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February 8th: NW DNC/RNC Resistance Conference (OLY)

Seattle, 12.01.2008 00:08

Olympia SDS presents the Northwest DNC/RNC Resistance Conference! On February 9th, 2008, activists from around the Northwest are cordially invited to participate in a day full of workshops, networking, and food! Workshops will focus on topics ranging from street tactics to supporting the protests, even if you aren’t going. Other workshops will include shields, lockboxes, a presentation from street medics, and other tactical and strategic workshops. In the evening, we will have speakers from Recreate 68 (Denver, CO) and RNC Welcoming Committee (Twin Cities, MN) discussing their plans for the conventions.

Workshop details and schedule will be released soon.

January: 19th: Share the Dream

Seattle, 12.01.2008 00:08

Honor Martin Luther King's vision by attending Ground Zero's commemoration of his vision and life on Saturday, January 19th. Celebrate King's call to abolish war at the Gates of Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor --which is home to more than 2,300 nuclear weapons, the largest concentration of nuclear weapons in the United States, if not the world.

Earth Day 2008: DANCE of the DINOSAUR!

Portland, 11.01.2008 23:38

City Repair announces the 2008 Earth Day Celebration: DANCE of the DINOSAUR!

The City Repair Project announces the 9th Annual Earth Day Celebration at Overlook Park in North Portland on April 19, 2008. Each year, the Earth Day Coalition promotes awareness of environmental issues through the sponsorships of local and sustainable organizations and businesses from the Portland metro area.

The 2008 Earth Day theme, DANCE of the DINOSAUR!, focuses on the solutions to living as a sustainable city as energy resources around the world become more scarce. The role of Portland area individuals, organizations, businesses and city agencies in finding these solutions will be highlighted in over 150 booths at this free, outdoor event.

From Chile to Guantanamo: A Survivor of Torture Speaks Up

Boston, 11.01.2008 22:08

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the first arrival of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, yet Guantanamo is not the first island known for the unlawful abuse and torture of detainees. Island Dawson on the southern tip of Chile is known for its inhospitable, freezing weather, and for many Chileans is also the location of a concentration camp where Pinochet ordered the detention and torture of hundreds of political prisoners. Sergio Reyes, a Boston resident and activist, was 19 years old when he was abducted from his home in Punta Arenas, faced a mock execution in front of his mother, was regularly beaten, electrocuted, and suffered from simulated drowning. Between 1973 and 1976, he was also a political prisoner in a forced labor camp at the now infamous Island Dawson.

Guantanamo anniversary marked by protest

Scotland, 11.01.2008 19:09

An International Day of Action marked the sixth anniversary of the arrival of prisoners to the Guantanamo Bay detention centre. In Edinburgh protesters in shackles and prison camp garb lined up for inspection outside the US consulate, before marching to the bottom of the Mound and gradually dispersing.

CODEPINK's &quot;Most Wanted&quot; Campaign Targets Luis Posada Carriles for Terrorism

Miami, 11.01.2008 17:07

CODEPINK's "Most Wanted" Campaign Targets Luis Posada Carriles for Terrorism

Statewide Single-Payer Universal Healthcare Convention: Tomorrow!

Philadelphia, 11.01.2008 16:08

Nottingham Job Seekers Face Lie Detectors

United Kingdom, 11.01.2008 12:38

Beginning this month as part of an extended pilot scheme, residents of Nottingham will be subject to Voice Risk Analysis when telephoning to make a claim for Job Seekers' Allowance.

Voice Risk Analysis (VRA) software analyses a person's 'normal' voice and flags up changes in frequency and tone characteristics which may mean the person is lying. The DWP has helped to fund a series of local pilot schemes to study the effectiveness of the technology in reducing so-called "benefit fraud" (which pales into insignificance when compared with tax evasion by the rich). Even amongst those who worry about such things, there is scepticism about this usefulness of this technology as an anti-fraud tool. Mainstream critics say that savings do not necessarily mean the software is accurately pinpointing fraudsters, arguing that genuine claimants may also be deterred from claiming when entitled to benefits.

