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40 nuevos presos en Caleta Olivia

Argentina, 02.10.2004 22:26

Sábado 2 de oktubre | Ya llegan a 51 los luchadores detenidos en la localidad santacruceña
Al menos 40 nuevos presos políticos en Caleta olivia

Informe Chubut

Argentina, 02.10.2004 22:06

Chubut: la justicia ausente

Report anti government demo Amsterdam

Netherlands, 02.10.2004 20:56

+250000 on the streets in Holland

&quot;Occupation Watch&quot; cablecast schedule on DCTV

DC, 02.10.2004 20:38

"Occupation Watch 2003" profiles the work of the Baghdad Occupation Watch Center set up by Code Pink during 2003, before and after the US invasion of Baghdad. Listen to Iraqis describe life under occupation, see the conditions they are living under, as they compare the US occupation with oppression under Saddam and the British. And this was *before* Abu Ghraib and the Fallujah aftermath...

WPFW interim General Manager's report at Pacifica National Board

DC, 02.10.2004 20:38

Ron Pinchback addressed the PNB Saturday October 2nd 2004 and answered questions from the board... to be transcribed soon


Colombia, 02.10.2004 18:35

Radio Indymedia Colombia


Colombia, 02.10.2004 17:57

Radio Indymedia Colombia: Soñando y Sonando!

Emergency Responce to Biscuit Logging Planned

Portland, 02.10.2004 17:42

huelga general

Colombia, 02.10.2004 17:17

12 de octubre:
Paro Nacional

Mel &amp; Floyd, October 1, 2004

Madison, 02.10.2004 16:31

Listen for Mel & Floyd each Friday on WORT at 1pm. Topics on this week's show include the Presidential debate, miltary contractors getting fat contracts, scientists looking for a lost H-bomb, the difference between dirigibles & blimps, and lots of useful monkey news. All of that and much, much more...

Click here for the audio.


Uruguay, 02.10.2004 16:06

Las Flores de la Basura en vivo

Biscuit Logging Continues With Logging Of Large Trees Near Kalmiopsis Wilderness

Portland, 02.10.2004 15:58

Astra sotto sgombero

Italy, 02.10.2004 15:57

Astra a rischio

Be The Media

Perth, 02.10.2004 15:40

END THE LIES RALLY - indymedia reporters wanted

Nova lei de imigração &quot;legaliza&quot; três pessoas

Portugal, 02.10.2004 13:07

Nova lei de imigração "legaliza" três pessoas


Uruguay, 02.10.2004 12:38

Los estudiantes no olvidan

Solomon, Ellsberg, Benjamin speak in Seattle

Portland, 02.10.2004 11:17

Nader to Speak at Siena on Thurs. Oct. 7; Critiques First Debate

Hudson Mohawk, 02.10.2004 08:07

Independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader will speak at Siena College in Loudonville (Rt. 9) on Thursday Oct. 7th. Program starts at 11:15 AM. Nader will be speaking on the need to bring the troops home from Iraq. Peter Camejo, his Vice-Presidential candidate, will be in the Capital District on Friday, October 22nd. On the first prsidential debate, which he was excluded from, Nader said: "Neither President Bush or Senator Kerry have an exit strategy for the war in Iraq and both of them say we're going to win the war in Iraq—which means an endless occupation. We didn't hear anything about the Israel/Palestine conflict; we didn't hear anything about global arms control in the broader sense; we didn't hear anything about the global trade treaties—WTO and NAFTA—nor did we hear anything about the need to do something about the military budget of the Pentagon, which is so wasteful."

Capleton Not Coming to SF; Santa Cruz Protests

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.10.2004 07:30

SF's Reggae in the Park Not the Only Event to Avoid Homophobic Reggae Artists

Capleton Not to Perform in SF; Protests in Santa Cruz

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.10.2004 07:28

SF's Reggae in the Park Just One Incidence of Avoidance of Homophobic Reggae Artists

Tanks Moving Into Gaza

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.10.2004 07:19

Widescale Military Offensive Currently Underway In Gaza

icj ruling on apartheid wall

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.10.2004 06:39

International Court of Justice Rules Wall Illegal

CAFTA Protest at Rep. Blumenauer's

Portland, 02.10.2004 06:37

Free Speech Activists to Return to UC Berkeley's Sproul Plaza

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.10.2004 06:16

Free Speech Movement Anniversary Celebration

Asamblea CMI-Venezuela

Puerto Rico, 02.10.2004 05:51

Asamblea Abierta el Jueves 7 de Oct. para Creación de Indymedia Venezuela

Community Free Speech Radio Stations Targeted by US Marshalls, FCC

Pittsburgh, 02.10.2004 04:00

Community Free Speech Radio Stations Targeted by US Marshalls, FCC

National Marriage Equality Express

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.10.2004 03:51

National Marriage Equality Express Heads for Washington, DC

Don't Bury Highland Park

Michigan, 02.10.2004 01:45

Protest the Death of Democracy and Water Rights Saturday, October 2, 3:30 pm Highland Park Municipal Building The Citizens of Highland Park have no voice in running the city--their mayor and city council have had their power taken away by a governor-appointed dictator-Ramona Pearson. Pearson has hired people from an out of state, pro-privatization consulting firm called the Mercer Group. She pays these people an enormous amount of money (approximately $300,000 for two part time employees) to run Highland Park into the ground. The dictator and her cronies in the Mercer Group are charging people the highest rates in the country for the most basic and essential ingredient of life, water. People are recieving water bills that start in the thousands of dollars per 3 month period. If they cannot pay, they are shut off from access to clean water in their homes. If they still cannot pay, the city places the amount on the tax rolls. When people cannot pay these taxes, the state takes the house under tax foreclosure laws.

