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Patota sindical impide asamblea

Argentina, 09.11.2007 18:08

Ataque a los/las trabajadores del Casino Flotante

Code Pink Stages Waterboarding Reenactment at &quot;Justice&quot; Dept

DC, 09.11.2007 17:09

On November 5th, human rights groups and Code Pink staged an actual waterboarding with a volunteer in front of the Department of Injustice! SHORT VIDEO:;eurl= LONGER VIDEO w/background: EXTRACTED AUDIO from video via WSQT radio:

Protest to Free the Jena 6

LA, 09.11.2007 17:08

Protest to Free the Jena 6

VIDEO--Port Militarization Resistance in Olympia, Washington

Seattle, 09.11.2007 17:08

Let the protests begin!

Olympia Residents Protest Military Shipments Through Port

Seattle, 09.11.2007 17:08

November 7, 2007 - Olympia residents gathered at the gates of the Port of Olympia tonight to protest the return of military vehicles from the war in Iraq. The military vehicles are part of the Stryker Brigade from nearby Fort Lewis. Olympia residents came out tonight to continue protesting military shipments through the port that began in May 2006.

Olympia Police Use Force to Remove Protesters Blocking Stryker Convoys

Seattle, 09.11.2007 17:08

November 8, 2007 — Members of Olympia Port Militarization Resistance (OlyPMR) blocked several convoys of military combat vehicles called Strykers beginning late last night and continuing into the morning. Dozens of protesters blocked the road with their bodies as one convoy after another exited the Port of Olympia. In each case, the convoys eventually passed after police shoved and struck protesters with batons and dragged them from the road in order to clear the way.

VIDEO: Maersk Union Strike in Tacoma

Seattle, 09.11.2007 17:08

An unannounced wildcat strike was called to push the administration of Maersk (headquarters in Tacoma) to allow union workers to join the union of their choice instead of the union the company requires them to be members of,Securitas, which doesn't provide or bargain for workers' basic needs.

Santiago del Estero - MOCASE Via Campesina

Argentina, 09.11.2007 15:39

Allanamiento y detención en comunidades campesinas e indígenas


Uruguay, 09.11.2007 14:08

Condena social y anulación de la ley 15.848 para acabar con la impunidad

CriticalMassMiami Nov. 10th Ride Welcomes Back A Victim Of Aggressive Driving

Miami, 09.11.2007 12:37

CriticalMassMiami Nov. 10th Ride Welcomes Back A Victim Of Aggressive Driving

~24th Annual Miami Book Fair International &quot;Street Fair&quot; Nov 9 – 11~

Miami, 09.11.2007 12:37

~24th Annual Miami Book Fair International "Street Fair" Nov 9 – 11~

InkyNotes: Santorum In As Inky Continues Its Drift Downward and to the Right

Philadelphia, 09.11.2007 12:08

Worcester Telegram &amp; Gazette prints wrong election results--again

United States, 09.11.2007 12:07

For the second time this year, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette printed the wrong election results yesterday. They made a similar mistake after the September "preliminary elections." Some supporters of challenger Grace Ross were upset, because both times the T&G listed Ross as doing poorly, when in fact both times she did pretty well. Read more>>

Climate Crisis

Perth, 09.11.2007 09:09


Reclaim Your Campus

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.11.2007 05:09

Students at Fresno City College held a Free Speech celebration today. They are fighting for the right to hand out flyers to their fellow students, read poetry that is not censored, and to hold a banner for whatever cause they believe in.

DC Councilmember Carol Schwartz Grilled in Public Hearing Over Public Property Sales

DC, 08.11.2007 23:09

Although the closure of Franklin shelter is on hold, and the massive West End redevelopment plans appear to be on hold after the emergency sale of DC land for it was overturned, DC is still trying to unload libraries, schools, etc al over town. On Nov 7, residents let Carol Schartz have an earful. Audio 6 min 58 sec:

Virginia Elections - Political Winds Changing?

DC, 08.11.2007 23:09

Most elections talk lately focuses on votes that are still a year away, but state polling booths were open across the country yesterday with state legislatures and ballot initiatives in the balance. In Virginia, long a Republican strong-hold, Democrats gaining control of the state senate for the first time in a decade, their victories cementing the impression that the Old Dominion state is changing political colors. As Darby Hickey reports, traditional local issues of schools and taxes have been overshadowed by rhetoric about unauthorized immigrants, especially in the bellwether region of Northern Virginia.

