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2nd Screening of Videoactivism &amp; Independent Documentaries, Caracas Jan. 08

Miami, 20.12.2007 05:07

2nd Screening of Videoactivism & Independent Documentaries, Caracas Jan. 08

FCC Relaxes Ownership Rules

Seattle, 20.12.2007 02:38

Ignoring the millions who have spoken up against media consolidation, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave big media an early Christmas gift today. Under the direction of chairman, Kevin J. Martin, the FCC loosened a 32-year old cross-ownership restriction that prevented anyone from owning both a newspaper and a television or radio station in the same city.

Tukwila School Board Meeting Report

Seattle, 20.12.2007 02:38

The second Tukwila school board meeting since the Nov. 16th student walkout. Six teachers were subsequently put under disciplinary investigations and one student suspended for 9 days.

Twin Cities Activists Serve Local HUD Office Condemnation Notice

United States, 20.12.2007 02:07

While people in New Orleans stand down bulldozers menacing public housing, Twin Cities residents served the local HUD office with a "Condemndation Notice". The Director of the HUD office sent a representative to speak with the protesters and agreed to meet with them Monday morning.

This action was part of a rising tide of opposition to HUD's demolition plans in New Orleans and elsewhere. Housing advocates across the country and around the world are calling for a halt to HUD’s ongoing campaign to tear down public housing units and force the relocation of public housing tenants against their will. Read More>>

Prefeitura quer aumentar tarifa de ônibus em Florianópolis

Brasil, 20.12.2007 01:38

Lá vamos nós outra vez

New Orleans: Bork Chained to Bulldozer at B.W. Cooper Homes

DC, 20.12.2007 01:09

Affordable housing and homeless advocate Jamie "Bork" Loughner has chained herself to a bulldozer this morning at the B.W. Cooper housing complex in New Orleans.

More Attacks Being Planned Against Wild Buffalo in Montana

Santa Cruz, CA, 20.12.2007 00:38

In early December, members of the Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) in Montana met with Yellowstone National Park administrators and also attended the Interagency Bison Management Plan open house. At both meetings the news from the agencies wasn't good. BFC was told that it will likely be a very bad winter for the buffalo.

Die Seifenblase von Bali

Switzerland, 20.12.2007 00:37

Einleitung: Bali ist zu Ende - der Rauabau geht weiter.
Green-Wischiwaschi und eine angesichts der ernsten Lage wenig zierende Bescheidenheit füllen die Mainstreampresse. Es scheint noch immer nicht durchgedrungen zu sein, dass der Klimawandel nicht mit Rethorik zu überschminken ist. Viel zu eindeutig reflektiert der Spiegel der betroffenen Länder die globale Entstelltheit... Bali ist zu Ende- fangen wir an!!! Über die Ergebnisse des Gipfels der Doppelzüngigkeit.

Video of the Tukwila Six, and a Motion of Solidarity from the Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly

Portland, 19.12.2007 20:38

A short 3 min a/v clip about the Tukwila Six Students and the one "student who was expelled" for anti-war protesting.

The motion that passed our Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly on December 17, 2007:

WHEREAS the Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly is very concerned about the academic freedom and professional future of six fellow educators in the Tukwila School District and the students involved in the November 16th, 2007 anti-war walkout and protest of military recruiting on campus; and

WHEREAS 71 percent of the students of the Tukwila School District is eligible for free and reduced lunch, and military recruiters visit Foster High School frequently at lunch, be it

RESOLVED that the Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly expresses its solidarity with the six Tukwila teachers and with any and all affected students in any ongoing or related disciplinary proceedings, and commits to support the quick and just resolution of said proceedings.

Saving the San Francisco Peaks

LA, 19.12.2007 19:39

This is how we (could) pray: saving the San Francisco Peaks

Police State America - A Look Back and Ahead

Arkansas, 19.12.2007 19:09

Year end is a good time to look back and reflect on what's ahead. If past is prologue, however, the outlook isn't good, and nothing on the horizon suggests otherwise.

N.O. Housing Organizers Call for All-Out Support As Vote Approaches

NYC, 19.12.2007 16:09

The Coalition to Stop the Demolitions would like to thank all of our allies and supporters throughout the United States and the world who came and stood with us in New Orleans or took action on the streets your city, or who called, emailed, or faxed the New Orleans City Council, Mayor Ray Nagin, Senator Vitter, the Senate Banking Committee members, etc. Your support played a pivotal role in helping us attain the victories we accomplished last week in halting the demolition of three of the four major public housing locations in New Orleans.


