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Votata una nuova pericolosa legge sul diritto d'autore

Switzerland, 17.12.2007 16:07

Il 5 ottobre scorso, senza particolari resistenze e su incitamento dell'Organizzazione Mondiale per la Proprietà Intellettuale, il Parlamento e il consiglio Nazionale hanno votato una nuova legge (2) che rende la legislazione elevetica sul copyright pericolosamente simile al Digital Millennium Copyright Act americano.

Anche se il testo di legge non impedirebbe di copiare opere per uso personale, porterebbe al divieto totale di fabbricare o anche solo segnalare (per esempio tramite un link come questo) sistemi in grado di eludere i dispositivi anticopia come i lucchetti DRM.

Come potrà un consumatore usufruire del suo diritto a copiare legalmente un'opera se nessuno potrà aiutarlo ad ottenere i mezzi tecnici può farlo?

Per opporsi a questa pericolosa legge è stata lanciato un referendum, ma occorrerà raccogliere 50'000 firme entro il 24 gennaio.

Approfondimenti: wiki - il disinformatico 1 e 2 - boingboing - the register - punto informatico


Oost-Vlaanderen, 17.12.2007 14:37

Rote Armee Fraktion: terroristen of vrijheidsstrijders?

Ice Storm Raises Issues For State Leaders

United States, 17.12.2007 11:37

Reposted, with permission, from Okie Funk.

It has been a tough week here for sure.

Tragically, 23 deaths have been blamed on the ice storm that stunned Oklahoma this past week. At one point, more than 600,000 homes and businesses were without power, and thousands still remain in the dark.

Some Oklahomans shivered through the storm with blankets and candles while others headed to shelters. The damage to the local tree population here is incalculable. Once the thaw is complete, we will know more, but it appears the state has lost thousands of trees. Meanwhile, the state’s college students trudged through finals week under some of the worst weather conditions possible.

Overall, it appears the state’s emergency systems once again worked well during the storm, and no one can fault the utility companies in their immediate efforts to restore power. Crews came in from other states. These crews worked long hours in biting cold weather to get the job done.

But the ice storm raises at least three major issues for Oklahoma’s leaders, and the severity of this storm demand new initiatives and open-minded, intelligent thinking. Will there be discussion and action or will this recent storm quickly recede into Oklahoma weather lore?

December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.12.2007 08:09

December 17th marks the 5th Annual International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. The day calls attention to hate crimes committed against sex workers. The Sex Workers Outreach Project conceived of the event as a memorial and vigil for the victims of the Green River murders in Seattle, Washington. This day empowers sex workers and their supporters to come together to organize against discrimination and to remember victims of violence. A press conference on Monday on the steps of San Francisco City Hall (Polk side) at 11:30am will announce that the 5th Annual International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers will take place in Civic Center Plaza at 6pm.

Cada 60 horas el estado asesina a una persona

Argentina, 17.12.2007 04:09

“En la Argentina el peor delito es ser joven y pobre”

2007 in review announcement

Houston, 17.12.2007 01:38

Help us wrap up 2007

Cada 60 horas el estado asesina a una persona

Argentina, 17.12.2007 01:08

“En la Argentina el peor delito es ser joven y pobre”

The PPA's got their fingers caught in our goody bag! Rally Monday at 11:30 AM

Philadelphia, 17.12.2007 00:08

Kids on the Hill TV Dinner, THAWED OUT!

Baltimore, 16.12.2007 22:09

This Wednesday Dec 19, 7PM @ 2640 (2640 St. Paul St.) Kids on the Hill and the Indypendent Reader are co-sponsoring an event that was recently snowed-out. The evening will benefit the up-coming Civil Rights Trip, a sojourn for youth leaders from Baltimore City. This six day road trip includes meetings with civil rights leaders and visits to Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Montgomery, Selma and Little Rock to engage and educate young people about civil rights and social change history first-hand. Youth leaders journal throughout the trip, and video tape their experiences to engage other young people on the trip and upon their return to Baltimore.

latin america (en)

Barcelona, 16.12.2007 17:09

Venezuela...and now what?

