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criminalización (es)

Barcelona, 04.10.2004 16:30

Detenidos tres jovenes de Hospitalet y Cornellá

  • Concentración hoy lunes 4 por la tarde delante de la comisaria de Aiguablava (Metro Trinitat Nova)
  • Concentración mañana martes 5 delante de Juzgados al Pg. Lluís Companys :: >> Todavía no se decidió la hora, mirad columna derecha >>

Comunicado de prensa :: Un policìa herido :: Comentaris

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criminalitzacio (ca)

Barcelona, 04.10.2004 16:13

Detinguts tres joves de Hospitalet i Cornellà

  • Concentració avui dilluns 4 a la tarde davant de la comisaria d'Aiguablava (Metro Trinitat Nova)
  • Concentració demà dimarts 5 davant de Jutjats al Pg. Lluís Companys :: >> Encara no s'ha decidit la hora, aneu mirant a columna dreta >>

Comunicat de premsa :: Un policìa ferit :: Comentaris

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Protesting at the IMF, One Delegate at a Time

DC, 04.10.2004 15:52

This is the true story of how I protested at the IMF when I just couldn't find where anyone was. It was a strange kind of canvassing that felt shockingly effective.

Report-back from press conference of David Cobb, Green Party pResidential candidate

Portland, 04.10.2004 15:13

Animal Rights

Pittsburgh, 04.10.2004 14:58

Activists Shame KFC in Oakland

Australians decide Howard's fate in Election

Melbourne, 04.10.2004 14:43

Parliamentary elections: reasons not to vote...

Ash Me If I Care

Portland, 04.10.2004 14:27

Prez G.W. Bush to visit Wausau WI, Thursday Oct 7th.

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 04.10.2004 13:49

Calling all rebels… Prez G.W. Bush to visit Wausau WI, Thursday Oct 7th.

Oct 13 Freeway Free Speech Day: Driving America to Think

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 04.10.2004 13:49

On October 13th, hundreds of activists nationwide will post signs critical of the Bush Administration on area freeways, reaching millions of voters in states from Maine to California. [NOTE: Specific call for people from Minnesota to participate] See


Portugal, 04.10.2004 11:47


speculation and squating (en)

Barcelona, 04.10.2004 11:35

>>>Let's save the Pati Blau and L'Hortet de Santa Eulàlia>>>

[05.10] L'Hortet de Santa Eulàlia - info trial
[09.10] Pati Blau - info trial

other infos :: What the franquist weren't able to do yersteday, is what today "real ecologist" are doing (SOS Llobregat) + Final declaration from the International Forum against evictions

+info :: >>>speculation and squating + gallery

especulació i okupació (ca)

Barcelona, 04.10.2004 11:34

>>>Salvem el Pati Blau i L'Hortet de Santa Eulàlia>>>

[05.10] L'Hortet de Santa Eulàlia - info judici
[09.10] Pati Blau - info judici

altres infos :: El que els franquistes no van poder fer ahir, avui ho fan els "ecologistes de debò" (SOS Llobregat) + Declaració final del Foro Internacional contra els desalotjaments

+info :: >>>especulació i okupació + galeria

especulación y okupación (es)

Barcelona, 04.10.2004 11:34

>>>Salvemos el Pati Blau y L'Hortet de Santa Eulàlia>>>

[05.10] L'Hortet de Santa Eulàlia - info juicio
[09.10] Pati Blau - info juicio

otras infos :: Lo que los franquistas no pudieron hacer ayer, hoy lo hacen "ecologistas de verdad" (SOS Llobregat) + Declaración final del Foro Internacional contra los desalojos

+info :: >>>especulación y okupación + galeria

Keane's banner stolen by cops

Portland, 04.10.2004 09:49

In Virginia- Earth First! Sabotages Coal Mining Office

Portland, 04.10.2004 09:41

Talking To City Council - Vancouver

Portland, 04.10.2004 09:38

KKKutest of the Castro:

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.10.2004 07:43

Gay Shame Protests Body Fascism at Castro Street Fair

KKKutest of the Castro: &quot;Stop the Cosmetic Assault&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.10.2004 05:33

Gay Shame Protests Body Fascism at "Cutest of the Castro"

Our Changing Climate

Melbourne, 04.10.2004 02:18

Climate Change impacting oceans

Funa en Las Condes.

santiago, 04.10.2004 01:44

Otro asesino fue "funado".


