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Homenajes al “Che”

Argentina, 09.10.2007 16:08

El cielo por asalto

Editorial Cartoon: &quot;Human Energy&quot;

DC, 09.10.2007 15:09

So, as usual, I'm waking up one morning last week to find that my wife already has the morning news on. It's CNN's "American Morning", just wrapping up a piece on the rebellion in Burma, and following it with one of those obnoxious, cloying Chevron Oil "human energy" ads and, though way too early, my foggy brain starts going "Burma… Chevron… Burma… Chevron…" …and, as usual, a train wreck of dissonant ideas in my early-morning REM state causes inspiration… Burma: Business As Usual For Big Oil, at

Papel Machete

Puerto Rico, 09.10.2007 14:09

En Mi Barrio Se Puede

Weapons Conference Delagates Cannot Escape Resistance!

Aotearoa, 09.10.2007 07:09

New Zealand's annual weapons conference opened this morning at the Duxton Hotel in Wellington. Despite the NZDIA trying to keep all details of the location secret, delegates of the annual New Zealand Defence Industry 'Weapons Conference' were met by resistance when they arrived at the Duxton Hotel this morning. For the last several years, the conference had been held at Te Papa, but steadily growing public opposition to the arms dealers culminated in the complete shutdown of the museum during the 2006 conference. This year the warmongers have been forced to retreat entirely to the Duxton, previously used only for their Wednesday evening awards dinners. Sponsors of last year's conference included L3 Communications - the sixth largest defense company in the United States, providing survelliance equipment and aircraft maintenance; Serco, a company involved in nuclear weapons; Safe Air Ltd, who've worked on Indonesian war planes; and KBR, the former Halliburton subsidiary which provides logistical support to the US army in Iraq. Peace Action Wellington is calling on everyone who opposes the warmongers to come to the Duxton Hotel on Wakefield St at 6pm on Wednesday, to tell them they're not welcome in our city. Wherever the warmongers go, the people will follow! Protest History: 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 Links: Scoop Images: NZ Weapons Makers Conference Opens To A "Blood On Your Hands" Protest | Peace Action Wellington | Weapons Conference Delgates Met With Renewed Resistance

Prince William County Day Without Immigrants

DC, 09.10.2007 03:10

Tuesday, October 9, 2007 will see a county-wide work stoppage, the third in a series of actions decided by the immigrant community of Prince William County to resist the anti-immigrant resolution passed by the Board of County Supervisors on July 10. On the 9th , all people of good will who work in PW county are asked to stay home from work to illustrate once again that the immigrant community plays a major role in this county�s economy by providing a significant portion of the workforce. Tuesday, October 9, 2007 will see a county-wide work stoppage, the third in a series of actions decided by the immigrant community of Prince William County to resist the anti-immigrant resolution passed by the Board of County Supervisors on July 10. On the 9th , all people of good will who work in PW county are asked to stay home from work to illustrate once again that the immigrant community plays a major role in this county�s economy by providing a significant portion of the workforce.

Kopenhag: G13 şiddetsiz eylem

Istanbul, 09.10.2007 02:38

Kopenhag: Ungdomshuset'e karşılık G13 için şiddetsiz eylem günü

Mobilização camponesa e popular à vista!

Brasil, 09.10.2007 01:38


Continúa Toma Obrera de los Trabajadores de la Basura

Venezuela, 09.10.2007 01:07

Presos Políticos en Temuco

santiago, 09.10.2007 00:39

2 Luchadores Sociales en Prisión Preventiva

&quot;Wonderful Copenhagen&quot;

United Kingdom, 08.10.2007 23:38

Six months ago, the 25-year old Ungdomshuset (Youth House) occupied social center in Copenhagen, Denmark was evicted by police so that it could be handed over to the new owners, a Christian fundamentalist religious sect. This led to three days and nights of rioting in the city, with observers calling it the most serious internal security disturbance in Denmark since the end of the Second World War. 750 demonstrators were arrested.

