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Education and Life Celebrated in Streets of Annapolis: Despite 26 Arrests, Algebra Project Action a (State) Smashing Success

Baltimore, 07.02.2008 13:08

Annapolis, MD. Bystanders looked on with tight smiles as the crowd of over 400 surged passed them chanting “We don't want your pity, we want money for our city!” Public School students from around the state, but primarily from Baltimore City gathered in Annapolis today to demand that the Thorton education funding remain intact and continue to come into the schools. The Thorton Education Bill is an attempt to level the playing field for Maryland's youth. It helps to compensate for discrepancies between how much a county can bring in in taxes and how much they need where education is concerned. Not surprisingly, Baltimore City needs this more than any county—though we get a relatively small percentage of the whole. Our fearless governor, Martin O'Malley, after promising during elections to make this money available to schools, is now trying to repeal the bill. The Algebra Project jumped on this, realizing that our schools are already struggling for basic necessities like windows and drinking water, and can't afford any more cuts. They did the only logical thing: they organized a series of direct actions; Today's being the most recent. It was also, arguably, the most powerful.

VIDEO: &quot;This government, using corporate media, is laying the groundwork for a murder&quot;

DC, 07.02.2008 08:09

—Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal releases a new EDITED video of the Dec. 4 "Murdered by Mumia?" press conference


Barriers Go Up at Georgia Avenue ICC Site

DC, 07.02.2008 08:09

Within days of last week's sediment control inspection, barriers were emplaced on the Ga Ave service road where it passes the site. Could these barriers reflect a desire to impede further citizen inspections of ICC site complaince with environmental regulations?

From the Newswire

Perth, 07.02.2008 07:40

Perth Indymedia Radical Radio - wednesday podding weekly

Waitangi Day protests across Aotearoa

Aotearoa, 07.02.2008 04:09

Waitangi Day saw protests in several places across Aotearoa, with Tangata Whenua and Tau Iwi standing together to demand Tino Rangatiratanga and Mana Motuhake. In Waitangi itself, "thousands of tangata whenua, pakeha and tau iwi marched together in the hikoi to the treaty grounds with Tino Rangatiratanga and Mana Motuhake flags flying behind the Kotahitanga flag. A large contingent from Tuhoe was leading the hikoi, including some of the Urewera 17 activists. Key issues raised during this year’s Waitangi Day were the Resource Management Act, the Foreshore and Seabed legislation and the October 15 "anti-terror” raids." [ Tau Iwi Report of Waitangi Day 08 + Photos ] In Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland), members and supporters of the sovereignty group Te Ata Tino Toa gathered today to fly the largest known Tino Rangatiratanga flag above the Auckland Harbour Bridge. A slow procession of cars also went across the Bridge flying Tino Rangatiratanga and Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe flags, while a boat went underneath flying a flag. [ Te Ate Tino Toa (TATT) Transcends Tranzit New Zealand's Pettiness + Photos ] Te Whanganui A Tara (Wellington) saw around 30 people take a "Tour Of Oppression" around various sites in the central city. [ Tour of Oppression: Waitangi Day procession in Wellington + Photos ] On the other side of the world, the New Zealand embassy in Berlin, Germany, was spraypainted with "Tino Rangatiratanga" and "Drop the Urewera charges". [ NZ embassy in Berlin Spraypainted ] Waitangi Day also saw the launch of Tu Kotahi - Freedom Fighting Anthems, a double benefit CD. All the money raised will be split between organisations directly supporting those affected by the raids, and also working on consciousness raising around the issue. [ Tu Kotahi - Freedom Fighting Anthems ] Links: AoCafe | Maori Independence Site | Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe | Conscious Collaborations | October 15th Solidarity | Tu Kotahi - Freedom Fighting Anthems

El Monte Iron Foundry Pollutes

LA, 07.02.2008 04:08

El Monte Iron Foundry Pollutes Community

William Bergin hits Rock Bottom (More Details on the Killer Cop's Night Out)

