminalized. Read what the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has to say about proposed rule changes that will have the FBI collecting and storing info on your sex partners - more warrantless searches - woohoo.

"The federal government is proposing regulations that would effectively kill adult social-networking sites. This is being done under the guise of fighting child pornography. You have until September 10 to object to these regulations. It’s easy to do and essential...Obviously, none of this has anything to do with child pornography. Instead, it is a blatant attempt to end the ability of consenting adults to use adult social-networking sites to meet other people for sex..."

Filosofía huele a podrido

Argentina, 30.08.2007 06:38

Festival contra la violencia institucional

Race, sex, class – and the greatest of these is class

Aotearoa, 30.08.2007 06:09

Last month veteran social justice campaigner John Minto delivered the 2007 Lincoln Efford Memorial lecture to the Workers Educational Association in Christchurch. The presentation was entitled Race, sex, class – and the greatest of these is class and analyses the attacks of the neoliberal governments of the 1980s and 1990s on workers from a variety of perspectives. The conclusions Minto draws are interesting and thought-provoking, as are the examples of the possibilites for resistance and the creation of alternatives that he gives.

Continúan las exigencias

santiago, 30.08.2007 05:08

Trabajadores(as) de Agrosuper intensifican la Lucha

Naomi Klein Speaks About Disaster Capitalism

New Orleans, 30.08.2007 04:39

Naomi Klein Speaks About Disaster Capitalism


Aotearoa, 30.08.2007 04:09

Iranian hunger striker Ali Panah was returned to hospital last night from Mt Eden Prison. He is now on Day 49 of his hunger strike and fears are rising for the state of his health.

Protest: Saturday, September 1, 1pm-2pm @ Auckland Hospital in Park Road.


War on Westside Gangs

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.08.2007 04:08

Fresno mayor Alan Autry and police chief Jerry Dyer announced plans to crack down on westside gangs. Fresno City Council member Jerry Duncan, stressing the urgency of this effort compared the campaign to the war on terror. Duncan, speaking about gang members, said "make no mistake about it, they are terrorists and they are as much of terrorists as those people in Iraq that are blowing up innocent people." They also promoted technology that will increase video surveillance and put GPS tracking devises on West Fresno residents in order to reduce crime.

Ministério da Cultura utiliza indevidamente nome do Centro de Mídia Independente em programa de financiamento

Brasil, 30.08.2007 01:38

Nota da Rede CMI


Uruguay, 30.08.2007 00:38

Otro 24 de agosto en las calles exigiendo juicio y castigo. Expresando solidaridad con el pueblo vasco

Ken Fosters final hour

Houston, 30.08.2007 00:08

BREAKING NEWS: Kenneth Foster's pardon decision delayed

The 5:32 AM Train to Washington, D.C.

Baltimore, 30.08.2007 00:08

A lot has changed since 9/11, mostly all for the worse. When I took the commuter train from Baltimore to Washington, D.C., on the morning of Aug. 7, 2007, “Big Brother” knew I was on it, since an ID is needed to buy a ticket. When I got to D.C., “Big Brother’s’” cameras watched me get on and off the Metrorail. When I tried to videotape a demonstration at the DOE, a security guard threatened to confiscate my camcorder and to put me “in handcuffs!”

United Workers Announces Living Wage Hunger Strike at Camden Yards

Baltimore, 30.08.2007 00:08

On Wednesday, August 15th, the United Workers announced a hunger strike on Saturday September 3rd at Camden Yards calling for a binding living wage and improved conditions for stadium workers.

People's Picnic at the Old Head of Kinsale

Ireland, 29.08.2007 23:08

Another successful people's picnic Report from the ...

Intentaron desalojar el Centro Social y Cultural

Argentina, 29.08.2007 22:38

Amenazas y aprietes Kasa L@s Gat@s

From the Newswire

Manila, 29.08.2007 21:39

Sierra Madre Trees Spiked

Providence Protesters Urge 'Justice'

NYC, 29.08.2007 20:38

NORTH PROVIDENCE — Clenched fists raised, close to 200 protesters yesterday denounced the North Providence police and demanded "justice" for a protester seriously injured two weeks ago while demonstrating at an Asian restaurant on Mineral Spring Avenue.

