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Stop Toxic Imports Campaign

Portland, 20.01.2008 14:38

On January 16, 2008, the National Day of Action on Toxic Trade, the United Steelworkers (USW) took the fight against the importation of toxic toys to 100 members of Congress at Congressional offices in 40 states to protect 100 million children. (From the January 16, 2008 Stop Toxic Toys Campaign Media Advisory)

In Portland, labor, environmental, consumer and fair trade advocates rallied outside the downtown office of Oregon Senator Gordon Smith to urge his support for the Food and Product Responsibility Act. The USW was joined at the event by members of the Oregon AFL-CIO, Working America, Portland Jobs with Justice, the Oregon Environmental Coalition, the Sweat Free Northwest Campaign, the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, the Northwest Oregon Labor Council, the Oregon Public Interest Research Group, the Oregon Center for Environmental Health, and others.

"The Unhealthy cheap goods that are coming into the country means that somewhere in the world, other workers are being exposed to low wages and higher levels of dangerous chemicals and work conditions than in the United States."... "The door to the morality of the multi-national corporations has opened, and as we peer in we begin to understand they do not care about us, or kids, the future of the planet,"

Picket signs at the rally depicted forty different recalled items imported from China. Hazards associated with the recalls included excessive lead content in paint, risk of children swallowing small magnets, choking and strangulation risk, even one which is known to have caused comas in two different children after swallowing several pieces of the product.

All of the recalled products on the signs at the Portland event were issued since September 2007. One of the recalls was issued this month. Many of the recalled items sat on the shelves and in the hands of consumers for months, and in some cases years before the item was recalled for refund or replacement.

After the presentations, Ronald announced that, since Sen. Smith was short staffed, no one from the group could be allowed into the office. Instead, a representative would come down to accept whatever comments or materials were intended for the Senator Numerous citizens have been arrested in 2007 merely for seeking to speak with Smith concerning his continuing support for the Occupation of Iraq.

21 minute audio file of the speakers, who give a good understanding of the issue and what's at stake.:Get the LEAD Out: Stop Toxic Toys, RealPlayer | MP3 for latest news and podcasts.

Examples of products to watch out for:


Athens, 20.01.2008 12:39

Καταστολή, απαγωγές, τρομοκρατία... από τις ένοπλες συμμορίες του κράτους

Foro Social Mundial 2008

Euskal Herria, 20.01.2008 11:38

Del 21 al 26 de Enero, en los mismos d�as en los que se reunir� en Davos el "viejo mundo" donde las �lites econ�micas y pol�ticas refuerzan las bases del sistema neoliberal, se celebrar� de manera descentralizada y en todos los rincones del planeta el Foro social Mundial 2008.

De esta manera, por primera vez desde su creaci�n en el a�o 2001, el Foro social mundial no consistir� en un evento localizado en un determinado lugar, sino que se hace un llamamiento a los movimientos sociales, las diversas redes, las ONGs y a la sociedad civil en su conjunto para movilizarse contra el neoliberalismo de manera local a lo largo y ancho de la tierra.

Con el objetivo de lograr una convergencia global de las diferentes luchas y resistencias existentes, se est�n preparando multitud de iniciativas, desde seminarios a talleres, acciones directas y manifestaciones en contextos y realidades tan dispares como las calles de Paris o las plantaciones de transg�nicos en Brasil.

Estas actividades culminaran el 26 de enero en el d�a de acci�n global con un llamamiento a nivel para movilizarse contra la globalizaci�n neoliberal y el capitalismo y por la construcci�n de otro mundo posible.

Enlaces relacionados: |Bilbao: Programa de actividades y manifiesto|, |Gasteiz: Programa de actividades|, |Donosti: Concentraci�n|, |Madrid: P�gina web|, |Barcelona: Programa de actividades|, |Sevilla: Web|.

M�s Informaci�n: Foro Social Mundial 2008

Fresno Spends $1.3 million on Video Surveillance

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.01.2008 05:09

After filming a crime with their video surveillance cameras, Fresno mayor Alan Autry and police chief Jerry Dyer held a press conference to celebrate. They spent $1.3 million of taxpayer money for this video and now they want $1.7 million more so they can install more cameras.

Road Kill in BC: New Highway Blocked By Protesting “Raccoons”

Portland, 20.01.2008 02:38

The barricade at the end of the road is decorated with freshly-planted poinsettias in a mound of earth. Yellow plastic sunflowers, two graffitied TV sets and an oversize truck tire line a meter-wide trench just past the pavement's end. They mark the boundary between the city of Langford and a protest camp occupied by feral humans.

