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Comenzó el XXII Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres

Argentina, 14.10.2007 19:09

¡Revolución en las camas, en las casas y en las plazas!

Comenzó el XXII Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres

Argentina, 14.10.2007 19:09

¡Revolución en las camas, en las casas y en las plazas!

Aboriginal Rights

Perth, 14.10.2007 18:09

Trouble with Federal NT intervention into Aboriginal Culture

Peace And Unity! In Our Community!

United Kingdom, 14.10.2007 18:08

Over 300 people came together in Nottingham today to voice their opposition against the city's gun crime and gang culture problems. The families of victims of violent crimes, such as the killing of Nathan Williams in the Meadows last year (read article) came together to call for 'Peace And Unity' and to put an 'End To The Killings'. A march started at the Forest Recreation Ground around midday and made its way to the city centre along Mansfield Road. The march was very loud and cheerful and attracted a lot of attention.

On arrival in the centre there was a rally in the Market Square, with talks and speeches by members of families that have been affected by violent crime as well as some of the organisers. Speakers included Paula Platt, who lost her 14 year old daughter Danielle in 2004 as she walked through the St Anns area after the Goose Fair in October 2004. Sarah Wallace, who lost her 20 year old son Daniel over a year ago in a stabbing in Radford, any so many others ..... The list of grieving parents is just too long. Added urgency to the proceeding, since there was yet another shooting in the St Anns area just this last thursday. As the crowds had gathered, silence was observed with thoughts of those, so affected.

Audio: Peace And Unity - a radio piece

Photo: Peace and Unity March : Nottingham 1 Demo | Peace and Unity March : Nottingham 2 Event in Square

Links: Supporting Communities | Azuka Nottz

From the Newswire

Perth, 14.10.2007 17:39

Disappointment over Pluto gas project approval

Campamento contra las Fronteras

Tijuana, 14.10.2007 16:37

Campamento Sin Fronteras Mexicali / Calexico

Posties strike in Edinburgh

Scotland, 14.10.2007 16:09

Postal workers at Edinburgh's North West Delivery Office walked out on strike on Friday 12th October. The workers were taking action because management had deducted 4 days wages off one week's paypacket, following recent strike action - despite the fact that the strikes had taken place in two separate weeks.

From the Newswire

Manila, 14.10.2007 14:39


Santa Rosa March to Stop Police Brutality on October 22nd

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.10.2007 06:08

On Monday, Oct. 22nd, Sonoma County residents will wear black and march through Santa Rosa neighborhoods to protest 9 local killings by local law enforcement. The march begins at 4:00pm in Southwest Community Park, with a 5pm feeder march from Sebastopol Rd. and West Ave, and followed by a 6pm rally in Old Courthouse Square. There will be an open microphone at the rally. Speakers will likely include surviving loved ones of people who died at the hands of law enforcement, and people who have suffered from past and present police abuses.

Children’s health supporters hold vigil

Rogue Valley, 14.10.2007 05:39

SEIU local #503 and Oregon Action have put out the call for health care supporters of S-CHIP, the federal children’s health insurance program, to hold candlelight vigil outside of Representative Walden’s Medford office (843 E. Main Street) on October 16th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. to urge Congressman Walden to support the veto override vote that is currently scheduled for next week.

here is a link to the TV ad about S-CHIP that SEIU & friends are running nationally:

Read more to find out about S-CHIP and the current attacks on Oregon's children by Greg Walden...

TSU Immigration Hunger Strike

Houston, 14.10.2007 03:09

TSU students Hunger Strike for Immigrant Rights

Is the Road to Prison Reform Paved with Good Intentions?

Philadelphia, 13.10.2007 23:38

UAW-QUAD Minority Report on the Tentative Contract Agreement

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.10.2007 22:38

UAW-QUAD writes, "Upon reading the UAW Local 2865's summary of advancements made in the recent round of contract negotiations (emailed 10/4), one might think we made significant progress in improving our rights and benefits. It is apparent, however, that only small movement was made in the area of improving the rights of minority groups, while, generally speaking, disproportionate progress was made around the rights of the majority."

