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Campesino Activist Assassinated in Brazil by Transnational Corporation with Cascadia Ties

Portland, 07.11.2007 06:38

A corporate agri-tech giant with its fingers prodding suspiciously around Cascadia has blood on its hands, and you should know about it. Agri-giant Syngenta has secretly tested its genetically modified crops on Oregon farmland, against the will of the majority of Cascadians. This same transnational corporation secretly helped to funnel more than $5 million into an Oregon election to defeat a ballot measure that would have required, for the first time in the nation, that GM crops be labeled before being foisted off on consumers. Bizarrely, Syngenta is also a sustaining member of the "Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation," a pro-industry propaganda generator that seeks to colonize the minds of our children. And now, Syngenta is a corporate killer.

Biochemical Spraying Over Santa Cruz Scheduled to start TONIGHT

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.11.2007 05:54

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is scheduled to begin an aerial assault of pesticides and pheromones, referred to as "treatments," over North Santa Cruz County tonight, November 6th. "Treatments" were also scheduled on November 4th and 5th, however the CDFA reports that those "treatments" were canceled due to fog and unsafe flying conditions.

Anti Nuclear Demonstration

Perth, 07.11.2007 05:10

Nuke actvists threatened with disorderly conduct for banner

Eco Defence

Perth, 07.11.2007 03:10

Bussleton residents against Smiths Beach development

Youth Shut Down CitiBank Branch, Demand an End to Coal Pollution!

DC, 07.11.2007 02:11

Hundreds of Watsonville Residents March for Peace and Unity

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.11.2007 02:08

On November 4th, hundreds of Santa Cruz County residents joined the 14th annual Watsonville Peace and Unity March which began with a peace ceremony at the Watsonville Plaza. Several community leaders, family members of victims of violence and youth addressed the effects of violence in Watsonville and other communities.

Two more prisoners lose name supression

Aotearoa, 07.11.2007 00:10

The Court Of Appeal has rejected an appeal against the lifting of name supression for two more of the prisoners arrested in the October 15th raids.

Tuhoe Francis Lambert , 58, and Whiri Andrew (Rangi) Kemara , 38, both of Auckland, had had name supression lifted by the Auckland District Court on Thursday November 1st, but their lawyers had immediately sought leave to appeal that decision and therefore interim supression orders were granted until the appeal could be heard.

In total, 6 of the 16 arrestees have bail, with the other 10 remanded in custody at Auckland Central Remand Prison and Auckland Region Women's Correctional Facility. Of the 16, only 4 still have name supression.

On bail:

  • Marama Mayrick, 24
  • Ira Bailey, 28
  • Male from Ruatoki
  • Moana Winitana, 53
  • Female from Auckland, 32 (TSA application)
  • Rongomai Bailey, 28 (TSA application)

In custody:

  • Whiri (Rangi) Kemara, 38 (TSA application)
  • Jamie Lockett, 46 (TSA application)
  • Tame Iti, 55 (TSA application)
  • Male from Ruatoki (TSA application)
  • Male from Wellington, 23 (TSA application)
  • Tuhoe Lambert, 58 (TSA application)
  • Omar Hamed, 19 (TSA application)
  • Rawiri Iti, 29 (TSA application)
  • Emily Bailey, 30 (TSA application)
  • Valerie Morse, 36 (TSA application)

Miami SEIU Contest Challenges Public to Help Boat Launch to Fisher Island Nov. 17

Miami, 07.11.2007 00:07

Miami SEIU Contest Challenges Public to Help Boat Launch to Fisher Island Nov. 17

Military service: another victim

Torun, 07.11.2007 00:07

Encuentro Cultural en Moreno

Argentina, 06.11.2007 19:39

La democracia participativa comienza en las bases

Encuentro Cultural en Moreno

Argentina, 06.11.2007 19:39

La democracia participativa comienza en las bases

Stop the Sea Lion Slaughter on the Columbia River

Portland, 06.11.2007 19:08

This morning, news came that a federal task force is recommending the death penalty for sea lions on the Columbia river, in order to hide (for a little longer) the real and terrifying fact that humans are causing the extinction of the salmon. Ron Wyden has said he does not care. Earl Blumenauer, David Wu, and Senator Smith all say they do not care. MAKE them care. If we do nothing, then a colony of sea lions will pay the ultimate price for our apathy.