The Raccoons are a ragtag mob of irregulars holding back a major highway interchange project designed to service Bear Mountain, a sprawling golf resort in Langford, just west of Victoria. A few dozen dumpster-diving, trash-talking, anti-authoritarians with a passion for undisturbed natural places have built a camp in the path of the new highway. The proposed interchange cuts through a pocket of forest packed with natural and cultural rarities: a sacred First Nations cave, a seasonal pond, garry oak meadows, arbutus bluffs, red-legged frogs and chocolate lilies.

"This is the only example of eco-anarchist action in Canada right now," says Ingmar Lee, a Victoria environmentalist and camp supporter. "This is the grassroots, and it's a totally different kind of protest."

19 Ocak 2008: Hrant Dink anma eylemi

Istanbul, 20.01.2008 00:09

Hrant Dink'i anma eyleminde polis terörü

Sea lions: Public comments being accepted now

Portland, 19.01.2008 21:38

The NOAA national marine fisheries service is about to decide whether to begin killing sea lions on the Columbia river. Some say the decision has already been made, and they are simply going through the motions (ala the FCC) of pretending we have a say in the matter. Perhaps. But this is the last chance to make any public comment about whether or not they should be allowed to kill sea lions on the Columbia river. Please take the moment or two that it will take, and make your voice heard. Tell them not to kill the sea lions.

You have only until February 19th to be heard by them before they make a decision. This is the last paragraph of the draft:

"NOAA will consider all substantive comments received by 5 p.m. (PST) on Feb. 19, 2008. You may submit comments by e-mail. See the Federal Register notice, below, for more information; or contact Garth Griffin, 503-231-2005."

The email address is

The January/February 2008 IndyKids is Out!

NYC, 19.01.2008 21:09

The new issue includes a primer on sneaky housing loans, a full-color spread on global warming, the end of the death penalty in New Jersey, a look at New Year's Celebrations around the world, a review of Dr. Suess' classic, The Lorax, and more! Go to to download the paper and teacher’s guide, to get copies and subscribe.

The Trouble With Housing || Political Killing In Pakistan || Tribe Declares Its Independence || Guantanamo On Trial || Just What Are the Primaries All About? || New Jersey Gets Rid Of Its Death Penalty || Another Rerun? TV,Movie and Radio Writers Go on Strike || Global Warming: The Heat Is On || Kids Weighing the Fate of the World || Global Weirding Briefs || Students Speak Out To Save School || A Student’s View Of Fifty Years || Fun With Robots! || Siberian Tiger and Boy Killed in San Francisco || Happy New Year! Bonne Annee! Feliz Ano Nuevo! || An Eco-Book Classic From The World Of Dr. Seuss || Two Thumbs Down On Video Violence || IndyKids Cartoon ||

The January/February 2008 IndyKids is Out!

NYC, 19.01.2008 21:09

The new issue includes a primer on sneaky housing loans, a full-color spread on global warming, the end of the death penalty in New Jersey, a look at New Year's Celebrations around the world, a review of Dr. Suess' classic, The Lorax, and more! Go to to download the paper and teacher’s guide, to get copies and subscribe.

The Trouble With Housing || Political Killing In Pakistan || Tribe Declares Its Independence || Guantanamo On Trial || Just What Are the Primaries All About? || New Jersey Gets Rid Of Its Death Penalty || Another Rerun? TV,Movie and Radio Writers Go on Strike || Global Warming: The Heat Is On || Kids Weighing the Fate of the World || Global Weirding Briefs || Students Speak Out To Save School || A Student’s View Of Fifty Years || Fun With Robots! || Siberian Tiger and Boy Killed in San Francisco || Happy New Year! Bonne Annee! Feliz Ano Nuevo! || An Eco-Book Classic From The World Of Dr. Seuss || Two Thumbs Down On Video Violence || IndyKids Cartoon ||

MLK events across Philadelphia

Philadelphia, 19.01.2008 21:08

Reseña cronológica del conflicto del Casino Buenos Aires

Argentina, 19.01.2008 17:38

El Kasino Flotante de Kristóbal López

[FSM] Du 21 au 26 janvier : Semaine d'action mondiale

Liege, 19.01.2008 14:08

Pour la première fois depuis 2001, le Forum Social Mondial (FSM) en tant que tel n'aura pas lieu. A sa place une semaine d'action mondiale est organisée par les forces altermondialistes du 21 au 26 janvier pour protester contre la grand messe capitaliste qu'est le forum économique de Davos. [Programme]

