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London Mexican Embassy Protest, The World Is Still Watching

United Kingdom, 01.11.2007 19:08

On Tuesday Tuesday 30 October protestors returned to the London Mexican Embassy to remember Brad Will and those who died in last year's civil uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico. William Bradley Roland was an Indymedia New York activist who was shot dead by paramilitaries whilst documenting the uprising in Oaxaca city [ Brad Will's last video]

Even though the protest was small, the message was still there, that Brad Will and all the other victims of repression in Mexico are not forgotten, and that justice for all the victims of the Oaxaca uprising is still due. This year's protest at the Mexican embassy passed peacefully, contary to the scenes of police violence that greeted protesters in 2006.

Links:: Brad Will: Open Letter International | IMC-UK's Oaxaca topic page | CMI- Mexico | CMI- Oaxaca">CMI-Oaxaca

Homeless and Female: Misunderstood and Often Invisible

London, Ontario, 01.11.2007 18:37

Day of Action in London

London, Ontario, 01.11.2007 18:37

Over one hundred people braved the elements on Saturday afternoon to protest the Canadian occupation of Afghanistan. The weather may have been sour but the enthusiasm of the participants was obvious. After some interesting speakers they marched up Richmond and Dundas, with loud drums and chants of "This War is whack! Bring our troops back!".

sexualitats (ca)

Barcelona, 01.11.2007 18:08

antihomofòbia en xarxa

[1-3nov] Barcelona Trobada de la Xarxa Contra L'Homofòbia

internacional Un líder polític de Rumania proposa recluir a tots els homosexuals en ‘barris-gueto’ ::: exterminats 4000 homosexuals a l'Iran ::: protesta a Londres contra la detenció a dos saudís ::: S'obre pàgina web per recolzar als gais de les zones rurals de Gran Bretanya ::: Illy Nes agredida a París ::: El ministeri d'educació de Polònia homofòbic

cròniques mani contra la disfòria: èxit de la mani contra la disfòria i per l'alliberament transexual + [7oct]manifestació per la lluita transexual, transgènere i intersexual + [6oct]antiherois i elektrodives

notícies relacionades: Un regidor del PP insulta publicament a un altre del PSC pel fet de ser homosexual ::: bullying i homosexualitat ::: Expedientat novament el jutge de Murcia que va denegar la custòdia a una mare lesbiana ::: Ramón Ruiz Alonso: el botxí de Garcia Lorca ::: es denuncia la forta homofobia policial ::: joves agredits per neonazis

més info sexualitats + + guerrilla travolaka

sexualidades (es)

Barcelona, 01.11.2007 18:08

antihomofobia en red

[1-3nov] Barcelona Encuentro de la red contra la Homofobia

internacional Un líder político de Rumanía propone recluir a todos los homosexuales en ‘barrios-gueto’ ::: exterminados 4000 homosexuales en Iran ::: protesta en Londres contra la detención de dos saudís ::: Se abre página web para apoyar a los gays de las zonas rurales de Gran Bretaña ::: Illy Nes agredida a París

crónicas mani contra la disforia: éxito de la mani contra la disfória y por la liberación transexual + [7oct]manifestación por la lucha transexual, transgénero e intersexual + [6oct]antiherois y elektrodivas

noticias relacionadas: Un regidor del PP insulta públicamente a otro del PSC por el echo de ser homosexual ::: bullying y homosexualidad ::: Expedientado de nuevo el juez de Murcia que denegó la custodia a una madre lesbiana ::: Ramón Ruiz Alonso: el verdugo de Garcia Lorca ::: se denuncia la fuerte homofobia policial ::: jóvenes agredidos por neonazis

más info sexualidades + + guerrilla travolaka

Explosiones en Río Tercero

Argentina, 01.11.2007 17:09

Doce años de pie

Parents Renew call for Parking Authority to Fund City Schools

Philadelphia, 01.11.2007 16:38

Rising Tide's Greenwash Guerillas disrupt NYC Carbon Trading Expo

NYC, 01.11.2007 16:08

New York City – Protesters with Rising Tide North America’s “Greenwash Guerrillas” paid a surprise Halloween visit to the Carbon Market Insights conference in New York City today. Posing as delegates, two protesters took the stage at the exclusive event and presented the 700 attendees with a “Deed to the Atmosphere,” denouncing Carbon Trading as a sham approach to the fossil fuels crisis. The action was the first in the US to target the growing Carbon Trading industry.