LYRICAL REVOLT- Miami Oct 18th Fundraiser for Ft. L Oct 27 Anti-War March &amp; Rally

Miami, 13.10.2007 22:07

LYRICAL REVOLT- Miami Oct 18th Fundraiser for Ft. L Oct 27 Anti-War March & Rally

Ammesty International- Miami Regional Conference - October 19th - 22nd

Miami, 13.10.2007 22:07

Ammesty International- Miami Regional Conference - October 19th - 22nd


Argentina, 13.10.2007 20:08

Memorial for Richard Quigley

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.10.2007 19:38

A tribute and memorial for Richard Quigley will take place on Saturday, October 13th, at 1:00 p.m. on the Santa Cruz Courthouse steps. Love him or hate him, he never gave up his fight for freedom for the oppressed. Quig t-shirts and baseball cap motorcycle helmets will be available as well as an "open mic" for comments and tributes.

President Bush Coming to Rogers On Monday

Arkansas, 13.10.2007 15:09

October 15 President Bush will appear at the John Q. Hammons Convention Center in Rogers to a select group of 300 business people. Bush in Rogers Next Monday

Eric McDavid Still Being Denied Vegan Food - Your Help Needed!

Portland, 13.10.2007 13:38

It has been two weeks since the jury found Eric guilty, and we are still trying to regroup and get ready for the next round. While this is going to be a long process - one which will require your help and support in a variety of ways - there is one thing that simply cannot be put off. The jail is still denying Eric vegan food. After enduring a two-week hunger strike in March 2006, Eric was finally given vegan meals on April 24, 2006. This lasted for 15 full months. Then, without any warning or reasonable explanation, the jail cut off Eric's vegan meals one week before his trial began. Since that time, he has been surviving off the few options he can purchase from commissary (peanut butter, beans, chips... ) and the little food he can pull off of the meal trays they bring him (usually bread and fruit - sometimes oatmeal in the morning). Clearly, this is not enough to constitute a healthy, balanced diet. It is the jail's responsibility to provide Eric with the food he needs to remain healthy and strong. This is obviously something they are completely able to do, as they did so for 15 months with no problems.

Eric has been contemplating what courses of action are open to him in this matter, but unfortunately, his options have become even more limited. A hunger strike could be extremely risky due to the bout of pericarditis for which he was taken to the hospital in April. It is unclear whether his heart could handle the strain a hunger strike would put on his body - he could quickly end up back in the hospital, potentially with a VERY serious heart condition. In the meantime, Eric continues to lose weight, and his health will soon begin deteriorating. Please call the jail immediately and request that Eric be given vegan meals... again.

Eric's x-ref is: x-2972521.
You can call the jail at :

Below are some things you might suggest while talking to the jail:

Aktionswochenende in Österreich

Germany, 13.10.2007 09:08

Ein warmes politisches Wochenende für Österreich in dieser herbstlichen Zeit. Eine Hausbesetzung in Graz, eine Solibesetzung in Linz, eine Transpiaktion in Salzburg, ein Aktionstag gegen den (Burschenschafter-) Turmkommers in Linz und eine Demonstration für Bleiberecht in Frankenburg. Der Versuch einer Zusammenfassung:

Hausbesetzung in Graz | Solibesetzung in Linz | Transpiaktion in Salzburg | Turmkommers in Linz | Demo gegen Abschiebungen in Frankenburg

SVP scheitert mit „Marsch auf Bern“

Germany, 13.10.2007 09:08

 Am 6. Oktober, zwei Wochen vor den schweizer Parlamentswahlen, beendeten Autonome mit Straßenschlachten den „Marsch auf Bern“ der «Schweizerischen Volkspartei». Die Krawalle lösten ein enormes Medienecho aus und zerrten erstmals die faschistischen Tendenzen der SVP ins Licht einer weltweiten Öffentlichkeit.

Einleitung | Schweizer Pressespiegel | Politisches System der Schweiz | Schweizerische Volkspartei | Führungseliten der SVP | Affäre Roschacher | Ergänzungen

Das Schwarze Schaf | Kulturzentrum Reitschule | Bündnis Alle gegen Rechts | Antifa Bern | Revolutionärer Aufbau | Action Autonome | Autonome Antifa Freiburg

Suterra Issues Cease and Desist Order to Indybay regarding &quot;Secret&quot; Pesticide Ingredient

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.10.2007 07:08

Suterra LLC, a manufacturer of "biorational" pest control products based in Bend, Oregon, has issued a cease and desist order to Indybay demanding that information about a "secret" ingredient in the CheckMate OLR-F mating disruption pheromone be removed from the site.

