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Black Americans Choose: Minutemen Go Home

LA, 19.11.2007 01:08

Black Americans Choose: Minutemen Go Home

Immigrant Rights Activist, Naui Hutizilopochtli Assaulted While Defending Sanctuary Church

LA, 19.11.2007 01:08

Immigrant Rights Activist, Naui Hutizilopochtli Assaulted While Defending Sanctuary Church

Protesters March Downtown to Protest Arellano Deportation

LA, 19.11.2007 01:08

Protesters March Downtown to Protest Arellano Deportation

Defending The New Sanctuary Movement in Long Beach

LA, 19.11.2007 01:08

Defending The New Sanctuary Movement in Long Beach

Elvira Arellano Arrested.

LA, 19.11.2007 01:08

Elvira Arellano Arrested.

Juicio a Campesinas y campesinos

Argentina, 19.11.2007 00:38

Acusados de “usurpación” de sus tierras.

Return to the Park: Community Mobilizes for May 17th March to MacArthur Park

LA, 19.11.2007 00:38

Return to the Park: Community Mobilizes for May 17th March to MacArthur Park

May Day Police Attack: Bratton’s “Agitators” Story Untrue.

LA, 19.11.2007 00:38

May Day Police Attack: Bratton’s “Agitators” Story Untrue.

Public Terror: Escalating the War on Migrants

LA, 19.11.2007 00:38

Public Terror: Escalating the War on Migrants

Full Rights for All Immigrants March and Rally in Los Angeles

LA, 19.11.2007 00:38

Full Rights for All Immigrants March and Rally in Los Angeles

June 24 March-Rally For Immigrants Rights in LA - A Success

LA, 19.11.2007 00:38

June 24 March-Rally For Immigrants Rights in LA - A Success

Final Communication From The PLF

Portland, 19.11.2007 00:38

The PLF would like to thank every single human being who was on the streets of Olympia for the last week. Although it took a while, the various groups were able to find a basic common ground in which they could operate together. On the night of Tuesday, November 13th, everyone respected each other, everyone protected each other, everyone did exactly what they wanted to do. The dangerous anarchists stopped being the dangerous anarchists. The naïve liberal stopped being the naïve liberal. The night of the 13th was beautiful.

It has been an extremely difficult time over the course of these actions, but over those nights everyone learned something about each other. People realized that cohesion is not easy to obtain and cannot be synthesized. Perfection stopped being the ultimate goal and effectiveness became what everyone strove for. There was no more intangible ideal that people were chasing on the streets. Instead, people did whatever they could to stop the horrible, never-ending slaughter and destruction all over the planet. None of this went perfectly though. Perfection is an illusion.

On the night of the 13th, the anarchist witches and wizards patrolled the crowd around the women's blockade, following under cover cops and guarding each other against fascists. The blockade held up the shipments until they were all arrested. And then the military tried to sneak the death-machines by on another road. All of a sudden, light began to leap from the shadows and the police guarding the Strykers were bewitched and pummeled by the new spells spread throughout Olympia. Everyone was running. Witches and wizards conjured objects from the sky. The internal military began to open fire on the crowd. Concussion grenades were going off as people suddenly realized they had a wand in their pocket. They took it out, gripped it firmly in their hands and began to counter the spells of the enemy which they had been trying to evade all of their lives.

Juicio a Campesinas y campesinos

Argentina, 19.11.2007 00:08

Acusados de “usurpación” de sus tierras.

Fur Protest Report November 10, 2007

Portland, 18.11.2007 23:38

"Nordstroms doesn't sell any fur", the salesperson told the old lady who confronted Nordstroms after watching the fur trade video playing outside the main door. However, our own secret shopper did an independent survey of Nordstrom's fur inventory and found quite a bit of fur including fox, raccoon, rabbit, and horse hair.
I guess that salesperson forgot about all those fur trimmed jackets on the second floor. Not to mention the $2500 horse hair purse and the $2500 rabbit fur purse. Obscene prices for obscene merchandise.

