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MLK Day in Seattle: Let Freedom Ring

Seattle, 25.01.2008 05:45

More than 2,000 people participated in the 28th Annual Martin Luther King Day March on Monday, January 21st. The demonstration was the largest of the Seattle-area events that dominated the three day holiday.

VIDEO-17 Arrested Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Seattle, 25.01.2008 05:45

120 people were present at the demonstration commemorating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the gates of Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor on January 19th. 17 demonstrators were arrested at the highway entrance into the base.

Feb 5th: Court Date in Lawsuit Challenging Seattle's Parade Ordinance

Seattle, 25.01.2008 05:45

The Seattle Affiliate of the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality is pursuing a lawsuit (with representation through the ACLU of Washington) challenging the constitutionality of the City of Seattle's Parade Ordinance as a result of Seattle Police's "on the spot" rescindment of its permit to march in the streets on October 22, 2003.

A ruling in this case will likely have an impact on all groups that organize public demonstrations in Seattle. Some (but not all) groups have been required to show proof of insurance of up to one million dollars to obtain permits for protected-speech events. Oral arguments before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, as part of a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the City of Seattle's Parade Ordinance, are scheduled to be heard Tuesday, February 5, 2008 sometime after 9:30am at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1200 6th Ave, 21st Floor (in the Park Place building, between University St & Seneca St in downtown Seattle).

January 25th National Day of Support for US War Resisters

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.01.2008 05:09

On Friday, January 25th at 12pm, Bay Area religious leaders, military veterans, peace and justice activists, and military families will convene outside the Canadian Consulate in San Francisco (580 California Street) for a vigil and press conference leading up to a 1pm delegation. The delegation will present consulate officials with thousands of letters signed by people in United States in support of sanctuary for U.S. war resisters in Canada as part of Courage to Resist's "Dear Canada: Let Them Stay" campaign. Similar delegations also taking place Friday at consulates in Washington DC, LA, NYC, Dallas, Seattle, and Minneapolis.

NLG: Attorney for Judi Bari to Introduce the Film &quot;Forest Through the Tree's&quot; on Friday Night

Portland, 25.01.2008 04:39

Judi Bari was an Earth First! organizer who was one of the first to place as much importance on the legacy and future of the trees as she did on timber workers' lives and families. But that strategic relationship was too much of a threat. Her car was bombed in 1990, and three hours later, she was arrested as a terrorist--charges that were later dropped. Convinced it was a ploy by the FBI to discredit her and Earth First!, Judi decided to sue. Sadly, Judi died of breast cancer before the litigation ended. She remains an inspiration to generations of activists.

The Forest for the Trees is an intimate, behind-the scenes look at an unlikely team of young activists and old lefties who come together to battle the U.S. government. Filmmaker Bernadine Mellis is the daughter of civil rights lawyer Dennis Cunningham, who started out his career representing the Black Panthers and the Weathermen. Ben Rosenfeld, attorney on the Judi Bari v. FBI legal team will introduce the film and take questions afterwards.

Historic Walk on Railroad Corridor

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.01.2008 04:39

On Sunday, January 27th, People Power will host a walk along the rail corridor in Santa Cruz in response to recent threats by Union Pacific to fine "trespassers." The walk will include information on the history and future of rail transportation in Santa Cruz and will feature local historian Ross Gibson. It is set to begin at 11am at 402 Ingalls Street on the Westside of Santa Cruz and will go 2 miles on flat open ground to Neary Lagoon Park where there will be a family picnic.

ão Paulo festeja seu aniversário com um pé na guerra

Brasil, 25.01.2008 04:09


Será en la entrega de un reconocimiento

Argentina, 25.01.2008 01:39

Nuevo escrache a Luis Baume

TCD defenders receive mixed verdict

United States, 25.01.2008 00:07

A verdict was reached on January 22 in the consolidated TCD trial. It was a mixed result. Glenn Morris was found guilty of one charge of disrupting a lawful assembly, and not guilty of obstructing a passage and interference. Koreena Montoya was found guilty of obstructing and resistance, not guilty of disruption and interference. Julie Todd was found guilty of obstructing, not guilty of disrupting and more | TCD blog

Past Coverage: Jan19: Defense rests in TCD trial; closing statements Tuesday | Jan18: TCD Trial: Day 2 | Jan3: Support TCD Defenders | Oct7: Ending the Legacy of Columbus in Denver | More Past Coverage

un altre món és aquí (ca)