È sciopero!

Switzerland, 13.10.2007 06:37

In risposta alla disdetta del contratto nazionale mantello dell'edilizia, dalle 20 di ieri (venerdì 12 ottobre) i lavoratori dei cantieri di Faido, Bodio ed Amsteg sono scesi in sciopero.
Questa mattina alle 6'00 le squadre di lavoratori che avrebbero dovuto entrare in servizio, si sono astenute dal lavoro. Alle 8'30 invece hanno avuto luogo le assemblee dei lavoratori. Le agitazioni dovrebbero proseguire almeno fino alle 20'00 di sabato.

Dopo la grande manifestazione di Zurigo del 22 settembre alla quale hanno aderito più di 17 mila lavoratori, ecco un altro gesto di protesta per opporsi al dumping salariale e sociale.

Lunedì prossimo sarà la volta dei lavoratori edili di Berna, Ginevra e Neuchâtel.

: prime foto della nottata di sciopero - Faido
> Comunicato stampa di UNIA

Reitoria da UFBA permanece ocupada

Brasil, 13.10.2007 02:38

Movimento Estudantil

Oaxacan Community Building Event/Festival Cultural de Resistencia Woodburn

Portland, 13.10.2007 00:38

On October 13th OCIMO (La Organizacion de Comunidades Indigenas Migrantes Oaxacaquenas) and Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity will be hosting a Festival of Resistance at the Chemeketa Community College Woodburn campus. This events aim to bring together Oaxacan immigrants living in the Willamette Valley, as well as people from the Portland area interested in solidarity work, to come together and share experiences and attempt to build political consciousness around the issues surrounding last Fall's uprising and the fallout that ensued.

The festival will take place from 1PM to 6PM, and will include an opening ceremony (hopefully with Aztec dancers), a panel discussion and a Fiesta Popular a.k.a. people's party (the good kind). Panel topics will include; Mexico Before and After the Spanish, Free Trade and Plan Puebla Panama, the Social Movement in Mexico, the Indigenous People of Mexico Today, Indigenous Movements in the US and Independent Media.

Chemeketa CC is located at 120 E Lincoln St. Take I-5 exit 271 to Downtown Woodburn, the school is across the traintracks from the main retail corridor on Commerce Way. Very limited carpooling space available for those who want to attend from Portland. Meet at Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy St.) at 11 AM, leave at 11:15.

En Espanol:

Chemeketa C.C.
120 E. Lincoln St
Woodburn Oregon 97071
De 1:00 p.m. A 6:00 p.m.
La Organización de Comunidades Indígenas Migrantes Oaxaqueñas (O.C.I.M.O.) Y Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity

XXII Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres en Córdoba

Argentina, 13.10.2007 00:08

A la espera de más de 20.000 mujeres…

XXII Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres en Córdoba

Argentina, 13.10.2007 00:08

A la espera de más de 20.000 mujeres…

Bristolians Take Parliament Square

Bristol, 12.10.2007 21:38

Gordon Brown calls off his ban of demonstration at the last minute. Gordon Brown calls off his ban of demonstration at the last minute. As an increasing number of Iraqi provinces are refusing entry to refugees fleeing violence, Turkey escalates military action near Iraq border against PKK rebels and US air strikes that kill at least 15 Iraqi civilians, including nine children - Iraq is still an issue. Anton writes: Looking back to 2003, when the conscience of the whole country railed against the idea of dropping bombs on poor people in Iraq for a pack of lies, nine coaches full of angry people left Bristol’s Anchor Road on that cold February morning. Well, killing people for profit by the American neocons it is no less wrong now than it was then, and the spin is no different. Even down to the double counting of the troops Brown said were soon to be withdrawn from Iraq, the whole thing stinks! Any minute now Gordon Brown will tear off his mask and lo and behold, there stands Tony Bliar, still running the show....Even so our large coach was filled to capacity with a good cross-section of Bristol folk, many young people came, and there were those of us who are not so young. We may have differed in many ways, but this day we had one common aim, to make our voices of discontent ring through the Palace of Westminster, and to defy Gordon Brown's assault on our democratic rights. What incredible double standards, after supporting democracy for the people in Burma, that same day Gordon Brown and his police force banned our own citizens from a peaceful protest in Parliament Square, SOCPA? Serious Crime? What a laugh! Full article.| Bristol marches on Parliament Square, Anti War Demo, Monday 8th October 2007 | Regional Anti-War Newsletter (Covering South & South West, Wales & West Midlands) : Oct/Nov 2007 | URGENT - ATTEMPT TO BAN STOP THE WAR MARCH | BBC Vox Pop Finds Strong Anti-War Feelings in Bristol |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

