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Liquefied Natural Gas Protest in Portland

Portland, 13.12.2007 21:38

Today, December 12, 2007, 200 people gathered at the offices of Northwest Natural Gas in downtown Portland Oregon to protest Liquefied Natural gas facilities proposed for the Columbia River Estuary by Energy speculators from Texas, New York and California.

The turn out was huge and the gathering was high spirited and well informed. Many were from the areas of Oregon which would be affected by the LNG facilities or the pipelines which would funnel the gas down to energy consumers in California. Farmers from Mollala and Gayles Creek, full time fishing guides, commercial fisherman, were just a few of the people who turned out to insist that this project be abandoned and to demand that Oregon Governor Kulongowski weigh in against this project.

The Big Pour in Fryeburg Maine

Maine, 13.12.2007 21:08

Following the lead of Howard Dearborn, a crowd packed onto a small bridge, and with a countdown overturned their bottles of Poland Spring water. They watched gleefully as it poured into a stream to flow back to where it belonged. In all, about fifty people turned up at Lovewell Pond in Fryeburg, Maine on Saturday in order to draw attention to the impact of large-scale water extraction on the watershed. Folks of all ages, from Fryeburg and the surrounding communities talked about their concerns over the ecosystem and their opposition to Poland Spring's proposed bottling plant in Fryeburg. Two representatives from Poland Spring were also present, in order to present �their side� of the story. Ron Dyer, environmental manager for Poland Spring, claimed �It broke my heart to see water being dumped out.�

Austin Indymedia redirected to US Indymedia

United States, 13.12.2007 21:07

Welcome Austin Indymedia community! While the Austin Indymedia website is being upgraded, we are directing you here, to US Indymedia. You can publish your news to the open publishing newswire and read local Indymedia features from around the USA.

Landelijke actiedag tegen een verbod op kraken

Netherlands, 13.12.2007 19:09

Op zaterdag 15 december organiseren kraakgroepen van over het hele land acties tegen een mogelijk kraakverbod. De bedoeling is om de verworvenheden van de kraakbeweging in de verf te zetten door onder meer informatieve rondleidingen langs en in (ex-)kraakpanden.

Kraakgroepen uit onder andere Breda, Deventer, Etten-leur, Dordrecht, Haarlem, Den Bosch, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Zaandam en Zwolle organiseren activiteiten.

Als reactie op het zwartboek kraken van de VVD komt er in het voorjaar ook een witboek kraken met voorbeelden van hoe door kraken monumenten gered zijn, hoe krakers zelf half verkrotte panden weer bewoonbaar maakten, hoe door kraken sociale huisvesting bewaard bleef en hoe krakersinitiatieven het sociale weefsel in volksbuurten behouden of zelfs herstellen.

Uit een onderzoek van de Erasmusuniversiteit van Rotterdam vorig jaar blijkt dat de meerderheid in de publieke opinie nog steeds tegen een kraakverbod is.

[Opninie: Amsterdamse politie ziet spoken][brief naar christelijke partijen over kraakverbod][anti kraakverbod posters]
[Eerdere features: juni 2006 | Damslaapactie ]

Zwischen Asyl und Abschiebung in Freiburg

Germany, 13.12.2007 15:08

 Der kurdische Flüchtling Cengiz Kilic floh 1996 aus der Türkei. Sein Asylantrag wurde im Jahre 2000 von den Behörden abgelehnt. Cengiz lebte seitdem ohne Papiere im Raum Freiburg und befindet sich zur Zeit in Bayern in Abschiebehaft. Für eine sofortige Freilassung von Cengiz und gegen die rassistische deutsche Asylpolitik demonstrierten am 10. Dezember um 9 Uhr morgens mehrere dutzend Menschen in der Freiburger Innenstadt. Cengiz hat seinen Asylfolgeantrag mittlerweile zurückgezogen. Am 17. Dezember droht ihm die Abschiebung.

