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As Blackwater Comes Under Fire in Iraq, So-Cal Turns Up Heat to Stop Blackeat to Stop Blackwater Westwater West

LA, 28.09.2007 19:08

As Blackwater Comes Under Fire in Iraq, So-Cal Turns Up Heat to Stop Blackwater West

Limbaugh insults anti-war soldiers

Philadelphia, 28.09.2007 18:37

From the Newswire

Perth, 28.09.2007 18:08

Killings continue in Philippines

Lyrical Revolt in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.09.2007 16:38

On Saturday September 22 over 150 people came together from across California to participate in Lyrical Revolt, an event put on by the Youth & Student A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition at Counter Pulse in San Francisco. The night was filled with politically conscience Hip Hop, spoken word and speeches from such organizations as the Brown Berets of Watsonville and Youth Alive.

SEIU Security Worker Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.09.2007 16:38

San Francisco's security workers took to the streets September 24th - September 28th for a week of direct action to demand the city's wealthiest property owners, including Shorenstein, Morgan Stanley and Hines, give them a living wage and decent health care benefits. Mostly people of color and new immigrants, San Francisco's security workers earn less than everyone else in the city's commercial property buildings, including window washers, parking attendants and janitors.

Día de lucha por la legalización del aborto

Argentina, 28.09.2007 16:08

El aborto ilegal pone en riesgo la vida de 500.000 mujeres

Toma obrera en planta de desechos

Venezuela, 28.09.2007 14:37

Vulture Funds – The 'Perverse and Immoral' Face of Debt

Bristol, 28.09.2007 10:07

Monday 1st October 8pm at the Cube Cinema Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Vulture Funds – The 'Perverse and Immoral' Face of Debt. Monday 1st October 8pm at the Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol. Entry £2/£3 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.) Five years ago, Gordon Brown told the United Nations that the vultures were perverse and immoral: We particularly condemn the perversity where vulture funds purchase debt at a reduced price and make a profit from suing the debtor country to recover the full amount owed, a morally outrageous outcome. Indymedia Film Night presents a documentary by Award winning investigative journalist Greg Palast looking at the practices of 'Vulture Fund' companies that buy up the debt of poor countries at cheap prices, and then demand payments much higher than the original amount of the debt, often taking poor countries to court when they cannot afford to repay. Greg reports on one company trying to collect $40 million from the government of Zambia after buying its debt for $4 million. The event is accompanied by a mixture of informative and humorous short films around the issue and a brief talk by third-world debt campaigners.Monday 1st October 8pm at the Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol, Entry £2/£3 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.) Full article.| Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Vulture Funds – The 'Perverse and Immoral' Face of Debt | Directions to Cube Cinema | | Trailer ( | Related: One hundred days to press for fairer trade |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Oui au tram ! Non à l’autoroute ! Rassemblement le 1er octobre

Liege, 28.09.2007 10:07

Alors que la Région wallonne ne dispose que de budgets très limités, alors qu’on nous rabat les oreilles des difficultés économiques de la Wallonie et du « plan Marshall » qui est censé y apporter un remède, certains types de dépenses publiques ne semblent pas connaître beaucoup de limites. C’est en particulier le cas de la construction d’autoroutes. Malgré les déclarations pro-environnementales de ses responsables, la politique régionale en matière de mobilité continue d’être très majoritairement orientée vers la voiture. La contradiction est évidente dans le chef de mandataires publics qui signent un « pacte écologique » qui prévoit notamment un moratoire sur la construction de nouvelles infrastructures routières,... mais (re)lancent par ailleurs de nouveaux projets d’autoroutes.

Eric McDavid Found Guilty

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.09.2007 07:38

On September 27th, the jury in the case of United States vs. Eric McDavid returned a verdict of "guilty." Eric faces five to twenty years in federal prison. His fellow defendants had accepted plea deals from the government and testified in the case. McDavid's lawyer argued that he was a victim of entrapment by "Anna" because of the money and help that she had provided. The sentencing is scheduled for Thursday, December 6th. Sacramento Prisoner Support is asking that people continue to call the jail and request that Eric be given vegan food.

DEA Targets East Bay Supplier of Edible Medical Cannabis Products

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.09.2007 07:38

On September 26th, the DEA raided five locations that it claimed were connected to Tainted, Inc., which is a supplier of medical cannabis "edibles" that can be found in dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Heavily armed federal agents seized cannabis plants and medicinal edibles, arrested three people and killed at least one employee's dog. Edible cannabis products provide an alternative to smoking cannabis and are preferred by many patients. The products made by Tainted, Inc. are available only through medical cannabis dispensaries and carry prominent warning labels.

