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A review of the Medea Benjamin, Daniel Ellsburg, Normon Solomon lecture

Portland, 01.10.2004 10:56

occupazioni in sicilia

Italy, 01.10.2004 10:43

La mensa liberata

Diebold, Inc. Ordered to Pay Damages and Fees

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.10.2004 09:15

Diebold Loses Copyright Case Against Indybay ISP

Diebold, Inc. Forced to Pay Damages and Fees

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.10.2004 08:17

Diebold Loses Copyright Case Against Indybay ISP

The Love is Coming

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.10.2004 07:34

Love Parade coming to San Francisco October 2nd

Worries about the state of democracy provoke election monitoring campaigns

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.10.2004 06:53

National Campaigns Seek to Monitor Elections

The Unofficial Draft

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.10.2004 05:58

US Soldiers Forced Into Service By The Military Due To Collapsing Morale


Athens, 01.10.2004 02:20

The pollitical prisoners are on a hunger strike

Rubro 59

Argentina, 01.10.2004 00:45

23th of September 2004
Rubro 59

Terminou o Fórum 2004

Portugal, 01.10.2004 00:07

Terminou o Fórum 2004

Posters to indymedia share their thoughts on the pResidential debate

Portland, 30.09.2004 23:55

Incontrotempo 2.0

Italy, 30.09.2004 22:23

Il precariato fa festa


Colombia, 30.09.2004 22:10

Estado mexicano reprime radio indígena


South Africa, 30.09.2004 21:54

October edition of Izwi online

“A Strike By Any Other Name”

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.09.2004 18:35

History & Analysis of the SoCal Grocery Workers' Strike


Peru, 30.09.2004 18:23



Colombia, 30.09.2004 18:15

Plata para la Reelección

2 giorni antifa

Italy, 30.09.2004 18:03

Chi ha ancora orecchie per intendere...

Organized COUP at the Green Festival

DC, 30.09.2004 18:00

We set up a mic and recorder and, well, listen! Audio


Peru, 30.09.2004 18:00


We Demand Justice: Oct. 1-3 Washington DC World Bank/IMF meetings!

DC, 30.09.2004 17:55

DROP THE DEBT! STOP THE WAR! WE DEMAND JUSTICE! THE MOBILIZATION FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE calls all activists to WASHINGTON DC on OCTOBER 1ST AND 2nd to protest the meetings of the G-7, the World Bank and the IMF and to join a Memorial Procession to end the war in Iraq.

Earth Defense

Manila, 30.09.2004 17:29

Earth Defender Slained in Cold Blood

Brought To You By The Minister For Moral Fuzziness And Company

Ireland, 30.09.2004 17:19

The Aiding and Abetting of Kidnapping / The Deportation of Citizens The Aiding and Abetting of Kidnapping / The Deportation of Citizens Photo Essay:Guantanámo/Shannon Protest @ Dáil Éireann Discussion:Guantanámo Bay Express uses Shannon Airport   Photo Essay:Residents Against Racism Protest @ Dáil Éireann Part One / Part Two Discussion: Protest Against the Deportation of Irish Children


Brasil, 30.09.2004 17:18

Bancários e bancárias continuam greve nacional

Federal Court Strikes Down Patriot Act Surveillance Power

Pittsburgh, 30.09.2004 17:10

Federal Court Strikes Down Patriot Act Surveillance Power

Biscuit Fire Logging Just Began!

Rogue Valley, 30.09.2004 15:52

The Horse timber sale is being logged and a basecamp is being set up to respond.

The first Biscuit Fire timber sale is now being logged and people are preparing to shut that logging down.

Giant trees are falling in the Game Lake area on the northwest corner of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. The timber sale is known as Horse and the company logging it is Silver Creek Logging. This organization, headed by John West of Merlin, is a newly created front group for Roseburg Forest Products.


Houston, 30.09.2004 15:32

Two opportunities to help Stop CAFTA this week!

Kelso Police Department Trampling 1st Amendment Rights

Portland, 30.09.2004 15:09


Uruguay, 30.09.2004 15:05

Para vencer el miedo

Lawsuit filed against Youth Prison

Atlanta, 30.09.2004 14:52

Motion for contempt of court filed on behalf of Prisoners at Lee Arrendale State Prison Young Inmates Subject to Rapes, Assaults, Constant Threat of Violence According to a motion for contempt filed today by attorneys from King & Spalding LLP and the Southern Center for Human Rights (SCHR), stabbings, rapes, and the risk of violence are a daily part of life for inmates at Lee Arrendale Prison (Arrendale) in Alto, Georgia. This is despite a Consent Order in the case of Reece v. Whitworth from 1991 that required the Georgia Department of Corrections to take steps to reduce violence and provide adequate protection for inmates. The suit contends that the conditions at the prison are violating a federal court order as well as the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.

On Eve of Debate, a Political Roundup from Latest Indypendent

NYC, 30.09.2004 14:31

On the eve of the first U.S. presidential debate, we cull some political coverage from our most recent issue of the Indypendent.

Neutralizing Nader, by Shawn Redden. "The Republican Party knocks voters off the ballot. The Democratic Party knocks candidates off the ballot."

CBS News and the Mark of Rove, by Mike Burke."Now that Dan Rather and CBS News have admitted they were misled into reporting on forged documents about President Bush’s National Guard service, a thorough investigation into who leaked the memos to CBS is in order."

