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Contra el Gran Jurado

Puerto Rico, 14.01.2008 23:09

Protesta Contra el Gran Jurado en Apoyo a los 3 de Nueva York

VIDEO: Army of None Olympia - with Visuals

Seattle, 14.01.2008 23:08

[Olympia} On Friday, January 11th Chanan Suarez-Diaz and David Solnit presented on the "military recruitment complex" - their term for the researchers and advertisers who profit from military recruitment needs - and how to counter-strategize and shut down the war machine through counter-recruitment actions.

January 21st: NY-based Human Rights Activist to Speak at MLK Event

Seattle, 14.01.2008 23:08

SEATTLE-- Ninotchka Rosca will speak on “Women, Immigration and War” during the Martin Luther King Day celebration on Jan. 21st, Monday, 9:30 a.m. at the Franklin High School along Rainier Ave. and MLK Way in Seattle.

Rosca is an internationally-known activist for human rights. A political prisoner under the Marcos regime in the Philippines, she was forced into exile when threatened with a second arrest. Rosca has participated in numerous world forums and conferences for human rights. She serves on the board of the Survivors Committee, a network of former political prisoners and human rights activists. She has also been in leadership positions with Amnesty International and the PEN American Center.

The California Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.01.2008 22:09

The California Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act would prohibit some of the most egregious practices in factory farming such as packing egg-laying hens into wire "battery cages" and confining pregnant pigs and baby calves in crates so small that the animals cannot even turn around. Volunteers are currently working to collect 650,000 signatures by the end of February to place the measure on the ballot in the November 2008 general election.


Athens, 14.01.2008 19:08

Επίθεση φασιστών σε μετανάστες, και μπάτσων σε αλληλέγγυους

Japanese Whaling Ships Found and ON THE RUN!

DC, 14.01.2008 18:10

Shortly after 00 hours on Jan 12, the Greepeace ship Esperenza located the Nisshin Maru and the other 5 Japanese whaling ships near Antarctica. The Japanese immediately stopped killing whales and started running in a foolish attempt to escape. The Sea Shepherds are only a day from contact themselves and closing in fast.

Eric McDavid - 2 Years and Counting

DC, 14.01.2008 18:10 An interview with local indy journalist Rob Kall

Philadelphia, 14.01.2008 18:08

El gobierno chileno ahoga al pueblo mapuche

Euskal Herria, 14.01.2008 16:08

En los �ltimos meses se ha incrementado la represi�n hacia el pueblo mapuche por parte del gobierno chileno de la dem�crata Bachelet. Utilizando las mismas leyes que Pinochet (la N1 18.314, conocida popularmente como Ley antiterrorista) utiliz� para encarcelar y torturar a miles de chilenos y chilenas, ahora el gobierno ?socialista? aplica las leyes antiterroristas a los dirigentes mapuches.

El informe del relator especial de las Naciones Unidas y las libertades fundamentales de los Ind�genas, Rodolfo Stavenhagen, en 2003, recomend� al gobierno de Chile no criminalizar y penalizar las leg�timas actividades de protesta social de las comunidades ind�genas, la no aplicaci�n de la Ley antiterrorista, la revisi�n del caso de los lonkos procesados, la reforma del proceso penal de testigos sin rostro, no aplicar el concepto de amenaza terrorista o asociaci�n delictuosa para hechos relacionados con la lucha por la tierra o reclamos leg�timos de los pueblos ind�genas.

En la actualidad hay mas de quinientos mapuches en las c�rceles, simplemente por reclamar el derecho a sus tierras. Tierras que claro, mucho interesan a transnacionales y terratenientes. Matias Catrileo (Video de brigadistas vascos con una entrevista a Matias el pasado verano), un joven mapuche fue asesinado por balas de la polic�a. Su familia es detenida por protestar. En octubre pasado se inici� una huelga de hambre. A d�a de hoy, Patricia Troncoso lleva m�s de 80 d�as sin alimentos. Las detenciones en las protestas por esta represi�n se repiten cada d�a.

M�s informaci�n acerca de la lucha de resistencia mapuche: |Weftum: P�gina de la Coordinadora de Comunidades Mapuche en Conflicto Arauco - Malleco|, |Observatorio de derechos de los pueblos ind�genas|, |Indymedia Santiago de Chile|, |Avkin pivke mapu. Komunicacion Mapuche|.