Scotland, 19.12.2007 14:09

Today, Monday 10th December, demonstrators blockaded both the Mexican Embassy and Mexican Consulate in London, in solidarity with the Zapatistas and in opposition to the attacks on their communities by the state and paramilitaries.

Students protest at Top Shop against child labour

Scotland, 19.12.2007 14:09

Student activists from People and Planet took to the high-street this week to expose the sweatshop truth behind Top Shop's fashion. In Edinburgh, students gave out flyers, installed a mock-washing line, and waved banners and placards accusing the chain of employing slave labour. The shop's manager stated he was sympathetic towards the issue and would raise the issue at their annual buyers fair.

Dawn Blockade

Scotland, 19.12.2007 14:09

Early this morning people blockaded Brand Street Immigration Reporting Centre, Glasgow, completely shutting all entrances to Home Office staff and preventing any ‘Dawn Raids’ that would have left this morning.

[ report | UK actions | Indy UK feature | Indymedia Bristol feature | Noborders ]

Stop Media Consolidation: Take ACTION TODAY

Philadelphia, 19.12.2007 14:08

Winter Break at the UCSC Tree-sit

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.12.2007 12:08

December 7th marked the first month of the tree-sit on Science Hill at UC Santa Cruz to protest campus expansion. In that month, discussions about UCSC's Long Range Development Plan, biomedicine, the use of police force and the future of the UCSC campus have been sprouting up all over the place. Connections have been made with off-campus community members, many forums have been held and more are planned, and a campus coalition of students, graduate students, and faculty is forming to plan other forms of resistance outside of the tree-sit.

banner 19 y 20 2007

Argentina, 19.12.2007 08:38

Medical Cannabis Patients Seek Support of SF Mayor

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.12.2007 08:09

The DEA has raided over 50 medical cannabis dispensaries in California this year -- more than three times last year's figure. In early December, the San Francisco DEA office "leaked" to the SF Chronicle that they would send forfeiture threat letters to the landlords of all the medical cannabis dispensaries (MCD's) in Northern California. In Southern California, dozens of MCD's closed over the summer after the DEA threatened their landlords with the loss of their property or jail time. Nine San Francisco dispensaries have reported receiving the letters. Local patients and their supporters are asking SF Mayor Gavin Newsom to take a public stand supporting medical cannabis and Representative Conyers's recent statement condemning the landlord letters, and opposing the DEA's intimidation tactics.

Harold Taylor Faces December 20th Court Date

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.12.2007 08:09

The San Francisco 8 continue to speak out about the injustices committed against them in their case, and they have garnered international support in the past several months. In spite of this, those who are out on bail continue to face harassment from law enforcement officials. Harold Taylor faces a hearing that could either increase or revoke his bail, on December 20th at 10:30am at 850 Bryant Street in San Francisco


Argentina, 19.12.2007 08:08

El reclamo de los más necesitados


Argentina, 19.12.2007 08:08

El reclamo de los más necesitados

Mitt Romney agrees to buy Clear Channel communications

DC, 19.12.2007 07:10

Looks like this is for real, folks-it's being reported on a Clear Channel press release, Democratic Underground, Randi Rhoad,liveleak, even GOP rival Huckabee's official web site, and not just those racist and conspiracxy theory sites, which of course are going absoluely bonkers with this story.

December 16, 2007: Portland Tea Party!

Portland, 19.12.2007 07:08

Today, December 16, 2007, is the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, where American Colonists dumped tea into Boston Harbor to protest the passage of the Tea Act, "which allowed the East India Company to sell tea to the colonies directly and without 'payment of any customs or duties whatsoever' in Britain, instead paying the much lower American duty.""This tax break allowed the East India Company to sell tea for half the old price and cheaper than the price of tea in England, enabling them to undercut the prices offered by the colonial merchants and smugglers." (Wikipedia) Not so different from today, when government gives wealthy Corporations the rights of living, breathing human beings and puts their profit margins above the interests of the People.

For this reason the tea was dumped into the harbor. And for these same reasons members of Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72, and other supporters of the Constitution, dumped bags of compost symbolizing tea over the side of the Hawthorne bridge soon after reading aloud the U.S. Constitution and a list of current grievances.

