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October 22nd Marches and Rallies Around the Country Demand Justice

United States, 30.10.2007 11:07

October 22nd, 2007 will be the 12th National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation. People in 20 cities around the United States will shine a spotlight on the national epidemic of police brutality. Families that have lost loved ones at the hands of the police, others who face official persecution, and sympathetic community members come together to say, "Stop police violence, repression, and the criminalization of a generation!" This year's protests will also highlight the case of the Jena Six.

The October 22nd Coalition says, "The nationwide epidemic of police brutality and repression is hidden from many people who would be outraged if they knew what was happening. Immigration police continue to terrorize immigrant communities raiding jobs and homes and separating husbands and wives and parents from children. This official brutality and repression must stop! We must resist the onslaught of police abuse as we work in many different ways to drag this truth out into the light of day."

Protests are being held in: Oakland, CA | Santa Rosa | Fresno | San Diego | Los Angeles | Seattle | Denver | Minneapolis/St. Paul | New York City | East Houston

Background Links: National October 22nd Coalition | Bay Area October 22nd Coalition website | Stolen Lives Project | Indybay's Past Coverage of October 22nd | IMC-US coverage from Oct22, 2006 | IMC-US Police&Legal Coverage Archive

UPDATE -- Reportbacks: Oakland | Los Angeles | Houston

Talk about UCSC's Long Range Development Plan

Santa Cruz, CA, 30.10.2007 07:38

On Thursday, November 1st, UCSC Writing Lecturer Jeff Arnett will present an "Unnatural History of UCSC." The presentation will cover special sites, the story of Elfland, and provide an overview of campus expansion plans with discussion of the impacts on biodiverse habitat. UCSC's Long Range Development Plan is a blueprint for expanding the physical campus to accommodate approximately 4,500 new students by 2020.

Cambio de nombres tras 16 años en la ciudad

Argentina, 30.10.2007 06:08

La banda seguirá tocando

Peace Outlet

Boston, 30.10.2007 04:08

Ted Ackley, from Rhode Island, came by himself and simply said: “I have a four year-old daughter and I want things to get better, not worse. I want peace on earth.” He then proceeded to hand out pieces of paper with an electric outlet on it… because everyone deserves a peace outlet.


Argentina, 30.10.2007 03:38

Desnutrición y suicidios en el noreste


Peru, 30.10.2007 01:09

Lunes 29 de octubre del 2007
Un año sin Brad y sin justicia para Oaxaca

Notícias da luta nacional contra o REUNI

Brasil, 30.10.2007 00:08


Chooseday: Action on Climate Change or Religion?

Bristol, 29.10.2007 20:07

Questions Asked as Chooseday Prepares to Launch. Questions Asked as Chooseday Prepares to Launch. Joshua Hart writes: Chooseday will begin with the challenge that every Tuesday we 'choose' to leave our cars at home and experience what a day without cars feels like. Chooseday Oct 30th will be Chooseday’s public launch day. Come and join us at 8.30am by Burke’s statue on the ground between Colston Avenue and St Augustine’s parade – near the fountains. We are inviting people to come from all over the city by any and every possible means of transport other than the private car. That means walking, skating, cycling, horseriding, pogosticking, swimming, taking the bus or train or whatever carbon-lite transport you choose. We are expecting everyone from the legal profession through to a world champion skateboarder! Full article.Meanwhile, The Bristol Blogger is not convinced; It doesn’t take a lot of research to find out that this apparently robustly secular ‘Choose Day’ environmental event and website are in fact a marketing front for a charity called Agora and the main player behind Agora is the Reverend Dr Chris Sunderland of Emersons Green. And Sunderland’s charity only has, at best, a tangenital relationship to environmental causes. It’s actual objects being “The promotion of civic responsibility and good citizenship” and - wait for it - “The advancement of religion”. Full Article.| Chooseday Project Launches in Bristol | | Who the hell are 'Choose Day'? | Related Climate News: Dark & Light Greens - Climate change is your friend ( | UWE Students Protest Natwest's Climate Damage | October 31st Bristol Blackout: Update | Don’t Bank On Oil |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

ACLU Worker Arrested For Observing Police

New Orleans, 29.10.2007 18:09

ACLU Worker Arrested For Observing Police

Thousands March to End the War

Seattle, 29.10.2007 18:08

Thousands of activists sang, danced and chanted as they marched through the streets of Seattle demanding an end to the Iraq war. The march began in the heart of the Central District in Judkins Park, down Jackson Street went through the International District and ended in Occidental Park, in the heart of Pioneer Square. The march covered a distance of 2.38 miles. Crowd estimates ranged from 4,000 to 6,000. The police downplayed the size, but acknowledged that the size of the crowd was "upwards from 2,000".