500 efectivos desalojando a 30 familias

Argentina, 14.01.2008 16:08

Dos detenidos en desalojo en Escobar

Qual é o preço da democracia?

Brasil, 14.01.2008 14:08


2007 - Indymedia Highlights

Aotearoa, 14.01.2008 06:09

European Year of Equal Opportunities for All, International Heliophysical year and Year of the Dolphin - 2007, what a year! Here are some of the stories that YOU published on your local Indymedia Centre in 2007. As always, the struggle continues! [ Highlights 2006 | 2005 ]

Your Aotearoa Indymedia Crew

October 15th Raids

In a wave of massive state repression in Aotearoa / New Zealand, 300+ para-military police carried out dawn raids at houses around the country on Monday October 15th 2007, making 17 arrests. Search warrants were carried out in Auckland, Whakatane, Ruatoki, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and in Christchurch in the South Island. The police wanted to charge 12 people under the Terrorism Suppression Act (TSA). A massive solidarity campaign formed around Aotearoa and the world to support the activists in jail and after almost 4 four weeks in jail, the Solicitor-General, David Collins, announced that he would not be granting permission to the police to lay charges under the TSA. Everybody got released on bail. However, 16 people - people from Tūhoe, Te Atiawa, Maniapoto, Pakeha; indigenous activists, anarchists, environmental and anti-war activists - are still facing charges under the Arms Act. More information: The Struggle continues… | | Te Mana Motuhake ō Tūhoe | State Repression in Aotearoa

Tino Rangatiratanga - Tangata Whenua:

In Janurary, Tūhoe set up a blockade at Paekoa Rd in Ruatoki. On Waitangi Day, the Tino Rangatiratanga did not fly on the Auckland Harbour Bridge. However, it flew around Aotearoa and the world (and in May was flying/jumping on/off the bridge). In April, Ngati Haua was occupying their ancestral Maunga Whakakoro in the far northto stop it from being alienated from the Hapu forever. Maori Revolutionary Syd Jackson died in September. Thousands of people attended his tangi in Hastings. Michael Cullen had to be protected from angry protesters after being verbally abused and jostled at Taemaro Bay in December. Ngati Aukiwa has been fighting for their land for years and oppose they oppose the Office of Treaty Settlements negotiations with the Ngatikahu ki Whangaroa Trust Board. In late December, activists started to gather in the Urewera to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the occupation at Waikaremoana.


In February, Australian composer Martin Wesley-Smith's piece Papua Merdeka (Free Papua) was dropped from the Asia Pacfic Festival in Wellington after pressure from the Indonesian Embassy. May saw the relese of The Nu Face of Youth Rebellion, a film produced for Aotearoa Indymedia on the uprising in Tonga in late 2006. An Indonesian Military officer started a course in NZ in May, sparking protests from human rights activists. The same month, Auckland University students protested against a visit by former Indonesian Foreign Minister Ali Alatas. Five Tongan People's Representatives were charged with sedition in June. June also saw progress towardsa Free Trade Area of the Pacific. While the G8 met, the people of Tuvalu becamethe global face of climate change. As the Aboriginal communities of the Northern Territory in Australia came under renewed attack, people mobilised to support them across Aotearoa - Resistance is Existence: Aotearoa stands in solidarity against Australian Racism, International Day of Action: Stop the Genocide on Stolen Aboriginal Land & "Stop the Genocide!" - Protests Across Aotearoa. Helen Clark visited Jakarta in July, and ignored the abuses taking place in West Papua at the hands of the Indonesian Government. Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer came to Auckland to speak to the National Party in July, and was met with protests. August saw Fijian public sector workers on strike despite intimidation and death threats from the military government. Meanwhile, Indonesian Police used guns to threaten a West Papuan activist who toured Aotearoa in 2006. As the US-NZ Partnership Forum prepared to meet in Auckland, AIMC carried analysis of the effects of the policies it promotes in the Pacific.

Animal Rights:

Animal Liberationists were active early in 2007, while in February the Sea Shepherd confronted Japanese whalers. In March Animal rights activists prepared to protest against a meat conference, which took place in April. The Open Rescue Collective exposed a pit of chicken corpses with a live bird inside, while Auckland Animal Action protested against the start of duck hunting season in May. In June, an AAA activist was arrested for using a megaphone at an anti-fur protest. October saw a Christchurch Open Rescue group publicise their first rescue of battery hens.