Hundreds demand climate action, NO ICC in Annapolis

DC, 19.01.2008 08:09

On Jan 17, under a now-rare winter snow, at least 500 people staged a rally to support the Global Warmings Solutions Act in Annapolis. This bill would commit MD to a drastic hard cap on state CO2 emissions-and is INCOMPATABLE with construction of the ICC superhighway. (Audio broadcast from ICC site)

Protest the RNC and DNC! Mid-Atlantic Consulta January 26th and 27th - Schedule of Events

DC, 19.01.2008 08:09

The Frederick No RNC/DNC consulta is being held at the Frederick Cultural Arts center which is located at 15 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701 on January 26th and 27th

Free Skool Spring Quarter Deadline Coming Up

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.01.2008 03:08

Free Skool Santa Cruz is a completely grassroots effort, a bunch of individuals deciding to act collectively and autonomously to create a skill-sharing network. Spring Quarter runs March 1st to May 31st. The Free Skool Spring Quarter teacher registration deadline is coming up February 10th.

Budryk Miners appeal for support!

Torun, 19.01.2008 03:07

Críticas al megaproyecto del gobierno

Argentina, 19.01.2008 02:41

"El tren bala es un desatino nacional"

Críticas al megaproyecto del gobierno

Argentina, 19.01.2008 02:41

"El tren bala es un desatino nacional"

The January/February 2008 IndyKids is Out!

NYC, 19.01.2008 01:38

The January/February 2008 IndyKids is Out!

The new issue includes a primer on sneaky housing loans, a full-color spread on global warming, the end of the death penalty in New Jersey, a look at New Year's Celebrations around the world, a review of Dr. Suess' classic, The Lorax, and more!

Go to to download the paper and teacher’s guide, find out how to get copies and subscribe.

 http://www.indykids .net/teachers/ index.html
for the Teacher's Guide that accompanies the new issue.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Events

NYC, 19.01.2008 01:38

MLK Day March Against Wage Slavery, IAC March Against Racism, 23rd Annual MLK Day Celebration.

&quot;Hacking Democracy&quot; - Electronic Voting Documentary

Miami, 19.01.2008 00:08

"Hacking Democracy" - Electronic Voting Documentary

Motion for New Trial for Eric McDavid to Be Heard on Jan. 24

Philadelphia, 18.01.2008 22:08

January 20th: &quot;Redeeming the Vision&quot; on MLK Day (Tacoma)

Seattle, 18.01.2008 22:08

The second annual “Redeeming the Vision” event in honor of Dr. King will take place from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Jan. 20 at Urban Grace – The Downtown Church at 902 Market Street in Tacoma from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. This free event is open to the general public. The celebration features music, dance, and spoken word performances.

January 25th: Briana Waters Pretrial Hearing (Tacoma)

Seattle, 18.01.2008 22:08

Briana Waters pretrial conference hearing is on January 25, 2008, at 9am. The Tacoma Federal Courthouse is on 1717 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA. Please come and bear witness. Dress and act appropriate for the court requested.

Briana Waters trial is slated to begin February 11, 2008 in Tacoma.

January 21st: MLK Workshops, March &amp; Rally

Seattle, 18.01.2008 22:08

Seattle has one of the largest annual Martin Luther King Day Celebrations in the U.S. It honors the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for his work toward racial equality and toward economic justice for all people, for his commitment to nonviolence, and for his stand against war and militarism.

The 26th annual region-wide Martin Luther King, Jr., Celebration includes Workshops (9:30am-11am), a Rally (11am), and a March (12pm). The theme of this year's event is "Let Freedom Ring: End Racism, Poverty and War".

Packed House and Drama: Citizens Call for Impeachment

Seattle, 18.01.2008 22:08

Olympia -- Well over 100 people filled Hearing Room 2 and an overflow room in the Cherberg Building January 17th to hear statements in support of Washington State resolution SJM 8016, a request for impeachment investigations into actions by President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Only a handful of people got to speak but those who did spoke eloquently on their desire to see the Constitution restored and the powers abrogated by this Presidency not become a dangerous precedent for our democracy.

Newen pu lamien

santiago, 18.01.2008 21:39

Traslado de Patricia Troncoso a Santiago ¡Ahora!

Anarchist Video Showing Benefit Tonight!

Portland, 18.01.2008 21:38

The anti-authoritarian RNC Welcoming Committee needs funds, so we're showing a pseudo-historical Korean big-budget action film.

