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Co-operation of neonazis and Police against the antifascist demonstration

Athens, 04.02.2008 02:38

Police and neonazis heavily attacked and injured antifascists; Neonazi's demo cancelled.

Movilización de los trabajadores del Casino tras las detenciones

Argentina, 04.02.2008 02:10

Bloqueo Total a Puerto Madero

Movilización de los trabajadores del Casino tras las detenciones

Argentina, 04.02.2008 02:10

Bloqueo Total a Puerto Madero

50-Shot Cops Duck Jury Trial in Sean Bell Case (Indypendent)

NYC, 03.02.2008 23:08

More than a year after Sean Bell was killed by a barrage of police bullets on the night before his wedding, the chance for justice in his case remain uncertain. After a 10-minute hearing on Jan. 25, State Supreme Court Judge Arthur Cooperman agreed to a request by the three police officers indicted in Bell’s shooting to hold a bench trial in their case, sparing them from having to face a jury trial. The decision came just two days after an appeals court turned down a request by defense lawyers to move the trial outside of New York City.

Rooftop Cop Shot Leaves Hole in Bed Stuy (INDYPENDENT

NYC, 03.02.2008 23:08

Four years after the police shooting of Timothy Stansbury Jr., the unarmed African-American teenager’s death serves as a harsh reminder of officer impunity.

Kinetic Poetics Project Festival at UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.02.2008 22:38

Sunday, February 3rd, is the first night of Kinetic Poetics Project, a five day poetry and spoken word poetry festival at UCSC's Porter College Theater. Each night, the Kinetic Poetics Project provides a space for local and student poets to showcase their work for the community and highlights an established poet. As a supplement to the featured poets' performances, the Kinetic Poetics Project has arranged free poetry and writing workshops facilitated by the poets themselves.

Free Mass Transit to Feb 6 Rally in Salem - NO LNG!

Portland, 03.02.2008 21:09

sign up for free mass transit to Salem No LNG Rally on Feb 6th! We are going to the capitol to tell our representatives that we don't want our forests and farmlands to be ravaged for the sake of supplying California with more dirty fossil fuels! Need a ride? You've got one! We have two forms of mass transit available to get you to and from this day of fun on the capitol building steps:

  • PDX's favorite biodiesel bus--the COOL BUS--leaving from Daily Grind at 9:15am. 25 seats available and we need people to be there NO LATER than 9am. Please contact Olivia at to reserve a seat on that bus.
  • A student driven van that holds 12 people leaving from PSU on Feb. 6th at 9:15am and we need to know ASAP if you want a ride! Please contact Liz at to reserve a space in that vehicle.
Also- there is always rideshare! Checkout PDX Craigslist Rideshare board to find a ride to the event. Check out the attached flier for more info on the rally or go to


February 6 Rally in Salem: NO LNG in Oregon!

Why should you care about this?
There are 3 LNG projects proposed for the Oregon coast.If even one should get built, it will increase Oregon's greenhouse gas emissions by millions of tons per year. These projects will cost billions, money that could be spent on clean, renewable energy. The terminals and pipelines linking them to California will endanger communities, cross and condemn hundreds of miles of land, and destroy habitat. LNG is not needed in Oregon; even the Governor admits that most of the gas is going out of state. Ask yourself: Why is Oregon being chosen for an LNG that will go to California?

Statewide Call to Action
No LNG in Oregon!
Wednesday, February 6
11 AM to 2 PM
Capitol Steps, Salem


Related Articles: LNG Resistance is growing throughout the Pacific NW | Jan 22 '08 - Forest Activists Target NW Natural over the LNG, by Barricading the Front Door with Dead Trees | Dec 12 '07 Liquified Natural Gas Protest in Portland | No on LNG petition | Astoria Carbon Trading Discussion Soundbytes

Groups fighting West Coast LNG: Oregon Citizens Against Pipelines | Columbia Riverkeeper | No California Pipeline | Citizens Against LNG

Reprimen un corso en Santos Lugares

Argentina, 03.02.2008 21:08

Empezó el Carnaval, empezó la represión

Reprimen un corso en Santos Lugares

Argentina, 03.02.2008 21:08

Empezó el Carnaval, empezó la represión

Ralph DiGia: December 13, 1914 – February 1, 2008

NYC, 03.02.2008 15:38

Ralph, 93, has been the heart and soul of War Resisters League since he came on staff shortly after the end of WWII and his release from federal prison, where he had served a term for refusing service as a conscientious objector.

