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Briana Waters Defense Starts Monday

Portland, 25.02.2008 07:09

The Defense starts for Briana Waters trial on Monday, February 25, at 9am. Federal Court House, 1717 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA. The Defense for Briana Waters will start on February 26 and is expected to last a week. There is a little left on the cross examination of Agent Halla and then the prosecution will rest. Now we can hear Briana's Defense!

Court begins at 9am on Monday, February 26 at 1717 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA. There is housing available for people who come and need a place to stay. Now is the time to show our support. This is a call to come support Briana Waters this week! This will be a critical week, and probably the last, and there needs to be as much support as possible in the court room.

Reclaim Love Warms up the Heart of London

United Kingdom, 25.02.2008 07:09

Each year people are under pressure to prove their love to each other by shopping for 'love gifts' at large corporations while huge human rights abuses take place within the flower, chocolate and diamond industries.
Reclaim Love began as an annual event to bring the heart back into Love.

“AiA” (Antwerpen in Actie)

Antwerpen, 25.02.2008 07:08

“AiA” (Antwerpen in Actie)


Arizona, 25.02.2008 07:07

Forest Services Excludes New Mining Projects from Public and Environmental Review

Wikileaks censored by US Court

United Kingdom, 24.02.2008 12:39

Transparency website Wikileaks has been muzzled with a legal injunction by a US court following the publication of leaked documents about a Swiss bank implicated in alleged money laundering. The anonymous whistleblower site, devoted to battle against corruption and censorship, published several hundred documents from a Swiss banking whistleblower purportedly showing that Bank Julius Baer and its Cayman Islands subsidiary had been involved in offshore tax evasion and money laundering by extremely wealthy and, in some cases, politically sensitive clients from the US, Europe, China and Peru. Rather than ordering the removal of specific documents, however, the San Francisco District Court ordered Wikileak's DNS registrar, Dynadot, to remove all DNS hosting records for the domain name and prevent it from resolving to the website or any other website or server other than a blank park page. There have also been reports of attempts to lock down the site through Denial of Service attacks and threats to its DNS record.

Knowing that governments and institutions will go to extreme lengths to censor the truth, its founders had created an extensive network of cover names from which one can access their materials or continue leaking secret documents. Thus, while is down, other mirrors (copies of the site) are still up and running, like The site can also still be accessed via its IP address in Sweden.

Wikileaks has published important leaked documents in the past, such as the Rules of Engagement for Iraq, the Guantanamo Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures and evidence of major bank fraud in Kenya that apparently affected the Kenyan elections. It has recently faced similar legal threats after publishing a confidential briefing memo relating to the dramatic collapse of the Northern Rock bank.

From the newswire: US judge arranges summary execution of | US Court order shuts down | US court attacks web freedom, enjoins out of existence | Wikileaks and Internet Censorship: a comparative study | Full correspondence between Wikileaks and Bank Julius Baer | Reports elsewhere: IndyBay | Indymedia Ireland | About Wikileaks

Indymedia UK and the Atzmon-Greenstein affair

United Kingdom, 24.02.2008 04:08

Although moderation discussions and disagreements within the IMC UK collective are not that rare, never before has a post proved so controversial and divisive like an article by controversial Israeli writer and musician Gilad Atzmon titled "Saying NO to the Hunters of Goliath". The disputed post has triggered serious, heated discussions among Indymedia UK moderators, two active IMCers leaving the collective, as well as a malicious campaign of spamming and disinformation against Atzmon and Indymedia UK itself. However, the controversy was also an opportunity for IMC UK to reflect on the process of moderation and the need for a deeper political discussion. The purpose of this feature is to establish the facts and clarify IMC UK's position(s) on the Atzmon-Greenstein affair, anti-Semitism and moderation issues in general.

Support illegally fired IWW worker!

Boston, 24.02.2008 04:08

Three weeks ago, eight community members went to the Harvest's board of directors to express concern over the termination of Deon Furtick. Two supporters of Deon, a co-worker and long time co-op member, spoke on his behalf during a five minute public comment period. The group asked the board of directors for Deon to be reinstated with back pay, that management use progressive discipline before firing employees, and that the right to organize be respected. Since then community members have passed out hundreds of flyers outside the co-op's two locations in Cambridge and Jamaica Plain, and dozens of phone calls have been made to management on Deon's behalf. Yet so far the Harvest has refused to discuss the issue.