Workers Rights:

Support sacked hotel workers April EPMU and Labour collude to sell out Air NZ workers April May Day across Aotearoa - Worker's struggle continues April Subway franchise taught the power of worker solidarity May Resisting the Arroyo Regime - Free Ka Bel Movement national speaking tour May "Long Live International Solidarity" - Protests Haunt Arroyo Tour June Migrant worker exploitation, $200 for 70-hour weeks the "tip of the iceberg" June South Auckland Hotel Workers Strike Against Poverty Wages June When workers rights are under attack … Stand up - Fight back! June Coal miners across Aotearoa strike after negotiations break down June 800 Hospital cleaners locked out after strike action July Day 5: 800 Pickets Resisting - Your Support Needed! July Day 6: "Give Spotless the Boot!" July Hotel workers locked out - Fight for Your Class! August Maritime workers take fight to gates of Port of Napier Dec

Rapist cops found not guilty - but Schollum and Shipton are convicted rapists! March No Justice - No Peace! It's time for action March International Women's Day 2007 - Just One More Thursday in Black March Justice for Rape Survivors - Kia Kaha e nga Wahine March Join the Anarcha-feminist network of Aotearoa Sept

Save Happy Valley Coaltion continues its fight Jan Occupation of Mt. Augustus Begins Feb DoC to Happy Valley Coalition: Let them Mine Feb Solid Energy to sue Save Happy Valley Coalition March Carmaggedon: Reclaim the Streets Party in Auckland March The End of the Line for Coal Mining April Rio Tinto Looms Over Te Ika a Maui June Save Happy Valley activist in legal battle with Solid Energy July Genesis to decomission Huntly coal power plant… Sept

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Indymedia Convergence Feb 2-4 in Auckland - Aotearoa Independent Media Centre Biannual Convergence Jan Mass media mergers, more lies on the way Feb Aotearoa Indymedia Boot Camp 9-11 March in Wellington March News media ownership in New Zealand August Aotearoa Indymedia Newsreal 1 coming soon! Sept

Twenty years of protest at Waihopai Spybase Jan War maker John Howard on the way to Wellington Feb Peace Action Wellington takes on Howard and dozens of repressive police Feb East Timor: "Iraq on our doorstep" March Protests across Aotearoa | No NZ support for US war machine March Kiwi troops contribute to terrorism April Lest we forget Afghanistan, the Solomon Islands and Timor Leste April Anti-ANZAC riots rock East Timor August Weapons Conference Delegates Cannot Escape Resistance! Oct


Food not Bombs Resist Police in Christchurch Jan Aotearoa's first online radical bookshop goes live May Food not Bombs and Christchurch students reclaim public space May Money Hungry Merciless Mercury Energy Kills June Anarchist Conference in Auckland in September July 14 arrested in Christchurch attempting to save youth space August Madcap neo-liberalism: Councils Urged to Implement User-Pays for Water August

Danish Social Centre evicted - riots in Copenhagen March March Bush Get Out: Rejection and Mobilizations in Central and South America March Police Repression at ASEM Protest in Hamburg May Uprising against Military Rule in Burma Oct G8 2001: 110 years of jail Dec Lakota Sioux Declare Sovereign Nation Status Dec

Check out for more stories from all around the world. Prison and Borders
On opposite sides of the planet, two prisoners are released! April "Stop the hostage detentions in Mt. Eden Prison" - Protest this Saturday in Auckland May From the Newswire: Dawn Raids in Northland May Protests continue this weekend at Mt. Eden against deportations June Former Black Panther Party Leader Tours Aotearoa June Dying Ali Panah kept in handcuffs - Day 34… August HUNGER STRIKE DAY 49: SATURDAY PROTEST TO FREE ALI PANAH August Ali Panah: "Starving for Justice" - Seven activists arrested at Mt.Eden Sept No Human Being Is Illegal! Re-unite Amir Mohebbi with his family! Sept Aotearoa anarchist arrested in Sydney, held in custody Nov Police Spying etc … maybe??? or put that somewhere else
Spies exposed in local activist groups May

Globalisation… hmm, i don't like this as a category. but don't know where to put it… its all connceted… ;-)
Actions in Auckland against NZ-US Partnership Forum Sept

p.s. Yes, we know - everything is connected! But just for the sake of putting stories into one box only, the struggle of Fijian workers, for example, ends up in the 'Pacific' section and not under 'Workers Rights'.

