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Indymedia Newsreal Needs Your Videos

United States, 05.09.2007 20:07

The Indymedia Newsreal is a monthly TV program that has been underway since 2000 and now needs your assistance. Each episode of the show covers actions taken in local communities, by ordinary people, to address critical issues locally and globally. This coverage is undertaken by independent videographers from around the U.S. and the world, who produce and send in segments. An editor then puts together contributed segments every month to create a thirty-minute program.

Newsreal is viewable every month in a variety of ways: via satellite to a potential 11 million subscribers on Free Speech TV, downloadable on the internet at a variety of locations, shown locally at public screenings by subscribers, and shown on various local cable access stations around the country.

Recent episodes of Newsreal have covered a variety of issues, including anti-war protests, border activism, police brutality, labor struggles, cruelty to animals, the G8, media consolidation, endangered species, and much more, from a variety of communities including Seattle, Berlin, New York, Oaxaca, southern Arizona, central California, Columbus, New Orleans, Portland, and many more.

September 2007 Indymedia Newsreal

Download recent episodes (these .mp4 files are over 100 MB): September | August | July | June | May | April

Silent Vigil Held on Opening of Khalil Gibran

NYC, 05.09.2007 19:21

The first day of school at Khalil Girab International Academy (KGIA) drew a crowd of about 75 community members for a silent vigil in support of the opening of the dual-language Arabic school.

Rabbi Ellen Lippman, an organizer and one of the few present who spoke to the flurry of press during the vigil said, “We want to ensure that students can enter peacefully and proceed with their day peacefully.”

Middle East Madness

Arkansas, 05.09.2007 17:42

Administration rhetoric is heated and the dominant media keep trumpeting it. It signals war with Iran of the "shock and awe" kind - intensive, massive and maybe with nuclear weapons.

Spooner Tree-Sit Raided

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.09.2007 17:11

On September 4th, forest Activists in Southern Humboldt county reported that two activists were arrested and lumber company climbers were raided the village and took gear. Some activists have raised concerns that the company is violating the law by cutting branches during Marbled Murrelet nesting season, which ends on September 15th.

Tara potrzebuje pomocy!

Poland, 05.09.2007 14:41

Fundacja Tara - schronisko dla koni działające już 12 lat, opierające swą działalność w dużej mierze na pomocy wolontariuszy, przeżywa w chwili obecnej kryzys i zmuszone jest do przeprowadzki. Jeszcze w tym tygodniu (od środy) potrzebna jest duża ilość osób aby przenieść konie na nowe miejsce w Piskorzynie. Ponadto w weekend 21 – 23 września fundacja Viva! organizuje wyjazd wolontariuszy do schroniska.

Paro de los 25 (confinados)

Puerto Rico, 05.09.2007 06:16

Confinados realizan paro en Sabana Hoyos

Taxi Strike Gathers Support

Philadelphia, 05.09.2007 05:08

Unanswered Questions About James Chasse

Portland, 04.09.2007 23:43

Do you have unanswered questions about what happened to James Chasse?

Consider joining the Mental Health Association of Portland on September 17 at 4 PM at City Hall to deliver a letter asking Mayor Tom Potter to answer the unanswered questions about what happened to James Chasse.

Answers - and actions - bring justice and safety to the streets of Portland. Your help is needed - now.


Portland, 04.09.2007 22:43

Sitters arrested! pl employees and cops blockading entrances to treesit village. sitters are in the trees, but need ground support, which have already sustained multiple arrests. come down right now to scotia, ca. to save one of the last stands of old growth redwoods left on commercial property. this is an emergency call to all activists!

!caution! the towns of scotia and rio dell are crawling with cops.
contact humboldt forest defense before attempting to locate the treesit village! cops are in the woods and in scotia/rio dell!

call 707-845-9046 or visit

please help us! please help the trees!

Reportback from The Second Encounter of Zapatista Peoples with the Peoples of the World

Portland, 04.09.2007 22:43

This coming Monday come out to In Other Words books to hear folks from both Olin, and Malkriad@s Media Distribution's take on the recent Zapatista Encuentro, meetings with CIPO-RFM, and other revolutionary organizations and folks in Mexico!

