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Audiofile: Community Voices Opposing the LNG Pipeline and Terminal

Portland, 01.10.2007 14:38

This isn't just a problem for Astorians. The construction of the LNG pipeline and terminal could devastate an already fragile salmon habitat, increase air and water pollution, and displace people living near the terminal or along the proposed pipeline route.

Please listen, learn, and take action: there is no time to lose.

Take Action!

Write a letter to all of your representatives. Find out who they are

Write a letter to the Oregonian or other paper.

Or post the attached flier.

Groups opposing LNG:
Wahkiakum Friends of The River | Columbia River Vision | Columbia River Keeper

Coos Bay LNG Terminal & Pipeline Hearing Update

Audio File

Día de lucha por el Derecho al Aborto: Se realizaron diversas actividades

Argentina, 01.10.2007 14:08

Activist Skillshare

Perth, 01.10.2007 12:39

So You Want to Change the World

Strike-Bike wird produziert

Germany, 01.10.2007 11:08

Dank der Solidarität und des Engagements tausender Menschen weltweit wurde die Strike-Bike-Kampagne ein sensationeller Erfolg. In einer in der deutschen Nachkriegsgeschichte einmaligen Aktion werden die KollegInnen der besetzten Fahrradfabrik in Nordhausen im Oktober Fahrräder selbstverwaltet produzieren. Schon jetzt wurden so viele Fahrräder bestellt, wie für die Aufnahme der Produktion nötig sind.

Mehr Infos: Kampagnenseite | Pressespiegel | Hintergrundinfos | Besetzungsgeschichte | Besetzungsfeature

Beteiligte Gruppen: Freie Arbeiterinnen- und Arbeiter-Union (FAU-IAA) | Radspannerei Kreuzberg | Café Libertad Kollektiv

Uprising against Military Rule in Burma

Aotearoa, 01.10.2007 08:09

Over the past few weeks huge protests against the brutal ruling military junta have engulfed Burma (renamed Myanmar by the junta in 1989). Many are comparing these demonstrations to the huge uprising against military rule in 1988 that was brutally suppressed by the military, killing 3000 people. Huge crowds risked terrible repression to join protests by Buddhist monks in the capital city of Rangoon. In recent days the junta has launched a violent crackdown on the protests, arresting monks and shooting dead scores of demonstrators and a Japanese journalist. [ Protest timeline on Irawaddy - independent Burmese news site ] In Auckland hundreds of people rallied last Saturday in solidarity with the uprising in Burma. Prayers and a sit down on Customs Street was led by Burmese Buddhist monks to demand the NZ SuperFund stops investing taxpayer money in the French oil company, Total. [Report and pictures] Total has benefited from the use of slave labour to build oil and gas pipelines in Burma. The junta has used money received from the pipeline to buy MIG jet fighters from Russia. [ Totalitarian Oil – TOTAL Oil: Fuelling the oppression in Burma ] The New Zealand government is also currently negotiating a free trade agreement with the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), which includes Burma. Global Indymedia Coverage: Global Indymedia: Callout! International Solidarity needed for Burmese People | UK Indymedia: Peace March for Burma in London Links: Britain: church goers blockade Total Garage | Burma One Solution Revolution! | CTU statement | AUSA statement | Burma Support Group University of Auckland | Burma Campaign UK

De cara al XXII encuentro nacional de mujeres

Argentina, 01.10.2007 04:39

Últimos detalles

De cara al XXII encuentro nacional de mujeres

Argentina, 01.10.2007 04:39

Últimos detalles

Oct. 19-21 IMF/WB actions update #3

LA, 01.10.2007 04:38

Oct. 19-21 IMF/WB actions update #3

Worcester Immigrant Coalition Continues Sanctuary City Initiative

United States, 01.10.2007 04:07

The Worcester Immigrant Coalition is continuing community based organizing efforts to secure the passage of a Sanctuary City resolution in Worcester. The Coalition, which formed in March, 2006 has prioritized the Sanctuary City initiative as a way towards broadening the community discussion on the treatment of immigrants both locally and across the state.

