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ASPIRE Volunteer Orientations

Portland, 03.09.2007 00:38

Did you get to go to college? If you did, most likely someone helped you figure out your goals, helped you fill out all the confusing forms, and listened to your hopes and fears about this new and exciting change. Saddening as it is, many groups of people are underrepresented in college, and they are unable to benefit from it, not because they don't want to go, but because they are considered too poor, too unintelligent, or otherwise unable to make it.

ASPIRE helps ensure that all high school students can go to college regardless of their socio-economic class, race, gender, background, or other characteristics. Volunteers are needed, and orientations are coming up soon.

You can help make sure that these young people can go to college, get job training, or whatever other education they might want after high school, no matter who they are. ASPIRE at Marshall Campus is seeking volunteers to do this important work. No experience is needed, just a desire to help youth and share your unique skills.

There are many different ways you can help:

Report: Ringling Bros. Abuses Animals and Portland Police Strong-arm Activists

Portland, 03.09.2007 00:38

On Tuesday night 8/28/07 several people went to meet the Portland arrival of Ringling Brothers - Barnum & Bailey Circus and to document the treatment of animals on their walk through the streets from the railcars to the Rose Garden arena.

Eight asian elephants were forced to walk one mile single-file on gravel and potholed pavement, over railroad tracks, by the MAX train, and up Interstate avenue to the arena. The animals were prodded with bullhooks under their chins and behind their legs to hold onto the tail of the one before him or her (they would never hold tails with their trunks in the wild) and keep up with the group...


Minneapolis Police Attack Critical Mass Bike Ride

United States, 03.09.2007 00:07

MINNEAPOLIS, August 31, 2007 - Police attacked a Critical Mass bike ride of about 400 riders in downtown Minneapolis this Friday. Eyewitnesses report police use of mace, pepper spray, tasers and brutal force on the crowd of cyclists. According to reports the police attack was unprovoked and came without any warning. "They just drove into the crowd and nearly hit me, it was totally unprovoked" proclaimed a cyclist at the ride. About twenty people are thought to have been arrested during the police attack.

From the Minneapolis Newswire: Police attack Critical Mass and arrest around 20 cyclists.| | Photos | | More Photos

NOM as deportacións pola propiedade intelectual

Galiza, 02.09.2007 22:09

As ubicuas políticas de controlo de grupos de `risco´ deixam tras de si morte e invisibilidade. Também na Galiza, as vagas migratorias começam a ter a súa resposta institucional mediante desbocadas razzias contra migrantes .

Umha expressom máis da ruptura radical que o sistema ejerce sobre a desviaçom. Migrantes, trabalhadores/as sexuais, ou pessoas de baixos recursos som objeto continuo do marcagem punitivo.

Qualquer livre circulaçom dos saberes .

*Convocatoria: DerivaTransfronteiriça


AQUEM O VALADO - Pensar o antagonismo desde a migraçom

New Orleans Public Housing Residents Stage Sit-in at Housing Offices

United States, 02.09.2007 20:07

NEW ORLEANS, August 31, 2007 – Public housing residents staged a three hour sit-in this Friday at the New Orleans Public housing office in hopes of meeting with the regional HUD director. Residents displaced from their homes for two years by the Katrina/FEMA disaster are still being denied the right to return to their home. Local authorities responded to the sit-in as if it were a terrorist attack; evacuating the building and militarizing the surrounding two block area with a combined force of local police, SWAT and National Guard troops. When questioned by the residents the authorities gave no explanation for their overreaction. The residents left peacefully after three hours, there were no arrests. Despite this heavy-handed response the residents plan to continue in their struggle for the right to return to their homes.

From New Orleans Newswire: Public Housing Residents and Advocates Occupy HANO Offices to Demand Right of Return by Endesha Jukali || Public Housing Residents and Advocate From Around the Country Take Over New Orleans Housing by Community Voices Heard

Also from Miami IMC: National Community Groups Storm & Takeover New Orleans Housing Office by Joseph Phelan

You are Cordially Invited to Next To Nowhere!