When: Friday Jan 18, 2008 7:00 PM

Where: Laughing Horse Books 12 NE 10th Portland, Oregon 97232

How many $: 3-5 is what we're asking for, but any amount including zero is totally fine.

About the film: (from wikipedia)
In Shanghai, circa 1924, a covert cell of five anarchists attempts to overthrow the Japanese government's occupation of Korea through propaganda of the deed. The story is told from the perspective of the youngest member, Sang-Gu (Kim In-Kwon), years later.

Dalla Campania al Ticino, storie di 'monnezza

Switzerland, 18.01.2008 21:07

La situazione d'emergenza che sta vivendo Napoli e tutta la regione Campania ha fatto riaccendere, pure in Ticino, la discussione attorno allo smaltimento dei rifiuti.
La prossima apertura del controverso inceneritore di Giubiasco e la possibilità che la 'monnezza prodotta all'estero possa essere scaricata nel nuovo impianto, sta assumendo i toni del famoso nimby (non nel mio giardino).
Le rassicurazioni in questo ambito del Direttore dell'Azienda Cantonale dei Rifiuti Claudio Broggini sono state immediatamente smentite [1 e 2], facendo così riaffiorare lo spettro che il nuovo impianto di Giubiasco possa diventare un grande magnete per l'immondizia estera. Prospettiva tutt'altro che remota visto il largo sovradimensionamento del termovalorizzatore.

Il discorso legato ai rifiuti è però molto più profondo e si collega da una parte ai meccanismi di produzione, sviluppo sostenibile e politica ambientale, dall'altra alla lotta contro la costruzione di grandi impianti di smaltimento che avvantaggiano solo imprenditori e politici, danneggiando irrimediabilmente l'ambiente e i residenti locali.
La costruzione di nuovi impianti non è infatti una soluzione sostenibile per risolvere la problematica dell'emergenza rifiuti. La soluzione va invece ricercata nello sviluppo di un progetto a lungo termine che parta da una decrescita dei consumi e che continui con l'incentivazione della raccolta differenziata.

especulació (ca)

Barcelona, 18.01.2008 20:09

Amenaça de desallotjament a Can Vies

dissabte 19 de gener acte de suport a Can Vies al Centre Social de Sants

Judici el 24 i 25 de Gener, hi haurà actes de suport durant tot el dia

Aquest cap de setmana KOP-Alta Tensió fa 5 anys

dissatbe 19 jornada d'inauguració d'un nou espai okupat a valència, Al-Jaleo

noves okupacions: La Chispa a Lleida ::: Comença el nou any amb la okupació de la Ribera a Bilbo ::: Desallotjat il.legalmet l'immoble okupat a vilanova i la geltrú

notícies relacionades: Nou Web de CSOA Revoltosa ::: Amb l'aigua al coll: el 14% dels hipotecats ha retrasat pagaments almenys un cop el darrer any ::: esplugues ens preocupa...52 CAUSES pendents ::: El club de fans d'itziar gonzalez saboteja 9 inmobiliàries al barri de La Barceloneta ::: Acció de rebuig al desallotjament del Bloke Metges

Més info: especulació + can vies

especulación (es)

Barcelona, 18.01.2008 20:09

Amenaza de desalojo en Can Vies

sábado 19 de enero acto de apoyo a Can Vies al Centro Social de Sants

Judici el 24 y 25 de Enero, actos de apoyo todo el dia

Este fin de semana KOP-Alta Tensió cumple 5 años

sábado 19 jornada de inauguración de un nuevo espacio en valència, Al-Jaleo

nuevas okupaciones: La Chispa en Lleida ::: Empieza el nuevo año con la okupación de la Ribera a Bilbo ::: Desallotjat il.legalmet el immueble okupado en vilanova i la geltrú

notícias relacionadas: Nueva Web de CSOA Revoltosa ::: Con el agua en el cuello: el 14% de los hipotecados ha retrasado pagos almenos una vez el último año ::: esplugues nos preocupa...52 CAUSAS pendientes ::: El club de fans de itziar gonzalez sabotea 9 inmobiliarias en el barrio de La Barceloneta ::: Acción de rechazo al desalojo del Bloke Metges

Més info: especulación + can vies

Kantor LBH Buruh Migran IWORK disantroni maling aneh

Jakarta, 18.01.2008 18:38

Data kami dicuri.. “Yang dicuri cuma dua buah CPU (Computer Prossesing Unit) dan satu handycam? ” tanya polisi dengan wajah kebingungan kepada salah seorang staf pada saat melakukan oleh tempat kejadian perkara (TKP) pencurian di kantor LBH Buruh Migran IWORK. Kebingungan karena yang diambil hanya barang-barang tersebut di atas, sedangkan televisi dan dua buah motor tidak ikut digondol maling. ...