Colombia, 06.11.2007 18:08

Agresión y amenaza contra Yolanda Becerra y el movimiento popular

'Route Irish' Docu Debuts in Dublin Nov 7th

Ireland, 06.11.2007 17:09

An Old Irish Indy Head Finishes his Docu 'Route Ir ...


Philadelphia, 06.11.2007 15:08

South West - A New Option When Uploading Articles

Bristol, 06.11.2007 15:08

summary Bristol Indymedia have now added South West as a new option when uploading articles. This is an ongoing part of the remodelling of Bristol Indymedia. Earlier updates can be found here: Bristol Indymedia ‘Future Directions’ Document 2007 | Redesign Update : Now Accepting Dorset, Devon, Cornwall (Kernow) | For an ongoing debate about the future of Bristol Indymedia, see: Sustaining Alternative Media - Bristol Indymedia to Bristol Social Forum | Since the closure of West Country IMC we have attempted to fill that gap as best we can, with the limited resources and volunteer time available. As a category South West can be used for those articles which do not exactly fit any of the regions already listed. All of these regions will be shown in full, and easily linked to, in our redesigned site, to be unveiled and launched hopefully sometime before New Year.Here are some suggested uses for the South West Category:1.) Articles with a clear South West content, such as articles about South West development agencies, South West transport plans, etc. 2.) Calls for solidarity events, or actions, from one region to another. Posting these events at a South West level will give them a higher, and more inclusive profile (on our new site) than simply reposting into one of the other regions. 3.) South West level Conferences, Demonsrations, etc. 4.) While we do hide, and will continue to hide, posts not of a South West relevance, we do informally accept occasional keynote articles from areas just beyond these borders, or some international calls for solidarity events, where the effort has been made to make it relevant to the regions. Please Note: We reserve the right to hide such postings, especially general cut n paste articles more suited to UK Indymedia. Full Article| South West - A New Option When Uploading Articles - Please Read | Bristol Indymedia ‘Future Directions’ Document 2007 | Bristol Indymedia Outreach List - Sign up! | Redesign Update : Now Accepting Dorset, Devon, Cornwall (Kernow) | Sustaining Alternative Media - Bristol Indymedia to Bristol Social Forum | Other Media Projects: Bath Bomb Issue 4 - Out Now! | Stand Up For Journalism - 5 November | Stand Up for Journalism Fact Sheet | Could YOU be Bristle Magazine? |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Anti-Militarist Parents, Teachers Call for Resistance vs. Compulsory Armed Forces Vocational Exams

DC, 06.11.2007 13:40

The Armed Services Vocational Battery, (ASVAB) is mandatory for tens of thousands of juniors attending public high schools throughout the U.S. Most states have high schools that require students to take the ASVAB. We ought to be able to put an end to the practice of forcing high school children to take an exam for military purposes during school time… Find out more at the National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth

First No Borders Camp Aims Encampment on Both Sides of US-Mexico Border

United States, 06.11.2007 12:07

During the week of November 5-11th, the first No Borders Camp will take place on the US-Mexico border. The camp will take place during the 18th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, will happen simultaneously with the Indigenous Border Summit of the Americas in San Xavier on the Tohono O’odham Nation and the Week of Action Against the Apartheid Wall in Palestine / Israel.

Participants who want to see "a world without borders, where no one is illegal" will meet on both sides of the border in Mexicali (MX) and Calexico (US) and march on Wednesday, Nov. 7th to take the camp. Following the establishment of the camp there will be different days of action against capitalism, immigrant detentions and the separation wall. On Friday, November 9th, there will be rally and march against the Border Patrol and ICE in El Centro, CA, site of one of the largest federally run detention centers in the United States. Solidarity events will also be happening across North America, including in Tacoma, WA at the biggest Homeland Security Detention Center in the North West.