Barcelona, 24.01.2008 23:09

FSCat: Fòrums Socials Glocalitzats aquí

Sobre Fscat: del seu naixement + presentació del FSCat + Veniu al fòrum social català + FSCat: el territori i l’agricultura no són una mercaderia + FSCat Bcn: programa d'activitats + Fscat: Cinema a la Torna + Continuitat del Fòrum Social de Sabadell + Actes descentralitzats + Seminaris Aigua i Mercantilització, Comunicació Social i Sobirania Alimentària + spot i posters

[25-27gen] Universitat històrica, Fòrum Social Català
[26gen]Jornada d'acció global
[27gen]12h. Pça Universitat. Manifestació

notícies relacionades: [24gen] Gràcia. Resistències al Capitalisme + El Fòrum de Davos demana idees per millorar el món, PARTICIPA! + repressió als manifestants contra el forum econòmic mundial a Berna + pressupostos 2008: insolidaris i insostenibles + descontrolem les comunicacions + presentació del llibre: 'La globalitza... què?'

+info::: AltreMon + Globalització +

un altre món és aquí (es)

Barcelona, 24.01.2008 23:09

FSCat: Forums Sociales Glocalizados aquí

Sobre Fscat: de su nacimiento + presentación del FSCat + Venid al fòrum social català + FSCat: el territorio y la agricultura no son una mercancia + FSCat Bcn: programa de actividades + Continuación del Forum Social de Sabadell + Actos descentralitzados + Seminarios Agua y Mercantilización, Comunicación Social i Soberanía Alimentaria + spot y pósters

[25-27gen] Universidad histórica, Fòrum Social Català
[26gen]Jornada de acción global
[27gen]12h. Pza. Universitat. Manifestación

noticias relacionadas: [24gen] Gràcia. Resistencias al Capitalismo + El Fòrum de Davos pide ideas para mejorar el mundo, ¡PARTICIPA! + represión a los manifestantes contra el forum económico mundial en Berna + presupuestos 2008: insolidarios e insostenibles + descontrolemos las comunicaciones + presentación del libro: 'La globaliza... ¿qué?'

+info::: OtroMundo + Globalización +

Critical Mass Moonlight Edition this Friday

Miami, 24.01.2008 22:37

Critical Mass Moonlight Edition this Friday

Critical Mass Miami Moonlight Edition Ride through Shark Valley this Friday, January 25th

Miami, 24.01.2008 22:37

Critical Mass Miami Moonlight Edition Ride through Shark Valley this Friday, January 25th

Critical Mass Miami Moonlight Edition Ride through Shark Valley this Friday, January 25th

Miami, 24.01.2008 22:37

Critical Mass Miami Moonlight Edition Ride through Shark Valley this Friday, January 25th

Noroeste cordobés: imputadxs por defender tierras campesinas

Argentina, 24.01.2008 22:10

Batalla ganada: campesinos y campesinas fueron absueltxs


Colombia, 24.01.2008 21:40

People of Color Face Historic Wealth Loss

Portland, 24.01.2008 19:39

The subprime lending debacle should cause massive rethinking among those who have long proclaimed that the route to Black equality is through wealth accumulation. In a report titled, "Foreclosed: State of the Dream 2008," United for a Fair Economy details the catastrophic losses inflicted on Blacks and Latinos in the U.S. at the hands of predatory lenders - "the greatest loss of wealth to people of color in modern U.S. history." With more than half of Blacks in many cities caught in the subprime trap - and with even these usurious financing schemes disappearing in the wake of the bubble-burst - the prospects for Blacks to amass wealth have grown bleaker than at any time in living memory. At the current rate, it will take 5,423 years for Blacks to achieve homeowner parity with whites.

The money-lenders have already sucked the value out of whole communities, urban and suburban. The wealth loss is staggering: People of color have collectively lost between "$164 billion to $213 billion over the past eight years," with Latinos losing slightly more than African Americans. For the average American, wealth is passed on through the value of homes. That dream, as the report concludes, has been largely foreclosed.

DNC Deputizing Store Owners

Portland, 24.01.2008 19:39

On Wednesday, February 6 the House Judiciary Committee will consider House Bill 1066, sponsored by State Representative Cory Gardner (R-63). This "Castle Doctrine" legislation would extend self-defense protections beyond the home to include businesses.

The bill would grant civil and criminal immunity to a business owner if the business owner used lethal force against anybody who they had reason to believe would be committing a crime in their store. Take this scenario:

You're peacefully protesting the DNC and you go into a local coffeeshop to get some coffee. Since there are other, more violent protesters in the area, the shopkeeper shoots you and kills you. The shopkeeper gets off scotch free. He can't be sued or put in jail because he had reason to believe you might commit a crime. This is collective punishment. Even if you had planned on shoplifting, should you really be killed for it?

