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BIKE the Movie

Houston, 19.02.2008 18:40

February 22nd 8pm HIMC Presents:

Texto De La Renuncia Oficial De Fidel Castro/Text of Fidel Castro's Official Resignation

Arkansas, 19.02.2008 17:10

En el dia del 19 febrero, y hace 49 años de poder, el Presidente Cubano Fidel Castro Ruz se renunció su posición en el periódico oficial Granma. El texto de su mensaje continua de bajo, en español y ingles. On February 19, after some 49 years of being in power, Cuban President Fidel Castro Ruz announced the resignation from his position in the official newspaper Granma. The full text of his message follows in Spanish and English:

Great little mini-documentary on Rose Street Community Center in East Baltimore

Baltimore, 19.02.2008 16:09

There's a great little 8 minute movie about the Rose Street Community Center (amazing and totally inspiring grassroots anti-drug addiction and crime effort in East Baltimore), produced by Wide Angle Youth Media:

The 11th Annual Homeless Radio Marathon

Boston, 19.02.2008 16:09

The 11th Annual Homelessness Marathon, a 14-hour national radio dialogue on poverty and housing in the US, will take place Wednesday night to Thursday morning, February 20-21. Originating this year in Nashville, the Marathon is a live, outdoor, broadcasting event featuring homeless people, advocates for the homeless and call-ins from the public. A broadcast booth is set up outside, with open mics for people who are out on the street in Nashville that night. The Marathon does not raise money for charity. Its mission is to raise consciousness, by covering a broad range of topics, speaking with experts, taking calls from around the country, and above all, by putting homeless people on the air directly. LISTEN LIVE: At WMBR 88.1FM or via streaming at

Open Letter To The Tens of Thousands of Lawless &quot;Rogue&quot; Cops

DC, 19.02.2008 15:09

Your numbers may be growing among the millions of people wearing some kind of badge in the United States, but your days are numbered. Not because of any direct threat from people like me; no what I'm talking about here is the threat that you are creating all by yourselves. If you had been paying attention you would have seen this coming on your own. What the military and the mercenaries are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan each of you is now doing here, in your own tiny little world so full of arrogance and basic brutality. Every time you beat a man senseless, or shame a woman to tears in front of her loved ones, or randomly kill someone either by accident or by design it happens just because you can - so you make more than enemies - you plant the seeds of your own violent end…

ecologia (ca)

Barcelona, 19.02.2008 15:09

L'AVE arriba a Barcelona

La construcció de l'AVE és un altre dels grans projectes que es promouen en la ciutat de Barcelona, d'esquena als seus ciutadans i de cara a les grans corporacions. A part de les molèsties constants que ha generat la construcció d'aquesta macroinfraestructura, l'AVE suposa un impacte negatiu socioambiental per tots els territoris on passa. No estem parlant de quin traçat és el més idoni per a l'AVE sinó de quin model territorial volem, quines infraestructures i a quin preu mediambiental.

L'altra inauguració de l'AVE
03 Nov 2007Comunicat de la Plataforma pel soterrament de les vies i contra el pla de l'estació de Sants ::: La Renfe afavoreix l'AVE

[Pla Caufec] ens preocupa aquesta "democràcia"

Aquest dimecres 20 de febrer al ple de l'ajuntament d'Esplugues es presenta una moció sobre la campanya ENS PREOCUPA AQUESTA "DEMOCRÀCIA"

+info:BarcelonaésunNyap ::: No al Pla Caufec ::: >>>ecologia

ecología (es)

Barcelona, 19.02.2008 15:09

El AVE llega a Barcelona

La construcción del AVE es otro de los grandes proyectos que se promueven en la ciudad de Barcelona, de espaldas a sus ciudadanos y de cara a las grandes corporaciones. Además de las molestias constantes que ha generado la construcción de esta macroinfrastructura, el AVE supone un impacto negativo socioambiental sobre todos los territorios por donde pasa. No estamos hablando de qué trazado es el más idóneo para el AVE sino de qué modelo territorial queremos, qué infrastructuras y a qué precio medioambiental.