Goodbye, Ron Paul

DC, 08.11.2007 23:09

With damn near every white supremacist in the country swearing by Rep. Ron Paul during his presidential run and a few anti-war activists on our side too stupid to pay closer attention to the guy as they blindly ignore everything but his anti-war stance, it was only a matter of time before we got to him. Thing is, we had to do more than just complain about the usual suspects at Stormfront suppoting him. Sure it is something to note, but if Paul isn't being receptive, anything they have to say is pretty much irrelevant anyway. He just became receptive, and just in time for him to come to our stomping grounds this weekend in Philly. Stormfront webmaster Don Black donated $500 to his campaign - and Rep. Paul isn't giving it back. Well, Ronnie, you just killed your run. Stormfront is bad news for any politician who is supposed to represent people of all races, and if you can't see that or even try to kep these people at a distance, the rest of us will most certainly keep you there. For the record, this is not the only thing of note about Rep. Paul that suggests he is a little too confy with America's fascists. Norm Singleton, Rep. Paul's legislative director, has been known to hang with well know anti-Semite and Washington insider Joseph Sobran, a guy who among other things, one complained of "a more or less official national obsession with a tiny, faraway socialist ethnocracy." - a line that helped get him canned from National Review. We doubt that we are going to spend too much time on Ron Paul, because he won't be in the race long, but it is good to take note of this clown. Mad Props to for finding this…

How They Do It In Serbia: Antifa Bloc Deals with Nazis at Antifascist Demo in Novi Sad

DC, 08.11.2007 23:09

Serbian Nazis from informal organization “Nacionalni stroj” (National formation) tried to march at Novi Sad, capital of northern Serbian province Vojvodina, a multinational and multi confessional region famous for its peaceful coexistence of different ethnic minorities and religions. Minor political parties influential in that region (social democrats and liberals), together with NGOs organized anti-fascist rally in order to prevent Nazis from marching in Novi Sad. Anti-fascist action Novi Sad (with tight links with social-democrats) organized a separate block within the protest. That block of radical anti-fascists was made of mixture of anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists, commies, queers, punks and alike… Full story at Infoshop News.

No Borders Camp Begins

Arizona, 08.11.2007 23:07

Updates on the No Borders Camp

Sharon &quot;Killer&quot;

Houston, 08.11.2007 17:39

11/8 Judge Sharon "Killer" Keller needs to be taken out of office


Portland, 08.11.2007 17:38

No Borders Camp went into full swing today with the successful set up of the border action camp. It started off as two seperate rallies one on the American side in the city of Calexico California and another on the Mexican side in the city of Mexicali the state capital of Baja California at the border crossing. Both rallies marched down the border wall with the intent of meeting up ,where the wall finally ends, but were met with a wall of law enforcement. Both rallies stopped and set up camp with out meeting up but with no movement on the part of law enforcement to remove them. With a circle of Border Patrol, California State Troopers, and Homeland Security the camp quickly setup bathrooms, medical facilities, a media lab, and a tent city complete with drinking water, music, and food. At the end of the day everyone was exhilirate and in high spirits. All members of the camp were working together and a ladder was set up against the border wall to communicate with the action camp on the Mexicali side. It was sumed up best by someone I over heard talking about today's events as saying "I love it when a plan comes together"

Link to More Pics | Link to More Pics 2

South West Climate Explosion

Bristol, 08.11.2007 17:37

Over 25,000 people in SW target climate change. South West Climate Explosion - Over 25,000 people in SW target climate change. Roger James of Oxfam Southwest writes: SW Campaigners today welcomed the news that the Government will introduce the first legal obligation to drive down carbon emissions of any country in the world as a new SW survey reveals a massive surge in community activity across the region to meet the challenge of climate change...The survey carried out by Friends of the Earth with funding from the South West Regional Assembly shows that there are well over 250 community groups in the region who are tackling climate change. Between them these involve over 25,000 people, giving their time and effort almost entirely voluntarily. While many of these are established branches of national organisations, over 80 of them have formed since 2005, mostly as independent groups. This survey backs up the I Count campaign, the UK's largest climate change campaign, with its new online I Count Community Groups Map which also highlights growing activities undertaken all over the UK. (Image, Cyclists protest en-route to Bristol Airport and then Climate Camp from Feb 2007) Full article.| South West climate survey reveals tidal wave of South West action as climate bill announced!| SW I Count Community Groups Map ( | Other Climate Related News: UWE Students Protest Natwest's Climate Damage | 'Climate refugees' Locked-Up at the 'Oil Bank of Scotland' | Lies, cops, rising tide, and trains | Bristol International Airport: The Gloves Are Off |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Analysis of Dover Election Candidates, Ward 4

New Hampshire, 08.11.2007 15:09

Central in tomorrow's election is the issue of the tax cap. A significant campaign exists to force taxes to not increase more than inflation. This is the wrong approach, because budget items should be considered individually on their own merits and not capped arbitrarily. Update: Dover passed the tax cap.

