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Perth, 23.01.2008 01:39

Australia Day / Day of Mourning / Survival Day / Invasion Day

Forrest Activists Target NW Natural over the LNG, by Barracading the Front Door with Dead Trees

Portland, 23.01.2008 01:38

Today two activists were arrested at a rally protesting NW Natural's investment in new Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG) related pipelines. Activists converged on the NWNasty office with banners and dozens of trees to demand an end to clear-cuts for over 600 miles of proposed pipelines for new fossil fuel development.

Portland forest defense activists are targeting NW Natural for the gas utilities' involvement in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) related pipelines, which threaten to clear-cut strips of forest throughout Oregon.

Piling dozens of trees on NW Natural's downtown office entryway, activists with Stumptown Earth First! and Cascadia Rising Tide, aim to send a message to the LNG-invested gas company: "There's nothing Green about Clear-cuts, No new pipelines."

The Palomar pipeline, Oregon LNG pipeline and the Pacific Connector, which total over 600 miles of pipe, threaten to cross over 1000s streams, rivers and wetlands and require wide clear-cut construction corridors through public lands, including roadless areas and old growth forests.

WA Impeachment: SJM Passes in Committee

Seattle, 23.01.2008 01:08

A big step forward. Senator Eric Oemig's bill, SJM 8016, asking Congress to impeach George Bush and Richard Cheney was voted to proceed out of the Senate Gov't and Op's Committee today. It will now proceed to the Senate Rules Committee.

January 25th: Emergency Protests Called In Response to Israeli Siege of Gaza

Seattle, 23.01.2008 01:08

Coalition Calls for Emergency Protests January 25-26
Seattle Demonstration: Friday January 25, 4:00 PM, Westlake (4th and Pine)
Bring Signs and banners.

National emergency actions called to protest the criminal Israeli siege of Gaza. Collective punishment is a war crime. Imposing a blockade on the population in Gaza is undeniably a form of collective punishment. The U.S. government, which gives billions of dollars in military and economic aid to Israel every year, shares the guilt for this war crime.

The A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition has joined with the National Council of Arab Americans, Free Palestine Alliance, Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, Palestinian American Women’s Association, Al-Awda Palestine Right of Return Coalition and other anti-war and progressive organizations in calling for emergency protests demanding an immediate end to the Israeli blockade and siege of Gaza. Protests will take place on January 25-26 at Israeli embassies, consulates, U.S. federal buildings and other locations.

VIDEO - What Is the Northwest Detention Center?

Seattle, 23.01.2008 01:08

The Northwest Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, Detention Center is a private immigration prison facility located on the tide flats of Tacoma, Washington. The detention center opened in 2004 under a contract with The US Department of Homeland Security, Though owners have changed over time, the facility is now owned by the GEO Group Which operates prison facilities in Australia, The UK, South Africa, the US and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The video outlines what the Northwest Detention Center is, why it exists, and features video from the Smash ICE protest from November.


Athens, 22.01.2008 21:08

Κάτω τα ξερά σας από τους μετανάστες

&quot;NO NAME&quot; warrant gets innocent man shot 5 times; CITIZEN CONGRESS organizes proaction

Arkansas, 22.01.2008 20:09

It is terrorizing to come into the knowledge of just how deeply ingrained corruption has become in our community so as now to be perceived as justifiable and socially acceptable. But it is profoundly more terrorizing to think about what it must be like to feel so 'under the thumb' of these rogue bastards as to allow the dictatorial rule of barbaric ego-aggrandizement to continue unchallenged. Once a law enforcement official has ‘stated their case’ it seems to become like holy scripture. Yet daily facts prove this paradigm wrong.

Emergency protests against the strangulation of Gaza

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.01.2008 20:08

Emergency protests across the US against the strangulation of Gaza have been called for Friday January 25th. A San Francisco protest will be on Friday January 25th, at the Israeli Consulate, 456 Montgomery Street, S.F. from 4-5 PM.

WA Impeachment: SJM Passes in Committee!

Portland, 22.01.2008 19:38

Wshington State. Senator Oemig's revised petition calling for a full investigation and trial of alleged misdeeds by President Bush and Vice President Cheney passed a vote in the Senate Government and Operations Committee today, Monday 21, 2008.

SJM 8016 2007-08, revised for 2008, calls on Congress to initiate impeachment hearings for the President and Vice President. The bill, first introduced Feb. 15, 2007, was heard before the Senate Government Operations and Elections Committee on March 31st, 2007 with over 500 pro-impeachment citizens in attendance.

