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Plum Creek's Plan Called Trojan Horse

Maine, 23.11.2007 22:08

Plum Creek Plan: A Trojan Horse Devastation Disguised as Conservation

ART FOR PEACE’S SAKE in Miami, 12/1-1/30 (600 Foot Peace Mural on Exhibit)

Miami, 23.11.2007 20:07

ART FOR PEACE’S SAKE in Miami, 12/1-1/30 (600 Foot Peace Mural on Exhibit)

Bringing the War Home : Congress Considers How to ‘Disrupt’ Radical Movements

Portland, 23.11.2007 19:38

Under the guise of a bill that calls for the study of "homegrown terrorism," Congress is apparently trying to broaden the definition of terrorism to encompass both First Amendment political activity and traditional forms of protest such as nonviolent civil disobedience, according to civil liberties advocates, scholars and historians.

The proposed law, The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 (H.R. 1955), was passed by the House of Representative in a 404-6 vote Oct. 23. (The Senate is currently considering a companion bill, S. 1959.) The act would establish a "National Commission on the prevention of violent radicalization and ideologically based violence" and a university-based "Center for Excellence" to "examine and report upon the facts and causes of violent radicalization, homegrown terrorism and ideologically based violence in the United States" in order to develop policy for "prevention, disruption and mitigation."

Many observers fear that the proposed law will be used against U.S.-based groups engaged in legal but unpopular political activism, ranging from political Islamists to animal-rights and environmental campaigners to radical right-wing organizations. There is concern, too, that the bill will undermine academic integrity and is the latest salvo in a decade-long government grab for power at the expense of civil liberties.

Port Townsend activists rally for Elders

Portland, 23.11.2007 19:38

When Victoria House an Assisted Care facility in Port Townsend first opened a decade ago the original concept was to allow residents to "age in place" at the facility rather than move them from facility to facility, which is hard for seniors. Now the corporation who owns the facility has ended it contract to take in elderly who are very poor (on Medicaid). Long-time residents are being forced to move and the PT community is protesting the move.

Corporations are buying up many Assisted Living Facilities, Residential Care facilities and nursing homes and moving out the residents who live on medicaid. It is happening everywhere in the U.S. Here is what the people of Port Townsend are doing about a company that tried it in their community.

Tukwila Teachers Being Fired For Student Counter-recruitment Walkout

Portland, 23.11.2007 19:38

On Friday, November 16th, more than a 1,000 students in Washington State walked out of school to protest predatory military recruiters. Since the beginning of the Iraq War, the Pentagon has been assigning ever greater numbers of recruiters to dupe young people into signing up for this bloody, costly and illegal quagmire. In Olympia, 300-400 students walked out in protest, as did 700 young people in Seattle. In the marginalized, bedroom community of Tukwila, 200 students walked out of one high school to protest the recruiters that daily stalk their lunchrooms. Student made signs, marched to an I-5 overpass, and subsequently to the Tukwila City Hall for a civic and peaceful assembly. Now the principal and school district superintendent have begun a witch-hunt, not against students... yet, but against at least six of their teachers. These teachers have stood up for their students, some of the most disenfranchised in the state, both inside and outside the classroom. Who will standup for these six Tukwila teachers?

&quot;Solidarity Works!&quot; Purple and Red Join Forces in Writers' Guild March

LA, 23.11.2007 17:38

"Solidarity Works!" Purple and Red Join Forces in Writers' Guild March

Los gastronomicos se sumaron al paro en el casino flotante

Argentina, 23.11.2007 17:09

Se cumplieron 13 días de reclamo

Los gastronomicos se sumaron al paro en el casino flotante

Argentina, 23.11.2007 17:09

Se cumplieron 13 días de reclamo


Belarus, 23.11.2007 17:07

From the Newswire

Perth, 23.11.2007 16:39

Who would you vote for?

Today is Buy Nothing Day

Philadelphia, 23.11.2007 15:38

A Dixie Chick Lends Support to the West Memphis Three

Arkansas, 23.11.2007 15:09

13 years ago, on May 5th, 1993 in West Memphis, Arkansas three 8 eight-year-old boys, Steve Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore were murdered. Three teenage boys, Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin were convicted of the murders in 1994. Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelley received life sentences without parole, and Damien Echols sits on death row.

