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Askere Gitme!

Istanbul, 05.12.2007 18:39

Emirler "Öldürür", Özgürlük "Güldürür" Askere Gitme!

Ashland Daily Tidings Supports Racism &amp; Hate!

Rogue Valley, 05.12.2007 18:09

Rupert Murdoch owned rag goes over the line- Ashland, Oregon's local newspaper supports racism and hate speech. Editor Scot Bolsinger is shameless yet has personal responsibility for the horrible hate which is harbored by this poor example of so-called journalism. The Tidings has stooped to a new low. The paper that has been spiraling downward ever since combining with the only other daily paper in the Rogue Valley, the Medford Mail Tribune. How do you say monopoly? Lack of real news has been replaced with this disgusting cesspool of hate.

Look Hate in the face and see what you think. Examples follow...

pasadena mob scene

Houston, 05.12.2007 18:09

12/5, White Mob in Pasadena Swarms Black Protesters

Venezuela: Verfassungsreform abgelehnt

Germany, 05.12.2007 17:39

Beim Referendum über die Verfassungsreform hat die Opposition mit dem "Nein" knapp gewonnen. Das ist zwar eine Niederlage für Präsident Chávez, jedoch keinesfalls ein Sieg der Opposition. Die bolivarianische Revolution geht weiter.

Hintergrund: Inhalte der Verfassungsreform in Venezuela | Aktuelle Infos: Indymedia Venezuela (es) | (de) | (en)

When it comes to commercial media, “there’s no place like home”

London, Ontario, 05.12.2007 17:37

Many of the arguments put forth by the IMC about the commercial media are understood and considered common knowlege, but the other side in the debate never tends to be heard. How do the commercial media view themselves? How do they respond to the direct accusations from the IMC? This article is a smaller version of a longer piece I am currently writing. I have to resolve my own opinions about how Sandra Thom of Rogers Television and Jeff Keay of the CBC argued their position before I can offer my own critical perspective. For the moment, this is the commercial view.

London's IMC Makes Radio Waves

London, Ontario, 05.12.2007 17:37

Recently, the local London IMC has expanded into radio with their bi-weekly Indymedia show. This article is a brief description of the development, goals, and expectations of the show as envisioned by its two hosts Jon Bullick and Anthony Verberckmoes.

Activists Open 10 Year-Old Roadblock, Again

Boston, 05.12.2007 16:08

Israeli and international solidarity activists from the Palestine Solidarity Project joined Palestinians from Beit Ommar, Surif, Al-Jab’a, and Hebron as they moved the massive interlocking cement blocks and boulders, opening a space for Palestinian vehicles to pass through. PSP has organized actions at this roadblock a number of times in the past year, in defiance of the IOF’s attempts to control Palestinian freedom of movement.

Historical Marker to Sacco and Vanzetti Rededicated in the North End of Boston

Boston, 05.12.2007 16:08

Nearly 40 people braved the Boston cold on Saturday, December 1st. 2007, to unveil and rededicate a historical marker for Sacco and Vanzetti in the North End. The plaque was reinstalled at 256 Hanover Street, the place where the Sacco and Vanzetti Defense Committee functioned from 1925 to 1927.

Students Take a Stand for Security Guard Rights: Temple Students Meet with Allied-Barton