17 arrested honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Trident submarine base

Portland, 22.01.2008 19:38

The Trident submarine base at Bangor is located 20 miles west of Seattle. It is the last active nuclear weapons depot on the West Coast and is the place of deployment for approximately 1,360 nuclear warheads. Another 1,000 warheads are stored on the base in inactive reserve. The Trident base at Bangor has the largest stockpile of nuclear warheads in the United States.

120 people were present at the demonstration commemorating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the gates of Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor on January 19th. 17 demonstrators were arrested at the highway entrance into the base.

At 2 PM on Saturday, demonstrators walked from the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action to the entrance of Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor. After a vigil for peace at the base, six demonstrators entered the highway on federal property, walking arm-in-arm toward the base while singing "We Shall Overcome." At the same time, five other demonstrators blocked the highway entrance to the Trident submarine base while holding a banner with a statement by Dr. King which stated, "When scientific power outruns spiritual power, we end up with guided missiles and misguided men."

Have you seen ENOUGH police misconduct? It is time to work with COPWATCH!

Portland, 22.01.2008 19:38

TONIGHT TUES. Portland CopWatch rare orientation event.

This orientation will prepare you to become a volunteer with Portland Copwatch or just inform you about local police accountability issues. You will learn the history of copwatching in Portland and how to file a complaint against the police, among other things. Come find out about issues we've been working on lately such as getting rid of the drug free zones, bringing accountability to Portland Business Alliance's downtown rent-a-cops and justice for James Chasse.

Laughing Horse Books (12 NE 10th Ave). 7pm- 8:30pm
RSVP your spot now if you can, as space is limited.

Un conflicto que no termina

Argentina, 22.01.2008 18:09

El Kasino Flotante de Kristóbal López

Por umha cultura livre!

Galiza, 22.01.2008 16:43

A apertura da sede da SGAE na Galiza (Compostela) segue o seu caminho. A cerimonia de entrega dos premios da `"noite dos autores" como passo previo a secretísima inauguraçom da sede compostelana da SGAE reuniu a instituiçons publicas e privadas ás 20.30 no hostal dos Reis Católicos de Compostela o pasado 18 de janeiro

Sucessos da noite dos autores: Crónica fotográfica, Blog do Komando AntiSGAE, Reportaxe TVG, A nosa terra, Vídeo

Editorial anterior

Outras novas vencelhadas: Lista de convidadas, primeiras novas sobre a concesión de espazo en Compostela, xuizo ao Cineclube de Compostela, a propiedade intelectual é un roubo (xornadas pola cultura livre), músicos en copyleft, compartir é bom

criminalization &amp; repression (en)

Barcelona, 22.01.2008 16:13

Trial to the 4F prisoners

Since last monday and til next friday 11st, Àlex, Juan and Rodrigo are being judged, charged of injuries to a city police leaving him in almost vegetative state. They have been imprisoned for almost 2 years now, waiting for this trial. Their presumption of innocence has been infringed and moreover they had declared they've been tortured by mossos de esquadra (autonomy police) and the Guàrdia Urbana (City Police). Moreover there are strong suspicion that they have been involved in a police set-up that now asks for 11 years of prison and a compensation of euro 520.000.

::Friday 11 11 at 10 am breakfast-meeting of support::

[Jan 15] freed Àlex and Joan.

[Jan 7] First Trial day the trial to the incidents happened on February the 4th, 2006

[Jan 8] Second trial day The members of the medical team declare

[Jan 9] Third trial day Declare the members of the City Police

[Jan 10] Fourth trial day: Declare witness and medical experts

[Jan 11] Fifth trial day: Conclusions

related news: News appeared on Telam (Argentina)na) ::: Communique from Alex at he end of his hunger strike ::: Communique from Juan at la Trinitat ::: Interview to one of the imprisoned's mother

+info: >>>criminalization & repression + presos4f: karcelona + Rescat

Солидарность с безбилетными пассажирами: новые наклейки в Минске

Belarus, 22.01.2008 15:07

Peter Young Speaks at the Long Haul

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.01.2008 12:08

On January 9th, Peter Young spoke at the Long Haul in Berkeley prior to a screening of "Behind the Mask: The Story Of The People Who Risk Everything To Save Animals." Peter says that the film was not intended to entertain, but rather to confront viewers with their own inaction while pulling the mask away from the people in the movie so that viewers see themselves. He emphasized that there are no experts in direct action or animal rights actions and that "every single one of us is an animal liberator."

