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September 11th March and Rally To Ban Tasers in San Jose

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.09.2007 20:09

Taser survivors, civil and human rights advocates, and cultural performers will come together on Tuesday, September 11th to kick off a campaign to ban tasers in San Jose. People will gather that day at 5:00pm outside of the District Attorney's Office at 70 West Hedding St. From there, participants will march to the San Jose Police Department. A final rally will be held at City Hall, 200 E. Santa Clara St., at 6:30pm.

Reflections from an Irish Activist with the ISM in Palestine

Ireland, 08.09.2007 20:08

The following is not intended to be an attempt at ...

Ban the Billboard!

Bristol, 08.09.2007 20:08

24 Hour Vigil to Rid St Werburghs of Billboards 24 hour vigil to rid St Werburghs of billboards Mac writes: The anti-billboard campaign in St Werburghs caught alight today with a 24 hour vigil mounted by activist Mark Boyle. Attention was well and truly focused on the 3 large Scrapstore-owned billboards by Ashley Hill roundabout. The campaign is to get these 3 eyesores torn down and create 'St Werburghs Green Gateway' with tree planting and a view of Ivy Church. Mark's vigil started at 7.00 am today, with a huge 'scrap the billboards' banner set up, copies of the 1000 signature petition and leaflets, displays and information to let people know what was going on. Many people didn't even realise that an environmental charity like the Children's Scrapstore could be making money from causing visual pollution in their adopted neighbourhood. Full article.| 24 hour vigil to rid St Werburghs of billboards | The World's Fourth-Largest City Outlaws Billboards, Calls It 'Visual Pollution' ( | Other Billboard/Subvert News: Protest and boycott against this blatant arms fair | Evening Pest notices billboard subvert shock! | Bedminster subvert | Another five bite the (saw) dust |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

A.N.S.W.E.R./Florida: MARCH ON WASHINGTON September 15

Miami, 08.09.2007 18:07

A.N.S.W.E.R./Florida: MARCH ON WASHINGTON September 15

Rosario: juicios por genocidio

Argentina, 08.09.2007 16:38

La patota de Feced al banquillo

Video: Security Guards and Taxi Drivers Join Together

Philadelphia, 08.09.2007 15:38

&quot;Escuela para estudiar......que la hagan ya!&quot;

Argentina, 08.09.2007 14:38

Por 3 edificios nuevos en Campo de la Rivera

Periodismo Autónomo en Córdoba

Argentina, 08.09.2007 13:38

Para fortalecer el protagonismo y la participación de las mujeres

Argentina, 08.09.2007 13:38

Mujeres que luchan, mujeres que se organizan

Olympia: Citizens Talk Back to Baird

Portland, 08.09.2007 13:38

After a brief visit to Iraq as part of a Congressional delegation that was wined and dined at the Ambassador's residence, [Representative Brian] Baird came home a convert: the surge was working and the occupation should continue. Immediate withdrawal, he stated, would result in "wholesale slaughter."
The reaction in Washington's 3rd district has been strong. Over 500 people stormed his Vancouver town meeting and 200 people were at Longview. They were articulate in their disagreement with Baird. Channeling Richard Nixon, Baird dismissed their concerns, stating he believes that there is a silent majority who supports his position and wants us to win in Iraq.

[Friday, September 7th] A small group of 40 citizens gathered in front of Rep. Baird's Olympia office to respond to his sudden conversion to supporting the war. Baird's office was expecting us. His staff greeted us with cookies and a desire to hear what we had to say. They cleared the parking lot so we could hold our rally. Several of the Veterans for Peace entered the office and began reading the names of the American soldiers killed in Iraq. The others remained outside to talk back to Baird. The speakers were videotaped and a copy will be sent to Baird. The Talk Back to Baird action will continue every Friday in September from noon-2 p.m.