Ernesto Barreiro Tortuador del Ejército Argentino

Argentina, 01.11.2007 14:38

Manif antifa ce 9 novembre

Liege, 01.11.2007 13:37

convocatoria II

Argentina, 01.11.2007 12:38


Rogue Valley, 01.11.2007 03:39

Much scarier than HALLOWEEN!! and tragically true.....Come see IRAQ FOR SALE: THE WAR PROFITEERS. If you are outraged by Blackwater and the other no bid contract companies, wait until you see this! Citizens for Peace & Justice INVITES YOU TO JOIN US at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, November 1, at the Congregational United Church of Christ, 1801 East Jackson St., Medford, Oregon. Back by popular demand, this Robert Greenwald film was first screened by CP&J in October 2006. CP&J has also hosted Greenwald's earlier flicks: WALMART: THE HIGH PRICE OF LOW COST and OUTFOXED. Get off your couch! Come see and be insensed! This will empower us to lobby Congress to stop this torture and other abuse.

Afghanistan und kein Ende

Germany, 01.11.2007 01:08

Am 12.Oktober verlängerte der Bundestag den Einsatz von 3.500 Soldaten aus Deutschland in Afghanistan. Vorher hatte der Parteitag der Grünen den eigenen Abgeordneten empfohlen, gegen diesen Kriegseinsatz zu stimmen. An diese Empfehlung hielten sich nur 15 grüne Abgeordnete.
Auf dem jetzigen Parteitag der SPD in Hamburg distanzierte sich Außenminister Steinmeier zwar vom Irakkrieg, gleichzeitig ließ er vom Parteitag eine Resolution zur Fortführung des Krieges in Afghanistan verabschieden.
Am Wochenende demonstrierten auch zehntausende Kriegsgegner in den USA für den sofortigen Abzug der US-Truppen aus dem Irak.
Von einem Abzug ausländischer Truppen aus Afghanistan ist nirgendwo die Rede.

Burger King, Chipotle protested in solidarity with tomato pickers

DC, 31.10.2007 23:09

Members of the Student-Farmworker Alliance, working in solidarity with a national call from the Coalition of Immokalee Farmworkers(CIW) protested on Oct 30 at two Burger King and two Chipotle outlets. Audio 5 min 23 sec:


Uruguay, 31.10.2007 23:08

Durante todo octubre, el movimiento estudiantil se movilizó, ocupó, organizó la lucha


Colombia, 31.10.2007 22:08

Donde el río suena, fraudes hubo...

Earthquake In Santa Cruz, Centered Around San Jose, Milpitas 10/30/07

Santa Cruz, CA, 31.10.2007 21:08

The United States Geological Survey reports, "a moderate earthquake occurred at 8:04:54 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, October 30, 2007. The magnitude 5.6 event occurred 8 km (5 miles) NNE of Alum Rock, CA."

November 9th &amp; 10th-Shut Down Downtown Tacoma

Seattle, 31.10.2007 21:08

Tacoma W.A has the biggest Homeland Security Detention Center in the North West! They have been tearing apart families, separating children born here from parents and loved ones that were not. Sixty-four people have died in these detention centers since 2004, and just recently about three hundred people were made ill from the food given in the Tacoma Detention Center. We want to show solidarity with those at the No Borders Camp down south who will be resisting the wall, detentions, capitalism and the institutions as well as trade agreements that are responsible for displacing millions of people around the world. We have had enough of this in our communities! Enough of these secret raids! We want this facility OUT of Tacoma!

Plan on being at S.17th and Pacific at around 11 o'clock am on Friday November 9th and Saturday November 10th. This will be the 'Green Zone'. Other forms of protest and resistance can start whenever and where ever those who plan them decide.

November 15th: Angela Davis in Seattle

Seattle, 31.10.2007 21:08

As part of The Bush School's Diversity Speaker Series, Angela Davis will speak Thursday, November 15, 7 p.m. at Mount Zion Baptist Church (corner of 19th Avenue and Madison Street in Seattle).

Philosopher, writer, and activist Angela Davis will engage audience members around issues related to the prison system in America, urging all to think seriously about a world without prisons and to forge a 21st century abolitionist movement. Davis is a professor of history of consciousness and feminist studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz. She ran for U.S. vice president on the Communist Party ticket in 1980.

San Anto CPS approves nuklear

Houston, 31.10.2007 20:08

10/31 San Antonio Public Utility Approves New Nuclear Power


Arizona, 31.10.2007 17:07

Boycott Launched Against Pruitt's Furniture Store in Phoenix

Fora Petrobrás do Parque Nacional Yasuní

Brasil, 31.10.2007 16:38


10,000 March against War in Boston

New Hampshire, 31.10.2007 15:08

Ten thousand people from throughout New England rallied on Boston Common and marched through the streets on Oct 27. They called for an end to the occupation of Iraq and no war on Iran. Despite heavy rain in the morning that was predicted to continue, it held off for almost the entire event.