Earlier this year Olin helped to raise funds and coordinate sending a delegation from two collectives affiliated with Sin Fronteras Portland (Olin and Malkriad@s Media Project)to the Zapatista Intergalactica in Chiapas last month, and also to meet with and bring back materials from revolutionary organizations in Mexico city and Oaxaca.

September 10th
6-8 PM
In Other Words Women's Books and Resources
8 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211

Comunicado Publico

santiago, 04.09.2007 22:09

Iván Llanquileo desde la Cárcel "El Manzano" de Concepción

Riot Manifesto (IAC)

Portland, 04.09.2007 20:38

Instructions for a riot(Black Block).

I: The Black Block is not a group. The Black Block is a tactic. Not a group. We understand the appeal of identifying with what you believe in and finding some solace in a world bent on its own destruction. On the street however, the color Black is there for your protection and to aid you in your quest of attacking the capitalist system, authority, hierarchies and control.

The state supplicating media has played a large role in spreading the myth that the Black Block is a tightly run group similar to the IAC. It is not. The first step you must take is to eradicate the last remnants of that tired illusion. Once that has been done, the true beauty of the magical Black Block can become clear.

Another person &quot;not&quot; killed by taser-Scapoose

Portland, 04.09.2007 20:38

Two police departments and a medical examiner were trying to figure out what caused the death of a mental patient at a Portland hospital Friday night. Glenn Shipman Jr. was tasered by Scappoose Police the night before. Can you say "TASER?"

Officers said they have assurances from the medical examiner that Shipman did not die because of the taser. Police said the Shipman family called them for assistance handling Glenn Thursday night. The 42-year-old suffered from a mental disability and had recently had a change in his medication, according to his father. When police arrived to transport shipman to a mental bed in Portland, they said they had to use a taser twice, yet still had trouble controlling Shipman.

About 24 hours after arriving at Emanuel Legacy hospital Shipman died. His relatives said he died of cardiac arrest. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death as still unknown.

Movimentos pressionam por anulação do leilão da Vale

Brasil, 04.09.2007 20:08


Your Invited to &quot;EARTHDANCE MIAMI 07&quot; - Saturday, September 15, 2007

Miami, 04.09.2007 20:07

Your Invited to "EARTHDANCE MIAMI 07" - Saturday, September 15, 2007

Standing with the Students

Houston, 04.09.2007 19:39

September 26: Standing with the Students

Florida State Green Party Conference October 5-8 in Palm Beach County

Miami, 04.09.2007 18:07

Florida State Green Party Conference October 5-8 in Palm Beach County

Katrina Tribunal

Houston, 04.09.2007 17:39

International Tribunal on Hurricanes Katrina and Rita marks Second Anniversary of Katrina

BBoy Hodown Film

Houston, 04.09.2007 16:09

BBoy Hodown 2006 @ Rice Cinema on 8/17


Bristol, 04.09.2007 13:08

September sees a flurry of Palestine-related activity September sees a flurry of Palestine-related activity Palestine is in the minds of many Bristolians as September sees a flurry of activity by people looking to do their bit to fight oppression and bring peace to the Middle East. Easton Cowboy writes; Palestinian international footballer Morad Fareed yesterday made a surprise debut for the Easton Cowboys in the Bristol Downs League as part of his awareness-raising visit to Britain. The Cowboys, who recently toured the West Bank playing games against schools, universities, sports clubs and workers teams, were delighted to host Morad and bring attention to the plight of young Palestinian footballers....Morad's visit is a response to the Government’s cancellation of a Palestinian under 19s football tour of Britain in August. The British Government has refused to issue visas for travel to England for the Palestine National Youth Football Team. The team was due to arrive on 21st August for a three-week tour of the UK. Visas were refused both to Palestinians living in Palestine, and refugees domiciled elsewhere. The official reason given for refusing the visitors visas is that the Palestinians are too poor to be trusted to return home....Organisers of the tour have asked supporters to write to the Foreign Office, King Charles St, London SW1A 2AH. Please state in a letter or on a postcard 'We want Palestine Football'. You can even write it on the back of a sealed envelope with the address on the front...For the record, Morad's 20 minute appearance could not stop the Cowboys B team losing 3-1 to Clifton Rockets. It was however a pleasure to share the field with him, and we wish him well for the rest of his visit. Full Article.Humous eater writes: With the non-stop bombing of Gaza, the Apartheid Wall closing in on the palestinians from all sides, the constant threats of war, and continuing racism and hatred- Israelis and Palestinians are still standing side by side fighting the evil forces of zionism, the army, the bulldozers and militaristic patriarchal society. Join us at an event including recent films of resistance in israel-palestine, a discussion with Israeli and UK anti-occupation activists, and lots of lovely mediterranean food! Thursday 13th of September - 7pm @ Kebele Social Centre, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JY. Full article.Ed Hill writes: Following on from the Palestine film at the Indymedia night at the Cube on Monday, this is a chance to find out more about the Zaytoun trip to help with the olive harvest this autumn..The next public meeting of the Bristol & Area Olive Harvest Group will be Thursday 6th September at 7pm in the new Palestinian/Lebanese WARFA CAFE at 64/66 St Marks Road (near the Sweet Mart) in Easton, Bristol. Full article.| Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Where Blair Didn't Go - Bristolians in Palestine | Palestinian World Cup star comes to Bristol Downs! | | Make Humous Not War visits Bristol | | Palestine Olive Harvest Trip | | Aug '06 film night |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