Philadelphia, 05.12.2007 16:08

Bristol Labour's Donor Questions

Bristol, 05.12.2007 16:07

Issues arrise over £10,000 from Unincorporated Association Bristol Labour's Donor Questions: Issues arise over £10,000 from Unincorporated Association Following donor scandals at a national level for the Labour Party, it seems the Bristol party is being asked tough questions about funding too...The Bristol Blogger writes: While leafing through the Electoral Commission’s register of donations to political parties we find a most unusual couple of entries. It seems that the Bristol Labour Group - an unincorporated association registered at the Council House - made two donations amounting to exactly £10,000 to the Bristol North West Constituency Labour Party this year. Due to boundary changes, the Bristol North West seat, currently held by Labour’s Doug Naysmith, is likely to be a marginal seat at the next election and the Tories appear to be throwing considerable resources into the area for their well-connected parliamentary candidate Charlotte Leslie. Now it seems the Labour Party are doing the same for their London-based Oxbridge lawyer candidate, Lambeth councillor Sam Townend (Blogger Passim). No problem there really. If the Tories have the mysterious Lord Ashcroft throwing money at marginals why shouldn’t Labour do the same? Well the difference is, although we might not like it, at least we know who the Tories' money has come from. We don’t with this Labour donation. As an unincorporated association, the Bristol Labour Group - which presumably consists of Bristol’s Labour councillors - does not have to present any public accounts. We therefore have no way of knowing the origin of this £10,000. Hardly the best example of Helen’s Holland’s new “open and transparent” regime is it? Full article.| Bristol Labour's funny money | | Related Stories: The Great SWRDA Swindle | Mooney and the city council loonies | Is BCC planning tenants sell out | Bristol to lose yet more Trees? |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Indypendent Reader No. 6: &quot;Police, Crime, and Restorative Justice&quot;

Baltimore, 05.12.2007 15:08

A look at crime, community-based approaches to intervention and mediation, Baltimore police history, 'stop snitching' in historical perspective, civil resistance activism, and a contribution by political prisoner Marshall Eddie Conway….Updates on the struggles of stadium cleaning workers, hotel workers, and residents in East Baltimore. Know your rights!

Coos County Makes Recommendations AGAINST LNG!

Portland, 05.12.2007 12:08

In a suprising turn of events, a Coos County's hearings officer recommended that the land use application for the Jordan Cove LNG terminal be rejected. She previously recommended that a second application for a different part of the project be approved. Her decision could mark a turning of the tide in the fight against LNG in Southern Oregon.

Public comment was skewed 10 to 1 in opposition to the project during hearings in September in Coquille. Citizens Against LNG, Umpqua Watersheds, Friends of Living Oregon Waters (FLOW), the Southern Oregon Pipeline Information Project, Oregon Shores, and Sierra Club all worked to persuade the hearings officer that the project was a threat to the public safety, economy, and environment of the Coos Bay Area.

pobles (ca)

Barcelona, 05.12.2007 11:08

Nosaltres patim, nosaltres decidim

Qui utilitza el transport públic? Qui utilitza rodalies? Els constructors i rics de cotxe i parking no...i els polítics amb cotxe oficial tampoc...qui pateix el dèficit d'infraestructures de Catalunya doncs????

[1des] 17h. Pça Catalunya. Marxa: Tenim el dret de decidir sobre les nostres infraestructures

La societat civil de Catalunya vol millors infraestructures i planificades segons les necessitats dels veïns, la natura i els treballadors: Comunicat de la Plataforma pel soterrament de les vies i contra el pla de l'estació de Sants ::: Tarragona ja deia més trens i menys AVE ::: un tren d'alta velocitat pot destruir la sagrada família ::: Aturem aquest Tren d'alta velocitat ::: manifest per la crisi de renfe ::: La CGT al costat dels sindicats grocs contra l'espanyolisme de RENFE ::: Els bitllets de rodalies madrid, sevilla i tantes altres més barats que els de Catalunya ::: parem de queixar-nos en solitari ::: els conductors de busos volen descans setmanal normal ::: la nació catalana diu prou! tenim dret a decidir sobre les nostres infraestructures ::: raons per anar a la marxa de dissabte

+info : >>>pobles

pueblos (es)

Barcelona, 05.12.2007 11:08

Nosotros sufrimos, nosoltros decidimos

¿Quién utiliza el transporte público? ¿Quién utiliza cercanias? ¿Los constructores y ricos de coche y parking no...y los políticos con coche oficial tampoco...¿quién sufre entonces el deficit de infrastructuras en Cataluña????

