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Service Workers Rising!

Philadelphia, 14.11.2007 15:08

Nuclear Convoy Stopped

Scotland, 14.11.2007 13:09

Activists from Faslane Peace Camp stopped a nuclear convoy near Balloch for half an hour whilst it was en route from RNAD Coulport to AWE Burghfield.

Como se a nossa casa fosse arrombada [PUC-SP]

Brasil, 14.11.2007 13:08

Movimento OcupaPuc

Эскадроны правацэнтрызму альбо Незвычайныя прыгоды Вінцука Вячоркі ў Лацінскай Амерыцы

Belarus, 14.11.2007 11:07

Protest Mandatory Detention

Perth, 14.11.2007 09:09

Turmoil inside Villawood Detentiion Centre - Self Harm, Hunger Strikes

Incident on 4th and Oak: Why mercenary quasi-police have no place in a democratic society

Portland, 14.11.2007 07:38

I was standing at a bus stop a little while ago, on the corner of SW 4th and Oak. It was lunchtime, so there were a lot of people there. There had to be nearly a dozen of us, mostly waiting for one of three buses that would be passing by soon. And there was the man who was sitting by the wall on the corner. I see him now and then. He was leaning back, soaking in the scant rays of the weak November sun. Occasionally, he would ask people walking by if they could spare some change. None did, but he is used to that. He took it all in stride, just leaning back again and waiting for someone to show some kindness.
Anyway, so I was standing there, waiting for this bus. And as I'm squinting up the street wondering if it will be on time, I see the two "Clean and Safe" oppressors walking toward us. As I see them, I realize that my friend by the wall is probably in danger of being harassed. One of them, the woman, walks up to him, while the other "officer" goes into the little market there, for a moment, either picking up a snack or trying to justify what comes next. I hear my friend ask the first officer, "Hey, how ya doin'?" And I hear her terse response. She's doing fine. The male officer comes out of the little market, walks right up to the man, and growls at him that he has to leave. He's being kind of obnoxious about it too, standing right up against him with his face only an inch or two from the other man's face. And of course, there is the implication that if he does not leave, force may be employed. The relish with which the fake officer brandished his fake power was just too much.

"Why does he have to leave?" I asked.

Miami Activist Armada of Small Boats to Take “Private” Beach of Exclusive Fisher Island

Miami, 14.11.2007 07:07

Miami Activist Armada of Small Boats to Take “Private” Beach of Exclusive Fisher Island

The Blockades Hold

Houston, 14.11.2007 01:09

11/13: The Blockades Hold: War Shipments Shut Down in WA


Colombia, 14.11.2007 01:08

TLC´s con EEUU; UE, Canadá y AELC


Athens, 14.11.2007 00:09

Να τους το κόψουμε!

Ken Saro-Wiwa commemoration in Dublin

Ireland, 14.11.2007 00:09

November 10th 2007 A large crowd braved the cold e ...


Arizona, 13.11.2007 23:07

Community Events Demand Migra Out of Our Schools!

corruption &amp; power (en)

Barcelona, 13.11.2007 22:09

Let's stop the meeting point [Nov 6th-11th 2007]

WARNING! Property mafia meets again at the Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP)
From november the 6th to the 11th takes place the eleventh Barcelona Meeting Point; according to their own definition, the Europe greatest real-state event. This event -organized by the Barcelona's Consorci de la Zona Franca- will gather again all the spectrum of organizations, companies and administrations involved in the real-state and urban speculation: construction developers and companies, real-state agencies, banks and saving banks, a lot of city councils and big media groups. The different struggles in defense of the territory call again to boycott actively the celebration of this real-state fair and to continue weaving solidarity networks to do a common front against the advance in the imposition of a life and development model that affects us all in districts, towns and regions and a model that we refuse categorically to accept.