Thursday Protests Demand Justice for Gary King, Jr.

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.01.2008 12:06

Weekly protests to demand justice for Gary King, Jr. are now held on Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm outside of the District Attorney's Office at 1225 Fallon St. in Oakland, at the corner of 12th St. & Oak St. Gary King Jr, a 20-year-old African-American man, was killed by Oakland police officer Patrick Gonzales on Sept. 20th, 2007. After tasering Gary King Jr., Gonzales then shot him twice in the back. Family, friends, neighbors, and supporters gather at the weekly protests to demand that Gonzales face the consequences of his actions-- "and to demonstrate that vicious police behavior will not be tolerated!"


Oost-Vlaanderen, 22.01.2008 11:40

Red de Aarde

Japan Parliament- Fujita Questions US version of 9-11/ Asks can they arrest Pres. Bush?

Miami, 22.01.2008 11:37

Japan Parliament - Fujita Questions US version of 9-11/ Asks can they arrest Pres. Bush?

FEMA Trailers &amp; Formaldehyde: Interview with Cristina

New Orleans, 22.01.2008 08:44

FEMA Trailers & Formaldehyde: Interview with Cristina

Revive King’s Tradition of Solidarity and Struggle: March Against Racism on Dr. King's Birthday Holiday

Boston, 22.01.2008 01:08

If the true legacy, the leadership and the courage of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is to have any real meaning for today as we approach the 40th anniversary of his martyrdom next April 4, then the King birthday holiday on January 21, 2008 must be more than an exercise in platitudes and official declarations from the White House, the State House or City Hall. There is a time for celebrations and there’s a time for fighting. Now is a time that we need to fight. And fight like hell. On this King Holiday we must organize and march against the forces of racism, reaction and war, not just the war abroad but the war raging here at home. To know what’s happening, is to know that nothing is more important than jump starting a multi-racial movement against racism.

Miami Pro-Choice Activists celebrate Roe v Wade 35th Anniversary with J22 Honk &amp; Wave

Miami, 21.01.2008 22:07

Miami Pro-Choice Activists celebrate Roe v Wade 35th Anniversary with J22 Honk & Wave

Martin Luther King III says Mumia Abu-Jamal and the MOVE 9 are unjustly incarcerated

Philadelphia, 21.01.2008 21:38

28th Jan: Its a Fare Strike Strike!

Bristol, 21.01.2008 21:08

10% Price Hike Forces Mass Action from Bath to Bristol to Yate... A fare strike is happening on Monday 28th Jan in response to a 10% price hike in train fares and a worsening service! This is taking place at various stations across the network, including Oxford, Bath, Bristol Temple Meads, Frome, Warminster, Oldfield Park, Keynsham, Yate and Yatton. Jon and Julie Boston of More Train Less Strain write: A fare strike is happening in response to a 10% price hike in train fares and a worsening service! This is taking place at various stations across the network, including Oxford, Bath, Bristol Temple Meads, Frome, Warminster, Oldfield Park, Keynsham, Yate and Yatton. ... This is what will happen on the day of the strike:- 'Fare strike tickets' are handed out to commuters outside of the various stations from 7.30AM onwards. Commuters then board their trains however they wish (either with a valid rail ticket or the 'fare strike ticket' if possible). If commuters are approached by staff on the train they should offer their 'fare strike ticket'. Commuters should also hand in their 'fare strike ticket' at the gate of their destination. The aim of this action is to show First that we're not prepared to put up with their shoddy, expensive service. We ask that you help out by doing some or all of the following.... Full article | Fare Strike Against Farce Great Western on Mon 28th Jan! | More Train Less Strain | More Transport News: Democracy Takes A Break Thanks To BIA's Lounge Lizards | | Rail fare strike - the more the merrier | Southwest Climate Action storm North Somerset Environment and Planning Offices to protest against the planned expansion of Bristol International Airport in 2006 |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

The Myths of Biofuels: A Talk with David Fridley

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.01.2008 19:38

On Thursday, January 24th, David Fridley, a research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Labs, will address facts and hype about biofuels: Can biofuels solve the climate crisis? Is ethanol production good or bad for the environment? What's a sustainable energy future and what role do biofuels play in it? The event, sponsored by Local Solutions to Global Problems and People Power, takes places at the Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz at 7pm.