Please contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee and respectively urge them to stop HB1066. The DNC protesters will have enough to risk with the cops, we don't need a vigilante business-owner militia running around and shooting them. The NRA has asked their Colorado members to call in support of this bill; we must stop them.

Bristolians Call for Gaza Solidarity

Bristol, 24.01.2008 18:08

Demonstration in Bristol Friday 25th January Demonstration in Bristol Friday 25th January Edward Hill writes: Demonstration in Bristol Friday 25th January. Meet 2pm at Roman Road Mosque, off St Marks Road, Easton. March to rally on College Green central Bristol. Then join Peace Vigil on the Centre 5.30 - 6.30pm. The sanctions imposed on Gaza are causing shortages in food, fuel and medications. Many patients are in urgent need of medical supplies. The living conditions are deteriorating rapidly and driving the population into desperation. The Israeli occupiers are treating Gaza and its population as a "Hostile Entity". This declaration can be used as an excuse to flex their military power and bring more destruction upon the Palestinians. Full article.| Solidarity with Gaza | Bristol Stop The War Newsletter - January 2008 | UK film of olive harvest wins plaudits in Palestine |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

Blockade to Stop Sub-Prime Loan Home Eviction

Boston, 24.01.2008 17:09

Boston, MA - Yesterday, community activists and supporters rallied in front of Melonie Griffiths-Evens Dorchester home to physically block an eviction by US Bank. Like thousands of others in Boston and across the country she is facing foreclosed as a result of sub-prime predatory loans. The eviction was called off because of this protest leaving her and her three children in their house but some 1500 other local families still face a similar situation. The organization City Life/Vida Urbana plans to continue fighting evictions.

Comunicazione di servizio

Switzerland, 24.01.2008 17:07

Durante la giornata di domenica 27 gennaio, verranno svolti alcuni importanti lavori di manutenzione sui server che ospitano

Per alcune ore non sarà quindi possibile pubblicare nulla sul sito, mentre sarà invece possibile continuare a visitare praticamente tutte le pagine!

Questi lavori ci permetteranno di migrare su di un nuovo server ( più veloce e performante ed intitolato alla comandante dell'EZLN Esther (1 - 2)!

Potete seguire lo stato dei lavori collegandovi in chat, potete sostenere indymedia facendo una donazione oppure saperne di più grazie alle nostre FAQ!.

AFSC short video documenting cost of war

New Hampshire, 24.01.2008 16:41

You may have seen the AFSC’s “Cost of War” display during the NH Primary season. The Primary is over; the war isn’t. We are still spending about half a million dollars every minute on the war/occupation.

Die Folterer

Germany, 24.01.2008 16:39

Schwere Folterungen in einem Ermittlungsverfahren des Generalbundesanwalts Kai Nehm waren das Ergebnis systematischer Zusammenarbeit zwischen Berliner Regierungsstellen und Geheimdienstabteilungen des libanesischen und syrischen Militärs.

Protest the RNC and DNC! Mid-Atlantic Consulta January 26th and 27th - Schedule of Events

DC, 24.01.2008 16:09

The Frederick No RNC/DNC consulta is being held at the Frederick Cultural Arts center which is located at 15 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701 on January 26th and 27th

[Palestine/Israel] Actions de solidarité pour la fin du siège de Gaza

Liege, 24.01.2008 14:38

La situation à Gaza empire: Après l'ultimatum amenant la coupure de l'électricité [en], hier le 23 janvier une soixantaine de femmes ont été blessées lors d'une manifestation. Aujourd'hui, des centaines de milliers de personnes ont envahi la frontière égyptienne [photo], brisant l'étau israélien. Les palestiniens ont commencé à s'organiser contre le siège. Il y a peu, l'éclairage à la bougie en est devenu le symbole permanent, non seulement à Gaza, mais aussi en Israël et dans une douzaine de lieux où l'on proteste, dans le monde.

Temple University Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Forcibly Removes Civil Rights Advocates

Philadelphia, 24.01.2008 14:09

Stand for Housing not War at City Hall this Friday!

Philadelphia, 24.01.2008 14:09

[Chili/Mapuche] Rapport de l’assemblée des droits de l’homme, confirme la répression de l'état

Liege, 24.01.2008 13:38

L’assemblée des droits de l’homme du chili « On vit, ici, dans les mêmes conditions que vivait le chili durant les années de dictature, nous sommes face à une situation terrifiante" déclare la commission des droits de l’homme du chili.