La otra inauguración del AVE
03 Nov 2007Comunicado de la Plataforma pel soterrament de les vies i contra el pla de l'estació de Sants ::: Renfe favorece el AVE

[Pla Caufec] Nos preocupa esta "democracia"

Este miércoles 20 de febrero en el pleno del ayuntamiento de Esplugues se presenta una moción sobre la campaña ENS PREOCUPA AQUESTA "DEMOCRÀCIA"

++info: BarcelonaésunNyap ::: No al Pla Caufec ::: >>>ecologia

Jornalista relata casos de violência contra movimentos sociais no Brasil

Brasil, 19.02.2008 13:38


Inky Notes Feb 14th

Philadelphia, 19.02.2008 13:08

San Francisco Judge Orders Offline

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.02.2008 08:38

A federal court in San Francisco has wiped whistleblower site offline, granting an injunction requested by lawyers for a Swiss bank, which is attempting to prevent the public from accessing allegations of illegal activity at the bank. On Feb. 18th, Judge Jeffrey S. White ordered's San Mateo-based domain registrar to "disable the domain name" and to "immediately clear and remove all DNS hosting records for the domain name."

Two Gill Nets Spotted on Columbia: Scapegoating Sea Lions for Human Error

Portland, 19.02.2008 06:38

I was walking along the docks down by the Columbia river this morning, when I happened upon a disturbing sight. Two boats that I did not recognize were moored down there. And they had great, hideous gill nets dripping from drums, peering over the sides of the boats.

This is a strange thing to see, and you will not see it on any other river in the US. Gill nets, you see, are dirty pool. Particularly on a river, where nothing can get out of their way. They trail out behind fishing boats in great swaths, ensnaring anything in the water. They kill fish, seals, water birds, otter, beaver, and anything else that becomes entangled in their snagging webs. They are so dangerous and so devastating to wildlife, that they are not legal on any other river in this country. Yet for some bizarre reason, here in Cascadia, on a river in which some of the most endangered fish on earth are making their very last stand, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) allow these nets. Even as plans are afoot to begin slaughtering sea lions on the Columbia, to "save" salmon, the gill nets are still dragging the river.

There is only one day left to be heard on this issue, by the way. The deadline for public comments on whether or not sea lions will be killed is tomorrow. You can email them here: Or you can call them here: contact Garth Griffin, 503-231-2005.

Mourning in America

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.02.2008 05:44

Peace Fresno sponsored a Presidents' Day Peace march on Monday, February 18. Organizers called it "Mourning in America" and about 150 marchers went from the Tower Theatre (Olive and Wishon) to the new Federal Building in downtown Fresno. There was an extremely heavy police presence at the march, but there were no incidents.

Vigils in San Francisco and Fresno to Remember Lawrence &quot;Larry&quot; King

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.02.2008 05:44

Vigils will be held across California this week to remember Lawrence "Larry" King, the 15 year old E.O. Green Junior High student who was shot on Tuesday, February 12th in Oxnard. Larry was declared brain-dead Wednesday after he was shot in the head twice by a fellow junior high student at school, and he was taken off life support on Friday. According to friends, Larry was perceived to be gay and gender non-conforming and had been bullied at school. The suspect, a 14-year old student, has been charged with attempted murder, and the case is being prosecuted as a hate crime. Vigils will be held in San Francisco on Tuesday and in Fresno on Wednesday.

Memburu harta karun Soeharto

Jakarta, 19.02.2008 05:08

Sebuah keseriusan ataukah lagi-lagi sekedar sandiwara politik Setelah hampir satu dasawarsa perkara kasus dugaan korupsi mantan penguasa orde baru, Soeharto yang nilainya mencapai Rp 1,4 trilyun dan 416 juta dolar Amerika itu, belum juga terselesaikan. Padahal empat presiden silih berganti. Bahkan dapat dikatakan, kasus Soeharto merupakan simbol paling kuat dari diskriminasi hukum. Sebab kasusnya dibiarkan mengambang tanpa ada penuntasan sejak 10 tahun terakhir ini. Apalagi sejumlah politisi ikut memperkeruh masalah ini. ...

More Raids, More Arrests - Meeting 7pm Wellington Tonight

Aotearoa, 19.02.2008 01:09

Another three people have been arrested as part of the police repression of the Tino Rangatiratanga movement. Two men aged 44 and 46 from Maketu are due to appear in the Tauranga District Court and a 24-year-old Ruatoki man will appear in the Whakatane District Court. today on firearms charges related to the Urewera 16.

There is an October 15th Solidarity campaign strategy and planning meeting tonight, Tuesday February 19th at 7pm at 128 Abel Smith Street for those interested.