Saving Salmon by Killing Sea Lions: Some Numbers

Portland, 14.01.2008 05:40

As reported on this site previously, NW officials are gearing up to "save" salmon by killing sea lions. They claim that the killing of sea lions is necessary because there are an estimated 50 to 100 sea lions each year that hang out near the Bonneville Dam, and those sea lions kill an annual average of 3000 salmon. This, they say, is causing our threatened and endangered salmon to move toward extinction. But a little sleuthing creates some serious questions about this assertion, and about wildlife management policies on the Columbia in general.

According to the ODFW, in the Fall of 2006 alone, the legal, officially counted catch of Chinook salmon by humans on the Columbia river was as follows: By commercial fishers: 26,000 Chinook. By sport fishers: 13,400 Chinook. By Native fishers: 78,082 Chinook.

This is a total of 117,482 Chinook salmon, killed by humans, in only one season of only one year. This does not count all of the other species of fish, including threatened or endangered coho or steelhead. It does not include all of the fish illegally killed and not counted. It does not include fish killed in the ocean, before they could return to the river. And it does not include any of the thousands upon thousands of fish killed each year by the dams.

It appears that humans killed 25% of threatened Chinook salmon in the fall of 2006, while sea lions killed around 3%. (Depends on which source you consult: Some sources have the number of fish killed by sea lions as low as 0.3%, but I will use the highest number, that quoted by the ODFW. That number, again, is 3%.)

Jim Goodnow's &quot;Yellow Rose&quot; Bus Destroyed by Suspicious Fire

United States, 14.01.2008 03:37

Owner hopes good will come of this experience

Jim Goodenow and his bus, the Yellow Rose, both have suffered a terrible tragedy. In recent months, Jim has been providing transportation to Iraq Veterans Against the War for their various tours and other activities. Last night, Jim escaped a fire of suspicious origins that destroyed the bus. Luckily Jim is all right... Read More

Photo from Yellow Rose blog

&quot;Rebooting Democracy&quot; Protest, and Earl's Bloody Hands.

Portland, 14.01.2008 01:38

We arrived at our destination in front of the building, which was going to host Rebooting Democracy08 at 1:45 PM. We had been in contact with Ms. Caitlin Baggott, one of the members of the Bus Project and were given permission to hand out our leaflets outside the doors. When we made the turn into the parking lot there were about a dozen or so protesters along the street to greet the Peace Bus. Yes, we arrived with members of Chapter 72, to the cheers of our friends in a 30-foot bus with peace messages and impeachment signs all over the bus.

As we passed the security people standing at the gate, I knew the rules were about to be changed. We came off the bus, and Building Management with their security people looked like someone hit them with a brick---they did not know what to do with us progressives. First, they demanded we get out and off their private property. I explained we had permission to have people by the doors to hand out our leaflets, I called for Caitlin Baggott, "Caitlin come out wherever you are, no Caitlin--I knew this was not good. We talked and explained that we would move the bus, (parked at a yellow lined curb) but would not go away from the front door because we had permission to hand out our leaflets. The usual stand off began, they still did not know what to do except call the cops.

Iranian women - photo report - NO to war!

Torun, 14.01.2008 01:37

'Clean' Coal On Trial

United Kingdom, 14.01.2008 00:38

The trail of the eleven climate change activists who disrupted operations at Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station on April 10th 2007 has started today at Nottingham Bridewell Magistrates Court. They have pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated trespass and arguing that it was necessary to take such action in order to prevent the imminent threat that climate change poses to the human population. They are arguing that the threat of climate change on human life is so imminent & serious that it is a proportionate and reasonable response to commit aggravated trespass to try to reduce carbon emissions from England's 2nd largest CO2 emmiter, Ratcliffe on Soar power station.

This is the first time that the defence of necessity in relation to climate change has been used in a court of law. The defendants will call an expert witness; a climate scientist, and Royal Society Research Fellow, to prove to the court the scale and imminence of the threat that climate change poses.

Previous feature: Climate Activists Bring Powerstation Operations To A Halt

From the newswire: Climate change on Trial! | E.ON irony & hypocrisy in market square | Climate activists in court - report | Climate Change On Trial: Call for support demo | Evening Post depicts Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station as 'cutting edge technology' | E-on climate greenwash in Market Square | Rattcliffe 11 to face courts | Activists needle shareholders over E.ON nuclear power | Climate change activists target power station - photos from inside | Photo reports from the action: [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5]

Audio: Concerned about Climate Change? Spring Into Action Now! - an audio piece

Links: E.On | Eastside Climate Action | Indymedia Climate Chaos page | Wikipedia on Ratcliffe On Soar | Ratcliffe On Soar (photo portrait by Alan Lodge).