West Papuan Activist John Rumbiak speaking at Public Meetings!

Aotearoa, 02.10.2004 01:09

West Papuan activist John Rumbiak is visiting New Zealand to publicise the Indonesian military repression of West Papuans. He is going to be speaking at a series of public meetings. West Papua is facing the same repression East Timor used to face.

Pearl Jam and the Devil Within: An Essay

Boston, 01.10.2004 23:10

On Tuesday, September 28, I went to a Pearl Jam concert in that hideous refuge of corporate advertisement that is the Fleet Center. I hate the Fleet, not only because it represents corporate supremacy over communal space, but also because, honestly, the acoustics are just terrible. Once upon a time I was a huge Pearl Jam fan, back when I first moved to Texas for college and decided to make my political stance. Those were the days when I connected with Pearl Jam’s anger in trying to express frustration over the flaws and injustice of a system run by the self-serving powerful and their ignorant zealots. But my anger subsided and so did my love for Pearl Jam. My activism didn’t wane and finally found its home in three years of activism with Amnesty International, where I did my humble share of demonstrations and public education.

The Online Anonymous Group Known As GPFX Is At It Again!

Portland, 01.10.2004 23:05

Massale demonstraties en manifestaties tegen Kabinet Balkenende II

Netherlands, 01.10.2004 22:30

Een grote demonstratie en manifestatie tegen de regering en het beleid staat voor deze zaterdag op de agenda. Hiervoor is breed gemobiliseerd, onder andere met gratis treintickets voor vakbondsleden (FNV en CNV) en Keer-het-Tij bussen uit het hele land. Het programma op de Dam start om elf uur. Rond twaalf uur start de demonstratie naar het Museumplein, waar de manifestatie van de vakbonden om tien uur start met een voorprogramma.

Tegelijkertijd is er ook een groot aantal alternatieven om te demonstreren met Keer het Tij of de vakbonden. Zo is er een oproep voor flexwerkers, zwartwerkers en migranten om gezamenlijk te demonstreren in een blok. Ook is er een oproep voor een anarcho-blok en een oproep voor een "betoging tegen de politiek" door de volkswijken. Aan de andere kant zijn er ook studenten die betaald gaan demonstreren. Zie voor meer achtergrondinformatie ook de volgende artikelen: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ].

Ook vanuit je luie stoel kan je meedemonstreren, maar je kan natuurlijk ook posters plakken in je eigen wijk met de speciale Loesje actieposters. Tijdens de demonstraties zendt Radio ZwartRood Actief live over het internet een programma uit over de acties [ stream 40kb | 80kb ]. Er is een oproep om informatie door te bellen voor de radio en nieuws ook op Indymedia.NL te plaatsen.

[ Radio | Keer het Tij | Vakbondsactie | Grootverdieners |Hete herfst met stakingen en acties ]

Massale demonstraties en manifestaties tegen Kabinet Balkenende II

Netherlands, 01.10.2004 22:30

one hundred thousand demonstrators expected in saturdays demo against government

Protesters confront Bretton Woods Committee over corporate influence in the World Bank and IMF

DC, 01.10.2004 21:42

Yesterday, Sept.30, at 4:00pm at The Ronald Reagan International Center, picketers gathered to jump start the protests against the World Bank and IMF which will hold their annual meetings this weekend in Washington DC. Protesters wanted to bring attention to the Bretton Woods Committee, which was holding its annual meeting inside. The BWC is a group made up of some of the most wealthy and powerful corporations, prominent and often conservative economists and heads of Universities.

World Bank/IMF season opener:Picket in front of US Treasury calls for 100% debt cancellaton

DC, 01.10.2004 21:23

Global justice activists and organizers gathered for a spirited picket in front of US Treasury at noon today, Friday October 1st. The picket was one of the first events protesting the annual meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund which are happening all weekend here in Washington DC.

Rev Billy vs. Halliburton

Houston, 01.10.2004 20:48

Reverend Billy exorcises the evil from Halliburton

Indymedia Users Debate the Debate

NYC, 01.10.2004 19:19

(from the Open Newswire): "On the Debates of September 30, 2004: I felt like I was watching the debate between Nixon and JFK. John Kerry was slick, sharp, and knew what he was talking about. President Bush looked like a buffoon- stumbling over his words, blanking out...what a disastrous situation for the President. Kerry will beat him in November."