Links: Nottinghamshire Unemployed Workers Centre | Welfare Reform UK | Sheffield protest against changes to welfare | Nottingham Claimants Action

Protesting Torture in Front of the CIA

DC, 11.01.2008 10:09

January 10: On Thursday morning activists affiliated with the Washington Peace Center and others held a vigil outside the main gates of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia. “We are here as citizen witnesses speaking out as reports continue to reveal the role of the CIA in the rendition of people who are clandestinely abducted, held without charge, denied access to lawyers or loved ones, abused, and tortured in places like Guantanamo and Bagram in Afghanistan...” said Malachy Kilbride, Washington Peace Center board president. News reports have divulged that the CIA has covered up its role in the possible use of the torture technique known as water-boarding by destroying video evidence against apparent congressional opposition.

Sen. Migden Introduces Legislation to Stand Up to DEA Raids

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.01.2008 07:09

State Senator Carole Migden has introduced a California Senate Joint Resolution calling on Congress, the President, and federal law enforcement to stop raiding legal medical cannabis collectives and respect California's law. Senator Migden's resolution follows an escalation in Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) attacks on medical cannabis providers and threats against property owners who rent to hundreds of collectives all over California. Senator Midgen represents the 3rd District: Marin County and portions of San Francisco and Sonoma Counties.

Police Attack Cop Watcher at Science Hill Tree-sit

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.01.2008 03:38

a writes, "Last night [January 9th] 2 friends and I were walking from Kresge towards the science buildings when we heard screams...LOUD screams coming from the area of the tree sit. We ran as fast as we could towards them. We saw 2 cop cars, about six officers including 1 bike cop and two security guards. A woman was being dragged toward a squad car. We approached slowly, but were asking the cops to take it easy on her, it sounded like she was being hurt."

Films Beyond Borders

Houston, 11.01.2008 02:39

Films Beyond Borders - January 16th at Rice Cinema

Lawsuit against NYPD grows

NYC, 11.01.2008 02:38

The New York Times, the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and a group of 21 academics from across the country plan to file briefs in support of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s lawsuit challenging the NYPD’s refusal to disclose an electronic database detailing police stops of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, most of whom were black and Latino.

Interview with John David Kwabili of Kenya Indymedia

NYC, 11.01.2008 01:38

While the international media focuses on shocking stories of ethnic violence in Kenya following a disputed presidential election, activists with Kenya Indymedia ( are working to create a space where their fellow citizens can “voice their thoughts, fears, tribulations and aspirations” and strive toward restoring peace in their society.

Mrs. Plummer vs. Speaker Quinn

NYC, 11.01.2008 01:38

On this frigid January morning, hundreds trekked to the U.S. Southern District Federal Court in Downtown, New York City to witness the civil case of Viola Plummer vs. NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn. They soon filled the courtroom to capacity. The overflow watched via satellite from another room, and more filled the halls. Clearly the Sonny Carson street name saga continues to resonate among Black and progressive New Yorkers.

3rd Annual Ghost Bike Ride

NYC, 11.01.2008 01:38

The 3rd annual Ghost Bike memorial ride was held this past Sunday. In 2007 at least 23 bike riders were killed by cars on the streets of New York and on average a pedestrian is killed by a car every other day.

Films Beyond Borders

Houston, 11.01.2008 01:09

Films Beyond Borders - January 16th at Rice Cinema

Clearcutting the Climate: a conference of science and action. January 26, 10-5, UO, Eugene

Portland, 11.01.2008 00:38

Burning fossil fuels - petroleum, coal and natural gas - is not the only cause of global warming. Logging forests also disrupts the climate. Join expert scientists and environmental leaders for a groundbreaking one day conference to bring together citizens concerned about climate change and about forest protection.