"Do they sell fur in there?," asked the two teenage girls. "Because if they do, we're not going in there." The girls opted to do their holiday shopping elsewhere.

Macaw Landing Wildlife Refuge in Portland

Portland, 18.11.2007 23:38

Parrot smuggling, legal and illegal has already made extinct two Macaw groups, their numbers are dwindling at an ultra-drastic rate. Jack Devine, founder and director of the Macaw Landing Foundation, says that of the Macaws that are captured and transported to Northern Counties, 90% of them die in transport. Eventually they end up in the hands of wealthy owners where living in this type of captivity is devastating for the animal's emotional health.

Macaw Landing Wildlife Refuge is involved in a variety of conservation projects, along with reintroduction projects. Once the birds become healthy enough to be re-released into the wild, their reintroduction is orchestrated. The only project that has been put on hold -- is the Bolivian project. Devine had spent a year in negotiations with the Bolivian government when a group [he did not wish to identify these people] stopped this project in a court of law, for now. Wow. Can you believe these jerks? Devine has other projects where he has been able to reintroduce macaws, he mentioned Costa Rica as an example. On their 30-acre farm the conservationists offer supplemental food to some of the repatriated birds along with existing wild birds because of the drastic loss of habit.

KingCast, others receive First Amendment Awards from Nashua Mayor and Union Leader

New Hampshire, 18.11.2007 23:09

"In recognition of his leadership role in protecting our citizens freedom of speech and right to know, Christopher King is awarded this First Amendment Commendation this 13th day of November, 2007." -Nashua Mayor Bernard Streeter Also, the Union Leader presented several First Amendment Awards this week.

Terror! Consumer Zombie Flashmob Attacks!

Bristol, 18.11.2007 22:07

Broadmead (junction of Merchant St and Broadmead) 2pm, Saturday 24th November Buy Nothing Day - Broadmead (junction of Merchant St and Broadmead) 2pm, Saturday 24th November undead arts writes: This November, environmentalists, social activists and concerned citizens in as many as 65 countries will hit the streets for a 24-hour consumer fast in celebration of the 15th annual Buy Nothing Day. Kalle Lasn is the co-founder of the Adbusters Media Foundation, the organization responsible for launching Buy Nothing Day as a yearly, global event. He explains that while most participants used to see the day simply as an escape from the marketing mind games and frantic consumerism that have come to characterize modern life, the focus has since shifted in light of the new political mood surrounding climate change. "So much emphasis," he notes, "has been placed on buying carbon offsets and compact fluorescent lightbulbs and hybrid cars that we are losing sight of the core cause of our environmental problems: we consume far too much." This November, environmentalists, social activists and concerned citizens in as many as 65 countries will hit the streets for a 24-hour consumer fast in celebration of the 15th annual Buy Nothing Day....This year on November 24th join the zombie consumers as they stagger and stumble around Bristol's soulless retail district in an attempt to make people think about their consumer habits in an entertaining and enjoyable way...Rumours abound of possible undead orchestras and ghoulish circus performers...But as is the case with any flashmob... no one quite knows what will happen until it emerges and self-organises itself into existence. Broadmead (junction of Merchant St and Broadmead) 2pm, Saturday 24th November Full article.| Buy Nothing Day: Consumer Zombie Flashmob | videos documenting last year's BND actions ( | more buy nothing day pics (from 2006) | Other Events in November: Bristol's 'Don't Attack Iran' March: Saturday 24th November | Love Music Hate Racism GIG | 26Nov - Andrew Gilligan to deliver Arnolfini Journalism lecture |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar


Marseille, 18.11.2007 20:38

fermeture du site le 26 novembre 2007

The Magic Money Machine?