[NOV 5] Viladecans -> 20h: PRESS CONFERENCE - Platform Salvem Oliveretes- at Pablo Picasso Auditorium in Viladecans (Ptge. Sant Ramon 2)

[NOV 7] Forat de la Vergonya -> 8h (morning): SUPPORTIVE BREAKFAST + CICLYING OUTSIDE THE BLOKE METGES (c/ Metges 16bis, L1 Arc de Triomf, L5 Urquinaona) ::: Viladecans -> 19:30h: INFORMATIVE MEETING at Pablo Picasso Auditorium -Platform Salvem Oliveretes-

[NOV 8] Bon Pastor -> 21h: Supper and screening by Bon Pastor District neighbours in resistance. -Assembly in support to Bon Pastor- CSO PHRP Magdalenas 13-15 metro Urquinaona L1 L4

[NOV 9]Horta -> 19h: LIVELY MARCH IN HORTA against speculation

[NOV 10]Sant Andreu -> 12h: DEMONSTRATION AGAINST BMP’07 Plça Orfila, st Andreu - Barcelona // metro: L1 st.andreu & renfe: sant andreu comtal ::: Tortosa -> 19h: PRESENTATION OF THE PLATFORM IN DEFENCE OF SENIA LANDS and explanation of the current situation of the CASTOR PROJECT at Tortosa Felip Pedrell Auditorium - Platform in defense of Senia Land-

+info: >>>corruption & power

Elecciones estudiantiles en la UNLP

Argentina, 13.11.2007 21:38

Nuevas conducciones en Veterinaria y Bellas Artes, denuncias de fraude en Derecho y Arquitectura

Vets parade

Houston, 13.11.2007 20:09

11/13 Veterans for Peace get rained on at Parade

Veterans for Peace Arrested at Veterans Day March in Boston

Boston, 13.11.2007 18:08

Veterans for Peace, in their own voices, talk about their action of civil disobedience yesterday where as many as eighteen members were arrested during the Veterans Day Parade in Boston. Every year, veterans against the war are banned from marching officially on the parade. See video:

Ghost Town

Bristol, 13.11.2007 17:38

"Blackened by the dust of years gone past, embittered by lost glory, now faded and neglected ..." GHOST TOWN: Blackened by the dust of years gone past, embittered by lost glory, now faded and neglected... Ed of Artspace Lifespace writes: The people that brought you the Audi garage squat on Cheltenham Road bring you similar adventures in a new location: The deserted Pro-Cathedral on Park Place...Come along and get involved before the developers destroy it...the group that took the eyesore that was the Audi garage and returned it to the community - have found themselves a new project: the old Pro-Cathedral on Park Place. The site is now owned by developers who plan to turn it into... can you guess? ...flats. For the time being though it belongs to the community. Come along, enjoy yourself and show your support at 'Ghost Town' the new production that'll tour you around the Cathedral and blow your mind...Blackened by the dust of years gone past, embittered by lost glory, now faded and neglected - GHOST TOWN is a palace of dreams too distant to remember, forgotten beneath the concrete and steel of New Town...Wednesday 14th, Thursday 15th and Friday 16th November. From 7.30pm - 11.00pm (last entry - 8.30). Full article.| 'Ghost Town' from the people that brought you the Audi Squat - Stokes Croft | | Other Events: Film Showing - Carandiru | love music hate racism bristol gig | Party for the Planet' eco demo in Bath - Dec 1st | Kebele Kwickies | Hands Off Iraqi Oil | Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Bolivian Anarchism and Indigenous Resistance: Interview with Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui

Boston, 13.11.2007 17:08

The South American nation of Bolivia has filled the headlines of the global press with their fight against water privatization, struggle for nationalization of gas, non-compliance with free trade policies, and the election of South America’s first indigenous president, Evo Morales. These struggles are rooted in the long history of indigenous resistance to colonialism and imperialism in Bolivia. In an interview conducted during her recent stay in Pittsburgh, subaltern theorist, Aymara sociologist, and historian Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui discussed Bolivian Anarchism, the health benefits of the Coca plant, and the Cocaleros' (Coca Growers') fight for sovereignty. For Audio Listening:

Police Use Excessive Force in Opening up OLY Port

Portland, 13.11.2007 16:38

This morning, [Nov 10] the Olympia police force showed up in riot gear, clearly ready to use force to disperse the anti-war protestors who had blockaded the 2 entrances to the Port. As the sun began to rise after a rainy night, the truckers, Port workers and soldiers began to arrive.

