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Argentina, 30.12.2007 23:09

Lavadero Virasoro: Punto y seguido


Argentina, 30.12.2007 22:39

Lavadero Virasoro: Punto y seguido

200+ People Attend Olympia Impeachment Party

Seattle, 30.12.2007 19:38

It was party time in Olympia on Friday, December 28th. Over 230 people kindred spirits who believe in our Constitution gathered to enjoy great food and music. It was also a time to recognize the courageous work of Washington State Senators Karen Fraser and Eric Oemig in supporting impeachment. The best news: they will put impeaching Dick Cheney on the Legislature's table in 08!

Doorbraak Lappersfort?

Oost-Vlaanderen, 30.12.2007 13:37

Doorbraak Lappersfortdossier?

Strijd voor behoud van Lappersfort en Chartreuse: overzicht en update

Oost-Vlaanderen, 30.12.2007 13:37

Strijd voor behoud van Lappersfort en Chartreuse: overzicht en update

Fakkeltocht voor het behoud van het Lappersfort

Oost-Vlaanderen, 30.12.2007 13:37

Fakkeltocht voor het behoud van het Lappersfort


Oost-Vlaanderen, 30.12.2007 13:37

Lappersfort en Schipdonk


Oost-Vlaanderen, 30.12.2007 13:37

lappersfort alert


Oost-Vlaanderen, 30.12.2007 13:37

Lappersfort dossier

7 anos construindo um novo mundo, desde o Brasil

Brasil, 30.12.2007 04:38


FBI, DOJ Caught Lying to Defense in Case of Briana Waters

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.12.2007 03:09

On Dec. 26th, 2007, attorneys for Briana Waters, a Berkeley mother and violin teacher accused of acting as a lookout during a politically-motivated arson in 2001 at the University of Washington, filed a motion asserting that the Seattle-based prosecutor and FBI agents on the case committed perjury and obstruction of justice, and asked the court to conduct an inquiry into the misconduct. Waters, who could face 35 years in prison if convicted, has steadfastly maintained her innocence.

rampART social centre farewell

United Kingdom, 30.12.2007 03:08

The rampART social center is finally facing eviction after almost 4 years of providing a non-commercial venue for a wide range of activities. On the 12th of December, the social center and the squatted houses in the street were all served with notice of court proceedings for repossession. On the 20th, the case was heard and the rampART lost. The possession order will be granted on the 3rd of January 2008.

There have been various meetings to plan what happens next and to organise opening a new space. There is also an assembly on the 6th Jan, to discuss opening more london social centers generally and hopefully form a london wide social centers collective to make this happen. The rampART collective will also be meeting again at 6pm Monday 31st prior to the what might be the last big event at the social center, the 'Fuck the Bailiffs, Smash the Borders!' rampART/noborders benefit bash! (NYE from 8pm till very late).

Links: rampART losses in court | rampART losses possesion case but buys two more weeks | rampART gets eviction papers | Developers make their move on Rampart Street

Background : Developments at rampART | The rampART and its evolution

Retired D.C. Schoolteacher Arrested Again for Speaking Truth to Power

DC, 30.12.2007 02:10

Local activist Eve Tetaz and a Catholic Worker were both arrested Saturday during a protest at the White House against U.S. warmongering and commemorating 117 years since the Wounded Knee massacre.

Pioneer Square: NOT just for Shoppers!

Portland, 30.12.2007 00:38

Downtown has steadily been becoming more and more a thing of the corporate interests who populate the buildings around Pioneer Square. Ordinances have been passed which have, by inches and degrees, driven out the people of downtown to make things more comfortable for the hordes of consumers who flock there to spend their money on frivolities from stores like Macys. Now, in Portland's living room, free speech expression is under attack as well.

For going on 6 years now, PPRC has met, drummed and marched from the NE corner of Pioneer Square every Friday like clockwork, BUT
Last Friday's rally was told in no uncertain terms: if you continue to do what you've been doing for the past six years, you will be issued a
citation. What was it that we were doing? Using a megaphone or playing
drums. PPRC has been doing both at Pioneer Courthouse Square for over
half of this current decade, and with no problems. We've never received a complaint from the city of Portland. We've never received a complaint from any of the downtown businesses. Indeed, the city of Portland's noise control office hadn't received complaints until recent weeks when Pioneer Courthouse Square, Inc. (a corporation created to manage PCS, which is a city park) decided to flex a little muscle.