Perth, 08.09.2007 07:09

APEC Security Savaged by Chasers Team

Harrisburg, PA Anti-Immigration Rally A Huge Bust -- But At Least The Nazis Had A Good Time

DC, 08.09.2007 04:09

Well, we learned a few things at the Voice of the (Few) People (VOTP) rally in Harrisburg, PA. One, it doesn't take much effort on our part to turn an anti-immigration rally to an anti-DLJ rally! Two, that might be due to the fact that it also didn't take much effort on our part to make this particular group look like the racist nimrods they were with their more than obvious ass-kissing of the assorted Nazis that were there. Three, something is wrong with this group. After this weekend, we are convinced that VOTP is destined to become the comic relief of the entire anti-immigration campaign. If anyone associates with them or even takes them seriously, ya gotta wonder about them too. As it is, that feeling may be shared by a lot of folks because, thanks in no small part to us, this rally was decimated. There were supposed to be much, much more than the 150 that came out to this thing, and definitely more speakers. In the end, what was supposed to have been the largest anti-immigration rally in Pennsylvania history became the most laughable. And once again, VOTP founder Daniel Smeriglio hit us with a gem when he "called out" DLJ from the podium. Now first he runs away from DLJ at the Morristown rally when he questions him about racist activist John Clark's participation in the Harrisburg rally. Then he makes some claim that he is going to post our "founder's" (DLJ) criminal record on line, even though he doesn't have one, despite the claims by Bill White and Hal Turner to have obtained it, the only one's who ever have. Now Smeriglio is saying that DLJ called him a child molester? Dan, Dan Dan….where in all hell did you get this from? For the record, he was called nothing of the sort, at least not by anyone in OPP, but we guess when you are a wannabe politician and your big rally just got flushed down the toilet, you have to save face somehow. So why not lie about some accusation that was never made, eh? Oh, well. This is why we call them boneheads. Speaking of which, we cannot close without giving a special shout-out to our friends in Keystone State "Skinheads" and the assorted Nazi lot that turned out. They are claiming it was a good day for them, and they are absolutely right. It was - for them. We, however, had bigger fish to fry in VOTP and the bonehead crowd was simply the oil. VOTP could have simply distanced themselves from them, but one, the Nazis were the majority that came out for the anti-immigration crowd, and two, organizers made hatemongers a part of the rally in the first place! It was a good way to end the summer, but a good sign that the heat will be around well into the fall. We can hardly wait to see what comes next!

Olympia: Citizens Talk Back to Baird

Seattle, 08.09.2007 03:38

A small group of 40 citizens gathered in front of Rep. Baird’s Olympia office to respond to his sudden conversion to supporting the war. Baird’s office was expecting us. His staff greeted us with cookies and a desire to hear what we had to say. They cleared the parking lot so we could hold our rally.

Cutting, Climing, Cycling: Security of Two Nuclear Bases Compromised

Scotland, 07.09.2007 22:08

Three separate groups of peace activists breached the high security of Faslane and Coulport nuclear bases on the 5th of September. Faslane was shut down while police tried to secure the base, and two pensioners spent two hours trying to find someone to arrest them in Coulport. Several activists have been charged with the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA).

Read the reports in full: [ Cutting | Climbing | Cycling ]

An Interview with NY Taxi Workers Alliance Leader Bhairavi Desai

NYC, 07.09.2007 21:38

New York taxi drivers have been speaking out for months against new city regulations that require all taxis to have new technology installed including credit card machines and global positioning systems that will track where the cabbies drive. Faced with an October 1 deadline to make the switchover, thousands of cabbies pulled their vehicles off the streets Wednesday and Thursday in the first citywide taxi strike in nine years. With the strike winding down on Thursday night, New York Taxi Workers Alliance Executive Director Bhairavi Desai spoke with NYC Indymedia about what was accomplished, how her group pulled off the strike and what they might be ready to do next. || < ahref=>Previous coverage in The Indypendent

Code Pink Attempts Delivery Of Backbone To Congress

DC, 07.09.2007 19:09

Sheep-like U.S. Congress Mocked at Capitol Hill Demo Audio from WSQT Radio of this event and it's lead-in event:

Regime Gets Desperate; Mounted Park Police Bust Up Press Conference In Lafayette Square

DC, 07.09.2007 19:09

While the momentum for the Sept. 15 Peace/Impeachment demonstration grows, the Bush Administration is going to extraordinary lengths to suppress the mobilizing for this mass demonstration. Less than 18 hours ago, National Park Service Police turned a September 15 Press Conference, held in front of the White House, into a chaotic scene. On the pretext that there was no permit for a three foot long folding table that the media placed their microphones on, the police intervened in the middle of the press conference to announce that it was an unpermitted activity...