The anti-war protestors were engaged in civil disobedience and fully expected to be arrested. And that could have been handled peacefully without the use of excessive force. However, the police had pepper spray and they used it?spraying people directly in the face. It is important to note that the protestors were sitting in front of the barricade. They were not engaging in any action against the police nor were they resisting. One police officer in particular who did not have a badge number on his helmet began pepper spraying. The sitting demonstrators were roughly picked up, some were dragged, some may have been pummeled?and a few of the police took special delight in throwing them into the gravel parking lot.

Curiously, the police kept anyone who looked like an anti-war activist off the sidewalk near the Port (and not all of them were) but seemed perfectly OK to let a few pro-war folks stay unmolested on the sidewalk. WTF? Why do the police have two standards for who can remain on a public sidewalk?

Port Liberation Front Communication (RE: The Last 3 Days) | 11/9/07 video | Photoset from PMR Olympia |Thirteen arrested while containing military convoys traveling through Olympia

Eric McDavid - Day 5 of Hunger Strike

Portland, 13.11.2007 16:38

Eric demands access to vegan food for all future vegan prisoners...

We wanted to give you the latest news about Eric's medical and food situation. Things are still quite critical, and we need everyone's help as Eric enters day five of his hunger strike. His hunger strike is beginning to take its toll on his body. This morning he told us the circulation to his hands and feet is getting weaker, and eventually he had to get off the phone because his legs were tiring. Because Eric has not received vegan meals since a week before his trial in September, he is starting his hunger strike with an already weakened body and immune system. He informed us on Sunday that he has lost approximately 20 pounds in the last two months

The phone number to the Correctional Health Services Division is: (916) 875-9782. You can also email them at:

You should also call the main jail line at: 916-874-6752 or 916-874-6905, leave a message with them, and also request to speak with Captain Scott Jones.

Our deepest thanks to everyone who has been calling and emailing the jail - we need you to keep it up!

Report Back From Shut Down Downtown Tacoma Protest

Portland, 13.11.2007 16:38

On Friday, the 9th of November, a group of 100 converged on the park at the corner of 17th and Pacific in Tacoma. While waiting there, surrounded by the mainstream media and the police, black clad anarchist "terrorists" passed out literature to an extremely receptive public. Contrary to what the Tacoma News Tribune reported, massive numbers of people were eager to take the pamphlets explaining what was going on around them giving information about the ICE concentration camp in the Tideflats. Footage which will soon be released will show this.


Report Back From Smash Tacoma ICE Protest

We met in the "green zone". There were tons of media and tons of people taking video and pictures. There were also TONS of cops, shamelessly following people around, taking pictures and video. We started marching around noon, heading down Pacific Avenue toward the giant edifice that is the Wells Fargo building. Wells Fargo is one of the largest shareholders in GEO GROUP, the corporation that runs the Homeland Security Detention Center in the tide flats of Tacoma. Cops followed on bikes and in vehicles, effectively shutting down the traffic for us. Cops stood in a line in front of the building, doing their jobs (protect and serve Wells Fargo). After a while we were told that we must leave or be arrested for we continued our march through Tacoma, passing out information about ICE and the Detention Center and the protest in general. Many people joined us as we marched down Pac. Ave. Many students on their lunch breaks helped to hold banners and information. After going up several blocks to Commerce. We marched from corner to corner at the 11th and Commerce intersection, careful to use crosswalks and sidewalks at all times. It was at this point, we REALLY pissed the cops off. They wanted us to stop crossing the street in a perfectly legal fashion and started to push us back with their bikes reared up.


Community Meeting Saturday Nov 17th in Portland to discuss 2008 Anti-Immigrant Ballot Measures

On Saturday, November 17th The Center for Intercultural Organizing will host an informational session and facilitated discussion on the impact of the upcoming ballot measures; In the 2008 election cycle, two initiatives (IP#19 and IP#112) will specifically target immigrant and refugee communities by cutting ESL funding, limiting access to civic participation, and requiring local government officials to corporate with federal ICE agents. If passed, these measures will heighten the atmosphere of fear and division for many Portland communities. Erecting barriers to education, mobility, leadership and voting, these measures will effectively silence the voice of individuals from already underrepresented populations and make Oregon a less equitable society.