This past weekend saw dramatic street actions in Copenhagen, as activists attempted to squat a replacement social centre named "G13." On Saturday 6th, between 3,000 - 10,000 people took part in a co-ordinated day of non-violent confrontation, which was met with heavy police repression. A total of 436 arrests resulted according to Danish mainstream media - a new record for a single police operation. Later in the evening, the G13 press group issued a statement declaring an end to the day's action. Demonstrators made it through police lines into the G13 site, but were cleared from the building by police after several hours of occupation. Despite this, many in the Danish scene believe the day was a success. As one participant said:

Last summer we couldn't do anything as a movement. Whatever we did we couldn't do it together and the police and the media hated us. Then last fall we learned to throw rocks. The movement rediscovered militant tactics. Then for half a year since the eviction that tactic has played out its usefulness. So now, we've developed a new tactic [non-violent confrontation]. As a movement we are now able to do anything.

Although they remain highly suspicious of city council, G13 representatives will negotiate with mayor Ritt Bjerregaard on Thursday.

Timeline of events | Photo Galleries: [1][2]

English background on

Miami joined 50 + cities in 2007 &quot;Walk to Save Farm Animals&quot; (PHOTOS)

Miami, 08.10.2007 23:37

Miami joined 50 + cities in 2007 "Walk to Save Farm Animals" (PHOTOS)

God Hates Fags Run Out of Fredrick, MD -- Literally

DC, 08.10.2007 23:09

Close to 200 people came out in protest against God Hates Fags, a homophobic church group from the Westboro Baptist Church. People from Fredrick Anti Racist Action, Fredrick Progressive Action Coalition, DC ARA, Queers Bash Back and many others from the local community came out and surrounded the group of 5 GHFrs..

Why Bobby Meade &quot;Fools of Babylon&quot; posts are hidden. Duh!

Miami, 08.10.2007 21:07

Why Bobby Meade "Fools of Babylon" posts are hidden. Duh!

Announcing Cascadia Survivalist Society (CSS)

Portland, 08.10.2007 20:38

Dear brother and sister Cascadians, Come on and come all to the next meeting for the Cascadia Survivalist Society (Skipping Society or Sasquatch Society, etc.), which will be Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 at 7pm at the Lucky Lab, 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214.

At the meeting we will discuss among of things incorporation as a non-profit, forming a bioregional congress (for more information go to, how to elect board members, how to spread the campaign, how we can support our cause by supporting existing organizations, and developing regional and student chapters. We are in process of opening chapters in Victoria, British Columbia, Eugene, OR and Portland, Oregon. Please bring yourself and friends to the meeting, enjoy a pint, and have a great time with your fellow Cascadians.

Stop Eugene, Oregon Nike Landbank

Portland, 08.10.2007 20:38

Stop Nike Landbank: Nike eminent domain efforts may face a recall election in Eugene. Alan Zelenka's advocacy in favor of eminent domain for Dave Frohnmayer's proposed expansion of campus and replacement of Mac Court is having an increasingly detrimental effect on the Fairmount neighborhood.

Councilor Zelenka's willingness to publicly support the massive, yet-to-be-determined UO expansion and land acquisition scheme warrants a recall effort. The UO has not disclosed the scope of their eminent domain intentions and future development plans, leaving citizens no choice but to gather signatures leading to a recall election of Alan Zelenka. Eminent domain abuse has run rampant across the country, and it should not be abused in Eugene.

Citizens who would like more information about the upcoming effort to recall Councilor Zelenka can email ericeiden(at) or call 541-868-5122.

Lt. Watada &quot;&quot; UPDATE&quot;&quot; the 10/9 Trial is on &quot;&quot; HOLD &quot;&quot;

Portland, 08.10.2007 20:38

A federal judge in Tacoma has delayed the court-martial of 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, a Fort Lewis Army officer to refuse to deploy to Iraq.

In a rare intervention of a civilian court in the military justice system, U.S. District Court Judge Benjamin H. Settle granted the emergency stay (PDF) shortly before close of business Friday. Watada's trial, slated to begin at 9 a.m. Tuesday, is now postponed until at least Oct. 26, the judge ruled. In granting the stay at 4:48 p.m., Settle determined that he has jurisdiction under federal law to grant the stay and that Watada's claim that a second-trial amounts to double jeopardy is not frivolous and "has merit" for consideration.