October 15th Solidarity | Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe | Civil Rights Defence Committee


Arizona, 18.02.2008 23:37

The Local War on the Undocumented

ALF strikes again: Liberate's &quot;Strawberry the pig&quot;

Aotearoa, 18.02.2008 23:09

Auckland Animal Action anonymously received the following communique:

Every year through out New Zealand hundreds of thousands of pigs are confined to sow crates, farrowing crates and fattening pens. Males in the fattening pens live in their own excrement in cramped pens where they await slaughter. The females are treated as machines, being constantly confined to sow or farrowing crates where they can not turn around, comfortably lie down or properly care for their young. Before long their babies are ripped away from them and they are impregnated again. They are treated as though they do not feel pain, as though they do not matter, as though they are profit.

We recently entered a shed containing farrowing crates on an intensive pig farm in Auckland. Along with documenting the heart breaking conditions these mothers are forced endure we also liberated one sweet little piglet.

More: Video | Images | Animal Liberation Front

Folga indefinida de traballadores inmigrantes &quot;sen papeles&quot;

Galiza, 18.02.2008 22:41

Pedimos a indymedia galiza que pase este comunicado a la sección central de cabecera para una mayor difusión de nuestra huelga indefinida de personas que somos “sin papeles”, es la primera de europa. No tenemos nada y cuesta mucho entender que hasta vosotros no nos apoyeis, parece que nadie quiere vernos ni ayudarnos... (segue no interior)

O sábado 23 de fevereiro terá lugar umha importante data no eixo da movilizaçom polos direitos dxs migrantes. A Rede Estatal polos direitos dxs Inmigrantes convoca esta jornada que terá sucesso em diversos pontos de Europa.


O SOI convoca.

Sheffield military recruitment centre blockaded

United Kingdom, 18.02.2008 22:11

On Friday 15th Feburary protestors from the Sheffield Activist Network (SAN) blockaded the city's military recruitment centre on Church Street [ photos | video ]. The protest was to mark the 5th anniversary of the F15 2003 protests against war with Iraq.

The BBC has reported that two activists were remanded into custod on Saturday and a third was due in court on Monday.

Other recent protests against war include invasion of a lecture on aerial warfare and the disruption of arms dealers at a careers fair.

Briana Waters trial: Phillabaum testifying against Briana day two, 2/15

Seattle, 18.02.2008 20:43

Feb 15: Lacey was on the stand from 9am-3pm. Lacey evaded and danced around answering questions. She did a great job (sad to say). Very hard to pin down. Used big words, semantics and debate techniques (reminiscent of Bill Clinton) to not directly answer questions. Seemed to also have a conveniently selective memory. She avoided answering the questions asked by Briana's lawyer but, volunteered self-serving info that pinned others as leaders and framed herself as less responsible. Full notes to follow soon.

Inaguraçom do Aturuxo (Boiro) o 16 de fevereiro

Galiza, 18.02.2008 20:10

A asociaçom cultural e juvenil Aturuxo somos um grupo de rapazes e rapaças que ponhemos em marcha o Local Social Aturuxo na Barbança, para dinamiçar o tecido associativo e cultural da comarca...

Outro espazo recén aberto en Ferrol: O Fervesteiro.

Próxima apertura dun novo espazo en A Corunha: O C.S.Gomes Gaioso.

Tres espazos sociais de aniversario nestas datas:Gentalha do pichel , A Revolta e O Fresco (sucesso em galizalivre).

Outros espazos sociais en GZ: Casa encantada , Cova dos ratos, Atreu, Faisca , Revira , Artabria , Roi Soga , A Esmorga , A Fouce , Aguilhoar , A Tiradoura , Baiuca Vermelha , Madia Leva , Arrincadeira , A formiga.

Outras novas vencelhadas: Can Vies es del barri.

Aboriginal Rights

Perth, 18.02.2008 20:10

Photos from Perth gathering for Indigenous Apology

Выставка &quot;Ядерная энергия 2008&quot;. Постфактум

Belarus, 18.02.2008 18:37

Ontruimingsgolf Amsterdam, 19 februari 2008

Netherlands, 18.02.2008 18:09

Op dinsdag 19 oktober gaat er weer een ontruimingsgolf over Amsterdam heen. Op donderdag 14 februari hoorden de bewoners van het Steve Bikoplein 19 dat de politie de avond voordien was langs geweest om eens te kijken hoe ze de volgende disndag zouden gaan ontruimen. Als snel werd duidelijk dat ook bij andere panden de politie hun uitzoekwerk aan het doen waren.