Community Information and Strategy Session: Saturday, November 17th from 12:00 to 4:00 PM, PCC Cascade Campus - 705 N. Killingsworth St., Room MAHB 104 - Moriarty Arts and Humanities Building - Auditorium


"La Redada" / "The Raid" Documentary Film Screening @ PSU Thursday 11/15

FCC Hearings in Seattle: Report Back II (After Soup)

Portland, 13.11.2007 16:38

I just got back from Seattle, where I attended the 6th and final opportunity for the public to confront the FCC on plans to allow further consolidation of the corporate media. Knowing that there is a vibrant and independent culture of media activism in the NW, the commissioners in favor of the sweeping changes resorted to a sneaky ploy: They gave the public only a few days' notice prior to the hearing. They figured this would prevent us from being able to attend the hearings, and thus we would be as silenced from the debate as they would like us to be from the public airwaves. As you will see, the ploy did not work.

Anti-Fascist Killed in Action

Portland, 13.11.2007 16:38

yesterday a 16 year old antifascist was killed by a 24 year old fascist soldier in the metro of madrid, spain. the comrade of the 16 year old was hit in the lung, but survived...

[from] "an antifascist activist was stabbed in the heart when on his way to a demo in Madrid. A nazi group called Democracia Nacional had called for a demo against immigration in a popular neighborhood in town, where many foregin nationals live, mainly latin american workers. This fascist act had been authorised by the local governement, from the conservative party. Another demo was called by antifascist groups to defend the area. While on his way there, the comrade, only 16 years of age, together with some friends, spotted a guy sporting nazi paraphernalia on the underground. When "called to attention", the bastard pulled out a knife, stabbed Carlos, the comrade, in the heart, and another antifascist militant in the lung, while trying to run out of the tube station. Carlos died, the other guy has been badly hurt, but doctors say he will live.

The others in the group of antifascists chased the bastard, and beat him within an inch of his life, until the police arrived and attacked the antifascists. The nazi is (was) a service person, in the spanish army. He is now in a critical condition in hospital, where I hope he will die soon. Also, a guy in the antifascist lot was hurt when police shot him in the eye with a rubber bullet. There´s been demos all over the state, many ending in riots, which in turn have seen some arrested and wounded by the police.

This is particularly worrying, if it could be any more, by the fact that the 20th of November, the traditional show down between the scum and the antifascists is so close. That´s the anniversary of Franco´s death, when the fascists always call for a demo that every year is swiftly countered. So there will be more violence to come."

16 years old. Fuck. article3360.html

Rally Today at Aramark Headquarters: It's Time for Aramark to Play Fair and Pay Fair

Philadelphia, 13.11.2007 15:08


Manila, 13.11.2007 14:39

Nine Filipinos Staged Mutiny In the High Seas

Venezuela: Reforms take away what is gained through the struggle

Portland, 13.11.2007 14:38

Once again we must consider the dilemma of whether to participate or not in the electoral contest (referendum), this time with the difference that it is not a case of choosing a candidate but rather constitutional norms for the government of collective life. This situation requires careful reflection... The oil bonanza allows the executive to increase its broad client network in readiness for the coming electoral showdown... In addition to this is the clear opportunism by which, bypassing proper electoral norms, the Government conducts its 'Yes' campaign, forcing the support of public sector employees and everyone else who is dependant on public finance

We believe that with or without voters the Reform will be passed. However through abstention and the absence of the electorate it is possible to make it illegitimate, even when it is legal. A very low number of voters in the coming poll would be a way of debilitating the regime from making any further moves, demonstrating that there is no 'revolution' in popular participation but rather a deepening of presidential personalism... A significant abstention would mark the separation of the people, their aspirations and desires from those who hold State power,

Faced with this panorama, those of us who don't renounce liberty and social justice must prepare ourselves to confront a general increase of coercion and collective control. This must be done without becoming paranoid; we know that we are not faced with the military government of Myanmar but rather an expression of neo-militarism as an efficient model for maintaining the despotic domination of Venezuelan society, in the service of, we repeat, the global energy market. All of this suggests that we must prepare, from taking measures for personal security to making ready for the escalation of repression that will be legitimized by the constitution that will be approved in December and that will consecrate the architecture of the totalitarian State. Moving beyond the conservative and reactionary elements of the media driven opposition, the social struggle must confront the governmental Leviathan developing new, creative and unexpected forms of organisation and resistance.