Mensen van Doel

Antwerpen, 29.12.2007 23:38

De mensen van Doel

Yellow Rose Peace Bus is Coming to New Hampshire

New Hampshire, 29.12.2007 21:39

NH Peace Action and AFSC, in partnership with allies from veterans' peace organizations and military families, will bring a strident anti-war and pro-peace message to the presidential candidates, the media, and voters in the four days before the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, January 8. How? We are bringing the Yellow Rose of Texas Peace Bus to NH on January 4.

&quot;The Baileys&quot; Lone Vet Report

Portland, 29.12.2007 21:39

When I got to 729 Oregon street it was really raining, not that drizzle stuff but wind driven rain, the kind that makes your bones say get me out of here. I found out the office was closed for the Holidays, very few people were walking about, I thought of my Baileys.

After setting up my picket sign and trying to smoke a cigarette, people started to show up, wow! I was impressed; others got themselves out in the rain and wind and said, "What the hell."

After a while, many of the people whom I have spent the last 22 Thursdays with were walking around with their signs and laughing.

Impeachment Vigil Video

Grannies Mark Recruiting Office with Doves and Blood

Portland, 29.12.2007 21:39

On December 28 the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies returned to the Army/Marine recruiting center on NE Broadway in Portland. During the course of their protest simulated bloody hand prints and white peace doves were taped to the windows. Messages were written in washable window paint.

The police arrived about ten minutes later and the grannies waited patiently - not wanting to be charged with fleeing - while the police and marines tried to decide what to do. Officers were overheard mentioning something about a "jury trial." When two grannies said they were ready to go home, but didn't want to be accused of fleeing, an officer asked how they could help them go. It was the appointed time, and quite cold out, so the Grannies asked for the return of their confiscated sign and left their messages on the windows.


Arizona, 29.12.2007 20:07

Department of energy moves plans forward to turn Yucca Mountain into nuclear waste repository. Public comment period deadline January 10, 2008


Peru, 29.12.2007 17:09

Sábado 29 de diciembre 2007

Frontex sorgt für Tausende Tote

Germany, 29.12.2007 15:38

Hilfsorganisationen gehen davon aus, dass der Blutzoll vor den Kanarischen Inseln durch den Frontex-Einsatz steigt. Dass nur 12.000 Menschen die Überfahrt von Westafrika auf die Kanarischen Inseln geschafft haben, wird damit erklärt, dass noch mehr Menschen dabei ertrunken, verhungert oder verdustet sind, weil die Wege im Länger und gefährlicher Wwerden. Denn 12000 Menschen sind deutlich weniger als im Vorjahr. Schon damals wurde von offizieller Seite eingeräumt, dass wohl 6000 Menschen die gefährliche Überfahrt nicht überlebten. Frontex, deren Budget erneut erhöht wurde, dementiert mit merkwürdigen Zahlen, die sogar das spanische Innenministerium kontrastiert. Siehe auch Da erneut im März Wahlen anstehen, wird die Abschottung verschärft.

[Italie] 80.000 &quot;Non au Dal Molin&quot;, lors de la manif européenne du 15 décembre à Vicence

Liege, 29.12.2007 12:07

Depuis un an et demi, des femmes et des hommes de la ville de Vicence (Vénétie), luttent pour empêcher la construction d’une nouvelle, immense, base militaire de l’armée américaine dans la zone de l’aéroport civil "Dal Molin".

Imagenes en lucha

Argentina, 29.12.2007 07:08

Imagenes en lucha y Encuentro de Mujeres

Fueron absueltxs lxs 11 campesinxs

Argentina, 29.12.2007 07:08

Proyecto Fotográfico Colectivo

Argentina, 29.12.2007 07:08

Imágenes en lucha

New Orleans Women's Health &amp; Justice Initiative

Portland, 29.12.2007 02:38

"Moving from the margins to the center is vital for the health and well being of women of color and poor women. To do so, we must address the control and exploitation of our bodies and the regulation of our reproduction." --Shana griffin

Comrades, Friends, Allies and Concerned People: Below is a call out for an amazing and important health project that hasn't gotten the exposure that Common Ground's clinics have but deserves recogniton and support for their mission and work. Their analysis of intersecting wider reproductive and womens rights issues has largely been missing from many conversations and defense work within and without New Orleans.