STOP TOXIC IMPORTS Rally Feb. 27 in Medford

Rogue Valley, 24.02.2008 02:40

10:30 a.m., Feb. 27, Medford, Oregon
Location: Senator Gordon Smith's Medford Office, Security Plaza 1175 East Main

The issue of lead in toys has gotten quite a bit of coverage in the media. But the problem of Toxic Trade goes far beyond toxics in toys.

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice is joining with the Oregon Fair Trade
Campaign, the United Steelworkers and with labor and consumer protection
advocates: Congress is on notice that our trade laws must champion safety
and environmental standards as well as workers' rights.

We urge Senator Gordon Smith to Stop Toxic Imports and Support the Food and Product Responsibility Act (S. 2081)

Eugene: Anti-Recruitment Rally THIS MONDAY

Portland, 24.02.2008 02:39

A crowd of students & community members will gather @ 9:30 Monday morning, in front of the Military Recruitment Center on 13th & Chambers to manifest this community's rejection of the state's war program & use of poverty, race, & other institutions to win new recruits to kill and be killed, oppress & be further oppressed. All are welcome and encouraged to contribute their voice, presence, & protest. Food Not Bombs will serve food and (fair trade) coffee & musicians of all levels are encouraged to bring their instruments. You are encouraged to join the bike parade leaving from the 16th/17th alley between Alder & Hilyard Street (campus neighborhood) or have your own. Let's kick recruiters out of our schools, neighborhoods, and minds. No Bodies, No War


Peru, 24.02.2008 02:11


Call Out For Resistance In Olympia

Portland, 24.02.2008 01:38


Many of you have already heard of the riot that took place in Olympia on Valentine's Day. If you saw anything inspiring in what happened, if you do not believe the police were justified in any of their actions or if you simply are ready, please listen. The police have issued a threat, printed in the Olympian newspaper, to the people involved in the riot. They intend to begin a witch hunt. They will no doubt use everything in their limited power to terrify a community. If they succeed in terrifying everybody, another period of darkness will descend.

Rather than lapse into despair and inaction, I am asking you all to stand up to them. I do not know, nor have I the capability to say what standing up to them means. But I know it is what we must do. The police expect zero-resistence from their herd of sheep and have grown used to always winning. They always win because they have conditioned everyone to never resist them, just like every good domesticator.

Do not let them get anyone.
And let them have a hard time trying.

Footage from riot: Part 1, Part 2 | Threat from police

Памёрла Ірына Казуліна

Belarus, 24.02.2008 01:07

¿Una policía fuera de control? - Primera parte -

Argentina, 23.02.2008 23:08

Denuncias de torturas a detenidos en Morteros

Barack Obama's Crown Dynasty Connection

Chicago, 23.02.2008 23:08

Chicago's Crown Dynasty financially backs U.S. federal candidate Barack Obama.

Shattered Peace, an Opportunity for Animal Defense

Portland, 23.02.2008 21:39

There is a grassy field on the edge of the Columbia where the geese gather at this time of the year, every morning. They stand in the frosty grass, with circlets of white mist rising all around them from the waking earth. The geese chatter with each other in morning communion, their little black heads poking up through the gentle fog, the sun rising just over the water right behind them, gilding all the edges with gold. It's a breathtakingly beautiful thing to witness. And each time I see it, I yearn to have a camera in my hands, to save a part of the moment on film. So this morning, I went out there, with a camera in my hands, just for that photograph.... I never did get the shot I went out to get, the one of the geese standing in the mist. But the hunters did not get the shots they went out to get this morning either, and that is enough for me.

Fidel Castro: What I wrote on Tuesday 19

Portland, 23.02.2008 21:39

That Tuesday, there was no fresh international news. My modest message to the people of Monday, February 18 had no problem being widely circulated. I began to receive news from 11:00 a.m. The previous night I slept like never before. My conscience was at rest and I had promised myself a vacation. The days of tension, with the proximity of February 24, left me exhausted.

Today I shall not say anything about people in Cuba and the world who are close and who expressed their emotions in thousands of different ways. At this point I am dedicating myself to the adversaries. I enjoyed watching the embarrassing position of all the candidates for the United States presidency. One by one they were obliged to announce their immediate demands of Cuba in order not to risk losing a single voter.

Half a century of blockade seemed little enough to the favorites. "Change, change, change!" they cried in unison. I am in agreement, change! but in the United States. Cuba changed a long while ago and will follow its dialectical route. "No return to the past ever!" exclaim our people.