More Info: Promo Videos: 1 | 2 | Schedule of Camp | Ways to Plug-in the the Camp | deleteTheBorder | San Diego Indymedia | Arizona Indymedia | Tijuana Indymedia

corrupció i poder

Barcelona, 06.11.2007 10:08

Aturem el meeting point [6-11 NOV '07]

ATENCIÓ! La màfia immobiliària torna a reunir-se al Barcelona Meeting Point
Del 6 a l'11 de novembre té lloc l'onzena edició del Barcelona Meeting Point; segons la seva pròpia definició, l'esdeveniment immobiliari més gran d'Europa. En aquest esdeveniment organitzat pel Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona tornarà a trobar-se tot l'espectre d'organitzacions, empreses i administracions involucrades amb l'especulació immobiliària i urbanística: promotores, constructores, immobiliàries, bancs i caixes d'estalvis, un gran nombre d'ajuntaments i grans grups mediàtics. Les diferents lluites en defensa del territori tornen a fer una crida a fer un boicot actiu contra la celebració de la fira immobiliària i continuar teixint xarxes de solidaritat per fer front comú contra l'avanç de la imposició d'un model de vida i desenvolupament que ens afecta a tots i totes en barris, viles, pobles i comarques i que ens neguem rotundament a acceptar.

[5 NOV]

Viladecans -> 20h: RODA DE PREMSA -Plataforma Salvem Oliveretes-a l’Auditori Pablo Picasso de Viladecans(Ptge. Sant Ramon 2)

[7 NOV]

Forat de la Vergonya -> 8h (matí): DESAYUNO SOLIDARIO + BICICLETADA EN FRENTE DEL BLOKE METGES(c/ Metges 16bis, L1 Arc de Triomf, L5 Urquinaona)
Viladecans -> 19:30h: REUNIÓ INFORMATIVA a l’Auditori Pablo Picasso -Plataforma Salvem Oliveretes-

[8 NOV]

Bon Pastor -> 21h: Cenador y Proyección por los vecinos en Resistencia del Barrio de Bon Pastor. -Asamblea de apoyo al Barrio Bon Pastor- CSO PHRP Magdalenas 13-15 metro Urquinaona L1 L4

[9 NOV]

Horta -> 19h: CERCAVILA A HORTA contra l'especulació

[10 NOV]

Sant Andreu -> 12h: MANIFESTACIÓ CONTRA EL BMP’07 Plça Orfila, st Andreu - Barcelona // metro: L1 st.andreu i renfe: sant andreu comtal
Tortosa -> 19h: PRESENTACIÓ DE LA PLATAFORMA EN DEFENSA DE LES TERRES DEL SÉNIA i explicació de la situació actual del PROJECTE CASTOR a l’Auditori Felip Pedrell de Tortosa -Plataforma en defensa de les terres del sénia-

corrupción y poder (es)

Barcelona, 06.11.2007 10:08

Paremos el meeting point [6-11 NOV '07]

ATENCIÓN! La mafia inmobiliaria vuelve a reunirse en el Barcelona Meeting Point
Del 6 al 11 de noviembre tiene cabida la enésima edición del Barcelona Meeting Point; según su propia definición, el evento inmobiliario más grande de Europa. En este evento organizado por el Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Barcelona volverá a encontrarse todo el espectro de organizaciones, empresas y administraciones involucradas con la especulación inmobiliaria y urbanística: promotores, constructores, inmobiliarias, bancos y cajas de ahorros, un gran número de ayuntamientos y grandes grupos mediáticos. Las diferentes luchas en defensa del territorio vuelven a llamar al boicot activo contra la celebración de la feria inmobiliaria y continuar tejiendo redes de solidaridad para hacer frente común contra el avance de la imposición de un modelo de vida y desarrollo que nos afecta a todos y todas en barrios, villas, pueblos y comarcas, y que nos negamos rotundamente a aceptar.

[5 NOV]

Viladecans -> 20h: RUEDA DE PRENSA -Plataforma Salvem Oliveretes-a l’Auditori Pablo Picasso de Viladecans(Ptge. Sant Ramon 2)

[7 NOV]

Forat de la Vergonya -> 8h (matí): DESAYUNO SOLIDARIO + BICICLETADA EN FRENTE DEL BLOKE METGES(c/ Metges 16bis, L1 Arc de Triomf, L5 Urquinaona)
Viladecans -> 19:30h: REUNIÓN INFORMATIVA a l’Auditori Pablo Picasso -Plataforma Salvem Oliveretes-

[8 NOV]