[1 Dic] 17h. Pza. Catalunya. Marcha: Tenemos el derecho a decidir sobre nuestras infrastructuras

La sociedad civil de Cataluña quiere mejores infrastrcuturas y planificadas según las necesidades de los vecinos, la naturaleza y los trabajadores: Comunicado de la Plataforma pel soterrament de les vies i contra el pla de l'estació de Sants ::: Tarragona ya decía más trenes y menos AVE ::: un tren de alta velocidad puede destruir la sagrada família ::: Paremos este tren de alta velocidad ::: manifiesto por la crisi de renfe ::: La intersindical pide a la ciudadanía de Cataluña en relación a las infrastructuras ::: La CGT al lado de los sindicatos amarillos contra el españolismo de RENFE ::: Los billetes de cercanías madrid, sevilla y tantas otras más baratos que los de cataluña ::: paremos de quejarnos en solitario ::: los conductores de autobuses quieren descanso semanal normal ::: la nación catalana dice basta! tenemos derecho a decidir sobre nuestras infrastructuras ::: razones para ir a la mani del sábado

+info : >>>pueblos

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 05.12.2007 11:08

Davant els tancaments patronals : Ni un pas enrera!

Manifestació unitària+Festa reivindicativa. 2 des.11h Pl. Sant Jaume

Deslocalitzacions, tancaments d´empreses, acomiadaments, precarietat laboral, pèrdua de drets laborals aconseguits desprès de tants anys de lluita. Ens diuen que res podem fer, que la globalització és això, que solament ens queda pactar i acceptar els xantatges, les reduccions de plantilla, dels salaris, etc. Darrera dels acomiadaments de la Seat, Mercedes Benz, Sysmo o Frape Behr s´amaga la voracitat d'unes multinacionals que no deixen de generar beneficis a uns pocs condemnant a la classe treballadora a la precarietat més absulta acomiadant a milers de treballadors i treballadores deixant a famílies senceres al carrer.

La resposta de les plantilles d´aquestes empreses és contundent davant les agressions de la patronal. Ja fa un temps que es mobilitzen de forma unitària organitzant concentracions, vagues etc per la defensa dels seus llocs de treball, per mantenir les condicions laborals i impedir que s'especuli amb els terrenys.

notícies relacionades: comunicat readmissio acomiadats seat ::: nova ofensiva tancaments d´empresses +info : >>> laboral ::: xarxa contra els tancaments

laboral (es)

Barcelona, 05.12.2007 11:08

Frente a los cierres patronales: ¡Ni un paso atrás!

Manifestación unitaria+Fiesta reivindicativa. 2 dic. 11h Pl. Sant Jaume

Deslocalizaciones, cierres de empresas, despidos, precariedad laboral, pérdida de derechos laborales conseguidos tras tantos años de lucha. Nos dicen que no podemos hacer nada, que la globalización es esto, que sólo podemos pactar y aceptar los chantajes, las reducciones de plantilla, de los salarios, etc. Detrás de los despidos de Seat, Mercedes Benz, Sysmo o Frape Behr se esconde la voracidad de unas multinacionales que no dejan de generar beneficios para unos pocos condenando a la clase trabajadora a la precariedad más absoluta despidiendo a miles de trabajadores y trabajadoras dejando a familias enteras en la calle.

La respuesta de las plantillas de estas empresas es contundente frente a las agresiones de la patronal. Ya hace un tiempo que se movilizan de forma unitaria organizando concentraciones, vagas, etc. por la defensa de sus puestos de trabajo, pro mantener las condiciones laborales e impedir que se especule con los terrenos.

noticias relacionadas: comunicado sobre la readmisión de los despedidos de seat ::: nueva ofensiva de cierres de empresas +info : >>> laboral ::: xarxa contra els tancaments (red contra los cierres)


Barcelona, 05.12.2007 11:08

Casas Viejas, un altre episodi de criminalització

No a la criminalització dels Movimients Socials. Totes som Casas Viejas.