Portland, 07.02.2008 01:38

Last week, Portland Indymedia ran an article detailing the curious downfall of officer William Bergin, the cop who tortured and shot Fouad Kaady to death. Bergin, it seems, was arrested almost a year ago, after drunkenly menacing his former girlfriend at around 3 in the morning on March 8, 2007. I want to make it clear that this incident was a serious one, especially given Bergin's record as a killer. I would like to know why this man is still working as an officer of the law. More than that, I want to use Bergin's own testimony to point out that there is a culture of violence, cover-up and dishonesty in the Sandy PD that bears looking into, especially if one is interested in justice for the many people who have suffered violence and injustices at the hands of Sandy police officers and been ignored. So this week, I am going to quote liberally from the Sherwood police report describing his arrest and subsequent behavior and statements to the police.

According to Newton's report: "As I was completing the paperwork for Mr. Bergin asked me if I could just take him to Detox [sic]. He said that he has pulled over plenty of drunken cops and has given them a ride home. I informed him that I had to do my job and that Detox was not an option, he was already arrested. He told me that in Sandy it is still the 'good old boy' system and he could just go to Detox or home. I informed him that I had a job to do and it was nothing personal. He told me that he understood and apologized for trying to mess with me. He told me that it was at least worth a shot."

The problems in Sandy go much deeper than this one man, and the public should know this. As Bergin himself has stated, there is a "good old boy system" in Sandy, that has caused immeasurable suffering for the people of that town. The Fouad Kaady murder has helped to bring this nest of nasties to light, but Mr. Kaady was not their only victim. For years, the people of Sandy have been telling horrific tales of racism, abuse, persecution, and cover-up.

February 11th: Briana Waters Trial Begins (Tacoma)

Seattle, 07.02.2008 01:38

Briana Waters trial begins on Monday, February 11, 2008. Please be at the court at 9am. Dress and act respectful of the court. 1717 Pacific Ave, Tacoma. Judge Burgess starts on time.

The trial is expected to go for a month, Monday thru Friday 9am -4pm.

Governo Arruda manda BOPE oprimir foliões/ãs do Galinho de Brasília

Brasil, 07.02.2008 00:09


Briana Waters' Trial Date, Feb 11th @ 9:00 am

Portland, 06.02.2008 23:40

Briana Waters' trial is scheduled for February 11th 9:00 am in Tacoma Washington, at the Federal Courthouse on 1717 Pacific Ave.

Briana Waters has been indicted in the arson at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture, specifically for the alleged role as a lookout. Ms. Waters maintains her innocence and pleads not guilty. Briana Waters is facing a mandatory minimum of 35 years. The case is built on the word of two informants, Jen Kolar and Lacey Phillabaum. Although, Ms. Waters attorneys, Robert Bloom and Neil Fox, filed a motion that the government concealed important information and created a fraudulent FBI report. The Judge Burgess has denied the motion in January. The Judge Burgess closed the pretrial, which is our fundamental right to an open and clear process in public court. Now is the time that we must show up in the court room to support the transparency of our judicial system. It is more than our civil liberties at stake in this precedent setting case. We have seen more and more of our civil rights taken away and it is important for us to stand and bear witness to this trial.

Please be at the court at 9am. Judge Burgess starts on time. The trial is expected to go for a month, Monday thru Friday 9am -4pm. Briana Waters asks that there be NO rally or signs outside or inside of the courtroom. Our presence will be the support she needs.


Puerto Rico, 06.02.2008 20:44

Recordando a Adolfina

Orlando Chirino despedido de PDVSA

Venezuela, 06.02.2008 20:40

Indígenas Yukpa niegan vinculación con la FARC

Venezuela, 06.02.2008 20:40

Discuss &amp; Debate the 2008 Elections in Red Hook Thursday

NYC, 06.02.2008 19:08

The 2008 elections are upon us, whether we like it or not. So, who's up? Who's Down? What does it all mean? And how can progressives and radicals best respond to the challenges and opportunities posed by the presidential elections? Indypendent contributors Jessica Lee, Arun Gupta, Steven Wishnia and Nicholas Powers will be discussing all of this and more at Freebird Books on Thursday at 8 p.m. at Freebird Books in Red Hook. Freebird Books is located at 123 Columbia near Kane. Nearest subway stop is the F train at Bergen St.

