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Arizona, 08.01.2008 17:07

Indigenous Communities Call on DHS to Stop Border Land Grab, Respect Property and Human Rights

On the Eve of the NH Primary, in three parts

New Hampshire, 08.01.2008 16:39

In the final hours before the primary that will rock the nation, your faithful editors spent their evening talking to supporters of several candidates in downtown Dover, attending a Dennis Kucinich event, interviewing Viggo Mortensen, going to a John Edwards event that turned out to be cancelled, and being given the brush off by an arrogant Obama campaign worker.


Arizona, 08.01.2008 16:37

More Than 235 Die in 2007, As Arizona Border Battle Heats Up


Arizona, 08.01.2008 16:37

Indigenous Communities Call on DHS to Stop Border Land Grab, Respect Property and Human Rights

Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs in Shannon

Ireland, 08.01.2008 16:09

Banner action in Shannon that highlights the fact ...

Bristol Resident Due for Deportation to Russia

Bristol, 08.01.2008 15:38

"Stop Alex's Deportation - Alex belongs to Bristol..." Bristol Resident Due for Deportation to Russia "Stop Alex's Deportation - Alex belongs to Bristol..." Chris of No Borders writes: Alexandre Sidenko from Russia is currently detained in Tinsley House IRC, with removal directions set for Wednesday 16th January on British Airways Flight BAo874 from Heathrow Airport @ 12:25 to Moscow. He was 'snatched' from his Bristol home and community where he has lived for seven years, on Wednesday 2nd January 2008....In 1999 following the death of one of his friends in Chechnya Alex became active in demonstrating against the war (In 1999 Russian government forces killed numerous civilians through the use of indiscriminate force in Chechnya, and security officials' beatings resulted in numerous deaths) as a result he was arrested on four occasions. ...His appeal [for asylum] was dismissed in September 2004 on both Refugee Convention and Humanitarian grounds and he was asked to leave the UK. The Home office being of the opinion that Alex would not be at risk if he were sent back to Russia ...[but] On 21st October 2007 Alex received a letter from his daughter who lives in Ukraine telling him how worried she is for him and how "some men with military ID's were looking for him and questioned Alex's niece who lives in Moscow as to Alex's whereabouts. What you can do to help! ... Full article.| Stop Alex's Deportation - Alex belongs to Bristol | Betraying human rights in Russia (Human Rights Watch) | Related News: Dawn Raid Prevented by Bristol (and national) Activists | Video: Bristol No Borders Action (the video is an .avi, try using VLC Media Player to view) | Press Release: 'No Borders' Activists Prevent 'Dawn Raids' on Children (UK Indymedia) | | UN International Migrants Day ( | No Borders camp & protest | How to continue the 'No Borders' campaign | Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

643 Documented Complaints Following Aerial Pesticide Spraying

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.01.2008 11:38

As of December 20, 2007 various governmental agencies and public interest groups have received 643 documented complaints from Monterey and Santa Cruz area residents who believe they suffered adverse short-term reactions following the aerial spraying of pesticide pheromones on their cities in September, October, and November 2007. Of the 643 complaints, 509 are reported here for the first time, along with the original 134 complaints of adverse reactions following the aerial spraying of the Monterey area in September which were released to state agencies and the press in October.

WRAN Calls for Moratorium on Cellular Antennas and WiFi in Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.01.2008 11:38

The Wireless Radiation Alert Network (WRAN) educates Santa Cruz County community members on the adverse health effects related to Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) exposure in the extremely-low frequency (ELF) and radiofrequency (RF) band of the electromagnetic spectrum (1-300GHz). Energies of these frequencies, called non-ionizing, are used in electrical transmission, distribution and electrical use by the public, by radio and tv broadcasts, cellular transmissions, wireless internet access and more. WRAN promote alternatives to wireless communication systems, for example the use of fiber optics and coaxial cables and to preserve existing landline phone networks.