UPDATE From Courage To Resist Website

Peter Young Report Back

Portland, 08.10.2007 20:38

Peter Young and Will Potter spoke at the Clinton St Theater on Thursday night. They talked about the struggle for the rights of animals, and the oppression against those of us who care about that struggle. This oppression is being orchestrated by both corporate and government officials (who are, increasingly, almost one and the same).
Both Potter and Young discussed the campaign of terror that corporate/govt forces are using against people who care about the non-human beings who share this planet with us. Potter pointed out that the recent green scare oppression has had no impact whatsoever on underground activists. He illustrated this point with an anecdote about animal activists liberating a group of rabbits, the day after the SHAC trials. They named six of the rabbits Josh, Lauren, Kevin, Darius, Jake, and Andy, after the SHAC defendants, and issued the following statement:

"This liberation is dedicated to the SHAC-7 and was done in direct response to the government's assault on them. Not a single member of the judge, jury and prosecution have the compassion, the conviction, or the courage of any of those six individuals, and they never will. In this sick culture, we know that every day the sick, the stupid, and the evil bully and destroy those who are far their better. Every lab, farm and fur animal, every poisoned wild bird, every beaten child, every raped woman knows this. The case of the SHAC-7 is no different.

Masssive Direct Action in Copenhagen/Denmark underway

Portland, 08.10.2007 20:38

We are going to move into our new house on Grøndalsvænge allé 13, the 6th of October. We´re not hiding that, for this action, we are, amongst others, inspired by this summers succesful protests at the G8 summit in Rostock, Gremany.

Here Tens of thousands of demonstrators succeded in blocking the roads to the summit area. Already two years before, activists declared how, where and when they wanted to block the summit. This way, tens of thousands of demonstrators managed to get through the police lines. "We have learned that preparation pays off" states Astrid from g13`s press group.

Our outspokenness surprices a lot of people. The police declares to Politiken (major newspaper) on the 13th of Aug. that they hold that we are bluffing. "usually they are not that nice", states Flemming Steen Munk, spokesman for the police. Unfortunately we are going to disappoint him. When we are open about our plans of action, its not to be nice, but a strategic choice. "It will make it harder for the police and politicians to criminalise our struggle for a new ungdomshus(youthhouse)" states Astrid from G13`s press group.

G13 has been proclaimed as the culmination of the movements autumn offensive, and already now 500 activists are involved in the preparations.
Liveticker: (see also indy uk)

Blackwater havoc, from Iraq to New Orleans to Portland??

Portland, 08.10.2007 20:38

Portland needs full assurance from local and State politicians that Blackwater, or another "security" contractor, is not scheduled to be in Portland during the Top Off / Vigilant Shield terror drill. That company is a destructive force the Neocons and Far Right are relying on to orchestrate the level of chaos that can thwart effective, practical response to repression, violence, and subterfuge.

Please read the article below, taken from today's front page, and think how screwed Portland would be if these lunatics just happened to have been hired for augmented security purposes, during the "largest-ever terrorism drill/exercise". Per reports from the drill press conference the other day, Michael Chertoff is supposed to be in town for the exercise in terror?! Given that he probably perceives US citizens to be the enemy, perhaps he'll have a Blackwater contingent for his security...

Ending the Legacy of Columbus in Denver

United States, 08.10.2007 19:07

The Transform Columbus Day Alliance (TCDA) converged from four directions on downtown Denver, Colorado, on Saturday, in protest of the celebration of the first conquistador who initiated European hegemony in the west, fueled the fire of the slave trade, and spearheaded the genocide of indigenous peoples and the usurpation of parts of their culture and all of their land. read more | Related: People Take to the Street on 100th Anniversary of Columbus Day

Reitor da UFBA corta água da reitoria ocupada; estudantes prossegem mobilização

Brasil, 08.10.2007 17:38


Reitor da UFBA corta água da reitoria ocupada; estudantes prossegem mobilização

Brasil, 08.10.2007 17:08


14 Arrested at Headquarters of Local Arms Merchant

United States, 08.10.2007 13:37

Action on Gandhi's Birthday targets indiscriminate weapons at ATK

October 3, 2007 -- October 2nd has been declared by the United Nations as “International Day of Nonviolence” in honor of the life and witness of Mohandas Gandhi, the leader of the nonviolent movement that ended British colonial rule in India. For a second consecutive year, AlliantACTION has sponsored a march and presence at Alliant Techsystems headquarters in Edina, MN on that date to honor Gandhi’s birthday. The theme chosen this year to celebrate one of history’s greatest nonviolent activists was “Peace Conversion With No Loss of Jobs”. Full article by Steve Clemens

&quot;Access &amp; Inclusion&quot; - DUDE Fall Newsletter!