Asking for help in Colton

Portland, 19.12.2007 07:08

Several months ago, an article was posted here about a road closure in Colton. Most of you have probably never been out there, but I'm fairly certain that you are familiar with official tactics when citizens begin asking questions. The road remains closed and now the man in charge has stopped responding to questions.

What is most interesting is that this road was closed after a mud slide. The slide occurred when the owner of the property clear cut his land. Does that sound familiar?
This is happening all over the Northwest. People who care nothing for the land and the soil, cut trees and walk off with their profits while the rest of us are left to deal with road closures and, more importantly, the loss of precious soils and forests. This damage has been done, but I am hoping that when the county gets emails from the people that they will understand that we are out here watching and we are not clueless.

Protest Coos Bay LNG Terminal in Coquille, OR (12/19)

Portland, 19.12.2007 07:08

Wednesday, December 19th at 9:00 a.m. - Final Deliberations by the Coos County Commissioners on the Oregon Gateway Marine Terminal for the LNG tanker ships application.

NOTICE OF PROTEST - We would like to have another strong showing at this next and last deliberation meeting when the Commissioners make their final decision. We need the room packed out. PLEASE EVERYONE DO WHAT YOU CAN TO BE THERE - AND BRING A FRIEND. The Meeting will take place at the Coos County Annex in the Planning Dept Meeting Room located at 290 N Central in Coquille.

Do police read indymedia (and myspace, etc)?

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.12.2007 06:08

RT writes, "Myspace, blogs, and online networks are like a dream for police investigators. Where they used to have to go out and interview people, check records, walk the street, now they merely have to go online. Investigation from the convenience of their offices."

March and Vigil to Save the San Francisco Peaks

LA, 19.12.2007 01:38

March and Vigil to Save the San Francisco Peaks

Inminente remate a familias Campesinas en el departamento Ischilín, al norte de Córdoba.

Argentina, 18.12.2007 21:39

16 días de activismo

Argentina, 18.12.2007 21:09

No hay Razones, No hay Excusas ¡Basta de violencia hacia las mujeres!


Valparaiso, 18.12.2007 21:08

Valparaiso, siguen las movilizaciones por la libertad de los pp mapuche en huelga de hambre

Rassemblement le 24 décembre devant le centre fermé de Vottem

Liege, 18.12.2007 20:38

Comme chaque année, le cracpe appelle à un rassemblement lundi 24 décembre devant le centre fermé de Vottem entre 16 heures 30 et 18 heures 30, pour éclairer la face cachée de la politique d'asile et d'immigration, les centres fermés pour étrangers, les arrestations et expulsions, qui se poursuivent de plus belle en période "d'affaires courantes"! Les participant.e.s sont invités à amener des bougies pour accrocher autour du camp, ainsi que des cartes téléphoniques belgacom de 5 euros, qui seront distribuées par le cracpe aux détenu.e.s.

VICTORY: Daily Tidings Dumps Hate Speech!

Rogue Valley, 18.12.2007 18:09

In a demonstration of community and well being the Ashland Daily Tidings did the unFOXy thing and 86'd the hateful speech that it harbored on it's website. The worst of the hate comments have been taken down, background story here This is a Good Thing at the Right Time. The newspaper is for sale. Its not like you drive by the Tidings' offices on Siskiyou Blvd. in Ashland and see another real estate sign planted in the front yard, but be no mistake about it: our local newspaper since 1876 has been put up on the auction block right along with the Mail Tribune ( they dumped the name "Medford" recently) and the Nickel (the rag you look in to buy a used car or washing machine). All three are up for sale now. Rupert Murdoch has declared it.

The Ashland Daily Tidings very likely just improved its standings in the business world, a world that cares first and foremost for the bottom line, that world we live in where news is for sale and is driven so deeply by the payers and players, the advertisers. We know this world where increasingly everything is for sale, we live in it. Victory for the Tidings is for a newspaper that might have a life down the road and continue the long tradition of a community paper that has been here reporting our news since 1876... The other road for the Tidings' future has it being found on a rack at the grocery store, right next to the woman who just gave birth to a 17 pound baby with hair on its lip.