-Mark Harmon: Professor and Richardson Chair of Forest Science, OSU
-Olga Krankina: Assistant Professor, Sr. Research, Forest Management, Forrest Ecology, OSU
-Doug Heiken: Conservation and Restoration Coordinator, Oregon Wild
-Tim Hermach: Executive director, Native Forest Council

Afternoon Discussions:
* How the climate and forest protection movements can work together
* Real and false solutions for the climate / forest crises

Saturday, January 26, 2008
10 am - 5 pm
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR
Lawrence 177 (School of Architecture) Free admission - donations appreciated!

PPRC cites lst Amendment Rights to City Council on Pioneer Square harassment

Portland, 11.01.2008 00:38

Statement of PPRC's Brian Greer to Commissioners today at City Hall:

I am speaking today on behalf of Portland Peaceful Response Coalition to inform you of troubling developments in relation to our exercise of free speech, and to request your consideration of the important issues that are raised thereby.

Portland Peaceful Response Coalition was formed on the evening of 9/11. It initiated a weekly series of demonstrations at the corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square that has continued for more than six years. With support of a strong majority of our fellow-citizens, we exercise "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

In recent weeks, PPRC has been approached by employees of Portland Patrol, Incorporated (PPI) objecting to our use of a battery-operated megaphone and to the use of drums. On December 21st, the City of Portland Noise Control Officer, accompanied by a representative of Pioneer Courthouse Square, Inc., and by a member of the Portland Patrol, informed us that, if we use either the megaphone or drums, individuals will be cited.

Urgent! Transportation Committee hearing this Friday

Portland, 11.01.2008 00:38

Your presence is needed this Friday at a hearing on the proposed legal presence requirement to Oregon driver's licenses.

On December 31st, Oregon Latino leaders presented the DMV with 5,000 signed petitions asking for a delayed implementation date to Governor Kulongoski's Executive Order which requires proof of legal presence to get a new, replacement, or renewal driver's license or ID card. The delay would have provided valuable time necessary to adequately inform the community about the Executive Order. The governor rejected our proposal, and the new rules are scheduled to go into effect on February 4th.

This is the last opportunity to voice our opposition to the Executive Order before it goes into effect! Help make sure that every Oregon driver has the opportunity to take the driving test, be licensed and insured.

Joint hearing of the Senate and House Interim Transportation Committees on proof of legal presence for driver's license applicants

This Friday, January 11th:
Rally at 12 noon, hearing at 1 pm.
Oregon State Capitol, 900 Court St NE, Salem
Hearing Room A

Save the Library

Bristol, 11.01.2008 00:38

Marksbury Road library to close from April Marksbury Road library to close from April A library, to modify the famous metaphor of Socrates, should be the delivery room for the birth of ideas—a place where history comes to life. Norman Cousinsi love books and reading them writes: Local residents on the Marksbury Road estate in Bedminster have been left stunned at the news that the Council intends to close Marksbury Road library from April, seeking to save £110,000 a year in running costs. Help us save Marksbury Road library in Bedminster. The Marksbury Area Community Association (MACA) has pledged to oppose this proposal, which comes just 5 months after a plan was discussed to build a new library close to the existing site. No explanation has been given to us for this unacceptable U-Turn. Door to door petitioning has already begun, local Councillors have been lobbied and a public meeting is planned for 14 January. The library is an oasis in an area that is seeing huge new housing developments but continues to be starved of resources. Social indicators show that there are high levels of deprivation within the community and MACA has since its inception in 2005, sought to work with Councillors to address some of these challenges. We are particularly angered at the fact that this proposal was made by the city library chiefs without any dialogue with local Councillors, user groups or our community group. The announcement of the closure plan is hidden away in the draft Budget document and was only brought to our attention on 21st December. Full article.Other Recent News: Have your say at a public meeting on how the travelling public should respond to the worsening service and increase in fares. Full information & Bristol Stop the War asks; The shortlist is in for the Channel 4 News Award for most inspiring political personality of the last decade and includes the majority of people in Britain who have opposed the illegal and immoral war in Iraq from the start . And Tony Blair! Who will win? Full Information. | Save Marksbury Road Library | Public meeting to plan new fare strike? | Vote Anti-War In Channel 4 News Award |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Town Hall Citizen Congress Announced