Miami Forum Feb 7 &amp; 10: Terrorist in Our Midst: Bring Luis Posada Carriles to Justice

Miami, 03.02.2008 14:37

Miami Forum Feb 7 & 10: Terrorist in Our Midst: Bring Luis Posada Carriles to Justice

Deerfield Fla Progressive Forum: &quot;The Cuban Five: Legal Lynching&quot; Feb. 9

Miami, 03.02.2008 14:37

Deerfield Fla Progressive Forum: "The Cuban Five: Legal Lynching" Feb. 9


Athens, 03.02.2008 11:38

ΜΑΤ,φασίστες,νεοναζί.Όλα τα καθάρματα δουλεύουνε μαζί.

Skillshare: Radical Botany: Plant Identification and Miner's Lettuce

Portland, 03.02.2008 06:53

I once lived in the Coast Range of Oregon. I had a farm with a large garden and a few fruit trees. My children and I were happy there. My farm was surrounded by land owned by a family who made their living harvesting forests. They used the most terrible type of tree extraction - clearcutting. About a year after I moved onto my property, the family decided to clearcut the forest just above my farm. I could hear the chainsaws take down the forest. It was a sad time for me. I loved that forest above me. It was diverse: Douglas fir, red alder, a wonderful array of wild native berry plants, ferns, and many herbs and wild flowers lived in that place. My children and I had identified three types of wild orchids in that forest: Fairyslipper (Calypso bulbosa) Mountain Lady Slipper (Cypripedium montanum) and Western Coralroot (Corallorhiza maculate).

One afternoon a year after the extraction of the forest I walked up the mountain to see what damage had been done. My heart was broken. I kneeled on the ground with my hands over my face. I saw a land that had been broken.

I did not go back up that mountain for another month. It was late spring when I sat in the muddy field of the clearcut. I looked around. I did not see anything unusual. I closed my eyes and asked for healing. I opened my eyes. I saw not far from the outer edge of the clearcut a bright green plant. I went to it. It was beautiful with waxy round leaves and a little white flower attached to a stem that shot up through the leaf. I sat for a long time and observed how it seemed to be spreading all around the edges of the wounded earth. It seemed to be creeping from the darker edges of the forest.

I took a sample of the plant to a local native plant lady and she identified it as Miner's Lettuce. She told me the story of how the plant was supposedly named by Miners who were suffering from scurvy and were able to find this plant, where hardly anything else grew, including in piles of mine tailings. They ate the plant and felt very much better. My friend called the plant a major healer of the earth. Where ever it grew there was work to be done. It grew heartily along abandoned logging roads, in clearcuts, and in other disturbed areas.

Police Surveillance at the Farmers Market Drum Circle

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.02.2008 06:52

Perched in the stairwell of the UCSC extension building, Santa Cruz police were filming the drum circle and Food Not Bombs at the Farmers' Market on January 30th, presumably with regards to the new "15 minute parking lot rule." The filming was interrupted when a man began waving a "Don't Tread On Me" flag in front of the camera. After being blocked by the flag for several minutes and being observed by a growing crowd, the officer left the building and waved to the camera.

Inaguraçom do Aturuxo (Boiro) o 16 de fevereiro

Galiza, 02.02.2008 22:10

A asociaçom cultural e juvenil Aturuxo somos um grupo de rapazes e rapaças que ponhemos em marcha o Local Social Aturuxo na Barbança, para dinamiçar o tecido associativo e cultural da comarca. É un projecto cujos objectivos som a dignificaçom e o espalhamento da língua e cultura galegas, a livre expressom e o movimento social ante a desgaleguizaçom que sofre o pais em geral e zona na que vivemos em concreto, luitar contra das injustiças sociais, a especulaçom... e oferecer tambem umha alternativa lúdica à que nos tem acostumad@s esta sociedade de consumo.

another world is here (en)

Barcelona, 02.02.2008 22:09

FSCat: Social forums Glocalitzed here

About Fscat: its birth + FSCat presentation + Come to the Catalan Social Forum + FSCat: the land and the agriculture are not a merchandise + FSCat Barcelona: activity program + Fscat: Cinema at la Torna + Continuity of Forum Social de Sabadell + de-centralized acts + Water and commercialization seminar, Social Communication & alimentary sovereignty + spot & posters

[Jan 25-27] Universitat històrica, Fòrum Social Català
[26gen]Global Action Day
[Jan 27]12h. Universitat Sq. Demonstration

related news: [Jan 24] Gràcia.Resistance to Capitalism + The Davos Forum asks for ideas to improve the world, PARTICIPATE! + repression to the protesters against Berna's world economic forum + 2008 budget: unsupportive and untenable + let's decontrol communications + book presentation: 'La globalitza... què?' (the globaliza...what?)