United Kingdom, 02.09.2007 17:08

At 7pm on Saturday 15th September, the door will be unlocked at Next To Nowhere in Bold Street, and Liverpool's new social centre will be 'officially' opened, although there probably won't be any mayors or fancy ribbons. What there will be is a week-long programme of events to celebrate the space, starting with a party and ending with a film night. It's been nearly two years in the planning, but Next To Nowhere is finally ready!

Charla Debate

Argentina, 02.09.2007 15:38

§129a in Frage gestellt

Germany, 02.09.2007 13:08

Andrej bleibt vorerst draußen. Der dritte Strafsenat des Bundesgerichtshofs (BGH) in Karlsruhe will bis Anfang Oktober eine grundsätzliche Entscheidung über die Bewertung einer Organisation als »terroristische Vereinigung« fällen. Mindestens bis dahin bleibt der Berliner Soziologe, dem gemeinsam mit sechs weiteren Männern die Mitgliedschaft in der »militanten gruppe« (mg) vorgeworfen wird, draußen. Dies teilten heute seine Anwältin und das »Bündnis für die Einstellung des §129a-Verfahrens« mit.

Hintergrund: Repression gegen die Linke geht weiter (08.08.)

Soligruppe | Gipfelsoli | Labournet | Soli-Blog | Soli-Blog II | Infoverteiler

&quot;Check'n'Go&quot; Payday Loan Sharks Protested In Anacostia

DC, 02.09.2007 07:09

On August 29th, the campaign against DC's payday lending loan sharks visited the Check 'n Go outlet on 4011 South Capitol Street in Anacostia. This is a place where a loan of $400 can cost a borrower over $2,200 to pay back, at an interest rate of 550%! Audio: 3 min 30 sec

RAN v Bank of America

Houston, 02.09.2007 05:38

Rainforest Action Network targets Bank of America

Issue 108: The War Hits Home

NYC, 02.09.2007 03:07


||Columbia Expansion 101: Wealthy University Devours West Harlem ||Changing the Face of NYC: The Mega Development Roundup ||Linking Gentrification and War in 1968 ||Killed by the Surge: Rhetoric of Heroic Sacrifice Clashes with Reality of War At Wash Heights Soldier Funeral ||My Journey from Sniper to War Resister ||Immigrant Bashers Descend on Newark ||Newark Slayings Highlight East Coast Murder Mayhem ||Dems Dance Around Death Penalty ||First Person: Teachers’ Union Undermines Arabic-Language School ||Protests Meets Mega-NAFTA Summit ||Draft the Rich Kids ||Harlem’s Green Wave ||Congress’ Cowardice Will Not Stop Wiretap Lawsuits ||Living and Dying in a Divided City ||Jazz Legend Leaves Us ||Throwing Out the Boss ||NYPD on Display: Policing a Changed City ||September Radical Community Calendar ||Two Years Post-Katrina: Racism and Criminal Justice in New Orleans ||Letters from the Readers on the Last Issue ||Chomsky, Zinn are Optimists. Feh! ||Dreaming that the Revolution Might Be Fun, An Interview with Stephen Duncombe ||Dreaming that Revolution Might Be Fun: A Review of “Dreaming: Re-imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy”

King Coal Thanks Bank of America

NYC, 02.09.2007 00:08

A small group of activists performed a hilarious street theatre piece in front of a large Bank of America branch on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue Friday evening, September 31, 2007. The costumed activists represented a gloating "King Coal," who gleefully thanked patrons walking in and out of the branch for their money, and several other coal- smeared opponents, who stood for the land and people of Appalachia.

Very disturbing signs of upcoming war with Iran

Philadelphia, 01.09.2007 20:08

Niegan aborto a joven discapacitada mental violada

Argentina, 01.09.2007 17:38

El juego de las confusiones ya esta en marcha

Niegan aborto a joven discapacitada mental violada

Argentina, 01.09.2007 17:38

El juego de las confusiones ya esta en marcha

Sin Fronteras takes deal

Houston, 01.09.2007 16:08

Houston Sin Fronteras takes Plea Deal

August NYC Critical Mass report

NYC, 01.09.2007 15:08

It was the 3rd anniversary of the mammoth (5000 est.) Republican National Convention Critical Mass. The police presence at Union Square was substantial and intimidating. But for the 3rd month in a row the eventual ride was inspiring, cop free and without incident.