BitTorrent Now Available: 'Route Irish' Documentary - Come and Seed

Ireland, 23.11.2007 13:08

'Internet!, Video!, Seed!' sez Wag. 'Sounds kinky. ...

Journée sans Achats ce samedi 24 novembre

Liege, 23.11.2007 09:07

La société de consommation est aveugle, il n’y a pas de croissance et de développement économique infinis possibles sur une planète dont les ressources sont limitées.

From the Newswire

Perth, 23.11.2007 07:09

Climate Change crew shut down Simcoa plant near Bunbury

Drink Tax &quot;Astroturf&quot;

Pittsburgh, 23.11.2007 05:09

An Open Letter to the Drink Tax "Astroturf"


Pittsburgh, 23.11.2007 05:09

US Senate Committee Approves Local Community Radio Act

4º Encuentro de la RNMA

Argentina, 23.11.2007 04:38

Un espacio de debate y acción para los medios alternativos

4º Encuentro de la RNMA

Argentina, 23.11.2007 04:38

Un espacio de debate y acción para los medios alternativos

15,000 Demonstrators Demand Closing of School of Americas

NYC, 23.11.2007 04:08

Arriving at the gate, marchers attached crosses, photos, flowers and hand-written messages to an eight-foot high chain-link fence topped with three lines of barb wire. Before leaving, I tore a page out of my reporter’s notebook, wrote the name of an old friend— “Bradley Roland Will, 36, Indymedia”—rolled up the piece of paper and wedged it into the chain-link fence between three small white crosses that bore the names “Jesus de Antonio Garcia, Colombia”, “Israel Marquez, 80, El Mazote” and “34-year-old pregnant woman, El Salvador.”

Listing the New York Left (Indypendent)

NYC, 23.11.2007 04:08

From upcoming pickets by striking workers, and rallies for universal health care or affordable housing to freegan workshops and announcements about progressive film showings, readings, or good old antiwar protests, the New York City Activist and Protest Calendars have become indispensable resources for many in New York’s progressive circles.

La selectiva represión del estado

Argentina, 23.11.2007 03:38

Reclamos similares, diferentes consecuencias

The Real Thanksgiving

Portland, 23.11.2007 02:38

Much of America's understanding of the early relationship between the Indian and the European is conveyed through the story of Thanksgiving. Proclaimed a holiday in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln, this fairy tale of a feast was allowed to exist in the American imagination pretty much untouched until 1970, the 350th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims. That is when Frank B. James, president of the Federated Eastern Indian League, prepared a speech for a Plymouth banquet that exposed the Pilgrims for having committed, among other crimes, the robbery of the graves of the Wampanoags. He wrote:

"We welcomed you, the white man, with open arms, little knowing that it was the beginning of the end; that before 50 years were to pass, the Wampanoag would no longer be a free people."

But white Massachusetts officials told him he could not deliver such a speech and offered to write him another. Instead, James declined to speak, and on Thanksgiving Day hundreds of Indians from around the country came to protest. It was the first National Day of Mourning, a day to mark the losses Native Americans suffered as the early settlers prospered. This true story of "Thanksgiving" is what whites did not want Mr. James to tell.

Make Portland a Sanctuary City for GI War Resisters.

Portland, 23.11.2007 01:38

PDX Peace is launching an intensive campaign to gather signatures on a petition urging the City Council to pass a resolution establishing all Portland as a sanctuary city for G.I. resisters.

This resolution would prohibit any public funds being used towards the arrest or detention of service members who exercise their duty to object to an illegal war by being 'away on leave.' Since the people of Portland are overwhelmingly opposed to the War, Portland has reason to stop the military prosecution of soldiers who refuse to go back.

No Fur Day - 14:00 Sat 14 Nov 2007 Torun

Torun, 23.11.2007 00:07

November 23rd Is Buy Nothing Day

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.11.2007 21:09

The day after Thanksgiving in the United States has traditionally been the biggest shopping day of the year, but many prefer to call that Friday "Buy Nothing Day." Animal liberation activists use this day as an opportunity to present anti-fur messages, while others point out the negative aspects of consumerism, such as its effects on society and the environment. Buy Nothing Day events in the Bay Area this weekend will range from street protests to alternative Christmas caroling, and from punk shows to a critical mass ride and a really, really free market.