«Лямбда» разыскивает Торпачёва и беспокоится о деньгах «taboo»

Belarus, 23.02.2008 20:07

Puerto Wilches

Colombia, 23.02.2008 19:38

Huelga de Trabajadores de la Palma Aceitera

Redlining: Why So Few Harlemites Own Property (Indypendent)

NYC, 23.02.2008 16:08

Redlining is the unethical practice in which financial institutions, such as banks or mortgage lenders, refuse to lend money in neighborhoods populated by people of color. It is one of the main reasons so few Harlem residents own real estate in their community

Die EU-Heuchelei im Fall des Kosovos

Germany, 23.02.2008 15:39

Die EU-Außenminister haben es wie erwartet nicht geschafft, eine gemeinsame Erklärung zum Kosovo zu verabschieden. Deuschland, Frankreich, GB, Italien und Schweden erkennen die einseitige Unabhängigkeitserklärung an. Spanien, das mit einem verdeckten Ausnahmezustand ( gegen die baskische Unabhängigkeitsbewegung vorgeht, hat noch durchgesetzt, dass von einem "Einzelfall" gesprochen wird. Der Kosovo ( könnne mit keiner anderen Situation verglichen werden. Neben Spanien erkennen auch Zypern, die Slowakei, Griechenland und Rumänien nicht an. Russland und Spanien erklären, es werde gegen internationales Recht verstoßen. Das stimmt zwar, dabei treten sie mit Verboten ( und Repression die Menschenrechte mit Füßen.

Protesters Demand Freedom of Expression at University

United Kingdom, 23.02.2008 13:38

On Thursday around 80 protesters marched around the University of Nottingham's campus to demand freedom of expression and an end to the University's repression of student activists.

The campaign was started following the arrest of a student at a Palestine solidarity protest on the campus in November last year.

In spite of the University's deployment of undercover spies and a police cameraman, the mood was good and protesters recieved a warm reception from other members of the student body.

Photos: Pics 1 | Pics 2

Newswire: Protestors demand freedom of expression at University | Freedom of Speech demonstration at Nottingham Uni | Heavy Handed Police Condemned Over Peaceful Protest | Arrest at Nottingham Uni over Palestine Protest

La Lucha Sigue... Protests against raids and arrests

Aotearoa, 23.02.2008 09:09

After further raids and arrests on Tuesday, protests were held on Saturday, 23rd February, in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Two men aged 44 and 46 from Maketu are due to appear in the Tauranga District Court again next week and a 24-year-old Ruatoki man will appear in Auckland in March on firearms charges related to the Urewera 16.

About 30 people attended a solidarity demonstration on Manners Mall in Wellington in support of the 'Urewera 20'. The demonstration was called earlier this week following additional raids by the police in Ruatoki and Maketu. Two of the arrestees spoke at the demo, which attracted a good crowd of at Manners Mall. Following a brilliant performance of 'Safer communities together Blues' by Don Franks, the demo did a lap down to the local police station.

In Christchurch, a rally was held in Cathedral Square. Speakers included Moana Cole, who in 1991 spent a year in an American county jail after pouring blood on and hammering an aircraft which was being prepared to drop bombs on Iraq. [ Video ]

Links: October 15th Solidarity | Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe | AoCafe

The Indypendent #116: Fighting for Harlem

NYC, 23.02.2008 05:08

Issue #116 is out! Check out comprehensive, in depth reporting on the redevelopment of historic Harlem, coverage of ABC No Rio and Washington Square Park, an interview with Mexican human rights activist Ernesto Ladesma, an expose on the Democrats and nuclear power, and much, much more!The Indypendent ||Subscribe and Donate to The Indypendent! ||

A Childhood Lost to War: A Review of Ezra || War Paint: A Review of "Testimony to War--Art From the Battlegrounds of Iraq" || Prisoners of the Green Zone: A Review of Betrayed || Good to the Last Drop || Community Calendar Feb 22 to March 12 2008 || Reader Comments on Guide to the Primaries Issue || Bloomberg Squeezes Student Funds || ABC No Rico || Drawing Contusions: A Review of the latest World War 3 Graphic Novel || A Better Rap || The Oscar's Minority Report || WWII C.O. Ralph Digia Dies || Tenants' Voice || Downward Arch || Stories from the Global Grassroots || Militant Catholics Try to Sway Spanish Elections || Volcano of War May Erupt in Chiapas || Disaster Uranium: Democratic Candidates Backed by Nuclear Powerhouses || Redeveloping 125th Street is Not a New Idea: A Timeline || Redlining: Why So Few Harlemites Own Property || 125th Street on the Line

Bloomberg Squeezes Student Funds (Indypendent)

NYC, 23.02.2008 05:08

Hundreds of New York City public school students gathered at the Department of Education’s doorstep this Valentine’s Day — and they weren’t there to deliver a candygram. The students chanted “Asian, Latin, black or white, to fight the cuts we must unite” and “We give Tweed an F!” down Chambers Street in Lower Manhattan on the chilly winter afternoon.