Sanctuary for Immigrant Rights Begins Anew in Chicago Church

Chicago, 06.02.2008 19:08

On January 29, immigrant rights activist Flor Crisóstomo announced that she will refuse to report for deportation as ordered by Homeland Security and will take sanctuary in Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood.

Crisóstomo's decision follows in the footsteps of fellow activist Elvira Arellano, who herself took sanctuary and defied a deportation order for more than a year before leaving sanctuary to embark on a nationwide speaking tour. In the course of the tour, Arrellano was seized, arrested, and deported.

Crisóstomo, a Mexican citizen driven to the U.S. because of NAFTA-driven economic policies, commented about the difficulty of also addressing xenophobic anti-immigrant policies in the U.S.: "They say they expect us to self-deport, but we cannot leave because of what U.S. economic policies have done to destroy jobs in our home countries. That is why the current policy will not end the system of undocumented labor. It will only drive us into worse and worse jobs."

Crisóstomo and Arellano have a shared history of activism besides sanctuary. The two activists also participated in a successful month-long hunger strike to win an immigration continuance.

Read more.

Past coverage: Two part interview with Elvira Arellano on Chicago Independent Television - part one | part two

Restructuring Process Looms for up to 70 Schools in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, 06.02.2008 18:08

Siskiyou Film Festival - Feb. 7-9

Rogue Valley, 06.02.2008 16:40

Greetings SiskiyouFilmFest Friends!
We are ready for the start of our 7th Festival.... our first in Grants Pass and we're excited about the selection of films. We look forward to seeing you at 111 Evelyn next week. 
Thursday's feature film is Ryan's Well, an inpiring story of a young boy who has literally changed the world.  Friday's feature film is Buyer be Fair, a film that shows how individual consumers can make a difference by voting with their dollars. Saturday's feature film is Ripe for Change, the story of sustainable agriculture in our neighbor, California.  And each night has other great films. Go to to find out about all the films.


Colombia, 06.02.2008 12:08

La Colombia que marchó y la que no marchó

February 16th: Pitchpipe Anarchist Infoshop Grand Re-Opening Party (Tacoma)

Seattle, 06.02.2008 05:08

Come visit the infoshop in its new location and make some friends. The party is also a benefit for Briana Waters, a green scare defendent facing trial in Tacoma during February and March.

Pitchpipe Infoshop Grand Re-Opening Party
Saturday February 16th @ 6pm
621 Martin Luther King Jr Way (near 6th Ave and MLK Way), Tacoma WA 98405

Pitchpipe will be taking donations for Briana, so whatever you can throw down to help her is greatly appreciated. As always, no one will be frowned upon for not having money.

Demonstration at Office Max

LA, 06.02.2008 04:38

Demonstration Against Clear-Cutting at Office Max in Pasadena

Marc Steiner Abruptly Fired From Public Radio WYPR

Baltimore, 06.02.2008 04:08

Well-known Maryland public affairs radio host Marc Steiner of the Marc Steiner Show was fired without notice this weekend. Steiner specialized in covering local Baltimore and Maryland issues, including the recent BGE utility rate hike, Maryland elections, and the Baltimore public school system.

Action Needed! Save $24 Million for City of Portland Bike Plan

Portland, 06.02.2008 03:39

Recently, the Portland City Council passed a resolution to approve $450 million dollars to fix bridges and streets throughout the city. Rolled into that plan was about an additional $24 million for bike safety and bike boulevards.