Colombia, 01.09.2007 13:38


Premio de Paz

Colombia, 01.09.2007 13:38

Premio de Paz en Alemania a la Comunidad de Paz de San José de Apartadó

Military Families Release Homemade Video to Challenge War Propaganda

United States, 01.09.2007 13:37

Thursday, Military Families Speak Out (based in Jamaica Plain) and Gold Star Families Speak Out members picked up a video camera and made a one and one-half minute piece to counter and challenge a $15 million ad campaign to push the Bush administration's Iraq war agenda.

Celeste and Dante Zappala produced a home made video and posted it online to counter-act a national campaign launched by Ari Fleischer, former press secretary to President George W. Bush, and its advocacy group Freedom's Watch, to pressure Congress to continue funding the war. Read more>>

View Celeste's and Dante's Video | View the Iraq War Propaganda | Report from Media Matters

From Philly IMC: "The truth about my dead brother" by Dante Zappala

Rocky the Dog and the Sit Down Protest

Ireland, 01.09.2007 12:38

On Tuesday afternoon there was a sit down protest ...

F.R.E.A.K. show for Granton

Scotland, 01.09.2007 10:08

A group of local artists, calling themselves the Free and Reactive Edinburgh Arts Kollective, are planning to transform a derelict warehouse in Granton into an arts venue for a four day event from the 10th to the 14th of October. There will be art exhibitions, live music, performances, films and educational workshops.

7 Arrested at Solidarity Lockon

Aotearoa, 01.09.2007 07:09

Today 7 protesters were arrested in a protest against the ongoing detention of Iranian refugee Ali Panah. 5 supporters locked onto flag poles and a balcony holding a banner saying "Free Ali Panah, 51 days starving for justice" and "No one is Illegal" 2 others were arrested as protesters attempted to march onto prison property. Police were violent and physically pushed protesters off prison property. 3 fire engines 8 police cars and various prison security were involved in removing the protesters from the lock on. Currently 3 of those arrested are refusing to sign bail papers and refusing food in solidarity with Ali Panah.

Lewiston Plans To Privatize Landfill, Import Out of State Waste

Maine, 01.09.2007 05:37

Politicians in the City of Lewiston are pushing for rapid approval of plans to enter the City into a contract with Casella Waste Systems that would privatize operations of the Publicly-owned landfill and allow it to be filled with out of state waste. This would be the first privatization of a Pubicly-owned Town landfill in Maine, would override Maine law banning new commercial landfills, and if allowed could lead to towns across Maine becoming dumping grounds for out of state waste. A Public Meeting on this Plan will take place on Wednesday, September 5th, starting at 6:00 PM at the Multi-Purpose Center on Birch St. in Lewiston. Contact Dan or Jo-Ann with Don't Dump on ME at 784-3114 or for more info. There will also be City Government meetings about this plan at 6pm at City Hall in Lewiston on Tuesday, September 4 and Tuesday September 11.

Anarchist Sanitation Saboteurs Vandalize Bellevue Mall Bathrooms

Portland, 01.09.2007 04:08

On Monday, August 27th, members of Anarchist Sanitation Saboteurs (ASS) sabotaged over 50 bathrooms in and around the Bellevue mall. This was done while Bush was in town and people were outside protesting him. This was done under the eyes of the Secret Service, the police and mall security.

The mall is a revolting symbol of capitalist ignorance and stupidity. ASS merely chose a day when one of the leaders of world capitalism was in town to flood Starbucks bathrooms (with love directed towards the IWW), glue stall doors shut, remove sensitive items from toilets and leave our mark on wall after wall.

Flood the bathrooms of every corporate store!

-Anarchist Sanitation Saboteurs (ASS)

New Orleans -- Not lost to a hurricane, but by government betrayal

Portland, 01.09.2007 04:08

U.S. and state government officials refused to allow water or food relief into New Orleans. This was a brazen attempt to "starve people out" - a "war crime" under the Geneva Conventions. Hundreds of people died unnecessarily of thirst. And yet, there was no shortage of water or food being sent.