Bath Protest for Affordable Homes

Bristol, 18.01.2008 18:38

GOSH to be Pressured to; "provide both much needed Affordable and Social Housing in the city" GOSH to be Pressured to; "provide both much needed Affordable and Social Housing in the city" John Niewald writes: The South West needs Affordable and New Social Housing stock. As does most of Britain? There is going to be a demonstration for the Western Riverside Development in Bath to be 60% Affordable Housing. It will be staged between 12pm and 2pm on Friday 1st February 2008, outside the Government Office for the South West on Temple Quay. The Bath development is currently being considered by GOSW officer, Phil Warry, and it is hoped that the 2500 home development will be seized as an opportunity to provide both much needed Affordable and Social Housing in the city. There is currently a waiting list of over 6000 households seeking suitable housing in Bath. The development looks cheap, by the developer’s own standards, and so it should be Affordable to buy and house people. All are welcome to join who care about the need for Affordable housing, at the main entrance to 2 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6EH, congregating at 11.30 am on 1st February. This is a peaceful protest on behalf of those in need of Affordable or Social housing. Full article.| Affordable & Social Housing Demonstration Invite | Bath Western Riverside Official Site | | Housing Stories: Call for articles...written by individuals/collectives of autonomous projects | 3 Newly formed TMO's apply for governance of homes | Is BCC planning tenants sell out | Should Bristol's Housing Go the Yorkshire Dales Way? |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Тры гады за карыкатуры на Мухамеда

Belarus, 18.01.2008 13:37

Packed House and Drama in Olympia: Impeachment Hearing 1/17

Portland, 18.01.2008 11:38

Well over 100 people filled Hearing Room 2 and an overflow room in the Cherberg Building today to hear statements in support of SJM 8016 calling for impeachment investigations. Only a handful of people got to speak but those who did spoke eloquently on their desire to see the Constitution restored.

Senator Oemig made the opening statement at the meeting that started at 3:30 with only the Democratic members of the committee present: Fairley (chair), Pridemore, Kline and McDermott. He said it was unfortunately necessary for the state legislature to act. Since he first introduced the bill ten months ago, there are more abuses, he said, the most recent being the White House destruction of emails. "We can no longer hope and pray that these abuses will stop," he said. The state legislature must act. "If we fail to pass this memorial, we will tell Washingtonians that we are as unwilling as Congress to take a stand to protect the Constitution."

Hurley's closing doors, blames protests for lack of bussiness

Portland, 18.01.2008 11:38

Chef Thomas Hurley is closing doors of his posh restaurant and skipping town. In recent years Thomas Hurley has come under fire by animal activists for continuing to carry foie gras on the menu of his upscale restaurant Hurley's. Hurley blames animal rights protests as being one of the main reasons for his restaurants failure.

This is yet more proof that our actions can have an effect. First the Schumachers, now Hurley's. Who's next?


Perth, 18.01.2008 10:40

Fremantle says NO to Magellan's dangerous lead shipments

Professor Boatamo Mosupyoe speaks in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 18.01.2008 08:38

On January 10th, Boatamo Mosupyoe, Professor of African Studies at CSU Sacramento, spoke at the Veterans Memorial Building in Santa Cruz. Dr. Mosupyoe is an expert on mediation and interest-based negotiation, conflict resolution and civil society's role in mitigating and resolving conflicts. Mosupyoe addressed Africa's unique contribution to the growing appreciation of mediation and conflict resolution methodologies and ethics in addressing regional and world problems.

Cesare Battisti tem primeira audiência no STF

Brasil, 18.01.2008 02:10


Immigrant Rights Groups Are Calling All Allies!

Portland, 18.01.2008 01:38

On Tuesday, January 22nd, stand by residents of Oregon who are in
danger of losing their driving privileges due to executive order 7-22.
Immigrant Rights organizations are calling on all of their allies to
come to Salem on Tuesday to participate in a rally from noon until
1pm, and to testify at a legislative hearing which will take place
from 1pm until 4pm.

Last Friday, a historic protest rally was held, with over 3000 Oregon
residents in front of the state capital. Hundreds gathered on the
steps of the Capitol, while three rooms were filled to capacity with
people watching the hearing on closed circuit TV.