Brad Will Remembered in Context, Amidst Resistance

United States, 08.11.2007 14:07

Brad Will was a New York-based independent journalist who was killed on Oct. 27, 2006, while covering a teacher-led social uprising in the impoverished southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Before his death, Will, a freight-hopping, guitar-playing activist, had spent years on the frontlines of countless movements from efforts to save squats and community gardens in NYC's Lower East Side to engaging in “tree-sits” for weeks at a time high in the canopy of Oregon’s endangered old-growth forests. This year he was remembered on the anniversary of his death, and in Day of the Dead and All Saints Day celebrations across the continent. Reports from NYC-IMC: A Wonderful Remembrance of Brad || From the latest Indypendent: Remembering Brad Will || A Murder Not Forgotten

The political repression that led to Will's murder continued even in the midst of this resistance, as more than 40 were arrested during a police crackdown on the memorial in Oaxaca. Report from Arizona IMC | Photos by Katie Orlinsk

Related: Open Letter from Friends of Brad Will | Interview with Jill Friedberg on the role of independent media with cross-border solidarity | Brad Will in Context || For Brad Will -- Against Plan Mexico || Brad Will is alive and now is living in the Rose Garden of Oaxaca || Letter from the Committee to Protect Journalists

Standoff with Police as Activists occupy redwoods to oppose UCSC Expansion

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.11.2007 12:08

Early in the morning of Wednesday, November 7th, activists opposed to UC Santa Cruz's Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) launched a tree-sit in redwoods near Science Hill. UCSC plans to develop the occupied site into a new Biomedical Sciences Facility. The facility would be the first project under the University's plan to develop 120 acres of forest in order to accommodate 4,500 new students.

Genova 17 novembre: La storia siamo noi

Switzerland, 08.11.2007 11:37

Riprendiamo questo articolo dalla neonata indymedia.lombardia.

Dal 21 luglio 2001 in poi la giustizia e la politica hanno cominciato la revisione della storia: per sei lunghi anni tutto questo è serpeggiato nelle aule di tribunale mentre la voce collettiva si affievoliva, un processo di rimozione collettiva che ha fatto sì che in molti dimenticassero che Genova non è stata solo il terrore in divisa, ma anche e soprattutto la forza e l'energia di un movimento. Centinaia di migliaia di persone unitesi a Seattle, pur nelle loro diversità, hanno osato pensare e proporre un mondo diverso,un mondo più umano, equo e solidale,"un altro mondo è possibile"era il sogno comune, un sogno che in quei giorni si è trasformato nell'incubo di una mattanza senza precedenti, un sogno stroncato dalla realtà delle manganellate, delle cariche cilene, da ordini ed azioni tutt'altro che improvvisate sui quali è calato il solito silenzio di stato.
Le requisitorie dei pm Anna Canepa e Andrea Canciani nel processo che vede 25 persone imputate per devastazione e saccheggio, hanno completato l'operazione di revisione della storia cominciata il giorno dopo le mobilitazioni contro il g8 del 2001 e si sono concluse con la richiesta di 225 anni di carcere.
Il 17 novembre a Genova è prevista una mobilitazione di massa per riappropiarci della nostra memoria e del senso di quei giorni che dopo sei anni rimangono vivi per quello hanno rappresentato.

- Genova 17 novembre "La storia siamo noi"

- Appello "Noi quelli di via Tolemaide"
- Op nuovo video di genova
- Leggi le trascrizioni alle udienze del processo ai 25


Argentina, 08.11.2007 10:08

Neuquén: tensión en Picún Leufú y posible desalojo en Villa La Angostura

Feinstein Backs Bush Nominee Who Refuses To Condemn Torture

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2007 08:09

The US Senate Judiciary Committee voted on November 6th to support Bush's nominee for attorney general, Michael Mukasey. A key vote in the Judiciary Committee was that of San Francisco's Dianne Feinstein. Before Feinstein came out for Mukasey, he appeared to be unable to get enough votes to get out of committee due to his refusal to declare water-boarding a form of torture. Several protests against Mukasey have taken place in San Francisco.

se cumple el plazo acordado

Argentina, 08.11.2007 04:38

Habrá huelga y movilización

No terrorism charges for the Urewera 16!