17 Activists Arrested At MLK Event at Trident Submarine Base

Seattle, 21.01.2008 17:38

120 people were present at the demonstration commemorating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., at the gates of Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor on January 19th. After the eleven demonstrators were arrested by Naval Base security, six other demonstrators blocked the highway entrance to the base with a banner which stated, “Abolish Nuclear Weapons.” The six were arrested by Kitsap County Sheriffs.

Demonstrators also hung a large banner over the entrance to the Trident submarine base which stated, "Share the Dream of a World without War."

Jet-set waltz off while the planet burns

Scotland, 21.01.2008 17:09

Over twenty environmental protesters from Plane Stupid Scotland have this morning breached security at Edinburgh Airport and blockaded the entrance to the private jet company, Greer Aviation. All entrances to the building were blocked for over 4 hours before ten were arrested.

[ Plane Stupid ]


DC, 21.01.2008 16:09

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

Midlands and Yorkshire organise against the BNP

United Kingdom, 21.01.2008 11:38

On Saturday, activists from across the Midlands and Yorkshire met in Nottingham to co-ordinate activities against the British National Party (BNP).

Around 100 campaigners met at the Queen's Walk Community Centre in the city for a conference organised by Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP.

Participants discussed the ways in which the BNP could be opposed, the formation of a regional anti-fascist network and the possibility of protests against the BNP's Red, White and Blue Festival.

Links: Midlands and South Yorks Activists Organise Against Racist BNP | Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP Event : Leaflet PDF

Newswire: Stop the BNP in Brinsley gains ground | Broxtowe BNP Councillor Expelled From Party | BNP threaten anti-fascist leafletters in Brinsley | Anti-fascists successfully blockade BNP meeting venue

Banner Drop against Coal Mining

Aotearoa, 21.01.2008 11:10

Last Saturday members of the Save Happy Valley Auckland group and members of Walk the Walk carried out a banner drop off Helen Clark's Mt Albert Electorate office. The banner drop was carried out to oppose state owned enterprise Solid Energy’s ongoing mining of coal on the West Coast. Helen Clark's office was chosen to highlight the Labour government's complicity in coal mining and species extinction. A coalition opposing the mining of coal and seeking real answers to climate change are walking from Auckland to Happy Valley, near Westport. Today’s action was carried out in part to publicize the walk which leaves from the Sky Tower in Auckland on the 28th of January. During the walk they will meet with community groups throughout the country working to prevent climate change. When they get to Happy Valley they will join the ongoing occupation there. To find out more about Happy Valley and the planned mine go to To find out or join Walk the Walk click Higher res images available

Activists Held Hostage By Japanese Whalers In Southern Ocean

United Kingdom, 21.01.2008 10:40

During the early hours of January 15th, two crew members of the Sea Shepherd vessel, 'Steve Irwin', were taken hostage by the Japanese harpoon vessel 'Yushin Maru No. 2', which is now nominally owned by the Japanese government through the "Institute for Cetecean Research" (ICR). The incident occurred in the area of 60 Degrees South and 78 Degrees East about 2500 miles southwest of Fremantle, Western Australia and 2800 miles southeast of Cape Town, South Africa. Benjamin Potts and Giles Lane boarded the vessel to deliver a letter to the Japanese captain stating that the whalers were in violation of international conservation law by targeting endangered species in an established whale sanctuary and in violation of a global moratorium on commercial whaling. They also notified the captain that Australia had just passed a court ruling barring Japanese whalers from the Australian Antarctic Economic Exclusion Zone.

The hostages were released from the Yushin Maru No. 2 and transfered to the Australian Customs vessel Oceanic Viking on January 17th. The two men were then transferred to the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin where they resumed chasing the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Oceans. Both men reported that although they were roughed up when they first boarded the whaling ship, that they were treated well during their time onboard. The only injury was a bruised wrist suffered by Giles Lane.

Previous feature: Japanese Whaling Ship rams Greenpeace vessel

On the newswire: DC Protest For Sea Shepherd Hostages Video | Lack of Cooperation May Kill the Whales | Sea Shepherd Hostages Return Back to Steve Irwin | NYC Protest for Sea Shepherd Hostages | Whalers Hands Activists Over To Australia's Ship | Sea Shepherd demo, Barcelona | Australia to intercede in Safe Return of Sea Shepherd activists | Whalers threaten to take activists to Japan | Sea Shepherd Solidarity Protest at Japanese Embassy, Berlin | Sea Shepherd Crew Remain Hostages On The Japanese Whaling Ship | Whalers Make Demands Over Hostages | Video of Sea Shepherd Activists Taken Hostage | Sea Shepherd considering rescue mission | Embassy Demo for kidnapped Sea sheperd Crew | Sea Shepherd volunteers 'detained' by Japanese whalers | URGENT - protestors held hostage by Japanese wailing ship | British Sea Shepherd activist held hostage on Japanese whaler | Japanese whalers take Sea Shepherds hostage

Links: Sea Shepherd Convervation Society | Greenpeace campaign against whaling | Wikipedia on Japanese Whaling

NYC Indymedia Open House!