Czeck Republic, Prague: 1000s of Anarchists and Nazis fight against each other

Portland, 13.11.2007 14:38

About 1000 nazis tried to march through the jewish quarter of Prague to remember the "Reichskristallnacht" 1938 when Nazis burned thousands of synagogues and jewish shops within one night. Many thousands tried to stop the nazis from doing so. After one nazi shot into the crowd with a gas pistol, situation went out of control: nazis were attacked, dispersed, hunted and beaten all over the city.

This evening news came in, that same time in Spain, Madrid, a nazi stabbed an antifascist with a knife in the metro. The young antifascust died. Protest marches all over Spain tonight.

Ha'Aretz Report

Pol�mico art�culo sobre el euskera en el Wall Street Journal

Euskal Herria, 13.11.2007 13:08

El pasado 6 de noviembre el peri�dico estadounidense Wall Street Journal public� un reportaje en relaci�n a la lengua vasca, firmado por su corresponsal en Madrid, Keith Johnson, y que lleva por t�tulo Inquisici�n vasca: �C�mo se dice pastor en euskera?.

El art�culo en cuesti�n, gener� el enfado de muchas personas dentro y fuera de Euskal Herria, que se reflej� en p�ginas web o blogs de internautas. (|1|, |2|, |3|, |4|). Tambi�n se escribieron correos reclamando al periodista, quien respondi� (y m�s) deslind�ndose del titular, aunque no del contenido.

Keith Johnson elabor� su reportaje a ra�z de una visita a Euskal Herria, donde estuvo en un euskaltegi de AEK, manifestando su inter�s por dar a conocer la recuperaci�n del euskera y se reuni� con gente de la instituci�n. Incluso le hicieron una entrevista para su publicaci�n Aizu!. Cabe se�alar que el diario estadounidense Wall Street Journal fue adquirido (m�s) por el empresario australiano Rupert Murdoch propietario de uno de los mayores conglomerados medi�ticos del mundo. En el correo de respuesta a los reclamos por su reportaje sobre la lengua vasca, Keith Johnson defiende la independencia de la l�nea editorial del peri�dico y niega la influencia del nuevo due�o, y de uno se sus asesores m�s recientes, Jos� Mar�a Aznar, cuya incorporaci�n no estuvo exenta de pol�mica (1, 2), y tampoco es la primera vez que se vierten este tipo de acusaciones


Hidden Oasis Threatened by Development

LA, 13.11.2007 11:38

Hidden Oasis Threatened by Development

Antifaschist in Madrid v Faschisten ermordet

Germany, 13.11.2007 11:08

Madrid ist offensichtlich wieder mal in Aufruhr, nachdem ein Jugendlicher gestern von einem Faschisten ermordet wurde. Eine Gruppe Antifaschisten war auf dem Weg zu einer Gegendemo gegen zwei Demonstrationen der faschistischen Jugend der Partei Democracia Nacional

Developments at rampART

United Kingdom, 13.11.2007 10:08

The rampART social center in East London has been open for over three and a half years, hosting thousands of meetings, screenings, performances, exhibitions and benefit gigs. During that period the building and resources have steady evolved to adapt the demands of it's users. Now gentrification approaches with property developers planning to partially demolish the squatted houses next to the social center and build three new properties at the back. The rampART itself is under no immediate threat and regular activities continue as normal with Food Not Bombs, Rhythms Of Resistance, Radical Theory Group, Dissident Island Radio, WANC, and a new homeopathy clinic among the regular users. Coming up are a benefit for 'Papers For All' and an indymedia training session. Meanwhile the rampART collective is taking stock of its past and looking to the future with a special users meeting taking place on the Sat 17th Nov. All groups that have used the space or might like to use the space are invited to take part in discussions about how the social center is being run and the direct it should take in the coming year.

Links : The rampART and its evolution | Invite to the rampART User Meeting, 17th Nov | Developers make their move on Rampart Street | Rampart Update in Indymedia Offline #21 (oct07) | Making waves with radical radio | Reclaim you Health | Free food criminals | Papers for All fundraising party | Indymedia training session - be the media |


Galiza, 13.11.2007 09:39

Carlos e Carlo. Ambos assassinados polo fascismo de estado, pola sinraçom ante o diverso.