Philadelphia, 18.11.2007 20:08

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 18.11.2007 19:08

16 jarojn luktante kontraŭ Pla Caufec - Porta BCN

Sabate la 6an de oktobro je la 17a en Esplugues: reaperas la taĉmento Clown Army

Post pli ol 16 jaroj haltigante urboplanisman projektegon celantan betonigi la flankon de Collserola en Esplugues de Llobregat, nun la laboroj komenciĝis. La lukto kontraŭ Pla Caufec-Porta BCN fariĝis simbolo de la rezistado kontraŭ spekulado, koruptado, institucia aroganteco kaj la laciĝo de la sociaj movadoj en pluraj frontoj. Dum la lastaj jaroj kaj celante diskonigi la konflikton oni organizis plurajn agojn, aranĝojn kaj prelegojn ĉie tra la Katalunaj Landoj, oni ankaŭ helpis vigligi solidarajn kaj agajn retojn kun aliaj movadoj defendantaj la teritorion kaj batalantaj kontraŭ spekulado profitante aranĝoj kiel la nemoveblaĵa foiro Barcelona Meeting Point aŭ kampanjoj kiel 'Està tot Fatal'.

Ekas la laboroj +Fotoj

Aliaj novaĵoj::Revuo Meeting Point+Pliaj enprizonigitoj el 'Solidari@s con Itoiz'+Letero el Julio (enprizonigito el 'Solidari@s con Itoiz') +La elektro-enterigo kaj Pla Caufec - Porta BCN+Nova MAT (trealtatensia elektrolinio) trapasos la montaron Collserola+ Subskribkampanjo por haltigi la trealtatensian elektrolinion+Absolvitaj la 20 sinkatenitoj en la prikuglotrajnaj laboroj (EH)

+ infoj:: Ne al Pla Caufec:: Ni haltigu Meeting Point :: spekulado :: ESTA TOT FATAL

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 18.11.2007 19:08

Kvartaloj luktas kontraŭ detruiĝo

30 homoj haltigas la laborojn pri la kuglotrajno en Sants

Ni decidis haltigi la laborojn por diri: sufiĉe!, por diri ke ni estas lacaj ke la diversaj administracioj agu laŭplaĉe kaj ni, la loĝantoj en la kvartaloj, estu ĉiam la viktimoj. Ĉar tiu konstruo ne nur ne solvas unu el historiaj kvartalaj depostuloj, kiel estas la enterigo de la fervojon por ke nia kvartalo ne estu disigita, sed pligravigas ĝin ĉar starigas kofron 16 metrojn altan.

Oni vakigis OSC-n 'l'Òpera' - I [OSC 'l'Òpera' riskis vakigon kiam ajn]+ Prokrastita la proceso kontraŭ 'Can vies': Nova dato por la proceso kontraŭ 'Can vies' en oktobro

>>> [25an de julio je la 20a en Pl. Ajuntament de l'Hospitalet]:: Amasiĝo responde al vakigo de OSC-n 'l'Òpera' + 3 homoj dormas surstrate apud OSC 'l'Òpera' por kontroli brikojn kaj betonon

>>> [20an jul, je la 21a] Ĝenitoj pro la kuglotrajno kunvokas kaserolproteston

Rilataj novaĵoj:

>>> [18an jul] Liberigitaj ĉiuj la kaptitoj pro la ago kontraŭ kuglotrajno

>>> [17an jul] Du aktivuloj daŭre alĉenitaj al prikuglotrajna laborgruo en l'Hospitalet ::: Plia informado pri la ago kontraŭ kuglotrajno

>>> [16an jul] Du homoj pendas sin en L'Hospitalet ĉe la laboroj pri kuglotrajno ::: Du homoj alĉenitaj al ujo ĉe la laboroj pri kuglotrajno en Sants ::: Lastaj novaĵoj en Sants ::: Amasiĝo favore al ago kontraŭ kuglotrajno ::: Ni daŭre estas en Sants. Ni diras: ne al kuglotrajno!! ::: La ago kontraŭ kuglotrajno daŭras + Fotoj I - II

Kampado por digna loĝejo en Sabadell ::: Taksado de la kampadon / Rezolucioj 4a Asembleo / Fotoj. Ass Habitatge-Sabadell.