Never mind for just a minute, the economics of selling a local newspaper in the United States. We all have heard that newspapers across America are taking a dive. Lets instead focus on our community and what it means when our Ashland Daily Tidings does the unFOXy thing and dumps hate speech. This is community news that is truly worth reporting.


Dawn raids stopped on UN International Migrants Day

United Kingdom, 18.12.2007 16:40

On Tuesday 18/12/07. activists from the No Borders Network, marked UN International Migrant's Day, by blockading immigration reporting centres in Glasgow, Bristol, Newcastle and Portsmouth. Arriving at the centres in the early hours of the morning, the activists aimed to prevent Immigration Enforcement Officers from staging dawn raids, in which families are often rounded up in preparation for removal to countries from which they have been forced to flee.

In Bristol, activists arrived in time to lock onto vehicles, and a police officer wasoverheard confirming that a dawn raid had been planned. Plymouth activists were locked onto the swing barrier and gates by 4.30am and believe that another dawn raid from that site was thwarted. Glasgow activists were in place by 5.30am when Immigration Enforcement Officers arrived and were unable to leave the car park with their vehicles due to a tripod, and people d-locked to the gates. Newcastle activists dressed in Santa outfits locked onto the gates and used arm tubes to prevent vehicles from leaving the car parks. 2 of the Glasgow activists were cut free from their D-locks and arrested, whilst a tripod continued to ensure that vehicles could not leave the car park. Activists at the other sites were able to leave without any arrests taking place.

In Manchester, the local Immigration Reporting Centre Dallas Court had its gates locked with a motorcycle chain, and a banner reading "Caution snatch squads – we are watching you” was hung. Later, at 10 am, the Home Office in Marsham Street SW1, London was disrupted agter activists blocked the entrance and unfurled a large banner declaring "No Child is Illegal: Child Deportation is a Crime".

Repressom e disconformidades

Galiza, 18.12.2007 16:11

Estes dias de novo volta a palestra com maior virulência que nunca a exploraçom sobre o territorio. Servida com inusitada mistura desde o poder dos mass media com titulares em torno ao `terrorismo´ ou a `violência´. Longe de preguntarmo-nos quê violência (¿), quê terror (¿) pode ser esse que tanto preocupa a um Estado armado com meios de comunicaçom, com centos de miles de números armados ( assassinada umha mulher por um guardia civil, preguntámo-nos quales som as consecuências do tratamento mediático dos problemas que nucleam este conflito. Preguntamo-nos pola ausência de direitos das pessoas presas. Preguntámo-nos, em fim, como é que o poder utiliza as mil formas de rebeldia para tratar de dilapidar as múltiples respostas com as que cada quem tende a organizar-se.

Direct Action Halts Bristol Raids on UN International Migrant's Day

Bristol, 18.12.2007 15:38

'No Borders' Activists Prevent 'Dawn Raids' on Children: Part of a Nationwide Campaign Today 'No Borders' Activists Prevent 'Dawn Raids' on Children: Part of a nationwide campaign taking place today Bristol No Borders writes: Activists belonging to the Bristol No Borders group have blockaded the regional centre for organising and executing the despicable practice of dawn raids against families, in order to 'remove them' from Britain .... Protesters from the No Borders network are currently blockading the bases of Immigration Enforcement Officers in simultaneous actions across the country, stopping them from entering or leaving in vehicles. The protesters are currently blockading immigration reporting centres in Glasgow, Bristol, Portsmouth and Newcastle. The protesters have been there since early this morning, and they have said that they will stay there until they can ensure that today, families throughout the country will be safe regardless of where they come from. The protest coincides with the UN International Migrant's Day. In response to the growing number of attacks on family homes by the Borders and Immigration Agency, the No Borders network have taken action to expose and prevent the sinister tactic of 'dawn raids' employed against families and young children. In Bristol, the protesters were in place in time to obstrtuct bemused immigration officials, whose vehicles are now trapped in the car park. A frustrated police officer on the scene was heard to say, "how did you know a dawn raid was happening this morning?"...Simon Summerhill of the No Borders network said, "We are here to expose what the government is doing – breaking down doors and snatching children from their beds in the middle of the night. Some children go to school, others go to prison. Immigration officers regularly target the vulnerable- families, children and the ill or traumatised, in order to boost their official figures of deportations." Full article.| Dawn Raid Prevented by Bristol (and national) Activists | Video: Bristol No Borders Action (the video is an .avi, try using VLC Media Player to view) | Press Release: 'No Borders' Activists Prevent 'Dawn Raids' on Children (UK Indymedia) | | UN International Migrants Day ( | Related News: No Borders camp & protest | How to continue the 'No Borders' campaign |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar


Oost-Vlaanderen, 18.12.2007 15:37

Themasets beschikbaar

Report from Lockheed Martin HQ Shutdown (London, England)

Ireland, 18.12.2007 11:09

Well apparently they weren't all Grannies, ..... ...