A 150 años de la corrida del primer tren en Argentina

Argentina, 04.09.2007 09:38

Los gobiernos que destruyeron al tren

A 150 años de la corrida del primer tren en Argentina

Argentina, 04.09.2007 09:38

Los gobiernos que destruyeron al tren

No Human Being Is Illegal! Re-unite Amir Mohebbi with his family!

Aotearoa, 04.09.2007 09:09

On Tuesday Iranian asylum seeker Ali Panah was released from Mt. Eden Remand Center and will join fellow Iranian asylum seekers, Thomas Yadegary and Fardien Nouriyan, in their continued struggle for a government visa. However, there is still one Iranian being held without charge or trial in the Remand Center.

He is Amir Mohebbi who has been held for more than 3 ½ years despite having three kiwi children and a New Zealand partner. He has had an appeal for bail heard in the Auckland High Court (bail was opposed by Immigration Minister David Cunliffe) and we are waiting for the court’s decision.

Keep the heat on Cunliffe!:
Protest: Mt Eden Prison, Boston Road, Mt Eden. Saturday 8 September, 1pm - 2pm

Read More:
Partial victory: Ali Panah bailed | Waitakere Mayoral candidate says not guilty of trespass at Ali Panah demonstration | Three Protestors on Hunger Strike in Police Cells

Thousands Stand For Justice For Immigrants In Prince William County; &quot;No Business As Usual&quot; Called For October 9

DC, 04.09.2007 05:38

In an event more energetic, more passionate, and just plain more satisfying than your average whitebread gringo antiwar mobe, upwards of 10,000 people — some of whom came from as far away as Minnesota — hit the Parkway to show their opposition to the Stasi-style anti-immigrant law passed by the Prince William County Board Of Commissars — uh, Supervisors. MPEG4 Video, 31mb, 09 min. 20 sec.

Genesis to decomission Huntly coal power plant...

Aotearoa, 04.09.2007 04:09

Last month, Genesis Energy said that it would move to cut carbon dioxide emissions at Huntly Power Station by a third after firing up a gas turbine capable of powering Auckland. In this article Gary Cranston looks at the next phase of fossil-fuelled propaganda in Aotearoa. Climate activists in Aotearoa must be prepared for the type of propaganda campaign being waged by the coal industry in Australia and overseas.

"The stone age didn't end because we ran out of stones, the coal age won't end because we run out of coal", time to move on, think for ourselves and stop swallowing Industry propaganda. Leave the coal in the ground!

Links: Carbon Trading: a critical conversation on climate change, privitisation and power | Clean Coal, whats the story?

Hugo ha muerto

santiago, 04.09.2007 00:08

Trabajador de Agrosuper murió producto de un atropello en enfrentamientos contra la policia

Nurses' &quot;white town&quot; in front of Parliament

Torun, 04.09.2007 00:07

Police Brutality in Olympia and Beyond - How To Fight Back

Seattle, 03.09.2007 21:37

In the wake of a year-long surge of police brutality and repression against Olympia area activists, some have chosen to begin fighting back. But if we wish to have any success in fighting police brutality, we must clearly outline the issue, its contexts and nuances, and approach it with a clear alliance with the brutalized.