+info::: Another world + Globalization +

Anti-War Protest &amp; Picket in Hollywood

LA, 02.02.2008 18:38

"Democrats lie, GIs die! Democrats lie, Iraqis die!"

Protest at Democratic Debate

LA, 02.02.2008 18:38

"Democrats lie, GIs die! Democrats lie, Iraqis die!"

Una nueva toma en Neuquén

Argentina, 02.02.2008 17:08

Por el derecho a la tierra

The Antithesis of Ethics

Baltimore, 02.02.2008 16:08

On the day when hundreds of intellectuals coming from every continent are meeting in Havana to take part in an International Conference for World Equilibrium on the date of José Marti’s birth, on that same day, by some strange quirk, the President of the United States spoke


Argentina, 02.02.2008 15:48

Despidos en las plantas de Briket y Bambi

Criminalización de la lucha sindical en Sidor

Venezuela, 02.02.2008 13:07

Colombia: ¡No marchamos el 4 de febrero!

Venezuela, 02.02.2008 13:07

Notts Indymedia Launches Radio Show

United Kingdom, 02.02.2008 11:08

Notts Indymedia and others have launched a new radio show called
'Riseup! Radio'. The community based podcast includes reports covering
issues often overlooked by other local media, as well as music from
local artists and bands, and chat about stuff that matters. Each month a
new podcast will be downloadable through the riseup! Radio website
[link], or by subscribing to our feed [link]. Look out for extra
features and new shows in the near future, but for now.. Download,
listen, enjoy, distribute and comment on February's show !

Listen: #1
The February Show

Links: Riseup! Radio Website | Notts Indymedia Audio


Athens, 02.02.2008 09:09

Φασίστες, παρακρατικοί: πίσω στις τρύπες σας!

Officer William Bergin: Killer, Liar, Perpetrator, Convicted Criminal

Portland, 02.02.2008 06:38

On March 8th, 2007, a year and a half after he gunned down Fouad Kaady in the streets of Sandy, officer William Bergin had another kind of showdown, in another kind of town... A town where police officers are not so quick on the trigger, and not so shy on the truth.

Bergin, a violent and angry man, showed up at the home of his former girlfriend, in the wee hours of the morning, around 3am. He was drunk, he was frightening, and he was despicable. His ex girlfriend was terrified. With a shaking voice, she called the Sherwood police in tears, requesting assistance. When the police arrived at her home, they found the drunk and belligerent Bergin, and arrested him. He was charged with DUI, and taken downtown. So far as I know, despite the presence of intoxicants in his system, and despite his bizarre behavior, no one tasered him, and no one shot him. Apparently, Sherwood is a more enlightened town than Sandy.

Domestic violence is an enormous problem among police officers. Sometimes, this epidemic of violence makes the news, as when Tacoma police chief David Brame shot his estranged wife and himself in front of their two small children in 2003. Usually, however, this abuse is shrouded in secrecy. As Bergin's abuse has been, until now.It's a very serious breach of the public trust when an officer who has been a perpetrator of domestic violence is allowed to continue to work in a position of authority, carrying a badge and a gun. How are we to expect him to react when he is expected to respond to a domestic violence call? Will he take the crime seriously? Or will he identify with the perpetrator?

RESISTÊNCIA FM atacada: &quot;Ocupar, Transmitir, Resistir! Sempre!&quot;

Brasil, 02.02.2008 06:08


Philly Activists Urge Israel to End Gaza Siege, Cite Humanitarian Crisis

Philadelphia, 02.02.2008 05:09

Audio: Washington House Committee approved resolution to roll back media consolidation

Portland, 02.02.2008 03:38

In Olympia this week, a Washington State House Committee approved a resolution asking Congress to roll back the FCC's recent deregulation of media ownership rules. At issue is a controversial FCC decision last December to allow media companies to control both a city's newspaper and TV/radio stations, in the 20 largest markets. The decision flies in the face of overwhelming opposition expressed by the thousands of people who testified against media consolidation at six public hearings, hundreds of thousands of comments submitted to the FCC, and an impressively bipartisan range of elected officials.

