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~24th Annual Miami Book Fair International November 4 – 11~

Miami, 11.10.2007 21:37

~24th Annual Miami Book Fair International November 4 – 11~

Protestors Gather to Declare: Protest Is Not TERRORISM!

Boston, 11.10.2007 21:08

On Saturday afternoon, October 6, 2007, under a brilliant sky, fifty activists converged on the plaza in Maverick Square in East Boston, Massachusetts to sound the alarm about events in El Salvador. Led by CISPES and joined by the Cambridge-El Salvador Sister City Project and Centro Presente, the rally was called to bring attention to the arrests of 13 people in Suchitoto for simply speaking out against the government’s water privatization policy. Speakers throughout the afternoon outlined the new anti-terror law under which the thirteen were charged with acts of terror and face up to 50 years in jail for being at or near a lawful protest.

Town Hall on Blackwater

LA, 11.10.2007 20:38

Racism in the Law Everywhere: New Statement on the situation in Toledo

Cleveland, 11.10.2007 20:07

Racism in the Law Everywhere: New Statement on the Situation in Toledo

Últimas notícias sobre a Casa das Pombas, Brasília

Brasil, 11.10.2007 19:08


Tropa de elite acreana leva terror e violência a ocupação no Bahia Velha

Brasil, 11.10.2007 18:38


Aboriginal Rights

Perth, 11.10.2007 16:09

No justice without apology - Howard must make peace with Aboriginal Australians

Portway Park &amp; Ride Expansion Criticised

Bristol, 11.10.2007 09:07

Park and Ride be expanded from a 320 to 820 parking spaces - but is it worth it? Park and Ride be expanded from a 320 to 820 parking spaces - but is it worth it? Kathryn Courtney-O'Neil writes: Bristol City Council are proposing that the Portway Park and Ride be expanded from a 320 car parking space site to an 820 parking space site. This would add a further 500 spaces to an already underperforming Park and Ride site that they admit "is not used to capacity" and "fallen below our expectations and has been slow, but there has been an 8% increase in usage in the past year". This is five and a half years since it originally opened in April 2002. But I forget. Government grants are being thrown at this and similar projects so why should we care anyway. It's not our money or is it?! ...The Council want to add a further 500 car parking spaces "to coincide with the opening of Cabot Circus and be ready for other future projects". However the traffic flow continues the same in both directions throughout the day, to and from Avonmouth Industrial Estate which is heavily used due to no public transport availability and of course being docks, warehousing, industrial and other business in the area....So what if the Portway Park and Ride expansion went ahead? Say if the research they were given was incorrect, the Government grants run out, the Park and Ride again falls below expectation and there is no money in the kitty to keep it running what then? Does it go bust and the site is closed leaving people that use the service high and dry? Do they try and get someone else to take it over? Do they go cap in hand to the Council and ask the city (that's all Bristolians many of which won't be using the service for obvious reasons, for example live no where near the area) for a hand out to keep it running because it expanded beyond the demand of the service. And is it fair on the Park and Rides that are self supporting? How long would that continue? And you know the people who lose out? It's the people who are currently using the service. Why should they suffer? They didn't do the market research, were unlikely to be included in the current research that Bristol City Council have used so far in the leaflet, and were not responsible for the purse strings either....Full article.| Portway Park and Ride (Bristol) should not be allowed to expand. | | Portway Park & Ride Discussion Group | Other Transport News: Camp Hope: Taking Action to Stop Airport Expansion in Gloucestershire | Councillors and passengers say 'Get well soon First' | Chooseday: Tuesdays Without Cars-- Launch Coming Up! |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Contra la precarización

Argentina, 11.10.2007 07:08

Encuestadores en lucha escracharon a IPSOS

Contra la precarización

Argentina, 11.10.2007 07:08

Encuestadores en lucha escracharon a IPSOS

Stop Radiooactive Contamination of Hawaii

LA, 11.10.2007 06:08

EASY Ways to Stop the Military Radioactive Contamination of Hawaii

Hackmeet This Weekend in SF

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2007 05:39

The Mad Penguins tech user group is organizing a two-day "Hackmeet" featuring skillshares and workshops for activists, artists and other community members this weekend, October 13–14, at New College in San Francisco. Topics will include DIY websites, peer-to-peer, pirate radio, net privacy, open-source graphics, audio and video streaming, linux, gender, race and technology, Crabgrass, north-south tech solidarity and more.