¡¡¡Darrera hora Casas Viejas RESISTEIX!!!
DIMARTS 4 de Desembre
-Los compañeros siguen sobre el puente, recibiendo solidaridad de todas partes.
-El colectivo Casas Viejas lleva atendiendo a la prensa toda la mañana ante las burdas acusaciones que recoge hoy la prensa insistiendo en la asociación entre "el movimiento ocupa" y el entorno de ETA.
-La Bestia se revuelve.
-La CNT en apoyo del CSOA CASAS VIEJAS y su resistencia.

notícies relacionades >>> IU dice que el desalojo de los ocupas por parte de las fuerzas de seguridad fue de “exquisita profesionalidad”, La policía sigue apuntando a ETA, [Casas Viejas] Video jueves 29-11-07, Casas Viejas Informa, Fotos Manisfestación solidaria en Madrid, Casas Viejas: hemos desobedecido de forma no violenta, Realizan una ocupación aérea en el puente del V centenario, Resiste Casas Viejas, sonidos rebeldes, El rescate del último de los 'okupas' consuma el desalojo de 'Casas Viejas', en Sevilla, Protocolo de Resistencia CSOA Casas Viejas

+info >>> Indymedia Estret, Casas Viejas

Heavy Handed Police Condemned Over Peaceful Protest

United Kingdom, 05.12.2007 07:09

Nottinghamshire Police have been condemned for their heavy handed dealing with a peaceful protest which took place at Nottingham University. The protest, which was organized by students, occurred outside the Hallward Library on the University Park Campus, to raise awareness about the Israeli West Bank barrier, aka 'the wall'. A mock wall was constructed and spray-painted with slogans and images.

After Nottingham Uni security failed to 'apprehend' the situation, the police were called. This resulted in the threat of arrest to a number of students. For 'breach of the peace', 'assaulting a police officer', 'filming a police officer'(!), obstructing a police officer and obstruction of the highway. One student was arrested to 'apprehend a breach of the peace'. The wall was dismantled (rather symbolic given the context) and moved on after about half an hour.

Links: Arrest at Nottingham Uni over Palestine Protest | Notts Indymedia Palestine page

Audio: This Week In Palestine – Week 48 | Week 47 | Week 46 | Full audio archive

Previous protests: Starbucks Not Welcome at University | Nottingham University Student Die-In :: to protest at ethical investments | 'Die-in' at Nottingham University to protest at unethical investments | Protests as arms dealers attend careersfair

Lucha contra el SIDA, en Capital y La Banda

Argentina, 05.12.2007 07:09

Jornada en Santiago sobre el 1 de diciembre

Prefectura reprime en Puerto Madero

Argentina, 05.12.2007 07:09

Violento desalojo a trabajadores/as del Casino Flotante

Prefectura reprime en Puerto Madero

Argentina, 05.12.2007 07:09

Violento desalojo a trabajadores/as del Casino Flotante

Peta working to outlaw pets!

LA, 05.12.2007 06:08

Peta working to outlaw pets!

Why a DC Congestion Charge

DC, 05.12.2007 01:09

Why a DC Congestion Charge: consider health, air pollution and global warming

Fighting for Justice, One Building at a Time

NYC, 05.12.2007 01:08

Movement for Justice in El Barrio has been fighting the effects of neoliberalism in East Harlem. Two years ago they decided to connect their struggles to struggles all over the globe when they became adherents to the Zapatistas' Sixth Declaration. They recently conducted a presentation explaining their own work and their relationship to the Zapatistas.

ART FOR PEACE’S SAKE in Miami, 12/1-1/30 (600 Foot Peace Mural on Exhibit)

Miami, 04.12.2007 23:07

ART FOR PEACE’S SAKE in Miami, 12/1-1/30 (600 Foot Peace Mural on Exhibit)

Pres Carter: BK supports market system that keeps workers in sub-poverty conditions

Miami, 04.12.2007 23:07

Pres Carter: BK supports market system that keeps workers in sub-poverty conditions

Constituiçom ou (contra)poder constituinte

Galiza, 04.12.2007 21:39

Nos tempos revolucionários em que se inventava o constitucionalismo moderno, Jean Antoine Condorcet escreviu: "a cada geraçom a sua própria constituiçom".

UWO/Huron PIRG Fair Trade Coffee House - Occupation 101

London, Ontario, 04.12.2007 16:07


London, Ontario, 04.12.2007 16:07

i'm a western student and i made this short film for an alternative media project. let me know what you think…

Discrimination at UWO - The Failures of Official Queer Advocacy

London, Ontario, 04.12.2007 16:07

Despite increasing awareness of the discrimination practiced on gay and bisexual men by Canadian Blood Services (and Health Canada), PrideWestern is refusing to stand with the queer students they are supposed to represent and support. What's behind this failure, and how can it be addressed?