Cengiz' Geschichte | Deutsche Normalität | Freiburger Realität | Freiheit für Cengiz | Bisher | Ergænzungen

RDL-Interview mit Aktion Bleiberecht | Filme zum Thema Migration | Rasthaus Freiburg | Pro Asyl |

Holiday Peace Vigil at Military Recruitment Center in Capitola

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.12.2007 11:38

On Saturday, December 15th, Santa Cruz County peace activists will gather for a vigil and action in front of the Military Recruiting Center in Capitola. The "Not at Home for the Holidays" protest is cosponsored by nine Santa Cruz County peace groups calling for, "all of our troops to come home immediately, for all military bases that have been built in Iraq to be disbanded, for a complete return of the resources and sovereignty of Iraq to the Iraqi people themselves, and for full reparations for the devastation that has been wrought in our name."

Debate Continues over PA &quot;Mental Health&quot; Assisted Outpatient Treatment Bill

Philadelphia, 13.12.2007 09:08

TAV: Manifestaci�n 15 de diciembre en Arrasate

Euskal Herria, 13.12.2007 07:38

La lucha contra el TAV se extiende y a las �ltimas acciones (|Acciones contra el TAV desde Santurtzi|, |Protesta ekintza Donostiako merkataritza ganberan|, |"Y vasca"-ren aurka ekintza zuzena|) hay que sumarle nuevas noticias del reparto del pastel entre los que siempre ganan y algunas noticias sobre represi�n de anteriores acciones (|AHTren aurkako 15 lagun epaituko dituzte osteguean Bilbon|).

Las movilizaciones contin�an y la pr�xima convocatoria es la manifestaci�n nacional en Arrasate este pr�ximo s�bado el d�a 15 de diciembre (|M�s info|, |Video|). Hay organizados autobuses desde muchos lugares (|Iru�a|, |Santurtzi|).

M�s informaci�n: |TAV: imposici�n, intoxicaci�n, criminalizaci�n|, |Asamblea contra el TAV|, |AHTez Gunea|, |AHT Gelditu Elkarlana|.

Llevan más de un día

Argentina, 13.12.2007 06:38

Docentes siguen con la ocupación del Ministerio de Educación

Llevan más de un día

Argentina, 13.12.2007 06:08

Docentes siguen con la ocupación del Ministerio de Educación

SF Gang Injunction Hearing

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.12.2007 04:39

On Monday December 10th, Supervisor Chris Daly hosted a hearing on the controversial San Francisco gang injunctions. Community members criticized the proposal calling it racist & ineffective. They called on the city to address the root causes of violence not the symptoms.

Nancy Pelosi &amp; Waterboarding

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.12.2007 04:39

On December 9th, Washington Post reported that Pelosi was one of four members of Congress who was secretly briefed in 2002 about interrogation techniques that included the torture known as waterboarding-- and Pelosi had not raised objections to it.
On December 10th about twenty CodePink members and other antiwar activists gathered outside of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's local office to conduct an emergency protest.

March on Wall Street Save Our Homes: Photos and Commentary

NYC, 13.12.2007 04:38

Jesse Jackson is a clever stage manager. If the New York City government under its multi-billionaire mayor likes to respond to political rallies by ringing them with heavily armed troops and with metal barricades in order to demoralize their participants, to make them feel small and marginal, then Jesse Jackson knows how to make it work to his advantage. As far as rallies in New York City go, the “March on Wall Street Save Our Homes” wasn’t much, but that, in a way, was entirely the point, David come to Goliath.

The Indypendent Issue #113: Ratifying Apartheid, Derailing the Coal Train and Low-Income Housing in New Orleans in Danger of Demolition

NYC, 13.12.2007 03:38

Subscribe to The Indypendent Today! and Help Keep the Indy GOING STRONG!