September 11th: Freedom from Fear Campaign

Seattle, 03.09.2007 21:37

td colspan="2">The Freedom From Fear Campaign is a response by concerned citizens of Puget Sound to what they believe is a grave Constitutional crisis:

  • The Defense Authorization Act of 2006 empowers the President to impose martial law in the event of any incident deemed by the President to be an act of terrorism.
  • The National Defense Authorization Act of 2007 permits the President to command National Guard troops without the consent of state governors.
  • The National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive gives the President dictatorial powers in the event of a catastrophic incident.
  • The Military Commissions Act suspends the writ of habeus corpus, the very foundation of our civil rights.
  • Those who dissent against the invasion and occupation of Iraq may now have their assets seized.
  • Presidential signing statements have nullified laws passed by Congress over 1,000 times.

The response of the media to this alarming erosion of democracy and civil liberties has been silence.

On Tuesday, September 11, the Freedom From Fear Campaign will sponsor a funeral march for all that has been lost since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The silent march will begin at the Space Needle at 11:00 a.m. and proceed to Seattle's major media centers, ending in Westlake Center. All who mourn the loss of innocent life, as well as the subsequent loss of civil liberties, are invited to wear black and join the procession.

UNF Peace Awareness Week/ Symposium Sept 30 - Oct 4 Jacksonville, Fla

Miami, 03.09.2007 21:07

UNF Peace Awareness Week/ Symposium Sept 30 - Oct 4 Jacksonville, Fla

Trans bashing again

Portland, 03.09.2007 19:38

Trans-bashing is in the news again. A woman in Palm Beach was beaten so savagely that her teeth were knocked out, and a lifeguard testified in the subsequent trial that his viewing stand reverberated with the blows, as her head was knocked against it. She was revived, covered in blood, at a local hospital. The basher got 4 months probation. His dad is seeking prosecution of the transwoman, as their consensual tryst was conducted while basher-boy was 17, and the woman was 39.

The responses to this news on are truly clueless. So it's time to explain again. Time to once again point out that I and my ilk are not monsters.

Conexión de agua en Villa los Tinglados

Argentina, 03.09.2007 18:38

Otro NO

Skylar Nalls Goes Public With Choking Officer's Actions

Arkansas, 03.09.2007 15:38

Skylar Nalls Goes Public With Choking Officer's Actions

APEC07 Direct Action

Perth, 03.09.2007 15:38


Labor Day Perspectives

Philadelphia, 03.09.2007 12:07

Orientation to Indybay and Santa Cruz Indymedia

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.09.2007 08:37

On Sunday, September 9th, starting at 3:30pm at the Resource Center for Nonviolence (515 Broadway in Santa Cruz), Indybay volunteers from around the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas will facilitate an orientation to Indybay and the global Indymedia network. We'll be talking about how to post news, photos, video and audio to the website. We'll also discuss things like how stories get made into center column features. Depending on how many people are present, we will transition into various working groups focused on keeping Indybay active in the community this fall and throughout the year.

APEC07 Direct Action

Perth, 03.09.2007 07:39

APEC protest action shuts down Victorian Coal Power Station

Public Housing Residents Shut Down HUD Offices

New Orleans, 03.09.2007 05:08

Public Housing Residents Shut Down HUD Offices

introducing Tootie's Last Suit

New Orleans, 03.09.2007 05:08

introducing Tootie's Last Suit

Two Years After Katrina, Billions in Relief Funds Are Missing

New Orleans, 03.09.2007 05:08

Two Years After Katrina, Billions in Relief Funds Are Missing

Two Years Post-Katrina: Racism and Criminal Justice in New Orleans

New Orleans, 03.09.2007 05:08

Two Years Post-Katrina: Racism and Criminal Justice in New Orleans

Eric McDavid Update - Less than two weeks to trial!

Portland, 03.09.2007 01:38

Funds still needed for legal fees... Eric's trial is less than two weeks away and we want to make sure you are up to date on everything that is happening....Opening arguments will start either the 11th or 12th.

After a quick surge of incoming funds, we were able to meet the newest matching funds in less than 24 hours! Thanks to everyone who helped make that happen. However, things seem to have leveled off again and we now only have two weeks to raise the remaining $1300 to meet our goal of $15,000. This is necessary to ensure that all of Eric's legal fees are paid. Again, if everyone receiving this alert would donate just $20 we could easily reach our goal. Please donate today. Time is running short!