Onte a manha, no metro de Madrid, Carlos, um compa de 16 anos foi arrebatado da súa vida por um militante da extrema direita espanholista num novo acto de miseria humana de quem so pode ver-se enteiro amparado na massa. De quem utiliça um coitelo de cozinha para acodir a umha convocatoria contra a inmigraçom num bairro obreiro do Madrid antifascista, por se fosse pouco, o próprio sistema avergonha-se de albergar a este tipo de elementos e oculta-os baixo o xenérico de "bandas rivais" negando a existência do crime político, disfrazando as agressons imigrantes ao berro de "viva ejpaña" como "feitos aillados"...

O 20 de Julho de 2001 Carlo foi assassinado polos carabinieros italianos, quem baixo o estado de excepçom que os governos do G8 cimentarom sobre a cidade de Genova, abrirom fogo ante um rapaz que tratava de abrir-se passo entre a violencia estatal.

Paradoxas do destinho o mesmo nome e o mesmo final. O da memoria e a acçom antifascista dxs que seguimos aqui.
Lembramos que na Galiza atitudes como as da policia municipal viguesa nas súas diversas acçons xenófobas contra migrantes ou da razzia da policia espanhola em Corunha operam na mesma chave.

Por que o fascismo é ubicuo e combate-se no día a día.
Acçons e concentraçons na Galiza ::: Vigo :: Corunha :: Ourense :: Juntança na Casa Encantada
:: Máis Info ::

* Sobre Carlo Guiliani:: Mani o 17 em Genova e acçons a nivel global


Switzerland, 13.11.2007 09:07

Ci-joint l'appel pour 2 jours d'actions décentralisées en faveur des squats et autres espaces autonomes en Europe... une alternative en lutte à la répression globalisante ambiante!

Asile, Leuba pas mieux que Mermoud

Switzerland, 13.11.2007 09:07


* Depuis plusieurs mois, nombre de pétitions déposées par diverses
associations en faveur de personnes migrantes ont obtenu un appui
clair du grand conseil, mais une fin de non recevoir de la part du
gouvernement. Mr Philippe Leuba, en charge des questions de
migration, se montre extrêmement rigide et exprime de plus en plus
ouvertement son agacement.
* Parallèlement, le gouvernement prépare l'expulsion domiciliaire
de centaines de requérant·es d'asile débouté·es. C'est la façon qu'il
a choisi d'appliquer la nouvelle loi sur l'asile.

Hidden Oasis Threatened by Development

LA, 13.11.2007 07:38

Hidden Oasis Threatened by Development

Border Patrol Brutalize Non-violent No Borders Camp Participants

Portland, 13.11.2007 07:08

From the first international solidarity action to take place on both sides of a border, the No Borders Camp marched west on a street that was once un-divided. Two marches, one on each side of what has become a 15ft wall dividing Mexicali and Calexico, converged on US Customs and Inspection Port of Entry to protest the militarized border. No Borders Camp participants as well as friends and allies from the Mexican side demonstrated peacefully until US Border Patrol, without warning, brutally dispersed participants on the US side with point-bla2nk rounds of pepper-spray pellets, batons, and swarm tactics leaving several badly injured. This event was the closing ceremony of the No Borders Camp, and came after one week of peaceful confrontation and resistance to the border system. The unnecessary violence and detentions today were a sad ending to an otherwise thoughtful expression of concern for human dignity.

Day 1 Reportback
Photos Day 2: 1, 2, 3, 4

Video & Photos from AZ-IMC & Indybay | Interview with a Cop | A-Infos No One Is Illegal Radio
Let Me Out, Let Me In Performance Art | Day Of The Dead Art Show

Severely Beaten Prisoners Denied Medical Attention

Santiago del Estero Sin Respuestas

Argentina, 13.11.2007 03:08

El Gobierno No Recibió a los Familiares de la Masacre

Santiago del Estero. Sin Respuestas

Argentina, 13.11.2007 03:08

El Gobierno No Recibió a los Familiares de la Masacre

Atentado paramilitar contra trabajadores

Venezuela, 13.11.2007 02:37


Peru, 13.11.2007 01:40

Lunes 12 de noviembre del 2007
Huancavelica: un muerto y dos heridos en toma de Minera Pampamali

From the Indy Archives: Reporting From Pakistan

NYC, 13.11.2007 01:38

As turmoil engulfs Pakistan, the Indypendent takes a trip back through its archives for recent firsthand coverage of the country.