Aksi Protes Perubahan Iklim (Climate Change) mengawali Pertemuan APEC

Jakarta, 07.09.2007 18:37

Protes Perubahan Iklim (CLimate Change) di Newcastle dan wilayah Victoria mengawali pertemuan Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) yang akan digelar di Sydney 2-9 September 2007. Sebagai tuan rumah forum ini adalah Perdana Menteri Australian Yohanes Howard yang terkenal konservatif dan dihadiri oleh Presiden George Bush, Presiden Rusia Vladimir Putin, Presiden Cina Hu Jintao dan para pemimpin negara Asia Pacific lainnya termasuk Indonesia. Sebagian besar CBD Sydney bagian utara yang mencakup Rumah Opera terkenal telah dipasangi beton tinggi setinggi sembilan kaki dan dipagari kawat; yang menjadi tembok besar APEC dan tanda kebangkitan "military urbanism" di Australia. ...

CriticalMassMiami: On Saturday, Sept 8th, Critical Mass Goes to College!!!

Miami, 07.09.2007 18:07

CriticalMassMiami: On Saturday, Sept 8th, Critical Mass Goes to College!!!

Eco-autoconstruction sauvage à Lausanne

Switzerland, 07.09.2007 13:07

La construction d'une maison en bottes de paille a commencé vendredi 24 août au centre-ville de Lausanne. Le chantier avance vite, mais les autorités ne le voient pas d'un bon oeil... Les coups de main sont bienvenus!

Des photos ici:
et ici:


Athens, 07.09.2007 10:38

Πορείες για τα εγκαίνια της Δ.Ε.Θ.


santiago, 07.09.2007 06:10

Otro 29 para la Memoria o Breviario de Calvarios Colectivos.

DIY V3 Wind Turbine Workshop

United Kingdom, 07.09.2007 06:09

V3 Power build small wind turbines and run courses teaching people how to make their own turbines. They put a couple up at various events, to inspire folks to get involved with such alternatives. The turbines they build are 'axial flux' turbines with a 2.4 metre blade in diameter and typically sit on top of a 10 metre guyed mast. They are mostly made from recycled materials

By running courses where people can learn how to build, install and maintain their own turbine they offer people and communities the chance to release themselves from reliance on the national grid while making a real difference to the climate change problem. So, get involved.

Pictures: [ Wind Turbine Workshop 1 ] | [ Wind Turbine Workshop 2 ] | Spring into Action :: Build your own wind turbine workshop | Sounds on the Downs - Wind Turbine Set-up

Links: V3 Power | Hugh Piggott - Scoraig Wind | Construction of Permanent magnet generator' (PMG). [pdf] | Wind rotor blade construction [pdf] | Small Wind Systems for Battery Charging [pdf] | Fieldlines: Wind 'Expert'discussion board [lodsa help here] | British Wind Energy Association | Wind power - Wikipedia | Centre for Alternative Technology | Engineers Without Borders [International NGO for engineering students] |

Slide Show Videos:V3 Wind Turbines + others [2:20mins mpg 6.2Mb] | Green's Windmill, Sneinton [3:02mins mpg 10.1Mb]

Indymedia Oaxaca Tour In The UK, Second Stage

United Kingdom, 07.09.2007 06:09

A second round of Indymedia Oaxaca infonite in the UK is starting, focussing on the experiences and struggless the people of Oaxaca's rebellion. The tour will begin in Cardiff at the PAD social centre on the 9th where it will also visit people who are fighting the Brecon Beacons gas pipeline. In London it will take part in the Disarm DSEi mobilisations, as well as a planned infonite at the LARC on the 12th. Then it will visit Liverpool on the 16th to join in the celebration of the new social centre Next To Nowhere, the Common Ground Community Garden in Reading on the 18th, and it will end at the No Border Camp in Gatwick on the 21st. There will be talks and discussions with our compañero from Indymedia Oaxaca as well as the presentation of 'True To My Pledge', a video made by MALDEOJOTV to rise funds in support of the women made widows in Oaxaca due to state repression.

Click at the Full article link for background information, and see IMC-UK Oaxaca topic page for reports on the Oaxaca Uprising.

You are Cordially Invited to Next To Nowhere!

United Kingdom, 07.09.2007 06:09

At 7pm on Saturday 15th September, the door will be unlocked at Next To Nowhere in Bold Street, and Liverpool's new social centre will be 'officially' opened, although there probably won't be any mayors or fancy ribbons. What there will be is a week-long programme of events to celebrate the space, starting with a party and ending with a film night. It's been nearly two years in the planning, but Next To Nowhere is finally ready!