Bon Pastor -> 21h: Cenador y Proyección por los vecinos en Resistencia del Barrio de Bon Pastor. -Asamblea de apoyo al Barrio Bon Pastor- CSO PHRP Magdalenas 13-15 metro Urquinaona L1 L4

[9 NOV]

Horta -> 19h: CERCAVILA A HORTA contra l'especulació

[10 NOV]

Sant Andreu -> 12h: MANIFESTACIÓN CONTRA EL BMP’07 Plça Orfila, st Andreu - Barcelona // metro: L1 st.andreu i renfe: sant andreu comtal
Tortosa -> 19h: PRESENTACIÓN DE LA PLATAFORMA EN DEFENSA DE LAS TIERRES DEL SÉNIA y explicación de la situación actual del PROYECTO CASTOR a l’Auditori Felip Pedrell de Tortosa -Plataforma en defensa de les terres del sénia-

Estado de excepción en Pakistán

Argentina, 06.11.2007 06:08

Aliado de Bush suspende comicios y detiene a opositores

Estado de excepción en Pakistán

Argentina, 06.11.2007 05:39

Aliado de Bush suspende comicios y detiene a opositores

Military ship coming to Olympia?

Seattle, 06.11.2007 04:38

Apparently, there is a scheduled cargo coming back into the Port of Olympia sometime around Monday, November 5th.
The signs closing the Port's guest dock say it will be closed from the 5th till the 19th of November.

November 9th -11th: NW Women of Color &amp; Allies Summit (Tacoma)

Seattle, 06.11.2007 04:38

More than a dozen organizations and numerous women community leaders throughout the Northwest are organizing a NW Women of Color and Allies Summit in Tacoma, WA, November 9-11, hosted by the Korean Women’s Association. Women from the six-state NW Region of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington and Wyoming are meeting together at the 2-1/2 day summit


Perth, 06.11.2007 03:39

Turkish voices against Turkish Invasion of Iraq

Illinois HS students Face Expulsion, Police Charges After Antiwar Sit-In

NYC, 06.11.2007 03:08

Over 30 anti-war protestors at Morton West High School in Berwyn, Illinois face expulsion for a sit-in against the Iraq war last Thursday.


Arizona, 06.11.2007 00:37

Groups to Protest Snowbowl's Attempts to Desecrate the San Francisco Peaks

DC Activist Eve Tetaz Sentenced to 7 Days

DC, 06.11.2007 00:10

Adams Morgan resident sentenced Friday to 7 days for peaceful protests

Join Fisher Island Workers and the Miami Community in a Boat Action on Nov 17th

Miami, 06.11.2007 00:07

Join Fisher Island Workers and the Miami Community in a Boat Action on Nov 17th

Aktywistka Viva-Palestyna aresztowana na Zachodnim Brzegu Jordanu

Poland, 05.11.2007 22:39

Wioska Bilin na okupowanym Zachodnim Brzegu Jordanu słynie z protestów i oporu wobec muru apartheidu, budowanego przez Izrael na terytoriach okupowanych. W nocy z wtorku na środę (29/30 października 2007) wioska została zaatakowana przez izraelską armię. Podczas przeszukiwania miejsca przez wojsko, aresztowana została aktywistka z Polski, redaktorka serwisu Viva Palestyna, wieloletnia działaczka Międzynarodowego Ruchu Solidarności (ISM).

Palestyńskie źródła opisujące atak na wioskę Bilin podają, że działaczka międzynarodowa została zatrzymana po próbach uniemożliwienia izraelskim żołnierzom dokonania ataku na rodzinę Burnat, związaną z Ludowym Komitetem Przeciwko Murowi i Osiedlom.


santiago, 05.11.2007 22:39

Pablo y Aracely aún claman justicia!