Nuevo golpe contra la educación popular

santiago, 11.10.2007 04:09

Inminente desalojo del Centro Social Okupado “El Ateneo”

Nuevo golpe contra la educación popular

santiago, 11.10.2007 04:09

Inminente desalojo del Centro Social Okupado “El Ateneo”

IVAW's Kokesh, Six Other GWU Students Admit to Hanging Controversial Posters

DC, 11.10.2007 02:09

A group of seven GW students sent an e-mail to The Hatchet late Tuesday night admitting to hanging hundreds of controversial posters around campus early Monday morning.

Tres años de prisión en suspenso para el asesino de Bogado

Argentina, 11.10.2007 01:38

“No creemos en la justicia”

Tres años de prisión en suspenso al asesino de Bogado

Argentina, 11.10.2007 01:08

“No creemos en la justicia”

Nicolas neira

Colombia, 10.10.2007 22:38

Mañana 11 de octubre en el parque de la 93 todos por el desmonte del E.S.MA.D

Presos Políticos en Temuco

santiago, 10.10.2007 21:10

2 Luchadores Sociales en Prisión Preventiva


santiago, 10.10.2007 21:10

Bicicletas Solidarias en Autogestión


santiago, 10.10.2007 21:10

Bicicletas Solidarias en Autogestión

Huelga de Hambre

santiago, 10.10.2007 21:10

Critica situación de salud de Presas Políticas Mapuche en Huelga de Hambre

Comunidad Juana Millahual

santiago, 10.10.2007 21:10

Recuperación de Tierras y represión policial

Coalition for Animal Freedom

LA, 10.10.2007 21:08



LA, 10.10.2007 21:08

COALITION FOR ANIMAL FREEDOM (world-wide campaign)

criminalization &amp; repression

Barcelona, 10.10.2007 20:09

We're not even free to not willing to be subjects?

They're already 12 the people who have passed by the 'Audiència Nacional (National High Court) for burning a photo of the spanish monarchs and, still today, the ancient and rancid repression seems to not get exhausted. The mobilizations spread everywhere as well as do the people showing their support and the self-accusations to show that the defense of the crown, today, is a ridiculous, rancid and coward fact, loyal to the oppressive fascism to people. Those who cry out for freedom and real justice receive with joy this exercise of emancipation and collective solidarity.
After all what's going on it's time to proclaim we don't want to be subjects any longer nor do we want to celebrate this Hispanidad Day.

[Oct 11] Solidarity with those charged in Montjuïc by "ultraje a la bandera" (outrage to the spanish flag)

[Oct 12] Lleida 300 resistance years acts

[Oct 12] el Penedès gives the finger to la Hispanitat + Botifarrada (giving the finger) to the Hispanitat at Mataró

[Oct 27] March to Wad-Ras

anti-monarchist solidarity: next calls... Sta. Coloma Anti-fascist & anti-monarchist + Anti-monarchist party in Celrà latest calls...more than a thousand students + In igualada too + leftist pro-independence from Lleida + Figueres' supportive people + Anti-monarchist Sitges + anti-monarchist solidarity arrives to Vila-Real + at Vilafranca + Anti-monarchist Barcelona + Anti-monarchist Tarragona + Anti-monarchist Valls + Anti-monarchist meeting in València + in Alacant we also burn the monarchy + Anti-monarchist Terrassa + Solidarity and support from Galiza + Solidarity from Madrid

+info : >>>people + + >>>criminalization & repression

speculation &amp; squatting (en)

Barcelona, 10.10.2007 19:09

16 years fighting the Caufec Plan - Porta bcn (Barcelona's door)

Sat. oct. the 6th at 17h, Esplugues: Clown Army is back

After 16 years slowing down a town-planning megaproject that wants to lay the foundations of the Collserola's slope at Esplugues de Llobregat, the works have finally begun The fight against the Caufec plan has became popular resistance icon against property speculation, against corruption, against institutional arrogance and the exhaustion of social movements in several fronts. In the last years and to explain the conflict, it have been organized dozens of actions, activities and addresses in all the Catalan Country territories, and it has been also a contribution to dynamize solidarity and action networks with other collectives which are defending the territory and against speculation taking advantage of events like the real-state fair Barcelona Meeting Point and campaigns like 'Està tot Fatal' (everything is awful).