VIDEO--Seattle Roars Part 1 and 2

Seattle, 29.10.2007 18:08

The antiwar march in Seattle was a resounding success!! Young people organized the march, led the march and were the heart and soul of the march. There is hope yet!

Ontruimingsgolf Amsterdam, 30 October

Netherlands, 29.10.2007 16:38

Voor diensdag, 30 October 2007, word in Amsterdam een ontruimingsgolf verwacht. Op maandag middag heeft ook de politie in tegenstelling tot eerder op de dag bevestigd dat morgen er een ontruimingsgolf is. of die in de ochtend of in de middag is wilde men echter niet zeggen.

Via brieven van de bestuursdienst, hierbij de bevestigde lijst met panden: Damrak 16, Ernest Staesstraat 1(hs), Ernest Staesstraat 49(hs), Kerkstraat 244, Kerkstraat 246, Koningsplein 1-3, Leliegracht 51, Van Boetzelaerstraat 2(II), Van Boetzelaerstraat 20(I), Zuider Ijdijk 68(hs), Ellermanstraat 33.

Verrassend is, dat ook Koningsplein 1 op de lijst geplaatst is, terwijl de bewoners enkele maanden geleden nog van burgermeester Cohen de toezegging gekregen hadden, dat hun pand niet voor leegstand ontruimd zou worden, en omdat een rechtszaak von 25 October op korte termijn door de eigenaar afgeblazen was. Op maandag middag vond er nog een aktie bij de Stopera plaats, om de ontruiming toch nog te stoppen.
In de afgelopenen weken, zijn er ook al twee ontruimingen buiten het ontruimingsgolf gewest.

Maandag, 15:45: Ondertussen heeft de eerst ontruiming al plaats gevonden heeft. Op Zuider Ijdijk 68, een gekraakte woonwagenkamp, is op dit moment een bulldozer bezig het hoofdgebouw te 'demoveren'.

Ein Jahr nach dem Mord: ¡Brad Will presente!

Germany, 29.10.2007 14:08

Vor einem Jahr, am 27. Oktober 2006, wurde der Medienaktivist Brad Will im mexikanischen Oaxaca getötet (2). Er hatte vor Ort die Rebellion der Bevölkerung des Bundesstaates dokumentiert, die über Monate für den Rücktritt des korrupten Gouverneurs Ulises Ruiz Ortiz gekämpft und sich mit der Volksversammlung der Völker Oaxacas (APPO) ein Instrument der Selbstverwaltung geschaffen hatte.

&quot;Zurück nach Genua!&quot;

Germany, 29.10.2007 14:08

Sechs Jahre nach dem G8-Gipfel in Genua gibt es noch immer etliche Gerichtsverfahren gegen DemonstrantInnen und Angehörige der Polizeikräfte. Die Prozesse gegen Führungskräfte von Polizei und Carabinieri werden hinausgezögert, um von der kürzeren Verjährungsfrist zu profitieren. In den Verfahren gegen 25 AktivistInnen zeigen die StaatsanwältInnen Canepa und Canciani Härte. Noch nie gab es derart hohe Strafanträge im Kontext von Straßenkämpfen.
Die Vernehmungen aller ZeugInnen sind abgeschlossen, in ihren Plädoyers fordern sie Haftstrafen zwischen 6 und 16 Jahren, insgesamt 225 Jahre. Mit den Verurteilungen wollen sie Geschichte schreiben: "Lasst und Genua als das bezeichnen, was es gewesen ist: Verwüstung und Plünderung".
Letzte Woche hat die Regierung in Rom Schadensersatzforderungen gegen die 25 angekündigt. Sie sollen insgesamt 2,6 Mio. € für entstandene Sachschäden, etwa am Gefängnis Marassi, bezahlen. Darin enthalten: Ein beträchtlicher Teil an Kompensation für den Imageverlust der Stadt Genua.

Con Oaxaca en la Memoria

santiago, 29.10.2007 12:09

Romper los cercos, hasta el último frame

Ontruimingsgolf &amp; Dispatch

Netherlands, 29.10.2007 11:39

Voor diensdag 30 October word in Amsterdam een ontruimingsgolf verwacht.
Om telefonisch informatie door te geven, waar wat gebeurd: Dispatch: 06-44 238 148
Voor informatie over arrestaties: Arrestantengroup: 06-42413496
Omdat er geen politiescanner meer is, kan Indymedia alleen de nieuws weergeven, die via het dispatch-telefoon en nieuwslijn-postings binnen kommen. Dus: bell of sends een SMS als je iets ziet gebeuren!