Most notably for cyclists, it would fund:
* 114-miles of new low-traffic Bicycle Boulevards
* Safer Routes to Schools for elementary and middle school kids
* Safety improvements to dangerous intersections
* New sidewalks
* SmartTrips programs that promote sustainable transportation options

It was an ambitious and forward reaching bike strategy for our city. It passed and then the Oregon Petroleum Association got involved. The plan was then blocked. This is where you come in...

Video: Youth Led Peace March

Portland, 06.02.2008 02:39

This weekly Peace March starts on 35 and Taylor behind the Sunnyside School Elementary School, and is organized by a 14 year old boy.

This inspiring bunch of kids (and a few adults) have great spirit and are bringing the peace message to the community, which as you see overwhelmingly support them.


Hutto Film at MECA

Houston, 06.02.2008 00:10

The Campaign to Close Hutto Continues: 2/9 @ MECA

XicanoPwr on Private Prisons

Houston, 06.02.2008 00:10

2/5 Privatized Prisons for Immigrants: The Expansion Continues

At Last! Direct Action Against the War Re-emerges

DC, 05.02.2008 23:09

After more than a decade of military aggression and genocidal sanctions, on March 19, 2003, the United States launched it's most recent attack against the people of Iraq. The following day, the people of the world took to the streets in protest. More than 20,000 turned out in San Francisco to take part in coordinated, nonviolent direct actions which shut down the Financial District of the city. Additional targets included military recruitment centers, the Bay Bridge and the Federal Building. Actions continued on March 21 and in the end more than 2,200 people were arrested with virtually all charges being dropped.


DC, 05.02.2008 23:09

National Park Service (NPS) and D.C. officials have met to deal with the rat infestation problem in the Dupont Circle Park. We wish them well, but doubt that effort will go anywhere. The NPS and the U.S. Park Police control the Park, and the District the land around it. Each has a hands-off policy regarding the other’s turf, and nothing ever gets done. The rats recognize no such boundaries, and roam freely from one to the other all the time.

Protests at Major Democratic Candidates' Bay Area Offices Today

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.02.2008 22:38

Direct Action to Stop the War (DASW) has planned protests for Tuesday, February 5th, the day California voters go to the polls for the 2008 presidential primary, to demand that Democratic presidential candidates take stronger anti-war positions. DASW intends to use humor and visuals to call into question the supposed "anti-war" credentials of candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Protesters will gather at 5pm in San Francisco's U.N. Plaza and in Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza for marches to Clinton's and Obama's campaign headquarters in SF and Oakland.

laboral (es)

Barcelona, 05.02.2008 22:08

Despidos, precarizaciones, acosos, palizas...¡Manifiéstate!

TMB:Querella criminal de CGT contra los Mossos d’esquadra que apalearon a un conductor de autobuses de TMB ::: vídeo resumen de la huelga del 3 y 4 de Enero ::: Para informar sobre la manifestación del día 9 y las reivindicaciones de los buseros ::: a todxs lxs trabajadorxs del metro
frape: Los despidos en Frape, algunas claves para entender el caso y las colaboraciones entre empresa y Generalitat ::: Antecedentes y situación actual del conflicto que mantienen los trabajadores con la multinacional Frape-Behr ::: A pesar de los 92 despidos los trabajadores de Frape siguen en lucha ::: Solidaridad con los trabajadores de FRAPE: la empresa comienza a notificar despidos y el encierro de los trabajadores continúa
altres: Nissan: business plans para el nuevo año y nuevos despidos ::: Los 68 despedidos de la Seat continúan despedidos y a punto de perder las prestaciones del paro ::: CGT se concentra el 10 de enero frente a concesionarios de Seat por todo el estado para exigir la readmisión de los despedidos en el ERE del 2005 ::: Huelga de hambre por la readmisión de lxs trabajadorxs de la SEAT

[9feb] 18h pza. universitat Manifestación de apoyo al descanso mínimo de los buseros