The works begin +Photos

Hundreds of people Dismantle the works + Video

Other news::Meeting point magazine + More supportive prisoners with Itoitz + Letter from Julio (supportive with Itoiz imprisoned) + Electric bury and the Caufec Plan - porta BCN + A new MAT will cross the Collserola mountain range + Signature Campaign to stop the MAT + Acquitted the 20 people who chained themselves to the TAV works(EH)EH)

More info:: No to Caufec plan :: Let's stop Meeting Point :: >>>speculation & squatting :: EVERYTHING IS AWFUL

cumplirá la condena en cárcel común y efectiva

Argentina, 10.10.2007 19:08

Reclusión perpetua para Von wernich

New York City Indymedia Reporting Workshop October 13!

NYC, 10.10.2007 18:38

Do you want to be the next citizen reporter?

Are you tired of the mainstream media and want to learn how to BE the media?

IndyKids November issue brainstorm/planning

NYC, 10.10.2007 18:38

Come help us brainstorm and plan for IndyKids Issue #12 coming out in November. All are welcome!

TAKE ACTION! Big Media Must Not Ignore New Mumia Abu-Jamal Crime Scene Photos

Philadelphia, 10.10.2007 18:38

speculation and squatting (en)

Barcelona, 10.10.2007 18:09

Demonstration for the right to a home

After several mobilizations to reclaim the right to have a house, it can be stated that the government has no politic will to make it effective nor to face the plot of property and financial interests whose are getting richer and richer with the speculation of this basic human need. Elections are close and the government starts to spread continuous promises that won't solve the problem since they didn't face the structural reforms needed to take the houses out to the market.

October the 6th, 19 hrs. Sant Jaume Sq.: Demonstration for the right to a house

Other news::About the mortgage crisis+Let's support the Bon Pastor+ Lifts plan in la Barceloneta+Tarragona's POUM+Passed Measures related to housing (Vdevivienda)+Address about the current Bon Pastor situation (kny)

More info:: V de Vivienda::>>> speculation & squatting

Oregon LNG: &quot;Sell it to us, lease it to us or lose it to us&quot;

Portland, 10.10.2007 17:38

Property taking by Government to the benefit of Private Industry?
Best wake up "Uplanders" it's headed your way!

Oregon LNG: "Sell it to us, lease it to us or lose it to us"...That was the choice Roger Thompson was faced with regarding his family's 132 year ownership of their property in Clatskanie and which just happend to be in the path of Spiro Vassilopoulos's(sp?) proposed "Port Westward LNG Transfer/Storage facility and ironically, in full support and abetted by "The Port of St. Helens".

Fate, Kharma, Destiny intervened in favor of the Thompsn's on that when PWLNG could not muster investors. Now, with Oregon LNG and its V.P., former employee of now defunct and broke Calpine Energy Group and ex-Enron Clone, Peter Hansen at the helm a bunch of property owners could quite possibly be besieged with likely the same choices and arm twisting, once again abetted by Government as well to the benefi of this one "Private Corporation" bent on selling Natural Gas to California?

California's Lt. Governor, in a recent speech and I'm paraphrasing, said "California doesn't need to worry about extensive LNG development and speculation because we will get all the, LNG derived, Natural Gas we need from Oregon".

Abortion in Argentina: From Catholic Hegemony to Practical Secularity

Ireland, 10.10.2007 16:39

A country with a parallel history to Ireland's mov ...

Manchester Climate Change Activists Blockade Domestic Flights

United Kingdom, 10.10.2007 16:08

Activists from Manchester Climate Action and Manchester Plane Stupid blockaded the security check-in of terminal 3 of Manchester Airport.

Passengers were denied access to the departure lounge by seven activists locked together using arm-tube devices. Two banners were unfurled reading, “Manchester City Council...supporting climate chaos” and “Domestic flights cost the Earth”. Other protesters leafleted passengers with information about aviation and climate change as well as handing out train timetables for route destinations.

Video | Photos | Press release

Vicente Fox Disrupted in NYC

NYC, 10.10.2007 15:08

Vicente Fox appearance disrupted by questions about Oaxaca and Brad Will.

Worcester City Council Resolution Moves to Divest from Sudan War Profiteers

United States, 10.10.2007 14:37

City Councilors Mike Perotto, Joff Smith, Phl Palmieri, Rick Rushton, have stepped out in front recommending that Worcester divest retirement funds from businesses working in the Sudan. The move caught many by surprise given the City Council’s repeated rebuffs in recent years of justice and anti-war issues Worcester residents sought to discuss.

Additionally, the amendment has highlighted other major investments by the City in corporations such as Exxon and Chevron which are already targets of boycotts because of war profiteering and their never-ending assault on the planet.