The FCC's final public hearing on the issue was held in Seattle on Nov 9. Despite having less than a week's notice of the hearing date, over 1100 people turned out to testify at the nine-hour marathon hearing.

This week, the Washington State House Committee on Technology, Energy and Communications unanimously endorsed a resolution urging Congress to enact the Media Ownership Act, a bill which would retroactively repeal the FCC's December ruling, and impose stronger public accountability requirements on future FCC decisions.

24 - HOUR PEACE VIGIL (Fri - Sat) 4:00PM in Sandy Ore

Portland, 02.02.2008 03:38

To mark the one year anniversary of their weekly peace vigil the Oregon Trail Democrats, (Sandy Ore) along with other local peace and justice advocates, will be holding a "24 Hour Peace Vigil"on the corner of 362nd Ave and HWY 26 in Sandy, PM Friday,February 1st until PM Saturday, February 2nd, 2008.

The Faces of Latin Music

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.02.2008 03:08

Peter Maiden, Photo Coordinator for Indybay, is opening a show of his pictures of Latin Music, shot for Latin Beat Magazine,, and many other publications. The show includes 16 digital prints in black and white and color, and covers the years 1998-2007. The opening is Saturday, February 2nd at 1705 Mission Street in Santa Cruz and will be up throughout the month of February.

Critical Mass presents Overtown Historic Ride

Miami, 02.02.2008 02:38

Critical Mass presents Overtown Historic Ride

Critical Mass presents Overtown Historic Ride

Miami, 02.02.2008 02:38

Critical Mass presents Overtown Historic Ride

Berkeley City Council: Marine Recuitment Center &quot;Is Not Welcome in the City&quot;

DC, 02.02.2008 02:11

On January 29th, the Berkeley City Council voted 6 to 3 that the U.S. Marine Recruiting Station on Shattuck Avenue "is not welcome in the city, and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders." The council also voted 8 to 1 to give Code Pink a free sound permit and a designated parking space in front of the recruiting station for protesting on Wednesdays from noon to 4 p.m. for the next six months.

Help Iraq Vets Start GI coffeehouse in Tacoma

Seattle, 01.02.2008 23:38

The concept of opening a GI coffeehouse near Ft. Lewis is becoming a reality. The Seattle and Tacoma Chapters of Iraq Veterans Against the War are raising money to open a GI run coffeehouse near the Washington base. Coffeehouses have traditionally served as anti-war headquarters and have been integral in creating an anti-war GI movement. Only $5,000 is needed before the coffeehouse can open.


Torun, 01.02.2008 23:37

Contra obreros que reclaman sus derechos

Argentina, 01.02.2008 23:08

Despidos en las plantas de Briket y Bambi

Una nueva toma en Neuquén

Argentina, 01.02.2008 23:08

Por el derecho a la tierra

Artık Yeter!

Istanbul, 01.02.2008 20:09

Korkunun Çemberini Yıkalım; Doğrudan, İsyancı Özgürlük Mücadelesine!

Tribunal de Justiça a favor da especulação imobiliária

Brasil, 01.02.2008 13:08


Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Haiti &amp; Revolution

Bristol, 01.02.2008 12:38

Monday 4th February 2008, Cube Cinema Monday 4th February 2008, 8.30pm at the Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol Entry £2/£3 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.) Monday 4th February 2008, 8.30pm at the Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol Entry £2/£3 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.) - Tonight's film night looks at Haiti: A French and Creole speaking Latin American country located in the Greater Antilles archipelago on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. It has a rousing history, having overthrown slavery via a mass revolution in the 1790s yet today it is the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation. We planned to show 'Aristide And The Endless Revolution', however due to postage issues with our copy of the DVD arriving, we will either show that or another acclaimed documentary about Haiti; The Agronomist (directed by Jonathan Demme) follows the life of Jean Dominique, who ran the Haiti's first independent radio station, Radio Haiti-Inter, during multiple repressive regimes. "Rousing, heartbreaking...the movie is aglow with its subject's clear-eyed optimism." Philadelphia Weekly (96% review score, Rotten Tomatoes) Full article.| Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Aristide And The Endless Revolution | Directions to Cube Cinema | | The Haitian Revolution ( | Why They Had to Crush Aristide ( |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar


Athens, 01.02.2008 11:38

Αντίσταση στον ολοκληρωτισμό και την κυριαρχία της μετάλλαξης

Hundreds Brave Chicago Blizzard To Protest For Palestine

Chicago, 01.02.2008 07:39

Despite bitter cold and blizzard conditions, hundreds of concerned citizens rallied on January 29 in front of the Lakefront Theater on Chicago's Broadway Avenue to protest a benefit for Friends of the Israel Defense Force.