T(A)G Attacks and Vandalizes Tacoma Condos

Seattle, 13.01.2008 23:08

In the city of Tacoma, WA, over the span of several days, members of Tacoma Anti-Gentrification have paint-bombed condos, smashed condo windows and disabled the vehicles of condo dwellers.

Direct Action to Stop the War Meeting on January 20th

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.01.2008 22:09

Anti-war organizers in the Bay Area have resurrected Direct Action to Stop the War. The next meeting of DASW will be on Sunday, January 20th at 4pm at the La Peña Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck (near Ashby BART) in Berkeley. DASW is organizing actions related to convincing presidential candidates to take a stand against the war during the 2008 presidential campaign, and to exposing companies such as Chevron that profit from the US-led war and occupation in Iraq. Several affinity groups have joined in the organizing, and many more are likely to join in the months between now and the anniversary of the beginning of the war.


Colombia, 13.01.2008 20:08

Lista de terroristas escrita por terroristas

Von Heiligendamm über Davos nach München

Switzerland, 13.01.2008 16:37

Vom 23. bis zum 27. Januar schützen tausende Polizisten und 6500 Militärangehörige, die bereits für die Euro 08 trainieren, die selbsternannten "Global Leaders" - Wirtschaftsvertreter und Regierungschefs (und eine Chefin) - auch dieses Jahr für hunderte von Millionen, damit sie, unter irgend einem Motto, in der ruhigen Bergwelt die Welt retten können. War letztes Jahr noch das Thema Armutsbekämpfung aktuell, wird es in diesem Jahr hauptsächlich ums Klima gehen. Wollte man doch noch diesen Sommer am G8 in Deutschland die Halbierung der CO²-Emissionen bis 2050 "ernsthaft in Betracht ziehen" (Artikel), ist Tony Blair kürzlich folgendes rausgerutscht:

"Die Wahrheit ist, dass kein Land im Hinblick auf ein langfristiges Umweltproblem sein Wachstum oder seinen Konsum wesentlich zurückfahren wird." [1]

Bus marked &quot;IVAW&quot; mysteriously totaled by FIRE (1/11/08)

Philadelphia, 13.01.2008 15:08

National Archives bars/boots wearers of articles of impeachment

DC, 13.01.2008 14:09

On Jan 12, members of John Niremberg's impeachment march(which started over a month ago in Boston) were either denied entry to or expelled from the National Archives for wearing clothing printed with the articles of the Constitution concerning impeachment. Audio(interviews with wrapper)6 min 35 sec:

Rat Infestation in Dupont Circle Park Becoming Real Threat to Health and Safety

DC, 13.01.2008 14:09

Despite repeated complaints to Rodent Control Division about the grave infestation of rats in the Dupont Circle Park, there is a worsening situation, i.e., dozens of rats running throughout the park, day and night. Today a Latino mother left her child in a stroller for an instant to discard an empty coffee container into the rubbish barrel nearby. In a split second, a rat, probably smelling the infant formula in the baby’s milk bottle in the bottom of the stroller, promptly jumped into the stroller. Fortunately several eyes were trained on the rat, including yours truly, and our yells and foot stamping scared the rodent.

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

United Kingdom, 13.01.2008 12:08

The beginning of 2008 saw more resistance to the ongoing gentrification of Oxford. On the 4th January a sycamore, reportedly 100 years old, was occupied by a sole protestor (with plenty of support from below) to prevent it being felled for the 'redevelopment' of Bonn Square. They have since been served with a court summons and could do with support on Monday 14th January from 10am at Oxford County Court.

Meanwhile, the Westgate Partnership have been merrily chainsawing trees to make way for the Westgate expansion (which is technically different from the Bonn Square project, but linked to the West End 'regeneration'). This is despite the fact that a public enquiry is still going on over the demolition of Abbey Place sheltered housing - a clear indication of what the developers think of the legal process.

On Wednesday 9th January there was an impromptu day of action at the back of the Westgate centre where some trees had been already been cut down. This protest led to the arrest of Councillor Glass Woodin and also saw one of the London Plane trees being occupied for over 24 hours. The bad weather on the 10th saw off - no pun intended - any more tree carnage.

There was been a protest called on Saturday 12th January which saw at least 100 people reclaiming Bonn Square.