Seomra Spraoi calls for solidarity and support

Ireland, 18.12.2007 11:09

Authorities shut down social centre - temporarily ...

La giustizia non abita a Genova

Switzerland, 18.12.2007 09:37

Venerdì 14 dicembre la procura di Genova ha condannato 24 dei 25 imputati accusati di devastazione e saccheggio in uno dei processi per i fatti del luglio 2001.
Le pene, molto pesanti, vanno dai 6 agli 11 anni per i 10 condannati per devastazione e saccheggio; per i restanti 14 imputati pene dai 5 mesi ai 2 anni e mezzo, dato che i loro reati sono stati derubricati a danneggiamento e lesioni a pubblico ufficiale. Ad uno degli imputati, considerata la posizione in piazza Alimonda, sono stati dati 5 anni, senza tener conto della particolare situazione di Via Tolemaide. Una invece l'assoluzione.

Nella sentenza traspare una distinzione molto pericolosa tra "imputati buoni" e "imputati cattivi": alcune delle richieste di pena sono state ridotte ma il risultato rimane comunque agghiacciante; sia per i 102 anni di galera da scontarsi in 24, sia perchè rimane l' assurda imputazione di devastazione e saccheggio, sia per la volontà, piuttosto esplicita, di voler criminalizzare un movimento tutto o chiunque possa manifestare dissenso.

- Comunicato di supporto legale [english - Castellano]
- Le requisitorie dei pm Anna Canepa e Andrea Canciani
- Le dichiarazioni di un imputato prima della sentenza
- 17 novembre 2007: La storia siamo noi
- La nostra storia alla sbarra
- Un secolo di sconto

Presos políticos / Bolivia

Argentina, 18.12.2007 08:39

A 8 años del atropello

Argentina, 18.12.2007 08:39

18 de diciembre: día del murguero


Argentina, 18.12.2007 08:39

Presos políticos mapuche toman con cautela apertura de diálogo con el gobierno chileno

Justice for Gary King Jr.

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.12.2007 05:09

On Saturday, December 15th, nearly 100 people held a candle light vigil in front of a new mural designed and painted by local artist Paul Barron and Gary King Sr. at the spot where his son Gary King Jr. was brutally killed by Oakland Police Officer Patrick Gonzalez on September 20. Family and friends had turned the spot of the murder into a shrine with candles, and messages of love and anger that were repeatedly torn down by the City of Oakland. It was only after family and friends launched a struggle that the city approved the permanent mural to be created.

A 8 años del atropello

Argentina, 18.12.2007 03:09

18 de diciembre: día del murguero

Sharon Delgado discusses Faith-led Resistance to Corporate Globalization

Santa Cruz, CA, 18.12.2007 02:08

On December 12th, Sharon Delgado read selections from her new book "Shaking the Gates of Hell: Faith led resistance to Corporate Globalization." She is a Reverend of Earth Justice Ministries, a former organizer with the Resource Center for Nonviolence, and a global justice activist. Delgado outlined portions of her book, and some of the ideas and philosophies behind her resistance to corporate globalization.

Fla Congressman Wexler calls for signatures to impeach VP Cheney (30k sign in 1 day)

Miami, 18.12.2007 02:07

Fla Congressman Wexler calls for signatures to impeach VP Cheney (30k sign in 1 day)

Slavery-sweatshop conditions in Florida tomato fields spark growing press outrage

Miami, 17.12.2007 19:37

Slavery-sweatshop conditions in Florida tomato fields spark growing press outrage

guest workers

Houston, 17.12.2007 18:39

12/17: Mexican Guest Workers Pass Through Houston After Being Illegally Fired


Arizona, 17.12.2007 17:07

Agreement Includes One Year in Prison, No Testimony in Other Prosecutions

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