STOP Gordon Smith Rally in Medford, OR, 12/5/07

Rogue Valley, 04.12.2007 14:09

Dear Friends of Citizens for Peace & Justice --

Please join us between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm this Wednesday, Dec. 5th, at the Security Plaza building at 1175 E. Main St. in Medford to hold Gordon Smith accountable. This protest, organized by the Democratic Party of Oregon statewide and by Citizens for Peace & Justice locally, is one of several being held at all of Smith's Oregon field offices.

Citizens for Peace and Justice

Adalah-NY Responds to Leviev, Plans Additional Protest

NYC, 04.12.2007 13:38

“Leviev claims that we are ignorant of his activities. We know that he is destroying West Bank Palestinian communities like Bil’in and Jayyous with the Israeli settlements his companies are building,” said Ethan Heitner of Adalah-NY. “The five settlements where he has built homes threaten to derail the negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians that started in Annapolis last week. They carve the West Bank into disconnected enclaves, seize valuable resources, and isolate Jerusalem, rendering the creation of a viable Palestinian state impossible. Leviev’s philanthropy in other parts of the world is small compensation for his contribution to inflaming arguably the world’s most important political conflict.”

Residents protest casino approvals

Philadelphia, 04.12.2007 13:08

Oakland Rally Before City Council to Demand Safe Access to Reproductive Health Services

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.12.2007 07:08

Anti-choice protesters have reportedly been harassing, intimidating, threatening, and blocking patients, friends, family, and staff of reproductive health clinics in Oakland for years. The City of Oakland and East Bay clinics are uniting to support and ordinance protecting safe and unresticted access to clinics. On Tuesday, December 4th, Oakland's City Council will consider an ordinance that would define penalties for those who try to interfere with access to clinics. Supporters will gather outside of City Hall for a 5pm rally.

Chavistas Lose Referendum in a 'Photo Finish'

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.12.2007 07:08

By a margin of 1.4 percent, the forces of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez lost a December 2 vote on a referendum of social programs that also would have lifted term limits for the presidency. The United States reportedly spent $8 million dollars to sway the vote, and a CIA document uncovered by the Chavistas spelled out a thorough program of psy-ops and destabilization.


Colombia, 04.12.2007 05:08

Con Ecopetrol estamos ante la mayor defraudación de patrimonio público en nuestra historia

Free Trade: Do Smith &amp; Wyden support Oregon workers?

Rogue Valley, 04.12.2007 04:08

Peru Free Trade Agreement threatens jobs

The U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement, if passed in the Senate, would offshore even more Oregon jobs while accelerating poverty in Peru. One might call the Peru Trade Agreement a lose-lose for American and Peruvian workers.

We have seen Congressman Walden vote against Oregon worker interests and soon we will see where Senators Smith and Wyden stand. Perhaps readers have an opinion for the senators (Smith, 503-326-3386; Wyden, 503-326-7525).

Last Night DIY Celebration Returns for Third Year

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.12.2007 03:08

Last Night DIY writes, "New Year's 2007, the Last Night DIY Parade and Street Party will take over the streets. This year the do-it-yourself, grassroots celebration returns [to Santa Cruz] with even more ambitions plans that include a parade, street party, entertainment, and performers well into the night. Organizers hope to attract musicians, street theater performers, puppet shows, square dancers, and circus acts to take over downtown for a whole evening of DIY adventure and entertainment."

Brasil, 04.12.2007 00:08


Empty Buildings, Crowded Shelters

NYC, 03.12.2007 22:08

On November 26th, Picture the Homeless and the Charles H. Revson Fellowship co-sponsored a panel at Columbia University entitled "Empty Buildings, Crowded Shelters." A packed house came to hear about the intersections of homelessness, housing policy, and vacant property.