Portland Animal Defense League, Computer Security Training for Activists

Portland, 13.01.2008 09:38

PGP/ Computer Security, SSL, HTPS, Proxys Workshop
Monday January 14th
Food Fight! (SE 12th & Stark)


This is a computer security workshop geared towards all activists that use the internet and computers in general. A large portion of this workshop will be going through the step-by-steps of installing and using PGP encryption. It will be given by two experienced computer-security-geeks, who will be available for other questions as well.

Online Radical Botany Skill Share -For January 12th

Portland, 13.01.2008 09:38

I am long-time Cascadian - I was born here in the valley and group up pretty much feral child. As a child, I attended school, but every other moment of my life I spent close to the earth and the plants. I live close to a white Oak forest and learned about the plants from the plants themselves. I loved the animals and birds also. I lived close to the foot of Mary's Peak in the Coast range (Tamanawis- place where the spirit dwells). I ran wild on the slopes of the mountain - especially the North Trail. This is a trail where Kalapuyan children were sent for their vision quests. I had a father who loved the earth and helped me to understand the plants and learn to identify them. He encouraged me to draw them and paint pictures of them as a way of understanding them. He did not know about their healing abilities but sensed that some knowledge had been lost about these plants. My father was an organic gardener from way back and our family raised about 50% of our food from the earth. I learned a great deal about drying, preserving and harvesting from my parents.

In my early teens I was able to attract two great plant teachers to me. "Grandma" who lived not far from me, across a couple of fields and taught me to harvest the tiny purple center of Queen Anne's lace as a natural dye. She was my most important teacher. She told me about the spirit of each plant. I was not taught that a certain plant family always reacted the same for each human dose. I was taught that each human attracted plant healing in different ways. This is upside down from what corporate medicine teaches today.

19 Ocak'ta ne olmuştu?

Istanbul, 13.01.2008 07:09

Picket line protests repression of striking miners in Cananea, Mexico

NYC, 13.01.2008 05:08

NEW YORK, 12 January -- The attack by over 800 state and federal police and Mexican army soldiers, aimed at dislodging striking miners from Cananea (Sonora state), was answered with a protest picket in New York. In front of the Mexican consulate, some 20 demonstrators proclaimed their solidarity with the mineworkers, who have been on strike since July 30 against terrible safety conditions at the Cananea complex and against government attacks on the workers.

Behind the corporate media facade: Indymedia coverage of the New Hampshire Primaries

United States, 13.01.2008 01:07

Voter destroys Presidential Primary ballot at the polls | One Company Controls New Hampshire Election Programming | On the Eve of the NH Primary, in three parts | Oprah and Obama-mania in Manchester | Kucinich's wheels off the track: Backs Corporado Obama | National media interested in local rag's endorsement for McCain | Top Candidates Wrong on Iran | Man with 'bomb' takes hostages in Hillary Clinton's Rochester office | Obama in Dover: Impressions not Substance | John Edwards takes on CORPORATE CONTROL | Vermin Supreme Wins the New Hampshire Primary!

<<Pictured:Pat Morse destroys his NH Presidential Primary ballot. Photo by Linda Edelstein

Jim Goodenow's &quot;Yellow Rose&quot; Bus Destroyed by Suspicious Fire

DC, 13.01.2008 00:39

Jim Goodenow and his bus, the Yellow Rose, both have suffered a terrible tragedy. In recent months, Jim has been providing transportation to Iraq Veterans Against the War for their various tours and other activities. Last night, Jim escaped a fire of suspicious origins that destroyed the bus. Luckily Jim is all right.

The Homeless Census 2007: Mayor and Crew Determined to Rile Boston’s Homeless

Boston, 13.01.2008 00:08

December 18th marked Boston’s 19th annual Homeless Census, a one-night count of people living on the streets or in shelter programs. To conduct the street count, over 300 volunteers gathered at City Hall at 9pm, then split into groups to cover Boston’s neighborhoods searching for the homeless. City officials – Mayor Menino, Jim Greene, Director of the Emergency Shelter Commission, representatives from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Health Human Services, Catholic Charities, the United Way, Greater Boston Food Bank, and other Mayor’s office and police staff – and the press were the first group to lead off, covering Downtown Crossing. [EDITOR's NOte: We reposted this article from Spare Change News, a great local community newspaper that struggles to get the true story of our city's homeless beyond mainstream media.]