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In this issue: Ratifying Appartheid, Derailing the Coal Train, Low-Income Housing in New Orleans in Danger of Demolition and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Ratifying Apartheid: A Palestinian Village Withers ||Israel Runs Out the Clock||Israeli Democracy: Arabs Need Not Apply||Remembering 1948||The Long Road to Annapolis: Historical Timeline of Palestine from 1917-2007||Derailing the Coal Train : New Aussie PM Signs Kyoto, Still Embraces Fossil Fuels||In 'New' New Orleans, Low-Income Housing to Be Leveled||Harlem Tenants Fight Yuppie Takeover||Bodies on the Line: Hundreds Delay Military Shipments in Olympia||
Student Antiwar Walkouts Spark Small Town Backlash||The Theater of the Absurd: Headlines Focus on Candidate Branding While Debate Centers on the Irrelevant||The GOP Debate: A Forensic-Scatological Analysis||Marketing at the Dinner Table: An Interview with Anne Elizabeth Moore||A Woman with a Different Vision||Kara Walker: Shadows of the Past||The Ken Burns Effect||Taking the Streets, French Style||Gift Giving, Indy Style||From the Punk Scene to Acoustic Theory||Middle East Showdown in Union Square


Athens, 12.12.2007 23:39

Κάτω τα ξερά σας από τα Ταμεία

NATO to invade South Queensferry amidst popular resistance

United Kingdom, 12.12.2007 23:09

A NATO meeting on Afghanistan is planned for Friday, the 14th of December, at Craigiehall Army Barracks near South Queensferry in Edinburgh. The meeting will be attended by defence ministers from eight NATO countries, and other senior political and military officials who will be discussing the current situation in Afghanistan.
Anti-militarist demonstrators and pacifists have called for a countryside protest against the never-ending warmongering.

[ Indymedia Scotland feature | details of protest | announcing article ]

Regional organizing against the 2008 political conventions grows

Baltimore, 12.12.2007 23:09

With the failure of the Democratic Congress to meaningfully challenge the Bush administration's agenda painfully apparent, renewed interest in direct action against the spectacular machinations of the political process itself has been growing across the country. Activists in Denver and Minneapolis/St. Paul are busy preparing for mass mobilizations against the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. In the Baltimore area, a few signs expressing support for protest against the RNC have been spotted, including this one at MICA and this banner off I-83, which has stayed up for more than a week. More substantial regional activity against both conventions will be happening on January 26th and 27th in Frederick, MD, during a regional Anti-RNC/DNC consulta.

Related news: Unconventional Action publishes free Unconventional Strategies tabloid | Twin Cities Indymedia: TransFolk and Queers to Blockade RNC | Colorado Indymedia:Democratic National Convention Media Walk Through at the Pepsi Center

Broxtowe BNP Councillor Expelled From Party

United Kingdom, 12.12.2007 22:39

Broxtowe BNP councillor Sadie Graham appears to have been expelled from the party for setting up a "treasonous" blog, along with the party's Head of Administration, Kenny Smith. The blog, containing materials from anti-fascist organisations, called for the removal of Mark Collett, the party's Head of Publicity.

After a Stasi-like operation in which the BNPs 'Intelligence Department' (fronted by an ex-South African police official) recorded and spied on telephone calls of party members, stories are circulating on Nazi webforums that five BNP security entered Graham's house and ransacked it looking for further evidence.

This is further bad news for the beleaguered fascist party who are already facing serious internal divisions and a revived militant anti-fascist movement.

Features: Anti-fascists successfully blockade BNP meeting venue | BNP wins seat in Broxtowe

Newswire: Sadie Graham Expelled from BNP! | 2nd Anniversarry of mums brutal murder by Kirkby Notts"freeSpeech"BNPcandidate | Nott's group go to BNP Conferance | Sadie Graham Shoots Straight

Links: Lancaster UAF | Antifa (UK)

AUDIO FILE: Naomi Klein Speaking in Portland

Portland, 12.12.2007 22:39

Naomi Klein, whose most recent book, "The Shock Doctrine: the Rise of Disaster Capitalism" has become an international best-seller, spoke to an overflowing house in Portland Oregon on Friday, December 7, 2007.