XXII Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres en Córdoba

Argentina, 12.10.2007 21:08

A la espera de más de 20.000 mujeres…

Day Against the Death Penalty - photos

Torun, 12.10.2007 21:07

globalitzacio (ca)

Barcelona, 12.10.2007 20:09

El mercat de la droga a Birmania

Els mercats del petroli, del narcotràfic, del tràfic d'òrgans i persones, entre d'altres, tornen a estar al darrera dels canvis polítics sota la màscara de la llibertat i la democràcia. No és una qüestió de bons i dolents perquè els actors són els mateixos: els esbirros del poder prenent la deshumanització en forma de repressió, sobrexplotació dels recursos naturals i mà d'obra en pro del interessos dels estats capitalistes on les víctimes continuen jugant el mateix paper prenent el carrer per reclamar les seves llibertats i el respecte com a persones. Arguments el suficientment robustos com per a que la comunitat internacional i els estats democràtics postmodernistes es posin les mans al cap, però no fan pas per buscar solucions reals que trenquin l'espiral de violació dels drets humans, sinó més aviat per legitimar i posar mitjans (CIA, Mossad, ONU...) per fer caure la dictadura militar a Birmania i fer-se amb el negoci de la droga i els interessos corporatius i financers occidentals que actualment estan parcialment tancats per la nacionalització de part de la producció autòctona.

notícies relacionades::: Nova onada repressiva a Birmania, Dures repressions a Birmania-accions a Barcelona, Continuen les marxes a Myanmar

+info::: Globalització + Burma Indymedia, Assetjament militar als carrers de Mynanmar

human rights

Perth, 12.10.2007 18:39

Reinstate childcare assistance for single-parent students

Homenajes al “Che”

Argentina, 12.10.2007 18:38

El cielo por asalto

Homenajes al “Che”

Argentina, 12.10.2007 18:38

El cielo por asalto

October 22nd: Hilary Clinton in Seattle

Seattle, 12.10.2007 18:38

Is Hilary the heir apparent? Are the media hyping this? Come demonstrate at Benaroya Hall your opposition to Republican-light ideals and Hilary's support for the War.

Dupont Circle Stabbing Triggers Police Drug Sweep of Bystanders

DC, 12.10.2007 15:09

At about 4:30 PM on Wed, Oct 10, someone was stabbed in Dupont Circle. Unconfirmed reports indicate the stabbing stemmed from a fight over just $20! The police response was interesting: While a small number of cops investigated the stabbing, over a dozen more shook down bystanders. WSQT audio coverage:

Ron Blount of the PA TWA will be testifying TODAY at the Poverty Initiative's Truth Commission.

Philadelphia, 12.10.2007 14:38

Activists Mobilizing To Keep Transgendered Protections in ENDA

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.10.2007 06:08

Activists are mobilizing to roll back changes to the Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which is moving quickly through the House of Representatives. ENDA, which was introduced to protect LGBTQ employees, was recently stripped of provisions prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity. The stripped down bill denies protection to transgendered people and introduces loopholes that would seriously limit the bill's effect.

Nurses Strike at 15 Northern California Hospitals

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.10.2007 06:08

5000 nurses walked off the job at 15 Northern California hospitals on Wednesday, October 10 in a strike that's being called the largest in a decade. The California Nurses Association organized the 2-day strike after negotiations broke down with hospital operator Sutter Health. Nurses say they are striking to improve patient care and to protect their healthcare and retirement benefits.