Local organizing efforts continue to grow, recently the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA), which is supporting the resolution, hired a part-time Worcester based community organizer to additionally support immigrants' rights organizing in Worcester. Thanks to the support of the local Carpenters Union Worcester's MIRA organizers has office space at the Endicott St. union hall.

The Coalition asking individuals, churches, synagogues, community organizations and others to review the resolution and endorse the proposal. READ MORE ||| Download: English packet | Spanish packet ||| Earlier: Worcester Immigrant Coalition

Break the chains!

Torun, 30.09.2007 23:37

Encampment on Constitution Avenue

DC, 30.09.2007 20:09

Funeral for Gary King, Jr. to be Held on October 2nd

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.09.2007 19:39

The funeral for Gary King Jr., who was killed by a policeman in North Oakland on September 20th, will be held on Tuesday October 2nd. The funeral will be open to the public. On Thursdays, starting with October 4th, there will be demonstrations at 12 noon on the steps of Oakland City Hall to express outrage at the murder of Gary by Sgt. Gonzales, who is currently still on-duty. A march on the police station in which Sgt. Gonzales works is being planned for October 3rd.

En el gobierno de los derechos humanos

Argentina, 30.09.2007 19:08

Represión y Secuestros

En el gobierno de los derechos humanos

Argentina, 30.09.2007 18:38

Represión y Secuestros

Manny Gonzales the kid everyone forgot in the CA prison system

LA, 30.09.2007 18:38

Manny Gonzales the kid everyone forgot in the CA prison system

Admesa a tràmit una querella de CGT sobre vot il·legal a les eleccions sindicals de Correos

Barcelona, 30.09.2007 18:09

Admesa a tràmit pel jutjat penal nº3 de Mataró la querella criminal per realitzar “presumptament” de forma il·legal la sol·licitud de vot per correu de 30 persones en les eleccions sindicals de Correos La CGT volem recalcar que la irregularitat denunciada i que a continuació relatem ha succeït en les eleccions sindicals de Correos, però també pot succeir en les eleccions polítiques. La Llei obliga al sol·licitant del vot per correu a presentar-se en persona en l'oficina de correus i identificar-se mitjançant DNI o passaport originals i cursar un escrit dirigit a la taula electoral, que ensenyarà a l'empleat de Correos, amb les seves dades, perquè comprovi que la persona que esta presentant la sol·licitud del vot per correu és la mateixa que consta en els documents originals que li estan ensenyant, també s'accepta que sigui un notari qui realitzi aquesta gestió. En la sol·licitud del vot per correu és l'únic moment que es garanteix que el sol·licitant del vot per correu és la mateixa persona que aquesta fent la petició a la taula electoral.

De cara al XXII encuentro nacional de mujeres

Argentina, 30.09.2007 16:38

Últimos detalles

Rally to free the Sochitoto 13

Philadelphia, 30.09.2007 16:38

Audio coverage of Troops out march and street occupation

DC, 30.09.2007 16:09

On Sep 29th, the Troops Out now march took a far more militant tone than similar antiwar marches in the past. One speaker pointed out that Iraqi Resistance fighters have bought the political space for countries like Venezuala to free themselves with their blood! Audio 6 min 20 sec:

Ministro a cargo oculta la verdad

santiago, 30.09.2007 16:08

Reconstitucion de escena por el Asesinato de Rodrigo Cisternas

Eric McDavid found guilty

Portland, 30.09.2007 14:38

After deliberating for 11 hours over two days, a federal court jury has found Eric McDavid guilty of conspiring to blow up government and other facilities as part of an eco-terror plot. The verdict came late Thursday afternoon following a trial that relied heavily on the testimony of an undercover FBI informant who was known to jurors only as "Anna" and who presented evidence of conversations McDavid and two companions had about blowing up the Nimbus Dam, a U.S. Forest Service facility in Placerville and other targets. coverage

Report Back and Photogs of September 29, 2007 Portland Rally and March

Portland, 30.09.2007 14:38

Today, September 29, 2007, in the streets of downtown Portland, citizens gathered to voice their outrage at the Occupation of Iraq and the slowly growing drum beat for war with Iran. For a city as anti war and anti Bush as Portland, today's event seemed moderate, one could almost say mediocre. There was a fair amount of people in attendance, perhaps 200-300 at the rally in the north Park blocks and easily over 700 or so as the march swelled to its conclusion in front of the World Trade Center.