Para fortalecer el protagonismo y la participación de las mujeres

Argentina, 07.09.2007 06:09

Mujeres que luchan, mujeres que se organizan

Conexión de agua en Villa los Tinglados

Argentina, 07.09.2007 06:09

Otro NO

Noticias Destacadas

Argentina, 07.09.2007 06:09

Desalambrar el presente por el futuro de la vida campesina

Argentina, 07.09.2007 06:09

Acción Campesina

Workers Deliver Message to Hospital CEO

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.09.2007 05:09

Workers from Community Medical Centers in Fresno delivered their CEO a message. The message, delivered by about 100 healthcare workers and their allies, is that they want a fair election, free of threats and intimidation, so they can decide for themselves if Service Employees International Union - UHW will represent them.

Despejo da Ocupação Lima Barreto no Rio de Janeiro

Brasil, 07.09.2007 04:08


Locals Spur on National Fast, Urging Congress to Cancel the Debts of Impoverished Nations

Portland, 07.09.2007 03:09

September 6, 2007—Today marks the first of a 40-day fast led by retired campus minister and long-time social activist Rev. David Duncombe, of White Salmon, Washington. He will drink only water as he fasts and lobbies on Capitol Hill to win support for the Jubilee Act, a bill that would cancel the debts of 67 of the poorest countries and establish responsible lending practices for the future.

Last month, local organization Jubilee Oregon hosted Rev. Duncombe for a special send-off, in which local Portlanders agreed to fast in solidarity for one or more days. Local organizations endorsing the fast include: the Jubilee committee of Witness for Peace, St John the Baptist, Ainsworth United Church of Christ, the Interfaith Council and the Spiritual Life Center of Portland State University.

US-American Antimissile Defence System - analysis, criticism, resistance

Torun, 07.09.2007 01:07

BREAKING NEWS: Kenneth Foster Death Sentence Commuted by Governor!

Austin, 07.09.2007 00:08

BREAKING NEWS!: Board of Pardons and Parole Rules 6 to 1 for Clemency for Kenneth Foster, and Governor upholds the decision, giving Foster a sentence of life in prison! Governor Perry's statement in full: "After carefully considering the facts of this case, along with the recommendation from the Board of Pardons and Paroles, I believe the right and just decision is to commute Foster's sentence from the death penalty to life imprisonment. I am concerned about Texas law that allowed capital murder defendants to be tried simultaneously and it is an issue I think the Legislature should examine." Commented Lily Hughes of Campaign to End the Death Penalty: "Governor Perry once said that there was no hue and cry against the death penalty in Texas. Well, here was your hue and cry." Feature from Global Indymedia | On the Ground Reports from Walidah Imarisha: Aug29: 4pm | Aug29: 11pm |

Two Years Post-Katrina: Racism and Criminal Justice in New Orleans

Austin, 07.09.2007 00:08

Two years after the devastation of New Orleans highlighted racism and inequality in the US, the disaster continues. New Orleans' health care and education systems are still in crisis. Thousands of units of public housing sit empty. Nearly half the city's population remains displaced. A report released this week by the Institute for Southern Studies reveals that, out of $116 billion in federal Katrina funds allocated, less than 30% has gone towards long-term rebuilding—and half of that 30% remains unspent.

2007 SFA Encuentro BK Protest

Austin, 07.09.2007 00:08

We are here today because our patience is wearing thin. For over two years, you have been given the opportunity to work with the CIW and take responsibility for the extreme poverty and degradation faced by thousands of women and men who harvest tomatoes for your hamburgers, poverty to which Burger King's tomato purchasing practices have contributed directly. Video Link

United Workers Remain Vigilant While Briefly Postponing Hunger Strike

Baltimore, 06.09.2007 22:08

In the spirit of Labor Day, the United Workers held a prayer breakfast at Light Street Presbyterian Church in Federal Hill on Monday, September 3rd. UWA members and supporters have briefly postponed their hunger strike.

2007 SFA Encuentro BK Protest

NYC, 06.09.2007 18:38

For over two years, you have been given the opportunity to work with the CIW and take responsibility for the extreme poverty and degradation faced by thousands of women and men who harvest tomatoes for your hamburgers, poverty to which Burger King's tomato purchasing practices have contributed directly. Video Link

pueblos (es)

Barcelona, 06.09.2007 14:11

Al luchador firme y coherente... Al esclavo que han perdido... A la nueva semilla de la vida...