A description of Big Sur and it's place in the world

Santa Cruz, CA, 29.10.2007 10:08

Nick Oliva writes, "Big Sur. A place of great beauty and drama. A Wonder of the World, an international treasure taken for granted stands waiting mindless of humanity. The sheer cliffs that drop a thousand feet or more to the violent sea thrashing and pounding at the granite below. The dichotomy of danger and great beauty can only be watched from a distance, less one be swallowed up and taken by the forces of nature."


Oost-Vlaanderen, 29.10.2007 10:07

de kortrijkse clash

March to End Executions

Houston, 29.10.2007 07:39

10/28 Eighth Annual March to End Executions takes to Third Ward

Violência na praia de Tatajuba devido à especulação imobiliária

Brasil, 29.10.2007 07:38


Spanish Harlem City Councilperson tries to buy off activist from Movement of the Barrio

NYC, 29.10.2007 07:38

Open Letter to Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito from Movement for Justice in El Barrio

Oct. 27 &quot;End the War Now&quot; Protests Throughout the United States (City reports)

Miami, 29.10.2007 07:37

Oct. 27 "End the War Now" Protests Throughout the United States (City reports)

Seattle End the War March Video

Seattle, 29.10.2007 04:32

Video from the End the War March in Seattle, 10-27-07.

Black Bloc Report on the End the War March

Seattle, 29.10.2007 04:32

Greetings lovers, mutants and deviants ....

Seattle End the War March Photographs

Seattle, 29.10.2007 04:29

Photographs from the End the War March in Seattle, 10-27-07.


Uruguay, 28.10.2007 23:04

El movimiento estudiantil ocupa, marcha y se moviliza


Uruguay, 28.10.2007 23:04

Durante todo Octubre, el movimiento estudiantil se movilizó, ocupó, organizó la lucha

Centro Social y Biblioteca El Ateneo, Espacio Liberado

santiago, 28.10.2007 21:36

“La casa esta activa hasta el ultimo”

Brad Will

Houston, 28.10.2007 21:34

10/26 Brad Will: One Year Later

Nottingham City Council Silences Welfare Advice Row

United Kingdom, 28.10.2007 21:30

It was one of those things that the City Council wouldn't want to kick up a fuss about. After all, it was a controversial decision to merge the city's welfare rights department into the management of the housing benefit service back in September 2006. Employees were only told about the decision 2 or 3 days before it was implemented and were told in an email to 'keep quiet' about the issue. You can imagine people getting concerned over 'conflicts of interest' when you're supposed to get impartial and independent advice on welfare rights from people in the very same office as those authorizing the actual applications.

But thankfully someone decided she couldn't stay quiet over the issue. Sarah Roy, who worked for the council, posted an article on, a website for welfare rights workers to share information and knowledge. She posted the article in July but the City Council ordered the site to remove the posting instantly or else they would 'seek an injunction in the High Court and sue for damages'. The article was pulled. Another publication, called 'Benefits and Rights' also received legal threats from the council after it told readers it was to feature the issue in its next edition. They ran a 'shortened version' of the article. Sarah Roy was eventually fired over the issue. Read the full article for a second posting Sarah wrote on the Rightsnet forum, which has now also been removed.

Links: Benefits and Work newsletter | Evening Post coverage: (1) (2) | Nottingham City Council | Nottingham Claimants Action (NCA)

Anti-War Student Walkout-Boston Friday 10-26-07--VIDEO

Boston, 28.10.2007 17:09

Friday, Oct. 26, 2007 was called as a national day to walkout of work and school to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. About 100 activists including many high school and college students gathered on Boston Common to hear anti-war speeches. People then marched through downtown Boston; past the military recruiting office on Tremont St.,to Boston City Hall, and then to the State House and Fox news office.

Photo essay - Oct 27th Human Chain Anti-war Demonstration

Philadelphia, 28.10.2007 17:08

Independent Media: Where Now?