ABC No Rico (Indypendent)

NYC, 23.02.2008 05:08

A group of volunteers gathered in ABCNo Rio’s community arts center gallery on a cold Saturday morning in early February. The topic under discussion was grave. The future of No Rio — an open space for New York’s radical arts and squatter communities for nearly thirty years — was at stake again.

WWII Conscientious Objector Ralph DiGia Dies at 93 (Indypendent)

NYC, 23.02.2008 05:08

Ralph DiGia, World War II conscientious objector, lifelong pacifist and social justice activist, and staffer for 52 years at the War Resisters League (WRL), died Feb. 1 in New York City. He was 93

125th Street on the Line (Indypendent)

NYC, 23.02.2008 05:08

While real estate developers dream of luxury high rises, many harlemites worry that massive redevelopment of 125th street could change their neighborhood forever.

United Nations Representative Speaks in Gentilly

New Orleans, 23.02.2008 03:11

United Nations Representative Speaks in Gentilly

Shut it Down!: the local movement to close the Youth Study Center

New Orleans, 23.02.2008 03:11

Shut it Down!: the local movement to close the Youth Study Center

&quot;Economic Justice is Our Cause&quot;: John Edwards Brings Campaign to Close in NOLA

New Orleans, 23.02.2008 03:11

"Economic Justice is Our Cause": John Edwards Brings Campaign to Close in NOLA

Saint Bernard Parish to Demolish Hundreds of Homes

New Orleans, 23.02.2008 03:11

Saint Bernard Parish to Demolish Hundreds of Homes

New Orleans: Defend Jamie ‘Bork’ Loughner

New Orleans, 23.02.2008 03:11

New Orleans: Defend Jamie ‘Bork’ Loughner

Iraq : Are there any Tears Left?

DC, 23.02.2008 01:10

In the Inquisition-scale horrors, inflicted upon Iraq, since a month short of five years ago, the ghosts of the Western-imposed human cull over the previous thirteen years - from life's dawn, to those in its twilight - sometimes, very temporarily, briefly flicker and fade slightly, in the light of another immediate atrocity of enormity. They always return, as they must, in a sight, a scent, a phrase, a 'phone call. Reminders of sins of overwhelming enormity in high places, as Washington and Whitehall bleat about their infantile 'war on terror' and 'rogue states'.

Brief UNITE-HERE! Panel Discussion Reportback

Baltimore, 23.02.2008 00:09

A brief reportback on the UNITE-HERE! panel discussion on the Sheraton City Center Hotel campaign

Harmondsworth Four Acquitted

United Kingdom, 22.02.2008 21:08

The jury today found all four men not guilty of conspiracy to commit violent disorder in Harmondsworth immigration prison. Forced to rely on an clearly insufficiently indoctrinated jury, the attempt to punish these few individuals with violent criminal convictions and a long sentences has been thwarted. Though of course, these men have already served one year and three months imprisonment, on top of varying times in immigration detention. And now they will have to resume their struggle against the immigration system which imprisoned them in the first place. We can now expect them to be dispersed around Britain's detention estate until their cases are 'resolved'.

Stand with Cab Drivers: Demand that PPA is Accountable to Drivers and Philadelphians

Philadelphia, 22.02.2008 19:08

immigració (ca)

Barcelona, 22.02.2008 18:08

Jornada estatal per la dignitat de les persones migrants

Manifestació, Dissabte 23 de Febrer. 17:30 hrs. Plaça Universitat Tenim dret a tenir drets

Alguns ciutadans es troben sotmesos a una sèrie de normes legals diferents a les de la resta de persones simplement pel seu lloc d'origen. El búnquer europeu, a través de les seves lleis d’estrangeria, construeix un mur cada cop més infranquejable per a aquelles persones que han nascut fora del traçat de la frontera mentres que, a la vegada, es potencia l'explotació d'aquestes persones als seus llocs d'origen i, fins i tot, quan habiten entre nosaltres. A totes elles se'ls està arravassant el dret a tenir una vida digna.