Reclaiming the Streets One Honk at a Time

Boston, 31.10.2007 15:08

Boston, Mass.--Let's face it, we spend less and less time in public and when we do, it is often to just get from one place to another. True, every city has its fair share of festivities each year that manage to bring the populous into the streets for "celebration", but the result of these activities is little more than dollars spent, food ingested, and the possibility of being entertained.

Hundreds Rally to Dramatize Homelessness

Philadelphia, 31.10.2007 13:38

Photos of O27 Seattle Regional Peace March and Rally

Portland, 31.10.2007 06:08

I'd estimate the crowd at somewhere around 10,000. One of the pictures included in this report clearly shows a long shot of a wide street fairly tightly packed for many, many blocks.

At the beginning the youth took the stage for a few brief speeches, some hip hop, and some really heavy metal music. The field below was far from filled, but steadily increased as the Rally unfolded. By the time the March began thousands thronged the area preparing to march the 2 miles to downtown Seattle.

Photos of O27 Seattle Regional Peace March and Rally

Portland, 31.10.2007 06:08

I'd estimate the crowd at somewhere around 10,000. One of the pictures included in this report clearly shows a long shot of a wide street fairly tightly packed for many, many blocks.

At the beginning the youth took the stage for a few brief speeches, some hip hop, and some really heavy metal music. The field below was far from filled, but steadily increased as the Rally unfolded. By the time the March began thousands thronged the area preparing to march the 2 miles to downtown Seattle.

No Border Camp is Coming

Portland, 31.10.2007 06:08

On the 18th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall organizers and activists will gather in Calexico/Mexicali to draw attention to the human rights atrocities that occur in regards to the hyper-militarized U.S./Mexico border, the people and corporations who benefit from these terrors and the rising tide of white supremacists who use immigration as a way to promote their twisted politics.

In the Northwest, there will be solidarity actions occuring simultanously to show support and to draw attention to the border issues that affect people in our own communities. The border is everywhere. We must confront it in our community while supporting others struggling against it in communities across the Americas.

Portland Fur Shops Targeted By Sabotours

Portland, 31.10.2007 06:08

In an Anonymous communique activists claimed to have glued locks and smash windows at several Portland Fur stores.

17 activistas arrestados sin derecho a fianza

Argentina, 31.10.2007 04:38

Nueva Zelanda: Más de 300 policías allanan casas

Corvallis Officer Cox on Paid Suspension for over 1 month

Portland, 31.10.2007 04:38

CPD Officer Cox was placed on paid suspension over a month ago but no information has been forthcoming!

There have been reports of Officer Cox pulling people over without cause, following people for long distances until the finally make a mistake so he can pull them over, arresting people without cause, and a few reports of possible inappropriate behavior with women during stops. In light of Portland's Finest (Matthew Kohnke) taking a plea over his molestation of several women people are starting to wonder what Cox has been suspended for. Will the CPD be allowed to sweep his misconduct under the rug? The blue wall seems to be up on this one does anyone know what Cox was suspended for?

17 activistas arrestados sin derecho a fianza

Argentina, 31.10.2007 04:08

Nueva Zelanda: Más de 300 policías allanan casas

Gênova: &quot;Processo dos 25&quot; próximo do fim; Pedido de 225 anos de prisão aos 25 manifestantes

Brasil, 31.10.2007 00:38


All-Poland Meeting of the Animal Rights and Animal Liberation movement (Torun: 10-11.11.2007)