Please support their work AND spread the word. All the health care we can be a part of supporting in NOLA helps to create autonomy and self determination in the face of forgetting by bad governments, the corporate media and larger society.

Message from the Cuban Five

Portland, 29.12.2007 02:38

Dec. 20, 2007 Message from the Cuban Five.

Dear brothers and sisters of the world: As the Christmas and New Year 2008 celebrations approach, we want to send you our congratulations together with all the appreciation and affection, for supporting us in this cause that unites us: solidarity with Cuba and freedom for the Five.

No matter how long this cruelty lasts, victory will be ours. We will continue to struggle alongside you, to put an end to the double standard of the empire, which claims to fight terrorism, yet keeps us imprisoned, denying the history of terrorist attacks against the Cuban people. In every corner of the planet we have heard the voice of justice demanding our freedom. Your letters inform us each day of all these actions, events and displays of solidarity. Many thanks, sisters and brothers, for knowing that we can depend on you always, to put an end to so much injustice that for almost 10 years has separated us from our loved ones and our beloved homeland. For Cubans, the holidays include the one we celebrate, of another anniversary of the Revolution, which returned the dignity and freedom that the peoples of our continent struggle for. Long live the 49th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban people!

Ever onward to victory!
Ramón Labañino Salazar
USP Beaumont, Texas

Ramón is in lockdown since December 11 and for that reason he has not been able to send all the letters and salutations for the new year to his friends around the world...
Write to the Cuban Five:

VIDEO FILE: Oregonians Reject Liquefied Natural Gas.

Portland, 29.12.2007 02:38

From local organic farmers to third generation fishermen, from small business owners to loggers, over 200 Oregonians gathered in front of Northwest Natural Gas in Portland Oregon on December 12, 2007 to protest Liquefied Natural gas facilities proposed for the Columbia River Estuary by Energy speculators from Texas, New York and California. Speakers from these, and many more demographics briefly took the bull horn to demand that their Governor, Democrat Ted Kulongoski, weigh in against the establishment of another unsustainable fossil fuel industry. He has not come out against this, and if fact, has been riding the fence on this most important issue.

This concerns all Oregonians, as we could find ourselves investing in another fossil fuel technology with money which could be going to alternative energy research and development. These energy infrastructures situated in Oregon would be used to pipe the natural gas to the lucrative markets in California, who have already refused to situate the facilities in their own state. This technology has already caused much damage in other parts of the world, where the collection and liquefying of the gas is destroying the environment, species, and native subsistence cultures.

VIDEO: Oregonians Reject Liquefied Natural Gas | Audio file of a Russian, Dimitri Lisitsyn, speaking about the damage to Sakhalin Island, Russia: MP3 | Web site of Russian organization dealing with this issue:

Governor Kulongoski's office number is .

Berlin: Chaos Communication Congress

Germany, 28.12.2007 17:09

Wiederum findet gegen Ende des Jahres eine weitere Ausgabe des Chaos Communication Congresses des Chaos Computer Clubs statt. Bei der mittlerweile 24ten Ausgabe der "europäischen Hackerparty", werden unter dem Motto "Volldampf voraus!" verschiedene Bereiche der gesellschaftlichen und technischen Entwicklung diskutiert.

24c3: Fahrplan - Vortragsübersicht | Live Streams | Artikel: 24C3 beginnt (II) | Die ersten Hundert schon gestern Abend | Fotos | Umweltschutzbewegung für das Internet | mehr...

Okupan un edificio entero vac�o en el coraz�n de Bilbao como alternativa de vivienda para decenas de j�venes

Euskal Herria, 28.12.2007 16:39

Hoy a las 4 de la tarde se ha ocupado un edificio vac�o hace a�os en el coraz�n de Bilbao. En frente del Arriaga varios miembros del BOM han conseguido hacer realidad el derecho a una vivienda para decenas de j�venes de la ciudad. En este edificio vac�o hace a�os varios j�venes van a comenzar a vivir. Esta importante ocupaci�n se encuadra dentro de la campa�a Okupatzeko prest, que el BOM, con el apoyo de diferentes agentes sociales y culturales de la ciudad se est� impulsando.

