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Международная акция Еда вместо бомб, посвящённая памяти Тимура Качарвы

Belarus, 12.11.2007 16:37

[Migrants en lutte] Plus de 50 jours de grève de la faim

Liege, 12.11.2007 15:37

Ecological Rights

Perth, 12.11.2007 14:09

Whale killers must face Aussie sanctions

&quot;Formação de quadrilha?&quot;: evento em solidariedade à Casa das Pombas

Brasil, 12.11.2007 11:38


Bristol's 'Don't Attack Iran' March: Saturday 24th November

Bristol, 12.11.2007 10:07

"George Bush, when threatening Iran, talks of the spectre of 'World War III'..." "George Bush, when threatening Iran, talks of the spectre of 'World War III'..." Bristol Stop The War Coalition write: It's time for Bristol's very own demonstration against the threats by the USA (backed by Britain) to Iran. Please circulate these details as widely as possible. George Bush, when threatening Iran, talks of the spectre of "World War III". Until now, a US/Israeli military strike on Iran seemed a dangerous possibility. Now it has become an imminent reality. Public opinion was softened up for the attack on Iraq in 2003 by the now totally discredited accusations of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. The same accusations are now being re-cycled to justify an attack on Iran. British troops, at the request of the US military, have been sent to the Iranian border to provide a false legitimacy to a US attack on Iran. The International Atomic Energy Agency has found no evidence of a nuclear weapons programme in Iran. British Foreign Minister, David Miliband, and Defence Minister, Des Browne, admit there is no evidence of Iranian involvement in the violence and instability in Iraq and Afghanistan....Come and join us on Saturday 24th November. Assemble at 12 noon in Castle Park (by the bandstand). Bring your banners, friends etc Full article.| Don’t Attack Iran | Event Flyer (PDF, | The Drive to War on Iran - Turning truth on its head ( | Revealed: Israel Plans Nuclear Strike on Iran ( | Other Iran/Iraq Related News: Hands Off Iraqi Oil (15th Nov event) | One-sided Reporting: Tisdall does it again | RESPECT SW Euro Candidates Selected |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

lappersfort moet blijven

Oost-Vlaanderen, 12.11.2007 09:07

lappersfort moet blijven

no paseran!

Oost-Vlaanderen, 12.11.2007 09:07

opnieuw antifa vermoord.

Convocatorias en repulsa y solidaridad con el joven antifascista asesinado en Madrid

Euskal Herria, 12.11.2007 08:38

Carlos, hermano, nosotrxs no olvidamos

Hoy domingo 11 de Noviembre esta ma�ana en Madrid, un joven de 16 a�os ha resultado muerto, de una pu�alada en el coraz�n a manos de un neonazi. Desde Indymedia Euskal Herria queremos mostrar nuestra solidaridad con las personas m�s cercanas al joven, y a todo el movimiento antifascista. Cuando en breve se recordaba el noveno aniversario del asesinato de Aitor Zabaleta en Madrid, una nueva triste noticia llega desde esta ciudad.

M�s informaci�n sobre la noticia y las convocatorias en:
|Sare Antifaxista|,|Kaos en la red|, |Nodo50|, |La haine||

Border Patrol Attacks No Borders Camp Demonstration

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.11.2007 05:08

The bi-national No Borders Camps ended with violence on Sunday, November 11, as 100 US Border Patrol officers attacked a group of about 30 demonstrators with pepper gas pellets, tazers, and batons at the border crossing in Calexico, California. This came at the end of a peaceful week that saw thousands gather at both sides of the Mexicali/Calexico border. 2-3 people were severely beaten and more suffered from the use of pepper gas pellets. Currently three people have been detained.

Harlem Protest on Columbia U. Sends Clear Message

NYC, 12.11.2007 05:08

Protestors marched on Harlem to protest the planned expansion of the Columbia campus into working class neighborhoods in Harlem, as well as the concern for the safety of a planned biological research laboratory. Student hunger strikers joined the protest as well.

Columbia Students Hunger Strike: Take Back the University

NYC, 12.11.2007 04:08

Five Students at Columbia University began a hunger strike five days ago as part of a series of actions in order to get the University to Agree with their demands. The demands were created and consensed apon by various student groups and students in an attempt to create a University where man worlds can exist. Where critical examination and the wellbeing of students and the community are held in higher priority than profit and public image.

[France] Début de mouvement étudiant contre la loi L.R.U.