Finally, please keep writing Eric! Your words of support and encouragement are needed now more than ever. Thanks to all of you. Your support and love has been invaluable over these last 19 1/2 months.

Chileans March Remembers Massacre

Portland, 03.09.2007 01:38

Yesterday [August 29] in Chile people gathered in most all the major cities of the country to recall the 100th anniversary of the Massacre of the School of Santa Maria of Iquique and to protest current labor practices and economic conditions stemming from the application of the free trade model to their country.

In 1907 during a strike against the deplorable working conditions of saltpeter mines in northern Chile local government authorized the elimination of the strikers and their families who were occupying a school in the city of Iquique. As a result more than 360 miners and their families were killed.

Today the massacre is seen as a symbol, a turning point, from which the government was forced to take action to improve labor laws and social programs. For this reason the Unitary Center for workers (Centro Unitario de Trabajadores, CUT) chose to remember the incident in their protests yesterday demanding an increase in the minimum wage, quality education,"pensions with dignity," and solutions to a variety of other economic and labor issues in the country.

New HOMELAND SECURITY tower at Council Crest?

Portland, 03.09.2007 01:38

Parks Commissioner Dan Salzman has given the go-ahead for the Department of Homeland Security to replace an outmoded communication tower (should be torn down, it is a PARK after all) at Council Crest Park with a new one that they will use for "public safety"
Since when should our park lands be subjugated for use by Homeland Security?

Please read this link and pass on to all interested observers.

The notice of public hearing on August 28th was not widely advertised. All concerned citizens should request another public hearing.


End Fluoridation, Say 500 Physicians, Dentists, Scientists And Environmentalists

Portland, 03.09.2007 01:38

In a statement released recently, over 600 professionals are urging Congress to stop water fluoridation until Congressional hearings are conducted. They cite new scientific evidence that fluoridation, long promoted to fight tooth decay, is ineffective and has serious health risks.

Grassroots anti-biodiesel in Scappoose?

Portland, 03.09.2007 01:38

My boyfriend was recently driving through Scappose when he noticed at least a dozen signs saying "no garbege factory here" and "biodiesel can explode." The signs were all professionally made in a sign shop. I called a friend who used to work in a sign shop, it musta costed at least $400 for all those signs, just the ones he saw running through town.

We've been using biodiesel99 for years with no problems sofar, and are even working on our own appleseed processor in the backyard.

Who is funding this anti biodiesel fervor?

Somebody feel threatened?

Free Humboldt Forest Action Camp September 6th-10th!

Portland, 03.09.2007 01:38

We are brought together with the common goal of preventing old-growth logging, clear cutting, the use of herbicides and non-sustainable forestry in all areas of the region, the nation and the planet.

To volunteer time and skill, or to help support this opportunity TO inspire and guide future generations of activists, please call or email. The location will be announced the day before of Action Camp. Carpools are forming from Arcata and Eureka.

Conexión de agua en Villa los Tinglados

Argentina, 03.09.2007 00:38

Otro NO

Daniel McGowan Moved

Portland, 03.09.2007 00:38

Hi all,

I found out today that Daniel is no longer at MDC Brooklyn.
I feel relieved that he is FINALLY moving on but it's also bittersweet, as today was visiting day and his niece was going to visit for the first time. Such is life, I suppose....He's at FCI Terre Haute in Indiana, but there's no way to know for how long. If you'd like to write, his new address is:

P.O. BOX 33

Again, we have absolutely NO idea how long he will be here or where he'll end up next so if you'd like to write a letter it's up to you if you want to send it I'm sure he'll appreciate it if he ends up stuck there for a week or two. Thanks for your support!

Ask Governor Otter to Bypass Dirk Kempthorne In Replacing Larry Craig

Portland, 03.09.2007 00:38

Kempthorne has helped cause forest fires and desertification through mountain decapitation mining, controlled burns which become quickly uncontrolled, through allowing lumbermen in to raze woods, and turning over public lands to cattle, sheep, bison and buffalo ranchers.

Closeted Anti-Gay, Big Timber Stoog Senator Craig R-Idaho Resigns! | Why Sen. Larry Craig R-ID Resigning Has Birds and Bees Singing

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