I spoke daily with Les Evenchick, a Green who lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I was also in touch with New Orleans residents Malik Rahim and Mike Howell; the areas in which they live were dry and they were holding out as long as they could. The story they tell is shocking: U.S. and local government officials ordered the local drinking water turned off and refused to allow water or food relief into New Orleans. Hundreds of people died unnecessarily as a result.

Where Did The FEMA Money Go? |

Otro Preso Político más

santiago, 01.09.2007 01:39

Urgente: El Estado detiene a Iván Llanquileo

&quot;en este país la justicia no es ni para lo pobres ni para los luchadores&quot;

Argentina, 01.09.2007 00:38

Jornada de ayuno en solidaridad con dirigentes de Quebracho

&quot;en este país la justicia no es ni para lo pobres ni para los luchadores&quot;

Argentina, 01.09.2007 00:38

Jornada de ayuno en solidaridad con dirigentes de Quebracho

BREAKING: National Community Groups Storm &amp; Takeover New Orleans Housing Office

Miami, 01.09.2007 00:37

BREAKING: National Community Groups Storm & Takeover New Orleans Housing Office

PERU EARTHQUAKE UPDATE: Grade B for Compassion for Peru

Miami, 01.09.2007 00:37

PERU EARTHQUAKE UPDATE: Grade B for Compassion for Peru

Iraq Vet Stages Protests Stop Loss -- the back door draft

DC, 01.09.2007 00:09

Returned Iraq war veteran Evan Knappenberger, stages a week long protest against Stop Loss — the back door draft, at The Washington Monument, Wash., DC, August, 26, 2007 Video Interviews from Tower Guard/IVAW vigil on Mall Audio from WSQT Guerrilla Radio:

Harrisburg, PA Xenophobe Rally Continues Slow Implosion; Third Major Speaker Bails

DC, 01.09.2007 00:09

…We now see three major dropouts for Voice of the People's (VOTP) rally this Saturday. One speaker said they didn't want to be a part of it if the WPs were. We already knew Morristown, NJ Mayor Don Cresitello bowed out, but we were able to talk with him today and he said scheduling conflicts were the reason. He did say however that if he was going to share the stage with some rather questionable people - like those who are intentionally turning the immigration debate into a race war - he didn't want to be there. Then we got a tip that Jesse Lee Peterson is staying home too! Pretty soon, all that will be there is Stormfront, KSS, reps from American Immigration Control and Pokerface. Not to mention the jag-offs that like them. People, this is very good news. And we really are digging the comment about us on the VOTP guestbook by its founder Daniel Smeriglio: "If nobody knows the founder of that groups criminal background I will be sure to post it this weekend so all will know the truth about this 'Peaceful' organization!" The "this weekend" he was talking about was last weekend. He might have realized the problem with posting the criminal background of our founder. He doesn't have one, and the only two places where you would find anyone claiming to have it is on Hal Turner and Bill White's websites. And for someone claiming he isn't racist, that would just look bad wouldn't it? See you on Saturday, Danny!

Student Farmworkers Alliance A31 protest at Burger King Hdq in Miami

Miami, 31.08.2007 23:07

Student Farmworkers Alliance A31 protest at Burger King Hdq in Miami

Termina la Huelga en Agrosuper

santiago, 31.08.2007 20:38

Hoy culmino la Huelga que mantenian los Operarios(as) de la planta Lo Miranda

Public Housing Residents Seize New Orleans Government Office

NYC, 31.08.2007 20:07

Public Housing residents from around the country have just taken over the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO). The public building that they have occupied has been surrounded by the National Guard, the New Orleans Police, including a SWAT team. It is now two years after Katrina and New Orleans public housing residents are still prevented from returning to their homes. Public housing residents and advocates from Miami, New Orleans, Georgia, Texas, Rhode Island, Chicago, California, and New York have taken over the HANO offices at 4100 Touro St. to demand that public housing, both in New Orleans and around the country, is saved, preserved, and expanded.