Dia latino americano pela Discriminalizacao do Aborto

Brasil, 28.09.2007 07:38

Essa hipocrisia dá hemorragia.

Día de lucha por la legalización del aborto

Argentina, 28.09.2007 02:38

El aborto ilegal pone en riesgo la vida de 500.000 mujeres

Aboriginal Rights

Perth, 28.09.2007 02:09

Deaths in Custody Memorial Ceremony

Cultural Workers Take on Galway Property Tycoon

Ireland, 27.09.2007 23:38

Workers at the Eye Cinema, Galway, members of SIPT ...

Time for a Mass Resignation From the Democratic Party

DC, 27.09.2007 23:09

&quot;The Fourth Polish Republic is a Threat to Freedom&quot; - police forbid distributing a flyer criticising the government (Torun, 16.09.2007)

Torun, 27.09.2007 23:07

un herido de bala

Argentina, 27.09.2007 20:38

Reprimen a los trabajadores portuarios

un herido de bala

Argentina, 27.09.2007 20:38

Reprimen a trabajadores portuarios

un herido de bala

Argentina, 27.09.2007 20:38

Reprimen a los trabajadores porturios

Jornadas de protesta y represión

Argentina, 27.09.2007 17:08

La lucha por la registración laboral

Videoactivismo en Euskal Herria y en el mundo. El proyecto Indymedia Newsreal

Euskal Herria, 27.09.2007 16:39

En Euskal herria son diferentes las iniciativas como Eguzkibideoak, Gaztesarea,, Cubainformaci�n o Amatau que se han desarrollado en relaci�n al videoactivismo. La propia p�gina de Indymedia Euskal Herria es un ejemplo de un espacio donde diferentes personas y colectivos han mandado videos de diferentes tem�ticas.

La red Indymedia a trav�s del proyecto Indymedia Newsreal puede posibilitar que estos videos hechos sobre diferentes luchas de nuestra tierra puedan distribuirse internacionalmente. Indymedia Newsreal es un programa televisivo mensual que ha estado en el aire desde el a�o 2000. Cada episodio del programa cubre acciones cr�ticas llevadas a cabo en comunidades locales, por personas comunes, respecto a temas locales y globales. Esta cobertura es realizada por camar�grafos independientes de Estados Unidos y el mundo que produce y env�an sus segmentos. Un editor toma dichos segmentos cada mes y produce un programa de treinta minutos.

Newsreal puede ser visto cada mes de varias maneras: via sat�lite por 11 millones de suscriptores de descargado de internet de varias ubicaciones, proyectado localmente por suscriptores y mostrado a trav�s de lagunas cadenas de cable local en los Estados Unidos. Episodios recientes de Newsreal han abordado una variedad de temas incluidas protestas contra la guerra, activismo fronterizo, brutaliad policial, luchas sindicales, crueldad hacia loa animales, el G8, consolidaci�n de los medios de comunicaci�n, especies en peligro y mucho m�s de una variedad de comunidades incluyendo Seattle, Berlin, Nueva York, Oaxaca, Arizona, California, Ohio, Nueva Orleans, Portland y muchas m�s.

Descargar episodios recientes del 2007(estos archivos miden m�s de 100 MB): |septiembre|, |agosto|, |julio|, |junio|, |mayo|, |abril|.

M�s informaci�n: IndymediaNewsReal (Castellano)

Police Brutality Strikes Fifth Anniversary of Sylvia Rivera Law Project

NYC, 27.09.2007 16:08

At the Sylvia Rivera Law Project's after-party following its fifth anniversary celebration last night, two members of the community were violently arrested and others were pepper sprayed by police without warning or cause. The two folks who were arrested remain in police custody and should be arraigned today.

Día de lucha por el Derecho al Aborto en América Latina y el Caribe

Argentina, 27.09.2007 15:38

Widerstand gegen Lausitzer Braunkohletagebau

Germany, 27.09.2007 14:38

 Seit dem 17. September besetzen mehrere dutzend UmweltaktivistInnen Teile einer bedrohten Teichlandschaft im brandenburgischen Lacoma. Seit geraumer Zeit entsteht östlich und nördlich von Cottbus eine Wüste. Der ultraintensive Braunkohletageabbau, allen voran gefördert durch die Vattenfall AG, hat nicht nur die Zerstörung etlicher Dörfer oder die Trockenlegung einer einmaligen Wald- und Seenlandschaft zur Folge. Hier wird Braunkohle als wirtschaftliches Nonplusultra vermittelt: Es gibt keine Alternativen. Noch wird die Förderung fast nicht in Frage gestellt, trotz einer zunehmend hitzigen Debatte um die Rolle der Industrie im Klimawandel.