Liege, 12.11.2007 03:37

En France, la loi relative aux libertés et responsabilité des universités (L.R.U.) a été votée pendant les vacances par le parlement. Depuis quelques semaines, des assemblées d'information et de mobilisation à propos de cette loi, des grèves et/ou des barrages ont touché une trentaine d'universités. Une coordination nationale (réunissant des représentants de 21 universités) a eu lieu les 27 et 28 Octobre à Toulouse et a lancé un appel large réclamant l'abrogation de la loi L.R.U. ainsi que la défense des retraites et des services publics, l'amnistie pour les condamnés des mouvements sociaux et l'abrogation des lois anti-immigrés. [ Lire le 2ème appel de la coordination ]

SEIU versus Aramark

Houston, 12.11.2007 02:39

11/11 Aramark workers are ready to fight


Arizona, 12.11.2007 02:37

Police Use Pepper Gas, Batons on Peaceful Demonstrators - Dozens Detained and Released, at Least 2 Arrested

A modest proposal: Towards a eugenic theory of traffic safety

Portland, 12.11.2007 01:38

Let's be honest about our society's unwritten moral calculus on traffic safety.

(another, smaller) Stolen Election

LA, 11.11.2007 23:38

(another, smaller) Stolen Election

Cuando la iglesia manda

Argentina, 11.11.2007 22:38

Iglesia y Estado

Shell Targeted across Edinburgh

Scotland, 11.11.2007 20:09

In solidarity with the people of Rossport and Nigeria, the Shell petrol station on Dalry Road was blockaded for 2 hours on Saturday by 20 people including members of the Clown Army. The Comiston Shell Petrol Station was subjected to a nighttime redecoration.

[antifa] Mettre la pression sur le conseil communal

Liege, 11.11.2007 19:37

Pathbreaking Movement Theorist and Activist Selma James Launches Anniversary Tour in PA

Philadelphia, 11.11.2007 19:08

Call for an anti-NATO Protest in Bucharest: April 2008

Torun, 11.11.2007 15:07

Protestors Stop Port of Olympia

Seattle, 11.11.2007 07:08

About 50 people blocked an 18-wheeler carrying a Stryker at the entrance to the Port of Olympia about 3:20 p.m. No further convoys left the port today because police didn't have the resources at the port entrance to deal with protesters, said Olympia Police Lt. Ray Holmes-- according to the Olympian.

FCC hearing went well for the public

Seattle, 11.11.2007 07:08

November 9 -- The FCC hearing tonight at the Seattle Town Hall went pretty well for the public - it wasn't so good for the handful of media conglomeration advocates who spoke. Kevin Martin got an earful of our discontent, our hopes, our accomplishments, and our strong opinion against media consolidation.

Police Move In to Break up 18 Hour Containment at Port of Olympia

Seattle, 11.11.2007 07:08

Police move in to break successful containment of military material at the Port of Olympia. Regional support needed - video documentation, jail support, food. All movement has been controlled since 3:30pm yesterday.

Police Use Excessive Force To Open OLY Port

Seattle, 11.11.2007 07:08

This morning, the Olympia police force showed up in riot gear, clearly ready to use force to disperse the anti-war protestors who had blockaded the 2 entrances to the Port. As the sun began to rise after a rainy night, the truckers, Port workers and soldiers began to arrive. The truckers parked in the nearby parking lot. Several protestors directed the Port workers and soldiers to a side entrance so they could get to work. The anti-war protestors stated they it was not their intention to stop people from going to work at the Port.

13 Arrested, Olympia Community Brutalized

Seattle, 11.11.2007 07:08

Today the Olympia anti-war community attempts to contain Stryker units returning from Iraq were met with Police batons and pepper spray. Thirteen activists were arrested while containing military convoys traveling through Olympia.

Global demand freedom for political prisoners in NZ!

United Kingdom, 11.11.2007 00:08

15 people demonstrated outside the New Zealand High Commission in London as part of a global day of action in solidarity with political prisoners in New Zealand. Holding banners reading "Activism is not Terrorism" and "Free the Urewera 17" as well as balloons, leaflets and placards they highlighted the situation in New Zealand last month where 300+ Police, in many cases armed, raided houses around the country today making 17 arrests. Search warrants were carried out in Auckland, Whakatane, Ruatoki, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch. The arrestees were all activists in the Tino Rangatiratanga, peace and environmental movements.