Happy Thanksgiving

Miami, 22.11.2007 18:37

Happy Thanksgiving

25 de noviembre: D�a Internacional Contra la Violencia Hacia las Mujeres

Euskal Herria, 22.11.2007 16:09

Este 25 de noviembre va a celebrarse de nuevo el D�a Internacional Contra la Violencia Hacia las Mujeres. Esta violencia es una de las mayores lacras que padecemos debido a la organizaci�n sexista de nuestra sociedad. Durante este a�o 4 mujeres han sido asesinadas en Euskal Herria, y a ello hay que sumarle todas esas violencias cotidianas m�s o menos visibles.

En julio de 1981, se celebr� el primer encuentro feminista de Latinoam�rica, en �l se decidi� que el d�a 25 de noviembre fuera declarado como d�a Internacional contra la violencia hacia las mujeres, en honor a las hermanas Mirabel, brutalmente asesinadas bajo el r�gimen de Trujillo. Este no es un d�a de celebraci�n, es un d�a de reflexi�n que nos deber�a de acompa�ar el resto del a�o para ser conscientes as� de los millones de mujeres que sufren. Unas arropadas en el silencio; otras bajo la mirada de una opini�n p�blica que consiente con su indiferencia.

La violencia que sufrimos las mujeres, no es m�s que el claro reflejo de la desigualdad que se vive en esta sociedad. Mientras no se deje de reafirmar la superioridad de un sexo sobre el otro el camino hacia el desarrollo, la igualdad y la paz ser� inexistente. Para no olvidar todas estas atrocidades, este pr�ximo domingo, 25 de noviembre, se celebrar�n en todo el territorio de Euskal Herria varias concentraciones y manifestaciones:

Por otro lado desde la organizaci�n Plazandreok se han organizado las jornadas tituladas "Mujeres, feminismo y las nuevas tecnolog�as" para los meses de noviembre y diciembre. Aqu� encontrareis el programa.

redes y libertad (es)

Barcelona, 22.11.2007 16:09

Fin de semana de cultura libre de la SGAE

Parece que los abusos y la censura que están ejerciendo las entidades de gestión, empiezan a tener un reflejo de respuesta en la sociedad

[24Nov] Jornadas "Albedrío, Por una cultura libre" en el Ateneu Barcelones
[23-24Nov] Distorsion Festival primer festival de música experimental de Rocafonda en el CSOA La Fibra

la SGAE :: la punta del iceberg de un entramado societario + No dejes que un inspector de SGAE te informe mal ¡INFÓRMALE TÚ! + internautas llevan a la SGAE ante el fiscal Anticorrupción + Comunicado de solidaridad con delante de la sentencia condenatoria
noticias relacionadas :: A la carga (sobre la libertad de expresión en internet) + El congreso espsañol aprueba el proyecto de ley de la LSI casi a escondidas + El Supremo impide espiar el e-mail de los empleados + Radiohead gana más de nueve millones de dólares regalando su música + El Ayuntamiento de Barcelona olvida el compromiso con el software libre y firma más acuerdos con Microsoft + se decreta el sobreseimiento libre de las actuaciones contra una web de enlaces

+info:: >>>redes + distorsion fest + jornadas albir + + costellam + CSOA La Fibra + La Flama + straddle3

xarxes i llibertat (ca)

Barcelona, 22.11.2007 16:09

Cap de setmana de cultura lliure de la SGAE

Sembla que els abusos i la censura que estan exercint les entitats de gestió, comencen a tenir un reflex de resposta en la societat

[24Nov] Jornades "Albir, Per una cultura lliure" a l'Ateneu Barcelones
[23-24Nov] Distorsion Festival primer festival de música experimental de Rocafonda al CSOA La Fibra

la SGAE :: la punta de l'iceberg d'un entramat societari + No deixis que un inspector de la SGAE t'informi malament, INFORMA-LI TU! + internautas portan a la SGAE davant el fiscal Anticorrupció + Comunicat de solidaritat amb davant de la sentència condemnatòria
noticies relacionades :: A la càrrega (sobre la llibertat d'expressió en internet) + El congrés espanyol aprova el projecte de llei de la LSI gairebé d´amagat + El Suprem impedeix espiar l'e-mail dels empleats + Radiohead gana més de nou milions de dòlars regalant la seva música + L'Ajuntament de Barcelona oblida el compromís amb el programari lliure i signa més acords amb Microsoft + es decreta el sobreseïment lliure de les actuacions contra una web d'enllaços