Hintergrund | Lacoma | Aktionen im September 2007 | Perspektiven: Vattenfall in der Lausitz

Harvest Hoedown: A Benefit for Siren Nation

Portland, 27.09.2007 13:38

Come get your dance on at the Harvest Hoedown!
Its a square dance and cake walk extravaganza-
all to benefit Siren Nation, the upcoming women's music and film festival. Starring veteran lady caller Caroline Oakley and The Round Peak Girls providing live music in their very first public appearance since forming. This show is all-ages and family-friendly (in both the kid and queer kind of way).

Friday September 28, 8-11 pm
@ Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy
$5 entrance + extra for cake walk tickets.

Come celebrate the coming of autumn and harvest time with an old-time, boot-stompin good time at our old-fashioned square dance with a twist.
*appropriate attire encouraged*

Eric McDavid Court Report, Sept. 24 (Day 7)

Portland, 27.09.2007 13:38

Court report from Day 7 of trial
Below is the court report for yesterday (Monday). The majority of the day was taken up by Zachary Jenson's testimony, followed by Randy Meyer of the IFG, and then the prosecution rested. Mark began the defense's case with character witnesses. Today (Tuesday) was the last day of arguments and the jury will begin deliberating tomorrow morning, after they receive their instructions. We'll post the report from today soon.

Please keep calling the jail, as Eric is still not receiving vegan meals! He did receive commissary again this week. Visit for more info on calling the jail.

VIDEO FILE: Impeachment is put &quot;on the Town Hall table&quot; by citizens

Portland, 27.09.2007 13:38

At the Town Hall Meeting with House representative Earl Blumenauer in Portland. On 9/23/07 the subject of Impeachment was continuously brought up at this meeting.

One of the last speakers to speak was Bonnie Tinker who is a reporter for the Portland Alliance and one of the "Seriously Pissed Off Grannies" She eloquently gets those in favor of Impeachment to stand up and then as in the spirit of Peter Pan's "Tinker Bell" she asked all those to clap if you "Believed in Impeachment"

The Town Hall Meeting participants in the theater were up out of their seats, clapping and chanting feverishly. It is obviously what the people want, and it was obviously that Earl was not interested.

Federal Judge Rules Provision Of Patriot Act Unconstitutional

Portland, 27.09.2007 13:38

A federal judge in Oregon ruled Wednesday that a key provision of the USA Patriot Act is unconstitutional. Judge Ann Aiken found that it allows search warrants to be issued without probable cause. Police arrested Portland attorney, Brandon Mayfield, in 2004 after one of his fingerprints was mistakenly linked to the Madrid train bombings.

The FBI released him after two weeks and apologized. But Mayfield challenged the provision in the Patriot Act that made it easy for the FBI to define him as an "agent of a foreign power" and search his home without probable cause. His attorney, Elden Rosenthal, says this new ruling protects bedrock law.

Elden Rosenthal: "The right of every American to know that the FBI and the Justice Department cannot sneak into your home or office, copy your computer files, photograph your home and your personal documents, unless there is probable cause that a crime has been committed, that right is fundamental to what we understand America is all about." The Justice Department is expected to appeal the ruling.

Getting our rights back one case at a time....

Heavily Armed PPB Terrorizes Students at PSU, similar to Watershed incident

Portland, 27.09.2007 13:38

PPB is out of control, storms PSU campus with assault rifles and frightens students. Note the similarities between this and the Watershed incident of earlier this week. If anyone doubted (as I did for a time) that Portland Police are out of control, these stories should help convince you. First the facts/news story, then the first-person account.
Here is the link to the story on the Watershed incident so we can see the developing pattern in our fair city. How can we let this go on? What can we do to stop this?

McCarthy Era Lessons For Bush's America: From Communists to Environmentalists

Portland, 27.09.2007 13:38

The government has finally given up on communists.Now they're after the environmentalists.

The Red Scare of the 50s is turning into the Green Scare of today. Don't let Bush, Inc. snatch away your rights, make you point a finger, lock you up, or label you a terrorist. The Northwest has been at the center of both incredible progressive activism and government repression, especially over the last decade.