Preparing to Protest the Republican Convention: An Update From the Twin Cities

Portland, 08.01.2008 11:08


From the police riot at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago to the mass arrests at the 2004 party conventions in Boston and New York, and at every convention in between, police have played a terrible role of crushing political dissent and brutalizing those who dare challenge the ruling elites. Naturally, then, with the Republican Convention poised to hit our river banks in summer 2008 and with popular opinion about the direction of this country at an all time low, many are concerned about whether there will be room to exercise our First Amendment rights at all. Actions by the Minneapolis and St. Paul city councils and their respective police departments certainly give us no reassurance, especially with their secret meetings, efforts to pass new ordinances restricting protest and refusals to grant permits.

From the Newswire

Perth, 08.01.2008 10:09

Have the Philippines Communist party been Assasinating Left Activists?

Upcoming Events: Immigrant &amp; Refugee Task Force

Portland, 08.01.2008 09:38

Immigrant & Refugee Task Force Community Forum
Wednesday, January 9, 2008
7:00 PM to 9:00
PSU Multicultural Center
Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 228
1825 SW Broadway, Portland

On January 9th, the Center for Intercultural Organizing is inviting members of Mayor Tom Potter's Immigrant & Refugee Task force to present their recommendations to the community. The task force built upon the work of hundreds of individuals and dozens of community organizations who, in various ways, participated in a two year-long
effort to make the City of Portland aware of immigrant and refugee community issues, needs, strengths and contributions.

Yet again, City Council needs to hear your voices. Please come to the Immigrant and Refugee Task Force Community Forum and find out how you can ensure that the recommendations are implemented. Together, we can create an environment in which immigrants and refugees are recognized and supported as valued residents of our city.

Immigrant & Refugee Task Force Presentation to City Council
Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 6:00 PM
Jefferson High School
5210 N Kerby, Portland

Read the Immigrant and Refugee Task Force recommendations and come to the presentation to City Council on January 16, 2008! Click here to read the Task Force report:

link to

Peace and Freedom Party Candidate Forums

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.01.2008 06:38

The Peace and Freedom Party will hold six presidential candidate forums this weekend to inform voters about their choices on the February 5th presidential preference primary ballot. These events will be in Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego, starting with a January 11th forum in Sacramento.

Green Party Presidential Candidates to Debate in SF on January 13th

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.01.2008 06:38

On Sunday, January 13th, a candidates whose names will appear on the California Green Party primary ballot on February 5th will come together for a debate. The event will begin at 2:00pm in the Herbst Theater/Veteran's Memorial Building at 401 Van Ness Ave. in San Francisco. Cindy Sheehan and Matt Gonzalez will be moderating, and Cynthia McKinney, non-candidate Ralph Nader, Jared Ball, and Kent Mesplay will be in attendance.

On-going Protest of Fur Shop Kicks Off on Fur-Free Friday

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.01.2008 06:38

On Friday, November 24th, ("Fur-Free Friday") approximately 10 individuals protested the selling of fur at J. Malnick's at 1901 Broadway in Oakland. Protesters educated passers-by about the horrors of the fur industry, including how animals are commonly killed using cruel methods including poisoning, gassing and anal electrocution and how cat and dog fur is often mislabeled as coming from another animal. Further demonstrations have been regularly scheduled.

Neighbors Unite Against the BLM’s “WOPR”

Rogue Valley, 08.01.2008 04:39

Cave Junction, Oregon - Friends and neighbors with homes and businesses near Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property will rally at BLM headquarters, 3040 Biddle Road in Medford, on Tuesday January 8th at 11:00AM, come rain, snow or shine! The peaceful rally will address numerous issues and concerns that directly affect the economy, environmental health and quality of residents’ lives through-out the region. A bus load of residents from the Illinois Valley will arrive just before 11:00 am.

Opposition to the BLM’s Western Oregon Planning Revision (WOPR) process for 2.5 million acres of public forestland statewide has galvanized a huge and diverse alliance. Rally organizer and Illinois Valley resident Dorothea Hover-Kramer said, “At countless meetings, when we ask how many people live adjacent to or near BLM lands, all the hands in the room go up!” Hover-Kramer adds, “There are many new faces: vineyard owners, farmers, river and back-country outfitters, horse enthusiasts, restaurant owners, teachers, scientists and retirees, to name a few.”