The new license restrictions come from an executive order signed by
Governor Kulongoski in November, allowing the Oregon Department of
Motor Vehicles to limit documents accepted from immigrants. Currently
under Oregon law, all residents of Oregon, regardless of legal status,
can obtain a driver's license.

Contact CAUSA for more information: 503-984-6816
Need a ride? PCASC and Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity are working on
putting a carpool together.

Mobile Anti-War Disco this Friday!

DC, 18.01.2008 01:11

FUNK THE WAR! Dance party against the War! Friday, January 18 Join DC Students for a Democratic Society for an Iraq Moratorium action Lets drop beats (not bombs) and take back the streets for peace. Dance from Dupont Circle to the Military Recruiting Station at 1099 14th Street NW (14th and L St NW) Wear your most outrageous party clothes and be loud! Meet at 4:30pm at Dupont Circle; Disco starts at 5:00pm Email for more info, or call 818-419-6994 Iraq Moratorium Students for a Democratic Society

Will The Real Eco-Terrorists Please Stand Up? 2nd Prison Dispatch from Jonathan Paul

Portland, 18.01.2008 01:10

When I was arrested in early 2006 for the destruction of the Cavel West horse slaughterhouse, the media went into a frenzy with headlines describing me as an "eco-terrorist" or "eco-terror suspect". The local newspaper in my area had a heyday putting out stories fed to them by the federal government. The news media in my area surely enjoyed being the mouthpiece for the corporations and the government. For me it was not the fact that they reported the story of my arrest, but how they reported it.

The government's use of the term "eco-terrorist" works well for their fear-mongering and paranoia inducing plans to terrify the general public into complacency, inaction and silence. After the September 11th attacks, the government proclaimed that anyone who opposed the policies of our government would now be dubbed a "terrorist". This was the perfect opportunity to begin to shred the Constitution and to reign in our civil liberties protected under the Constitution by using fear. By instilling fear in the American public, our government and the corporations that rule the government, began to criminalize the people's right to oppose their practices, therefore ensuring their bottom line - maximum profits for 1% of the population, the super-rich and elite.

As I sit here in prison I see red-tailed hawks flying overhead. I see rabbits running through the fences and razor wire like it isn't there. I see ducks and songbirds fly over me. I see true freedom. I hate being here. I know why I am here. Although I chose many years ago not to use fire as a tactic because of the inherent dangers involved, I know somewhere out in the world a wild foal is born and a herd of horses run free because the Cavel West horse slaughterhouse no longer exists.

uh-oh!...local, so-called &quot;law enforcement&quot; has had a BAD PRESS DAY!

Portland, 18.01.2008 01:09

Did you notice over the past couple of days, how many reports in the local media have highlighted various problems with our so-called "law enforcement" personnel? Today was about as bad a "Bad Press Day" as I've seen in long time. Let's recap, briefly, 7 of the stories making the news:

(1.) Beaverton hires former Portland cop who shot unarmed motorist...this, of course, is a report of a bureaucratic misstep made by the Beaverton officials as they hired former PPB Officer Jason Sery, who became infamous in 2004 for killing an unarmed motorist.

(2.) Portland police officer pleads guilty to official misconduct/Plea follows investigation into sexual relationship with autistic woman...A 10-year Portland Police Bureau veteran, 34-year-old Jason Faulk, resigned from the bureau after pleading guilty Wednesday, Jan. 16, to an official misconduct charge.

3.) State agency's final report: Giusto lied repeatedly...The state agency investigating allegations that Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto lacks the moral fitness to serve in law enforcement, issued its final report today laying out a case that describes the sheriff as repeatedly lying to the public...hmmmm!


Colombia, 18.01.2008 00:42

Moncayollego a Venezuela

Clintons, Your Black Pass is Hereby Revoked

Philadelphia, 17.01.2008 21:09

virinoj (eo)

Barcelona, 17.01.2008 20:09

Ni elstarigu la lukton kontraŭ la masklisma perforto

Pli ol 650 inoj estis murditaj de la masklisma perforto en la hispana ŝtato ekde la komenco de la 21a jarcento. El tiuj, pli ol 200 loĝis en la kataluna landaro kaj ĉ. cento da ili nur en princlando Katalunio.
Tiuj ĉi harstarigaj datumoj temas nur pri eta montrilo pri miloj da inaj vivoj ekzistantaj, kiuj suferas humiligon, ĉikanon, repuŝadon, sklavismon kaj la frapbatojn nur pro la fakto esti naskiĝintaj virinoj. La sekvoj de la koŝmara seksismo kaj la masklisma perforto koncernas la filojn, la amikojn, la familion kaj eĉ la murdistojn, kiuj ofte memmortigas sin poste. La mezuroj por elradikigi tiuspecan perforton daŭre estas nesufiĉaj kaj nefirmaj en nia societo kaj oni daŭre miskomprenas kaj miskonsideras la prioritatecon de tiu ĉi lukto. Ni ĉiuj kune devus prioritatigi ĝin, alikaze ni priploros kiam estos tro malfrue.