+info:: >>>xarxes + distorsion fest + jornades albir + + costellam + CSOA La Fibra + La Flama + straddle3

Paro Nacional

santiago, 22.11.2007 14:39


20 de novembro: pra além dos símbolos, conquistas

Brasil, 22.11.2007 13:08


Bureau of Reclamation Strands Thousands of Fish on Delta Island

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.11.2007 12:08

Thousands of fish are stranded on Prospect Island, located on the northern section of Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, due to the draining of the island by a contractor hired by the Bureau of Reclamation. As of November 21st, striped bass make up the vast majority of the fish seen stranded on the island. Endangered and threatened species, including Delta smelt, salmon and steelhead, are expected to perish soon unless a fish rescue is conducted.

Chile: Gobierno ignora demanda

Argentina, 22.11.2007 11:38

Grave deterioro en salud de los presos políticos mapuche

Chile y desnutrición

Argentina, 22.11.2007 10:38


Jakarta, 22.11.2007 07:07

Solidaritas Bagi Ruhiyat, Sarkum, Karto, dan Entis . ...

4 Dead in 19 Days in Miami: Rally Against Police Abuse Saturday Nov 24

Miami, 22.11.2007 05:37

4 Dead in 19 Days in Miami: Rally Against Police Abuse Saturday Nov 24


Arizona, 22.11.2007 04:07

Report Finds that Phoenix Has the Highest Rate of Fatal Police Shootings in the United States

I Don’t Want To Be a Gypsy Anymore

NYC, 21.11.2007 22:08

Many Eastern European immigrants carry over to the USA their racism and homophobia. This is an account of two incidents that i had to go thru in NYC as a part-Gypsy writer.

NYC Rights Activists Escalate Protests Against Leviev Over Palestine Land-Grab

NYC, 21.11.2007 22:08

In a loud, festive protest this evening, 40 New Yorkers chanted, danced Palestinian Dabka and performed street theater. Protesters were faced by a cordon of police officer who leaned against the LEVIEV store windows, blocking any view of the expensive jewelry in the showcase. No customers entered the store during the hour and a half protest.

laughing horse books annual vegan pancake breakfast and craft fair

Portland, 21.11.2007 21:38

laughing horse books will present our annual vegan pancake breakfast and craft fair at liberty hall on sunday december 9th, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. local crafters and an extensive booktable will also be available. cost will be $3 to $5 with no one turned away.

local crafters who would like display space or for further information, call us at 503 236 2893

Report Back from food drive Day1

Portland, 21.11.2007 21:38

The first day of the food drive was succesful there was many pledges to bring fod tomarrow since many did not have food on them today. We got quite a bit of food as well today. I also want to emphisize the fact that we will be distributing the food directly back to the homeless themsleves rather than giving it to a food bank the distribution will take place on PSU campus. Thank you again for your support and we will be back tomarrow between Cramer and Smith (Park and Montgomery) tomarrow between 10:00 am until around 8:00 pm tomarrow as well as Wensday.

Artisans, musicians, and families gather for Bazaar supporting The Village Free School

Portland, 21.11.2007 21:38

Community is gathering to share crafts, food, and fun while supporting a democratic school focused on self-directive learning.

The Village Free School is partway through its third year serving youth five to eighteen in the Portland area. The school has grown from 24 students to 47 in just over two years and continues to move towards becoming a stable and significant contributor to the independent, alternative, and democratic community minded spirit of Portland.

With a commitment to be financially accessible to families, the school relies on local donations to subsidize its costs. On Sunday, November 25th, local artisans, crafters, musicians, foodies, and families from around Portland will meet up for a first ever Craft Bazaar at Liberty Hall.

Admission will be free, but the event is hoping to generate community relationships and donations.

Local music showman Professor Banjo (aka Paul Silveria) will play for kids (and adults too) from 2 - 3pm.

This fun can be found at 311 N. Ivy - one block south of Fremont, one block west of Vancouver. Near the 4, 44 and 33 bus lines.