Arkansas, 10.01.2008 19:09

A new local group is applying a ‘mixed medley’ approach to civic edification, according to Christine Beems, Chairwoman of The Committee for Honest Law Enforcement in Van Buren County.


Colombia, 10.01.2008 18:08

¡Liberadas Clara y Consuelo!

criminalització (ca)

Barcelona, 10.01.2008 17:10

Judici als presos del 4F

Des del passat dilluns i fins a aquest divendres dia 11, estan sent jutjats l’Àlex en Juan i en Rodrigo acusats d’haver lesionat un guàrdia urbà deixant-lo en estat gairebé vegetatiu, i que ja fa gairebé 2 anys que es troben empresonats esperant aquest judici. A més d’haver estat vulnerada la seva presumpció d’innocència i d’haver manifestat que han estat sotmesos a tortures per part dels Mossos d’Esquadra y la Guàrdia Urbana, hi han a mes a més fortes sospites que han estat implicats en un muntatge policial que ara els demana 11 anys de presó i 520.000 euros d’indemnització.

::Divendres 11 a les 10 del matí esmorzar-concentració de suport::

[7Gen] Primer dia de judici comença el judici pels fets ocorreguts el dia 4 de febrer de 2006

[8Gen] Segon dia de judici Declaren els membres de l'equip mèdic

[9Gen] Tercer dia de judici Declaren membres de la Guardia Urbana

notícies relacionades: Notícia apareguda a Telam (Argentina) ::: Comunicat Alex a la fi de la vaga de fam ::: Comunicat de Juan des de la Trinitat ::: Entrevista a la mare d'un dels detinguts :::

+info: >>>criminalització i repressió + presos4f: karcelona + Rescat

criminalización (es)

Barcelona, 10.01.2008 17:10

Juicio a los presos del 4F

Desde el pasado lunes y hasta el viernes dia 11, estan siendo juzgados Álex, Juan y Rodrigo acusados de haber lesionado a un Guardia Urbano (Policia Local) dejándolo prácticamente en estado vegetativo, y que hace ya casi 2 años que se encuentran encarcelados esperando este juicio. Además de haber sido vulnerada su presunción de inocencia y haber manifestado ellos que han sido sometidos a torturas por parte de los Mossos d'Esquadra y la Guardia Urbana, existen fuertes sospechas que han sido implicados en un montaje policial que ahora pide 11 años de prisión y 520.000 euros de indemnización.

::El Viernes 11 a las 10 de la mañana desayuno-concentración de apoyo

[7Ene] Primer dia de juicio Comienza el juicio por los hechos ocurridos el dia 4 de feberro de 2006

[8Ene] Segundo dia de juicio Declaran los miembros del equipo médico

[9Ene] Tercer dia de juicio Declaran miembros de la guardia urbana

noticias relacionadas: Noticia aparecida en Telam (Argentina) ::: Comunicado de Alex al finalizar la huelga de hambre ::: Comunicado de Juan desde la Trinitat ::: Entrevista a la madre de uno de los detenidos

+info: >>>criminalización y represión + presos4f: karcelona + Rescat

Iniciadas as mobilizações para o dia de Ação Global do FSM em Fortaleza

Brasil, 10.01.2008 13:39


Jeff Free Luers resentencing - new hearing date

Portland, 10.01.2008 04:38

We have news on Jeff's hearing date. It has been rescheduled for Tuesday January 15, 2008, in Lane County Circuit Court in Eugene, Oregon.