Represión en el puerto

Argentina, 12.10.2007 05:08

Tres trabajadores resultaron heridos

Represión en el puerto

Argentina, 12.10.2007 04:39

Tres trabajadores resultaron heridos

Voting Machines: Access v. Integrity

Philadelphia, 12.10.2007 04:38


santiago, 12.10.2007 03:38

Presos Politicos Mapuche de Angol en Huelga de Hambre


santiago, 12.10.2007 03:38

Presos Politicos Mapuche de Angol en Huelga de Hambre

IWW Pickets at Metro Lighting

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.10.2007 03:08

On Saturday, October 13, 2007 the IWW will picket with striking workers from 12:00-5:00 PM in front of Metro Glass on 2121 San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley. Workers at Metro Lighting are striking over the unfair labor practices of the owners, Lawrence and Christa Grown, who last month fired one of their workers for labor organizing and whistle blowing over unsafe working conditions. They are demanding that all union workers be rehired with back wages and a pay raise for the retail workers who make almost half as much as their co-workers in the assembly shop in the back.

US District Court Judge Halts Disappearance via &quot;Transfer&quot;

DC, 12.10.2007 00:09

Last week Judge Gladys Kessler of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued an injunction preventing the Pentagon from 'transferring' a prisoner, Mr. Rahman, from Guantanamo to his native Tunisia. Such 'transfers' are not transfers at all, but disappearances to hide torture by silencing survivors. Judge Kessler’s injunction is a welcome sliver of hope that courts will finally limit the Adminstration’s torture operation in Guantanamo."This is the first time," Mr. Rahman's attorney Joshua Denbeaux told the Washington Post, "that the judicial branch has exercised its inherent power to control the excesses of the executive as to treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. The executive has now been told it cannot bury its Guantanamo mistakes in Third World prisons…"

People in El Salvador Are Fighting Back Against Water Privatization

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2007 23:38

October 6–13 is an international week of solidarity to demand that "terrorism" charges against Salvadoran water privatization protesters be dropped. The corporate takeover of the world's water, often aided by repressive US-trained police forces, has been called "the greatest theft of common resources facing humanity and the planet today."

Singers arrested outside arms factory.

United Kingdom, 11.10.2007 23:08

5 people were arrested after singing 'We Are the Champions' at a karaoke themed demo at EDO MBM's Brighton arms factory. The police reacted to the cringe-worthy songs by arresting some demonstrators under noise byelaws and then imposing conditions to prevent the warmongers hearing an encore. Those who didn't move along were nicked, while the sour-faced managing director looked on.

This major police response to a bit of a sing-song follows a successful blockade of the factory last week. All doors into the building were glued shut and two people locked themselves to the front doors with D-locks. This forced the managing director to smash his own window to get in and delayed the manufacture of deadly bomb components, which loses the company both profit and popularity with clients. | Video.

As EDO's profits slide, the campaign against them is building. Campaigners are looking forward to the traditionally lively Haloween demo on the 31st October, when the ghosts of EDO' s victims (and a host of weird and wonderful beings) come to haunt them.

smashEDO protestors have observed that the police are using increasingly repressive measures to deal with the protests, and one compared police behaviour that was common prior to the attempt to injuct protests in 2005. At the hearings, it became apparent that the police had urged EDO MBM to seek the injunction. The case collapsed, costing EDO MBM much money. Since then the company's fortunes have taken a number of knocks. Campaigners have vowed to keep up the pressure until the arm's manufacturer closes the factory.


Peace Camp 2005 | Peace Camp 2007 | Student Blockade | Campaigners breach security | Court Victory for Right to Protest |

Campaign Website

Worker's Rights Rally Friday

Portland, 11.10.2007 22:38

Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition and Portland Jobs With Justice
Say NO to Unfair Social Security "No Match" Rules
NATIONAL DAY of ACTION This Friday, Oct.12.
Rally at the Federal Building
1220 SW 3rd Av., Portland
Friday, October 12, 11 am

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rule punishing employers if they do not take action after receiving Social Security "no-match" letters is on trial. A temporary restraining order found that "if allowed to proceed, the mailing of no-match letters, accompanied by DHS's guidance letter, would result in irreparable harm to innocent workers and employers."

On Friday at 10 am, a delegation representing labor and immigrant rights will visit the Social Security Administration Office (1538 SW Yamhill) to urge support for abolishing the DHS rule. The Rally at 11 am will demonstrate broad based community opposition to this flawed and discriminatory ruling.

For more information, Contact: Marco Mejia, American Friends Service Committee,
or Eliana Machuca, Portland Jobs with Justice,

Critical Mass Miami Halloween Ride! Saturday, 10/13!

Miami, 11.10.2007 21:37

Critical Mass Miami Halloween Ride! Saturday, 10/13!

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