Fur Trapping Increases In Oregon

Portland, 08.01.2008 01:38

The number of licensed fur trappers in Oregon has more than doubled for the 2007 - 08 trapping season. According to the ODFW, 1500 new licenses were issued above the roughly 1,000 already outstanding. The revived popularity of furs in fashion, reversing the decline of the past decade, has caused a marked increase in the price of pelts, especially bobcat.

Population growth in rural areas has led to more conflicts between newcomers and trappers, often caused when pets, especially dogs, are caught and sometimes killed. Most new residents in the rural West are unpleasantly surprised to find traps along their hiking and skiing trails, fishing streams, creek bottoms, anywhere in fact where furbearers can be found. Oregon has very few restrictions on where traps can be set. They can be set anywhere along public roads and trails, anywhere on public lands unless specifically forbidden. There are no required setbacks, no indications where traps are set. Traps designed to kill are mingled with leg-hold traps.

Newspaper stories and letters to editors about trapped pets have brought unwanted attention to the trapping industry. Dogs trapped and killed in Montana, Nevada and Oregon during the 2006 -07 trapping season have inspired the formation of citizen groups intent on restricting or eliminating this abusive practice. TrapFree Oregon, FootLoose Montana and TrailSafe (Nevada) have all begun to educate the public about the indiscriminate and cruel nature of trapping, whether it be for fur or wildlife management.

UPRISING RADIO: Guinness World Records Rewrites History

Philadelphia, 08.01.2008 01:08


Boston, 07.01.2008 23:08

Fifteen residents of Cambridge, Massachusetts, formed a people-to-people delegation to Bethlehem, that "little town" of legend and current West Bank REALITY for five days in late November 2007, with a day in Jerusalem before and after. What follows is my impressions of this trip. Those who care about Palestinian rights may find some useful observations. I hope that those who care mainly about Israel will read on and perhaps come to agree that present policies are no better, in the long run, for Israel than they are for Palestine, and that a resolution that is good for Palestine will also benefit Israel.

FBI/ DOJ caught lying in case of Briana Waters, falsely accused of &quot;ecoterrorism&quot;

Miami, 07.01.2008 23:07

FBI/ DOJ caught lying in case of Briana Waters, falsely accused of "ecoterrorism"

Акция за бесплатный общественный транспорт в Минске

Belarus, 07.01.2008 19:07

NH Primary Debates

New Hampshire, 07.01.2008 17:39

Sunday's Presidential Primary debates not much more than extended press conference. I approached the Media Center at St. Anselm's College yesterday afternoon with some amount of trepidation. I was going to the NH Presidential Debates without receiving advance press credentials, essential for admission to the inner circle of the Fourth Estate. I had tried several times to get the goods by emailing WMUR and ABC, co-sponsors of the debates. However, the layer of obfuscation is so thick that it’s quite difficult, at best, to penetrate.

Will S.1959 be used to restrict U.S. Citizens traveling in their own Country?

Arkansas, 07.01.2008 16:09

Government officials have called lawful protesters potential terrorists and a threat to national security. Will protestors be able to fly after the Senate passes S.1959? “The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act."

kriminaligo (eo)

Barcelona, 07.01.2008 16:09

Oni ne intertraktas la liberon manifestacii: Vi ne tranĉos Niajn Flugilojn

Sabate la 29an de setembro je la 17a en Pl. Universitat + Aliĝu al la manifesto

Movoj en la estraro de la kataluna polico

Post la okazintaĵoj dum la lasta manifestacio petanta la rajton je libera esprimo kaj manifestacio, kaj por denunci la kriminaligon de la sociaj movadoj, diversaj kolektivoj denove organizas, pli energie ol iam ajn, manifestacion por postuli la rajton libere manifestacii; fundamentan rajton kiu, se ĝi endanĝeriĝas, damaĝiĝiĝas unu el la plej bazaj subtenoj de ĉiu socio: tiu de la leĝa protesto, de la nepra kontesto kontraŭ ĉia aŭtoritata misuzo, la rajto malsame opinii, kritiki kaj proponi la alternativojn kaj la solvojn kiujn la estraroj kaj administracioj klopodas prisilenti.