'The Truth About my Dead Brother'

Philadelphia, 31.08.2007 18:08


Manila, 31.08.2007 15:08

Sierra Madre Trees Spiked

Nazistrukturen am Bodensee

Germany, 31.08.2007 15:08

 Am 18. August 2007 marschierten rund 203 sogenannte „Autonome Nationalisten“ durch Friedrichshafen. Angemeldet wurde der Aufmarsch von der JN-Stützpunktleiterin Anne-Marie Doberenz, bekannt durch ihren Aufruf zum Frankfurter Naziaufmarsch, für den sie bei YouTube mit einem Molotov-Cocktail warb. Neben „parteigebundenen“ Nazis gibt es rund um den Bodensee eine zum Teil im „Blood&Honour“-Netzwerk organisierte NS-Rock-Szene, aber auch unorganisierte Faschoskins. Über ihre jeweilige Subkultur und die NS-Ideologie hinaus eint die Nazis vor allem die Gewalt.

Antifa Ulm | Antifa Ravensburg | Antifa Konstanz | Antifa Aktionsbündnis BaWü | |

Faschistische Netzwerke | Naziaktivitäten in Südost-BaWü | Bisherige Naziaufmärsche in FN | Naziaufmarsch am 18. August in FN | Skandalöse Reaktionen in FN | Anne-Marie Doberenz | Blood&Honour | Hinterland Vorarlberg | Naziaktivitäten in Vorarlberg | Antifa in Vorarlberg | Hochburg des NS-Rock | Naziaktivitäten in der Ostschweiz | Antifa Frühlingskampagne Thurgau | Ergänzungen

Benefit for Green Scare Defendant Briana Waters - video showing of forest defense document

Portland, 31.08.2007 13:38

Support green scare defendant Briana Waters by coming to see WATCH, the inspiring documentary of the first successful tree sit in America which was produced by Briana Waters.

[Friday] August 31st 2007
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Red and Black Cafe - 2138 SE Division
Sliding scale entry fee. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Call for Emergency Action: Bank of America for Climate Crimes

Portland, 31.08.2007 13:38

The main action at the East Coast Convergence for Climate action ended with arrests of 5 non-violent protesters against Bank of America.

Bank of America and its subsidiaries make up one of the largest corporations in the world and they are funding new coal fired plants and coal mining projects including mountain top removal coal mining in the Appalachian Mountains.

There is a nation-wide call to action to protest Bank of America!

We will be at the Hawthorne Blvd Location at 3757 SE Hawthorne Blvd (at the corner of SE 38th Ave.) Bring signs, bikes, scissors, and bank cards! We will be canceling our accounts and celebrating while educating others waiting in line with their paychecks to maybe cancel their accounts also.

Kenneth Foster Jr's Death Sentence Commuted!

United States, 31.08.2007 12:37

Hours before the scheduled execution the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole ruled 6 to 1 for clemency for Kenneth Foster Jr., also known as Haramia KiNassor. Governor Perry then upheld the decision, giving Foster a sentence of life in prison The Board has only voted to stop an execution once before since the reinstitution of the death penalty in Texas in 1982.
» Listen to radio interview from Huntsville Prison from Philadelphia journalist Walidah Imarisha
» Read Imarisha's newest essay reflecting on the day's explosive decision, written Thursday evening.

More Coverage: Indymedia.Org overview | Article by Lee Wengraf, Campaign to End the Death Penalty

Background From NYC's Indypendent: "Worst of the Worst? Texas Premeditates the Murder of a Man Who Killed No One." || "Welfare Poets Slam Death Penalty: A Review of “Cruel and Unusual Punishment.'" || Indypendent Reporter Renee Feltz on Democracy Now

City Heights Free Skool Benefit! TONIGHT!