Yet, Portland gathered 30,000 or more a few years ago, and that was before the enormous U.S. casualties and criminal slaughter of perhaps a million innocent Iraqi citizens. Not to mention the victims from earlier phases of this war under George Bush Sr. and the sanctions and bombardments under the Clinton administration. And too, not to mention the slow motion deaths, injuries and birth defects due to the use of radioactive weapons, deliberately mislabeled as "Depleted" Uranium.

According to the Defense Department's annual "Base Structure Report" for fiscal year 2003, which itemizes foreign and domestic U.S. military real estate, the Pentagon currently owns or rents 702 overseas bases in about 130 countries and has another 6,000 bases in the United States and its territories. As the bumper sticker says, " Be nice to America or we'll bring Democracy to your country."


criminalization &amp; repression (en)

Barcelona, 30.09.2007 11:08

The freedom to demonstrate can't be negotiated:No ens Tallareu les Ales (You won't clip our wings)

Saturday September the 29th at Universitat Sq. + Adhere yourself to the manifest

Changes in the Mossos (catalan autonomy police) directorship

After the antecedents of the last demonstration to demand the right to freedom of speech and demonstration and to denounce the criminalization of social movements, several associations call again, and more than ever, for a demonstration to demand the right to demonstrate,a basic right that when it's in danger it affects one of the basic pillars of every society, the right to the legitimate protest, the right to the necessary answer against any kind of authority abuse, the right to dissent, to criticize and to propose alternatives and solutions which the authorities and administration deny and try to silence.

+info:>>>Mai ens tallaran les ales (Our wings will never be clipped) >>>criminalization & repression

2007-2008 Disorientation Guide to UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 30.09.2007 08:37

Disorientation Guide Collective writes, "We are trying to write and share our own history of the university. In other words, this is an introduction to the side of UC Santa Cruz that you might have heard about but won't find in your glossy orientation materials. The guide is important to us because we realize that there are many difficult issues and challenges facing new UCSC students and we'd like to offer some information and inspiration."


DC, 30.09.2007 02:09

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The effect of the Board of County Supervisor's (BOCS) July 10th resolution on undocumented immigrants is a story that has been most effectively told by others and those statements can be found in an appendix to this document. This report will focus on the resolution's impact on the rest of us.

Costa Ricans to Decide the Future of CAFTA on October 7th

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.09.2007 01:38

On October 7th, Costa Ricans will go to the polls for a referendum on the Central America - Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA/TLC in Spanish). The latest move in the U.S. neo-liberal agenda for Latin America has met widespread resistance in Costa Rica. Marches and protests have led to the resignation of a vice president over CAFTA related controversies and resulted in a national referendum.

Porto pode ser ameaça a aldeias no rio Solimões

Brasil, 30.09.2007 00:38


You say BK, we say B.S.!

Miami, 29.09.2007 21:37

You say BK, we say B.S.!

HELP ORGANIZE Ft. Lauderdale March &amp; Rally to STOP the WAR NOW! Oct. 27

Miami, 29.09.2007 21:37

HELP ORGANIZE Ft. Lauderdale March-Rally to STOP the WAR NOW! Oct. 27

15 Years of Critical Mass

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.09.2007 19:38

For just a couple of hours on the last Friday of each month, hundreds of cyclists informally ride together to claim the streets which are normally ruled by automobiles. The gathering is part celebration and part peaceful protest. The main message: we still have a choice to live our lives in a way that is more thoughtful of the world's resources, to live in a way that is more socially nurturing of life and health, and to live our lives with more joy. The ride on September 28th marked the spontaneous demonstration's 15th year.