After 40 years of a so called democracy during which poverty rates rose about 70%, the political prosecution was constant and the corruption the norm, Hugo Chávez won the elections the first time on year 1998. From then on a more fair society is being built and it's based in the popular power. But the ancient local oligarchy and the international neoliberal economic powers, have proved themselves not able to accept the venezuela's people will. They've starred a coup d'état, an employers strike, an electoral boycott and countless manipulations, threats and attempts to destabilize, and now, they're trying to use the referendum results about the constitutional reform to force a new drift to the right in the Venezuela politic future and in the whole LatinAmerica on the rebound. For the first time in 9 years has won by the skin of one's teeth, a different proposal than the one supported by Chávez, who has accepted the defeat with a democratic temper which is not usual in most opposition and european leaders. But this doesn't mean Venezuela people doesn't support the revolutionary process as is intending to make us believe the misinformation media, but that they just want to show their disagreement with some of the reform's proposals, and possibly with some practices of the Chavez government, but, above all, they ask for a deeper debate to stablish the future path of the started revolution.

[Dec 15-16] Barcelona Conferences: Ideas to change the world

[Dec 13-16]Barcelona: Selai Setmana llatinoamericana d'Art Independent (Independent Art Latin American Week)

[Dec 15] Barcelona Mexico: ten years since Acteal Day of Information and Solidarity

+info: >>>Latin America + la fabrica + + + el libertario + Assemblea Bolivariana de Catalunya + venezuela centro project + insurgentes

Льготных талонов больше нет! Проезд будет бесплатным!

Belarus, 16.12.2007 15:37

Shell's Posh Wine &amp; Cheese Reception Disrupted by Protest

Bristol, 16.12.2007 15:08

A week of action against Greenwash A week of action against Shell's Greenwash - Shell's Posh Wine & Cheese Reception Disrupted by Protest Josh Hart of Arctic Associates writes: It hasn’t been an easy week for the organisers of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award and the Bristol Museum, or their sponsor and proud wildlife destroyer— sugardaddy Shell Oil Company. All week, concerned individuals from around Bristol have been exposing the truth about Shell and the public institutions who are helping to greenwash them....On Friday evening, Bristol Museum hosted a private, posh wine and cheese reception to kick off their hosting of Shell’s exhibit, with attendees including Dawn Primarola, Labour MP from South Bristol and Helen Holland, leader of the Bristol City Council, who were all patting themselves on the back for caring about wildlife. Bristol Rising Tide activists, dressed up to the nines, were admitted to the event under fake names, with one activist gaining access to the mic, and posing as the Shell public relations director. He then launched into a two minute speech (in the style of the yes men) thanking the city council and museum for helping to allow Shell’s destruction of wildlife to continue and calling the melting of the Arctic ice cap a “tremendous business opportunity” by allowing access to millions of barrels of oil under the ice cap. Amazingly the mic was kept on through the entirety of the speech....Saturday saw a highly successful and well-attended protest, marking the opening of the SHELL sponsored Wildlife photographer of the year exhibition. Dozens of humans, about a dozen polar bears, a snow leopard, and a tiger gathered, complete with the Wild Lie counter-exhibit. Protesters gathered in front of the museum, handed out leaflets, creating quite a spectacle. Some eventually made their way into the exhibition hall, where Shell’s crimes were recounted, and a die-in took place to symbolize all the wildlife who have been killed because of oil greed, and who continue to suffer the effects of climate change. The protest, organized by Bristol Rising Tide, Friends of the Earth, and People and Planet, showed that Bristolians will not be quiet in the face of corporate greenwash in our public institutions. Full article.| Shell Oil and the Institutions Greenwashing Them Feel the 'Heat' on Climate Change | Video of fake Shell "public relations director" at Bristol Museum reception (the video is a mobile phone video 3GP file; you can use Real Alternative or QuickTime to view it!) | Bristol Citizens Join ‘Wildlife’ To Protest Shell’s 'Wild Lie' | Polar Bear Disrupts National BBC Wildlife Magazine HQ | Related Links (not on Bristol Indymedia): Arctic Ice Free by 2013 | Tragic History Museum | Art Not Oil | Shell Wildlife Destroyer of the Year", Friends of the Earth, October 2006 (PDF) |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Students and workers protest U.C.-hired contractor