San Diego, 31.08.2007 09:08

The City Heights Free Skool is a project that provides free classes, skill-shares and workshops to all regardless of educational backgrounds. There is a computer lab, free library, community garden, bike kitchen and three meeting spaces. Our focus is the geographic area of City Heights and we integrate practical skills and personal experiences into our learning experiences. Our outreach and class schedules are also distributed throughout the mid city area, in both English and Spanish, all are welcome. We recognize that learning has strong ties to privilege based on race, class, gender, sexual orientation and ableness. This is important to recognize and this is why we provide an accessible space where all are welcome to attend or teach a class in a free, open and non-hierarchical environment.

The free skool is a project that addresses issues of exclusion by creating a space where there is the ability to freely express one’s skills and desires. The free skool offers a diverse selection of classes that are free and open to anyone who may wish to attend. There are no skill level requirements. Classes are not taught with a top down method where the teacher is the sole possessor of knowledge. Rather the distinction of teacher and student disappears with skill-share. This method recognizes that even if someone is taking a class to learn a subject they in turn have something to contribute and a knowledge that is valuable to the learning process.

All of the continuing projects at the Free Skool have been implemented through the strong youth led volunteer base. These projects as well as a rotating schedule of classes, skill-shares and workshops have continued to be largely youth led. Our four projects are: the City Heights Info Shop?, SPROUT City Heights, the Free Bike Kitchen and the Computer Lab, which is a collaborative effort.

City Heights Free Skool Website

City Heights Free Skool Benefit
Friday August 31 7-11PM
4246 Wightman (xVanDyke)

Farmworkers Journey - An Interview with author Ann Lopez

Santa Cruz, CA, 31.08.2007 09:08

In an interview by Christina Aanestad, Dr. Ann Lopez discusses the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and it's impacts on farmers from West Central Mexico. In the interview, Dr. Lopez discusses the story of a 60 year old grandmother who risks asphyxiation to travel across the border to visit her "illegal immigrant" farmworker son. Dr. Lopez also talks about the struggles women migrant farmworkers face in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties and how neoliberal trade policies often force Mexican farmworkers to migrate into California's corporate agricultural fields.

Coos County says &quot;NO LNG!&quot; in Coquille Public Hearing!

Portland, 31.08.2007 06:09

The public comment hearing in Coquille on 8/28 was well attended by the public, the overwhelming majority 95% opposed to the LNG facility proposed by Jordan Cove Energy Project (Fort Chicago) for the North Spit of Coos Bay. Many people addressed significant concerns that there was a risk to the community's safety and the estuary ecosystem of Coos Bay if said LNG terminal is constructed.. At 3pm protesters lined the street on 115 N. Birch and waved signs, "NO LNG" and "Coos Bay Deserves Better" indicating overwhelming public disapproval of the LNG siting..

The book mentioned below (found at Coquille public library) is an
excellent reference guide for the resulting subsidence (sinking) of the land, (the edge of the north american plate) in the event of a Cascadian subduction quake. Combine the subsidence of land with the tsunami's wall of water and you'll get the idea, the tankers and the LNG facility will most likely become partially or even totally submerged.. in the event of a Cascaidan subduction quake (estimated 1 in 10 chance in the next 50 years). We cannot gamble the future of this ecosystem and the surrounding Coos Bay community on temporary profits by some severly delusional corporate "scientists" who are in the employ of JCEP (Fort Chicago). Again, we're better off leaving the magic tricks to our cinematic friend Harry Potter and sticking with evidence based scientific research..

People in CA and throughout OR can also express their views to the Coos County council. Public comment by writing has also been extended to Sept. 11th by Coos County.. CA and OR residents could send written comments opposing LNG to

New Grand Jury Victim

Portland, 31.08.2007 06:09

A Spokane anarchist named Travis Riehl is being brought before a grand jury because of his alleged involvement in the tagging of a military recruiting station.

UNIFOR: da 'privada' para às ruas

Brasil, 31.08.2007 04:08


reclamo por la libertad de Fernando Masseilot

Argentina, 31.08.2007 03:38

Detenciones en manifestación en el consulado uruguayo

reclamo por la libertad de Fernando Masseilot

Argentina, 31.08.2007 03:38

Detenciones en manifestación en el consulado uruguayo

Camp Havana '07

Ireland, 31.08.2007 00:38

7 - 9 September 2007, Glencolumbkille, Co Donegal ...

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