Bristol, 28.10.2007 16:08

Sustaining Alternative Media - Bristol Indymedia to Bristol Social Forum Sustaining Alternative Media - Bristol Indymedia to Bristol Social Forum anonymite asks the big questions about alternative media: Having been involved in a number of projects over the years it has become apparent to myself that projects such as Bristol Indymedia and Bristol Social Forum occupy a particular space which makes their sustainability less certain than other projects, even while they demonstrate a very high level of popularity amongst readers and contributors. The points below are in no way intended as the only reasons why these two projects in particular have experienced problems of sustaining themselves, but they are intended to help to shed a slightly different light on what exactly some of the limiting factors are, while not excluding or minimising other concerns, or factors, people feel exist. A BROADER AND INCLUSIVE PURPOSE 1.) Groups and projects such as Bristol Indymedia and Bristol Social Forum exist to publicise everyone's events, while other groups and projects primarily only exist to publicise their own. 2.) People clearly want groups like Bristol Indymedia and Bristol Social Forum to exist, so as to have outlets to publicise their events, but they are not willing to both campaign for their own events, and also get involved in maintaining the infrastructure of groups like Bristol Indymedia and Bristol Social Forum. This is, in some ways, understandable, as the chances are they are already overstretched.... Full article.| Sustaining Alternative Media - Bristol Indymedia to Bristol Social Forum | Related Alt-Media News: Bristol Indymedia Outreach List - Sign up! | Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Femicide | Bristol Social Forum - 1,000+ Subscribers! | Bath Bomb 3 released! | Could YOU be Bristle Magazine? |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Halloween Critical Mass

NYC, 28.10.2007 13:08

At the October Critical Mass, police cracked down hard of the riders, issuing citations and heavily perusing the ride itself.

speculation &amp; squatting (en)

Barcelona, 28.10.2007 12:08

No to the destruction of neighbourhoods, let's recover it!

[Oct 16] Raval Ruïnamalia social center is being evicted :: photos 1 :: photos 2
Bon Pastor::eviction with police charge in the bon pastor's cases barates Feature :: 10 injured in the charge :: Photos of the eviction :: Neighbour' communique

This October 25 & 26 it's planned the trial at the Audiència Provincial against Can Vies. The lawsuit is on TMB transport company request, a company from which the Barcelona City Council owns a 51%. This is another sign more of this hypocritic show of the politic class who, firstly are intending to distract with a pact about housing which only favours real-state companies and secondly destroys the neighbourhoods to convert the city in just a touristic shop window where speculation continues devouring people's rights in total impunity. Front this situation only the self-organized resistances can face the attacks to the territory and stand up to the administration's speculative policies.

[oct 18] thursday 20 h at Rambla del RavalLively march for Ruïnamalia

[oct 19] friday at 12h Press conference about Bon Pastor

[oct 20] Saturday, 2h. Sants Sq.: Let's stop the lawsuit, Can Vies stays.

[oct 20] Saturday, at the Forat de la Vergonya, starting at 11h: Day of meeting and debate about neighbourhood struggle

[27oct] Info Usurpa We celebrate the 500 numbers!

related news: Barcelona speculators now shoot to the sky ::: CSO Raspart evicted ::: speculation with golf courses ::: the property mafia will meet again in barcelona ::: Speculation with Barceloneta Chess Club's premises ::: Eviction at Trinitat ::: speculative stenchfires in Poble Nou warehouses

More info:>>>speculation & squatting + can vies

Las Acequias

New Mexico, 28.10.2007 10:08

New Mexico Food & Seed Sovereignty Alliance creating a genetically engineered food free zone in NM

The FBI and Classified Interrogation Techniques

DC, 28.10.2007 08:09

Abdallah Higazy is a man who has admitted his involvement in the attacks of September 11th, yet he walks free today. Despite the confession, the FBI discovered that he is innocent and released him. Why did Higazy, an innocent man, confess to involvement in such a horrible crime? He claims that the confession was coerced, and FBI Agent Templeton, who extracted the false confession, does not deny it. Higazy is suing the FBI for coercing the confession.

Counter Recruitment Action Shuts Down Army Center In Pasadena

LA, 28.10.2007 07:38

Counter Recruitment Action Shuts Down Army Center In Pasadena

From the Newswire

Perth, 28.10.2007 06:08

Peak Oil Has Arrived: Report warns of Social Meltdown

Counter Recruitment Action Shuts Down Army Center In Pasadena

LA, 28.10.2007 00:38

Counter Recruitment Action Shuts Down Army Center In Pasadena

NYC Mexican consulate bombed

Portland, 28.10.2007 00:08

Early [Friday] morning explosives rocked the Mexican Consulate shattering windows and waking neighbors, nearly one year to the day since gunmen sympathetic to the Mexican ruling party assassinated anarchist activist and American independent journalist Brad Will. The murder of Brad Will sparked weeks of protest in his home of New York City. Demonstrators occasionally got unruly and left the Mexican Consulate on East 39th Street damaged. NYPD detectives have reviewed surveillance cameras from the area and believe that a lone man in his 20s hurled two small home made grenade-like explosive devices at the consulate building around 3:30 am this morning and left the scene on a bicycle.