Come listen to how history is repeating itself and what we can do to fight it! McCarthy-era Lessons for Bush's America: From Communists to Environmentalists

The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center and the Civil Liberties Defense Center, along with the National Lawyers Guild Portland Chapter, are co-sponsoring a provocative civil liberties forum featuring Robert Meeropol, son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, who were wrongfully executed in 1953 for conspiring to steal the secret of the atomic bomb.

Portland National Lawyer's Guild | Northwest Constitutional Rights Center, Civil Liberty Defense Center

Four Arrested Trying to Get Trade Vote Commitment from Earl Blumenauer

Portland, 27.09.2007 13:38

Four Arrested Trying to Get Trade Vote Commitment from Earl Blumenauer author: Dan Denvir e-mail:e-mail: Four human rights activists were arrested in the Portland office of Congressman Earl Blumenauer today after failing to get the Congressman's commitment to vote against the pending Peru Free Trade Agreement, which they say will have a devastating impact on poor farming communities in Peru. Congressman Blumenauer sits on the House Ways & Means Committee, and voted to approve the Peru FTA on Tuesday morning.


[Update: Peru FTA passed through Blumenauer's Ways & Means Committee Sept 26]

Aotearoa Indymedia Newsreal 1 coming soon!

Aotearoa, 27.09.2007 10:10

The first ever Aotearoa Indymedia Newsreal is coming soon! A DVD full of local short films by Aotearoa activists telling their stories and reporting their news.

A short promotional video has been produced to publicise the impending release of the Newsreal, which you can check out by clicking this link.

Films included on the DVD include:

  • The Nu Face of Youth Rebellion, on the 2006 uprising in Tonga
  • Save Happy Valley, which explains the campaign to stop a proposed West Coast coal mine
  • Open Rescue, detailing the activities of the Open Rescue Collective
  • Youth Voices, a look into youth activism in Auckland
  • Stop The Weapons Conference 2005, a film about the Aotearoa Revolutionary Clown Army's protest against the 2005 NZDIA conference
  • And many more!

If you've got a film you'd like included in the Newsreal, it's not too late! Simply post a comment here, or email anarchiazine [at] gmail [dot] com

Human Rights - Burma

Perth, 27.09.2007 08:09

Australian Government/Dirty Corporations exploiting Burma

5 pessoas morrem em protesto organizado por monges budistas

Brasil, 27.09.2007 06:38


Human Rights - Burma

Perth, 27.09.2007 03:39

Burma Solidarity Rallly: Thursday 27 September, Wesley Church

Mais de um ano após finalização do dossie do forum centro vivo e denúncias se repetem

Brasil, 27.09.2007 03:38

Movimentos Sociais do Centro

Sept 20: 36 Arrested inside Capitol Building

DC, 27.09.2007 01:09

Anti-War action organized by Declaration of Peace and National Campaign of Nonviolent Resistance results in 34 arrests in a die-in and two more arrests in House Gallery. **************************************************** Audio from related WSQT article(somewhat overstates arrests based on info available at that time):

D.C. Teens and Gun Violence: Going to the Go-Go

DC, 27.09.2007 01:09

Across the country, critics of violent music lyrics continue to link those lyrics with violence in the streets. And D.C. is no different. Except for the past 30 years instead of Hip-Hop or Hard Rock taking the heat, in D.C., it’s go-go. Radio Rootz Reporter, Terrell Carr gives us a look behind the D.C. music scene of Go-Go. Note to Listener: This piece is part of a longer documentary on gun violence produced by Washington, D.C. and Maryland High Schoolers. These teens went through a media literacy and production internship over the summer called Radio Rootz.

Criminalització i Repressió

Barcelona, 26.09.2007 22:09

La llibertat de manifestació no es negocia:No ens Tallareu les Ales

Dissabte 29 de Setembre a les 17h a Pça.Universitat + Adhereix-te al manifest

Moviments a la direcció dels mossos

Després dels antecedents de l'última manifestació per reclamar el dret a la llibertat d'expressió i manifestació i per denunciar la criminalització dels moviments socials, diversos col·lectius tornen a convocar, i més que mai, una manifestació per exigir el dret a la llibertat de manifestació, un dret fonamental que quan aquest perilla, queda afectat un dels pilars bàsics de tota societat, el de la legítima protesta, el de la necessària contestació contra tota mena d'abús d'autoritat, el dret a dissentir, a criticar i a proposar les alternatives i les solucions que les autoritats i administracions neguen i intenten silenciar.