Appalachian Grandfather Seeks Justice in NYC; School children &amp; communities at risk

NYC, 29.08.2007 20:38

West Virginia grand-father Ed Wiley, 49, will arrive in New York City's Rockefeller Plaza at 7:00am on September 1 , 2007, to voice his concerns about the safety of some 230 elementary school children in the southern West Virginia coalfields. Targeting the live cameras of the "Today Show" and the crowds at Rockefeller Plaza, Wiley will stake out his spot to draw the nation's attention to the dirty business of Mountaintop Removal / Valley Fill Coal Mining that is ravaging the Appalachian region and its people.


Uruguay, 29.08.2007 19:38

Las radios libres rechazan el proyecto de ley del gobierno

Beyond Kozol, Toward a School Action Plan

San Diego, 29.08.2007 19:37

These are harsh times. The economy grinds down and the wars bomb on. In such an era, people define themselves by their actions. Often, there is no reversing the action taken, as a wounded economy and a desperate empire at war have no forgiveness.

This is especially true for educators, school workers, who face the militarization of schooling and the regimentation of what is taught, what kids come to know and how they come to know it, through curricula regulations noosed by high stakes exams. Every educator now faces questions like, “Why am I here? Whose interests are being served? What shall I do?”

Jonathan Kozol was an early inspiration for me and thousands of others, even though he quit as a teacher very early on. Now, he has issued an “Education Manifesto.” His plan of action for educators is a false flag rooted in wrong premises about the nature of education, society, and the possibilities of action for social change. Educators and activists need to get beyond Kozol with a concrete analysis of capitalist schools.

Arnold, Tell the Truth About California Water!

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.08.2007 19:08

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps repeating at his press conferences and meetings the big lie that no dams or water storage facilities have been constructed in California in the past 20 to 30 years. Apparently, the Schwarzenegger administration believes in the classic propaganda technique that if a big lie is repeated enough, it will eventually be accepted as truth by the media and public.

Movement for Justice in El Barrio Marches Against Gentrification

NYC, 29.08.2007 14:08

On Sunday over a hundred people gathered to march against gentrification in East Harlem. The Movement for Justice in El Barrio organized the march to call attention to the buying up large tracts of El Barrio and the displacement of long time residents.

Analysis of the Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Campaign

NYC, 29.08.2007 14:08

In the new issue (#5) of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (, NYC based writer/artist Jes Cannon looks at how particular choices by the Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Campaign perpetuated class distinctions among the Brooklyn residents, possibly contributing to the movements' loss.

IBEW and CWA urge &quot;no&quot; vote on deal to acquire Verizon's landlines at FairPoint annual meeting

New Hampshire, 29.08.2007 13:38

FairPoint Communications shareholders received paper bags with a message that the proposed deal to acquire Verizon's assets in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont would “pose unacceptably high risks” that could “leave shareholders holding a costly bag” of customer complaints, antiquated equipment and potentially expensive PUC findings.

Where Blair Didn't Go - Bristolians in Palestine

Bristol, 29.08.2007 13:07

Monday 3rd September, 8pm @ Cube Cinema Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Where Blair Didn't Go - Bristolians in Palestine. Monday 3rd September, 8pm @ Cube Cinema, Entry £2/£3 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.) As former Prime Minister Tony Blair travels to Palestine in his official role as Middle East envoy, a group of bristolians will also be visiting the region. These two trips couldn't be more contrasting. While Mr.Blair spends his time with top officials, our Bristolians will be spending their time with ordinary people trying to understand the struggles of daily life while living under the shadows of conflict. Indymedia Film Night presents the Bristol premiere of 'Return to Palestine' made by local filmmaker Ed Hill during his visit to Marda, Palestine as part of the Zaytoun Olive Harvest Trip. This film, following on from the success of his first film (shown August '06) captures life in a small rural town, shows the hospitality of the Palestinians and witnesses the threat of ethnic-cleaning due to the occupation. The film captures the reality of life in a war-zone; the health & social devastation, the unemployment, the chaos of the Wall, checkpoints controlling daily movement, the Israeli army's brutal house demolitions and the extreme level of militarism in Israeli society. The event will also feature a talk by members of the Bristol-based group who are preparing to travel out to help with this autumn's olive harvest in Palestine. Monday 3rd September, 8pm @ Cube Cinema, Entry £2/£3 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.) Full article.| Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Where Blair Didn't Go - Bristolians in Palestine | Directions to Cube Cinema | Other Housing Related News: | Aug '06 film night |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

