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Providence Protesters Urge 'Justice'

Boston, 26.09.2007 14:08

NORTH PROVIDENCE — Clenched fists raised, close to 200 protesters yesterday denounced the North Providence police and demanded "justice" for a protester seriously injured two weeks ago while demonstrating at an Asian restaurant on Mineral Spring Avenue.

Raids by ICE: A Psychological War that Terrifies Our Communities

Boston, 26.09.2007 14:08

Last Tuesday, August 28, to people who live in the area of East Boston and Chelsea in Massachusetts it looked like the city was under siege. Detachments from the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency and other police forces roamed the streets creating panic among immigrant workers and their families. A community organizer spotted the ICE agents at the Maverick T station and pointed his camera in their direction. He was immediately surrounded, his camera confiscated, he was interrogated, and he was ordered to show his documents. Eventually they let him go. A Spanish-radio reporter who knew the organizer stopped to inquire what was happening. ICE agents told him to move on and out of there. But, the alarm was set off and 1600 AM radio waves were soon filled with phone calls about additional ICE police activity around town. This went on from around 6 am until noon.

Far from the Coalfields, Bank of America Can't Hide Dirty Investments

Boston, 26.09.2007 14:08

As part of the Day of Action against Bank of America, part of an ongoing critique of B.o.A.'s funding of major players in the coal industry, a group of protesters held banners and passed out literature in front of the Bank in Amherst, MA on Friday.

Boston Activist Assaulted by Gathering of Eagles

Boston, 26.09.2007 14:08

Carlos Arredondo, Boston resident (Roslindale/JP) was assaulted by members of The Gathering of Eagles pro-war organization while he was demonstrating at the capitol this weekend.

New Iranian TV channel covers Ahmadinejad's Columbia address

NYC, 26.09.2007 14:08

"Iranian television will show propaganda and will show that we Americans will accept his political views," said an unidentified Iranian-born Columbia student during Geraldo Rivera's live Fox News report from campus the night President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's controversial address. Apparently he hasn't seen the Press TV channel.

Coalition of Anti-War Groups Protest Bush's Visit to the UN.

NYC, 26.09.2007 14:08

On the morning of September 25, 2007, a loose coalition of anti-war groups gathered outside the UN at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza to protest the visit of George W. Bush. The coalition comprised of the NYC chapter of World Can’t Wait, Code Pink, Grannies for Peace, the War Resisters League, and a host of other groups, and the amount of people totaled about 1200. Barricades lined 1st avenue, with a large contingent of police officers deployed to deal with the chaos that ensues when world leaders converge on New York City, especially unpopular ones. The protest was confined to an area that was closed off with barricades on both sides.

Photos: Protest Against Bush at UN and March to Washington Square

NYC, 26.09.2007 14:08

About 1000-1500 people protested Bush at the UN.

Generalstreik gegen General Motors (USA)

Germany, 26.09.2007 13:38

Die Gewerkschaft United Auto Workers (UAW) rief gestern 73.000 Lohnarbeiter in gut 70 US-Betrieben von General Motors zu einem unbefristeten, US-weiten Streik auf. Es geht dabei nicht nur um Lohnfragen. Es geht um das Konzept des Co-Managements der Gewerkschaftsführer und die Klassenharmonie zwischen Lohnarbeit und Kapital, die sich nach der Großen Depression unter Präsident Roosevelt herausgebildet hat.

Movement for the Emancipation of the Nigerian Delta Declares War

Philadelphia, 26.09.2007 13:38

Police Accused of Ignoring Road-Rage Attacks

Bristol, 26.09.2007 12:38

Drivers Given Free Ride After May Critical Mass & New Event on Friday 28th Sept. Drivers Given Free Ride After May Critical Mass & New Event on Friday 28th Sept. Following accusations of harrasment of cyclists on a Critical Mass, the police now stand accused of being soft on aggressive drivers. Joshua Hart writes; It has come to light that two drivers who drove their cars into cyclists at the May Critical Mass bicycle ride, have in all likelihood not been charged at all by Avon and Somerset Police. During a larger than usual Critical Mass bike ride in Bristol last May, two drivers intentionally drove into the back of the mass as it rode through St. Augustine's Parade. When police arrived on the scene, they let the drivers go to the dismay of the gathered crowd, and proceeded to arrest two cyclists. Responding to a FOI request, the Avon and Somerset Constabulary writes, "Your request for information has now been considered and I am not obliged to supply the information you have requested" They go on to cite the human rights act of 1998 to justify not releasing the information to the public because "someone could use this information to their benefit to seek retribution against the drivers of these vehicles for causing damage to their bicycles." Even though the request simply asked what charges were filed against the drivers without requesting their names, the request was nevertheless denied.