Anybody But Bush?, by Jed Brandt. "Review of CounterPunch's new book "Dime's Worth of Difference: Beyond the Lesser of Two Evils"

WBAI 99.5 and Pacifica Radio will provide complete debate coverage, as well as much more, tonight starting at 8pm.

Incontrotempo 2.0

Italy, 30.09.2004 14:18

Il precariato fa festa

The Dirty Dozen: Threee Strikes You're Out of Public High School

NYC, 30.09.2004 14:13

It is 7:30 a.m. A cool, bright, September morning ushers in the new school year along Jamaica Avenue near the border of Brooklyn and Queens. High school students in flat-brimmed caps and oversized tees maneuver around rumbling delivery trucks, earning honks from frustrated drivers as they head towards Franklin K. Lane High School. School won’t start for over an hour but the day is well underway for the students, who are already lining up to get through security checks before their first classes.

Cyrk bez Zwierząt

Poland, 30.09.2004 13:22

,,Cyrk bez zwierząt" - skandowali w sobotę 25 września
uczestnicy pikiety przed Cyrkiem Zalewski w Warszawie.
Pikieta to część kampanii Cyrk bez Zwierząt prowadzonej przez Stowarzyszenie Empatia. Jej celem jest zmiana stosunku opinii publicznej do przedmiotowego traktowania zwierząt oraz edukacja dzieci i dorosłych poprzez pokazanie realiów panujących w cyrkach.

Organizatorzy uważają, że zwierzęta w cyrkach traktowane są przedmiotowo. Zmusza się je do wykonywania czynności niezgodnych z ich naturą, stosuje brutalne, niehumanitarne metody tresury. Poza występami i sezonem zwierzęta przetrzymywane są w ciasnych klatkach, odizolowane od swojego naturalnego środowiska. Ponadto narażone są na częsty stres związany z transportem, często w nieodpowiednich warunkach, i występami.

Biscuit Logging Just Began!

Portland, 30.09.2004 13:13

Jack Herer, Father of Hemp, in town for book signing

Portland, 30.09.2004 12:08

Kolumbien: Verbrannte Erde

Germany, 30.09.2004 11:47

Wenn in den Massenmedien von Kolumbien die Rede ist, ist meist von Kokain, Guerrilla, und dem "Kampf gegen die Drogen" die Rede. Giftbespr�hungen der Kokafelder im S�den Kolumbiens (vor allem in den Bundesstaaten Caquet� und Putumayo) sollen laut U.S. Regierung die "Wurzel" des �bels Drogenhandel ausrotten. Doch die Realit�t sieht anders aus. Wahllos und willk�rlich werden Obstfelder, Tiere und Menschen bespr�ht.

Feature: Narcos - Drogen | Coca-Cola-Kampagne | Indymedia.Kolumbien
poonal | Informationsstelle Lateinamerika |
Plan Condor 2 | Plan Puebla-Panama | Plan Colombia

No Moratti

Italy, 30.09.2004 10:09

Una riforma da gettare

No Moratti

Italy, 30.09.2004 09:58

Una riforma da gettare


Perth, 30.09.2004 09:42

Perth Indymedia Fundraiser Saturday 2nd October @ Mojos

SoCal Grocery Worker Strike History &amp; Analysis

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.09.2004 07:12

“A Strike By Any Other Name”

Cat Stevens Only the Latest Flight Passenger Targeted

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.09.2004 06:52

No-Fly Lists and Other Forms of Flight Intimidation

Reclamo que no cesa

Puerto Rico, 30.09.2004 04:49

Reclamo que no cesa

Se desafilian los maestros de la AFT

Puerto Rico, 30.09.2004 04:44

Se desafilian los maestros de la AFT

Se desafilian los maestros de la AFT

Puerto Rico, 30.09.2004 04:42

Se desafilian los maestros de la AFT

Members of Community Radio in Oaxaca, Mexico Beaten and Jailed

Tennessee, 30.09.2004 03:36

presos politicos

At 6:13 in the morning of the 14th of september, several police units, including forces of the UPOE (Special Operations Police), policia preventiva, turism police, police of the state of Oaxaca, the Federa Agency of Investigations (AFI), and plain clothed officers numbering a sum of 200 violently evicted members of Guetza Radio and the Popular Indigenous Counsel of Oaxaca - Ricardo Flores Magon (CIPO - RFM) with tear gas, cuncusion grenades and water hoses. To this date seven people remain in jail.

American Peace Activists Badly Beaten in Palestine

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.09.2004 03:28

Activists Escorting Palestinian Children to School Attacked by Masked Men

Vanunu 18th Anniversary

United Kingdom, 30.09.2004 02:59

it is exactly 18 years and i am free and strong as i was 18 years ago - Mordechai Vanunu

Today (30 September) is the 18th anniversary of Mordechai Vanunu's kidnap by Israeli security forces.

Vanunu was a subordinate technician at the Dimona nuclear plant when he blew the whistle on Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons programme. Following his conscience, and believing the programme threatened another holocaust, he delivered photographic evidence of historic magnitude to the Sunday Times [the original article].

He was then lured to Italy from where Israel's secret police abducted him to Israel, in grave violation of internnational law. He was sentenced as a spy to 18 years in prison. The first 11 1/2 years, he spent in solitary confinement.

End Mandatory Detention for asylum seekers

Melbourne, 30.09.2004 02:08

Rally for refugee justice

Protest against Australian Land Warfare Conference

Melbourne, 30.09.2004 02:04

Anti-war activists parody militarists

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