De bewoners van Spuistraat 227 en Biko 19 sloegen de handen in elkaar en planden voor maandag 18 februari een actie bij de Stopera om te protesteren tegen de ontruiming van hun panden.

Naast bovengenoemde panden staan de volgende woningen op de lijst: Honthorststraat 42, Prinsengracht 764 en Kuiperbergweg 26. De Ruysdaelkade 245-247 is van de lijst gehaald wegens een kort geding waarvan pas over twee weken uitspraak komt.

Sedert de politiescanner niet meer gebruikt wordt zijn we afhankelijk van het nieuws datdoorgebeld wordt van op straat, bel (of sms) dus nieuws door naar de dispatch op nummer 06-44 238 148. De arrestantengroep is te bereiken op 06-42413496 Aub geen namen doorgeven!

Sheraton City Center Workers Panel Discussion, 2/18 7:30 PM

Baltimore, 18.02.2008 15:09

Sheraton City Center Hotel Workers Speak Out! Come hear what they have to say!

Miami Town Hall Report: Making History in Wynwood

Miami, 18.02.2008 09:37

Miami Town Hall Report: Making History in Wynwood

Est�n desalojando el gaztetxe Zazpi Katu de Bilbao!

Euskal Herria, 18.02.2008 09:08

Nos han informado de que el gaztetxe ubicado en el Casco Viejo de Bilbao est� siendo desalojado. Agradecer�amos cualquier informaci�n sobre lo que est� ocurriendo en Zazpi Katu.

Open letter to three Iraqi women

Portland, 18.02.2008 01:38

You don't know me and one of you will never have an opportunity to read this letter but you have each left your mark upon my soul.

If you don't already know it, the US military can train a man to kill but can not train that man how to handle it when he does. For this reason amongst many others my Marine son, John, who touched your lives in Iraq, (and through him, so did I), is in treatment along with other veterans of this and earlier wars.

There was a firefight in Baghdad, a 360 degree battle with the Marines taking fire from all around and overhead. You were there, not as a participant just a civilian and you are my first connection though I learned of you last because my son couldn't tell me about you until recently. Training had the Marines firing back reflexively at anything that moved, vehicles, stray dogs a blur of a shirtsleeve. The Marine who fired upon your husband and two children was almost 100 yards away and he jerked his weapon up in horror at the end of the burst and watched your family fall. You didn't know it at the time but he watched you run out to your family. He saw you in your light blue wrap as you went from one body to the other. He tried to avert his eyes as you picked up your dead child and then the other and wailed in your grief. He tried to look away but that light blue color was always in his peripheral vision, pulling at him drawing him back.

The Defenestrator Newspaper releases 40th Issue

Philadelphia, 18.02.2008 00:08

Glasgow to be part of Global Protest

Scotland, 17.02.2008 23:09

On the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq there will be an anti-war march in Glasgow organised by the Stop the War Coalition, as part of a global week of protest against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

International Actions against Israeli Apartheid

United Kingdom, 17.02.2008 23:08

The period leading up to Valentine’s day saw actions against Israeli apartheid taking place in the USA, England and Belgium. A week of action had been called against the import of Israeli flowers for Valentine’s Day.

The call to action was against Carmel-Agrexco, the 50% state owned Israeli export company, and in support of a boycott of apartheid Israel.

On Friday 9th February Belgian activists blocked trucks at Agrexco’s depot in Liege, On Monday in Hayes, Middlesex, Activists blocked the entrances and exits of Agrexco’s UK headquarters. Some activists opted for another Valentine’s day target, the Israeli diamond trade: In London Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine and Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods picketed Lev Leviev’s new store while activists from Adalah in the US targeted Levievs’ New York branch. Leviev, an international diamond merchant, is responsible for developing illegal settlements on Palestinian land near the West Bank Villages of Bil In and Jayouss. His New York store has been targeted for several months by anti-apartheid activists.

Report of the Belgian Carmel-Agrexco action Photos | Video - 1 | 2 | 3| 4|5

Report of the London Carmel-Agrexco - 1 | 2

Original call to action against Agrexco

Previous Actions against Carmel-Agrexco 1 2 3 4 .

London Pickett of Lev Leviev’s Store| Video

Report of the US Picket | video | Pictures

More info on the campaign against Leviev so far

Anti-War Protests Target Military Recruitment in National Day of Action

United States, 17.02.2008 21:37

Friday, February 15 saw protests against the war at military recruitment centers across the country, in response to a call from the Iraq Moratorium campaign.