+info:>>>Mai ens tallaran les ales >>>criminalització i repressió

Criminalitzación i Represión

Barcelona, 26.09.2007 22:08

La libertad de manifestación no se negocia:No ens Tallareu les Ales

Sábado 29 de Septiembre a las 17h a Pza.Universitat + Súmate al manifiesto

Movimientos en la dirección de los mossos

Después de los antecedentes de la última manifestación para reclamar el derecho a la libertad de manifestación y para denunciar la criminalización de los movimientos sociales, diversos colectivos vuelven a combocar, y más que nunca, una manifestación para exigir el derecho a la libertad de manifestación, un derecho fundamental que cuando se ve en peligro, queda afectado uno de los pilares básicos de toda sociedad, el de la legítima protesta, el de la necesaria contestación contra cualquier tipo de abuso de autoridad, el derecho a disentir, a criticar y a proponer las alternativas y las soluciones que las autoridades y administraciones niegan e intentan silenciar.

+info:>>>Nunca nos cortareis las alas >>>criminalización y represión

Marcha contra la precarización de la vida, el saqueo y la contaminación

Argentina, 26.09.2007 19:38

“las políticas del gobierno en contra de los pueblos”.

Lucha por el precio justo de la yerba mate

Argentina, 26.09.2007 18:08

Tractorazo Cultural

Lucha por el precio justo de la yerba mate

Argentina, 26.09.2007 17:38

Tractorazo Cultural


Colombia, 26.09.2007 16:42


This Saturday: Parade Without a Permit

NYC, 26.09.2007 16:42

We’re going to assemble in City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s district to PARADE WITHOUT A PERMIT! We’re going to deliver a big FUCK YOU to Speaker Quinn—after all, she’s quashed some of the very civil rights that made it possible for her, an out lesbian, to hold political office.

Bring noisemakers, signs and your dancing bodies out to reclaim OUR streets!

Hundreds Testify for Reform to the Criminal Records System in Massachusetts

Boston, 26.09.2007 16:08

On Tuesday, September 18th, over 600 people descended on the State House in support of the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI)reform proposal, The Public Safety Act of 2007 (House Bill 1416).

Reviewing Naomi Klein's &quot;The Shock Doctrine&quot;

Boston, 26.09.2007 16:08

Naomi Klein is an award-winning Canadian journalist, author, documentary filmmaker and activist. She writes a regular column for The Nation magazine and London Guardian that's syndicated internationally by the New York Times Syndicate that gives people worldwide access to her work but not its own readers at home. In 2004, she and her husband and co-producer Avi Lewis released their first feature documentary - "The Take." It covered the explosion of activism in the wake of Argentina's 2001 economic crisis. People responded with neighborhood assemblies, barter clubs, mass movements of the unemployed and workers taking over bankrupt companies and reopening them under their own management.

net and freedom (en)

Barcelona, 26.09.2007 15:08

Trial to

Last September 12th was hold the trial against On one side Ramoncín, with SGAE's lawyers, on the other the supportive people from alasbarricadas project. Unfortunately the people couldn't enter the courtroom by the judge's orders, on this trial where is facing a 6000 euro fine, the publication of the sentence, the comments to be deleted ant to pay the trial cost which sums an amount of 10,000 euro aprox. The first round SGAE vs ALASBARRICADAS has ended with sentence against alasbarricadas.

related news: Chronicle of the trial in Madrid, Anti-sgae Day and in support of website, Mercè Molist explains the sentence's keys, Interviews in Radio Klara [1] + [2], Press file, video of the trial in Madrid

More info in: >>>net & freedom + alasbarricadas

Report from Anti-war Demonstration and Die-in at the Capital

New Hampshire, 26.09.2007 14:39

by Jamilla El-Shafei, The Kennebunks PEACE Department On September 15th I rode to DC with Melida whose son Alex was killed in Iraq three years ago on September 25TH. It was my intent to participate in the mass DIE-IN organized by the IVAW and ANSWER in remembrance of Alex. It was a amazing event and I believe a pivotal one for the peace movement as we going from protesting to resistance. I was not anticipating such a large crowd so I was pleasantly surprised when bus after bus of young people poured into the Capital in support of the action. The crowd numbered more than 100,00 and I was thrilled to see that for the first time since the beginning of the Iraq war that the youth out numbered the "gray heads" by a huge margin! The event was very well organized in every aspect from the rally to march logistics to the massive civil disobedience and CD support. I credit the event's success on the collaboration of the IVAW with the ANSWER Coalition. The atmosphere was electrified by the large participation of Iraq Veterans (who numbered more than a couple of hundred) and the energy of the students. When people were assembling for the march and the Iraq Veterans came through the crowd to the front of the march they were greeted like "rock stars" and the crowd went crazy! It was a powerful moment!

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