+ infoj: spekulado + ttt-ejo de la strato Miquel Àngel + CanVies + OSC 'L'Òpera'

Prag: Tausende gegen Naziaufmarsch

Germany, 18.11.2007 18:38

Am 10. November 2007 wollten Neonazis in der tschechischen Hauptstadt Prag am Jahrestag der Novemberpogrome durch das dortige jüdische Viertel marschieren. Obwohl der Aufmarsch gerichtlich verboten worden war und die Polizei angekündigt hatte das Verbot durchzusetzen, versuchten etwa 400 von ihnen zu marschieren. Mehrere tausend Menschen protestierten gegen diesen Versuch, ein Teil von ihnen lieferte sich heftige Auseinandersetzungen mit den angereisten Neonazis.

antifascism (en)

Barcelona, 18.11.2007 13:08

Carlos, a young antifascist, killed by a soldier

Antifascist demonstration, Saturday 17th at 18h., Universitat Sq. [BCN]

Meetings and antifascists acts: Korneyà+Santa Coloma de Gramanet+Berga

related infos:Urgent 12.30 Madrid: nazi stabs ::: Video that shows the link between nazis and DN ::: Four Colombian people assaulted in Madrid ::: Carlos brother we don't forget ::: Prison to the neonazi ::: Gathering in Support at Terrassa ::: Antifa Solidarity from Berlin ::: The one who killed Carlos participated in the demo called by DN ::: State protest against fascism ::: Act at the Europa bookstore this Saturday November 17th ::: Solidarity from Gràcia ::: Endavant's communique ::: CGT's communique ::: Sabadell Antifascist Paltform's communique ::: CJC's communique ::: CAJEI's communique ::: Informative address about Pedro Álvarez case ::: Poster in support to Carlos ::: Euskal Herria mourns Carlos ::: Patio Maravillas' communique

+info: >>>antifascism


Athens, 18.11.2007 08:38

Μαθητές και φοιτητές ξανά στους δρόμους

nov 17 Montrose March

Houston, 18.11.2007 07:38

11/17 March and Rally against Iraq war moves through Montrose

Message to Brazil: Help Find and Release Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

LA, 18.11.2007 06:08

Message to Brazil: Help Find and Release Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

No Borders Camp

LA, 18.11.2007 03:38

No Borders Camp

DC Court Denies Portland's Challenge of LT2 Drinking Water Rule

Portland, 17.11.2007 20:38

Today, in a unanimous decision, the three-judge panel of the Washington, DC District Court of Appeals issued a decision in the City of Portland's challenge to the federal Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2). The Court rejected Portland 's challenge to the rule.

Portland's petition had challenged two requirements of the rule. One would force the city to provide additional treatment of its Bull Run drinking water source to either eliminate or inactivate the microbial pathogen, Cryptosporidium. The second would require that the city either cover its open finished drinking water reservoirs at Mt.Tabor and Washington Parks, provide treatment for Cryptosporidium at the outlets of the reservoirs, or take the reservoirs out of service.

UC Santa Barbara Students Drive Out CIA

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.11.2007 20:38

On November 14, a routine CIA information and recruitment session was suddenly disrupted on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara when a small group of student protestors walked in and lead a man with bound hands to the front of the room, where he was laid on a table and (voluntarily*) tortured with a CIA-approved technique used to simulate drowning, known as water-boarding. The CIA speakers were struggling to speak over the "torture victim's" coughs and cries for help, while potential CIA recruits looked on with bewilderment at the grotesquely real portrayal of torture.