Por una vivienda digna

Euskal Herria, 26.09.2007 08:39

No vas a tener casa en la puta vida. Con este lema se pretende reivindicar una vez m�s el derecho a una vivienda digna. Este 6 de octubre a las 19.00 horas, se hace un llamamiento a realizar concentraciones espont�neas delante de los ayuntamientos de todas las ciudades. Algunas convocatorias ya han salido: en el estado espa�ol y en Hego Euskal Herria (Donostia, Bilbo), aunque eso es lo de menos pues la idea es que cada quien en su ciudad acuda, se re�na y grite lo m�s fuerte que pueda.

Se pretende as� batir un r�cord: el de n�mero de personas gritando al un�sono una misma frase. Porque se puede decir m�s alto, pero no m�s claro.

En cuanto a acciones reivindicativas del derecho a la vivienda, podemos recordar las manifestaciones del pasado marzo o diciembre en Bilbo, o la m�s reciente mantenida en la Acampada contra la Precariedad y por una Vivienda Digna de Ciudad Universitaria en Madrid, que despu�s de cinco meses fue desalojada el pasado viernes por la polic�a.

From the Newswire

Perth, 26.09.2007 07:09

Public Meeting: APEC - the Election - Howards Last Stand

Jena Giant Protest

Houston, 26.09.2007 04:39

Mobilization for Jena 6 brings tens of thousands to Jena, LA

Los lápices siguen escribiendo

Argentina, 26.09.2007 03:38

Jornada cultural por la noche de los lápices en City Bell

&quot;Making a Killing in Iraq&quot; comes to Santa Cruz - in more ways than one

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.09.2007 21:38

The San Francisco Mime Troupe had an outstanding show on September 23rd, but the topic of questionable government contracting reaches all the way from Afghanistan to Santa Cruz, in the form of city contractor Camp Dresser Mckee.


Venezuela, 25.09.2007 21:37

Trimester an der HfbK Hamburg

Germany, 25.09.2007 16:39

Der Blick von Außen: Trotz oder gerade wegen der Exmatrikulation von 265 Teilnehmenden läuft der Boykott an der Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg weiter.
In ganz Deutschland ist der Studiengebührenboykott bislang gescheitert - in ganz Deutschland?
Nein! Eine kleine Hochschule im Norden, die Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg, hat das Quorum erreicht und hält trotz der Exmatrikulation von 265 Teilnehmenden (weiter) am Boykott fest. Jetzt öffnen sie ihre Pforten im Rahmen eines "autonomen Trimesters", um mit dieser auch Intensivwoche (19.-30.09.) genannten Aktion über die Frist vom 30.09. hinaus das Quorum halten zu können und darüber hinaus eine Vorstellung eines selbstbestimmten freien Lernens zu entwickeln und umzusetzen. Studierende aus ganz Deutschland schauen gespannt nach Hamburg, schließlich kann hier Geschichte geschrieben werden.

Webseite mit Programm des Trimesters

Comeza a conta atrás

Galiza, 25.09.2007 16:09

A defensa dos dereitos de autora implica en Compostela o gasto de 10 millóns en fondos públicos e a cesión por parte do concello e da USC da finca de Vista Alegre. Para tal obra que califican como nova "Casa da Cultura" empregaránse mil kilos de granito no que é calificado coma "zona privilexiada" do eixo norte cidade xunto cos futuros pisos de luxo, aos pés da casa do presidente, construído todo isto sobre as ruínas do edifício histórico do hospital, rodeado dunha zona verde completamente artificial.

Estamos a falar da sede da SGAE para o noroeste do Estado español, entidade privada que se lucra en nome da defensa dos dereitos das artistas.Esta "defensa" materizalizase a través de métodos de lobby e coa plena sumisión do governo, con exemplos como a aprobación da "lei de propiedade intelectual" (real decreto lexislativo 1/1996) que en ocasións é utilizada como excusa para expulsar a centos de persoas que teñen na venta de música na rúa o único xeito de supervivencia, igualmente para anular o chamado "dereito de liberdade de expresión" de dúcias de webs, radios e xornais libres creados por colectivos que pretendemos amosar a nosa perspectiva da realidade afastada da que amosa a dictadura dos mass-media.

Ademáis, nas súas actuacións vislúmbranse métodos empresarias como o canón imposto aos cd's virxes como a moitos outros soportes, da que sacan unha importante tallada e dificulta a actividade e difusión das obras dos propios artistas.

É por isto que nos rebelamos contra a especulación e as súas mil caras, contra a que destrúe as nosas cidades, a que expulsa a persoas do territorio que habitan, a que mercantiliza a nosa cultura e esmaga a nosa creatividade.

Contra esta situación creamos a alaternativa da autoorganización aberta e horizontal a través do Comando Anti-SGAE/ acción: cultura libre e a promoción da cultura libre e a libre difusión de saberes con todo tipo de rexistro libre.