[Lille] L'Etat français pousse les sans-papiers vers la mort

Liege, 29.08.2007 09:07

Depuis le mois de juin, une soixantaine de sans-papiers de la région de Lille se sont lancé dans une grève de la faim pour obtenir leur régularisation et celle de plusieurs centaines d'autres sans-papiers. Les sans-papiers, réunis dans le Comité des Sans Papiers 59 (CSP59), se sont lancé dans cette grève de la faim après avoir mené de nombreuses actions entre avril et juin, notamment l'occupation d'une mairie, de l'université de Lille ou de rencontres patronales.

So. Florida Activists Joined Tomato Pickers for March on Ft. Lauderdale Burger King

Miami, 29.08.2007 07:37

So. Florida Activists Joined Tomato Pickers for March on Ft. Lauderdale Burger King

So Fla Organizer's Meeting (FAU Boca) for Sept 15 March on Washington

Miami, 29.08.2007 07:37

So Fla Organizer's Meeting (FAU Boca) for Sept 15 March on Washington

A.N.S.W.E.R./Florida: MARCH ON WASHINGTON September 15

Miami, 29.08.2007 07:37

A.N.S.W.E.R./Florida: MARCH ON WASHINGTON September 15

Father Jean-Juste, Haitian Prisoner of Conscience Returns Home

Miami, 29.08.2007 07:37

Father Jean-Juste, Haitian Prisoner of Conscience Returns Home

General Strike September 11th - An Open Letter to the Business Community

Santa Cruz, CA, 29.08.2007 07:07

Strike911 writes: "Dear Business Leader,

As you are probably aware, the list of grievances against the Bush Administration are considerable: An endless war on terror, hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq, torture, kidnapping, signing statements, domestic surveillance, detentions, deportations, civil rights & habeas corpus gone, stolen elections and the list goes on. For almost a decade now, we have lived under an administration that is taking us down the road to despotism.

For all these reasons, there has been a nationwide call for a general strike on the 6th anniversary of the horrendous attacks upon the World Trade Center - No work, no school, no shopping. No longer will we allow the tragedies of 911 to be used as a rallying point and symbolic justification for war. Instead, we are encouraging people to spend the day reflecting, mourning, and protesting what has happened to this nation in the wake of September 11th. We humbly ask that you consider participating by closing your doors for one day in solidarity." Read the Full Letter

Santa Cruz 9/11 Truth is sponsoring a film showing at the Rio Theatre called, "Terrorstorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism." Read more

see also: Open Call for Autonomous Direct Actions Sept.11th | General Strike: 9/11/07 |

La Cucharacha

Houston, 29.08.2007 06:09

8/29 Radical Chicano comic dropped from the Chronicle for one about Penguins

News media ownership in New Zealand

Aotearoa, 29.08.2007 05:09

Bill Rosenberg's excellent article on media ownership was published in the latest issue of Foreign Control Watchdog, the magazine of the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA). Download the full article here. (PDF 956KB) | Whose News? (30 min documentary)

"Four companies, all overseas owned, dominate the New Zealand news media. There is a near duopoly in two of the three main media – print and radio – a monopoly in pay television, and only three significant competitors in free-to-air television including the state-owned channels. Each daily newspaper has a near monopoly in its main circulation areas."

"It is clear that the government sees its only options in achieving its social objectives in broadcasting as being either to plead with the few huge and aggressive media companies that dominate our media landscape and which are self-avowedly motivated almost solely by the financial returns on their investments; or by pouring money into publicly owned (and sometimes privately owned) networks in the hope that this will raise public broadcasting objectives above that of their survival in a cut-throat competitive commercial environment. Because of commitments made in 1994 under the GATS agreement in the WTO, we are prevented from mandating a sensible level of local content and from controlling either the level or nature of foreign ownership of our media, and we are constrained in the cross-media ownership regulations we may use; yet these are paths we should be taking."

"The evidence presented in this paper shows that in New Zealand, the need for changes in the ownership, regulation and commercialisation of our media is exceptional. In the public interest, change is long overdue."

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