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Amazing (Dis)Grace: Burger King-tomato growers team up to sabotage farmworker's progress

Miami, 27.11.2007 17:09

Amazing (Dis)Grace: Burger King-tomato growers team up to sabotage farmworker's progress

Call For Proposals- Radical Theory &amp; Practice Conference in Sarasota, April 4-6

Miami, 27.11.2007 17:09

Call For Proposals- Radical Theory & Practice Conference in Sarasota, April 4-6

Awas! Perda Ketertiban Umum Jakarta Mengancam Kehidupan Kita Semua

Jakarta, 27.11.2007 15:07

Siapa bilang Peraturan Daerah No 8/Tahun 2007 tentang Ketertiban Umum (Perda Tibum) di Wilayah DKI Jakarta hanya mengenai warga miskin kota saja? Perda Tibum sangat mungkin mengenai anda juga. ...

Nederlandse scholieren trekken de straat op

Oost-Vlaanderen, 27.11.2007 15:07

Nederlandse scholieren trekken de straat op


Oost-Vlaanderen, 27.11.2007 14:07

hexen nemen de gentse nachten in

After Killing of Local Teen, Alameda Police &quot;Investigate&quot; API Youth

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.11.2007 07:09

Ichinkhorloo Bayarsaikhan, a 16 year old Malaysian youth, was murdered in a park in Alameda on Halloween night, and the Asian Pacific Islander community has been troubled by police harassment and inadequate coverage of the investigation by local corporate media outlets throughout November. A rally and press conference to demand police accountability will take place on Tuesday, November 27th at 4:30pm in front of the City of Alameda Police Department, at 1555 Oak St. in Alameda.

Rossport: Another Season of Resistance

United Kingdom, 27.11.2007 07:08

Since 2000 the small rural community of Rossport, County Mayo, Ireland have been engaged in an epic battle trying to prevent Shell from building a potentially devastating onshore gas refinery and high pressure pipeline in their remote and environmentally sensitive region. Despite Shell’s status as one of the world’s largest multinationals and it’s enjoyment of the full support of the Irish state, the spirited and effective resistance of the local community means that four years after the refinery was intended to be fully operational, the project is still in its infancy.

For many different reasons the struggle is truly inspiring. The Shell to Sea campaign is fought on a multitude of levels, from the international political arena, to on the ground at the daily picket at the proposed refinery site. It has been an eventful seven years and this autumn has been no exception. Over the past few months direct action against the development has included national days of action attended by hundreds of people from around Ireland, community led direct action preventing preparatory pipeline work and regular blockading of trucks entering the refinery site by those attending the daily picket. Also during this period, campaigners were ordered to leave the two year old Rossport Solidarity Camp. Meanwhile the project has met renewed opposition from NGO’s, including the Irish National Trust, who recently spoke out publicly against the project and outlined their intention to challenge its legitimacy in the European courts.

And of course, where there is resistance, repression follows shortly after. The local court sessions have become increasingly dominated by Shell to Sea cases and protesters have been subject to dubious convictions and excessively harsh sentences, including one woman being sentenced to three months in prison for her part in a peaceful lock-on blockade. As winter sets in resistance continues. The rest of the article outlines the significant events of the last few months in more detail…

Recent Indymedia articles: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | IMC UK Rossport Solidarity Topic

Other links: Shell To Sea | Indymedia Irelend Mayo Features

Films: Policing The Pollution: "Don't Mention The Water." | Stopping Shell from drilling the SAC | Rossport Shell site storming | Shell gas refinery blockade at bellanaboy

Posties Await Ballot Result

United Kingdom, 27.11.2007 07:08

This summer and autumn, Merseyside postal workers have been on the front line of action against Royal Mail's proposed new contracts, which threaten jobs, pensions and working conditions, whilst opening the door to a sell-off of the postal service. Now they're waiting for the ballot on the Communication Workers Union's sell-out agreement, and pondering their next move.

&quot;No Tesco's&quot; campaigners march on Mill Road

United Kingdom, 27.11.2007 07:08

Several hundred people (estimates range from 250 to 800) marched down Mill Road in Cambridge today to show their opposition to Tesco's plans to open an "Express" store. Many sent reports on the event:

According to the campaign over 4000 people have signed a petition, and a remarkable 1100 people sent in written objections to the City Council regarding Tesco's planning applications. A poll in the local Cambridge Evening News suggests 75% of people across the city are opposed to the proposed increase in Tesco's dominant position in Cambridge. The multinational giant already controls 51% of the grocery market here - putting us in the top 10 Tesco-dominated places in the UK. According to a recent Competition Commission report such dominance - surprise, surprise - has a negative impact on the consumer.