+ infoj:>>>Neniam ili tranĉos niajn flugilojn >>>kriminaligo kaj subpremo

kriminaligo (eo)

Barcelona, 07.01.2008 16:09

Casas Viejas, jen alia kriminaliga epizodo


Ne al kriminaligo de la sociaj movadoj. Ni ĉiuj estas Casas Viejas.

¡¡¡Lasthore: Casas Viejas REZISTAS!!!
MARDON la 4an de Decembro
-La kamaradoj daŭre estas sur la ponto, ricevantaj solidaron el ĉie ajn.
-La grupo Casas Viejas respondas al ĵurnalistoj dum la tuta mateno pri la falsaj akuzoj publikigitaj en pluraj ĵurnaloj rilate al la hipoteza kunlaboro inter la okup-movado kaj la ETA-medio.
-La Besto sinturnas.
-CNT apoge al OSC CASAS VIEJAS kaj ĝia rezistado.

rilataj novaĵoj >>> IU diras ke la eldomigo de la okupantoj far policanoj estis "tute profesia", Polico daŭre atentigas pri ETA, [Casas Viejas] filmeto pri ĵaŭdo 29-11-07, Casas Viejas Informas, Fotoj Manifestacio solidara en Madrido, Casas Viejas: ni malobeis senperforte, Oni faras peraeran okupadon en la ponto de 'V centenario', Rezistas Casas Viejas, ribelaj sonoj, La liberigo de la lasta okupanto finas la vakigon de 'Casas Viejas', en Sevilo, Rezist-protokolo OSC Casas Viejas

+ infoj >>> Indymedia Estrecho/Madiaq, Casas Viejas

kriminaligo (eo)

Barcelona, 07.01.2008 16:09

22D: Sencohavaj Kristnasklumoj

[22an dec] je la 12a en Arc de Triomf. Barcelono 4f: vi ne restas solaj

[22an dec] Torĉomarŝoj ĉie: je la 18a apud Canaletes en Barcelono Por la liberigo de la katalunaj politikaj gekaptitoj

[22an dec] je la 18a apud Canaletes. Barcelono. Torĉomarŝo Acteal. 10 jarojn senpune

[31an dec] Marŝoj en la prizonoj

rilataj novaĵoj: Kunvokoj por la 4f-kaptitoj ::: Kristnaske kaj dum la tuta jaro ni volas ilin hejme ::: Febres mortis eble venenita. En lia sango estis granda dozo de cianido ::: Polica komisaro kondamnita pro torturoj diras ke polico jam ne subpremas ::: Perfortoj kaj torturoj al Gorka Lupiañez ::: Ĉu torturo neeblas? ::: Amnestio Internacia denuncas la sisteman torturadon en Hispanio ::: Zapatero diskutas la denuncojn pri torturoj ::: Por la liberigo de la 18/98-kaptitoj kaj por la abolo de Audiència Nacional (Escepto-Tribunalo) ::: Ekscesaj kondamnoj al la 18/98-kaptitoj

+ infoj: >>>kriminaligo kaj subpremo + 4f-kaptitoj: karcelona + Rescat

Columbia Landslide, a Month Later: Get set for more

Portland, 07.01.2008 08:08

Last month, a landslide crashed down from the mountains, swallowing up homes and cars, and closing down Highway 30 for days on end. People could very likely have died, had it not been for the heroic efforts of workers who realized the slide was imminent, and quickly evacuated the area. It is now beyond dispute that the slide was caused by logging. Even the corporate media has finally acknowledged this indisputable fact. (Ironically, the slide began on land that was being "managed" by the OSU forestry program.) One tract of land above the slide had been logged in 2004, another had been logged more than a decade ago. The state of erosion and instability in both tracts contributed to the slide. It was, in fact, caused by logging.

Today, I traveled out that way to see how the clean-up is going, and to assess the situation along the highway through the coast range. What I saw was a disaster in the making. I saw peoples' homes and all their worldly possessions, still buried in mud and debris. I saw steep mountains denuded of their protective trees, from Ranier all the way out to the ocean. And I saw many more slides in the making. It is only a matter of time.