Colombia, 04.10.2004 01:33



Colombia, 04.10.2004 00:57

El Ejército ejecutó extrajudicialmente a tres líderes sociales históricos en Arauca

Oct. 3 Peace Rally Given Brush-off by Local Corporate Media

Portland, 03.10.2004 23:22

&quot;Beyond Dissent&quot; by Jeff 'Free' Luers

Portland, 03.10.2004 23:04

Europaweit gegen neoliberale Politik

Germany, 03.10.2004 22:52

Nach 10 Wochen Montagsdemonstrationen kommen nun die seit l�ngerem geplanten Aktionstage zum Hei�en Herbst in Fahrt. In Berlin nahmen am Samstag rund 50.000 Menschen an einer bundesweiten Gro�demonstration gegen den Sozialabbau teil (Fotos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8), dabei kam es auch zu Polizei�bergriffen. Unter den Verhafteten und Verpr�gelten waren unter anderem Gewerkschaftern und Journalisten (Berichte: 1 | 2 | 3). Am Sonntag fand eine weitere Demonstration mit rund 5.000 Teilnehmern statt (Fotos). In Erfurt wurde anl�sslich des "Deutschlandfestes" ebenfalls protestiert (Fotos: 1 | 2). In der Presse wurde im Vorfeld gegen die Proteste gehetzt, immer wieder behauptet, die Bewegung sei am Ende und dabei falsche Zahlen ver�ffentlicht. Unterdessen gehen die Montagsdemos weiter.
Auch in anderen europ�ischen L�ndern demonstrierten Hunderttausende - allein in Amsterdam waren es mehr als 250.000 (Fotos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4), nachdem ein Vorbereitungs-Treffen f�r das ESF beschlossen hatte, den 2.Oktober zu einem europaweiten Aktionstag zu machen. Die "Lissabon-Agenda 2010" aus dem Jahr 2000 wurde wird nicht nur in Deutschland mit den "Hartz-Reformen" umgesetzt.
In anderen europ�ischen Staaten sind die sozialen Bewegungen schon l�nger wesentlich st�rker und aktiver als hierzulande (Beispiele: Italien, Spanien, Frankreich, Gro�britannien...), Generalstreiks, Blockaden und Massenproteste finden regelm��ig statt.
[english] Europe-wide against the neoliberal agenda (feature @
[greek | bulgarian]

Indymedia.Niederlande | Indymedia.Paris
Montagsdemonstrationen - Zahlen | | Feature zu Montagsdemos | B�rgerportal | Labournet

No on Measure Z

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.10.2004 20:50

Save Roeding Park

Channel X: The Tweedle Dee-bates

Urbana-Champaign, 03.10.2004 19:38

May the worst man lose...

Appeals Court rejects Mass Defense petition

NYC, 03.10.2004 18:25

The First Department Appellate Division last week dismissed a gambit by protestors to prevent Judges from unsealing prior ACDs and using them for sentencing on a current offense. The decision is a major setback for the hundreds of RNC arrestees who may have accepted an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal on some prior civil disobedience. In essence, by permitting a sealed ACD to be considered in sentencing on a new offense, the judge is depriving the protestor of the benefit of his or her bargain.

reprimen al carnaval

Colombia, 03.10.2004 18:24

¡Libertad para Yamil Cure!


Argentina, 03.10.2004 17:33

Chubut: la justicia descubrió su ausencia


Colombia, 03.10.2004 16:59



Sydney, 03.10.2004 16:05

Refugees in Retrospect

Derry 1968-2004: The Struggle Goes On

Ireland, 03.10.2004 15:56

Celebration of Civil Rights March Anniversary Expresses Outrage at Racist and Homophobic Attacks Several hundered people took part in this years Civil Rights commemoration in Derry. From The Newswire: I don't really think yesterday's march should be described as a commemoration march. Sure, it was held to coincide with the 36th anniversary of the Oct. 5th march that is seen as starting the whole civil rights movement. But the idea for the march came first and then got hooked into the Oct. 5th thing. Basically, the SEA (Socialist Environmental Alliance) was looking for some way of responding to the high level of homophobic attacks in the city and also wanting to do something about racist attacks (there have been verbal attacks in Derry, but no physical ones). We thought we should link these two hate crimes and then thought the obvious thing to do was to call a "civil rights for all" march and link it to the history of civil rights activism in Derry. We contacted the Rainbow Project and the people there thought it a really great idea. Since three of the organisers of the original 5th Oct march are associated with the SEA - Eamonn McCann, Dermie McClenaghan and Johnny White - they spearheaded the calls for the march. Having decided to make it a civil rights march, it was clear that the demands had to include Seamus Doherty, a republican 'dissident' who is being framed by the PSNI. In fact, his framing is so obvious that even the police ombudsman is suggesting the officer in charge of his case should be prosecuted for 'perverting the course of justice'. The march managed to smoke out Sinn Fein and even the SDLP to support the campaign against this miscarriage of justice. It was great to see something between 700 and 1,000 people march down Shipquay Street in support of gay rights and civil liberties and against racism - in spite of it being a wet and blustery day. Photoessay This is the original post on this subject. Several hundered people took part in this years Civil Rights commemoration in Derry. Several hundered people took part in this years Civil Rights commemoration in Derry. Representatives from most political parties (SDLP, SF, IRSP and SEA) as well as trade union and community organisations (Derry Trades Council, UNISON, Rainbow Project)took part in an effort to so their disgust and outrage at continuing racist and homophobic attacks. The family of Derry man Seamus Doherty, currently being held on false charges also spoke of his continuied imprisonment.