A violencia nom calará as nossas vozes

Galiza, 24.01.2008 12:45

O monopolio da violencia e da repressom. Da manipulaçom. A estrategia da tenssom.

Dous militantes anti-repressivos detidos na Galizapola ‘Guardia Civil’ num suposto “operativo contra o Grapo”.

Hoje em Corunha e Vigo actos em apoio e solidariedade com os detidos nas ultimas horas.

Apoio e alegría de Quintana perante as detençons.

February 6 Rally in Salem: NO LNG in Oregon!

Portland, 24.01.2008 04:38

Why should you care about this?

There are 3 LNG projects proposed for the Oregon coast.If even one should get built, it will increase Oregon's greenhouse gas emissions by millions of tons per year. These projects will cost billions, money that could be spent on clean, renewable energy. The terminals and pipelines linking them to California will endanger communities, cross and condemn hundreds of miles of land, and destroy habitat. LNG is not needed in Oregon; even the Governor admits that most of the gas is going out of state. Ask yourself: Why is Oregon being chosen for an LNG that will go to California?

Statewide Call to Action
No LNG in Oregon"
Wednesday, February 6
11 AM to 2 PM
Capitol Steps, Salem

speculation &amp; squatting (en)

Barcelona, 23.01.2008 20:09

Eviction threat to Can Vies

Trial on January 24th & 25th, there will be support actions all the day

Kan Kadena also threatened on Friday th 25th

Saturday January the 19th act in support to Can Vies at the Sants Social Center (Centre Social de Sants)

This weekend KOP-Alta Tensió will be 5 years old

Saturday 19th inauguration day of a new squatted space in valència, Al-Jaleo

new squats: La Chispa at Lleida ::: Start the new year with the occupation of Bilbao's Ribera ::: Illegally evicted the house squatted in vilanova i la geltrú

related news: La Revoltosa CSOA new website ::: Up to the neck: 14% of people who had a mortgage have delayed payments at least once last year ::: esplugues worry us...52 pending trials ::: Itziar gonzález's fan club sabotages 9 state agencies in La Barceloneta district ::: Contempt action to Bloke metges eviction

More info: speculation & squatting + can vies

women (en)

Barcelona, 23.01.2008 20:09

We women give birth, we women decide

[Jan 23] 19h. Sant Jaume Sq. Gathering for the right to abort freely and for free

Motherhood is an intimate and free right, a women has the right over her own body + Harassment and criminalization for the remains of the abortion crime in the Penal Code + Women network for health demonstrate against the detentions + The progressive follows the right and the Church

Manifest and self-accusation campaign: I've aborted too

+info: >>>womyn

Green Resolutions: The Ride

LA, 23.01.2008 20:09

In Search of Green Resolutions: The Ride

Novo ataque aos movementos sociais

Galiza, 23.01.2008 19:09

Dende a Comisión de Denuncia de Galiza, temos que dar noticia dun feito especialmente grave, por constituir un nidio exemplo de persecución aos movimentos sociais críticos e autónomos por medio de criminalización dos seus integrantes. Este vez o obxectivo é a asociación PreSOS, integrante da Comisión de Denuncia e o ataque dirixese persoalmente contra un dos seus fundadores.


Brasil, 23.01.2008 18:08


Voter fraud: How big an issue?

Philadelphia, 23.01.2008 17:08

dones (ca)

Barcelona, 23.01.2008 13:09

Les dones parim, les dones decidim

[23gen] 19h. Pça Sant Jaume. Concentració pel dret a l'avortament lliure i gratuït

La maternitat és un dret lliure i íntim, la dona té dret al seu propi cos + Assetjament i criminalització per les restes del delicte d'avortament al codi penal + Xarxa de dones per la salut es manifesta contra les detencions + Els progres seguint la dreta i l'església

Manifest i Campanya d'autoinculpacions: Jo també he avortat

+info: >>>dones

mujeres (es)

Barcelona, 23.01.2008 13:09

Las mujeres parimos, las mujeres decidimos

[23ene] 19h. Pça Sant Jaume. Concentración por el derecho al aborto libre y gratuito

La maternidad es un derecho libre e íntimo, la mujerer tiene derecho a su propio cuerpo + Acoso y criminalización por los restos del delito de aborto en el código penal + Xarxa de dones per la salut se manifiesta contra las detenciones + Los progres siguen a la derecha y a la iglesia

Manifest y Campaña de autoinculpaciones: Yo también he abortado

+info: >>>mujeres

Youth March for the Liberation of Political Prisoners in Oaxaca

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.01.2008 12:08

On January 12th and 13th the first APPO (Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca) Youth Encuentro was held in Zaachila, Oaxaca, Mexico. Among the many plans of action agreed upon by the diverse group of young folks, was a march on January 15th for the liberation of political prisoners in Oaxaca, in particular David Venegas Reyes, an APPO council member and member of VOCAL (Oaxacan Voices Constructing Autonomy and Freedom).