As we stated before, it is requested that only Jeff's family and close friends attend the hearing. We are also requesting that things are kept low-key -- any protest or similar activity would be acting against the wishes of Jeff and his family. We will keep everyone updated and share information with you all right away. Stay tuned for updates and reports. Thank you!

Three San Francisco Dispensaries Are Granted Provisional Operating Permits

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.01.2008 04:09

On January 9th, three San Francisco Medical Cannabis Dispensaries received provisional permits from the City's Health Department. Divinity Tree, Compassion and Care Center, and Market Street Cooperative (aka Act-Up) have just a few more steps to go through until they will receive their operating permits. Many dispensaries are attempting to complete the permitting process, as San Francisco law requires permits by March 1st, 2008. On Thursday Jan. 10th a land use hearing for CannaMed Care Center (CMC) will be held at 1:30pm in City Hall.

Cartoon by Latuff: 60 Years of The Catastroph

DC, 10.01.2008 02:10

May 15th, 1948, was the Palestinian Al-Nakba (the Catastrophe), or what Israel refers to as the "Day of Independence". To Palestinians, it symbolizes the dispossession, displacement, and uprooting of 800,000 Palestinians from their homes in what then became Israel… High-resolution cartoon for printing purposes here:

Benning Library Lawsuit: Victory for DC Ward 7 ANC Commissioners

DC, 10.01.2008 02:10

On December 20, 2007, Superior Court ordered defendants of the Benning Library lawsuit, Fenty et al, to comply with the ANC, and the Real Property Disposition Economic Analysis Amendment Act, in planning a new library for the Benning community. Plaintiffs, which include several ANC Commissioners from Ward 7, have sued because their library was boarded up for over three years, then torn down. Plaintiffs and concerned citizens throughout the city wonder why these libraries were torn down when the city faces one of the worst adult illiteracy and school drop-out problems in the country. Plaintiffs are fighting to expand library and literacy services in their community, amidst growing mistrust in the community that the libraries will ever be restored.

Free Speech Victory in Central Park Lawsuit

DC, 10.01.2008 02:09

Trimet wants to whittle away Fareless Square

Portland, 10.01.2008 02:08

One of the premier amenities that distinguishes Portland as a uniquely urbane American city is under a new attack. Trimet wants to restrict the hours of Fareless Square to between 7am and 7pm. Voice your opinion at upcoming public hearings on January 16, 2008. The first hearing will take place 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Liberty Center in the Lloyd District; the second hearing will occur from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. in the Portland Building downtown.

Here is a link to more information.


Colombia, 09.01.2008 23:08

Presidente Chávez recibió las coordenadas de dos retenidas por las Farc

Trimet wants to whittle away Fareless Square

Portland, 09.01.2008 22:38

One of the premier amenities that distinguishes Portland as a uniquely urbane American city is under a new attack. Trimet wants to restrict the hours of Fareless Square to between 7am and 7pm. Voice your opinion at upcoming public hearings. The first hearing will take place 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Liberty Center in the Lloyd District; the second hearing will occur from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. in the Portland Building downtown.
<a href=" Here">">Here</a> is a link to more information.

Motion for New Trial for Eric McDavid to Be Heard on January 24th

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.01.2008 22:09

The hearing on the motion for a new trial for Eric McDavid has been changed to January 24th, and his sentencing has been moved to February 14th. Eric is now receiving two veggie burgers a night, and has also been given some items that he can eat for other meals. Sacramento Prisoner Support is encouraging supporters to write to Eric, and to also write to to the Judge in the case, encouraging him to give Eric the lowest possible sentence.


santiago, 09.01.2008 19:09

Traslado de Patricia Troncoso a la Cárcel de Angol


Athens, 09.01.2008 19:09

Δεν μας έφταναν οι φασίστες... έχουμε και τους "δημοκράτες"

Voter destroys Presidential Primary ballot at the polls.