Anti-immigrants SAVE OUR STATE to march in Westwood this Saturday

LA, 17.11.2007 19:08

Anti-immigrants SAVE OUR STATE to march in Westwood this Saturday

Reitoria da UFBA desocupada pela PF

Brasil, 17.11.2007 18:38


Friends of Brad Will Launch Intervention at Congressional Hearing on Plan Mexico

NYC, 17.11.2007 16:08

At the November 14th U.S. congressional hearing on the Merida Initiative which is part of Plan Mexico, four Friend's of Brad Will shifted the talk from a 1.4 billion dollar package to bolster Mexico''s security against narco-trafficing to a discussion on Mexican government impunity to commit human rights abuses against pro-democracy dissidents, labor activists, and journalists.

Wir sind die Geschichte

Germany, 17.11.2007 15:38

Sechs Jahre nach dem G8-Gipfel in Genua gibt es noch immer etliche Gerichtsverfahren gegen DemonstrantInnen und Angehörige der Polizeikräfte. Die Prozesse gegen Führungskräfte von Polizei und Carabinieri werden hinausgezögert, um von der kürzeren Verjährungsfrist zu profitieren. In den Verfahren gegen 25 AktivistInnen zeigen die StaatsanwältInnen Canepa und Canciani Härte. Noch nie gab es derart hohe Strafanträge im Kontext von Straßenkämpfen.
Aber auch in Deutschland wurde zum 17.11.07 zur Großdemonstration aufgerufen. Unter dem Motto "Gegen Überwachungsstaat und Justizwillkür" setzten sich Menschen dafür ein, dass ihr legitimer und gemeinsamer Protest im Zuge der g8 Proteste nicht einigen Wenigen zur Last gelegt wird, die mit unhaltbaren und konstruierten Anklagen konfrontiert sind.

English Version: We are the History
Artikel aus Genua: x | x | x | x Bilder: x | x | x | x
Artikel aus Rostock: 1 | x | x | x Bilder: x | x | x | x
Indymedia Italien: Liguria | Lombardia | Napoli | Roma | Emilia Romagna | Toscana | Abruzzo
Radio (ital.): Ondarossa stream | Onda d'Urto stream

We Are The History

Germany, 17.11.2007 14:38

Six years after the G8 Summit in Genoa the trails against protesters and members of the police forces are still continuing. the trials against the police and carabineri have been delayed to benefit from the new regulations of prescriptive periods. The procecutors Canepa and Canciani show strenght in the trials against the 25 activists. Never before in the context of street protest such high charges were asked for.
In Germany activists call for a protest on November 17th. Under the slogan "Against the surveillance state and arbitrariness" people demand that a few people should not get punished for a legitimate and collectiv protest by facing them with specially contructed charges.

Articles from Genoa: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Articles from Rostock: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Indymedia Italy: Liguria | Lombardia | Napoli | Roma | Emilia Romagna | Toscana | Abruzzo
Radio: Ondarossa (stream) | Radio Onda d'Urto (stream)

Battle over Access to Fla Beaches and to Fisher Island Beaches Escalates

Miami, 17.11.2007 08:37

Battle over Access to Fla Beaches and to Fisher Island Beaches Escalates

Community Meeting on Saturday: Anti-Immigrant Ballot Initiatives 2008

Portland, 17.11.2007 06:38

In the 2008 election cycle, two initiatives (IP#19 and IP#112) will specifically target immigrant and refugee communities by cutting ESL funding, limiting access to civic participation, and requiring local government officials to corporate with federal ICE agents. If passed, these measures will heighten the atmosphere of fear and division for many Portland communities. Erecting barriers to education, mobility, leadership and voting, these measures will effectively silence the voice of individuals from already underrepresented populations and make Oregon a less equitable society.