For more info see Aotearoa indymedia

UPDATE: The latest news is that no charges will be laid under the Terrorism Suppression Act after the Solicitor General refused the police application to lay charges. Of the 17 people arrested in the raids, one will be charged with possession of drugs and the others all face charges under the firearms act. All but three are now out on bail. Tuhoe have hired a high profile lawyer, Peter Williams QC and announced plans to sue police for breach of their rights during the raids.

Global demand freedom for political prisoners in NZ!

United Kingdom, 10.11.2007 22:08

15 people demonstrated outside the New Zealand High Commission in London as part of a global day of action in solidarity with political prisoners in New Zealand. Holding banners reading "Activism is not Terrorism" and "Free the Urewera 17" as well as balloons, leaflets and placards they highlighted the situation in New Zealand last month where 300+ Police, in many cases armed, raided houses around the country today making 17 arrests. Search warrants were carried out in Auckland, Whakatane, Ruatoki, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch. The arrestees were all activists in the Tino Rangatiratanga, peace and environmental movements.
The Global Day Of Action in solidarity with those arrested, harassed and questioned on and since October 15th has seen over 2000 people take to the streets across Aotearoa, while overseas, solidarity protests took place in many other parts of the world.
For latest info see: Aotearoa indymedia

Independent Journalism Versus Endless Rants

Arkansas, 10.11.2007 21:09

Being an editor for Arkansas Indymedia, and being a part of the Indymedia network, is both an honor and a challenge as this is a place where independent journalism is practiced and opinions can be fully expressed.

Cosco Busan Spills 58,000 Gallons of Fuel Oil into Bay

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.11.2007 20:08

The November 7th spill of bunker fuel from the Cosco Busan, South Korea-bound container ship, is shaping up to be much more serious than early reports indicated and appears to be the worst ship-related spill in more than a decade. The Coast Guard estimates that over 58,000 gallons of fuel were spilled from the accident. Only a fraction of those gallons of fuel have been contained thus far. San Francisco Baykeeper is investigating why initial reports underestimated the size of the spill and why the Coast Guard failed to immediately coordinate its response with the Office of Spill Prevention and Response.

N16 - Uncharted Territory

Houston, 10.11.2007 19:38

Nov 16th: Uncharted Territory - Gender Exploration Down South

ARM Iraq

Houston, 10.11.2007 19:08

Artist Rescue Mission: Project Iraq

Bike City gearing up to bring Peace at Home Happy Holidays

Arkansas, 10.11.2007 16:09

Bike City is actively running bike drives in the next few weeks in local cities to prepare for a gift to Peace at Home shelter in time for the holiday season.

Olympia activists stand firm against continued military shipments through Port

Portland, 10.11.2007 15:38

On Monday November 5 of this year, the USNS Brittin arrived at the Port of Olympia with equipment from the 3rd Stryker Brigade returning from that same deployment in Iraq. The troops of the Brigade had returned to Fort Lewis about 2 weeks previous, minus 48 of their fellow soldiers who had died from injuries sustained in Iraq.

OlyPMR blocked several convoys of Strykers beginning the evening of November 7, continuing into the morning. Dozens of protesters blocked the road with their bodies as one convoy after another attempted to exit the Port of Olympia. In each case the convoys eventually passed, but only after police shoved protesters, striking many with batons and dragging them from the road in order to clear the way.

Late Friday afternoon [11/10/07], approximately 50 members of Olympia Port Militarization Resistance (OlyPMR) sat down near the main gate of the Port of Olympia in Washington State. Two tractor trailers, one carrying two Stryker combat vehicles, another filled with military cargo, were blocked from exiting the port. Police arrived on the scene and after failing to persuade the demonstrators to allow one truck through, ceded control of the entrance.

Civil disobedience and other actions at the Port of Olympia are expected to continue as anti-war activists have declared their commitment to ongoing resistance.

Eric McDavid is Now on Hunger Strike - Your Help Needed!

Portland, 10.11.2007 15:38

Eric called this evening with an update on his medical condition. At 8:00
this evening he was called out to talk to a sargeant who discussed his
medical situation with him. After this conversation, the sargeant sent
Eric back to medical to be seen by a doctor. The doctor (a different
doctor than the one he saw earlier in the day) took his vitals and
acknowledged that he had pericarditis in the spring. She asked him if this
felt like the same thing, and Eric said that it did. The doctor said she
would request that blood work, an ECG, and an x-ray be done - but more
than likely none of this will happen until after the holiday weekend (on
Tuesday). She also went over with him the medication he received in the
past and said she would put in a request that he begin receiving it again.
Eric received medication at around 9:30 this evening. When Eric tried to
discuss the cause of the pericarditis (more than likely, his diet) the
doctor was evasive and sent him back to his cell.