Sobre los 300 años de un uso de la fuerza que nos comienza a hacer esclavos y que aún se celebra como orgullo nacional como la conquista de América, la aplicación de la ley antiterrorista o el cierre de las fronteras a las colónias Africanas por parte de las más altas instáncias de la pseudodemocrácia española i de rebote de la mayoría de instituciones, partidos y ciudadanía. Hasta que el orgullo y la opresión del ganador deje paso a la alegría de poder compartir un proyecto colectivo entre personas y pueblos libres seguiremos caminando y luchando hacia la liberación.

[11set]17h. Urquinaona. Mani Unitaria.

actos 11 set 2007: [11set] actos varios +[10set]Figueres: conciertos con revolta21,Malagana, Antiherois + Marcha de torchas en Vilanova i la Geltru

xirinacs ha muerto: xirinacs: sobre la muerte ::: la despedida de Xirinacs ::: la última lección de Xirinacs: han perdido un esclavo ::: entierro de xirinacs ::: CUP Ripoll: nota de duelo ::: CAJEI: un homenaje a la dignidad ::: comunicado de de duelo de maulets ::: Endavant-Osan: Nota de duelo por la muerte de Xirinacs ::: Forpasis Lluis Maria Xirinacs ::: Psuc-Viu: Recuerdo y homenaje a Xirinacs ::: homenaje en Girona ::: condolencias desde Euskadi :::
presas politicas: felicitaciones a laura por el nacimiento de su hija ::: felicidades laura, diego y didac desde irlanda ::: fotos de la concentración delante del hospital de terrassa :::

notícias relacionadas: el Correllengua 2007 sale de Bcn dia 11 de setembre y acaba en Perpinyà el 3 de nov ::: concentraciones por los derechos de las personas immigradas ::: video concentración sin papeles ::: humor de frases célebres ::: esta casa no es habitable

+ info: >>>pueblos

pobles (ca)

Barcelona, 06.09.2007 13:11

Al lluitador ferm i coherent... A l'esclau que han perdut...A la nova llavor de vida

Vora 300 anys d'un ús de la força que ens comença a fer esclaus i que encara se celebra amb orgull nacional com la conquesta d'Amèrica, l'aplicació de la llei antiterrorista o el tancament de les fronteres a les colònies Africanes per part de les més altes instàncies de la pseudodemocracia espanyola i de retruc de la majoria d'institucions, partits i ciutadania. Fins que l'orgull i l'opressió del guanyador deixi pas a l'alegria de compartir un projecte col·lectiu entre persones i pobles lliures seguirem caminant i lluitant cap a l'alliberament.

[11set]17h.Urquinaona. Manifestació Unitària

actes 11 set 2007: [11set] actes varis +[10set]Figueres: concerts amb revolta21,Malagana, Antiherois + Marxa de Torxes a Vilanova i la Geltru

xirinacs ha mort: xirinacs: sobre la mort ::: el comiat de Xirinacs ::: l'última lliçó d'en xirinacs: han perdut un esclau ::: enterrament de xirinacs ::: CUP Ripoll: nota de condol ::: CAJEI: un homenatge a la dignitat ::: comunicat de condol de maulets ::: Endavant-Osan: Nota de condol per la mort de Xirinacs ::: Forpasis Lluis Maria Xirinacs ::: Psuc-Viu: Record i homenatge a Xirinacs ::: homenatge a Girona ::: condolences des d'Euskadi ::: 11set homenatge a Xirinacs
preses polítiques: felicitacions a la laura pel naixement del seu fill ::: felicitats laura, diego i didac des de irlanda ::: fotos de la concentració davant hospital de terrassa :::

notícies relacionades: el Correllengua 2007 surt de Bcn dia 11 de setembre i acaba a Perpinyà el 3 de nov ::: concentracions pels drets de les persones immigrades ::: video concentració sense papers ::: humor de frases celebres ::: aquesta casa no es habitable

+ info: >>>pobles

Europaweites Nazitreffen in Jena

Germany, 06.09.2007 10:49

Für den 8. September soll zum zweiten Mal das europaweit beworbene Nazifestival "Fest der Völker" in Jena stattfinden. Mit dem Spektakel treibt die NPD die europäische Vernetzung faschistischer Parteien innerhalb der ENF voran. Neben internationalen Naziführern treten Bands aus dem verbotenen Blood & Honour-Netzwerk auf. Einigendes Band zwischen Freien Kameradschaften, faschistischen Parteien und radikalen Schlägerskins ist die Verherrlichung des 3.Reiches, antisemitische Verschwörungsphantasien und rassistische Hetze. Dass das Event ausgerechnet in Thüringen stattfindet ist kein Zufall: das Bundesland hat sich zum "braunen Herz Deutschlands" entwickelt. Ein Verbot zog die Stadt, trotz der offensichtlichen Fortführung der verbotenen B&H-Strukturen, nicht in Betracht. In Jena regt sich antifaschistischer Protest.