[1feb] Inicio de la huelga de hambre por los despidos de Seat
[7feb] La teixidora. Poblenou Charla, cena, kafeta por los dos días de descanso de los buseros
[febrer] UB Cine y mundo laboral
[febrer] Huelga indefinida de temporeros immigrantes

noticias relacionadas: Piquete de protesta en Nueva York por represión a los mineros huelguistas de Cananea (Mèxic) + Comunidad de apoyo a los trabajadores de TMB + ENTREVISTA: María Jesús Paredes Ex secretaria de banca de CC OO "CC OO no es un sindicato de izquierdas; es sólo un sindicato" + Acaba la huelga de limpieza del metro de madrid sin la firma de la CNT por la cláusula de la "paz social"

+info : >>> laboral ::: xarxa contra els tancaments (red contra los cierres)

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 05.02.2008 22:08

Acomiadaments, precaritzacions, assetjaments, pallisses...Manifesta`t!

TMB:Querella criminal de CGT contra els Mossos d’esquadra que van apallissar a un conductor d’Autobusos de TMB ::: vídeo resum de la vaga del 3 i 4 de gener ::: Per informar sobre la manifestació del dia 9 i les reivindicacions dels buseros ::: a tots els treballadors del metro
frape: Els acomiadaments a Frape, algunes claus per entendre el cas i les col.laboracions entre empresa i Generalitat ::: Antecedents i situació actual del conflicte que mantenen els treballadors amb la multinacional Frape-Behr ::: tot i els 92 acomiadaments els treballadors de Frape continuen en lluita ::: Solidaritat amb els treballadors i treballadores de FRAPE: l'empresa comença a notificar els acomiadaments i el tancament dels treballadors continua
altres: Nissan: business plans pel nou any i nous acomiadaments ::: Els 68 acomiadats de la Seat continuen acomiadats i a punt de perdre les prestacions d'atur ::: CGT es concentra el 10 de gener davant concessionaris de Seat per tot l'Estat per a exigir la readmissió dels acomiadats en l'ERO del 2005 ::: Vaga de fam per la readmissió dels treballadors de la SEAT

[9feb] 18h pça universitat Manifestació de suport al descans mínim dels buseros

[1feb] Inici de la Vaga de fam pels acomiadats de la Seat
[7feb] La teixidora. Poblenou Xerrada, sopar i kafeta pels 2 dies de descans setmanal dels buseros
[febrer] UB Cinema i món del treball
[febrer] Vaga indefinida de temporers immigrants

notícies relacionades: atur i contractes precaris ::: Piquet de protesta a Nova York per repressió als miners vaguistes de Cananea (Mèxic) + Comunitat de suport al treballadors de TMB + ENTREVISTA: María Jesús Paredes Ex secretaria de banca de CC OO "CC OO no és un sindicat d'esquerres; es només un sindicat" + Acaba la vaga de neteja del metro de madrid sense la firma de la CNT per la clàusula de la "pau social"

+info : >>> laboral ::: xarxa contra els tancaments

Sustainable Knowledge-Sharing Program Launched by NorthEast Anarchist Network

Boston, 05.02.2008 22:08

Members of the NorthEast Anarchist Network have seen a growing need for greater accessibility to radical workshops and skillshares. In response to this, we have launched a “Traveling Skillshare Program” in order to bring a wide array of collaborative presentations to communities in and around our region, both radical and otherwise.

The OTHER Presidential Primary

Boston, 05.02.2008 21:09

As we Massachusetts voters look out on the political horizon, we witness an incredible dumbing down of our democracy. Instead of seeing potential leaders who speak clearly to the real issues that face us, we see games of showmanship, charm and style, and a burying of issues beneath mountains of fluff. Instead of hearing about real solutions to the economic nightmare facing most of us, we get more of the same absurd policies – like one-off tax cuts and magical stimulus packages that will somehow erase our housing, credit card, student loan and medical debts, not to mention crushing federal, state, and local government debts. Instead of hearing about the mounting ecological crises facing our communities, our nation, and the world, and the deep societal changes required to stave them off, and the small time window for action, we hear about technological fixes and consumerist advances that remove the responsibility off of our individual and collective shoulders.