Worcester Peace Works made an immediate note of the prominent shift in course and is the first local group seeking to hold City Councilors accountable by re-submitting a resolution against the Iraq War. Read more>> | Worcester Peace Works letter to City Council

Camp Hope: Taking Action to Stop Airport Expansion in Gloucestershire

Bristol, 10.10.2007 10:37

The People of the South West Take Climate Change Head-on - 20th/21st October The People of the South West Take Climate Change Head-on - 20th/21st October Prof. Help writes: Take Action at Camp Hope 20th/21st October. A Climate Camp @ Staverton Airport, Gloucestershire: Saturday 20th Oct - Learn about global warming, what it means to you and your children. Learn what you can do about it. Workshops and discussions start at 13:00pm Lead speaker David Drew MP. Sunday 21st Oct - Peaceful protest against the airport's impacts on noise, and the environment. The airport claims "only a small minority are opposed to the development " We will show them that we are not a small minority, come and support us by making your voice heard . Staverton Airport want to extend their runway and increase services. The extra noise and fumes will damage the local environment and the huge amounts of CO2 will add to global warming. We need to put our children and the environment before the profits of an airport. You can come and camp for the weekend, or just come for the Saturday or Sunday. Full article.| Camp Hope: Taking Action to Stop Airport Expansion in Gloucestershire | | | Other Related News: Climate Camp Cycle Convoy Report from August | SWRDA's Climate Greenwash | Bristol climate chaos action photos |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar


Oost-Vlaanderen, 10.10.2007 10:07

taartengooier bestraft

No Death Penalty

Perth, 10.10.2007 03:09

World Day Against the Death Penalty

1 Mayıs Mahallesi: Geceyarısı operasyonu

Istanbul, 09.10.2007 23:09

1 Mayıs Mahallesinde polis terörü

pobles (ca)

Barcelona, 09.10.2007 23:09

Ni lliures de no voler ser súbdits?

Ja són 12 les persones que han passat per l'Audiència Nacional per la crema de la fotografia de la monarquia espanyola i, encara avui, la repressió rància i envellida sembla que no s'esgota. Les mobilitzazions arreu es multipliquen de la mateixa manera que ho fan les mostres de suport i autoinculpacions per demostrar que la defensa de la corona, avui, és un fet ridícul, ranci, cobard i fidel al feixisme opressor de pobles i de persones. Els qui clamen per la llibertat i la justícia real acullen amb joia aquest exercici d'emancipació i solidaritat col.lectiva.
Després de tot el que està passant ja es hora de proclamar que no volem continuar sent súbdits ni seguir celebrant aquesta hispanitat.

[11oct] Solidaritat amb els acusats de Montjuïc per "ultraje a la bandera"

[12oct] Lleida Actes 300 anys de resistència

[12oct] el Penedès fa botifarra a la Hispanitat + Botifarrada a la Hispanitat a Mataró

[27oct] Marxa a Wad-Ras

solidaritat antimonàrquica: properes convocatòries... Sta. Coloma Antifeixista i antimonàrquica + Festa antimonàrquica a Celrà darreres convocatòries... més d'un miler d'estudians + A igualada també + l'esquerra independentista de Lleida + Solidaris de Figueres + Sitges Antimonàrquic/a + la solidaritat antimonàrquica arriba a Vila-Real + a Vilafranca + Barcelona antimonàrquica + Tarragona Antimonàrquica + Valls Antimonàrquic + Concentració antimonàrquica a València + a Alacant també cremen la Monarquia + Terrassa antimonàrquica + Solidaritat i suport des de Galiza + Solidaritat des de Madrid

+info : >>>pobles + + >>>criminalització i repressió

pueblos (es)

Barcelona, 09.10.2007 23:09

¿Ni libres de no querer ser súbditos?

Ya son 12 las personas que han pasado por la Audiencia Nacional por la quema de la fotografia de la monarquia española y, aún hoy, la represión rancia y envejecida parece que no se agota. Las movilizaciones se multiplican por doquier de la misma manera que lo hacen las muetras de apoyo y autoinculpaciones para demostrar que la defensa de la corona, hoy, es un hecho ridículo, rancio, cobarde y fiel al fascismo opresor de pueblos y personas. Los que claman por la libertad y la justicia real acojen con alegria este ejercicio de emancipación y solidaridad colectiva. Después de todo lo que está pasando ya es hora de proclamar que no queremos continuar siendo súbditos ni seguir celebrando esta hispanidad.