Older feature | | Main campaign post with many useful links | Tescopoly

Invitiation to &quot;Climate Activism Training&quot; at Miami-Dade College, Nov. 29th

Miami, 27.11.2007 04:07

Invitiation to "Climate Activism Training" at Miami-Dade College, Nov. 29th

From the Newswire

Perth, 27.11.2007 03:09

After the Election: Activist Self-care

2001 Anthrax Mailings Case Revisited: Russian Defector was Lead Suspect

Miami, 27.11.2007 00:37

2001 Anthrax Mailings Case Revisited: Russian Defector was Lead Suspect

Climate Activism Training

Miami, 27.11.2007 00:37

Climate Activism Training

Violent Radicalization-Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act headed for Senate Vote

Miami, 27.11.2007 00:37

Violent Radicalization-Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act headed for Senate Vote


Athens, 27.11.2007 00:09

Μέτωπο αντίστασης στην επέλαση αντιεργατικών νόμων

Sin Fronteras Fundraisng

Houston, 26.11.2007 23:39

Sin Fronteras Needs your Donations

Mumia Abu-Jamal - 26 Jahre Kampf um Freiheit

Germany, 26.11.2007 23:39

Der schwarze Journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal sitzt fast sein halbes Leben in den USA im Gefängnis, davon bereits 24 Jahre in der Todeszelle. Am 8.12.2007 jährt sich seine Inhaftierung zum 26. Mal.

4,623 say 'NO!' to Another Supermarket

Bristol, 26.11.2007 23:38

While planners recommend refusal of application. 4,623 say 'NO!' to Another Supermarket. While planners recommend refusal of application. Liz Igoe of Bogofs writes: Residents of Horfield and Bishopston today presented a petition signed by more than 4,500 residents against a planned Sainsbury’s supermarket on the popular Gloucester Road. The petition was handed to local Liberal Democrat councillor, Bev Knott at 8.45am on Monday 26th November outside Pearce’s Hardware Store on the busy shopping street. More than 850 people have also written to council officials and officers to protest against the proposals. They say there are already 10 supermarkets within a 2 miles radius of the proposed site between Gloucester Road and Ashley Down. Full article.And... Bristol Planners have recommended that the Bristol North Planning committee refuse planning permission for a new supermarket in Horfield when they meet at the council house to decide the issue next Wednesday, 28h November. Helen Pillinger, a member of the BOGOFS campaign, (Bishopston Opposing Glut OF Supermarkets) said, "We hope the councillors follow the case officer’s recommendations on 28th November. We will continue to fight this proposal; it’s important that people continue to write to the planning committee and come along to the council house next Wednesday to show the strength of their objections." The planning application, on behalf of Sainsbury’s, is for a 20,000 sq. ft. store on a brown field site between Ashley Down and Gloucester road. Full article.| City Planners Recommend Refusal of Supermarket Application | 4,623 say 'NO!' to Another Supermarket | | Campaigners present basket to Mike Birkin of FOE (.zip file) | 'Quality' shopping basket (.zip file) | Note: Zip files are compressed files. To unzip try the Open Source 7-Zip software) | Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Pease Tradeport: Gateway to Torture and Illegal Execution

New Hampshire, 26.11.2007 18:09

The latest NH Gazette (Nov 16, 2007) cites an eye-witness "bird watcher of our acquaintance" as noting a highly unusual plane landing at Pease Tradeport in Portsmouth, NH and entering the Pan Am hanger on October 31st. The witness wrote down the tail number of the Lockheed L-100, and traced its history and ownership. He found that European Parliament investigators determined that the same plane that landed at Pease had been used to carry out "Extraordinary renditions" for the CIA.


Colombia, 26.11.2007 18:08

Asalto uribista con tanquetas contra indígenas del Cauca

bomen moeten wijken

Oost-Vlaanderen, 26.11.2007 16:07

bomen moeten wijken voor duwvaart

Gira en Euskal Herria para denunciar las violaciones de derechos humanos y las desapariciones forzadas en M�xico

Euskal Herria, 26.11.2007 13:09

Son diferentes las denuncias de violaciones de derechos humanos y represi�n de los movimientos populares mexicanos. En los �ltimos tiempos las noticias que llegan desde Oaxaca, Atenco o Chiapas, son de lucha y resistencia, pero tambi�n de denuncias de detenciones, torturas, asesinados y desaparecidos (1), (2) por parte de las fuerzas represivas mexicanas.

Con el fin de denunciar esta situaci�n y explicar el caso de la desaparici�n de tres militantes de izquierda en los �ltimos seis meses, Yolanda Castro del Frente Nacional de Liberaci�n por el Socialismo, y Nadin Reyes, hija de Eduardo Reyes, militante de izquierdas desaparecido hace seis meses en el estado de Oaxaca, y miembro del comit� de familiares de desaparecidos, "Hasta encontrarlos" estar�n de gira por Euskal Herria realizando charlas en diferentes ciudades y se reunir�n con diferentes agentes sociales, pol�ticos y judiciales.