"Kerry is sugar free bush. Even more scary because he's smarter and has the ability to deceive while pursuing essentially the same policies." [Read More]

"John Kerry finally showed America what he's made of in his first debate with George Bush ... the President evaded most of the questions, stopped and stuttered, and stumbled over his talking point notes. " [Read More]

"While the usual suspects in the corporate media, operations like CBS or NBC, showed overwhelming viewer poll results favoring Kerry, NPR reporters like Scott Horsley were 'not sure.'" [Read More]

Remember Operation Urban Warrior in Oakland

Arkansas, 01.10.2004 19:03

Just looking out for you revolutionaries

Fighting For a Union: An Interview with Starbucks Workers Union Leader Daniel Gross

NYC, 01.10.2004 19:02

Daniel Gross is the lead organizer in the ongoing IWW IU/660 effort to establish the only unionized Starbucks in the United States. He’s a worker at the 36th and Madison Starbucks in New York City, the immediate focus of the campaign. During a demonstration in front of his workplace during the RNC, Daniel was arrested along with co-worker (and union supporter) Anthony Polanco. He now faces a trial in October, the most serious charge being resisting arrest. Left Hook’s Derek Seidman recently had a chance to catch up with Daniel Gross to find out more about his predicament and the state of the union campaign.


Colombia, 01.10.2004 18:52

Los kankuamos bajaron de la Sierra al sepelio de Freddy Arias


Uruguay, 01.10.2004 18:02

Los estudiantes no olvidan

Chicago Public Access TV wins crucial funding ordinance

Chicago, 01.10.2004 17:33

CAN TV, the fleet of Chicago's public access TV channels (which airs Chicago Indymedia's TV show), has spent most of 2004 in funding battles for its future -- first with the negligent company RCN regarding dues, then over a proposed funding ordinance introduced in May by Alderman Bernard Stone. On September 29, the Chicago City Council approved a version of the ordinance which would add a portion of the city's cable franchise fee to CAN TV's budget. Without this win, CAN TV would likely have faced serious cutbacks and layoffs. Read more.

Workers ready to march on Washington

Michigan, 01.10.2004 17:24

DETROIT— Workers from across the country will converge on Washington, D.C. Oct. 17 to press for universal health care, a national living wage, affordable housing, the protection of social security and public education, and an end to the war in Iraq, among other demands. Clarence Thomas, a longshoreman from San Francisco and co-chair of the Million Worker March, addressed a packed audience in Detroit Sept. 22, at the headquarters of the Detroit Association of Black Organizations, to mobilize participation here.

The Baghdad Hillbillies

Urbana-Champaign, 01.10.2004 16:56

"The Ballad of George Dubyah" by wayward


Minneapolis/St. Paul, 01.10.2004 16:01

Tom Taylor's Green Party campaign for State Representative of Northeast Minneapolis is holding community forums to look at challenges that we face in our society and to find creative solutions for them.

“Indigenous Resistance in the Americas” speaking tour comes through MI

Michigan, 01.10.2004 15:53

Chiapas based Poet and historian John Ross will speak in Traverse City on October 12 and Grand Rapids on October 13. Ross is currently touring the U.S. with his new book, Murdered by Capitalism: A Memoir of 150 Years of Life and Death on the American Left (Nation Books, 2004). Ross has written extensively on Latin America for Noticias Aliadas (Lima, Peru), Texas Observer, San Francisco Bay Guardian among others, and has been in direct action in both Iraq and in Palestine. This latest book is a “unique fusion of personal memoir and lively history ... a fandango where Che Guevara, William Burroughs, Billie Holiday, and Subcomandante Marcos might feel right at home.”

Kerry's Missed Opportunities

Hudson Mohawk, 01.10.2004 14:44

John Kerry missed many an opportunity to point out Bush foreign policy and homeland security failures during last night’s debate at the University of Miami. Kerry missed so many that it’s possible to sort them into three kinds of missteps: (1) failure to more fully cite Bush errors; (2) failure to more fully respond to Bush falsehoods and omissions; and (3) failure to exploit openings due to constraints imposed by his own record.

Australian Foreign Minister arrested for war crimes

Melbourne, 01.10.2004 13:45

Activists execute citizen's arrest on Alexander Downer


belgrade, 01.10.2004 12:45


Help Save Senn High School!!

Chicago, 01.10.2004 12:25

The students, parents, faculty, and community of Senn High School were recently surprised by a Chicago Board of Education decision to take over one third of Senn's building to make space for a U.S. Naval Academy. This decision was made secretly by the Chicago Public Schools and Alderman Mary Ann Smith. More...


DATE: Tuesday, October 5
TIME: 6PM Rally (NOTE -- time has been changed to 6PM from 6:30pm per teacher Jesse Sharkey) (arrive early), 7:00-9:00pm Open Forum
LOCATION: Senn High School, 5900 N. Glenwood Ave, Chicago

SaveSenn.Org | Article on Senn Success | Teachers for Social Justice | Education as Enforcement | Youth and the Military |

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