When: Saturday, November 17th from 12:00 to 4:00 PM
Where: Portland Community College Cascade Campus / 705 N. Killingsworth St., Portland
Room: MAHB 104 - Moriarty Arts and Humanities Building - Auditorium

Aotearoa anarchist arrested in Sydney, held in custody

Aotearoa, 17.11.2007 06:09

Gabriel Shanks, an anarchist from Christchurch, is currently being held in custody in Australia after being arrested by Police at Sydney Airport where he had a stopover en route to Europe. He has been charged with at least one count each of riot and affray, and will appear in the Waverly Court on Monday for an extradition hearing to the state of Victoria. The charges stem from a protest in Melbourne against the G20 Summit, a meeting of governmental representatives from 20 nations including the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and Russia, in November 2006. Police are alleging that Shanks is one of the 28 "persons of interest" who had photographs of them released via corporate media outlets by the Police in an effort to identify them. Over 240 charges have been laid in total against over 25 protesters, most of whom were arrested in raids in the days and weeks following the protest. Links: G20 Arrestee Support Website | G20 Protest feature from Melbourne IMC | Post G20 raids from MIMC | MIMC "persons of interest" feature

Huge march against hate crimes surrounds Dept of (in)Justice

DC, 17.11.2007 05:09

On Nov 16, a crowd estimated by at 15,000 to 20,000 marched from Freedom Plaza(once a slave auction site) to the Department of (in)Justice, demanding action against the wave of hate crimes and Jena 6 type local prosecutions sweeping the US. Audio 4 min 42 sec:

From the Newswire

Perth, 17.11.2007 05:09

DISCUSSION: Bill to Decriminalise WA Brothels


Arizona, 17.11.2007 02:37

Hundreds to Gather in Southern Arizona Protest Against U.S. Military Intervention, Torture

Cynthia McKinney Speaks In Seattle

Seattle, 17.11.2007 00:38

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney spoke in Seattle at New Hope Baptist Church on Saturday, November 10th, on the Jena 6 case. This case has focused an international spotlight on this country's criminal justice system and the ongoing struggle against racism. Nooses, a symbol of racist lynchings, have been hung in several places recently, including Jena and Columbia University in New York City.

Olympia Port Militarization Resistance -- March and Rally on Saturday

Seattle, 17.11.2007 00:38

The excessive use of force by police in Olympia, WA has turned a local antiwar protest into a major national news story. Show support for this powerful campaign of resistance by coming to Olympia for a march and rally on Saturday.

Schoonmakers voor een betere toekomst

Netherlands, 16.11.2007 23:08

Schoonmakers voor een betere toekomst

De schoonmaaksector is bij uitstek 1 van de meest precaire toren in tewerkstelling, zowel naar jobzekerheid, arbeidsvoorwaarden als verloning.
Globalisering, tertiarisering, outsourcing... grote woorden, heel erg wollig, schoonmakers ondervinden in de dagelijkse praktijk wat het betekent: slechte verloning, weinig aandacht voor arbeidsomstandigheden, beperkte jobzekerheid... en dat voor iets essentieels als een schone voor miljoenen anderen.

Op zaterdag 17 november gaat een campagne in de Nederlandse schoonmaaksector van start. Het is een vakbondsinitiatief, maar anders dan anders. De campagne gaat voornamelijk uitgevochten worden door schoonmakers zelf, niet simpelweg door de bestuurders aan de onderhandelingstafel. Het is David tegen Goliath , schoonmakers met een organisatiegraad van 7%, tegen enkele van de grootste schoonmaakbedrijven in Europa.

Als symboolsector in de "nieuwe economie" willen ze de het syndicalisme in nederland nieuw leven inblazen en doen ze daarom beroep op de sociale beweging om hen te ondersteunen bij hun acties. Het moet een hete, schone winter worden, met als einddoel een menswaardig bestaan en een betere toekomst voor de schoonmakers.

[Steun de schoonmakers]

Quit Torture Teach-In &amp; Vigil, Nov. 16-18 in Monterey

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.11.2007 23:08

The Direct Action Task Force Against Torture! will be holding its second annual vigil against torture outside the Presidio of Monterey. This year's event will focus on education and awareness in calling for a total cessation of the use of torture by any country, and closure of the School of the Americas in Ft. Benning, Georgia. The Quit Torture Teach-In & Vigil is ongoing from Friday, Nov. 16 through Sunday, Nov. 18 outside the gates to the Presidio.