Candlelight March to Shut Down Guantanamo

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2008 22:08

Friday January 11th 2008, was the six year anniversary of when the first hooded, shackled men were brought to the U.S. prison at Guantanamo, Cuba. On Friday night, Bay Area activists staged a solemn candlelight march through downtown San Francisco to demand that the U.S. government shut down the detention camp, end indefinite detention, stop waterboarding and all other forms of torture, and repeal the Military Commissions Act of 2006.

Support Starbucks Union

DC, 12.01.2008 21:09

What: Local Starbucks Workers Union Pickets in Response to Starbucks’ Denial of Holiday Premium on MLK Day Where: 1700 Connecticut Ave NW When: Monday, January 21st, 5pm “By denying the Union’s reasonable request to treat Martin Luther King Day like other federal holidays, Starbucks has once again proven its commitment to diversity rings hollow. While Starbucks claims to 'embrace diversity’, the company will not pay a time and half holiday premium to baristas who work through Dr. King’s Day.

SUDANESE JOURNALIST tortured in prison while hundreds arrested requesting Guantanamo Prison shut-down

DC, 12.01.2008 21:09

As thousands from around the world were about to take to the streets to call for the shut-down of Guantanamo, for the re-instatement of Habeus Corpus, the US constitution and international covenents for the treatement of prisoners of war, I spoke with and interpreted Mr. A'asim El-Haj, the brother of Sami El-Haj (the Al-Jazeera camera-man held in Gitmo), who describes here what happenned to his brother…

DC: Hotel Workers say there's a rat in Jurys Hotel

DC, 12.01.2008 21:09

I was walking to work in Dupont Circle today when I saw this truck with a huge inflated rat sitting in it's flatbed. I had seen it almost a month ago it seems, but was too far away to hear or read what the message was being sent to us. Today I find out that it's a hotel workers union local who is boycotting the Jurys Hotel and wants us all not to patronize them.

Moazzam Begg Talk/Film Screening; Gitmo: The New Rules of War'

Bristol, 12.01.2008 21:08

Monday 14th January 2008 8pm @ Cube Cinema Moazzam Begg Talk/Film Screening 'Gitmo: The New Rules of War' Monday 14th January 2008 8pm @ Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol Entry £2/£3 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.) Guantanamo Bay is six years old now. Bristol Indymedia is pleased to host a talk by Moazzam Begg. Moazzam spent 3 years in Guantanamo bay detention camp without being convicted of any crime. January 2008 marks 6 years since he was originally arrested. Since his release in 2005 he has written the acclaimed book 'Enemy Combatant: A British Muslim's Journey To Guantanamo and Back' and campaigns for justice for other people held in Guantanamo. Following the talk we will be screening the award winning documentary 'Gitmo: The new Rules of War', winner of the 'Best Documentary' award at the Seattle Film Festival and recipient of a 'Special Jury Mention' at the Miami Film Festival and the musical score won first prize for music in at the Festival international Musique et Cinéma in France. The film looks at the detention facility and talk to various people involved. Full article.| Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Gitmo | Directions to Cube Cinema | | Other Events: Vote Anti-War In Channel 4 News Award | PAKISTAN AT THE CROSSROADS |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

America’s Racism is a Human Rights Violation

Philadelphia, 12.01.2008 18:08

Shut Down Gitmo! First ever protest march on USSOUTHCOM Hdq by Miami activists

Miami, 12.01.2008 17:07

Shut Down Gitmo! First ever protest march on USSOUTHCOM Hdq

Homeless Face A Cold Fight (Indypendent)

NYC, 12.01.2008 16:38

Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (PATH) intake facility for homeless families in the Bronx was home to the “sleep-out” protest Dec. 13 against the Department of Homeless Services’ policy of denying people emergency shelter. Frigid temperatures did not keep homeless families, community leaders and activist groups from voicing opposition to the Department of Homeless Services (OHS) policy in the form of a candlelight vigil, defiant chants and a press conference.

Endangered Immigrant Women Find Safe Harbor (Indypendent)

NYC, 12.01.2008 16:38

Safiya Allette, an undocumented Trinidadian immigrant, endured five years of escalating abuse from her husband as she waited for him to file paperwork that would allow her to become a U.S. citizen. He never did.