Rogue Valley, 08.10.2007 12:09

Disabled United in Direct Empowerment
Aggressive advocacy by and for Oregonians with disabilities since 2003

Access & Inclusion

“Its late September and I really should be back at school” -Rod Stewart

Calling All Artists and Performers With Disabilities: Join us for our Art Walk event again this year!

Limited space still available, RSVP by Oct. 20

Hidden History or hidden agenda – the real story

Ireland, 08.10.2007 09:38

Ethnic cleansing in Offaly or execution of Black & ...

San Diego Indymedia Temporary Newswire on Indybay

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.10.2007 08:08

The San Diego Indymedia website has been down since late August because of tech problems, but a temporary newswire dedicated to San Diego related content has been created on Indybay. SDIMC volunteers are hoping to unveil a new website with a different content management system, drupal, sometime in late October or November.

First Open Rescue of battery hens in Christchurch

Aotearoa, 08.10.2007 05:09

The Christchurch Open Rescue collective has rescued 37 young hens from a Canterbury battery farm, saving them from living a life of misery in battery cages. The group is part of the wider Open Rescue network across New Zealand, which has rescued battery hens and documented the plight of factory farmed pigs and broiler chickens since beginning in 2006. Open Rescue members openly break the law to rescue animals from exploitation, and document the horrific conditions they live in. "These hens were destined to become some of the 2.8 million hens exploited in battery farms in New Zealand. Instead, we have given them the gift of a normal life, which they have welcomed with open arms in the days since they were rescued" said Christchurch Open Rescue member Tracey Brown. "The chickens are now having dirt baths, eating fresh greenery and will soon be laying eggs for the first time, free from the battery farm conditions where they struggled to even have enough space to turn around" said Rebecca McCready, another Christchurch Open Rescue member, "In the sheds we took them from, we witnessed half-metre high piles of faeces and feathers left uncleaned, and an apparent complete lack of access to water." Video : YouTube Video Links: | April 2007 AIMC Feature | First NZ Open Rescue, November 2006

Beach Impeach 4 at the Berkeley Marina

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.10.2007 05:08

The fourth Beach Impeach action was held on Sunday, October 7th, in a new location- the Berkeley Marina. Up to 1000 people participated, including such notables as Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, Berkeley City Councilmember Kriss Worthington, and former Berkeley Mayoral Candidate Zachary Running Wolf. The Beach Impeach action was held on the last day of Fleet Week in San Francisco. After Beach Impeach 4, CodePink led a march from Cesar Chavez Park and up University Ave to a Marine Officer Recruiting Station to say, "NO Military Predators in OUR Town!"


Colombia, 08.10.2007 04:38

“Uribe me mandó a sacar del país con sus sicarios”

Yenibosna: Polis terörü

Istanbul, 08.10.2007 02:38

Yenibosna'da Polis HÖC'lülere ateş açtı

Antifascist action at the Russian embassy in Minsk

Torun, 08.10.2007 00:07

Citizens, Students, Monks Demand &quot;Free Burma!&quot;

DC, 07.10.2007 22:09

A surprisingly large and spirited crowd gathered at the Burmese Embassy today, joining a contingent of Buddhist monks in a "tour" of the embassies of nations aiding or allowing the repression of the Burmese people by the military junta under General Than Shwe. Before the march began — taking in visits to the embassies of China and India — the rally heard from the Hon. U Mya Win, a member of the National League For Democracy of Rangoon, Burma, and a member of the Burmese Parliament in exile. Streaming video via YouTube, 05min 50sec.

Make your vote count this time

London, Ontario, 07.10.2007 21:37

Tactics of Resistance: Limitations and Possibilities

London, Ontario, 07.10.2007 21:37

CRTC Approves Rogers Bid for Citytv

London, Ontario, 07.10.2007 21:37

Rogers Media Inc.'s acquisition of the Citytv stations in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Toronto was approved Friday Sept. 28, 2007 by The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

La alcaldesa de Lasarte-Oria en acci�n

Euskal Herria, 07.10.2007 20:38

Desde el periodico quincenal Diagonal nos llega este video donde se puede ver el discurso de la alcaldesa de Lasarte-Oria (Gipuzkoa) a raiz de las denuncias sobre su actuaci�n en Somoto (Nicaragua) publicadas en una edicion anterior de la Diagonal.