[25an de novembro] je la 18a en placo St.Jaume, Barcelono: Perfortaro izoligas nin, ni malizoliĝu.

[23an-24an novembro] Barcelono: 3a Forumo kontraŭ perforto al virinoj + La Quimera Novembre: Dokumentar-filma serio "captura :: dona (II)" + Radio bronca Rebeldes sin sombra

rilataj novaĵoj: dek tri rozoj ::: omaĝo al "Mujeres Libres" (liberaj inoj) en Zaragozo ::: Memore al Maria Antònia Amador murdita de urba polico ::: Omaĝo al Antònia Androher: revo de ino: la revolucio ::: In memoriam: ĝis la venko ĉiam, Eva! ::: Memorganizado, rekta agado kaj kontraŭ-aŭtoritatismo, kontraŭ la registara faŝismo kaj la strata agresaro

+info: >>>virinoj

Latin-Ameriko (eo)

Barcelona, 17.01.2008 20:09

Venezuelo... kio nun?

Post 40 jaroj da tiel nomata demokratio dum kiu la malriĉec-indico altiĝis preskaŭ je 70%, la politikaj persekutoj estis konstantaj kaj koruptado estis normo, Hugo Chávez venkis en la elektado unuafoje la jaron 1998. De tiam oni konstruas socion pli justan kaj baziĝantan sur la popola povo. Sed la antaŭa loka oligarkio kaj la internaciaj novliberalismaj ekonomiaj povoj, sin montris nekapablaj akcepti la volon de la venezuela popolo; provis puĉon, lokaŭton, elekto-bojkoton kaj plurajn manipuladojn, minacojn kaj malfirmigojn, kaj nun, ili provas profiti la rezulton de la referendumo pri la konstitucia reformo por peli dekstren la venezuelan politikon, kaj eĉ la latinamerikan. Unuafoje dum la lastaj 9 jaroj venkis, per tre proksimumaj rezultoj, alia propono ol tiu de Chávez, kiu akceptis la malvenkon montrante demokratian karakteron mankantan al oponantaj partioj kaj al multaj eŭropaj politikistoj. Sed tio ne signifas ke la venezuela popolo jam ne apogas la revolucian procezon, kiel provas kredigi nin la amasmiskomunikiloj, sed tutsimple ke oni esprimis malkunsenton pri tiuj reformproponoj, eble ankaŭ pri kelkaj farmanieroj de la registaro de Chávez, sed precipe petas pli profundan debaton por decidi la estontajn vojojn de la ekiranta revolucio.

[15an-16an dec] Barcelono Tagoj: Ideoj por ŝanĝi la mondon

+ infoj: >>>Latin-ameriko + la fabrica + + + el libertario + Assemblea Bolivariana de Catalunya + projekto venezuela-centro + insurgentes

kriminaligo (eo)

Barcelona, 17.01.2008 20:09

Procesataj la 4F-kaptitoj

De la pasinta lundo kaj ĝis vendredo la 11a estas procesataj Àlex, Juan kaj Rodrigo, akuzataj pri agreso al urba policano (kies sanstato restas preskaŭ viv-vegeta) kaj enprizonigitaj jam de antaŭ du jaroj atendante la proceson. Krom la malobservo de ilian rajton esti supozataj senkulpaj kaj ilia denunco esti torturitaj far la polico, estas ankaŭ gravaj suspektoj pri tio ke ili estas viktimoj de polica trompaĵo pro kio oni petas ilin 11 prizonjarojn kaj 520 000 eŭran monpunon.