From DC-IMC: Funk the War Storms, Trashes 14th and L Military Recuiter — At the peak of the second"Funk the War" dance party/protest, the entire group swarmed the military recruiter at 14th st, with about half the group getting inside and the rest securing the entry and plastering windows with stickers. Read More | Audio

From NYC-IMC: Iraq Moratorium Event Targets Military Recruitment in El Barrio — The event in New York City was held outside a military recruitment center in East Harlem on 103rd Street and Lexington Ave. A coalition of anti-war groups, including Code Pink NYC, World Can’t Wait and the Harlem Revolution Club, participated in the action that drew between 30-40 people. Read More & Pics

More Coverage: Right/Left Face to Face: Mtn View Recruiting Center from Indybay

Valentines against sweatshops at UH

Houston, 17.02.2008 21:09

2/14 Valentines Day Anti-Sweatshop Rally at UH

The Reflecting Pool

LA, 17.02.2008 21:08

The Reflecting Pool


Arizona, 17.02.2008 21:07

City Reverses Sanctuary Policy, Police Will Target Immigrants

Umha outra vez: montagem e repressom

Galiza, 17.02.2008 20:39

Continúa a extender-se a noite do oscurantismo ideológico, a manipulaçom e a repressom. Porem contra a maré conspirativa abre-se a fenda da solidariedade activa e a denuncia social.

180 pessoas manifestárom-se em Compostela| |Urxente! Segundo detido polas protestas de economicas| |VALE TODO: El Mundo define AGIR como "organización estudiantil independentista de ideología neonazi"| |Concentraçom ás 20 no Marco de Vigo em solidariedade cos estudantes| |Fazendo História: A Queima do Reitorado| |A UNS REPRESIÓN E A OUTROS.....| |

Outros editoriais vencelhados: A violencia nom calará as nossas vozes| |Novo ataque aos movementos sociais| |Repressom e disconformidades| |De novo violência

Puerto Rico: All Out to Defend the Teachers’ Struggle!

Portland, 17.02.2008 19:38

We are on the threshold of a major class battle in Puerto Rico. Every day new preparations are announced for the coming strike of the Puerto Rican Teachers Federation (FMPR). With 42,000 members, a majority of them women, the FMPR represents almost all of Puerto Rico's teachers and is by far the largest union on the island. The Shock Force of the Puerto Rican Police and National Guard are being readied to go after the strikers. The struggle of the Puerto Rican teachers affects everybody. The working class as a whole, students and parents, teachers and defenders of workers' rights around the world must come out in defense of the FMPR! If there are mass arrests, the response must be massive blockades and spreading the struggle to the point of shutting the island down. In order to win this strike, it is necessary to prepare for a struggle not only of the teachers but within the whole workers movement against the pro-capitalist labor bureaucracy that sabotages the workers' struggle. Above all, it is necessary to fight against illusions in and ties with bourgeois parties and politicians. It's high time to begin building a revolutionary internationalist workers party.

Animal Rights Message Mysteriously Appears Downtown

Portland, 17.02.2008 19:38

Earlier today, as I was traveling down Alder Street, something caught my eye. In a sea of billboards competing with each other for my consciousness, I almost missed it. I almost went right by without registering it. But the face staring out from the huge, seemingly commonplace billboard was one that deserved attention, and quietly demanded it.

I had already looked away when it struck me. I almost couldn't believe what I had seen. I had to back up and look again. Sure enough, in a city where every bare surface is covered with the cold face of commerce, where murals are illegal unless they're selling something and Clear Channel serves as gatekeeper of our collective consciousness, I had stumbled upon something different. This jaunty little pig was not selling anything. More revolutionary still, the little rogue was actually imparting an animal rights message! Surely I must be seeing things, I thought. After all, doesn't Clear Channel own every billboard in the city? Clear Channel once refused to sell ad space for a sign promoting vegetarianism, claiming that such a message was "too controversial." (Though, of course, "public service" slots for the forest industry, claiming that logging saves forests from fires, are not considered controversial at all by Clear Channel. Nor are signs advertising for the meat industry, or billboards selling women's bodies along with the cheap products they adorn and are adorned by.)

Upon closer examination, I discovered that this was not a billboard at all, but an expertly executed banner. The same size and shape as a billboard, with the same production values, and stretched so tightly across the face of the building, it was as respectable an entry into the urban subconscious as a full page spread in the Wall Street Journal. Very impressive.