The 2007 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review

Chicago, 07.01.2008 06:38

Chicago Indymedia has once again proved itself as a news and organizing resource for Chicagoans concerned about social justice and the efforts for a better Chicago. The past year 2007 is no different; Chicago Indymedia has covered unserved and underserved stories, and has also broken stories that make a difference.

Chicago Indymedia is proud to present the 2007 Chicago Indymedia Year in Review.

Will S.1959 be used to restrict U.S. Citizens traveling in their own Country?

Boston, 07.01.2008 03:08

Government officials have called lawful protesters potential terrorists and a threat to national security. Will protestors be able to fly after the Senate passes S.1959, “The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act"? S.1959 will create a powerful “new government commission” that will investigate and report to the U.S. Government which Americans and organizations are “idealistically based toward Violence”, might or do support "Violent Radicalization; or Homegrown Terrorism.


Athens, 06.01.2008 23:39

Επιθέσεις σε αυτοδιαχειριζόμενους χώρους

The Ron Paul &quot;Revolution&quot;, an Extreme Rightwing Threat

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.01.2008 22:38

Steven Argue writes, "For the most part the Iowa caucuses were business as usual for the Democrat and Republican Parties. Among the Democrats, "Anti-war" and "pro-single payer health care" Democrat Dennis Kucinich put his support behind pro-war anti--single payer health care, Barrack Obama. Yet on the far right, anti-war Libertarian and Republican Ron Paul gained a stunning 10% of the vote."

2007 Year In Review

United States, 06.01.2008 22:37

2007 was a year of hard work at the grassroots -- including some hard-won victory. In the courts, the streets (1, 2), the congressional offices, and the schools (1, 2), anti-war activists have put their bodies in the way of the US war machine. Farmworkers won a historic contract and taxi workers pulled off an unprecedented two-city strike. Political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal got a day in court, and protests around the globe secured clemency for Kenneth Foster Jr. Students successfully fought military recruitment in Santa Cruz, and in Boston forced labor negotiations with a hunger strike. Animal rights activists prevailed against Schumacher Furs in Oregon, and in Colorado Columbus Day was challenged by a united front. And we came together in historic gatherings -- the first ever US Social Forum, the No Borders Camp, and the Zapatistas' Intercontinental Indigenous Summit.

2007 also saw victories for the rights of independent journalists. Reporter Josh Wolf was freed, and video activist Patrick Thompson won a new trial. IMCista Brad Will's memory was carried on in word and in action.

Meanwhile, we came together to respond to tragedies -- ongoing and sudden.
» May Day 2007: Police Attack MacArthur Park Demonstration; Bratton’s “Agitators” Story Untrue
» ICE Raids: Reports from Painesville, OH, Boston, Santa Barbara
» Sanctuary Violated: Elvira Arellano Arrested by ICE; Deported to Tijuana
» Jena: Judge denies request to free teen on bail in the wake of largest civil rights protest in years
» Globalization: Protests greet IMF Delegates
» Post-Katrina New Orleans (pictured): Police Attack Housing Rights Protesters With Mace, Tazers to Keep Them Out of City Hall

And, our communities have already begun preparing for the 2008 election season, through regional anti-convention organizing and media activism.

Through all this, Indymedia collectives across the country have worked to document and amplify these efforts. Contribute your coverage | Get your coverage syndicated to IMC-US

Local IMC "Year in Review" Roundups: Houston | Los Angeles | Pittsburgh

Indypendent Election Coverage: Roundup

NYC, 06.01.2008 21:38

Recent coverage of the 2008 Presidential Election, courtesy of the Indypendent.