Preserving disorder: freedom to protest and the future of SOCPA

United Kingdom, 16.11.2007 21:08

The Home Office has recently published a consultation paper which hints at what was really meant by Gordon Brown's promise to look again at the law which restricts demonstrations near parliament, far from repealing this legislation the consultation indicates that the government wants to extend the restrictions on demonstrations to cover the whole country.

The current law on demonstrations around parliament bans spontaneous protests, requiring demonstrators to seek advance police permission, which allows the police to impose arbitrary limits on numbers and effectively act as political censors. See a timeline of its effects.

A public meeting challenging the new proposal will be held at the London School of Economics on the 2nd December.

Links: SOCPA the movie | ASBOwatch | Repeal SOCPA | State of Emergency | the Consultation Document | SOCPA topic page


Colombia, 16.11.2007 21:08

¡Ya no nos callamos!

Tito Kayak Eludes Police as Paseo Caribe Protest in Puerto Rico Continues

United States, 16.11.2007 21:07

In July, Puerto Rican activists, led by the group Amig@s del Mar began a beach encampment in San Juan Puerto Rico in an effort to stop the Paseo Caribe development which will block public access to Fort San Gerónimo. Group member Alberto De Jesus, better known as Tito Kayak, was prevented from visiting Worcester in September because of the ongoing protest.

On November 6th, for the second time, De Jesus climbed one of the construction cranes halting on-going work. His protest turned into a week long crane sit.

On the night of November 13th, as Puerto Rican Special Forces police maintained vigil on land, on jet skis, in boats and from two helicopters, De Jesus rapelled down from his perch into the ocean where other members of Amig@s del Mar waited with his kayak.

In a well choreographed plan, De Jesus then switched places with a lookalike under a nearby bridge, quietly slipping away as police pursued his replacement.

Puerto Rico Indymedia was on hand to video tape Tito's escape and has full coverage of the ongoing protest. Watch Video | Full story and photos on the fight against Paseo Caribe at Puerto Rico Indymedia

Earlier: Tito Kayak in Palestine

Santa Cruz Community Supports Tree-sitters

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.11.2007 20:08

The people of Santa Cruz continue to show their support for activists who have taken to the trees in opposition of UCSC's Long Range Development Plan. Santa Cruz community members have come to observe, to bring supplies and to thank the tree-sitters for taking a stand against UCSC's plan to add 4,500 new students and destroy 120 acres of forest. Among the visitors were Mayor Emily Reilly who called the site "inspirational" and said that she would donate food from her bakery to the activists.

Sleeping Ban Debate on Voices from the Village

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.11.2007 20:08

On November 11th, Vice Mayor Ryan Coonerty, Civil Rights Attorney Kate Wells and local ACLU representative Don Zimmerman debated the Santa Cruz Sleeping Ban on Voices from the Village, a live community television show with call-ins and public questions.

Save Bristol North Baths!

Bristol, 16.11.2007 19:07

Meeting on 25th to Oppose Sell-Off Meeting on 25th to Oppose Sell-Off supporter writes: Since the Cabinet decision in January to confirm the disposal of the Baths building into private hands, the Council has continued to negotiate with its 'preferred developer'. The word is that this process is about to reach a conclusion and the Council is poised to commit itself to the sale, subject only to planning permission being granted. The planning application for all the linked sites has been expected for some weeks and the Council's Project Officer has let it be known that its submission is imminent. In parallel with these developments, Bristol Resource Pool has done its best to keep the case for community stewardship of the pool building alive and has continued to lobby both the last Lib Dem Council administration and the new Labour leader. Unfortunately, these efforts to persuade the politicians to reconsider have, so far, been fruitless...Please demonstrate your solidarity and come to a short meeting on Sunday 25th November at 7:00 pm at Café Delight, 189, Gloucester Road and please distribute this information widely to any friends, neighbours or colleagues who may be able to support us. (Image; Bristol Noth Baths, from Full article.| Bristol North Baths | Bristol North Baths e-Petition Online At Last! | |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

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