Movilización en Villa Constitución

Argentina, 17.02.2008 19:38

Bronca y dolor por la muerte de dos obreros de Acindar

Movilización en Villa Constitución

Argentina, 17.02.2008 19:38

Bronca y dolor por la muerte de dos obreros de Acindar

Охотничьи товары

Belarus, 17.02.2008 18:37

Olympia's V-Day Ruckus

Seattle, 17.02.2008 18:08

100 people raise a ruckus after V-Day Dead Prez show in response to questionable arrest of African American man and violent police retaliation. 3 cop cars sustain significant damage, a fourth is rolled over and looted. Estimated $30-50,000 in damage.

International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 2 (On Killing The Cop Within)

Seattle, 17.02.2008 18:08

On the streets many of us have seen unusual things; 3 cops keeping 50 people at bay, even inspiring fear in some of them; a raised bicycle utterly terrifying a mob of would be wizards; a crowd of 300 suddenly neutralized as it hovered menacingly around a recruiting center, on the verge, the utter verge of doing what they knew needed to be done. There is more at work here in these types of occurrences than mere physical matter. Something else is responsible for 300 people not clobbering 50 pigs. A powerful spell is wielded over us all. The cops, the cops that stand in our way on the streets, have gotten into our very minds.

Video: Saul Williams &quot;Why Africa Matters&quot;

Seattle, 17.02.2008 18:08

Tacoma - WHEREAS Dead Prez did not come Tacoma on Friday the 15th due to events in Olympia, Saul Williams the lyrical poet and hip hop artist from Brooklyn did.

From the Newswire

Perth, 17.02.2008 17:09

The Nuclear Election: People for Nuclear-Free Australia

Transporte público paulistano: duplo ganho às empresas

Brasil, 17.02.2008 16:08


Stunning victory for wildcat strikers

United Kingdom, 17.02.2008 13:38

AN AMAZING victory has been notched up by wildcat strikers in Brighton.

After two days on "illegal" strike, refuse workers at Brighton's Hollingdean Depot have won their fight against management bullying.

The striking bin staff had been complaining about management bullying after staff refused to double their workload due to lack of vehicles and under-staffing.

As part of what workers called management's "bully tactics", four refuse workers had been moved onto different crews sparking anger amongst the depot and leading to the wildcat action.

The GMB union had advised members to go back to work and only strike under official conditions.

criminalization &amp; repression (en)

Barcelona, 17.02.2008 13:08

Looking to the other way...

...Someone reports she had been tortured and politicians and public institutions demand proofs to the victim. If he has not any proof, they act as if they were excused. As it seems they don't see in this helplessness a denunciation to themselves, thought it is exactly that, if we look at it with some logic. The reason a person can be tortured is due to her total defenseless state, and it's because of it that she can't present proofs. So it's a sarcasm that politicians demand proofs to the torture victim, when the responsibility that torture exists is theirs -of thelegislative power- and so both facts -first the existence of torture and second, the inexistence of any proof- is due to them and no one else. To take refuge in demanding proofs to the victim is the solution of a politician who wants no solution...

Joxe Azurmendi, cited by David Fernández in Cròniques del 6

February 4th, 5th & 6th, Conferences about Torture Prevention

portu & sarasola: Portu's family see the mistreatment traces ::: Portu's statement knock down the "official version" ::: A witness' statement demonstrates that Rubalcaba is lying ::: The tortures to Igor Portu and Martin Sarasola shows Spain to the world ::: Sarasola has suffered tortures by the Guardia Civil too ::: Witness of spanish torture + Gorka Lupiañez: «They raped me with a stick and submit me to 50 bag sessions per day» ::: PsoE returns to the times of its worst repression

reactions, opinions, reports: Alfonso Sastre's letter ::: Javier Ortiz ::: Grup Antimilitarista Tortuga anti-military group turtle) ::: Kevin Vázquez, LQSomos ::: Thank you for making torture impossible ::: Socors Roig Internacional (International Red Aid) ::: IA: "Spain. Salt into the wound" ::: IA reports torture in Spain is not and isolated fact

+info:>>>criminalization & repression +

Year of the Rats: Peaceful Coexistence with My Rat Neighbors

LA, 17.02.2008 07:38

Year of the Rats: How I Achieved Peaceful Coexistence with My Rat Neighbors

Year of the Rats: Peaceful Coexistence with My Rat Neighbors

LA, 17.02.2008 07:38

Year of the Rats: How I Achieved Peaceful Coexistence with My Rat Neighbors

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