�Es as� como debe actuar una alta representante de la Cooperaci�n vasca? Ana Urchuegu�a es tambi�n vicepresidenta de Euskal Fondoa y Presidenta de la Comisi�n para la Cooperaci�n al Desarrollo de la Federaci�n Espa�ola de Municipios y Provincias (FEMP). �Roma no paga a los traidores?

[v�deo] [Articulo de la discordia]

Hackelarre: Hackmeeting #2007 en Gernika

Euskal Herria, 07.10.2007 20:38

12, 13 y 14 de octubre: sincronizaci�n de conocimientos; feedback de experiencias; conectando mentes inquietas; creando archivo... As� se presenta esta nueva edici�n de los encuentros estatales de activismo, que esta vez, se realizar� la antigua f�brica de armas de Gernika, Astra, convertida ahora en gaztetxe (CSOA Astra Gernikeko Gaztetxea).

Como bien explican en la web del encuentro Hackelarre 2007, el hackmeeting es un encuentro libre y autogestionado que gira en torno a las nuevas tecnolog�as, sus implicaciones sociales, la libre circulaci�n de saberes y t�cnicas, la privacidad, la creaci�n colectiva, el conflicto telem�tico y mucho m�s. Este evento se caracteriza adem�s por no hacer distinci�n entre organizadores y asistentes. Son encuentros autorganizados donde socializar el conocimiento e intercambiar experiencias de todo tipo. NO es una party; NO hay organizadores ni invitados, est� abierto a quien quiera participar, es din�mico por definici�n.

Como viene siendo habitual en este tipo de encuentros, la propia web, concebida como wiki, se ha convertido en la forma de apuntarse, de proponer y gestionar los talleres, conferencias, mesas redondas u otras actividades. Todo ello desde la base de la filosof�a del software libre y la libre circulaci�n del conocimiento. Tambi�n la defensa de los ciberderechos, la creatividad o la implicaci�n de la tecnolog�a en los movimientos sociales tienen un lugar relevante en este tipo de reuniones.

Indymedia aprovechar� tambi�n este encuentro para juntar a diversas gentes que se acercar�n al hackmeeting y que colaboran en los diferentes proyectos que Indymedia tiene en el estado, para compartir un rato y hablar de las cosas que nos preocupan de Indymedia.


Jena 6

LA, 07.10.2007 19:08

Sept. 20: Protests Around the Country in Support of the Jena 6

Panic at NHS direct action call

United Kingdom, 07.10.2007 18:08

PANIC has greeted calls for direct action by Sussex hospitals campaigners. The local newspaper has reported that "police are investigating" and a local Tory bigwig has condemned as 'dangerous' any show of public defiance at a crunch meeting on Monday October 15.

The commotion was caused by an anonymous leaflet distributed in Worthing entitled "Real democracy can save our hospitals" and calling for a "citizens' take-over" of the 7pm meeting at Worthing Pier.

Panic at NHS direct action call

United Kingdom, 07.10.2007 18:08

PANIC has greeted calls for direct action by Sussex hospitals campaigners. The local newspaper has reported that "police are investigating" and a local Tory bigwig has condemned as 'dangerous' any show of public defiance at a crunch meeting on Monday October 15.

The commotion was caused by an anonymous leaflet distributed in Worthing entitled "Real democracy can save our hospitals" and calling for a "citizens' take-over" of the 7pm meeting at Worthing Pier.


Perth, 07.10.2007 16:39

War Profiteers: Protest Action against Woodside

This is it! PCAC needs you in City Council this Wednesday

Philadelphia, 07.10.2007 16:38

Антифашистская акция возле российского посольства в Минске

Belarus, 07.10.2007 13:07

Masowe aresztowania w Kopenhadze

Poland, 07.10.2007 08:39

6 października odbyla sie akcja skłotowania nowego budynku pod Dom Młodzieży w Kopenhadze. Poprzedni skłot - Ungdomshuset - mimo protestów został zlikwidowany w marcu tego roku. Mieszkańców eksmitowano, a budynek zburzono.