Notícies relacionades: Vaga de treballadors “sense papers” a Jaen ::: 12 raons per a menjar fronteres :::

+info:: >>>immigració ::: Colectiu Desobeint Fronteres

immigración (es)

Barcelona, 22.02.2008 18:08

Jornada estatal por la dignidad de las personas migrantes

Manifestación, Sábado 23 de Febrero. 17:30 hrs. Plaça Universitat Tenemos derecho a tener derechos

Algunos ciudadanos se encuentran sometidos a una serie de normas legales diferentes a las del resto de personas con motivo de su lugar de origen. El búnquer europeo, a través de sus leyes de extrangeria construyen un muro cada vez más infranqueable para aquellas personas que han nacido fuera del trazado de la frontera mientras que, a la vez, se potencia la explotación de estas personas en su lugar de origen y, también, cuando habitan entre nosotros. A todas ellas se les está arrebatando el derecho a tener una vida digna.

Noticias relacionadas: Huelga de trabajadores “sin papeles” en Jaen ::: 12 raons per a menjar fronteres :::

+info:: >>>immigración ::: Colectivo Desobeint Fronteres

Represión y detenciones

Argentina, 22.02.2008 15:08

Desalojo de cartoneros y vecinos que pedian la puesta en marcha del tren blanco

Represión y detenciones

Argentina, 22.02.2008 15:08

Desalojo de cartoneros y vecinos que pedian la puesta en marcha del tren blanco

Religion: The Good, the bad, and the ugly

Ireland, 22.02.2008 09:38

An anarchist view Anarchism has traditionally been ...

Euro 2008: in vista un'ondata repressiva generale

Switzerland, 22.02.2008 09:37

In vista dei campionati europei di calcio che si disputeranno in Svizzera ed Austria, l'ansia che il tam tam sicuritario sta suscitando in tutto il paese ha dato i suoi primi frutti. Nonostante alcune perlplessità, il parlamento cantonale ha approvato le misure contro il tifo violento previste dalla Legge federale sulla salvaguardia della sicurezza interna (LMSI) ed è già in discussione una possibile estensione di queste norme a contesti extrasportivi.
Queste nuove restrizioni consentiranno alle autorità cantonali di vietare ad una persona di accedere agli stadi e ad alcuni luoghi pubblici (piazze), obbligarla a presentarsi in determinati orari al posto di polizia e, in ultima istanza, di provvedere al suo fermo preventivo.

Queste misure sono fortemente arbitrarie, modificano in profondità il quadro giuridico esistente e le garanzie che ne derivano. Il referendum lanciato nell'aprile del 2006 non è riuscito a fermare questa pericolosa deriva.

Con il pretesto della salvaguardia della sicurezza interna, un'ondata repressiva generale rischia di abbattersi su individui e collettività.
La macchina repressiva dello stato si è già messa in moto. In Ticino durante le giornate antimilitariste di novembre le autorità hanno apertamente mostrato il vero fine di questo nuovo strumento repressivo multiuso: la soppressione di qualsiasi forma di protesta o dissenso.

Abusi di polizia in Ticino | videosorveglianza |Onyx e schedature | biometria negli stadi |

Galiza, 22.02.2008 09:09

Nestes últimos meses esta-se a intensificar a repressom silenciada em México. Especialmente em Chiapas, ainda que também em Oaxaca. Nestes días a Comissom Civil de Observaçom polos Direitos Humanos, formada por 51 pessoas de diversas procedencias (entre elas dúas galegas) percorreu o territorio monitoriçando as agressons contra os direitos das máis.


Arizona, 22.02.2008 05:52

Thirty-five days into Operation Streamline—the zero tolerance DHS strategy for criminally prosecuting unauthorized border crossers: a view from inside the Tucson federal court

PA Supreme Court rejects Mumia Abu-Jamal's PCRA appeal

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.02.2008 02:40

On Tuesday, February 19th, in a ruling unrelated to the pending US Third Circuit Court decision, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected death row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal's appeal of a 2005 ruling by Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Pamela Dembe, which denied Abu-Jamal's Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) petition, on grounds that it was not "timely." Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted -- many believe falsely -- of killing Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner, and his trial was riddled with improprieties.

Ngati Aukiwa occupies again

Aotearoa, 22.02.2008 00:09

About a dozen Ngati Aukiwa members have started to occupy a three-bedroom house on the farm after it was left vacant last week by an employee who left the Stony Creek station in the far north. They said they were told by police they were trespassing. "We said we weren't. We moved into a vacant house and we're occupying it," said one of the group, Wilfred Peterson jnr. The group have had between 10 and 20 people at the house since last weekend and say they will stay there indefinitely.