Beat the Deep Freeze (Indypendent)

NYC, 12.01.2008 16:38

New York City’s Housing Maintenance Code requires that landlords provide hot water year round and heat from October through May when it’s cold. Not having heat and hot water during the winter can turn deadly for the most vulnerable New Yorkers. Below are helpful tips to getting the heat and hot water turned on:

Iranian Couple Cycles the World for Peace and Conversation (Indypendent)

NYC, 12.01.2008 16:38

Modern Iran shows a variety of perplexing faces to the world: hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, sophisticated academics, outspoken exiles.

One young Iranian couple, determined not to leave their country’s public relations to others, is bicycling around the globe to spread a message of peace and environmental conservation.

A Silent Roadside Reminder (Indypendent)

NYC, 12.01.2008 16:38

When Kevin Kaplicki stumbled upon the crash scene of Liz Padilla, a 29- year-old lawyer, who was killed while biking on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn Park Slope, he decided that something needed to be done to acknowledge New York City cyclist fatalities.

The Indypendent Issue #114: Endangered Immigrant Women Find Safe Harbor, Voters Desperate for Solutions Candidates Offer Soaring Rhetoric, Pakistan's Dysfunctional Democracy and much, much more!

NYC, 12.01.2008 16:08

Exclusive coverage of the New Hampshire primaries, the crisis in Kenya and Pakistan, and much more!

Homeless Face a Cold Fight || Endangered Immigrant Women Find Safe Harbor || Beat the Deep Freeze || Iranian Couple Cycles the World for Peace and Conversation || A Silent Roadside Reminder || Voters Desperate for Solutions Candidates Offer Soaring Rhetoric || Who's Buying Obama? || The Great White Hope || Populists Need Not Apply || A Hunger for Home || Pakistan's Dysfunctional Democracy || Inside Kenya's Explosion and Timeline of an Electoral Disaster || Stagnant UN Mission Unaccomplished || An Agenda For Climate Justice || Hollywood Goes to Afghanistan || Contradictory Feminism || Fishy Business: A Review of the books The Sushi Economy and The End of the Line || Transcendental Misanthropy: A Review of There Will Be Blood

Lappersfort update

Oost-Vlaanderen, 12.01.2008 14:38

Lappersfort update

Stroomversnelling sanspap

Oost-Vlaanderen, 12.01.2008 13:38

Strijd sans-papiers in stroomversnelling

Northwest DNC/RNC Resistance Conference Planned for FEB 9th in Olympia WA

Portland, 12.01.2008 06:38

Olympia SDS presents the Northwest DNC/RNC Resistance Conference! On February 9th, 2008, activists from around the Northwest are cordially invited to participate in a day full of workshops, networking, and food! Workshops will focus on topics ranging from street tactics to supporting the protests, even if you aren't going. Other workshops will include shields, lockboxes, a presentation from street medics, and other tactical and strategic workshops. In the evening, we will have speakers from Recreate 68 (Denver, CO) and RNC Welcoming Committee (Twin Cities, MN) discussing their plans for the conventions. The conference will be held at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA

Brackenridge Estate strike - Day 2

Aotearoa, 12.01.2008 03:09

The second day of the strike at Brackenridge Estate, a Ministry Of Health run complex for the care of intellectually disabled adults, saw around 40 workers and their supporters on the picket lines, under shade from the 30 degree plus heat. Friday, the first day of the 48 hour strike, saw around 100 people on the lines.

The Brackenridge workers do not receive any overtime rates despite frequently working extra shifts to cover staffing shortages. They also do not receive any evening rates and only a minimal weekend allowance. Most of the 140 striking workers are members of the National Union of Public Employees, with some members of the NZ Nurses Organisation.

On Friday, a plumbing contractor showed his solidarity with the striking workers by refusing to cross the picket line. Saturday afternoon saw a scab, not-so-affectionately nicknamed Wayne "The Wanker" speed down the driveway into the Estate at an estimated 80km/h, almost hitting a young girl in the process. Brackenridge Estate management have been sleeping in sleeping bags in their offices since Thursday night, and won't leave the Estate until the strike is over.

Photos: Day 2

Links: Callout for support | National Union of Public Employees | NZ Nurses Organisation

Patrick Thompson returns to court January 14

United States, 12.01.2008 00:37

URBANA - Nearly 3 and a half years after felony criminal charges were filed against Patrick Thompson, the founder of Visionaries Educating Youth and Adults (VEYA), the case is scheduled for yet another pre-trial hearing Monday, January 14 in front of Judge Harry Clem in Courtroom A at 2:00 p.m. read full report by Seth Jackson

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