March on Joe Sestak's office

Philadelphia, 06.01.2008 20:08

Abstimmung im Baskenland am 25. Oktober

Germany, 06.01.2008 15:08

"Das Jahr 2008 wird entscheidend für die Zukunft des Baskenlandes", kündigte der baskische Regierungschef Juan José Ibarretxe in seiner Neujahrsrede großspurig an. Ein "Zyklus für ein friedliches Zusammenleben in der Zukunft" soll begonnen werden, um mit der "destruktiven Gewaltspirale zu brechen und zur politischen Normalisierung zu kommen". Der Schlüssel stelle eine Volksbefragung am 25. Oktober dar: "Das Recht der Basken zu entscheiden, und der Respekt vor der Entscheidung, egal wie sie ausfällt, ist die Basis der Demokratie". Doch die ETA sieht das ganz anders, nach dem gescheiterten Friedensprozess und der immer weiter steigenden Repression, geht sie in einem Interview von "langen Jahren des Konflikts" aus. Die Zahl der Gefangenen liegt auf einem Rekordstand, der weit über der Zahl liegt, die es in der Franco-Diktatur gab. Erneut kam eine Angehörige auf dem langen Besuchsweg ums Leben. 17 Tote hat die Zerstreuung nun gefordert.

Chilean police shoot and kill a Mupache supporter

Portland, 06.01.2008 13:38

Chile - Police shot and killed Matias Catrileo Quezada, a 22-year-old university student, and Mapuche supporter during a land re-occupation near the southern city of Vilcun. The indigenous Mapuche peoples of of southern Chile regularly clash with authorities over control of their ancestral lands but this is the first fatality that has resulted from the conflict since 2003.

The incident took place at Dawn on Thursday when a group of about 25 Mapuche Indians and their supporters raided a farm and burned the livestock feed. Police who had been charged with protecting the farm after a number of similar incursions, gave chase and fired on the group who retreated to a nearby school. Catrileo was shot in the stomach and died at the scene. Catrileo's comrades took his body and refused to hand it over to police but after negotiations organized by Villarica Bishop Sixto Parzinger worked out a deal in which they were willing to turn over the body. The human rights group Amnesty International has demanded a full investigation into the incident.

Activists rallied outside the La Moneda Presidential Palace in Santiago and died at least one of the Palace's fountains blood red to protest the murder. Riot police clashed with demonstrators and made a number of arrests.

Friar Louis Cappio must live!

Portland, 06.01.2008 13:38

The Brazilian semi-arid is immense: 912 thousand square km. It is populous: 22 million people in rural areas. It is the most rainy of the planet: 750 mm / year, on average, which corresponds to 760 billion cubic meters of rainfall per year. It is not true, therefore, that there is no water there. The nature provides it, but it is wasted: the waters evaporate quickly, under the strong sun, or go soon away, running on the crystalline waterproof ground.....

I look for a book on the bookshelf at home. In the face sheet I read: "To Cesar, who also walks on the same side of the same river. Gentio do Ouro, October 2001. "From inside the book falls a card that was already forgotten:" Cesar, grateful for your unexpected softness, for your lucid and firm presence. Thank you for you there. I hug you. Adriano. "I can't contain my emotion.

Between 1992 and 1993, for a year, Adriano and three more people held a walk of 2,700 km, from the springs to the mouth of San Francisco river. The book, which they gave me when I visited them in the desert-From the mouth to the source, the message of the river, Nancy Mangabeira Unger-poetically tells the works of this group of heroes whose lives are confused with the struggle for life of the river and of populations that depend on it.

The leader of the pilgrims was a Franciscan friar, the most Franciscan of all Franciscans I knew, Luís Cappio. I don't remember where I met him the first time - I think it was at "Pintada" - but I never forgot him. He is a rare man. He lives deeply to Christianity, his mission. Today, he is the bishop of "Barra". Continued the same simple pilgrim, a brother of humanity, a poor living among the poor. He is on hunger strike for more than 30 days and may die. Adriano remains at his side.

From Brasilia, President Lula criticizes brother Louis and his companions, contrary to the transposition of the waters of San Francisco river, saying they do not care about the thirst of the people of northeastern. To those who know the two characters, it is pathetic. A moral abyss separates them. From this abyss are born the two different proposals.