The Indypendent #110: Inside Iraq's Killing Fields

NYC, 07.10.2007 06:38

Racism From Bayou to Desert|| Iraq’s Surging Refugee Crisis: Four Million Iraqi Refugees Struggle to Survive in an Increasingly Hostile Region|| Is the U.S. Committing Genocide in Iraq? || Unembedded in Iraq: From Bechtel’s broken water pumps to the battle of Fallujah, Dahr Jamail’s upcoming new book tells the story of the occupation through Iraq’s eyes. || First Person: I’m Tired of Marching in Circles|| Radical Community Calendar: Oct 5 - Oct 27|| Bronx Student Finds Free Med School in Cuba|| Hillary’s Rx: Criminalize the Uninsured|| Auto Workers Get Shafted|| Anti-Abortionists See Sonograms as “Windows to the Womb” || Affordable Housing On The Line: State Housing Agency Tries to Close Mitchell-Lama Loophole|| Ineffective in D.C. || New Yorkers Got Jena’s Back|| Jena Ignites a Movement|| Epic Escapism: A Review of “Into the Wild” || Reader Comments on Last Issue|| Tribeca’s ‘Other’ Film Festival|| How the Jena 6 Got Started|| The ABCs of Counter Recruiting||

Manifestation contre l'UDC et sa politique raciste, Berne

Switzerland, 07.10.2007 06:07

Le samedi 6 octobre, l'UDC, dans la cadre de sa campagne électorale raciste voulait défiler à Berne jusqu'à la Place Fédérale. De son côté, le comité "Die schwarze Schaf" a appelé à une contre-manifestation et à des concerts sur la Münsterplatz. D'autre part, différentes organisation avait appelé à des action directes contre la manifestation de l'UDC.

Sur la Münsterplatz a eu lieu de 12h à 18h30 env. une très belle fête contre le racisme. Différentes interventions ont eu lieu entre les concerts. A ce sujet, la page internet "Die schwarze Schaf" recèle davantage d'informations.
Entre temps, différentes actions militantes ont eu lieu contre le défilé de l'UDC. Le concept s'est avéré extrêmement réussi, puisque le défilé de l'UDC n'a pas réussi, et que ces militantEs ont rebrousser chemin à quelques centaines de mètres de leur lieu de départ. Ke rapport que font les médias de cet après-midi correspond exactement à la version de l'UDC et non pas à la réalité observée sur le terrain.
Grâce aux action multiples dans toute la ville, l'UDC ne pouvait s'octroyer qu'une conclusion en huis-clos autour de la fosse aux ours, alors même que sa grande fête sur la place fédérale a été annulée, de force. Les pleurs de l'UDC quant à leur liberté d'opinion perdue ont bien été répercuté dans les médias, alors même que ce parti avait montré à plusieurs reprises dans le cadre de sa campagne électorale raciste, quel type de politique l'UDC promeut.
Finalement, nous pouvons évaluer toutes les actions (par ex., de Zurich à Berne) qui se sont déroulées à travers toute la Suisse comme un succès.

Photos 1 1

Climate Crisis

Perth, 07.10.2007 05:38

South West WA worst hit as Australia faces climate crisis

Ban on Public Assemblies in Public Parking Lots at City Council Next Tuesday

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.10.2007 05:08

Robert Norse writes, "Vice-Mayor Ryan Coonerty's latest attack on the Constitution is a new local law. It will expand a bad law passed last year to ban lingering in a city parking garage. Coonerty's expansion will ban all those not parking a car or auto from all downtown city parking garages and now all downtown city parking lots. It will be coming to City Council for a first reading on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 9th. No more Food Not Bombs or Drum Circles on Wednesday. Cars, yes. Human interaction, no."

“Hammerskin Nation” Neo-Nazi Gathering Location Revealed

Portland, 07.10.2007 02:38

Portland, Oregon - The location of a white supremacist event in the greater Portland area has been determined by anti-racists. The Hammerskin Nation, a neo-Nazi skinhead organization, is using the Sherwood Elks Lodge, located at 22770 SW Elwert Rd. in Sherwood, OR, for its twentieth-anniversary celebration, ending tomorrow, Sunday, October 7. The "Hammerfest" racist event has been planned in conjunction with Volksfront, a Portland-led white supremacist group linked to two of the killers of Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw in 1988.

The Ad-Hoc Committee Against Racism and Fascism urges all concerned groups and individuals to call Ken, the Elks Club booking agent, at (503) 625-5977, urging him to cancel the event. Denying white supremacists this venue is simply the right thing to do, although Ken seems to feel that the event is "just a bunch of guys playing music." (Quote is proximate.)

Hawaiian Islands are Contaminated with Ballistic Uranium

DC, 07.10.2007 02:09

Please be pro-active and help us protect Hawai'i; demand the military not store, use or transport depleted uranium in the Hawaiian Islands.

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