NYC, 21.01.2008 08:38

NYC Indymedia Open House This Tuesday at 7pm! Our office is located at 4 W. 43rd St.(btw 5th and 6th Ave.) Suite 311. To find out more, call 212-221-0521

NNIRR Conference Coverage

Houston, 21.01.2008 08:09

1/21 National Confrence on Immigrant Rights brings hundreds to Houston

Worst of Houston '07

Houston, 21.01.2008 08:09

1/12 Third Annual Worst of Houston


Colombia, 21.01.2008 07:38

Alerta Roja

Ten Rivers Food Web Event

Portland, 21.01.2008 06:38

This event will allow us to discuss how we will protect the rivers while raising valuable local food and support sustainable agriculture in Oregon. Our foodshed follows several water sheds: Naming the Ten Rivers — Siletz, Yaquina, Alsea, Luckiamute, Mary's, Long Tom, Willamette, Calapooia, and the North and South Santiam — draws the mind through what is, in essence, our local food shed. This coast-to-Cascades area offers the potential for a rich, varied and healthful diet for all citizens, if we focus on using our resources wisely.

The Ten Rivers Mission:
• Assess what food is available from Benton, Linn and Lincoln counties (1 year; ongoing)
• Assess potential steady local markets for local farmers, beginning with institutions such as schools, county services, churches, plus grocery stores, restaurants, processors. (2 years; ongoing)
• Conduct regular assessments of community food security indicators (e.g. rising energy prices and global climate fluctuations), then be flexible and creative in maximizing current and future food security for all citizens.(On-going)
• Aid in design and implementation of community-owned food-processing and storage facilities. (6 years)
• Educate the public on locally-produced foods in local media (e.g. seasonal diets, designing communities around food, awareness of community food needs & availability, etc.). (3 months; on-going)

Sunday, January 27th
2:00 p.m.
First Congregational Church Meeting Hall
4515 SW West Hills Road Corvallis

Jahresstart-Aktionstage gegen Gentechnik

Germany, 21.01.2008 05:40

Der Plan war: Mit kreativen und offensiven Aktionen vermehrten Widerstand gegen die Agro-Gentechnik ankündigen. Das Ziel sollte klar formuliert sein: "2008 wird gentechnikfrei - so oder so!" Dazu war eine Aktionszeitung mit Rückblicken auf die Ausweitung von Kampagnen, Gegenprojekten und direkten Aktionen (Feldbesetzungen und -befreiungen, Aktionen vor Ministerien und Firmen) entstanden, für die ersten Januartage waren etliche Aktionen vorbereitet. Dieses ist ein Überblick, was wo stattfand.

Al-Dschasira-Kameramann Sami Al Hadj seit sechs Jahren in Guantanamo

Germany, 21.01.2008 05:40

Sami Al Hadj, Kameramann von Al Dschasira, sitzt seit fast sechs Jahren in Guantanamo. Seit dem 7. Januar 2007 ist er im Hungerstreik gegen seine illegale Inhaftierung und wird zwangsernährt.
Er wurde im Dezember 2001 von der pakistanischen Polizei festgenommen und im Januar 2002 an das US-Militär übergeben. Seit Juni 2002 ist er in Guantanamo, ohne Anklage, und wird dort körperlich und psychisch misshandelt. (Amnesty Report, Reporter ohne Grenzen, Website zur Unterstützung von Sami Al Hadj, seiner Familie und seinen FreundInnen)

3sat über Al-Dschasira (Video) mit Bericht über Sami Al Hadj.