Programa de la gira de Nadin Reyes y Yolanda Castro en Euskal Herria

Mas informaci�n: |A seis meses de la desaparici�n |, |Carta de familiar desaparecido a la CIDH|, |Hasta encontrarlos por Nadin Reyes|, |Indymedia Oaxaca|, |Indymedia Mexico|, |Giza eskubideen defentsarako liga mexikarra|, |Comit� Cerezo|.

Historic FCC Hearing in NJ Examines Whether Fox TV Station Serves Community

Philadelphia, 26.11.2007 13:08

Carlitos Cafe to Close on Nov. 29

NYC, 26.11.2007 10:38

I am proud of all the accomplishments of Carlitos. In only a few years, we have provided a venue for many organizations to meet, many collectives to get started, many artists to express themselves and many activists to convene and network. We have provided a venue for people to learn, reflect upon and analyze issues that we sometimes overlook. We have provided a place for people to fall in love, to get a job, to get an apartment, to find information, to come up with ideas, and to meet people they might not have otherwise met during the course of their life.

Despite Cold Starbucks Still Feels Resistance on BND 2007

United States, 26.11.2007 10:07

Despite the wickedly cold weather (below freezing, windy, and snowy), one lone protester still came to the Kick Starbucks Out event at the Smoky Hill Starbucks. For three hours in the cold, I stood on the sidewalk outside the Starbucks with a simple sign saying shame that pointed towards the Starbucks. I told people how Starbucks coffee and chocolate was sourced from farms that used slave labour and even cited evidence but the majority of them decided to mindlessly continuing buying their Starbucks. read more

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Other Buy Nothing Day Reports: Statement on Black Friday Banner Drop at the Westchester Mall | Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping's Buy Nothing Day March! | Emeryville, CA Reportback

Report from Amman

Rogue Valley, 26.11.2007 06:09

Dear Friends,

As many of you know I have just returned from Amman, Jordan, where I spent 3 weeks documenting stories for the Collateral Repair Project. I went there with my friend and the founder of CRP, Sasha Crow. In Amman, we met with and were accompanied by our Iraqi counterpart, Faiza Alaraji, herself a refugee from Baghdad.

I will be giving a "Talk Back" on this experience on Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 7 pm. at SOU in Stevenson Union, Room 330. I hope many of you can attend.

Collateral Repair Project

WWII Memories of Baltimore's Locust Point

Baltimore, 26.11.2007 05:08

Today, my old neighborhood of Locust Point, on Baltimore’s south end, is going through some radical changes. It is being yuppified! When I was a kid, during WWII, however, it was a working class bastion. The picture of John L. Lewis of the United Miner Workers could be found on the walls of some of the 24 taverns in the area. The stevedores dominated the community and the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) was its primary anchor.

Santiago del Estero a todo brillo

Argentina, 26.11.2007 04:08

Primera marcha por el orgullo gay en la Madre de Ciudades

A pique intercambio

Colombia, 26.11.2007 03:08


network &amp;freedom

Barcelona, 25.11.2007 17:08

Weekend of culture free from SGAE

It seems the abuse and censorship that management entities are exerting starts to get a response from the society

[Nov 24th] Conferences " Albir, For a free culture" at the Ateneu Barcelones
[Nov 23-24th] Distorsion Festival first Rocafonda's experimental music festival at La Fibra CSOA

SGAE :: the iceberg tip of a network of companies + Don't let an SGAE inspector to misinform you, INFORM HIM! + Internet users report SGAE to the anti-corruption Public Prosecutor + Communique in support to on the sentence
related news :: Charge! (about freedom of speech in internet) + Spanish Parliament passes the bill of LSI almost secretly + The High Court impedes to spy the emails of an employee + Radiohead earn more than nine millions of dollars giving away their music + The Barcelona City Council forgets its commitment with free software nd signs more agreements with microsoft + Shelved the cause against a P2P links website

+info:: >>>network & freedom + distorsion fest + albir conferences + + costellam + La Fibra CSOA + La Flama + straddle3

Carta aberta em favor dos direitos sexuais e reprodutivos das Mulheres

Brasil, 25.11.2007 14:39

Direitos da Mulher

Eric McDavid Ends Hunger Strike

DC, 25.11.2007 05:10


Perth, 25.11.2007 03:09

Howard Government ousted

Día internacional contra la violencia hacia las mujeres

Argentina, 25.11.2007 01:08

El trafico y la trata de mujeres es esclavitud

Día internacional contra la violencia hacia las mujeres

Argentina, 25.11.2007 01:08

El trafico y la trata de mujeres es esclavitud

The 2007 Anti-Slavery Award goes to......the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)

Miami, 24.11.2007 23:07

The 2007 Anti-Slavery Award goes to......the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)

Statement on Black Friday Banner Drop at the Westchester Mall

NYC, 24.11.2007 22:08

The Black Friday banner drop at The Westchester represents a stand against the mindless consumption of the Christmas season and commodification of culture at the expense of workers and the environment.