New Hampshire, 09.01.2008 15:39

A Barrington New Hampshire voter, disgusted with the corrupted system, destroys his ballot at the polls in this morning's Primary election.

Feds Target Puerto Ricans in New York; Protests In Philadelphia Friday

Philadelphia, 09.01.2008 14:08

Sherman Heights Resists Border Patrol Violence

United States, 09.01.2008 14:07

On Saturday, over forty community members in Sherman Heights met in the cold rain and wind to protest the reckless, violent apprehension and beating of a young man by the border patrol the previous day.

According to a witness, two border patrol agents, one in a car and one on foot, were chasing three young men in the vicinity of 28th and L Street Friday morning.... "[The border patrol agent] was just racing... He didnt even care if would run over a kid... He just ran into the sidewalk, that's how reckless he was driving. Somebody could have been crossing the street, he was just driving so reckless. That is what made me angry."

At the demonstration, speakers talked about the toll that border patrol and police violence takes on communities and families, the relationship of this violence to the border and regional and global issues, and the need to organize the community for resistance. Read More>> | Video 35 mbytes 9 min 53 sec

RelatedIndigenous Communities Call on DHS to Stop Border Land Grab, Respect Property and Human Rights


Poland, 09.01.2008 11:39

Jak alarmują aktywiści z poznańskiego Rozbratu, najprawdopodobniej w ciągu 2 miesięcy zostanie wystawiona na aukcję jedna z działek, na których znajduje się zabudowania skłotu, co może oznaczać jego koniec.
Jednocześnie mieszkańcy Rozbratu zapowiadają, że nie poddadzą się bez walki i proszą o wsparcie ze strony organizacji i osób prywatnych.

Blumenauer Speech Will Draw Protest to the Bus Project Conference

Portland, 09.01.2008 09:38

Friday, January 11 at 1:30 PM
Montgomery Park, 2701 NW Vaughn St.

Individuals for Justice, Veterans for Peace and other groups will join in a protest calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. They are calling on all progressives in Portland to join them.

The protest is directed at Representative Earl Blumenauer who has refused to join in calling for articles of impeachment against George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Blumenauer will present the keynote speech at the Rebooting Democracy Conference sponsored by the Bus Project.

Demonstrators called upon the Bus Project to find a speaker who is more supportive of holding Bush and Cheney accountable for numerous violations of the U.S. laws. When the Bus Project chose not to replace Blumenauer, protesters decided to demonstrate at the conference.

'Parking Lot Panic Law' Used to Disperse Drummers in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.01.2008 09:08

On two successive Wednesdays, December 26th and January 2nd, Santa Cruz police officers ordered a peaceful drum circle to leave the parking lot on Cedar Street alongside the Farmers Market. On December 26th, Sargent Dan Flippo stated that the Farmers Market folks had "complained" about the drum circle, however there was no Farmers Market that day. The police are enforcing a new municipal ordinance, which went into effect in mid-November, that activists refer to as the 'Parking Lot Panic Law.' The new merchant-backed law prohibits lingering in a parking lot or garage unless you have a vehicle there (and then only for fifteen minutes). Anything else (waiting in your car for a friend, eating lunch, talking to friends, playing music...) is trespassing, illegal, will get you hassled by Santa Cruz's finest, and, ultimately, fined. Read More | Download a pdf of the ordinance

The Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra stress that the new law and eviction of the drum circle are "merely the newest battle of a war in Santa Cruz. A war against dissent, against the poor, against the homeless, and now against people making music." The Trash Orchestra invite you to play music with them at the Santa Cruz Farmers Market on Wednesday, January 9th at 4pm in solidarity with other musicians and friends. Read More

Previous SC-IMC Coverage: Ban on Public Assemblies in Public Parking Lots at City Council