LA, 16.12.2007 14:08

Students and workers protest U.C.-hired contractor


Colombia, 16.12.2007 06:09

Murió Liberador de la Madre Tierra víctima de las balas oficiales

Maritime workers take fight to gates of Port of Napier

Aotearoa, 16.12.2007 03:09

Over 100 workers gathered outside the gates of the Port of Napier on Saturday morning to protest the loss of secure jobs. Mediation between the Maritime Union and Port Company was going to take place yesterdat, too. Moves by the Port of Napier to contract out stevedoring work threaten 25 permanent and 60 casual jobs, with workers to be thrown on the scrap heap just before Christmas.

65 maritime workers have arrived in Napier from other ports and ships to support their fellow workers, all members of the Maritime Union of New Zealand. A further delegation of six Australian maritime workers have flown in from Australia in a solidarity action by the Maritime Union of Australia. Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says the actions of the Port of Napier management are aimed at creating an insecure and divided workforce, resulting in a plunge in safety, professional standards, wages and conditions. "This dispute is a national and an international dispute, because what the Port Company is trying to do in Napier threatens maritime workers everywhere."

The actions of the Maritime Union have the support of the other waterfront union, the Rail and Maritime Transport Union, as well as the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions. Mr Hanson says the Port of Napier risks being identified as a "port of convenience" by the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF), which could have major implications for its viability.

Links: Maritime Union of New Zealand | Photos of Maritime Union picket at Port of Napier | Port of Napier Campaign 2007 |

Residents and Allies Delay, Possibly Stop, Demolition of Housing Project

New Orleans, 16.12.2007 01:39

Residents and Allies Delay, Possibly Stop, Demolition of Housing Project

Public Housing Residents, Supporters Tell Mayor Nagin, HUD: “Bring Our People Home Now!”

New Orleans, 16.12.2007 01:39

Public Housing Residents, Supporters Tell Mayor Nagin, HUD: “Bring Our People Home Now!”

Public Housing Residents, Supporters Tell Mayor Nagin, HUD: “Bring Our People Home Now!”

New Orleans, 16.12.2007 01:39

Public Housing Residents, Supporters Tell Mayor Nagin, HUD: “Bring Our People Home Now!”

Romney &amp;amp; Mormon $ trying to buy election by buying Clear Channel

DC, 15.12.2007 23:09

The number of stations in the Clear Channel monopoly have varied.. originally they were 1200 stations jamming neocon warmonger propaganda into the ears of Americans.. controlling as many as 7 or 9 stations in 1 media market

Public Blasts FCC on Media Consolidation

Rogue Valley, 15.12.2007 19:39

FCC "Media Ownership" Public Hearing on Rogue Valley Community Television (RVTV)

Rogue Valley Community Television will cablecast the public testimony given in Seattle, WA. 11/9/07 at the FCC regional hearing on "Media Ownership"

RVTV Schedule
Channel 15 at 6:00 PM
Next three Wednesdays
12/19/07, 12/26/07, 01/02/08

Watch and listen to citizen after citizen offer public testimony that opposes FCC's desire to accommodate corporate media and relax restrictions on how many media outlets a single company can own in a market.

Watch this video for the most compelling public testimony you will ever see!!!

O &quot;processo dos 25&quot; chega ao fim: total de 102 anos de prisão para 24 ativistas

Brasil, 15.12.2007 15:39


Hamburg: Live-Ticker zur Anti-Repressionsdemo

Germany, 15.12.2007 13:39

Heute findet in Hamburg eine bundesweite Antirepressionsdemo statt. Das Konzept „Out of Control“, die schützenswerten Konsumrechte der Weihnachtseinkäufer sowie die potentielle Anwesenheit von „2.000 gewaltbereite Personen“ diente der Polizei und der Versammlungsbehörde Hamburgs als Vorwand anzukündigen, die Demo „durch Polizeikräfte einschließend“ zu begleiten, sowie die geplante Route nicht zu genehmigen. (weiter Infos zu der Gerichtsentscheidung zur Route und den Auflagen)

FSK – Freies Sender Kombinat – berichtet den ganzen Tag auf 93 MHz in Hamburg und in einem Live-Stream über und von der Demo.