Acampamento Maria Júlia Braga despejado

Brasil, 05.02.2008 18:38


Ocupação do MST em Santa Catarina é alvo de pistoleiros

Brasil, 05.02.2008 18:08



Oost-Vlaanderen, 05.02.2008 15:41

In woorden alleen kun je niet leven

NYPD Shills Terror Bill (Indypendent)

NYC, 05.02.2008 13:08

“When air monitors have been outlawed, only outlaws will have air monitors!”

The slogan, which has become the unofficial rallying cry of an ad hoc coalition of labor unions, environmental groups, elected officials and community activists, was environmental activist Bob Gulack’s reaction when he heard a report about the New York City Police Department’s plan to require a permit for any independent environmental sampling used in the city.

Linking 'The Dream' to Today's Reality (Indypendent)

NYC, 05.02.2008 13:08

On Jan. 21, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, nearly 1,000 people marched in freezing weather from WABC headquarters on West 32nd Street to CNN headquarters on West 58th Street. They invoked King’s message of racial equality while focusing on present-day race relations, including the anti-immigrant sentiment espoused by CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, the NYPD shooting death of Sean Bell and the Jena Six case. The Indypendent caught up with some of the marchers, who discussed how they connected King’s message to present day struggles.

anti-Republican National Convention Activists banned in Canada

United States, 05.02.2008 12:08

The border police, FBI, and ATF barred the American Republican National Convention “Welcoming Committee” activists from entering Canada to give their talk about the upcoming protests against the RNC this summer in St. Paul, MN. The activists were held at the border for 5 hours while they were investigated… Read More>>

Ward Connerly's &quot;Super Tuesday for Segregation&quot;

United States, 05.02.2008 12:08

By David A. Love, the Black Commentator: Ward Connerly, that high profile opponent for affirmative action and Black water carrier for the new Jim Crow, has returned. He wants to eliminate affirmative action everywhere, and make a buck at the same time... Connerly's "Super Tuesday for Equal Rights" is an effort to promote ballot initiatives throughout the country that would eliminate tax dollars to affirmative action programs based on race and gender. He has targeted five states for this year's November ballot -- Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma -- all of which have relatively low numbers of people of color. In the absence of a determined and coordinated campaign to quash his efforts, he might succeed in taking us back to the future we know too well. Article first published in The Black Commentator. Cartoon from BAMN; first published March 1998 Emerge Magazine.

The Indypendent #115: The Casino Economy Goes BUST

NYC, 05.02.2008 06:39

The Newest Indypendent has a radical election guide to the Primaries, breaking down the candidates positions on the Environment, War, Healthcare and on Education. Main Street to Wall Street economic analysis from Max Fraad Wolf and A.K. Gupta. Photos and interviews from a WABC/CNN protest march on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And a book review of the new Verso series Revolutions and much more...The Indypendent ||Subscribe and Donate to The Indypendent! ||

The Indy’s Guide to the Primaries || Don’t Just Vote, Take Action! — Resource List || From Bubble to Rubble: $10 Trillion Home Mortgage Debt Tanks Economy || A Better Way to Stimulate || Return of the Winter Soldier: Iraq Vets Prepare Atrocity Testimony || How Wall Street Killed the Economy || Dems Throw Pennies to End Poverty || NYPD Shills Terror Bill || Linking ‘The Dream’ to Today’s Reality || King’s Radical Roots || Rooftop Cop Shot Leaves Hole in Bed Stuy || Divide and Conquer: Clintons Exploit Black-Latino Tensions || Behind Fences & Beyond the Law: An Interview with Michael Ratner || Disorder in the Court || Freedom Surge: Palestinians Break Through Gaza Wall || 50-Shot Cops Duck Jury Trial in Sean Bell Case || Bach is Back: a film Review of The Silence Before Bach || Revolutions: Read All About ’Em || Reclaiming Creation: A Review of The Business of Being Born || Rockin’ History: A Review of Honeydripper ||

Critical Mass has fun and stops by the auto show

Portland, 05.02.2008 01:38

This last Fridays Critical Mass , a monthly bicycle ride with a history of police harassment resulting in no fun and small turn outs, starts out with 60 plus riders, a human pyramid, a bitchen sound system, and pays a visit to the auto show.