Aotearoa, 08.11.2007 04:09

The Solicitor-General, David Collins, announced at 4pm Thursday that he would not be granting permission to the Police to lay charges under the Terrorism Supression Act for any of the 12 people they had applied for. He said that while he felt that the Police had acted properly, after reviewing hundreds of pages of transcripts and video evidence, he felt there was not the required evidence to proceed with charges under the TSA. All 16 arrestees still face arms charges. The three remaining prisoners from Wellington have a bail appeal in the Auckland High Court at 2:15pm Friday. Police are not opposing bail for any of those remaining in prison, except for Tame Iti and a second person.

Ante intentos de desalojos

Argentina, 08.11.2007 02:38

Neuquén: "El Galpón" resiste

Ante intentos de desalojos

Argentina, 08.11.2007 02:38

Neuquén: "El Galpón" resiste

Light Rail, Heavy Burden

Houston, 08.11.2007 01:09

Light Rail, Heavy Burden

The World Bank to visit Dublin November 12th &amp; 13th

Ireland, 08.11.2007 00:38

The World Bank will visit Malahide, Co. Dublin on ...

asamblea de vecinos, fileteros y pescadores

Argentina, 08.11.2007 00:38

El grito del caldero

asamblea de vecinos, fileteros y pescadores

Argentina, 08.11.2007 00:38

El grito del caldero

Illinois Students Pressured by High School to ID 'Ringleader' of Anti-War Sit-In

DC, 07.11.2007 23:09

As national outrage mounts against the threatened expulsion of dozens of high school students in the wake of a antiwar sit-in at Morton West High School in Berwyn, Illinois, parents who have attended private meetings with their suspended students and school officials report that their students were offered reduced punishments only if they signed a confession that singled out a student as the organizer of the protest… Scores of H.S. Students Face Expulsion Following Antiwar Sit-In, via Chicago IMC

Photos from Oct 22 Protest to STOP Police Brutality

Cleveland, 07.11.2007 22:07

Oct 22 Protest to STOP Police Brutality

Photos from Oct 22 Protest to STOP Police Brutality

Cleveland, 07.11.2007 22:07

Photos from Oct 22 Protest to STOP Police Brutality

Problems With Calendar

Cleveland, 07.11.2007 22:07

Problems With Calendar

MTST ocupa há 4 dias prédio na Av. Mem de Sá, Rio de Janeiro

Brasil, 07.11.2007 21:08


NO Says No To War

New Orleans, 07.11.2007 20:10

NO Says No To War

Declaracion Publica

santiago, 07.11.2007 19:39

Basta de Criminalización

Libanon: Armee plündert und brandschatzt

Germany, 07.11.2007 19:38

 In dem palästinensischen Flüchtlingscamps Nahr al-Bared im Nordlibanon tobte von Mai bis September 2007 ein Krieg zwischen der libanesischen Armee und der Fatah al-Islam. Über 400 Menschen wurden getötet, 30'000 mußten fliehen. In den sechs Wochen zwischen dem Sieg der libanesischen Armee und der Rückkehr der ersten Flüchtlinge raubten Soldaten das Lager aus, und zerstörten im Anschluß fast alle Gebäude. Die Flüchtlinge dokumentierten ihre erneute Flucht und das Ausmaß der Zerstörung in drei Kurzfilmen.

Kapitel: 1. Einleitung | 2. Die Kämpfe | 3. Plünderung und Brandstiftung durch die Armee | 4. Die Rückkehr der Flüchtlinge | 5. Kurzdokumentationen von a-films: „Tragödie ohne Grenzen“ | „Flucht nach Shatila“ | „Die Plünderung Nahr al-Bareds“

Cuatro visiones diferentes

Argentina, 07.11.2007 19:38

Balance sobre las elecciones

Olympia Port Militarization Resistance to resist Stryker shipment

Seattle, 07.11.2007 17:08

November, 6, 2007 ― On Monday, November 5, the USNS Brittin arrived at the Port of Olympia, transporting the damaged remains of the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division Stryker Combat Team's equipment. We, Olympia Port Militarization Resistance (OlyPMR), realize our obligation to respond.

Speaking Truth to Power

Rogue Valley, 07.11.2007 14:39

Take a Stand for Peace. Speak truth to power and hear from former Georgia Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, who leads the way when it comes to asking tough questions regarding elections, war, katrina, 9-11. Ms. McKinney is an outspoken and courageous woman who is certainly worth listening to.

Интервью представителя организации &quot;правый альянс&quot;

Belarus, 07.11.2007 13:37

The May 13, 1985 MOVE Bombing: Suicide or State-sanctioned Murder?

Philadelphia, 07.11.2007 10:08

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