Der Ermittlungsausschuss Hamburg ist unter 040/43278778 erreichbar.

Aktueller Stand: 14:20 Uhr Demo ist jetzt losgelaufen
14:10 Uhr Demo wartet vor der Schanze, 300 Aktivisten sind 'out of control' außerhalb der Polizeiketten lautstark unterwegs

Pela vida de D. Luiz Cappio, pela vida do rio São Francisco

Brasil, 15.12.2007 12:38


G8 2001: 110 years of jail

Aotearoa, 15.12.2007 05:09

The trial of 25 people accused of devastation and sacking at Genoa G8 in 2001, has ended. The latest decision of prosecutors to propose 225 years in jail and a hundred thousand euros fine for hurting the reputation of Genoa, brought to a final sentence which is not that far away: 110 years of jail. This is the price we have to pay for being in the street and protesting in thousands against governments.

Links: Supporto Legale | | G8 2001 | Carlo Giuliani

Schedule a Food Not Bombs Presentation &quot;Cook for Peace&quot;

Miami, 15.12.2007 04:07

Schedule a Food Not Bombs Presentation "Cook for Peace"

Clear Cuts Cause (yet another) Landslide

Portland, 15.12.2007 02:38

Earlier in the week, people traveling between Portland and the coast on HWY 30 had a long, long detour. The highway was closed. People who live near Clatskanie were even more inconvenienced... they were evacuated from their homes, and watched helplessly as a tremendous landslide came crashing down from the mountains, surging away with their houses and cars, covering the surrounding valley in mud, boulders, trees, and debris. As the mud and water continued to surge across the highway, everyone wanted to know why.
If you go out past Clatskanie, to where the highway has been closed down, the answer to that question is painfully obvious. The mountainside above the mudslide was clear cut.

Those who live along this highway say they have seen this coming for some time. As they watched private "investors" and the US Forest Service strip the steep, once-forested hills down to bare mud, people out here openly talked about the possibility of watching their homes wash away in the next rains. But the US Forest Service turned a deaf ear. Long time residents report that they had been concerned for some time about the possibility of landslides resulting from the careless logging. "You only have to look," said one resident, who asked not to be identified. "These mountains have had forests on them for ten thousand years. And these guys come along, and strip them away. Look how steep these cuts are," she says, gesturing to the precipitous slopes. "This didn't come out of the blue. This is what happens when people just don't give a shit. All they want is to make a fast buck, and they don't care what they leave behind. This is what they leave behind."

Valparaíso pasa a la ofensiva

Valparaiso, 15.12.2007 02:38

Viernes 30 de Noviembre 2007 | Iniciativas desde Abajo

Valparaíso pasa a la ofensiva

zanon en lucha

Valparaiso, 15.12.2007 02:38

Lunea 10 de Diciembre 2007 | Nuevamente a la ofensiva

Encuentro de Fábricas Recuperadas Argentina

VIDEO-Angry and Worried Constituents Converge on Congressman's Office

Seattle, 15.12.2007 00:08

MoveOn members and others converged on the office of Congressman Norm Dicks to deliver thousands of petitions opposing a Bush-led war with Iran. The activists ask Dicks to end the war in Iraq and impeach Bush.


Athens, 14.12.2007 23:40

Οι τιμητές της έννομης τάξης, χαϊδεύουν τους συναδέλφους τους βασανιστές

Tell Albertson's NO to rBGH!

Portland, 14.12.2007 23:39

Albertson's is the last major grocery chain in the NW still allowing the use of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone. Help Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering in making them
Tell Albertson's NO to rBGH!

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and all 25 EU countries have banned its use due to animal safety and human health concerns. The United Nations main food safety body, the Codex Alimentarius has twice decided that it could not endorse the use of rBGH as safe for human health. Many dairies and food retailers have discontinued their use of rBGH, including Starbucks, Dean Foods, Tillamook, Safeway and California Dairies Inc. due to the concerns expressed by their customers.