Desde las personas que se encuentran dentro del edificio se invita a los vecinos y colectivos sociales y culturales de la ciudad a visitar, conocer y defender este espacio. Hoy a las 6 de la tarde se va a realizar una rueda de prensa en el mismo edificio. Tambi�n se realiza una invitaci�n a participar en la manifestaci�n convocada para ma�ana, s�bado 29 de Diciembre a las 12.30 horas en la plaza circular, como apoyo a esta nueva ocupaci�n y al derecho real para acceder a una vivienda y reivindicar la okupaci�n como herramienta para hacer frente a la vulneraci�n de este derecho.

A parir de estos momentos se va a ir renovando la informaci�n con fotos, audios y videos en el newswire de Indymedia, en el Blog del BOM y la web de la radio libre Tas Tas. Para la manifestaci�n de ma�ana se va a realizar un programa especial en Tas Tas de 12 a 2 de la tarde que se podr� o�r en directo a trav�s deL 97 de FM y por Internet en Irola irratia.>/p>

Inky Notes: Satullo’s Christmas Series and More

Philadelphia, 28.12.2007 16:08

El Gobierno Vasco financiar� a grupos opositores al TAV

Euskal Herria, 28.12.2007 14:39

Parece ser que este a�o los presupuestos traer�n una sorprendente novedad. Dentro del dinero destinado a la construcci�n de esta infraestructura se ha destinado una importante cantidad de dinero a financiar los grupos opositores. As� se recoge en el blog de AHT GELDITU! Elkarlana de Goierri haci�ndose eco de fuentes tan fidedignas en estos casos como los dos diarios del Grupo Vocento, Diario Vasco y El Correo.

A romper el cerco

santiago, 28.12.2007 14:09

79 días en Huelga de Hambre


DC, 28.12.2007 07:09

In what amounts to a “Triple Whammy,” tenants at the Kennedy-Warren Apartments have been whacked hard and are now facing acute hardship. For several years the Kennedy-Warren has been rapidly evolving into high-end luxury status. This has created a constant state of turmoil for tenants there. They are fighting back hard, and TENAC supports them all the way.

Sept 20: Rebel Music Americas @ Club SAW

Ottawa, 28.12.2007 02:40

Home spun troubadours sing of the military opeartions that have driven them off their land, while the elite in the capital sing the joys of huge dams, mines and roads in this documentary.Catch it on Sept. 20 @ Club SAW. Admission by donation. Discussion after screening with the guest musicians and activists from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and the Canadian directors of the film.

Monster Hunger Clinic:, Oct. 3

Ottawa, 28.12.2007 02:40


Poor people will be signing up for monetary relief against starvation - they need bus money from outlying communities so they can travel to the clinic to see doctors and nurses so they can qualify to get enough money to eat and not die slowly of malnutrition. You will be saving the lives of many poor children, too!

Ottawa, Nov 11-13: Can. Peace Alliance Conference needs billets!

Ottawa, 28.12.2007 02:40

Billets are needed here in Ottawa for this year's Canadian Peace Alliance Annual Conference. Colloque annuel 2005 Alliance canadienne pour la paix: S’opposer à la participation du Canada à l’Empire: APPEL pour logement à Gatineau/Ottawa:

New Audio/Interviews/Mixes from FreeMix Radio

DC, 28.12.2007 02:10

VoxUnion Media: New Audio! For full live links, liner notes and much more visit

Bali: A Missed Opportunity

Boston, 28.12.2007 01:08

The gap between the urgent threat of global warming and the collective will to do something about it has never been greater. The recently concluded Conference on Climate Change in Bali was a grand opportunity to act. Instead, it was another missed opportunity. Unfortunately, the United States played a very negative role, standing in the way of consensus at every turn. And unfortunately, the rest of the world thought that seducing the US into a new agreement on climate action was top priority, resulting in a Bali Roadmap that was very sketchy.

Escalate Peace: The Pissed Off Grannies are Returning to the Recruiting Center on Friday

Portland, 28.12.2007 00:38

The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies will be returning to the recruiting center at NE Broadway and 13th this Friday, December 28th at 10 AM. They were just acquitted of charges stemming from an action at this same location on Good Friday of this year. The message of the action this Friday is "Peace on Earth - Stop the War".