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping's Buy Nothing Day March!

NYC, 24.11.2007 22:08

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping are on a mission: to spread the word about the evils of global capitalism, consumerism and wasteful spending by the good people of America. To counter the lemming-like behavior that is "Black Friday", the Reverend, his choir and band of striking elves walk down 5th Avenue and over to Times Square, between 12pm and 1pm.

11/27:Norman Finkelstein at Judson Memorial Church

NYC, 24.11.2007 22:08

Embattled professor and penetrating analyst of the Middle East, Norman Finkelstein will examine the roots of the conflict between Israel and Palestine and the prospects for peace.

Youth on the Move Gives Bronx Cheer to NYPD School Cops (Indypendent)

NYC, 24.11.2007 22:08

The video may be the only public record of how students feel about this force. “The youth are the ones who really know what is happening in the schools,” said Chloe Dugger, field organizer for the NYCLU’s Police Accountability Project. Dugger said that is why the NYCLU supplied Youth on the Move with cameras to make the 4-minute film in July during three workshop sessions with a documentary filmmaker. While students are heavily affected by the agents, Dugger said they have no way to file a complaint if an agent behaves abusively or inappropriately. || NYC School Security by the Numbers

Berlin: Stadtumbau &amp; Verdrängung

Germany, 24.11.2007 21:39

 „Mediaspree“ ist ein Beispiel dafür, dass Stadtplanung und öffentlicher Raum von Bauwirtschaft, „Investoren“, Aktienfonds und Großkonzernen vereinnahmt werde. Die "Initiative Mediaspree versenken" kämpft für Freiräume und gegen die Privatisierung öffentlichen Raums.

Es folgt ein aktueller Überblick.

Buy Nothing Day - Edinburgh Action

Scotland, 24.11.2007 20:09

Today was International Buy Nothing day. Activists took to the streets all across the globe to try and persuade those who can afford to live consumerist lifestyles to think about how much they need all the things they buy.


Perth, 24.11.2007 17:09

Ding dong the witch is dead

Coup D'Etat Rumblings in Venezuela

Arkansas, 24.11.2007 15:09

The Bush administration tried and failed three prior times to oust Hugo Chavez since its first aborted two-day coup attempt in April, 2002. Through FOIA requests, lawyer, activist and author Eva Golinger uncovered top secret CIA documents of US involvement that included an intricate financing scheme involving the quasi-governmental agency, National Endowment of Democracy (NED), and US Agency for International Development (USAID).

ALERT: Tukwila Teachers Being Fired For Student Counter-recruitment Walkout

Seattle, 24.11.2007 06:38

On Friday, November 16th, more than a 1,000 students in Washington State walked out of school to protest predatory military recruiters. Two hundred students walked out of a Tukwila high school and now six teachers are being threatened with termination.

Grey Anarchy: The Story of the Cascadian Anarchists and the Battle for Olympia

Seattle, 24.11.2007 06:38

Time is not linear. It has been forced to be that way. This is never more apparent to me than during a period of sustained actions. Dates and minutes become meaningless and a month can become one endless day. In order to honor the boundlessness of this state, I will relate the following events out of sequence. The following events took place between the 27th of October and the 13th of November. The following events did not end.

Jackson County Funding - Town Halls Report

Rogue Valley, 24.11.2007 03:09

On November 21, 2007 a report was made to Jackson County Commissioners. The presentation was made in the Jackson County courthouse by citizen volunteer Lynn Howe via a powerpoint slide show. The report focused on five recent town hall meetings on community involvement in county government. The town halls were held in September and October in Ashland, Eagle Point, Rogue River, Ruch and Medford. They drew 300 to 400 people in September and October. They were sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Ashland and Medford, the American Association of University Women, Medford and Ashland chapters and the Citizens for County Solutions

Lynn Howe makes the report available to the Rogue IMC. She writes, "Here is the town hall report we handed out and would love it if you could distribute. Here are all the written comments we collected as well which are terrific themselves and you can also distribute those."

Golpe Fascista al Control Obrero

Venezuela, 23.11.2007 22:37

Otro aporte a la memoria

Argentina, 23.11.2007 22:08

Fue escrachado Carlos "Manopla" Gómez, genocida del Circuito Camps

Otro aporte a la memoria

Argentina, 23.11.2007 22:08

Fue escrachado Carlos "Manopla" Gómez, genocida del Circuito Camps

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