Another Fox Tower, But No Due Process

Portland, 03.12.2007 21:38

Moyer Tower, bigger than Fox Tower and only a block away, is getting no due process from the Design Commission.

The Moyer Tower project was presented to the public from the get-go, not as a project proposal in process, but as a fait accompli. The message to the public: "This is a done deal. Stay away."
This proposed 35-story immensity, bulkier than Fox Tower and just a block away, has huge impacts and issues that deserve an honest process. One developer, who has already stamped a footprint upon midtown like no one else, wants to use dubious FAR-transfer stratagems to grab another four million cubic feet of midtown airspace. He, and a submissive Commission, want to do this with only a restricted and perfunctory affectation of a real due-process. His so-called land-use review is held as an afterthought, following a design review. That's doing the process backwards.

Mr. Moyer, there is a civic dimension to all of this that you ignore. You think you are so magnanimous for donating Block 5 to the city for a park, but we notice that you have built a profitable six-level parking lot under it, that you have tried to put a big upscale restaurant on the surface of it, and that now you want to steal the air space over it in order to erect another oppressive skyscraper next to it.

Next Land-use hearing: December 6,
Be there and protest!
1900 SW 4th, 1:30 PM

EarthVision Environmental Film Festival - Director's Pick 2007

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.12.2007 21:08

EarthVision International Environmental Film Festival highlights films about crucial ecological issues, provides a venue for independent filmmakers from around the world and inspires people to get involved in creating positive change for the planet. EarthVision and the Sustainability Club of Cabrillo College will screen the EarthVision 2007 - Director's Pick at the Cabrillo College Cafeteria on Wednesday, December 5th from 5-8pm.

The following award winning films will be screened at the event: Repercussions, Global Focus III, Linear Progression, Ahmed and the Return of the Arab Phoenix, and Garden Insects. Read More

EarthVision 2008 will be held March 3rd-8th, 2008 with a special screening on Earth Day. Award winning films will be screened at the Mello Center in Watsonville and at the Rio Theatre and the Veteran's Memorial Hall in Santa Cruz. EarthVision will culminate with a celebration honoring the filmmakers and people on the front lines of the environmental movement.

Berkeley Memorial Grove Tree-Sit Anniversary

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.12.2007 19:09

December 2 was the one year anniversary of the tree sits going up in Memorial Grove in Berkeley. Bands played, Circus Pandemonium performed, free food was served and there was a protest march.

On November 20th, UC Berkeley completed the construction of a second barbed-wire fence around the Memorial Oak Grove, costing $80,000, enclosing approximately ten tree-sitters inside. They have announced they can fine or arrest anyone acting "in concert" with the tree-sitters.

Kyoto Now: Aksi 8 Desember 2007

Jakarta, 03.12.2007 15:38

Rally Around the Earth for Climate Justice and a Safer, Healthier Planet! On December 8, Rally Around the Earth for Climate Justice and a Safer, Healthier Planet!WATCH THE KYOTO NOW VIDEO: Climate: ...

Tropa de choque fere Sem Terra em despejo violento em Limeira, SP

Brasil, 03.12.2007 14:38


From the Newswire

Manila, 03.12.2007 14:09

Letter to the Manila Indymedia Editor


Belarus, 03.12.2007 12:07

The Bike Farm - New PDX Bike Co-op

Portland, 03.12.2007 09:38

The Bicycle Farm is a non-profit learning space run by volunteers who believe that bicycles are an ideal (and fun!) mode of transportation. Our mission is to promote the bicycle as a fun, safe, and accessible form of transportation, to foster healthy urban communities, and to provide a welcoming space to learn about building maintaining, and riding bicycles.

The Bike Farm is entirely volunteer-based, with core members and volunteers, both of whom can earn privileges based on time and commitment.

PRESS CONFERENCE: Was P.O. Daniel Faulkner really &quot;Murdered By Mumia&quot;?

Philadelphia, 03.12.2007 09:08

Demonstrators denied access to Miami’s Fisher Island, SEIU plans lawsuit

Miami, 03.12.2007 07:37

Demonstrators denied access to Miami’s Fisher Island, SEIU plans lawsuit

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