Farmworkers Plan to March on Burger King HQ

United States, 27.10.2007 23:07

November 30th, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers plans to march upon the corporate headquarters of fast-food giant Burger King in Miami, Florida. The CIW looks to build on their recently successful MiniTour around the State of Florida. During one highlight of the tour, the CIW crew delivered a copy of new bestseller, "Nobodies: Modern American Slave Labor and the Dark Side of the New Global Economy" to Florida Governor Crist. The book was signed by CIW members, "Dear Governor Crist - We hope that reading this book will awaken your interest in our reality and our struggle." Read More>>

Sununu Play to be Performed Senator’s Portsmouth Office, Oct. 25

New Hampshire, 27.10.2007 22:38

On Thursday, October 25 at 3 pm, thespians will gather at Senator Sununu’s office for a performance of Sununu’s Fifteen Votes for War: A Tragedy in Three Acts. The political theater stars the character of Senator John Sununu and includes the character performances of President Bush, Secretary of State Rice, and Iraqi civilians – including detainees. Act I, entitled “Crime,” features cameo performances by former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Rice and former Secretary of State Powell. It details the flawed and misleading “intelligence” that resulted in the U.S.-led war on Iraq. In Act II, entitled “Misery,” the action centers on a coffin and the human costs of the war.

Obama in Dover: Impressions not Substance

New Hampshire, 27.10.2007 22:38

[This is a news story with commentary on Obama's speech on Oct 24th in Dover, by Steve Diamond]

Miami Fisher Island Workers file EOB Racial Segregation-Abuse complaint (See Video)

Miami, 27.10.2007 22:37

Miami Fisher Island Workers file EOB Racial Segregation-Abuse complaint (See Video)

Farmworkers Plan to March on Burger King HQ

United States, 27.10.2007 21:07

November 30th, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers plans to march upon the corporate headquarters of fast-food giant Burger King in Miami, Florida. The CIW looks to build on their recently successful MiniTour around the State of Florida. During one highlight of the tour, the CIW crew delivered a copy of new bestseller, "Nobodies: Modern American Slave Labor and the Dark Side of the New Global Economy" to Florida Governor Crist. The book was signed by CIW members, "Dear Governor Crist - We hope that reading this book will awaken your interest in our reality and our struggle." Read More>>

27 de outubro, dia de Luta!

Brasil, 27.10.2007 20:08

Centro de Mídia Independente Brasil

Jeffrey Luers has been moved from OSP to Lane County Jail

Portland, 27.10.2007 18:38

Dear friends, We wanted to give you an important update about Jeff. He has been moved from OSP to Lane County Jail in expectation of his re-sentencing hearing(s). At this point we don't know many details or even how long he will be at Lane County. His attorneys will know more after Wednesday (Oct 17). For background information on his legal appeal, please see Jeffrey Luers # 1306729 Lane County Adult Corrections 101 West 5th Ave Eugene, OR 97401-2695 Mail rules can be found here:

Jake Ferguson Pleads Guilty

Portland, 27.10.2007 18:38

Today, 10/26/07, in the district of Oregon Federal Court in Eugene, Jacob "Jake" Jeremiah Ferguson entered a change of plea to one count of attempted arson and one count of arson for a fire at the Detroit Ranger Station the 28th of October, 1996.

The government agreed not to bring additional charges against Ferguson for the laundry list of crimes in which he was involved over the past decade, provided that he continue to cooperate completely in any ongoing or future investigations by federal, state or local authorities.

Aiken then asked Ferguson for his plea on the two counts, to which Ferguson said, "Guilty." Rather than sentencing him on the spot, Aiken set a sentencing hearing for January 10th of 2008 to allow time for pre-sentencing reports to be drafted.

Measure 49 and the &quot;false claims brochures&quot;

Portland, 27.10.2007 18:38

Opponents of Measure 49, some of whom are asking for up to 140 homes, issued a glossy 8-page brochure to Oregon voters this week making hysterical and often patently false claims about the effects of Measure 49. I copied this from an email I recieved from Jeremiah Baumann, Environment Oregon Advocate at

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