Homelessness in Baltimore

Baltimore, 14.12.2007 21:09

While Mayor Sheila Dixon promises to end homelessness in Baltimore over the next ten years, recent events point towards a "solution" of displacement and criminalization. This morning (12/14), the city fire department evicted the tents and shacks along Guilford Ave. near I-83 which had been serving as makeshift homes for dozens of Baltimore residents. Told only the night before that remaining in their homes would be cause for arrest the next morning, today's incident is the latest in a string of similiar incidents in the Baltimore area. In September of this year, the ACLU won a partial victory against the city of Elkton, which had bulldozed, without a warning or warrant, a homeless encampment there. This summer, the ACLU also registered objections against the Baltimore Downtown Partnership, a semi-public agency whose security forces, threatening to throw away their possessions, cleared a group of homeless people from under I83 along Guilford Ave. Many eating at the Our Daily Bread soup kitchen this afternoon felt that Baltimore was indeed trying to clear the homeless from the city rather than offer any permanent solutions, with some deciding to leave the city for Baltimore county.

Meanwhile, advocates for the homeless in Baltimore claim that the city's policies risk criminalizing the homeless rather than helping them. Health Care for the Homeless, which is holding vigil for those who died homeless in 2007 on December 21 at 4:30 PM at the Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon, held a forum on the criminalization of the homeless on Dec. 5th - you can watch the video from the event here. Even more troubling, a September 2007 report by the Abell Foundation details how Baltimore is systematically eliminating the kind of public housing that might actually help get homeless people off the street, with a 42% reduction in available public housing over 15 years, and planning to eliminate another 2400 homes, with no plans for replacement, in the immediate future.

Granny Verdict: Not Guilty! A Victory for Free Speech

Portland, 14.12.2007 20:38

Portland, Oregon. A Multnomah County jury found five grandparents charged with "unlawfully and intentionally causing substantial inconvenience to the United States" not guilty of Criminal Mischief in the 3rd degree on Thursday, December 13. Judge Richard Baldwin heard the case which stems from a silent vigil held by the Surge Protection Brigade, also know as the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies, on Good Friday, April 6, at the US Army and Marine recruiting center on NE Broadway. The jury began deliberations Thursday morning at 9:50 and deliberated for about a half an hour. After the decision, one of the jurors referred to the defendants as "heroes."

Picture on the left: Grannies, Grandpa and Attorneys, standing with the First Amendment.

Holy Disruption: Temple Students and Interfaith Alllies Rally outside Board of Trustees Meeting

Philadelphia, 14.12.2007 20:38

NATO not quite stopped

Scotland, 14.12.2007 20:10

Around thirty protesters, including around a dozen cyclists, arrived just as the sun was rising. They set up near the NATO meeting in view of a dual carriage way, and at the Craigiehall entrance used by the military and political elite. Three separate groups of protesters wandered through fields and trees to within a stones throw of the buildings of Craigiehall military base. The night before, four anti-militarist campaigners entered the Caledonian-Hilton hotel where they hung a banner from the staircase, and handed out flyers in the foyer and bar. For a top secret meeting, security was lax; if there had been more time for organisation and more people involved a good deal more would have been possible. Protesters look forward to Edinburgh's full NATO summit in 2009.

[ "NATO out of Afghanistan" protest | NATO Hotel infiltrated | Police do their best to contain NATO chaos ]

Writers Guild Picket in San Francisco's Union Square

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.12.2007 20:09

On December 14th, striking writers plan to hold a picket in San Francisco's Union Square, demanding fair payment for new media. On December 13th, the Writers Guild has filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board against the AMPTP for its refusal to bargain in good faith.