Torun, 30.10.2007 22:37

More Climate News: Bogota &amp; Bristol

Bristol, 30.10.2007 22:07

Bristolians in Bogota to Bristolians in Bristol - All Fighting Climate Chaos Bristolians in Bogota to Bristolians in Bristol All Fighting Climate Chaos Guayusa and Guayabo of Espacio Bristol-Colombiain Bogota write: This month we took part in a grass-roots Tribunal into Climate Justice in Bogotá. As well as hearing from some of those most vulnerable to the effects of climate chaos - always the poorest people, many of whom have already displaced at least once by the conflict in Colombia - the Tribunal highlighted how climate chaos is a consequence of a system based on economic growth and huge levels of consumption by those who can afford it. The promotion of agro-fuels was also high on the agenda. Agro-fuel crops, especially African Palm, now cover large parts of the Colombian countryside, in the wake of the violent displacement of small-scale farming communities....If you read our last update, you could be forgiven for thinking that Colombian social movements have gone tribunal crazy, with yet another tribunal - this time into climate justice - on top of the series of people’s hearings into crimes against humanity by specific multinational corporations that we talked about last time. However, the idea behind people’s tribunals is to define the responsibilities behind specific issues, as well as to move towards repairing damage caused and preventing future violations. And one difficultly with combating climate chaos is that responsibilities aren’t talked about enough...Full article.Meanwhile, back in Bristol, Dan Wardle writes: Bristolians may notice the sky is slightly darker on Halloween this year, but rest assured nothing sinister is afoot.Bristol Friends of the Earth have organised an electricity ‘switch off’ to highlight the amount of energy wasted by big business in the city centre simply by unnecessarily leaving lights and computer screens switched on..Full article.| Climate Justice Tribunal calls for grass-roots movements to unite against climate chaos | Lights set to go out over Bristol skyline | | | Biodiesel, palm oil and Afro-Colombian communities (PDF) | Other Climate Related News: UWE Students Protest Natwest's Climate Damage | 'Climate refugees' Locked-Up at the 'Oil Bank of Scotland' | Lies, cops, rising tide, and trains | Bristol International Airport: The Gloves Are Off |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Remember Remember the tenth of November,

Ireland, 30.10.2007 21:11

November the tenth: lessons learned (or not) ...

SOCPA consultation re-opened

United Kingdom, 30.10.2007 21:10

The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SOCPA) was introduced by David Blunkett to get rid of Brian Haw, the peace campaigner from Parliament Square.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency, an FBI-like agency to tackle "serious organised crime", are now being asked by Gordon Brown to expand their powers of limiting the right to free speech and free protest around the Houses of Parliament, even though one of the first things Gordon Brown said in his premiership, was that he was about to scrap it!

SOCPA contravenes our basic rights of Free Speech and the right to Protest, as Alison Hannah of the Legal Action Group states, "The distinction between ‘arrestable’ and ‘serious arrestable’ offences has been abolished, and the power of arrest now applies to all offences, however minor."

Trick or Treat?

United Kingdom, 30.10.2007 21:10

It's Halloween week,
it's time for Parties,
Film Screnings,
Music & Reasoning
as well as Indymedia's very own, very special Exhibition in Old Street,
so no excuses, don't be shy, come & say hello! For more info, Read Below.


Uruguay, 30.10.2007 20:38

Durante todo octubre, el movimiento estudiantil se movilizó, ocupó, organizó la lucha

Rally For A Better Media, at the FCC, Wednesday Oct. 31

DC, 30.10.2007 20:09

The Federal Communications Commission is holding a "public" hearing in Washington on how much of the local media one company should own. Haven't heard about it? Th­at's because the FCC — and its Big Media allies — are hoping you won't show up. Help us spread the word. We are holding a rally outside the FCC to be sure that local communities have a voice at this event… Rally for a Better Media Wednesday, Oct. 31, morning Outside the FCC, 445 12th Street SW

Mumia Abu-Jamal Speaks on Jena and Racism

DC, 30.10.2007 20:09

Here is Mumia Abu-Jamal's recording "Before and beyond Jena" which WSQT has aired in our most recent broadcast: "Before and Beyond Jena", mp3 audio, 03min 18sec.

November 7th: Help Free Mychal Bell and the Jena 6! 

Seattle, 30.10.2007 19:08

Recently, the racist judge who originally presided Mychal Bell's trial sent sent him back to jail for 18 months for "violating probation" from an earlier conviction. The violation was his arrest in the Jena 6 incident. While the racist thugs who started the cycle of events continue to walk free, the Jena 6 still face long prison sentences. On Wednesday Nov. 7, four of the Six--Theodore Shaw, Robert Bailey, Bryan Purvis and Mychal Bell--are expected in court for pre-trial hearings. On that day there will be solidarity demonstrations across the U.S

Demonstrate Wed. Nov. 7, 5:00 PM at Westlake on date that 4 of the Jena 6 return to court.

Big Money Impacting Local School Board Election

Seattle, 30.10.2007 19:08

Progressive Sally Soriano has 4 years experience as Seattle School Board Director, is finding it difficult to get her message out in the District 1 race. Although she has an excellent record on the school board and has shown a willingness to engage dialogue with her constituents, her opponent, Peter Maier, is going all out with his $130,000 kitty to win a position that pays $5000/year. The political and economic establishment is financing his campaign. Many are asking if Maier’s kitty will be the determining factor in the election.

Why Should We Care About Public Schools?