Chi Execution

Houston, 29.09.2007 18:08

9/29 Texas plans to execute Honduran national as talks of temporary moratorium spread


Athens, 29.09.2007 09:08

Τρομοκρατία στις φυλακές

September 29th: Peace Without Borders (Blaine: Peace Arch)

Seattle, 29.09.2007 06:08

A family-oriented, historic gathering at Peace Arch State Park, on the Canada-US border, will bring together Canadian and American peace activists from various sectors to build a more effective international peace movement and celebrate our common vision for a peaceful, just and sustainable world.


Argentina, 29.09.2007 05:38

Movilización: del puerto al municipio

Protest of Bush's sham climate conference nets arrests

DC, 29.09.2007 05:09

While the UN meets on climate change, Bush has called his own phoney climate change conference at the State Dept attended by reps from 16 of the most fossil fuel hungry nations. In response, about 70 climate activists blocked the main entrance and it looked like dozens were arrested in the end. Audio 4 min 54 seconds:

Recruiter at 14th and L invaded by student antiwar march

DC, 29.09.2007 05:09

At around 2 PM on Sep 28, a student march of 50 people or more left the Troops Out Now encampment on Capitol Hill, marched around downtown DC-and stormed the military recruiter at 14th and L sts! Audio: 2 min 55 seconds:"

Jalan Semanggi

Jakarta, 29.09.2007 05:07

(untuk barisan yang tercerai berai, untuk kawan yang berguguran sembilan tahun silam) mereka yang pergi...I   Sudah tiga hari berlalu. Kami kembali pulang ke Salemba. Ratusan kardus berisi roti gopek-an (Rp 500), serta tumpukan air mineral dari merek Aqua, Vit, Ades, sampai merek yang tidak terkenal, tinggi tersusun. Bertumpuk mencapai langit ruangan. Wah-wah dari mana bantuan sebanyak ini datang, sejenak terpikir dibenak saya, pergerakan ini ternyata didukung banyak orang. Tapi kaku otot kaki dan rasa kesemutan di pundak sebelah kanan cepat-cepat merebut perhatian. ...

Indymedia Newsreal Butuh Sumbangan Videomu

Jakarta, 29.09.2007 03:07

The Indymedia Newsreal merupakan program TV bulanan yang telah berjalan sejak tahun 2000 dan saat ini perlu bantuan kamu. Setiap episode yang ditayangkan diambil dan diproduksi oleh komunitas lokal, oleh orang-biasa, untuk mengungkap masalah-masalah lokal maupun global. Adegan-adegannya dihasilkan pembuat video independen dari seluruh dunia, yang sekaligus memproduksi dan mengirimkan produknya ke Newsreal. Para editor yang kemudian memilah dan mengambil hasil video tersebut setiap bulan dan memasukan ke dalam sebuah program bedurasi tiga puluh menit. Newsreal, tersedia dan bisa dinikmati setiap bulannya dengan berbagai cara: lewat satelit yang dapat menjangkau sekitar 11 juta pemirsa di Free Speech TV, diunduh melalui koneksi internet dari ebrbagai lokasi, diputar untuk masyarakat luas di masing-masing tempat tinggal para pemirsanya, dan ditayangkan di berbagai stasiun kabel yang dijangkau oleh pemirsa di seluruh Amerika Serikat. ...

EZLN suspende a Outra Campanha e afirma serem legítimas as demandas do EPR

Brasil, 29.09.2007 02:08


Student and Worker Solidarity Kicks Off School Year at UCSC

Santa Cruz, CA, 29.09.2007 02:08

On September 27th, the first day of UCSC's Fall quarter, service workers organized with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3299 initiated an informational picket in the Baytree Plaza demanding a fair labor contract. Workers, some with their families, were joined by student allies for a rally to send a strong message to UC administration that AFSCME, the Student Worker Coalition for Justice and graduate students organized with UAW Local 2865 are united in demanding that UC prioritize workers, students and their families.