Stirling Primark receives a story telling

Scotland, 10.11.2007 13:09

Activists from Stirling People and Planet decided that the children being dragged round the Primark store by their parents needed to know the truth about where the cotton for their clothes came from.

Police Attempt to Infiltrate Tree-sit

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.11.2007 07:38

On the night of November 8th, police attempted to spy on the UCSC tree-sit and were foiled when protesters learned of their plans. A student saw a man in his early 20's get out of a police car and get on a bike heading towards the tree-sit. The student then called friends at the tree-sit, who confronted the man and asked him to leave.

VIDEO: Nov. 7 Blockades of incoming Strykers at Port of Olympia

Seattle, 10.11.2007 07:38

Citizens put bodies on the line to resist the militarization of their Port and Community in Olympia. The group intends to contain the shipments and throw a wedge in the revolving door of war.

Reminder ==&gt; FCC Hearing in Seattle November 9th

Seattle, 10.11.2007 07:38

The Federal Communications Commission will be holding the sixth and final public hearing on media ownership issues will be held on Friday, November 9, 2007. The hearing is open to the public, and seating will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. The hearing format will enable members of the public to participate via open microphone.

The hearing time, and location are as follows:

Time: 4:00 p.m. -11:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)

Location: Town Hall Seattle
Great Hall
1119 Eighth Avenue (at Seneca Street)
Seattle, WA 98101

The Seattle hearing will be the last on the topic.

Civilian Court Blocks Watada's Second Court Martial

Seattle, 10.11.2007 07:38

At approximately 3:39 PM (PST), Nov 8, 2007, Judge Benjamin H. Settle of the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington (sitting in Tacoma, WA) issued a preliminary injunction staying a second court-martial for Iraq war objector 1st Lt. Ehren Watada. This stay comes nearly a year after the U.S. Army announced that Watada would face a court martial.

CMI em manutenção nesse sábado

Brasil, 10.11.2007 04:08


New Orleans rallies against “Jenacide”

New Orleans, 10.11.2007 02:09

New Orleans rallies against “Jenacide”

link to berwyn student suspension story

Houston, 10.11.2007 02:08

Dozens of Berwyn High School Students Face Expulsion After Antiwar Sit-In


Arizona, 10.11.2007 00:37

Photos and Reports From the Month of October in Oaxaca, MX - by Sally /// Arizona Indymedia


Arizona, 09.11.2007 23:37

Mohawks, Border Delegation, Inflamed Over Arrests of Indigenous Peoples

Un an de prison pour un graffiti: c'est la lutte sociale qu'on condamne

Liege, 09.11.2007 23:07

Le 21 janvier 2006, durant la grève des dockers, Thierry Delforge, militant syndical, est arrêté par la police alors qu’il écrit à la peinture, sur le mur d’un dépôt appartenant à la Ville de Bruxelles, la phrase « Libérez les dockers ». La police trouve en outre dans le coffre de sa voiture deux machettes dont il se sert pour débroussailler son jardin dans les Ardennes.

No Borders Update

Arizona, 09.11.2007 22:37

Hundreds of No Borders campers in Calexico, AZ, US and Mexicali, Baja, Mex. negotiate an autonomous zone under heightened scrutiny of Fortess America forces

Washington, DC Advocacy Trip a Success for Friends of Brad Will!

NYC, 09.11.2007 21:08

Washington, DC Advocacy Trip a Success for Friends of Brad Will!

Planning to Stop ‘Plan Mexico’

While Friends of Brad Will joined Brad’s family in D.C. to lobby for justice for his murder and for other people murdered in Oaxaca, Atenco and elsewhere, the Mexican authorities which Bush would like to lavish with ‘drug war’ money were busy arresting activists and mourners in Oaxaca.

Here is the report on our convergence on D.C.

La Nueva raza #8

Houston, 09.11.2007 18:38

La Nueva Raza issue #8 is out! Needs your help spreading the Word

Patota sindical impide asamblea

Argentina, 09.11.2007 18:08

Ataque a los/las trabajadores del Casino Flotante

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