Mr Peterson said the farmhouse occupation was part of a plan of action agreed by hapu members late last year after Deputy Prime Minister and Treaty Negotiations Minister Michael Cullen, and other government ministers, were forced to abandon nearby Taemaro Bay on December 22 where the agreement in principle involving Stony Creek and other lands was to have been signed with the trust board. [ AIMC Feature ]

Espías y Armas Estadounidenses en las Islas Canarias

Canarias, 22.02.2008 00:09

  • Vuelos de Rendición: 32 escalas en Tenerife de aviones fletados por la CIA para el traslado por medio mundo de supuestos terroristas, detenidos sin cargos oficiales y sin la menor cobertura legal, y llevados a centros secretos u oficiales propios o de terceros países con el fin de burlar las leyes y someterlos a interrogatorios humillantes y torturas.

  • Buques de Suministro: buques de los escuadrones de preposición de la Armada estadounidense, que participaban en acciones de abastecimiento de armas -incluidas químicas- a los conflictos armados en Afganistán e Irak, realizaron 35 escalas en los puertos de Las Palmas, Santa Cruz y Arrecife sólo entre noviembre de 2002 y marzo de 2005.

  • Puestos de Espionaje: presencia en los entornos de los aeropuertos canarios de Los Rodeos y Gando de los denominados Centros de Tecnología de Inteligencia Contraterrorista (CTIC), dependientes del gabinete de Defensa de la administración Bush.
»»» Espías y Armas Estadounidenses en las Islas Canarias
»»» Canarias: vuelos secretos de la CIA, buques cargados de armas y centros de escucha

Manifestación por la dignidad del pueblo de Santa Cruz

Canarias, 22.02.2008 00:09

El levantamiento del secreto del sumario del caso de Las Teresitas ha venido a confirmar lo que ya era bien conocido por todos. Miguel Zerolo, ya imputado con anterioridad por el juez Garzón por un delito de cohecho en el caso Forum Filatélico, es ahora sospechoso, según el Tribunal Superior de justicia de Canarias, de haber cometido graves delitos de malversación de fondos públicos y prevaricación, contra el pueblo de Santa Cruz.

Ante esta situación, Asamblea por Tenerife, movimiento social que agrupa a más de treinta organizaciones vecinales, culturales, sindicales, ecológicas y políticas de la isla, así como gran cantidad de personas a título individual, llama a los ciudadanos de Santa Cruz y al pueblo de Tenerife a unirse para frenar la cada vez más insoportable escalada de corrupción política y empresarial (los presidentes de la patronal de la construcción y de la Cámara de Comercio provincial también están imputados por los mismos delitos) que degrada a la sociedad que la soporta, y les invitamos a participar en una manifestación ciudadana de protesta el próximo domingo, 24 de febrero, a las 12 del mediodía en la playa de Las Teresitas con los siguientes objetivos:

  • Exigir la dimisión del alcalde Miguel Zerolo
  • Exigir la inmediata paralización de todas ls obras emprendidas en Las Teresitas.
  • Demolición inmediata del "mamotreto" de Las Teresitas (negocio pivado de aparcamientos que invade parcialmente espacios de dominio público)

¡Ponlos en su sitio! ¡Acude a la manifestación!

»»» "Son las cosas de Miguel"


Athens, 21.02.2008 23:39

Eνάντια στην κρατική και παρακρατική τρομοκρατία

PA Supreme Court rejects Mumia Abu-Jamal’s PCRA appeal — critics say ruling is unjust

United States, 21.02.2008 23:07

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, in a ruling unrelated to the pending US Third Circuit Court decision, The PA Supreme Court rejected Mumia Abu-Jamal’s appeal of a 2005 ruling, which had rejected his PCRA petition on grounds that it was not “timely” (see AP and Philadelphia Inquirer reports). Pam Africa, Robert R. Bryan, Dave Lindorff, Michael Schiffmann, and Linn Washington Jr. responded on Tuesday, saying the ruling was unjust.

This ruling now cuts off one more avenue of appeal for Abu-Jamal, which makes the pending federal ruling even more crucial. While planning "day after" demonstrations following the federal ruling that is expected any time, lead organizer Pam Africa criticized the corporate media and urged supporters to fight media bias by helping to publicize the new photo evidence and internet videos presenting the evidence.

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