The protest — which included many Chicago-area Palestinian, Arab-American, and progressive Jews — considerably outnumbered the meager IDF turnout and counter-demonstration.

The protesters called an end to the latest Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip, which forced more than 500,000 Palestinians beyond the border into Egypt desperate for food and supplies, and has been referred to as "the biggest prison break in history."

Read more | Additional photos

The Politics of Rage

Aotearoa, 01.02.2008 04:42

Workers Party Forum: The politics of Rage Against the Machine Tuesday February 5, 6pm @ Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland Rage Against the Machine, the world’s most popular anti-capitalist band, recently headlined the Big Day Out. At this concert the Workers Party signed up 109 new members. This presentation will explore the politics of Rage by assessing the band’s lyrics and also tracing the progressive causes and revolutionary organisations that the band has supported both financially and through other means such as inclusion on album covers, press releases, benefit gigs etc. More Rage have been strong supporters of the Zapatistas , whose struggle for justice for the Mayan indigenous people of Chiapas, Mexico, has gained international attention since their uprising on New Year's day 1994 against the hugely unjust North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The band has also, both financially and lyrically, supported the campaigns to free US political prisoners such as Leonard Peltier , an American Indian Movement (AIM) member, and Mumia Abu-Jamal , a former Black Panther. The song 'Freedom' tells Peltier's story. Music Video: 'Freedom' In January 2000 Rage defied a ban, imposed by New York City authorities, to play a free concert on Wall Street, the heart of the US Stock Exchange. The concert shut down the Stock Exchange in the middle of the trading day. Music Video: 'Sleep Now in the Fire' Video: Rage live at Auckland BDO: 1, 2, 3| Raging Against the System

Berkeley City Council: Marine Recuitment Center &quot;Is Not Welcome In The City&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.02.2008 04:34

On January 29th, the Berkeley City Council voted 6 to 3 that the U.S. Marine Recruiting Station on Shattuck Avenue "is not welcome in the city, and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders." Protests have been taking place in front of the recruitment station for the past few months. On January 30th, Code Pink staged a mock debate against the recruitment station. Conservative radio talk show host Melanie Morgan was originally scheduled to participate but she backed out at the last minute.

Bank Pressured to Call Off House Eviction: Negotiations Planned

Boston, 01.02.2008 00:06

In response to the new eviction order against Melonie Griffiths-Evans and her 3 children, City Life and the Bank Tenant Association again began to organize an “eviction blockade”, where the crowd would surround the building to stop the eviction. Last week a crowd of about 75 protesters caused the bank to back off from the planned eviction. Activists had hoped for negotiations and were disappointed when Melonie received another notice from the constable that a new eviction attempt would be made tomorrow, Friday, February 1. As the new blockade organizing went on and press advisories were issued, city councilors Chuck Turner and Sam Yoon were also reaching out to Ocwen Financial Corporation, urging a solution. These combined efforts bore fruit when Ocwen decided to call off the eviction. Ocwen further agreed to set up some discussions with Melonie Griffiths-Evans involving a non-profit mortgage counseling group known as ESAC, based in Jamaica Plain.

Leonard Weinglass on the Case of the Cuba 5

DC, 31.01.2008 22:24

Legendary civil rights attorney Leonard Weinglass, in a forum at the New America Foundation, presents the current status and historical background concerning the case of the "Cuba 5". Streaming Video

Students Walk Out, Beseige Chancellor Rhee's Office, Force Meeting

DC, 31.01.2008 22:24

On the last day of January, some students stayed out of school while others arrived at 825 N Capitol St on an official field trip from their school-all demanding to meet with Chancellor Rhee about the school closing plans. Radio coverage via WSQT-FM 87.9

Feb 6: Baltimore Indymedia Presents: Brad, One More Night at the Barricades

Baltimore, 31.01.2008 22:19

7PM @ 2640 St. Paul St. Join us for the first of a monthly series of public media interventions brought to you by Indymedia Baltimore.  We'll be joined this month by Brazillian filmmaker and media activist Miguel, who is touring the US with his recently completed documentary tribute to Brad Will , the American anarchist and Indymedia filmmaker who was shot dead by paramilitaries in the employ of the state while documenting the popular revolt in Oaxaca in 2006.

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