She begins, "it's wonderful to be at the heart of Portland's legendary Progressive community; thank you for all the work you have done over the years in keeping up this fight. It is a revolutionary moment. There are moments when it feels less so, and Portland keeps on keeping' on, which we appreciate."

"We're going to be talking about disaster tonight, we're going to be talking about disaster capitalism, and it seems only appropriate for us to begin this discussion by thinking about these disasters unfolding in this region, in other parts of the country, around the world......Think about when we see these images, when a community is living through these disasters, what our initial human response is. ...."

Grannies on Trial Day 2: “Substantial Inconvenience to United States?&quot;

Portland, 12.12.2007 22:39

District Attorney Seth Stuart contends that the defendants intended to "substantially inconvenience" the US military by disrupting recruiting at the Broadway office. Defendant Clyde Chamberlain, a father and grandfather, said "I was not concerned with inconvenience to the US Military. I was concerned by the considerable inconvenience our government and military have caused to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens who have lost their lives, and to our soldiers who have died fighting an illegal and immoral war."

The defendants pled "not guilty" to charges of criminal mischief in the third degree because they believe their actions constituted a symbolic act of political speech at a government office and resulted in no damage to the property. All three of the defendants heard today said that their intention was to send a political message to our country that "war is wrong." Sara Graham, a 67 year old grandmother, testified that the group wanted to make a statement on Good Friday because that is the day the government killed Jesus Christ, and through the war in Iraq our government is killing innocent civilians." The group carefully planned the event they called "Blood and Roses" to maximize the symbolic statement and minimize any damage. During the silent vigil the group placed fake "blood" made of corn syrup, dishwashing liquid, and red food coloring on the sidewalk and red handprints on the windows of the Army/Marine Recruiting office at 1371 NE Broadway. Ann Huntwork testified "we used red tempera paint to make the handprints because it washes off easily. Every mother knows that."

Free mapping comes to South Coast

United Kingdom, 12.12.2007 20:39

A RADICAL new form of map has been launched in Brighton.

OpenStreetMap is a wikipedia-like project to create a free map of the entire world, open to contributions from anyone.

Most commonly used maps have legal or technical restrictions on their use, holding people back from using them in creative, productive or unexpected ways.

Manifestação do dia internacional dos direitos dos animais

Brasil, 12.12.2007 20:09

Ativistas pelos Direitos dos Animais

Кантралёры ўжо трэніруюцца да 17 снежня

Belarus, 12.12.2007 19:37

Encuentro de Saberes en Wayuumana

Venezuela, 12.12.2007 19:37

Middle East Showdown in Union Square (Indypendent)

NYC, 12.12.2007 18:38

Every Saturday afternoon amid shoppers, skaters, tourists and passers-by at Union Square, a small group supporting Palestinian self-determination an even smaller pro-Israel group face off on a small patch of land across from Virgin Megastore on 14th Street.

Hillary: Say No to Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Bill

NYC, 12.12.2007 17:39

A demonstration took place outside of Senator Hillary Clinton’s New York office Dec. 10 to encourage her to vote against the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (S. 1959) if the bill should make it to the floor of the senate.

Savings from tax loophole in Verizon - FairPoint deal would fund high-speed Internet for NH

New Hampshire, 12.12.2007 17:09

A new report shows that Verizon's savings from a tax loophole in FairPoint deal would fund high-speed Internet throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The report was sent to Governor Lynch and every member of the New Hampshire legislature.

The Big Pour in Fryeburg Maine

New Hampshire, 12.12.2007 17:09

Following the lead of Howard Dearborn, a crowd packed onto a small bridge, and with a countdown overturned their bottles of Poland Spring water. They watched gleefully as it poured into a stream to flow back to where it belonged. In all, about fifty people turned up at Lovewell Pond in Fryeburg, Maine on Saturday in order to draw attention to the impact of large-scale water extraction on the watershed. Folks of all ages, from Fryeburg and the surrounding communities talked about their concerns over the ecosystem and their opposition to Poland Spring's proposed bottling plant in Fryeburg. Two representatives from Poland Spring were also present, in order to present “their side” of the story. Ron Dyer, environmental manager for Poland Spring, claimed “It broke my heart to see water being dumped out.”