We made it to the auto show and grouped up outside the main door. A good sized banner was unfolded and held up for all to see that were making their way into the auto show. People laid on their backs and made like they were pedaling.

Climate Change &amp; Justice Organizers crash Auto Show

Portland, 05.02.2008 01:38

On Friday night, just hours before critical mass visited the auto show, two climate change and social justice organizers entered the auto show with informational fliers and "Art not Oil" art in hand. Using guerilla media tactics, the two aimed to provide the opportunity for car makers and consumers alike to consider the true costs of oil.

One handout titled, "Buying a New Car: Safety Should be Your Number One Priority" listed the things that oil dependence endangers, including our economy, our environment, human rights, and national security. This handout was left on dash boards, in glove compartments, under visors and on the car floor, of almost all of the cars and trucks on the floor of the convention center.

The action was coordinated to call out the auto-makers for greenwashing, and put pressure on the companies for claiming to be green while they continue to produce loads of new gas-guzzlers and actively fight against government regulated fuel standards and other policies that would help fight climate change. This action was also part of Global Exchange's Freedom from Oil campaign, which also visited the LA and Detroit Auto Shows in recent months.

Shut Down Ungar Furs!

Portland, 05.02.2008 01:38

Febuary 9th at 10am. Fur store protest! Please some and support the animals!

Portland made history with the shutting down of Schumacher furs, but there is still much more work to be done. We must continue the fight and let others know that we will not tolerate fur stores in our city.

The store is only open from the the hours of 10am to 1pm on Saturdays so lets all get out there!

Nicholas Ungar Furs
1137 SW Yamhill St

February 9th: Northwest DNC/RNC Resistance Conference Schedule

Seattle, 04.02.2008 20:39

Announcing the schedule for the upcoming NW DNC/RNC Resistance Conference!

Olympia SDS would like to present a courtesy reminder, as the Northwest DNC/RNC Resistance Conference is occurring THIS SATURDAY, February 9th. The original announcement can be found at
This announcement, however, is new and improved. We present to you, potential attendee, the schedule!


santiago, 04.02.2008 14:14

La Policía + Facistas cargan contra antifacistas

Inky Notes: Inquirer Financial Crisis Looms Threatening 10% Layoffs and more

Philadelphia, 04.02.2008 13:08

[antifa] Fermeture de la librairie Primatice

Liege, 04.02.2008 10:07

Depuis la mi-juillet, la librairie Primatice, diffuseuse d'ouvrages d'éditeurs fascistes français s'était installée dans le quartier historique de Hors-château!


Colombia, 04.02.2008 07:38


ICC Site Sediment Controls Fail After Heavy Storm

DC, 04.02.2008 06:09

At the Redland Road Inter-County connector construction site, heavy rains caused a failure of sediment controls, and only a natural wetland kept the flowing mud from reaching Mill Creek

Richard Stallman on &quot;Copyright vs. Community&quot; at Cabrillo College

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.02.2008 04:39

Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman will be speaking about "Copyright vs. Community in the Age of Computer Networks" on Monday, February 4th at Cabrillo College in Aptos. "Copyright developed in the age of the printing press, and was designed to fit with the system of centralized copying imposed by the printing press," Stallman said. "But the copyright system does not fit well with computer networks, and only draconian punishments can enforce it... if we seriously hope to serve the only legitimate purpose of copyright-to promote progress, for the benefit of the public-then we must make changes in the other direction."

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