The families of 3,900 fallen soldiers will be observing the holidays with an empty place at the table. The 4 million displaced Iraqi people will find no room at the inn. The 1 million Iraqi civilian casualties are the ghosts of all Christmasses to come. It is a grief that will never end.

Join us to help stop this obscenity. Fri. 10 a.m., 13th & NE Broadway.

Pacific Power lies in paper about Klamath Dams: The response the Oregonian wouldn't print.

Portland, 27.12.2007 23:38

Pacific Power has is using Oregon's newspapers to lie about the Klamath dams. Numerous reports show that keeping these polluting dams will cost costumers way more money then removing them, and that the dams do not provide for flood control. Science shows that these dams cause one of the worst toxic algae problems in the world while killing salmon. The Oregonian did not print the response of the Klamath Riverkeeper, or the other groups and tribes working to let Oregonians know the truth about why the dams should go. This is what we wrote in response to Pacific Powers lies.

Former Pakistani Leader Benazir Bhutto Assasinated

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.12.2007 20:39

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on December 27th. Bhutto was the first woman elected to lead a Muslim state. She was sworn in for the first time as Prime Minister in 1988 but was removed from office after only 20 months on grounds of alleged corruption. In 1993 Bhutto was re-elected but was again removed in 1996 on similar charges. In mid 2007, Bhutto appeared to have arranged a power sharing deal with the US backed dictator Pervez Musharraf, but the deal was scuttled when the Pakistani Supreme Court ruled that Musharraf, could not legally remain President. Musharraf declared emergency rule and replaced the Supreme Court in December. Bhutto publicly denounced Musharraf but refused to boycott elections set for January 2008 that many saw as being rigged by Musharraf.

Berlin Commune Fights the Property Developers

Portland, 27.12.2007 20:38

The K?pi in Berlin is famous as one of the last remaining remnants of the city's squat culture from the early 1990s. The building, which is in a desirable location, has now been sold to a property developer -- but the residents aren't giving up without a fight. The K?pi residents are already getting organized ahead of the coming battle. One group is responsible for PR and dealing with the press, another is looking into the mysterious buyer and his backers, and a third manages the professionally designed website.

In 1990, it was one of the first buildings to be occupied by squatters in former East Berlin. Today, it is the most important radical left-wing residential project in the former city of squatters. The building has even been featured on postcards, thanks to a slogan painted in giant white letters on the outside wall: "There are no borders between peoples, only between the top and the bottom."

FBI Plans $1 Billion Biometric Database

Portland, 27.12.2007 20:38

The FBI announced that they are spending $1 billion to create the world's largest & most comprehensive biometric database. The database will contain voice samples, fingerprints, DNA samples, data about each individuals unique "body language", iris scans, & detailed information about facial features. This article will discuss this & several other programs and laws in place to violate your privacy and strip you of personal freedoms.

The latest in a long chain of domestic surveillance laws, programs, and "presidential directives" is the recent unveiling of the FBI's new national biometric security database. The federal government is planning to spend over $1 billion to create and maintain a database, accessible to law enforcement agencies nationwide, that will contain, amongst other things:

  • Fingerprints
  • DNA samples
  • Iris scans(what your eyes look like -- at a range of up to about 15 feet)
  • The unique way your body moves as you walk, talk, sit, etc (useful for identifying people in crowds, from hundreds of yards away on surveillance cameras)
  • Detailed information on how your face looks (remember those cameras they use to film protests?)
  • Sample recordings of your voice (pulled from their CALEA-compliant recordings of your phone calls)

Olympia Impeachment Party: You're Invited

Portland, 27.12.2007 20:38

Olympia Impeachment Party:
Friday, Dec. 28th 5:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Woman's Club, 1002 Washington SE, Olympia.

Come when you can. Leave when you must.
Enjoy music and great convesation with kindred spirits.
Four popular bands will perform, including Citizens Band, Bevy (an all-woman Latin jazz band), Street Karaoke Project, and Peace Bandits.

Begin gearing up for Impeachment '08
State Senators Karen Fraser and Eric Oemig will be there.