(from the June 29, 2006 Indypendent): "Walking Out of Slavery: For Pakistan’s Bonded Laborers, Freedom Is The Beginning Of A New Struggle."

(from the January 10, 2007 Indypendent): "Reflections from Pakistan." I was in Pakistan for a little over a month last year reporting on the issue of bonded labor and debt slavery in the country. Though Pakistan was only one of the ten countries I visited in an eight-month tour, it looms the largest in my memory. I was fascinated by this country so at odds with itself: as feudal as it is modern, as isolated from as it is harassed by the international community, as hospitable as it is hostile. But the real reason Pakistan is still on my mind is because America won’t let me forget it.

More on the Common Language Project

VIDEO: Smash Tacoma ICE

Seattle, 13.11.2007 00:38

Tacoma P.D. arrested three people in the Smash Tacoma ICE march on Friday. Members of the march were singled out and dragged behind police lines for arrest.

Report Back From Shut Down Downtown Tacoma Protest (Day 1)

Seattle, 13.11.2007 00:38

Preface: Prior to the protest, the Pitch Pipe Infoshop was accused of being a homeland security threat. The TPD attempted to terrify everyone Downtown and make them believe the people involved in the protest were dangerous "terrorists." In the morning, a police helicopter and a police plane were circling the Pitch Pipe Infoshop.

VIDEO: Port of Olympia War Shipments Halted 11/9/07

Seattle, 13.11.2007 00:38

Late Friday afternoon, approximately 50 members of Olympia Port Militarization Resistance (OlyPMR) sat down near the main gate of the Port of Olympia in Washington State. Two tractor trailers, one carrying two Stryker combat vehicles, another filled with military cargo, were blocked from exiting the port. Police arrived on the scene and after failing to persuade the demonstrators to allow one truck through, ceded control of the entrance. The 2 trucks were forced by these circumstances to back up -- returning inside the port gate. At this point, OlyPMR controlled movement into and out of the port.

Gênova: &quot;Processo dos 25&quot; próximo do fim; Pedido de 225 anos de prisão aos 25 manifestantes

Brasil, 12.11.2007 23:43


Monthly 'Activist Night' begins May 16

Ottawa, 12.11.2007 23:41

An ongoing experiment in motivation and inspiration for Ottawa activists
(A funfest for lefties and anarchists!)

Anger is a great motivator but it also has to be fun! Pissed off? Tired of waiting for trickle down? Join us once a month at U of O's Cafe Nostalgica!

Stop the OCTranspo Fare Hikes!

Ottawa, 12.11.2007 23:41

The City of Ottawa's latest attack on the poor and working poor: two bus fare hikes in the last 8 months, with a planned 37.5% increase over the next five years. In a city that has seen it's social services cut every year, and that hasn't had a significant tax increase for almost a decade, this new transit plan is a direct assault on the poor people and communities of Ottawa.

Prospects for Democracy in Pakistan

DC, 12.11.2007 20:09

In June, 2004, the Action group of Physicians from South Asia (APSA) held a panel discussion titled Prospects for Democracy in Pakistan at the Wardman Park Hotel in Washington DC. Panelists included a scholarly analysis by Aqil Shah, as well as presentations by Senator Tarik Azim Khan of the ruling (Musharraf) party, PMK, Ehsan Iqbal of the Nawaz Pakistani Muslim League (former government) as well as Aitzas Ahsan of Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party. These clips are the presentations of the speakers, each around ten to fifteen minutes in length.

no borders camp attacked

Houston, 12.11.2007 19:09

Border Patrol agents Brutalize Protestors During No Borders Camp Closing Ceremony

N16 - Uncharted Territory

Houston, 12.11.2007 17:39

Nov 16th: Uncharted Territory - Gender Exploration Down South

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