::Vendredon la 11an je la 10a matene matenmanĝo-apoga amasiĝo::

[7an Jan] Unua proces-tago ekas la proceso pri la okazintaĵoj la 4an de februaro de 2006

[8an Jan] Dua proces-tago Deklaras la medicina personalo

[9an Jan] Tria proces-tago Deklaras urbaj policanoj

rilataj novaĵoj: Novaĵo aperita en Telam (Argentino) ::: Komuniko de Alex je la malsatstriko-fino ::: Komuniko de Juan el La Trinitat ::: Intervjuo al la patrino de unu el la kaptitoj :::

+ infoj: >>>kriminaligo kaj subpremo + 4f-kaptitoj: karcelono + Rescat

Solidarity Calls For Activists Held Hostage By Japanese Whalers

United Kingdom, 17.01.2008 20:08

During the early hours of this morning, two crew members of the Sea Shepherd vessel, 'Steve Irwin', have been taken hostage by the Japanese harpoon vessel 'Yushin Maru No. 2'. Benjamin Potts 28, an Australian citizen and Giles Lane, 35, a British citizen, are being held onboard the whaling vessel which is currently on the run. Both men boarded the vessel to deliver a letter to the Japanese captain stating that the whalers were in violation of international conservation law by targeting endangered species in an established whale sanctuary and in violation of a global moratorium on commercial whaling. They also notified the captain that Australia had just passed a court ruling barring Japanese whalers from the Australian Antarctic Economic Exclusion Zone. Once they boarded the vessel they were assaulted and tied to the railings of the whaler. They were then moved and tied to a radar mast. The Japanese vessel has not responded to messages in English or Japanese from the Sea Shepherd captain Paul Watson to release the hostages.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's ship 'Steve Irwin' has been in full pursuit of five vessels of the Japanese whaling fleet including the Japanese supply vessel 'Oriental Bluebird' since this morning. The Japanese factory ship 'Nisshin Maru' has fled over 700 miles to the northwest and is heading towards South Africa accompanied by the Greenpeace ship Esperanza. The entire whaling fleet is on the run. According to the Sea Shepherd no whales have been able to be slaughtered for the last four days and it does not look as if the whaling operations are going to begin again for another week at least, and not at all if the vessels are prevented from regrouping. Crew members from the Sea Shepherd ship 'Steve Irwin' point out they have a "good supply of fuel and can remain in the area for some time and will continue to police the illegal whaling operations by the Japanese fleet".

Contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office: the Japanese Embassy: London 020-70081500 / Edinburgh 0131-225-4777 / Dublin 01-202-8300 | Web: List of Japanese Embassies

Solidarity Protest Reports: Sea Shepherd Solidarity Protest at Japanese Embassy, Berlin

Recent Updates: Whalers threaten to take activists to Japan | Sea Shepherd Crew Remain Hostages On The Japanese Whaling Ship | Whalers Make Demands Over Hostages | Sea Shepherd considering rescue mission

Previous feature: Japanese Whaling Ship rams Greenpeace vessel

On the newswire: Video of Sea Shepherd Activists Taken Hostage | Sea Shepherd volunteers 'detained' by Japanese whalers | URGENT - protestors held hostage by Japanese wailing ship | British Sea Shepherd activist held hostage on Japanese whaler | Japanese whalers take Sea Shepherds hostage | Call out for solidarity demonstration

Links: Sea Shepherd Convervation Society | Greenpeace campaign against whaling | Wikipedia on Japanese Whaling

laboro (eo)

Barcelona, 17.01.2008 19:09

Fronte al lokaŭtoj: Ĉiam antaŭen!

Unueca manifestacio+Postula festo: la 2an de decembro je la 11a en pl. Sant Jaume

Ellandigoj, lokaŭtoj, maldungoj, malfirma dungado, senhavigo de laborrajtojn havitajn post tiom da jaroj luktante. Ili diras al ni ke nenio fareblas, ke tia estas tutmondigo, ke nur eblas pakti kaj akcepti la ĉantaĝojn, la maldungojn, la malpliigon de salajrojn ktp. Malantaŭ la maldungoj en SEAT, Mercedes Benz, Sysmo aŭ Frape Behr sin kaŝas la profitavido de transnaciaj kompanioj kiuj daŭre riĉigas kelkajn kaj samtempe kondamnas la laboristaron al la plej granda malfirmo maldungante milojn da gelaboristoj kaj sensalajrigante iliajn familiojn.

La respondo de tiu laboristaro estas frapanta fronte al la mastraj agresoj. Ĝi mobiliziĝas unuece de antaŭ tempo organizante amasiĝojn, strikojn ktp por defendi siajn laborlokojn, por konservi la laborkondiĉojn kaj por eviti la spekuladon pri la tereno.

rilataj novaĵoj: komuniko por la redungo de la maldungitoj de SEAT ::: nova lokaŭta ofensivo

+ infoj : >>> laboro ::: kontraŭlokaŭta reto

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