Colombia, 21.01.2008 00:43



Colombia, 21.01.2008 00:43

El volcán de la Bolsa en alerta roja

School of the Americas Watch West

LA, 21.01.2008 00:43

Grand Opening: School of the Americas Watch West

Funk the War Hit Military Recruiting Station on 14th St

DC, 20.01.2008 22:09

Hey! It was a great action here are a few photos. If you want to see more you can check them out here:

Sea Shepherd hostages released, but whalers get away

DC, 20.01.2008 22:09

The Sea Shepherd hostages held aboard the Yushin Maru whaling ship have been released-but the Australian government cynically used the transfer from the Oceanic Viking back to the Steve Irwin to lead the Sea Shepherds away from the whalers, who thus escaped. Audio(via WSQT radio-includes marine radio messages):

A letter from Guantánamo

DC, 20.01.2008 22:09

Andy Worthington, author of The Guantánamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison, tells the story of imprisoned al-Jazeera cameraman Sami al-Haj, and reproduces the text of a recently declassified letter from Guantánamo.

No Retreat: MoveOn and the Liberal War Party

DC, 20.01.2008 22:09

"Antiwar groups retreat on funding fight" read the headlines. The story underneath describes a retreat by MoveOn and other liberal elements of the antiwar movement who, after failing to get a withdrawal deadline passed in the US Congress in 2007, are now merely trying to prevent the US and Baghdad governments from signing an agreement that would keep US forces in Iraq until 2018…

State-Sponsored Oppression Along the Southern Border

Arkansas, 20.01.2008 22:09

While the mainstream media and its pundits keep much of their attention upon the major presidential candidates as they stomp around the country in a bizarre competition to see who can truly be a president that will bring “change” to the country, a grotesque and diabolical drama is unfolding along the U.S./Mexican border.

City Council Votes YES To Accept Immigrant and Refugee Task Force Recommendations!

Portland, 20.01.2008 21:38

On Wednesday, January 16, Portland City Council voted to accept all four Immigrant and Refugee Task Force recommendations, including:

1. Create an office of immigrant and refugee affairs, with a multi-ethnic staff, that would serve as a bridge and facilitator between the immigrant and refugee community and City government.

2. Establish a multicultural community center that can house a variety of immigrant and refugee organizations, has space for large meetings and community gatherings,and offers opportunities for people of different ethnicities to mingle.

3. Provide additional resources for immigrant and refugee organizations to train or support their constituents in civic engagement.

4. Conduct a professional evaluation to assess the City's current Human Resources (HR) policies and practices and recommend changes that would result in the recruitment, hiring, and retention of multilingual and multicultural staff to serve Portland's fast-growing immigrant and refugee communities.

Skill Share: Radical Botany - Week 2- plant/human communities and the White Oak

Portland, 20.01.2008 18:38

Go outside and look out to the horizon if you can, and notice the most prominent plant, possibly a giant White Oak which was plentiful and extremely valuable to human survival for thousands of years in Cascadia. If you live in the forest and cannot see the horizon, look up. You will see the teacher trees, the mother plants. Plants live in communal support of each other. We can learn from the plants.

When I look across the skyline I still see the White Oak. These trees have been here in Cascadia for thousands of years. Where ever you find these trees you will also find a vast ecosystem of food, healing plants and pronounced animal, insect and plant communities. For instance, if you look up into the branches of the White Oak in the fall and winter you will see mistletoe, at its base you will find small herbs, sweet flowered ground covers, and sumac (also known as poison oak).


Arizona, 20.01.2008 17:37

Government Declares Five Month Strike Illegal

Baltimore Algebra Project Organizer Zachariah Hallback shot and killed on Jan 9th

Baltimore, 20.01.2008 16:09

Dear supporters of the Algebra Project: We mourn the loss of Zachariah Hallback, a wonderful young man who had participated in many Algebra Project events, and who was helping to organize for the action below. Zach was shot Wednesday, Jan. 9 during a robbery while he waited with other Algebra Project youth for a bus across the street from City College High School. He was pronounced dead on Friday, Jan. 11. The students have decided to continue with this action in his memory. STUDENT ACTION –CSI ANNAPOLIS– NOW SCHEDULED FOR FEB. 6 Please join them, Silent March to the State House begins at 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, Feb 6, from Asbury United Methodist Church, 87 West Street, Annapolis. RIDES NEEDED FOR PARENTS–PLEASE CALL 410-338-0679 TO HELP. DEMANDS INCLUDE: Reverse cuts to Thornton Funding — school system must currently cut $50 million to balance 2009 budget Jobs in the knowledge-based economy for all youth $800 million for Baltimore schools as ordered by court Arts for all students; Buildings repaired, not closed; Class sizes capped at 20. Quality Education as a Constitutional Right. Some students will perform a die-in to dramatize the cost of inadequate education, and the Governor’s Mansion will be wrapped in crime-scene tape. For more information, Call 410-338-0679 Jay

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