Argentina, 05.11.2007 22:38

Río Negro: Sentencia a Carlos Anzaldo

Cuando las cárceles te asesinan

Argentina, 05.11.2007 19:39

Santiago del Estero: Incendio en el Penal de Varones


Arizona, 05.11.2007 19:07

Priest Opposing US Torture Transferred in Prison

Day of action against cluster munitions

Houston, 05.11.2007 17:09

11/5 Global day of Action against Cluster Munitions

Estudantes da UFPE se mobilizam contra a aceitação do REUNI

Brasil, 05.11.2007 16:08


Taxi Workers Alliance Newsletter: Waiting Times, Drivers Fighting for Justice Dignity and Rights

Philadelphia, 05.11.2007 15:08

Anti-Trident Protest looses direction but continues to sing along

Scotland, 05.11.2007 14:09

In a slightly weird, but entertaining, "People and Parliament against Trident" protest over a thousand marched from the Scottish Parliament to Princes Street Gardens. Though it was unclear whom the lovingly hippy-esque, socialising parade addressed its opposition to, it was good fun and meaninglessly co-incided with the "We love the NHS" demonstration in London.

9� homenaje a Aitor Zabaleta

Euskal Herria, 05.11.2007 11:09

El 8 de diciembre de 1998 un grupo neonazi de Madrid asesin� a un vasco. Aprovechando que la Real Sociedad jugaba un partido en la capital de Espa�a, el grupo de ultraderecha Basti�n, con el violento Ricardo Guerra a la cabeza, atacaron a los aficionados y lograron rodear a uno de los vascos. Entre seis personas lo redugeron y estando de rodillas en el suelo, Ricardo le propin� un navajazo mortal en el coraz�n, raj�ndoselo de parte a parte. �Cual fue el delito imperdonable del pobre Aitor? Simplemente ser vasco.

Se realiz� el juicio pero con resultados penosos: la juez se neg� a imputar el delito de asociaci�n il�cita a los integrantes de Basti�n, los 11 bestias que atacaron a los donostiarras salieron en libertad sin cargos y a Ricardo s�lo le cayeron 17 a�os de carcel. Luego, la Audiencia Provincial impuso penas tambi�n a los complices del asesinato. En cualquier caso, tan s�lo 8 a�os despu�s de los sucesos, el violento asesino de Aitor comenz� a disfrutar de frecuentes permisos penitenciarios.

Cada a�o se le hace un homenaje a Aitor Zabaleta para recordar este asesinato que puede repetirse cualquier d�a y para exigir que no vuelva a ocurrir. Este a�o tambi�n se van a realizar gran cantidad de actividades y como no, t� tambi�n est�s invitado.

M�s informaci�n: |El homenaje de este a�o|, |El homenaje del a�o pasado|, |Relato de primera mano de lo ocurrido aquella noche|, |El informe de Movimiento contra la intolerancia|.

Rally and March against UCSC's Long Range Development Plan

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.11.2007 10:08

Long Range Resistance writes, "UC Santa Cruz's irresponsible plans for expansion have been made without the meaningful participation or consent of the student body, and in disregard of Santa Cruz residents' concerns. On Wednesday, November 7th, we will make visible our opposition to UCSC's Long Range Development Plan, while dialoguing with each other about the issues at hand. Come one, come all!"

demo anti-discriminare, bucuresti 09.11.07

Romania, 05.11.2007 09:37

Pana nu sunt toti liberi, toti suntem prizonieri!

Foarte multi oameni sunt constienti de faptul ca originea etnica/rasiala, sexul, orientarea sexuala, varsta, situatia materiala, etc. reprezinta obstacole pentru ca anumiti indivizi sa poata beneficia de dreptul la o viata decenta prin acces la educatie, la piata fortei de munca, informare, etc. Cei exclusi ajung sa fie judecati si condamnati la o viata mizera, fara a se lua in considerare resorturile care i-au adus in aceasta stare si care le-au ingradit din start posibilitatea de a beneficia de drepturi si sanse egale cu ceilalti. Astfel, marginalizarea si saracia sunt adesea considerate a fi responsabilitatea directa a celor care sufera de pe urma lor, pe cand in realitate exista un intreg ansamblu de cauze si efecte de care cu totii suntem responsabili si care ne afecteaza direct/indirect in masuri diferite, consecintele pe termen lung putand fi dezastruoase.