O inicio: primeiras novas sobre a construçom da sé da SGAE >> Juiço contra o Cineclube: Cámara Oscura Películas leva a xuízo o Cineclube de Compostela Xornada pola cultura libre >> Contra el canon >> A rebelióm dos musicos >> Compartir é bom

UH stop talk over Starbucks

Houston, 25.09.2007 15:08

UH Students for Fair Trade stop University President's speech

Mt. A Expansion STOPPED by US Court of Appeals

Rogue Valley, 25.09.2007 13:39

9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturns lower District Court judgment. Mt. Ashland expansion plan stopped!

Mt. Ashland Expansion Newsletter

Please forward this e-newsletter to others who may be interested.

Ninth Circuit opinion filed in favor of Plaintiffs-Appellants

! ! ! The Expansion has been stopped by the United States Court of Appeals ! ! !

Keep Tesco off Mill Road, Cambridge

United Kingdom, 25.09.2007 13:39

Tesco hope to move into Mill Road, Cambridge. The over whelming majority of residents and local traders absolutely do not want this to happen. Already posters are appearing in many of the shops on Mill Road, and campaigners spent Saturday spreading the word and drumming up support for the campaign.

An open organising meeting has been called to start planning a campaign against Tesco. It will be held on Thursday 27th September at 7 pm in Libra Aries bookshop (9 The Broadway, Mill Road). (The bookshop has been graffitied in the run up to the meeting).

Main campaign post with many useful links | Tescopoly site

Ahmadinejad at Columbia University New York

Ireland, 25.09.2007 13:38

"We refuse to choose between Islamic fundamentalis ...

From the Newswire

Perth, 25.09.2007 12:09

Enrolling closes 8PM on Election Announcement Day

The Gatwick No Border Camp, September 19th to 24th

United Kingdom, 25.09.2007 10:08

2007 is witnessing a resurgence of No Border Camps around the world as three Camps have been announced. The first one took place in Ukraine in mid August [Pics] and another one is announced at the US/Mexico border for November. But close to home, this week the UK sees the first No Border camp near Gatwick airport. Despite weeks of constant harassment of local farmers by the police, the Camp got under way as planned with several hundred people attending workshops and discussions, and taking part in actions and demonstrations throughout the week.

The No Border Camp seeks "to try and stop the building of the new detention centre, and to gather ideas for how to build up the fight against the system of migration controls". The Camp progaramme consists of four days of workshops, protests and discussions. Various actions were announced for the week, including a Transnational Demonstration on Saturday 22nd from Crawley to the site of Brook House attended by around 500 people. Brook House is planned to be Britain's largest detention centre for migrant people, and it is being build next door to Tinsley House. Another solidarity march took place in Newcastle. Several actions also happened during the camp on Thursday and Friday. These included the occupation of Virgin Atlantic tour operator offices and a blockade outside Group 4 near Crawley, a welcoming event in Crawley as well as demonstrations outside Lunar and Electric houses reporting centres in Croydon.

Saturday 22nd: Timeline of Events | Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Press Releases: 1 | 2
Friday 21st: Timeline of Events | Reports: 1 | 2 | Pics 1 | 2 | Video | Press Releases: 1 | 2 | 3
Thursday 20th: Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Pics | Video
Wednesday 19th:: report | report and pics | pics

International Reports: Holland IMC 1 | 2 | Liege IMC 1 | 2 | Switzerland IMC | Barcelona IMC | Germany IMC 1 | 2 | Estrecho IMC | CMI Galiza

Practical Info: How to get to the Camp | Local contacts for travelling | Camp's programme | Workshops | Frequently Asked Questions | Legal infos for migrants coming to the camp

For more information see the Camp's website and IMC-UK Topic Page

Links: London No Borders | Nottingham No Borders | | Map of European migrant camps | Migrating University | Groups Endorsing the UK's Camp

Entrevista a Esteche y Lescano

Argentina, 25.09.2007 05:38

“Nosotros no matamos, no violamos ni robamos dinero público”

Entrevista a Esteche y Lescano

Argentina, 25.09.2007 05:08

“Nosotros no matamos, no violamos ni robamos dinero público”

Barid: Fails to Convince Oly to Stay the Course

Seattle, 25.09.2007 05:07

It was standing room only at Olympia High School as Baird met with over 300 Olympians last night, which ironically was International Peace Day. The evening began with some chants to bring the troops home, which captured the mood of this crowd. Baird deserves some credit for holding a town hall meeting in Olympia but he failed to convince his audience that staying the course was an acceptable policy position.