Faculty Against War: Reading of the names of war victims

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 03.10.2004 13:41

On the University of Minnesota campus from noon, 28 Sept. to noon, 29 Sept, students, faculty and community members read the names of thousands of victims of the war in Iraq.

Sorveglianza coatta

Italy, 03.10.2004 09:38

Videoriprese non autorizzate...

Lockout at ten San Francisco Hotels

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.10.2004 09:38

UNITE HERE Local 2 Hotel Workers on Strike; Locked Out

A government full of liars and scoundrels

Melbourne, 03.10.2004 08:56

Federal health minister Tony Abbott exposed as a liar

END THE WARS Rally and March for Peace and Justice

Portland, 03.10.2004 08:29

Legal Clinic on Steps of SF's Hall of Justice

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.10.2004 07:12

Medical Cannabis Legal Clinic

Capleton Not to Perform in SF; Protest in Santa Cruz

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.10.2004 06:33

SF's Reggae in the Park Narrowly Avoids Homophobic Reggae Artist

1,000+ Dead: Bringing Death and Mourning to the White House

DC, 03.10.2004 06:14

Today [2004-10-02] several hundred (perhaps a couple thousand in attendence by the end) people marched from Arlington National Cemetery to The Ellipse, south of the White House. They carried many of the hundreds of cardboard coffins (the rest laid out on The Ellipse by volunteers ahead of the march) from the cemetery, across the Memorial Bridge, past the Lincoln memorial and down Constitution Avenue.

Update on Traverse City Bush protest arrestees

Michigan, 03.10.2004 03:52

Three members of the local peace and justice community were arrested during the Bush Visit in mid-August. Though Terri Defilippo, Holly Wren Spaulding and Mark Messing were never formally charged--an uncommon status considering they were booked and jailed, sent away with a summons to appear in court to be arraigned on charges of disorderly conduct--the prosecutor finally offered them a plea agreement.

Building a Culture of Resistance

Michigan, 03.10.2004 03:26

Building a Culture of Resistance: a grassroots and radical community sponsored "micro-conference" Friday, October 8th, 6 p.m. at Idle Kids Info-shop, 3535 Cass Ave. just N. of MLK, Detroit, MI Come together and learn about others, and their ideas, dispel myths about radicals, sort out ways of taking action that are empowering, meet new people and have fun. Solidarity in Struggle.


Brasil, 03.10.2004 02:55

Obrigações de uma cidadã e de um cidadão


Brasil, 03.10.2004 02:48

Dia Latino Americano e do Caribe pela Descriminalização do Aborto

Hollinger Fires Reporter on the Beat of Congressman Weller and His Guatemalan Ex-Dictator's Daughter Bride-to-Be

Urbana-Champaign, 03.10.2004 02:12

Hollinger International, the Enron of newspapers, has allowed its corruption to seep down to its local Joliet paper with the wrongful termination of a reporter who may have been attacked in connection with his investigation into Wellergate

Film: <i>The Corporation</i> coming to The Music Hall

New Hampshire, 03.10.2004 00:45

The Corporation will be playing at The Music Hall in Portsmouth October 18-21 at 7 pm.

AUDIO FILE: A Return To Democracy; Coverage of Thom Hartman's lecture at the First Unitarian Church

Portland, 03.10.2004 00:26

My Night at Dignity Village, by Teresa Keane, Pacific Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate

Portland, 02.10.2004 23:20

Anne Frank blijft illegaal

Netherlands, 02.10.2004 22:57

copyright schending

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