AU students prosecuted 5 months later for April 3 Rove demo!

DC, 06.09.2007 08:30

Six American University students got an unpleasant suprise as they returned to campus-ARREST WARRANTS five months after the fact for last Spring's protest against Karl Rove.

Georgetown students protest Wal-Mart VP's appearance

DC, 06.09.2007 08:30

Wal-Mart's so-called VP for social responsibility foolishly chose to speak at Georgetown University on Sep 5th. The building where he was speaking was guarded by clusters of security guards, so students staged a noisy rally outside that he and his supporters could not fail to hear. Audio: 3 min 13 sec

In Memoriam: Anti-War Vietnam Veteran and Labor Activist Bill Davis

Chicago, 06.09.2007 06:23

Bill Davis, Vietnam war veteran, longtime labor and anti-war activist and national coordinator of VVAW — Vietnam Veterans Against the War — has died. Davis was a key member for decades in VVAW, begun by military veterans in 1967 to oppose U.S. military intervention in Vietnam, U.S. imperialism more broadly, and to support the rights and needs of veterans. Davis also served as president of Auto Mechanics Union Local 701, which he first joined in 1977, until he retired several years ago, and represented Local 701 in the Chicago Federation of Labor. Read more.

1999 Article by Bill Davis on Kent State and the war | 2005 interview with Bill Davis and fellow VVAW activist Ray Parrish | VVAW website


Colombia, 06.09.2007 05:48

Bancoterroristas despojan viviendas

Maori Revolutionary Syd Jackson Dies

Aotearoa, 06.09.2007 02:10

Syd Jackson, of Ngati Kahungunu and Ngati Porou, died on 3rd September aged 68. His tangi will be at Matahiwi Marae in Hastings late this week.

"Syd has lived his life with a totally unswerving commitment to revolution" said Mrs Turia of the Maori Party. He was involved with Ngā Tamatoa in the 1970s whose staunch advocacy for Brown Power laid the foundation for a dynamic period of Māori renaissance.

"Syd has made an enormous political impact on Aotearoa, particularly through his role in the union movement" said Pita Sharples of the Maori Party. "He had the keen intellect to grasp complex issues, a quality which you would see coming through in campaigns such as encouraging Libya to boycott trade with New Zealand, or protesting against APEC."

Links: Media Releases | Maori Independence Site | Tühoe: Te Ahikaa roa a Mihi ki te Kapua 2007/2008

Where is NYC IMC Coverage on the Taxi Drivers Strike

NYC, 05.09.2007 21:39

Here is a link to Philly IMC's coverage of the taxi Drivers Strike in Philly. It is important that NY IMC figures out a way to counter the dominant message out there which disempowers some of the most exploited workers in the CITY. DO YOUR JOB!

Medical Imperialism

NYC, 05.09.2007 21:39

A review of The Body Hunters: Testing New Drugs on the World’s Poorest Patents by Sonia Shah

The New Press 2006

Stop Foster Farms in Canby

Portland, 05.09.2007 20:44

Foster Farms, the infamous poultry company, is looking to build a 1.5 million chicken industrial operation in a farming community in rural Canby, OR. Industrial factory farms are taking advantage of the privileges afforded to family farmers. One rural community has been turned on its head as the family farmers and rural residents who live there have learned that an out-of-state corporation has all the rights and they have none. There are over 200 property owners that will impacted by the proposed operation. Voice your concerns for chickens and the community of Canby. Stop Foster Farms on Oak Grove Road in Canby.

Community meeting to start local currency in PDX

Portland, 05.09.2007 20:44

What if Portland had it own money? Come to the community meeting on Sun 9/23 from 7-9pm at People's Food Coop and learn about local currency design and implementation.
Many communities around the world have successfully implemented local currencies that help their businesses attract and retain customers while promoting sustainability. Imagine our very own money that would circulate in tandem with federal dollars. Local currency would invigorate our economy as well as our community.

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