Каментар анархісцкай медыягрупы з нагоды бойкі з нацыстамі падчас Сацыяльнага маршу

Belarus, 05.11.2007 09:37

ERB 'throws the book' at Josephine County

Rogue Valley, 05.11.2007 07:09


Daniel Burdis talks about this union victory on the Brain Labor Report November 5, 2007...
Listen LIVE 7am @
Listen ANYTIME in the Brain Labor Report Archive @

In a precedent-setting decision that will have repercussions statewide, the Oregon Employment Relations Board (ERB) — citing what it termed "egregious violations" of state law — has ordered Josephine County to reinstate with full back pay and benefits over 100 former county employees who saw their jobs contracted out to private providers in 2006.

The ERB ruled that Josephine County management officials released the employees from county employment in direct retaliation for a four-day strike in January 2006 by AFSCME Local 3694. The employees contracted out worked in county mental health services, and the majority of Local 3694's union leaders and activists were part of that department.


Argentina, 05.11.2007 06:38

Río Negro: Sentencia a Carlos Anzaldo

November 10th: Northwest Progressive Convention in Tacoma

Seattle, 05.11.2007 06:38

America In Solidarity is planning to host its first NW Progressive Convention on November 10th in Tacoma, WA. The event will be from 9am to 4pm at the First Congregational Church on Division Avenue. This will be an all-day event, co-sponsored by AM 1090, and a great chance to meet fellow progressives, share ideas and get involved.

This is a special once-a-year event designed to bring together progressive activists from throughout Western Washington and beyond. This event will cost $20 per person.

The Indypendent issue #111: Fortress America, Wrenching the War Machine and Lessons from the Oaxaca Uprising, and Remembering Brad Will

NYC, 05.11.2007 04:38

In this issue, you'll find a powerful photo essay of life on the U.S/Mexican Border, effective strategies for wrenching the war machine, confessions of a war tax resister, a revealing interview with one of the teachers who organized the powerful civil disobedience in Oaxaca and Much Much More!

A Wrench in the War Machine: Local Youth Think Twice about Joining the Military || Showdown at Columbia: After Years Under Siege, Students Take On "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week" || PPP vs. People || Lights Out in the Jungle Soaring Electricity Prices Compound Woes in Rural Mexico || "We Are Fighting for Everyone" Teachers Union Leader Reflects on Lessons of Oaxaca Uprising || A Murder Not Forgotten || Remembering Brad Will || Inside the Border Crisis: Migrants Risk Death to Cross an Increasingly Perilous Frontier || Toward a World Without Borders || Life Afta Nafta || Why I'm a War Tax Resister || Community Calendar Oct-Nov || Readers Comments: Debating the War || Recent Academic Turmoil at Columbia University ||No Exception: Blackwater USA Scandal Underscores the Horrors of the U.S. Occupation of Iraq || Inside the Resistance: A Review of the Film "Meeting Resistance" || Who the Devil is Vergès? A Film Review of Terror's Advocate || General Petraeus' Corrupt Text: Review of "The U.S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual || "Getting Off" Misses the Mark || Reggae of Nostrand Avenue: Reviews of Picture of Selassie By Khari Kill and Scale Down by Rising Appalachia

Download PDF

Remembering Brad Will

NYC, 05.11.2007 04:38

(from the latest Indypendent) "Brad Will was a New York-based independent journalist who was killed on Oct. 27, 2006, while covering a teacher-led social uprising in the impoverished southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Before his death, Will, a freight-hopping, guitar-playing activist, had spent years on the frontlines of countless movements from efforts to save squats and community gardens in the Lower East Side to engaging in “tree-sits” for weeks at a time high in the canopy of Oregon’s endangered old-growth forests." || Remembering Brad Will || A Murder Not Forgotten

More from NYC Indymedia: Brad Will in Context || For Brad Will -- Against Plan Mexico || a href=>Brad Will is alive and now is living in the Rose Garden of Oaxaca || New acts of repression in Oaxaca || A Wonderful Remembrance of Brad

Residents of Savoy Park protest at Credit Suisse, &quot;Financing abusive landlords&quot;

NYC, 05.11.2007 04:38

Vantage Properties purchased Savoy Park two years ago with a refinancing from Credit Suisse for $350 million. The new landlords have done little to improve the decaying infrastructure of the building, and are attempting to raise rent and drive current residents out, tenants allege.

Convocatoria abierta de voluntarixs

Argentina, 05.11.2007 03:38


Arizona, 05.11.2007 00:37

More Than 40 Arrested - Protests, Memorial Continue

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