Entrevista a Esteche y Lescano

Argentina, 25.09.2007 04:08

“Nosotros no matamos, no violamos ni robamos dinero público”

Entrevista a Esteche y Lescano

Argentina, 25.09.2007 03:38

“Nosotros no matamos, no violamos ni robamos dinero público”

Human Rights

Perth, 25.09.2007 02:39

Help stop another Burma massacre

Organizações populares comemoram conquista estratégica para as políticas habitacionais

Brasil, 25.09.2007 00:08


My Day With Mumia

Philadelphia, 24.09.2007 22:38

Workers Center Closed in Herndon VA

DC, 24.09.2007 22:09

A backround of the events leading to the closing of Herndon's Official Workers Center placed in the context of relevant events in the region.

A Praça do Ciclista é (quase) oficial

Brasil, 24.09.2007 21:08


Anti-Choice Harassment Foiled

NYC, 24.09.2007 21:08

In the morning hours of Saturday, September 22, Bishop Josu Iriondo, under the guidance of professional anti-abortion creep Chris Slattery, led his flock on a march from St. Roch's Church in an attempt to deny women legal access to abortion services at Dr. Emily's in the Bronx Women's Medical Pavilion. Their plan failed miserably, due to the efforts of a bold and fearless clinic defense team composed of clinic staff, volunteers, and anarchists who kept the clinic open and functioning.

Iraq Moratorium at The New School

NYC, 24.09.2007 21:08

SDS exhibits activism throughout Manhattan

Candles Burn in East Harlem

NYC, 24.09.2007 21:08

A candlelight vigil was held in front of the U.S. Army Recruiting Station in East Harlem this past Friday evening. Over 20 people gathered to share their experiences and grievances about the overwhelming presence of Army recruiters in Harlem and Washington Heights since US occupation in Iraq. The vigil was the first action in Harlem to demonstrate solidarity with the Iraq Moratorium, scheduled to take place on the third Friday of every month. Visit for more information of who is organizing across the nation.

Campus Circus Maximus: Ahmadinejad Visits Columbia

NYC, 24.09.2007 21:08

Even on its best days, Columbia University exhibits something of fortress-like mentality. Its statuesque stone walls add a touch of Romanesque grandeur, but they mostly just serve to remind visitors and the occasional perceptive student of the institutions' historic isolation from its surrounding community. September 24 2007 was not one of Columbia's best days. The visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad segmented the campus and the streets outside into varying playpens for the exercise of free speech.

Солигорские шахтеры готовят пикет

Belarus, 24.09.2007 21:07

Empresa Gori en Toma

santiago, 24.09.2007 19:09

Los Trabajadores(as) se cansaron de la indiferencia e iniciaron la toma de la planta

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.09.2007 19:08

San Diego Indymedia (temporary home)
Feel free to contribute content by publishing to the newswire and selecting the category "San Diego".
If you would like to get involved with San Diego Indymedia, contact
Upcoming Events

Aboriginal Rights

Perth, 24.09.2007 18:39

National Aboriginal Alliance: New independent political voice

el machete

Houston, 24.09.2007 17:09

Wednesday, September 26th : 8 p.m.

el machete

Houston, 24.09.2007 17:09

Wednesday, September 26th : 8 p.m.

Open Publishing is back

Houston, 24.09.2007 16:38

Open Publishing is back!

Last Night at The Red and Black! Rock Against Racism!

Portland, 24.09.2007 16:38

LAST NIGHT AT THE RED and BLACK! (untill they find a new space!)
WEDNESDAY SEPT 26TH 6 PM 2138 SE Division

Bring $ Donations to benefit the Red and Black and their pursuit to find a new place!


This show is also an awareness-raising event in support of the September 29th day of unity against racism and fascism. The neo-Nazi 'Hammerskin Nation' group plans to celebrate its twentieth anniversary in the greater Portland area, this October 5-7. Musicians, educators and activists are dedicating the weekend before the hate gathering to generate positive community responses.

Events on Saturday, September 29:

  • Anti-Fascist Awareness Workshop.
    Free. 3PM, Room 236 at Smith Center, Portland State University.
  • Musicians United Against Racism event featuring hip hop, breakdancing, reggae DJ and punk rock performers.
    8PM, The Recyclery, 1417 SE 9th & Madison."

Rally To Free Haitian Human Rights Activist Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.09.2007 16:08

On Tuesday, September 18, the Bay Area-based Haiti Action Committee (HAC) held a rally in downtown San Francisco to call attention to the unresolved kidnapping of veteran Haitian human rights activist Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine.

usine de bicyclette autogérée en Allemagne!

Liege, 24.09.2007 12:37

Roue-libre! Dans l’usine occupée Bike System GmbH, les travailleurs enclenchent la vitesse de l’auto-gestion!

welke richting

Oost-Vlaanderen, 24.09.2007 08:37

perspectieven op de arbeidersstrijd

semira herdacht

Oost-Vlaanderen, 24.09.2007 08:37

Semira herdacht

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