We condemn ICE Raid in Milford, Mass., and protest insensitive media reporting about it

Boston, 12.12.2007 16:09

Last Friday, December 7, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents "supported" by the Milford Police Department raided an immigrant community again. They arrested 15 undocumented migrant workers. Reports indicate that most were from Ecuador. The media, uncritical and sympathetic to ICE reported that the workers were charged for violating criminal laws. However, the same article indicated that only one person was charged with violating "criminal laws". The others “will face a federal immigration judge." In other words, the raid was about migrant workers and not about criminal law enforcement.

Levante contra a venda do Rio Madeira.

Brasil, 12.12.2007 15:39

MAB - Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens

Local Coalition Calls Protest Dec. 13 for New Orleans Public Housing Solidarity

DC, 12.12.2007 14:10

A broad coalition of social justice, housing and peace groups have called for a demonstration in solidarity with the threatened public housing residents of New Orleans; at the Department of Housing and Urban Demolishment on Thursday, December 13, at 11am.

Radio Dreyeckland bedroht

Germany, 12.12.2007 12:39

Radio Dreyeckland aus Freiburg steckt in Schwierigkeiten. Durch das aktuelle Finanzloch von ca. 25.000 € drohen Entlassungen, Räume müssen aufgegeben werden. Wenn nun auch noch eines der alten Mischpulte ausfällt, könnte auf der Frequenz 102,3 MHz bald Funkstille herrschen. Hinter der aktuellen finanziellen Krise von RDL steckt allerdings nicht nur ein hässliches ökonomisches, sondern vielmehr auch ein politisches Problem, das uns alle angeht. Denn RDLs Krise offenbart den politischen Willen, unbotmäßige Medien zu disziplinieren. Es geht also um mehr als um Geld. Es geht um die Freiheit unabhängiger Medien von unten. Nötig ist deshalb eine breite gesellschaftliche Unterstützung des Konzepts „Freies Radio“, das (zumindest in Baden-Württemberg) schrittweise ausgehebelt werden soll.

Radio Dreyeckland | | Kampagnenankündigung | Videos: 1 2 | BFR-Kongress

Polar Bear Disrupts National BBC Wildlife Magazine HQ

Bristol, 12.12.2007 12:08

Protest over allowing Shell to sponsor their Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award Contest Polar Bear Disrupts National BBC Wildlife Magazine HQ - Protest over allowing Shell to sponsor their Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award Contest Pole R. Bear of Arctic Associates writes: This morning, Tuesday December 11th, at 10am, two members of “Arctic Associates” (aka Bristol Rising Tide), and one grumpy refugee polar bear paid a visit to the national offices of the BBC Wildlife Magazine at the top of Tower House in Broadmead, Bristol. More than a hundred employees looked on aghast (some winking in support) as “J. Smith” from Arctic Associates, flanked by Mr. Pole R. Bear, made a long and passionate speech about the sad and dangerous irony of allowing the world’s second largest oil company- responsible for endangering thousands of species through oil spills, toxic pollution, and climate change- to sponsor their Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award Contest, which is coming to Bristol Museum this Saturday December 15th....If you’d like to get involved, come to the sHELL Wildlife Photography Exhibit PROTEST this Saturday Dec. 15th starting at Noon, in front of the Bristol Museum at the top of Park St. Please come dressed as any wildlife that sHELL is endangering, and invite all your friends- putting a stop to greenwashing is a key battle in the war against climate change, and we want to stop our public museums being used for this purpose. Full article.| Fed Up Polar Bear Disrupts National BBC Wildlife Magazine HQ | Shell's Wild 'Lie' ( | Case Study: Shell ( | Related Stories: Stop Bristol Airport Expansion campaign celebrates second anniversary | From Bali to Bristol, (and everywhere else) | UWE Climate Change Battle Brewing |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