[11oct] Solidaridad con los acusados en Montjuïc por "ultraje a la bandera"

[12oct] Lleida Actos 300 años de resistencia

[12oct] el Penedès hace "butifarra" a la Hispanitat + Botifarrada a la Hispanidad en Mataró

[27oct] Marcha en Wad-Ras

solidaridad antimonárquica: estudiantes antimonárquicos + En igualada también + la izquierda independentista de Lleida se suma a la campaña + Solidarias de Figueres + Sitges Antimonárquic/a + la solidaridad antimonárquica llega a Vila-Real + Concentración antimonárquica en Vilafranca + Barcelona antimonárquica + Tarragona Antimonárquica + Valls Antimonárquica + Concentració antimonárquica en València + en Alacant también queman a la Monarquia + Solidaridad y apoyo desde Galiza + Solidaridad con las antimonárquicas desde Madrid

+info : >>>pueblos + + >>>criminalización y represión

Ocupação é despejada e ativistas são detidos em Brasília

Brasil, 09.10.2007 22:38


CIW's Florida Mini-Tour protested against Burger King in Ft. Lauderdale October 6th

Miami, 09.10.2007 21:37

CIW's Florida Mini-Tour protested against Burger King in Ft. Lauderdale October 6th

The Justice that Jena Demands

New Orleans, 09.10.2007 20:09

The Justice that Jena Demands

NIH Report on BU Bioterror Lab Biased, Independent Study Needed

Boston, 09.10.2007 20:08

Risk assessments of the construction site for Boston University’s biodefense laboratory are subject to partisan politics, arbitrary to the project’s funding and should be strictly reviewed. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), as the main funding organization, has high stakes in the success of the biolab and is now playing the largest role in determining the safety of building the lab in a high-density population area of Boston.

Hackelarre&gt;&gt; HackMeeting 2007# Gernika

Galiza, 09.10.2007 17:39

p>Máis um ano vai ter lugar o Hackmeeting, espaço colectivo no que as diversas experiências que se reproduçem em torno ao activismo e as novas tecnologías -sempre desde um ponto de vista livre e horizontal- ponhem em comúm os trabalhos, novedades e iniciativas que estam a desenrrolar. Numha luita política e tecnológica como a que nos ocupa, o conhecemento mútou nom fai senom reforçar as iniciativas singulares, dotando-as de capacidade para levar adiante espaços de liberadores de movimento como pode ser a propria rede global indymedia.

Nesta ediçom, a celebrar em Euskal Herria entre o 12, 13, e 14 de outubro no Gaztetxe Astra de Guernika, participará umha cumprida representaçom dos hacklabs galegos, que trabalham desde as novas tecnologías como elementos de potenciaçom das luitas locais. O Trebelab de Vigo , o hacklab da Casa Encantada em Compostela ou o Hacktreu em Corunha pretendem ser espaços de socializaçom das ferramentas telemáticas como reproductores da luita dos movimentos.

A propria rede indymedia fará do Hackmeeting um momento de encontro onde poder analisar problemas comunes das redes que pretendem fazer dos medias um altofalante radicalmente democrático a direitamente oposto ao poder.

+Info >> Programa hackmeeting07++Sobre o hackmeeting no Indy EH >>Outros espaços galegos de contrainfo e proposta tecnológica radical: ++ arredemo ++ GalizaLivre ++ GziFoto ++

Prayer Vigil for Homeless Hate Crime Victim

NYC, 09.10.2007 16:38

Dear Friends and Family,

On Friday, a homeless man named Felix Najera who was sleeping on the sidewalk on 103rd St. between Park and Lexington in East Harlem was set on fire and suffered burns over 78% of his body in the latest local example of a disturbing nationwide trend of brutal hate crimes against people who are homeless.

Please see below for a press release issued jointly by the office of East Harlem City Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito and Picture the Homeless. In addition, we hope you will join us this Friday night, October 12, starting at 6pm, as we hold an all-night vigil in East Harlem - to pray for Felix, to vow that all life be respected, and to commit to ending the misguided policies that contribute to and exacerbate homelessness.

Thank you,

Leaders and Staff
Picture the Homeless

Protest at Salvadoran Embassy demands terror charges be dropped against water privatization protesters

DC, 09.10.2007 16:09

On Oct 7, a small group of Salvadorans and friends picketed the old Salvadoran Embassy(Housing the Consulate) on California st. This was part of a week of action for those facing 60 years(!) in prison for peacefully protesting water privatization in Suchitoto, El Salvador. Audio 1 min 36 sec:

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