The King Mango Strut is baaack!!! Sunday Dec. 30th in Coconut Grove

Miami, 27.12.2007 19:07

The King Mango Strut is baaack!!! Sunday Dec. 30th in Coconut Grove

Operation FALCON and the looming police state

Miami, 27.12.2007 19:07

Operation FALCON and the looming police state

Chomsky's Ron Paul Comments in ZMag Confirmed

DC, 27.12.2007 17:09

Some Ron Paul supporters have been saying that these comments attributed to Chomsky are fake or a hoax. I think znet is generally regarded as reputable source in this respect, but Chomsky seems to have enough problems with misrepresentation, so I wanted to be absolutely sure. I e-mailed Prof. Chomsky to see if he could officially confirm whether the comments are authentic… (Update: I E-mailed Prof. Chomsky for confirmation. Z magazine is an official source, but some Ron Paul supporters are calling the forum comments a hoax or a fake. View Prof. Chomsky's response here.)

Menschenrechtsgerichtshof prüft Parteiverbote

Germany, 27.12.2007 17:09

Die Wahlen in Spanien seit 2003 kommen auf den Prüfstand der Straßburger Richter. Der Europäische Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte in Straßburg hat die Klage der baskischen Partei Batasuna (Einheit) gegen ihr Verbot angenommen. Die angedrohten neuen Verbote gegen EAE-ANV und EHAK sollten nun vor den Wahlen im März verhindert werden, um den möglichen Schaden durch das absurde Parteiengesetz nicht noch weiter zu vergrößern. Die verhaftete Parteiführung von Batasuna sollte wenigstens bis zur endgültigen Entscheidung Haftverschonung erhalten. Sie sitzt ja, weil sie eine "illegale Tätigkeit" fortgeführt haben soll, doch dies wird Illegitimität wird nun von Straßburg deutlich in Zweifel gezogen. Noch immer gibt es keine Urteile nach den neuen Massenverhaftungen, die eigentlich am vergangenen Montag gesprochen werden sollten.

2007: That Was the Year that Was...

Bristol, 27.12.2007 16:38

A look back at the stories, issues and events of 2007 on Bristol Indymedia A look back at 2007 on Bristol Indymedia One of the big stories of the year was the Fairford trials - five people in three trials, all of whom had taken direct action to stop the bombing of Iraq and were now facing the wrath of the state; "Although there has been no definitive verdict one way or another, it is heartening to think that a third, random group of 12 people from Bristol has been unwilling to convict individuals for taking direct action against the USAAF Fairford as it made preparations for, what I assume we must all generally understand by now, was a War against Peace" The whole thing ended in 2 Not Guilty & 1 Guilty verdicts. 2007 saw plenty of 'David vs. Goliath' battles with Tesco's taken on in Shepton Mallet and Sainsburys taken on by BOGOFs, people from all over the South West getting involved in the anti-pipe actons, protesters taking on BAE over its alleged corrupt practices. 2007 saw plenty of notable anniversaries such as the 2nd Bristol Latin American Forum, the 3rd anniversary of Bristol Wood Recycling Project, 4th Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and 10 years of New Labour. We said goodbye to the Boss of UWE (a 'Conflict of Interest'), Tony Blair with a call to 'Make Blair’s Last Day, An Anti-War Day', Ashton Court Festival, Bristle Magazine and plans for the Bristol Arena. In media news we saw the launch of the Bath Bomb, the rise of local blogging, the unionising of Northcliffe (owners of the Evening Post, Venue, the Western Daily Press and more) as well as big questions being asked about Independent Media. Climate Change was one of the biggest issues of the year with action being taken against airports (see image; an endangered gorilla outside Bristol airport), climate camp, critical masses (with criticism of the policing of both), Shell and the Council, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Royal Bank of Scotland and Staverton Airport in Gloucestershire. 2007 saw a number of significant victories including FOSBR winning a Sunday service on the Severn Beach Line, Anti-Prison campaigner Pauline Cambell being found 'Not Guilty', Stokes Croft becoming 'The World's Largest Outdoor Art Gallery' and victory for the campaign around the Elizabeth Shaw chocolate factory development plus deportations being halted on UN Refugee Day. We also had some local elections, found that DNA pioneer James Watson's talk in Bristol was stopped due to a racism row, read about the Lib Dems coming under fire over hypocrisy, as well as Labour facing questions over a £10,000 donation uncovered by the Bristol Blogger, learned of plans to see Somerset being dumped with all the UK's nuclear waste and followed the exploits of Bristolians helping out in other parts of the world from Colombia to Palestine.A happy 2008 from all at Bristol Indymedia!.Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

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