Eric McDavid Update - 1.08.08

Portland, 09.01.2008 06:38

We just wanted to give you the latest information about Eric's upcoming hearing dates. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the hearing on the motion for a new trial has been moved to January 24, and sentencing has been moved to February 14th. Every time a hearing gets moved it's a frustrating and emotionally trying situation for all of us, as this only prolongs the amount of time that Eric has to spend in Sacramento County Main Jail (which has much worse restrictions and living conditions than a federal facility, for which he is ultimately headed, will have). It also prolongs the wait we have to endure before we can start the appeals process, which can't begin until after sentencing. Please keep writing Eric! Your letters always help him through these difficult times. Information on writing Eric can be found on his website:

Italy: Racist attack against 250 gypsies in Rome

Portland, 09.01.2008 06:38

Rome. January 4th, 2008. Last night, at about 10 p.m., a devastating fire broke out inside the two sheds of the former Mira Lanza warehouse (each about 500 mts square) in the Marconi area of the city. 250 Rrom citizens had take shelter in the sheds, living in very harsh conditions. The fire broke out suddenly and spread with unprecedented speed throughout the sheds of the derelict warehouses. Some of the Rroms noticed the flames and gave the alarm, allowing all the families, including 100 children, to make their escape. The fire was obviously a case of arson because it broke out in the same moment in both sheds, which stand many meters apart. It is impossible that the flames spread from one shed to the other. What is more, the speed with which the flames developed and spread and the height of the flames are typical of fires caused by Molotov cocktails.

Should You Be On A Government Watch List?

Portland, 09.01.2008 06:38

The words "May pose a suspected threat to National Security" are so vague one can't wonder if that could apply to stopping individuals wanting to fly to an anti-war or environmental protest. Case in point: Currently, International air carriers are responsible for checking passengers against "government watch lists." That will change in 2008.

Subsequently in 2008, under the Federal Government's "Secure Flight Program" the Government will begin not allowing U.S. Citizens on domestic flights until the government has prescreened a passenger's information against "government Watch Lists." The Government states, "Watch Lists" will be used to identify individuals who "may pose" a known or suspected threat to aviation or national security. But what does that mean? "May pose a suspected threat—to national security? U.S. Government officials have called protesters potential terrorists and a threat to national security. The words "May pose a suspected threat... " are so vague one can't help wonder if that could" apply to an individual wanting to fly to an anti-war or environmental protest.

Retired D.C. Schoolteacher Arrested Again for Speaking Truth to Power

DC, 09.01.2008 01:41

Local activist Eve Tetaz and a Catholic Worker were both arrested Saturday during a protest at the White House against U.S. warmongering and commemorating 117 years since the Wounded Knee massacre.

Bailiff enters the Rozbrat squat in Poznan

Torun, 08.01.2008 20:07

Colateral Repair Project Event in Ashland

Rogue Valley, 08.01.2008 19:40

Collateral Repair Project: A Report Back on the Iraqi Refugee Crisis in Jordan with Mary Madsen

Monday, January 14th at the Peace House in Ashland

Autonomes Zentrum KTS Freiburg bleibt

Germany, 08.01.2008 18:09

 Die KTS Freiburg, eines der letzten Autonomen Zentren Süddeutschlands, hat einen unbefristeten Vertrag ausgehandelt. Zwar werden die Kämpfe um den Erhalt der KTS bei jedem städtischen Haushalt neu ausgefochten, doch gestern, heute, morgen heißt die Parole: Kein Tag ohne Autonomes Zentrum!

Inhalt: Autonomes Zentrum | Kämpfe 2004 | Presse 2007 | Ergænzungen

Gruppen: Rote Hilfe | Demosanis | Ya Basta | VoKüs | Siebdruckwerkstatt | Umsonstladen | UmProWe | Infoladen | La Banda Vaga | Cine Rebelde | FAU | Sisyphos | Antifaschistische Aktion | Autonome Antifa

Freiburger Indyberichte: 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | Aktuell

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