Estudantes passam a ter passe livre em Suzano e Vitória

Brasil, 14.12.2007 19:09



Arizona, 14.12.2007 18:37

Demonstrators to Gather in Naco, Rally On Both Sides of Border Against Militarization and Environmental Destruction


Arizona, 14.12.2007 18:37

Demonstrators to Gather in Naco, Rally On Both Sides of Border Against Militarization and Environmental Destruction

Rentenreformen überall, auch Streiks dagegen

Germany, 14.12.2007 14:09

In ganz Europa wird an der Verlängerung der Lebensarbeitszeit gestrickt, die Konzepte werden unterschiedlich verkauft und durchgesetzt. "Denn eins ist sicher: Die Rente" Wer erinnert sich noch an den berühmten Ausspruch von Norbert Blüm, der bis 1998 Arbeitsminister der CDU-Regierung war. Heute darf man sich allerdings fragen, ob man noch vor dem Ableben in ihren Genuss kommen darf. Nach der Rente mit 67 setzte Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) zum Wochenende nach und will das Eintrittsalter weiter anheben. In Spanien hat die sozialdemokratische Regierung beschlossen, die Menschen "freiwillig" bis 70 arbeiten zu lassen. Doch das müssen sie, wenn sie eine Rente wollen, die minimale den Unterhalt sichern soll. In Griechenland wird gegen eine Rentenreform gestreikt, während es in Frankreich Sarkozy zunächst gelungen ist, den Streik auszuhebeln.

Zum Thema: Spanien beschließt "freiwillige" Verlängerung des Rentenalters auf 70 Jahre | Informationen zur Entwicklung der Rente in Deutschland

Francia: regime poliziesco nelle facoltà universitarie

Switzerland, 14.12.2007 12:07

LA LRU, una riforma della scuola e della formazione in genere, che vuole passare il controllo sui programmi dallo Stato alle imprese e che concentra tutto il potere nella singola figura del rettore, sta provocando una grande mobilitazione studentesca in Francia.
Manifestazioni, scioperi a oltranza si susseguono, mentre la repressione sta raggiungendo livelli inauditi e impensabili per uno Stato che si dichiara democratico. È in atto una vera e propria persecuzione giudiziaria.
Ma la repressione si manifesta anche con pestaggi, arresti, rappresaglie fasciste. I rettori non esitano a denunciare i leader del movimento per impedirgli, in attesa dei processi, di poter continuare le azioni e fanno attaccare gli studenti dalla sicurezza interna, che si sta trasformando in una milizia privata.

Il tutto in un grave silenzio mediatico, a dimostrazione di quanto in Francia l'informazione sia controllata dallo Stato.

CNT - lru - SUD-etudiant
Nodi indymedia: Paris - Grenoble - Lille - Nantes - ch/fr

Demolitons and Resistance Begin At B.W. Cooper

New Orleans, 14.12.2007 10:09

Demolitons and Resistance Begin At B.W. Cooper

Demolitons and Resistance Begin At B.W. Cooper

New Orleans, 14.12.2007 10:09

Demolitons and Resistance Begin At B.W. Cooper


Belarus, 14.12.2007 08:37

Homelessness Policy in Fresno - A Kinder and Gentler Plan?

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.12.2007 08:09

Fresno policy on homelessness is changing. This article describes what those changes are and looks at the dynamics that are motivating the changes. The article focuses on a meeting that took place on December 7, 2007. This public hearing included the mayor of Fresno, all Fresno City Council members, all but one member of the Board of Supervisors, and the executive director of the Bush administration's Interagency Council on Homelessness, Philip Mangano.

Reverend Pinkney’s Fight Against Racism, Gangsterism and Land Stealing

Philadelphia, 14.12.2007 07:08

From the Newswire

Perth, 14.12.2007 02:09

Forest defenders halt log truck in Bridgetown

Organizaciones sociales en Plaza de Mayo

Argentina, 14.12.2007 01:38

Primera marcha piquetera con nuevo gobierno

Organizaciones sociales en Plaza de Mayo

Argentina, 14.12.2007 01:38

Primera marcha piquetera con nuevo gobierno

Blocking the Strykers: 13 Days of war resistance at the Port of Olympia

Portland, 13.12.2007 21:38

The US military will have to think twice before it ever again tries to use Olympia, WA as a launching point for war.

For 13 unforgettable days in November, people in this small community engaged in a courageous and spirited campaign of resistance to the war in Iraq. Sixty-six arrests were made and untold numbers were assaulted by police during a campaign which made national and international news. Day after day, and night after night, people put their lives on hold and their bodies on the line to prevent movement of military equipment from the Port of Olympia to nearby Fort Lewis.

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