Seattle, 30.10.2007 19:08

It's time to vote for public school board candidates. This year, more than ever, we are facing a critical battle between progressives and big business interests. Progressive candidates (Sally Soriano, Maria Ramirez and Darlene Flynn) want to deal with improving the quality of education, closing the "achievement gap" (seen by progressives as an issue of social justice relative to race and class), creating more inclusive and democratic decision-making processes, and strengthening public schools by involving community. Collective campaign funds reported by October 20, 2007: $74,641.

Their opponents; 'The Big-Business-Slate' (Steve Sundquist, Peter Maier, Sherry Carr) will serve the interests of those who are focused on privatization and corporatization of public education. Their campaign platforms sound similar to those of the progressive candidates. Collective campaign funds reported by October 20, 2007: $329,478.They talk about the achievement gap, about quality schools, and education reform; but their endorsement and donor lists sound like the who's who of privatizers; legislators, city mayor, investors, and business leaders and other private interests who have pushed for charter schools, private programs in our schools, appointed school boards, school closures and greater standardized testing.

De novo violência

Galiza, 30.10.2007 18:09

Máis umha vez a violência estatal contra quem tem a dignidade e a auto-organizaçom como armas com as que defender- se. Hoje 30 de Outubro o Estado espanhol cobra-se nos corpos de tres vezinhos do eijo compostelám a cadeia com a que trata de amilanar às que luitam. Embora as máis de 12.000 firmas apresentadas e o apoio de miles de pessoas nas ruas de Compostela, o ingresso na prissom de Teixeiro está marcado para hoje a tarde. Xose Tarrio , os sindicalistas de Lugo, @s pres@s independentistas o Diego Vinha ou tantos e tantas pres@s sociais som vítimas a cada dia de um modelo de controlo social que libera todos os seus dispositivos repressivos contra as que buscam um jeito outro de fazer vida. Além do máis, nada semelha parar a alegria da Galiza rebelde Galiza Nom se vende. Convocada do 30 do 10 do 2007 de concentraçom de apoio Web de apoio os tres do eijo:


Arizona, 30.10.2007 18:07

Nov. 7 - 10 Summit Will Focus on Indigenous Rights of Mobility, Border Militarization

The Battle for the Block—And Another World: A Dispatch fom the Encuentro

NYC, 30.10.2007 17:08

In East Harlem, they have organized building by building to reclaim El Barrio from those who would “develop” them out of it. In Chinatown, they’ve rolled out a rent strike to win the repairs needed for tenants suffering from landlord neglect on Delancey Street. In the West Village, they’ve mobilized LGBT young people of color to stand up for their right to gather on the Christopher Street Pier. And on the Lower East Side, they’ve built a tenants’ union to defend “what is most beautiful about New York, the city that welcomed everyone…[that’s now] welcoming only money.”

From the Newswire

Perth, 30.10.2007 14:09

Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Migaloo

Protest Draws New Audience

Boston, 30.10.2007 14:08

Muggy weather didn’t hold back protestors last Saturday in Boston. Fog clouds against the Prudential building was the view at the anti-war protest, which brought in newcomers and protest veterans at Boston Common. [See more photos and video links at the end of the article.]

Dignity Not Detention!

United Kingdom, 30.10.2007 11:08

Asylum seekers, refugees, trade unionists and supporters from all over the North marched from the Home Office in Sheffield to Lindholme Detention centre near Doncaster between 26-28th October. The marchers were demanding "The right to work for asylum seekers" and stating that "Seeking asylum is not a crime." They finished at Lindholme immigration removals centre, the nearest such centre to Nottinghamshire, where asylum seekers are often held without having committed any criminal offence. The demonstration there on Sunday 28th was joined by supporters from Nottingham.

A rally was held at the fence of Lindholme and the marchers could hear detainees inside chanting in response to them. A candlelit vigil for those who'd died in detention centres was held and speakers from many countries, including the Congo, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Iran, Iraq and South Africa spoke. The demonstration is the latest in a series of protests at Lindholme making the demand to "Shut Down Lindholme!"

Links: "Dignity Not Detention" March on Lindholme | Photos from the start of the "Dignity Not Detention" march on Lindholme | The start of the "Dignity Not Detention" march on Lindholme (Pitsmoor) | Dignity Not Detention! march arrives at Lindholme | Dignity Not Detention! leaflet (pdf)

Previously at Lindholme: No Borders demonstration at Lindholme Immigration Removals Centre | Lindholme Noise Demo Photos | 10 Lindholme Detainees still free | Detainees held in 'filthy' conditions, Lindholme, nr Doncaster

In Notts: Nottingham demo called against deportation charter flight to DR Congo | Nottingham Congolese Community demonstrated against continued deportations | No Borders Nottingham 'National Day of Action on Asylum Rights' | Mayday in Nottingham (Round Two)

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