Washington: 15 Eylül

Istanbul, 29.09.2007 01:09

Washington'da Savaş Karşıtı Irak Gazileri yürüyüşü ve sivil itaatsizlik

HRC Sweatshop Playland at Castro Street Fair

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.09.2007 22:39

Gay Shame SF and LAGAI-Queer Insurrection will sponsor an "HRC sweatshop play land" for kids of all ages at the 19th and Castro Streets during the Castro Street Fair in San Francisco on Sunday, October 7th. The playland will ask "how can the Human Rights Campaign claim to be for the rights of humans, while cheering on corporate culture and selling goods manufactured in sweatshops?" Organizers will point out that corporations such as Coors, Nike, Chevron, and Merck aim to maximize profits, even at the expense of workers' safety and human rights. The playland, which will be for kids of all ages, will include a sewing machine, a button press, a paint fume bouncy tent, and more.

UAW Files Charges Against UC Administration, Will Strike if Necessary

Santa Cruz, CA, 28.09.2007 22:38

United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 2865, the Union representing over 12,000 Teaching Assistants, Tutors, and Readers throughout the University of California (UC) system, is in the process of filing dozens of unfair labor practice (ULPs) charges against the UC. The Union may call a strike over these ULPs if the charges are not resolved and agreement reached by the expiration of the current contract, September 30th. UAW 2865 recently released a public statement which had over 6,500 signatures from members.

Community Demands Control Over Miami Dade Housing Authority

Miami, 28.09.2007 22:07

Community Demands Control Over Miami Dade Housing Authority

UNF Peace Awareness Week/ Symposium Sept 30 - Oct 4 Jacksonville, Fla

Miami, 28.09.2007 21:37

UNF Peace Awareness Week/ Symposium Sept 30 - Oct 4 Jacksonville, Fla

Come to NoWarNoWarming Polar Bear Costume Making Party

DC, 28.09.2007 21:09

Check out and come to Adams Morgan at the corner of 18th and Columbia every Sunday from 12-6 to make polar bear costumes for the October 22 No War No Warming protest at the Capitol.

ecology (en)

Barcelona, 28.09.2007 21:08

September the 22ndDay without cars and for the Degrowth

Activities + Debate:from 10:30h to 18h at Pg Lluís Companys (arc de trionf)

Breaking news! The City Council censors the Day without cars and for de Degrowth

The price of oil raises excessively in a world which is going for cars more and more, for the huge urbanistic growth, for high speed trains, where there are more pollution, more energy wasting... In March more than half a thousand people went to the conferences "Undo the growth to rebuild the world" organized by the l'Entesa pel Decreixement (Agreement for the degrowth) to think about the society of the unlimited growth and consumers where we're immersed. Now, six months later, l'Entesa pel Decreixement organizes the , "Day without cars for the Degrowth" a Day that will have lectures, workshops, activities and artistic performances and that will end with a great march walking, in bicycle and other non-polluting devices with wheels. The final surprise party will be held in the street, at the end of the march and in another city location. Although the desire of celebrating this Day in the asphalt, the Barcelona City Council has put us in a corner, they say they don't like us. Once again they show their hypocrisy front citizen initiatives and we've have to take up the Pg. Lluís Companys. Pedalín (The little pedal) has been the one chosen to bring the new and to promote this day using a vídeo and a website pedalin.

related news: A new MAT will cross the Collserola mountain range ::: Pla caufec: the works begin ::: Feature about the bicycle march that gather the struggles against Itoiz and Yesa reservoirs ::: The Mèder river is buried under the cement ::: Save Montserrat!: the urbanistic speculation tide has also arrived to Montserrat ::: [Malgrat] Let's Defend Cal Feliciano's grove ::: A genetically modified field reaped in Portugal ::: Enough 'rubbish-tourism' in Barcelona :: An study on environmental impact reports hat the Torredembarras' Pla de Muntanyans II :: Kuwait, at summer, without water :: Japan, the monday 16th earthquake has caused a disaster in world biggest nuclear plant


libertad expresion

Colombia, 28.09.2007 21:08

"Para expresarnos sin que nos cueste la vida"

Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report

Miami, 28.09.2007 21:07

Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report

Toda nudez será castigada?

Brasil, 28.09.2007 19:08


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