4 Videos: GMO Food Risks Vs. Cuba's &quot;Accidental Revolution&quot; to Organics

Miami, 12.12.2007 05:37

4 Videos: GMO Food Risks Vs. Cuba's "Accidental Revolution" to Organics

Hundreds march demanding fair contract for service workers

DC, 12.12.2007 05:09

Once again, all the workers who take care of all those ritzy downtown office buildings have to squeeze a new contract out of the owners. This being so, Local 32BJ of the SEIU staged a boisterous march through downtown DC in evening rush hour on Dec 11. Audio 3 min 24 sec:


Arizona, 12.12.2007 05:07

Indigenous Peoples Locked Out From Climate Negotiations

Desocupação da favela Real Parque

Brasil, 12.12.2007 04:08


First Step on Inclusionary Housing Hailed by Advocates

Philadelphia, 12.12.2007 03:08

Comunicado de la Parroquia la Vega::::.

Venezuela, 12.12.2007 03:07


Arizona, 12.12.2007 02:07

Ha'a'da'a Sidi Group Files Intent to Sue to Protect Navajo Sovereignty and Assets

Antiwar Student Suspended

Seattle, 12.12.2007 01:38

Who ever heard of someone being suspended for 9 days for having an Ipod out in class? Last Friday, December 7 one of the students at Foster High School in Tukwila, WA involved in Foster Student Action was given 9 days suspension supposedly for “having an Ipod out in class.” However, the REAL reason she was suspended was because she and other Foster Student Action activists dared to collect petition signatures at lunch period the day before requesting that teachers who allowed the Nov. 16th antiwar student walkout to happen get to keep their jobs.

Human Rights March

Seattle, 12.12.2007 01:38

On Sunday, December 9, The Philippine-U.S. Solidarity Organization (PUSO) and other human rights groups joined led activists in a funeral procession and ceremony for human rights victims worldwide. The event marked the 59th anniversary of the United Nation's passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Jornada &quot;Contra el Saqueo y la Contaminación

Argentina, 12.12.2007 00:08

Un reclamo que no para de crecer

N.O. Housing

Houston, 11.12.2007 22:09

December 13th: Protest is Support of Public Housing in New Orleans

Cobertura de la Marcha

Argentina, 11.12.2007 20:38

Harlem Tenants Fight Yuppie Takeover (Indypendent)

NYC, 11.12.2007 15:08

Built in the late fifties, the Delano Houses have historically been a bastion of affordable housing for the working class of Harlem. The seven buildings of the Delano houses contain 1,800 apartments, spread over the three blocks between 139th and 142nd streets and Fifth Avenue and Malcolm X Boulevard. The famed Savoy Ballroom used to be located here, the jazzera Cotton Club was just around the corner, and King Tim III — whose “Personality Jock” predated “Rapper’s Delight” as the first hip-hop record — grew up there.


Athens, 11.12.2007 13:08

Κάτω τα χέρια από τους μετανάστες

Support the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies: Day 1 in court

Portland, 11.12.2007 08:38

The jury is picked and though it was long day, it was more fun and much more interesting than I thought it would be.
From a pool of 65, we had a full spectrum of viewpoints - three, maybe four pro-war people all the way to the woman who announced that she didn't really care what we did, if we were against the war, she couldn't vote 'guilty'

It was a remarkably diverse group, mostly well educated, anti-war, thoughtful and articulate. The final jury isn't the cream of the pool, but probably okay.

Tomorrow is opening arguements and state's witnesses -

---pretty damn tired, but a good day. Our lawyers give faith that the system might sometimes work.

See ya' in court tomorrow - Room 716

Tame Iti is back in jail!

Aotearoa, 11.12.2007 07:40

Tame Iti is back in jail. He was arrested for breaching his bail conditions and will spend the night in jail. More information as it comes in.

Links: October 15th Solidarity | Te Kotahi a Tūhoe | Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe | Profiling Tame Iti | Civil Rights Defence

reclamo ambiental en plaza de mayo

Argentina, 11.12.2007 07:38


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