Saving us from the Poor People

Portland, 21.11.2007 21:38

I remember some years back, when the newly minted "Pearl District" first began to gentrify. People were moving into expensive condominiums and something called "artists' lofts," where they paid a grand a month to live in a fake warehouse and pretend they were artists. And then, those same people were showing up in droves down at city hall, complaining because there were people sleeping in their doorways. (Likely, some of the doorway-sleeping culprits were the real artists who had been thrown out of the real warehouses, which had then been torn down to make way for the "artists' lofts" and the condominiums.) In response, the city began cleaning up for the urban yuppies.

And when they get their way, they create the stale, dead world they moved here from in the first place. The city becomes nothing more than a glass and steel shopping mall. Plastic and surface and all for sale. The gritty culture is gone, the interesting people are gone, the stories are gone. All that remains is shiny, new things no one cares about, boring people just like them, and places to go shopping. And who wants that? Nobody wants to live in a place like that. Nobody wants to visit a place like that.

So they all leave again. And the city begins to "decay" again. And the malls close down, and the housing prices plummet, and the warehouses empty out... and we can all move back again. And rebuild our own culture again.

Nuevo Ataque a Planta de Desechos Sólidos

Venezuela, 21.11.2007 21:37

ACTION ALERT: Ensure Fairness For Mumia on NBC’s The Today Show!

Philadelphia, 21.11.2007 20:08

Development To Spell The End Of Moore Street Market?

Ireland, 21.11.2007 17:08

Dublin's much loved Moore St. market, one of the m ...

Starbucks Not Welcome At University

United Kingdom, 21.11.2007 15:08

Nottingham university students have been campaigning tirelessly over the last few weeks to get their University to get Starbucks off campus, and stop them selling their unethical beverages in the Hallward Library. Students were shocked when, a few weeks ago, their café in the main library on campus suddenly started serving Starbucks coffee. In a move that has upset a large part of the student body the university decided to change coffee supplier without any sort of student consultation and now the students are up in arms.

For the last two weeks students have manned an ‘anti-Starbucks’ stall outside the Hallward Library where the Starbucks coffee is being served (at nearly double its pre-Starbucks price). The movement against the corporatisation of our educational facilities has been swift; nearly 700 people have joined the Facebook group against Starbucks, hundreds of people have signed the petition and loads of cups of tea and coffee have been sold from a makehift stall outside the library to students who don’t want to pay £1.45 for a coffee.

Notts: Telling Starbucks to 'Buck Off' at Nottingham Uni. | Amnesty Protest in Nottingham City Centre - Close Guantanamo Bay [Please] | Starbucks national day of action, 18th August

UK: Whitechapel Knees Up against Starbucks | Sheffield IWW - Starbucks skanked to death | Anti-Starbucks picket in Cardiff | Chiapas Solidarity picket of Starbuck, Edinburgh

Links: IWW Starbucks Workers Union | Boycott Starbucks | Starbucks continues to Greenwash with Weak Environmental Policy | Starbucks Social Responsibility Newsletter

Food Not Bombs à Liège

Liege, 21.11.2007 07:37

Fort récemment, un collectif « Food not Bombs » s’est constitué à Liège. Sa première sortie s'est déroulée dimanche 18 novembre dans le froid mais sous un ciel serein. Food Not Bombs (D'la bouffe, Pas des bombes) est une organisation horizontale de redistribution gratuite et autonome de nourriture que l'on remarque facilement dans les parcs avec ses chaudrons, ses tables et ses affiches. Son message central est que personne ne devrait manquer de nourriture. Il s'agit également d'une réappropriation de l'espace publique; une zone autonome de la marchandisation de nos vies. Historiquement, ce sont des activistes anti-nucléaires du Massachusetts qui ont lancé le projet, mais depuis, des centaines d'individus, à travers le monde, organisent des cuisines populaires sous le label... Là où les populations en ont besoins ils fournissent de la nourriture; guerres et catastrophes naturelles bien sûr, mais aussi dans nos villes où la précarité est grandissante. Il ne s'agit pas de faire la charité mais bien de fournir une aide concrète. Le mouvement travaille en coalition avec de nombreuses autres organisations anarchistes, pacifistes, défenseurs des animaux et autres utopistes du monde de demain, de soutiens à la paix et aux populations qui souffrent du manque de celle-ci.

El pasado domingo se cumplieron 14 meses

Argentina, 21.11.2007 02:38

Nuevo grito por la aparición con vida de López

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