Oost-Vlaanderen, 23.01.2008 11:37

Schande in Calais


Athens, 23.01.2008 10:09

Υποχρεωτική σίτιση για την Patricia Troncoso μετά από 103 ημέρες απεργία πείνας

Closing Our Eyes Won't Make Racial and Ethnic Inequalities Disappear

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.01.2008 09:38

Native Americans have been in the United States from the beginning, yet according to health and employment statistics, they, like other people of color, still have not achieved equality. For example, between 1998 and 2000 Native American infants in the United States were 1.7 times more likely to die than white infants in their first year of life.

&quot;Publicizing Truths with Consequence&quot; Independent Media Strategy Summit

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.01.2008 09:08

Project Censored, 9/11 Truth and dozens of other media activist organizations are hosting the Truth Emergency Santa Cruz Media Summit on January 25th, 26th and 27th at the UC Convertion Center in Santa Cruz. Conference organizers say the three day gathering "is intended as a strategy session for already active and influential players to coordinate their most revealing messages, forge tactical alliances, introduce new distribution technologies, and mutually enhance each other's strongest work."

Chuck Rosenthal Should Step Down

Houston, 23.01.2008 07:09

Multi-Ethnic Coalition demands Rosenthal's resignation

Troncoso y Melotina

Argentina, 23.01.2008 06:08

Chile: Piden traslado a Santiago o Concepción

Argentina, 23.01.2008 06:08

Nuevo amparo de familiares de Patricia Troncoso por inminente riesgo de muerte

Assassinating the Image and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

DC, 23.01.2008 05:09

January of every year we are encouraged to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King even as such celebration occurs over the assassinated image of an assassinated man. As Vincent Harding noted, quoting a poem by Carl Wendell Himes, Jr., "Dead men make such convenient heroes: They cannot rise to challenge the images we would fashion from their lives." Harding's extension of this to his own work on King, An Inconvenient Hero, summarizes perfectly the position King must hold today. His popularity must be used to testify against his living legacy, his life's struggle, and both the reasoning and people behind his assassination. While his name is evoked each year, and at times of heightened political activity even more so, this reference comes specifically to recast a revolutionary into one comfortable with current and false notions of "progress" or "change." Barak Obama borrows his oratorical flare (attempts at least) with none of his politics and Hillary Clinton misuses his legacy to give undo credit to the executive branch for a movement's struggle for equality while simultaneously suggesting that King himself saw president Johnson's signing of Civil Rights legislation as completion of victory and liberation. He most certainly did not. All this, of course, occurs while electoral political efforts to carry out King's plan (his dream had long since been considered by King himself to be a "nightmare") are summarily ignored by mass media popular and "progressive" alike.

Antiwar protest at Lockheed-Martin office in Bethesda.

DC, 23.01.2008 05:09

On the day set aside to celebrate Martin Luther King's life(which is not his actual birthday), peace activists dropped by Lockheed-martin to read out some of his words condemning the Vietnam War in the new context of the Iraq War. Audio 5 min 44 sec:

Verizon-FairPoint sale opponents lobby at New Hampshire state house

New Hampshire, 23.01.2008 03:39

The number of NH legislators voicing concern about the sale of Verizon to FairPoint almost doubles after a grassroots lobby day! Union members and community activists opposed to the sale of Verizon's landlines to FairPoint Communications took part in a grassroots lobby day at the State House in Concord on January 16 to talk with their state legislators about the impact of the sale on the future of New Hampshire. About 25 members from IBEW Local 2320 and CWA Local 1400 who work for Verizon participated.

Sammy Galvan Wrongful Death Trial Comes to Fresno

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.01.2008 03:08

Sammy Galvan was killed by Modesto police in August 2004. A wrongful death lawsuit will be heard in the federal courtroom in Fresno. This article is about the circumstances of Sammy's death, police accountability, and the struggle for justice.

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