This year's Miami King Mango Strut was the best ever.......... (with photos)

Miami, 06.01.2008 08:07

This year's Miami King Mango Strut was the best ever.......... (with photos)

Conspiracy Charge Dropped Against 5 of the SF 8

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.01.2008 06:38

On Friday, January 4th, prosecutors in the San Francisco 8 case announced that they are, in effect, dropping the conspiracy count against 5 of the men because the statute of limitations on conspiracy charges has expired. Ray Boudreaux, Richard Brown, Hank Jones and Harold Taylor now only face one count, the alleged murder of a San Francisco Police Officer in 1971. The case against Richard O'Neal must now be dismissed since he was originally charged only in the conspiracy count. On January 10th, their lawyers will ask that the conspiracy count be dropped against the other 3 men.

Critical Mass presents Resolution Revolution, 1st ride of the New Year Jan 12th

Miami, 06.01.2008 05:37

Critical Mass presents Resolution Revolution, 1st ride of the New Year Jan 12th

Critical Mass presents Resolution Revolution

Miami, 06.01.2008 05:37

Critical Mass presents Resolution Revolution

LA-IMC Top 10 for the year 2007

LA, 06.01.2008 04:08

LA-IMC Top 10 for the year 2007


Istanbul, 06.01.2008 00:39

2007 - Year in Review

Houston, 05.01.2008 19:38

Looking Back at 2007 with Houston IMC

Re-Declaration of Independence by the Lakota Nation and a Red Pill interview with Duane Martin Sr. (Canupa Gluha Mani)

United States, 05.01.2008 19:37

Many people are familiar with the indigenous struggles of The Six Nations in Canada and the Zapatistas of Chiapas, but now that indigenous people’s struggle for the freedom of self-determination has fired a shot into the capital of imperialism, Washington D.C. On December 19th, a delegation from the Lakota Nation went to the State Department and formally withdrew from all the treaties that had been signed with the U.S. Government over the last 150 years, essentially seceding from the Union. The Red Pill was honored to speak with Duane Martin Sr. read more

Musings From Within the Triple Fun Zone

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.01.2008 07:08

Rico writes, "This year, the third year of the Last Night DIY celebration, did you notice the trend of the city starting to claim the party as it's own? It's awesome to feel accepted of course, but it's a double-edged sword. After the first couple years of getting nothing but grief from the cautious city administrators, conservative local media, and uniformed fascists, this year the Senile and the Good Times claimed that the celebration was "quickly becoming a Santa Cruz tradition," and "was a uniquely Santa Cruz event." Hahaha. That cracks me up."

The Indypendent Goes to New Hampshire!

NYC, 05.01.2008 05:08

We’re sending Steve Wishnia to New Hampshire for five days to do some election coverage. He’s blogging for The Indypendent website and is writing the cover story for the next issue, which hits the streets in a week. While this is a departure from our usual reporting style, Steve can spin a good tale with his caustic wit, seasoned reporting skills and skeptical eye. He’ll be looking at larger issues of what’s motivating the electorate and what this election is really about, rather than doing the usual horse race coverage endemic to the corporate media.

Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.01.2008 04:08

Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra writes, "Invite us to wade through teargas with you, or break through police lines, to create a distraction while you rob a bank to redistribute the wealth in the name of the Cause. Invite us to help tear down the walls of oppression -- understand that it is totally okay if you mean this literally."

Judge Issues Final Order to Protect Smelt as Delta Fish Populations Plummet

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.01.2008 03:39

A federal judge's written order on Friday, December 14 to protect delta smelt was welcome news for the California Delta and those who are battling to protect it, in light of the continuing collapse of the Bay-Delta ecosystem revealed by the latest Dept. of Fish and Game surveys. Judge Oliver Wanger of the U.S. District Court in Fresno issued his final written order to put in place a decision he initially made on August 31. Environmental groups say this ruling will protect the smelt and the Bay-Delta Estuary ecosystem from "being further degraded by fresh water diversions."


Peru, 05.01.2008 03:10

Viernes 4 de diciembre del 2008
Chile: protestas en diversas ciudades por asesinato de joven Mapuche

Activism at the 2008 Rose Parade

LA, 05.01.2008 03:08

Activism at the 2008 Rose Parade

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